New ‘Man of Steel’ Featurettes and Poster Highlight Superman’s Powers

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There’s exactly a month left until Man of Steel opens in U.S. theaters (at the time of writing this) and, as such, in recent weeks there has been a significant uptick in Warner Bros. and DC’s marketing. If it proves a large enough financial success, then director Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman movie franchise could lead into a Man of Steel trilogy, a Justice League movie, or maybe even both; hence, the studios have additional motivation to make sure this blockbuster draws in a large ticket-buying crowd.

Besides releasing even more TV trailers and promotional images, WB/DC has teamed with Symantec’s Norton – like Marvel Studio during its marketing on films like Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers – to release three featurettes. Each one is part Norton commercial, part Man of Steel promo featuring cast interviews – and (a little bit of) previously-unreleased footage – that highlight different super-powers possessed by Kal-El (Henry Cavill).

Check out the other two Man of Steel featurettes below:

Snyder, while talking about Man of Steel, has never wavered from his stance that this particular superhero/comic book film is not only his most realistic he has made as a director so far (see: 300, Watchmen), but it’s also the most authentic representation of what Superman’s heightened abilities would be like (if he really existed, of course).

That means this film includes details that were absent in previous movies, such as Kal-El being viciously whipped by the wind during his flights, or tearing up the pavement while running away from missiles. It also means that we won’t have to sit through scenes where Superman carts around the Statue of Liberty as he flies (a la Superman IV: The Quest for Peace). There’s even potential for some wry humor in there; though, probably not on the comical level of Will Smith shaving with his fingernails in the superhero satire Hancock.

On that note – check out Superman in flight in the latest Man of Steel poster:


superman man steel poster2 570x831 New Man of Steel Featurettes and Poster Highlight Supermans Powers

When you combine Snyder’s “realism” approach with his trademark stylized action filmmaking and composition – used to realize a screenplay and story concocted by David S. Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) - the final result could be something quite impressive.

It certainly shouldn’t feel all that similar to this month’s Iron Man 3 (see: our ‘Marvel movies vs. DC movies’ comparison/analysis), but Snyder’s movie could wind up with the Superhero Movie of the Summer crown, when all is said and done.


Man of Steel opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on June 14th, 2013. It stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer and Russell Crowe.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. I think Warner Brothers could eclipse Marvel for the comics-to-movie genre. When Marvel introduces the talking, gun toting raccoon, they will alienate a number of people. Even when the Avengers go “cosmic” the departure from realism will be too stark for them to continue their previous success. IF Warner Brothers/DC maintain the same character driven grounded tone for all of their movies, they will create an epic universe and the first $2 billion movie.

    • Yeah, because a man from another planet that looks just like us, is ultra-strong, impervious to damage, shoots lasers out of his eyes and can fly at super-sonic speeds is WAY MORE REALISTIC than a genetically engineered raccoon, right??

      I call obvious troll on this post.

      • I think you’re missing what the realism and groundedness really means.
        It’s not the characters themselves, but the way the world reacts to the characters. In the Marvel films, they see a giant mutant monster that is completely uncontrollable, and their first thought is to recruit him for a secret squad of equally independent and uncontrollable powerhouses, and release them into a massive city where aliens are attacking, just to see what happens.

        I call bull on that being the way things happen in a realistic world.
        (And I’m a Marvel fanboy)

        The DC films aim to make the world more realistic in the way that they treat superpowered beings that could be potential threats, if not controlled or trained by specific governments, or raised in certain societies (Read: Superman Red Son). I think that this is a smart move. Heck, in the Avengers, the only person that really expressed fear at the sight of Hulk was Black Widow. The rest of the world seemed fine with him.

        • It really doesn’t bug me… I figure the public accepts and is used to the fact and buys into it. I mean if you actually sat in the theater and thought about every stupid unbelievable thing that happens in every CBM, you’d never be able to enjoy yourself.

