‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Wolverine’ Trailers to Premiere with ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ [Updated]

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man steel wolverine trailers Man of Steel and Wolverine Trailers to Premiere with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [Updated]

[UPDATE: The Wolverine trailer will not be attached to The Hobbit. Read on for more details.]

It’s a no-brainer for studios to attach trailers for their upcoming tentpole releases to next month’s biggest release (nay, one of the year’s biggest releases), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Surprisingly, though, we’re now hearing that Paramount’s trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness WON’T be attached to the first installment in director Peter Jackson’s second Middle-earth trilogy (though, the same may not be true for the extended IMAX preview).

However, Hobbit co-financier Warner Bros. is (not surprisingly) going to include a new trailer for its Superman franchise reboot Man of Steel (which is also arriving in IMAX 3D next year, like the Star Trek sequel). Moreover, 20th Century Fox will use the film as a launch pad for the first footage from its next X-Men movie, The Wolverine.

Man of Steel has been using the same model for building hype as co-producer Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises did last year; namely, by releasing very little marketing material – save for a single image, poster and teasers which are sparse on footage – prior to the unveiling of a full trailer during the Winter Holiday season (which Emileeid confirms is the case). However, unlike the finale to Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, director Zack Snyder’s take on Superman is arguably less of a ‘surefire thing’ – all the more so because its connection to Warner Bros./DC’s developing Justice League remains ambiguous (for the time being).

Now, obviously, there’s a built-in audience for any Superman movie, but for all the talk from Snyder and co-screenwriter David S. Goyer about how Man of Steel is a ‘serious’ and ‘naturalistic’ rendition of the character’s universe, there’s not been enough shown to fully illustrate just what that means (for your average moviegoer, that is). Moreover, the indication seems to be that Sndyer is changing course from his stylized adaptations of the 300 and Watchmen comic books by instead favoring a stripped-down aesthetic for Superman (a la Batman Begins, Dark Knight). Hence, if that is the case, it does make the issue of Man of Steel receiving both a 3D and IMAX post-conversion all the more questionable (as was discussed on last week’s SR Underground Podcast).

The Wolverine 2 Hugh Jackman Official Man of Steel and Wolverine Trailers to Premiere with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [Updated]

The Wolverine is another comic book project with a question mark hanging over its head right now. Case in point: director James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Knight and Day) has described the film as a Noir tale with an unvarnished visual style, but it’s nonetheless receiving a 3D post-conversion; likewise, Hugh Jackman previously described Logan’s new adventure as a ‘standalone picture’, but Mangold has since revealed that the film takes place in the aftermath of X-Men 3 (a.k.a. The Last Stand). Needless to say, the first trailer won’t address all those issues (or related ones, like how Wolverine might connect to Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past), but it’s an important starting point, all the same.

We will see how the general attitude about Man of Steel and Wolverine changes (or doesn’t) next month, once their respective new trailers arrive. Of course, if neither comic book title is of interest to you, there’s a good chance a trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim could also be arriving with Jackson’s Hobbit flick (along with new theatrical previews for other hotly-anticipated 2013 releases…).

UPDATE: Since this story broke, James Mangold has Tweeted:

Contrary to reports, there will be no trailer on THE HOBBIT for THE WOLVERINE. You will get a glimpse early 2013. I promise.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters on December 14th, 2012.

Man of Steel opens in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

The Wolverine attacks theaters on July 26th, 2013.

Source: The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide [via CBM]

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  1. What? Why would they not attache the Strek Trek preview with The Hobbit, in IMAX? Is the preview going to be released in regular screens instead?

    • My apologies, a bit of clarification – it looks like the Star Trek Into Darkness TRAILER won’t be attached to The Hobbit, but the extended IMAX preview might after all.

      • The Star Trek Trailer will be attached to the non-IMAX Hobbit. The first 9 minutes of Star Trek will be shown before the IMAX releases.

