New ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots Feature Jor-El and General Zod

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The sizzle reel that was shown during the Man of Steel panel at Comic-Con 2012 included a shot where Jor-El (Russell Crowe) pulls his cloak back to reveal the “S” emblem on his chest. A newly-released TV spot reveals the particular significance of that scene, as Jor-El explains to his son Kal-El (Henry Cavill),“That’s what this symbol means – hope.” Superman later passes that knowledge onto the human Lois Lane (Amy Adams), in one of the most-discussed moments featured in the film’s trailer marketing to date.

Supe’s extraordinary abilities and powers are highlighted in a separate newly-unveiled TV spot, which concludes with one of General Swanwick’s (Harry Lennix’s) soldiers voicing a sentiment that many a fan might consider an understatement (to say the least). Meanwhile, Kryptonian General Zod (Michael Shannon) has started to play a more prominent role in the Man of Steel marketing – that began with him taking center-stage in the most recent trailer - and today, he’s the focus of the third television promo in our roundup.

You can watch those additional Man of Steel TV spots below:

The latest of these new Man of Steel promos is also the first to touch on Zod’s “for the greater good” philosophy. Shannon previously described the character - as depicted in David S. Goyer’s script – to be someone who takes his responsibilities dead-serious and “doesn’t exist just to be mean and give Superman a hard time.” He exudes a very different sort of menace in the role, which should help to set him apart from Terence Stamp’s famously theatrical portrayal of Zod in director Richard Donner’s Superman II.

Suffice it to say, the Boardwalk Empire actor looks to do justice when he brings Supe’s famous opponent to life in director Zack Snyder’s reboot.

man steel general zod tv spots New Man of Steel TV Spots Feature Jor El and General Zod

Shannon’s promise that Snyder’s film will live up to the hype seems right on the money, judging by the latest Man of Steel television and theater previews. WB has continued to unveil previously-unreleased glimpses of impressively-shot action sequences and spectacle – from the battle on Earth between Superman and Zod’s forces – with every new promo, which lends credence to Goyer’s claim that what’s been shown so far really is just the tip of the iceberg.

Man of Steel, likewise, remains on course to offer the most emotionally-grounded and human portrayal of Superman, through his relationships and dual heritage – being the child of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer), as well as Martha Kent (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent’s (Kevin Costner) adopted son. Could this be the game-changing DC movie success that everyone’s been hoping for?


Man of Steel opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on June 14th, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. *removes spectacle*


    • looool

    • Can’t wait to be sitting in the cinema and watching everyone do EXACTLY this as the credits roll.

  2. Damn, the fight with Zod seems likes it’s going to be intense.

    • It was actually stated a while back that the fight with one of zod’s .. underlings? is going to be the most brutal in the movie lol Can’t wait.

  3. Liking the music on all of these spots. Was it composed by Zimmer or taken from elsewhere?

    • Composed by Zimmer

  4. Supposedly people have been speculating that Jor-El is ‘alive’ in some capacity, since he appears to be talking directly to Zod: “My son is twice the man you are”.

    I just happen to think it’s his hologram/AI thing though. Or some clever editing. Thoughts?

    • I thought the same thing, but I think it’s just an advanced AI hologram. And they just edited this way for the trailers.

    • Clever editing, I agree with you that it might be some form of Hologram tech

    • This is what I HOPE is it. It’s a hologram. And Kryptonian tech is advanced to the point where a person can upload their brain to a computer to the point that one can interact with the computer. It would be called: a Brain Interactive Construct. Sound familiar?

      • ^There, that’s our sequel right there. We can hope.

    • I think that scene is simply before the destruction of Krypton. Why is Kal-El twice the man Zod is? Because he was born naturally, with the freedom to choose his own path. Zod was born artificially, engineered for his role as a General.

      Then Zod is sent off to a prison ship and shortly after Krypton is destroyed. Zod breaks himself and the other kryptonians out, and starts searching for Kal-El.

    • If Jor-El were alive on Earth we’d see him flying and fighting alongside his son and not just offering advise while Kal was in mortal danger against Zod and co.

      Yes, it’s a hologram.

    • It could be during the pre-destruction of Krypton, but it sounds a little presumptuous to me to say ‘my son is twice the man you are’ when that son is just a little kid, and when they can’t possibly know he’d grow up to be a great guy. What if the Luthors had picked him up instead? ;)

      @GG, good point, but then again if they really were changing the story and keeping Jor-El alive, I suppose they wouldn’t want to spoil the reveal by having him fight in the trailers. They’ve only shown us a fraction of the action after all. But yeah, I think we can quite safely say he’s dead.