        • “they see a giant mutant monster that is completely uncontrollable, and their first thought is to recruit him for a secret squad of equally independent and uncontrollable powerhouses, and release them into a massive city where aliens are attacking, just to see what happens.”
          Not true at all. Their first thought was to contain the monster. Lock him up. Kill him. Most people still want that.
          Nick Fury, and Nick Fury alone, saw the potential in him (and later Stark as well). And even then, it was never his intention to have Hulk join the team. That just had to happen because they had no choice.
          And when Hulk eventually joined them in the fight, I think they had other things on their mind than a potential threat, with an ACTUAL threat attacking the city (besides, they could see banner was kind of in control).

          in my opinion, viewers see what they want to see, and only read between the lines as much as they want to (whether that’s because they secretly want the movie to fail and not make sense, or just don’t pay close enough attention, is anybody’s guess). You say the “world” in The Avengers is completely fine with monsters and aliens, I say there was a whole bunch of scenes in all 7 movies that not alluded to how out-of-their-depth they were with all the stuff going on, but also scenes that thoroughly explained just how crazy it all was to them.

          Any-which-way, with MOS and TDK trilogy, I think there’s much more focus on the “citizens’ perception”. In MOS there’ll be themes of how people react and embrace/reject a man so much stronger than themselves. In TDK there was a lot of focus put on how the every-day man was influenced by this symbol, and how the symbol could make them take a stance against corruption and greed. In Marvel’s movies, the emphasis lies more with the heroes, and less on the citizens that the heroes protect.

          It kind of goes back to the whole “dark & serious” vs “lighthearted & fun” thing. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, just different.

          It’s cool to see how the “real world” would react to heroes and villains, but it’s also cool to see how the heroes react to the events happening to them and how they react to other heroes & villains…

          • Excellent post. I rarely post myself these days, but I do enjoy your added commentary to the articles here.

      • I mean, seriously? An old man sees “an enormous green rage monster” plummet from the sky into the middle of an old factory, and his first reaction is to go over and stare at the naked dude in the crater till he wakes up!?
        That’s where the realism fails in the Marvel films. Not in the superpowered characters, but in the way people react to them.

        • ^this. 1000 times this.

        • Don’t read comics much, I guess. Most “normals” in comics are shocked for a panel or two then they get over it. It’s pretty much necessary in order to keep the story moving forward. Otherwise people would costantly be in “WTF OMG!” mode the whole time.

        • Humans are curious and old people DGAF

        • You would be surprised at what people would stand around and watch. I’ve been in combat situations and had to knock civilians out of the way because they were just standing there watching the guy with the AK blasting away at anything that moved.

          • It’s the “deer in headlights” syndrome. I know what you’re talking about from the same experience.

    • Yeah, because an indestructible, gravity defying alien in a cape and unitard who just happens to look exactly like us mere mortals is soooo much more believable.

      • FILTHpig, you must have finished typing ever so slightly ahead of me, hehe. I agree with everything you said… especially about the troll part.

        • Glad I could help ;)

          You know, I’m looking forward to the MOS movie. I think it could be very good and lead to better things for DC and WB. But this DC vs Marvel crap, where people want to debate how “realistic” or unrealistic these properties are is ridiculous. No one reads super hero comics for their effing realism! If you think that’s what comics and comic movies are about, you’re completely missing the point. It’s about fantasy and escapism. It’s about science fiction and technologies that don’t exist yet or never will. It’s about having a good time, an adventure. It’s not about who can produce the most realistic story about guy in a cape.

          • I agree. I am So sick of this Marvel v. DC crap I could puke. Im a fan, and Ive collected comics for the last 30 years. Marvels cimics actually are overall better reads, its just that way. People can argue realism all they want. It all comes down to script, acting and budget,lol. If you have those 3 things, you shall be golden!! Oh and MARKETING,lol. Either way, every time a major comic movie is released by Either company we ALL win as fanboys!!