  2. Honestly I’m just excited for man of steel trailer.

    I’m looking forward to the wolverine trailer mainly because days of future past. But man if steel is where my attention is at.

    • @The mighty avenger – I hear you man, i’m looking forward to seeing both trailers myself. That being said, i am more interested to see the ‘Man Of Stell” trailer, DC/WB has a lot riding on this film so the new trailer better kick some ass. I’ll be seeing this next summer, but this film has to convince the general public that ‘Supes’ can truly resonate on the big screen with movie audiences today.

  3. No interest in the hobbit so I’ll be catching both trailers when they hit the internetz

    • Same here.

      • I’m so supremely annoyed that they are stretching one book (not a long one, either) into three movies that I won’t be seeing any of the Hobbit movies in theaters.

        I’m very interested in MoS and Trek (we’ll see about Wolverine). I hope this idea that MoS will be a Nolanesque treatment of Superman isn’t very true. I really don’t see how that works with Superman, even if he does start out on a fishing boat.

  4. My anticipation for seeing The Hobbit just went up a few more notches.

    • indeed .:)

  5. must get tickets!

  6. I have to say, the first ‘Man of Steel’ trailer (teaser?) had me somewhat choked up. It brought back memories of watching those old black and while shows as a kid (reruns! I’m not that old) and even of the first Christopher Reeve film, which I saw on opening day as a kid. There was a kind of innocent kid mentality it appealed to; good vs. evil, before you learn about shades of gray (not the ’50 shades’ type either!)

    At the same time, it looks much more grounded in character development, hitching a ride (or not!) in the far north, grizzled beard and all, deep sea crabbing, pretending you can fly like all boys did at that age, etc.

    Needless to say, I have extremely high hopes for ‘Man of Steel’ and will go to the Hobbit movie just to see the trailer (which I might not otherwise have done, since I’m pissed they’re turning one book into 3 movies just to keep the cash cow mooing.)

    • Actually, The main reason the Hobbit became a trilogy was because the majority of the Hobbit part 2 and 3 films are from the appendices from the book. This is what Peter Jackson is gonna use as the source material, since the appendices contain so much information on the History of Middle-Earth and back story of various characters.

      • Don’t care. They could make ten boring movies out of the Silmarillion, for instance, that I wouldn’t want to see. It’s like a damned history text! The Hobbit should be one movie! They’re cashing in here in a really blatant way.

  7. “…it does make the issue of Man of Steel receiving both a 3D and IMAX post-conversion all the more questionable”.

    Any movie that wasn’t shot in IMAX getting an IMAX post-treatment is questionable. The same can be said for 3D most of the time.

  8. Now I have to for sure watch this movie!!!!! More excited for the man of steel trailer tho. Still excited for wolverine too tho 😉

  9. As usual, I hope for the best but expect the worst for both of these movies.

  10. The Man of Steel cast speaks for itself, some of the best actors in cinema are attached, all Snyder has to do is point his camera in the right direction and shoot! This is going to be so epic and can just feel it, those two teasers with Costner and Crowe give me chills every time I see them, can’t wait!!

    Wolverine I’m a bit dubious about, how many movies do they need to put him in before they get the ‘tone’ and ‘story’ right, the screen shots have looked good and 3.10 to Yuma was awesome so I have faith in the director, fingers crossed we get the Wolverine we deserve

  11. If Man Of Steel fails then no Justice League movie – simple as that

    • I agree. Actually I think the future of the DC movie universe is riding on Man of Steel. If it bombs, or underperforms, I think DC is back at square one with their movie univers.

      It’s strange, they get the animation movies so right, but can’t get the live action stuff nailed down. Just the opposite at Marvel, for which I am VERY grateful!

      • @Stark and lebsta – You two are very correct, i was alluding to the same thing in an earlier post. “Man Of Steel” needs to be a big hit, and what i mean by that is 250-300 million domestic and 600-700 million worldwide, if it can reach those numbers it will be fine. But bring in numbers like “Superman Returns” and they’re in trouble. This new trailer is very important to selling the film to general audiences.

