SR Geek Picks: ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer with John Williams Music & ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Roundup

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web for you. Today you’ll find a Dark Knight Rises hangover with Nolan/Batman links galore on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off,  Giant Freaking Robot found a really cool Man Of Steel trailer set to John Williams’ classic Superman movie score. Scroll down to check it out.


Man of Steel Trailer: The John Williams Version

That music still gives us goosebumps.


Adam Bomb

Adam West Bomb Dark Knight Rises SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Trailer with John Williams Music & Dark Knight Rises Roundup

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.


Catwoman Hates Mondays

Catwoman Austin Madison 570x473 SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Trailer with John Williams Music & Dark Knight Rises Roundup

Pixar animator (and all around cool guy) Austin Madison gives us a lovely Monday morning sketch from his blog.


Batman Is Sick

Batman Wheres Waldo SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Trailer with John Williams Music & Dark Knight Rises Roundup

F- you Waldo!



Manatee Batman 570x712 SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Trailer with John Williams Music & Dark Knight Rises Roundup

Batman as a manatee. InJakeWeTrust has more Manatee superheroes on his tumblr.


Batman Rogues Gallery Chart

Batman Villians 570x464 SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Trailer with John Williams Music & Dark Knight Rises Roundup

Check out some of your favorite members of Batman’s rogue galleries.

Thanks to SR Reader Aaron Meyers for sharing.



Batman Trilogy SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Trailer with John Williams Music & Dark Knight Rises Roundup

A nice mashup of Nolan villains by Danny Haas.


Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy Trailer

A fantastic fan-made trailer for the Nolan Batman trilogy.


Gotham Rogues (Shirt)

Gotham Rogues SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Trailer with John Williams Music & Dark Knight Rises Roundup

Head over to BustedTees to support your favorite team.


Bane & Darth Vader

Bane Darth Vader SR Geek Picks: Man of Steel Trailer with John Williams Music & Dark Knight Rises Roundup

Family reunion?


That’s all for today folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie related geekery.

Today’s picks have been brought to you by: NerdsDoItBetter, MTVGeek, GooglyGooeys, SuperHeroStuffAustin Madison, Aaron Meyers, Society6BustedTeesCollider, and InJakeWeTrust.

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  1. Ra’s Al Ghul appeared in the Arkham games too. The Rogues Gallery Chart is just a wee bit faulty.

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    • Actually, I think it was just for Batman: Arkham Asylum, not for both games.

      • @Ethan

        It said: “Arkham Games” Notice the “s” at the end of “Games” as in multiple of game… ;-)

        I was thinking the same thing Gaff. Here’s Ra’s from AC:'s_al_Ghul-character.png

        • Scarecrow was only in Arkham Asylum, minus the easter egg in Arkham City. Two Face was only in Arkham City, minus his cell in Arkham Asylum. Definitely an oversight by whoever made the chart.

    • The chart is also missing Zsasz you appeared at the very least in the Arkham games and in Batman Begins.

    • Here’s a slightly more accurate Rogues Gallery:

  2. That Trilogy poster is awesome!

    • Yeah i wish it was for sale

  3. I understand that they are trying to seperate Man of Steel from the other Superman movies, but that fan teaser would have gotten me excited for Man of Steel. Instead, that official teaser has left me not caring one way or the other.

  4. John Williams’ score definitely made the trailer more familiar, but it just didn’t work for me. I like what they did for the new trailer. The JW score sounds to happy/assuring, where as the Howard Shore’s “The Bridge of Khazad Dum” just really made me feel like something is wrong in the world at this point of time, but there is something great that is coming. It had more of a sad-but-hopeful feel to it, and it really set the mood of what I feel the movie is trying to accomplish with this trailer.

    • Wow can’t disagree more. John Williams’ Superman Music MADE that trailer. the new music was completely unremarkable. Like a track from one of those CD’s you buy for generic video production. But after the s***** music in the last 3 Batman movies being pitiful in comparison to Danny Elfman’s score I guess we should get used to mediocre taking the place of amazing for our DC heroes. At least the Avengers music was another great Silvestri score.

      • The original Superman theme is undeniably happy and campy. It’s obvious that this movie will not be like that. So in other words the music doesn’t go well with the film. They should make a new orchestrated theme perhaps inspired by the old one.

      • Well the least they could do is revamp the music. Danny Elfman’s score was good, but then Shirley Walker came in and made it amazing!
        JW’s score was very campy and cheerful. Superman is the most powerful being known to mankind who is constantly living in fear of “Breaking something or someone.” (Superman ) His music should exemplify his power, care, and life. Not some campy tune written 34 years ago.

  5. Gandalf: Fly, you fools!
    Superman: Okay. *flies*

    • See? There was a reason why they used that music.

    • that was awesome!

  6. @Roguedork19

    Well played sir, well played.

  7. very cool trilogy trailer !

  8. Why is everyone ignoring this video ???

  9. Am I the only who didn’t know the Man of Steel teaser music was from LOTR?!?!

    • If not the only one, then one of few. ;)

      You need to up your geek game, man.

      • But I didn’t like LOTR.

        • Heathen!!!

      • LMAO

    • I knew it was familiar but I couldn’t place it at first

  10. Screenrant! Take control! Take control…of your Geek Pics. Behold! The instrument of your liberation! No goshdarn cake pictures! Deshay deshay basura basura!

  11. I want to go back in time and show that Dark Knight trilogy trailer at the 2004 Comic Con and bring Hall H down.

  12. I should like to point out Brando’s Jor-El had better dialogue
    than what we have heard so far from the Man Of Steel trailers.

    It is necessarily too small a sample to judge the films overall of course
    but on this reworked trailer the greatest contrast for me was not
    the William’s score but rather the words spoken by Jor-El.

  13. I like the gallery chart and the trilogy poster.

  14. Batman to Waldo book: “WHERE IS HE?! WHERE IS HE?!”

  15. trilogy trailer=epic!

  16. Dear God. That trailer just made the hairs on my arms stand up…. Every so often a performance or a soundtrack or a “look” defines a story or character. It should be law that the JW score HAS to be used for every incarnation of Superman, because whenever you hear the main theme you really DO believe a man can fly….

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  18. Fantastic dark knight trilogy trailer, whoever made that really did a great job putting the clips together to make it really epic, it’s great watched it a bunch of times.