            • Exactly, we all win if everybody steps up their game and makes good CB movies. And if DC does take off and do well with their universe (and there’s no guarantee of that happening) they should thank Marvel everyday for making it possible. Since they are the ones that broke the ground which DC would be cultivating their cohesive universe in.

              • Not sure what you mean… Batman did just fine without Marvel paving anything for him.

                • I’m talking about a shared universe where all super beings live and interact. Marvel was the first to do that successfully. MOS will be DC’s first attempt.

                  • As long as someone like Nolan is co-writing and producing then it will be DC’s first SUCCESS.

                  • DC put the shared universe idea before Marvel even considered phase 1.

                • Yep…thank you, Clance, for reminding Cybershark and FILTHpig of that fact.

                  Oh, and Cybershark: You seriously undercut your own credibility by saying this: “Marvels [comics] actually are overall better reads, its just that way.” You are doing the same thing you accuse others of doing. That’s pure hypocrisy.

                  • DC has never done a large-scale shared universe. That was my point. I stated it in the second sentence of the original post.

                    • Of course DC has a large, shared universe.
                      They have multiple universes in the comics, and also one in the animated series’.
                      In fact, it can be argued that DC was first to start with the cross-over, shared universe thing – but that’s beside the point.

                      I have to agree with Archaeon here: saying marvel is better than DC is only your opinion – and that’s fine, but don’t say it as if it’s a fact (otherwise that’ll make you come across as a hypocrite).

                    • That’s fine…but DC won’t have to THANK Marvel or anyone else if they put forth and succeed with their own shared universe. They can APPRECIATE Marvel’s efforts…No “thank you” will be necessary. That’s MY point.

                    • Thank you, Avenger. I, too, have my preference…as I imagine most people do (at least, to some extent). The problem arises when one ignores his OWN biases, his own loves, to cut down another’s. THAT is bad on BOTH sides…in fact, across the board.

                    • I was talking about A DC MOVIE UNIVERSE. Obviously. No s*** they have a shared comic universe.

                      And when exactly did I say Marvel was better? They do have the more successful movie studio. That’s obvious.

                      Not that I feel I have to defend myself, but Batman is in my top five favorite characters, including the movies. I’m a fan of both, although I think at this point Marvel is the clear winner when it comes to their shared movie universe which DC wouldn’t even be trying if not for them.

                    • @FILTHpig: my apologies. I see now it was ‘Cybershark’ who said “Marvels comics actually are overall better reads, its just that way”, so, just ignore that second paragraph ;)

                      As for my first paragraph, how was I supposed to know you were only talking about the movies? You never really made that clear dude…

                    • Sorry Avenger, I’ve been on this article all day lol. If you followed along and read every post (don’t bother), I stated that DC didn’t have a shared universe yet a few times.

                    • Who’s the troll? This is a MOS article and all you pathetic Marvel fanboys can do is come on here and bash DC and hark on and on and on about how Marvel is sooo much better. Get a life, troll.

          • I agree to a point. People do crave their favorite stories based on the real world to help suspend disbelief. I think the realism aspect that most people want isn’t the question of “is it feasible that these characters could exist?” but has to do with the questions, “in this fantastical situation, are the emotions and actions that all the characters are portraying believable?” and “are the moral dilemmas that such fantastical ideas present relatable as metaphor?”
            That said, I think a gun-toting raccoon could answer the latter questions positively as long as it represented the human condition in some way.
            As for DC taking over Marvel in film franchises… it’s clearly not even close. DC shows little sign of continually putting themselves behind the 8-ball. Marvel has years of films prepared to spin their grand tale while DC seems tepid in their response, hand-wringing their way to a MOS box office draw (that’s sure to be an uber-success) before they announce their scheme for a cohesive film universe.