    • While he’ll be ‘available’ as a hologram (many scenes indicate that), I’m betting the conversation was a flashback to when Jor-El was accused of harboring/having/sending away a ‘natural born’. Making him alive would simply be a massive blow to canon, and AI wouldn’t be that engaging.

  5. Mark my words boys and girls, this is going to be epic !!

  6. All frames point to greatness. My guess is this will be a landmark film for this genre.
    Which is altogether fitting seeing as how Superman The Movie was as well.
    Everything is coming together for Zack for this to be his best too.

  7. One question, was that Superman who said, “Zod you’re a monster?”

    • Yes. Under duress.

    • It seems to be “vogue” for the actors who play villains these days to claim that they are actually just complicated and misunderstood, even likeable if you get to know them, but in the end, for the most part, they are indeed just monsters.

      • Superman uses the right word setting the
        record straight calling out the delusional Zod.

  8. Astounding. This explosion filled crap will probably make more money than Transformers, Avengers, and Battleship combined.

    • So exposions = crap? Then those other three movies you’re fondly comparing it to must have been crap as well, eh, retard?

      • That was my point Einstein.

        • Then your point is as ignorant as you. You must be one of those artsy times who goes ga-ga over crappy romantic dramas and raises his nose over anything ‘the unwashed masses’ enjoy.

          • @GG don’t feed the trolls. isn’t it obvious?

    • “Waaaaaaaaaaaaah I hate Superman.” There’s always a debbie downer.

  9. “He is kinda hot.”

    Goyer, whyyy??

    • yeah, I didn’t “love” that line either, but I suppose it’s acceptable for comic relief.. (or drawing in the female audience) though I cringed when I saw that bit.

      • I did too, I don’t like herpa derpa stuff… but we don’t know the context of that scene so for all we know it fits in the movie perfectly.

        • ^could. could fit into the movie perfectly.

    • Not everything said is necessarily Goyer.
      Lines, especially a throwaway like this,
      can be added during the film shoot.

      Plus, not every scene in trailers is seen on film.
      This could be one of those used just for a trailer
      and designed to prime the female audience interest.

      • True, remember the TV spot that had “Prometheus had landed” yeah… I was kind of bummed not to hear that in the movie, nor on the blu-ray

        • I do remember that and I was looking for that too.

    • Yep. That line kinda ruined the mood. I hope it doesn’t feel as misplaced in the movie, but I really doubt it won’t.

    • come on we need some sense of humor at some point, no need to be so serious

  10. Interesting thing is, we in the UK haven’t had a single Man Of Steel TV spot yet (apart from that one Zod message during the Spartacus season finale). We’ve mostly had Pacific Rim TV spots showing the release date.

    Maybe British marketing know that Pacific Rim needs all the help it can get despite looking just as amazing as MOS to get butts in seats while MOS will continue the tradition of big movies only being trailed on TV the week of release?

    • From what I’ve been hearing the Warner Bros international marketing effort for this movie seems to be weak. I really hope they’re not ignoring overseas markets and just focusing on US profits, because these days large Hollywood blockbusters make up as much as 80 percent of their gross internationally.

    • What was the pattern there with Iron Man 3?
      Was it the same or was it heavier promotion?

  11. This is looking more and more amazing with each new tv spot. I truly think that this film will be something special that will set a new standard in the superhero genre.

    • I cannot really detect that, Dazz, but I do think
      Zod’s diction is off a bit perhaps because he
      may be somewhat impaired at that point,
      maybe even wounded from action.

    • What you’re hearing is Zod speaking through the breathing mask they wear in parts of the film.

      • Let me amend:

        In some clips it sounds like his “broadcast over the airwaves” but there’s one in particular where it sounds like he’s talking through the breath mask.

      • Makes sense, Ken. Maybe that is it.

  12. Movie of the Year 2013, calling it right now.

    • As much as I am looking forward to Man of Steel, my movie of the year will be The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug. It will be interesting to see which one makes more money, though.

      • …I’m sure they’ll both be in the billion-dollar club worldwide.

  13. I concur!

  14. bla bla bla

  15. man iam. super pUmped all up after them tvsots for this movie it cant gey here any faster

  16. This movies looks okay, I don’t really see the big deal about it and lets be honest, if Christopher Nolan’s name wasn’t attached to this then no one would even care about this movie. That’s just my opinion, deal with it.

    • dealt with

    • Naturally, there was no such thing as Superman before Christopher Nolan. An astute observation, professor.

      • Read my comment again, learn how to read. The only reason that this movie has a lot of buzz is because Christopher Nolan is involved. Do you understand?

        • I’m sure the great trailers and TV spots released over the past few months have nothing to do with the buzz that’s come up. Noep, Nolan’s name is the only reason people are excited.

          BTW have you gotten a seeing-eye dog and hearing aids for your blindness and deafness yet?