        • @ Stark and Super 70

          Absoluteley spot on with your comments.

          It’s just a shame that Nolan was so reluctant to integrate his Batman into any potential Justice League universe. Having his Batman kickstart the whole thing would’ve virtually guaranteed at the very least a commercially successful JL movie. Even just one scene to hint at the idea – ala Iron Man would’ve been sufficent.

          I think the reason Marvel’s movies have succeeded where DC’s have failed is that Marvel has been bold enough to fully commit to the source material and nature of it’s characters.

          Green Lantern for example – 80% of that movie should’ve taken place in space – with the Coprs exploring different worlds to hunt down the Parallax. However Green Lantern just came across as another by the numbers superhero and so there was nothing exceptional about him.

          Superman Returns failed because it gave us a weaker interpretation of the character facing off against Lex Luthor yet again.

          I absolutely agree with Super 70 valuation that a 600 – 700 million worldwide gross. Man of Steel also needs a good, sound critical reception to generate enough interest for a JL movie. I think that DC should also follow Marvel’s strategy of individual movies for other League members first before bringing them together.

          • @lebsta – Yeah, a little connection never hurts, it can help the flow of your films interact. I love the connections in the Marvel Films. DC can be successful outside of “Batman”, they just need for “MOS” to be a hit, a lot is indeed riding on that film. I gave out the numbers i felt “MOS” needed to be a success, just my opinion of course, haha. I do however truly belive that those numbers are a fair and realistic view on “MOS” potential box office, especially considering how “Superman Returns” did, which was not terrible numbers, but not what i consinder great numbers either.

  12. Can’t wait for both of these movies! These two trailers attatched to arguably the soon to be best movie of 2012, I’m in!

  13. Im only going to see “the hobbit” only for the Man of steel trailer, ive never done that before but thats how keen I am to see Superman! I have a feeling this will be epic and smash box office records, Superman will be back on his perch where he belongs, I would love to see total carnage in Metropolis, With the humans watching on helpless, I just want to see Superman go off, smashimg through buildings, flinging buses around for fun, I hope Supes doesnt get powered down too much though, but whatever happens im pretty confident this could be the best Superman ever, oh yeh and wolverine, Ill wait till the blu-ray thanx..

    • I hope so. I never really enjoyed the old Superman movies (eh, maybe when I was little) and had such high hopes (dashed) for Returns. I feel like they’ll hit the mark with this one… not that the feeling is based on anything except hope. These days they really could make an epic Superman film. Hope we get to see it.

  14. @scott chase – I think the “Man of Steel” could do well at the box office, but i don’t really see it breking any kind of box office records. It definantly won’t do anywhere near as well as “The Dark Knight Rises”, for example, but i do believe it has a chance to do quite well at the box office.

  15. Man of Steel, TheWolverine and Pacific Rim all in one year. Going to be a great year for movie goers in 2013.

  16. @Ignur Rantington – Are they going to premiere the “Pacific Rim” trailer as well. These 3 films are in my 6 or 7 most anticipated films of 2013.

    • @Super70

      Rumor has it that Pacific Rim trailer is attached to The Hobbit.

  17. @Ingur – I hope so, 3 trailers of films i’m highly looking forward to.

  18. Im lookin more forward to Ironman 3 & Thor 2, Mos is 3rd film im anticpating to see next year.

    • @WallyWest – I agree with you, that “Iron Man 3″ trailer was phenomanal and everything that i’ve seen from “Thor TDW” looks epic and badass, it looks to have that “Game Of Thrones” look but on a much more majestic scale. But MOS is right there behind them for me for right now, “Pacific Rim” is close to that 3rd spot for me so the trailers from both “MOS” & “Pacific Rim” next month could have a big impact on my anticipation for them.

      • @ Super70


  19. I guess i’m not the only one considering going to see The Hobbit just for the freaking MAN OF STEEL trailer. Please be awesome/epic/amazing.

  20. Bummer about Wolverine.