        • Of course I understand. The only reason Superman has any buzz is because Nolan is involved, not because Superman is the most recognized comic book character on the planet who has a fan base spanning over 75 years.

          It’s all Nolan… absolutely.

          Excuse me while I go learn to read.

          • @Dr Mindbender
            I fully and Completely agree with you. Superman Was before Nolan, he is coming back today and will Always BE after Nolan. Superman is too SUPER to have people only interested at it just for Nolan. :)

          • @DrMB LOL

          • @DrMB LOL!

        • nope its because of Superman and the quality of trailers, if the trailers would have been like The Wolverine, no one would have cared whether Nolan is there or not.

    • Christopher Nolan? Is that the guy who made two good Batman films and then ruined the third?

      • Oh come on! The third Batman was clearly better than the first!

        • No, I’m sorry, but we disagree. Don’t want to start a debate, but count me among the crowd who didn’t care for third.

          • Count me among the crowd who loved the third film. There’s a reason it made over 1 billion and got top reviews on both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

            The only reason for all the negativity about it on the internet is that the minority that disliked it are extremely vocal about it. Since they’re so few they have to shout a thousand times louder to be heard.

            • Ah, not “shouting” here…just expressing my opinion, which to someone who disagrees, apparently sounds like “shouting”. :)

              • Expressing your opinion a lot more vocally than the many, many more people who liked it. To the extent casual folk would think TDKR sucked because that’s all he hears on the internet. Likewise with Iron Man 3.

                • Not pointing fingers at you specifically, mind. Just the critics in general.

          • as a fellow jeff i am also in that club that thought the 3rd was a wasted opportunity, but i liked IM3, so i guess i just don’t know whats good.

        • Nothing was better than the Batman Begins. I liked the ‘closure’ of the third, but everything leading to it was disappointing.

          • @TareX

            “Nothing was better than the Batman Begins”


    • Better Nolan than Schumacher

  17. I could care less about Nolan. I’m seeing this movie because it look awesome!

  18. did Nolan did the last superman films . super,man retursn I think it was called .? it had too much love story for me I think and. not enough acton !! like chick flick maybe lol.

  19. Movie looks like it will be cool.
    I just hope to god David S Goyer won’t be the director of photography he sucks filming action scenes. What genius decides to zoom in on a battle. Remember the bad filming in Batman Begins?

  20. wheres clark kent ?

  21. I am on a Diet. I did the same with TDKR. I watched no TV Spot. The Tralers have done enough for me already. Im already sold. :)

  22. Zack Synder, welcome to the billion doller club.

  23. This movie looks amazing, all these trailers and tv spots are making the wait seem like an eternity.

  24. “I’m gonna stop you.”

    I must be really finicky because “gonna” bothers the hell out of me. Sounds childish.

    Then again, looks awesome.

    • He was raised on a Kansas farm. Realistically he’d speak way more informally much more often than he has in all the shows & films.

  25. I think we should start out with Supergirl for a few movies, perhaps up to the Justice league movies, but “Phase Two” of DC’s Cinematic Universe should have Kara Zor-El change her superhero identity from Supergirl to Powergirl. It would mark her growing up and no longer being in Superman’s shadow but being her own hero.

    That would create some good drama there, since DC is going for more serious and dramatic whereas Marvel is going for light-hearted and comedic.

    And the hole in the chest of Powergirl’s costume should be in the shape of the Diamond of Kryptonian symbols. The idea being that she’s removed the symbol to be known under her own identity, not Superman’s.
    And because, well, boobs sell tickets.

  26. So Zod and Jor-El are talking about adult Kal-El. Zod must have hacked into the A.I. of Kara-El’s aka Super Girl’s ship aka the Fortress of Solitude. So right before the climax of the film when Superman is at his lowest point, Kal-El pushes against the gravity gun, flies up in it with Herculean effort into the ship and winds up talking to Jor-El. Then we get the shot of Superman floating back toward Earth posed in a cheesy crucifix pose. wink wink Not feeling it still.

  27. The story in the comic felt like that new Will Smith film, After Earth. Not feeling this whatsoever. Plus I just saw Superman The Movie. I’m younger so I wasn’t too familiar with it. I now can see how Superman Returns and now Man of Steel is borrowing heavily from the 1978 film, but doing it badly. I would rather pay for a video game with a great story than waste my money on this film should it prove to be as bad as WB’s last foray into the comic world with Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds…?

    • It weirds me out when I see people say this stuff… “I was young so I didn’t know much about it.” I was born in 1980 and I still loved Superman: The Movie even though it came out before I was born. I love Led Zeppelin and Cream even though they started in the ’60s. Maybe other people aren’t as curious and investigative as I was growing up.

      You can’t understand anything that’s happening now without knowing about what came before.