    • I don’t think very many people will be alienated, in fact I think it would grab more attention since it’s so out of the box as well as being a Marvel film connected to the rest of the franchise. It may not make a huge box office return for its first film but it’s gotta start somewhere right. In the end it can definitely be an exciting and different side of the face of the Marvel films something I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate. I do agree that if DC starts introducing all their characters with this grounded tone, it will definitely be like nothing we’ve ever seen on the big screen.

    • Titanic, 2.18 billion dollars.

      Try again.

      • He probably means during its first theatrical release, not re-released and not counting video.

    • You mean that time I followed a truck with a Giant Autbot Symbol on it for 5 miles and it did not transform or do anything.

      That was not real????

      • You laugh, but (unfortunately) there really are people THAT stupid.

  2. This movie looks absolutely brilliant!

  3. DC related article, leave Marvel out of it.

    • +1

      • +1,000

        • +1,000? This coming from one of the guys that shoved Marvel into the comments section?

          • +1

          • He trolled and I responded.

            • Multiple times and to more than just him… Oddly, most of us here both love Marvel and DC. I think we’re just hoping Warner Bros/DC knocks it out of the park so we get to see more of Superman and more of their Characters on the big screen. I think most everyone here can remember when we didnt know who belong to whom and just loved watching them and reading about them for who they were as characters. Honestly though, Superman was my first Comic hero and I do hope he blows it out of the water.

              • It became part of the discussion at that point. If you read, I discussed DC’s shared universe in relation to Marvel’s. Which is what the OP wanted.

            • I’m still trying to figure out WHAT was so trollish in Patrick’s comment. He gave an opinion based on his feeling of how he thinks MOS will do once released. WHO was the troll?

              • Sounded trolly to me. If I stated in a GOTG article “Marvel is going to continue to eclipse DC in the box office, and I think if they release a movie about a guy who comes from Mars, it’s gonna alienate people” that would be considered trolling.

                It’s an inflammatory comment that generates an emotional response. Which it most definitely would in my hypothetical scenario, and actually did in this article.

                • Ah, but there have been MANY comments in just that vein…Marvel fanboys have proven just as defensive and “inflammatory” as DC fanboys…I have NEVER seen you judge them.


                  • Check out the IM3 articles. I’ve been one of the only people defending that movie on this site. I don’t know, but I assume I’m defending it from Marvel fans mostly.

                    Also, I’ve stated plenty of times how I think MOS is going to be good, and that I’m excited to see what DC can do with their universe, if they ever get it together.

                    • Good. That’s all I wanted. Both of us have our preferences, as I said above, and BOTH of us can stand to look at whatever views are being expressed a bit differently…sometimes ;) On the IM3 threads, I was ranting because of my disappointment in that particular movie, but when people attempted to call me out on it, I was easily able to point out my my appreciation for the various Mavel cinematic incarnations.

                      In short, I DO understand…and, to an extent, agree with your need to express some frustration or outright irritation.

                    • Hey, I admit I was easily baited into defending Marvel. I love GOTG, I’m way excited for that movie. I probably overall prefer Marvel over DC, but I’ve always been a fan of both. I just identify with their characters a little more.

                      But people have to admit, that DC wouldn’t even be trying this style of movie if Marvel hadn’t done it first. You didn’t even hear about a Justice League movie until after The Avengers blew up.

                      It doesn’t mean I want DC to fail at all. I’m hoping they get their s*** together and start pumping out some great, cohesive movies in their new universe. It could mean a golden age of comic book movies, in which case everybody wins.

            • How the hell was he trolling? It’s a MOS article and all he did was put forth his well thought out, intelligent, UNBIASED opinion on how DC can have success with MOS

  4. Gah… I gotta go dark on these Man of Steel articles. I already know too much about this movie that I haven’t seen yet. I should’ve done this after Trailer 1.

    • Anybody who knows more than the average film goer about Superman probably should feel like there aren’t many spoilers left to be revealed. As much as I think the visual spectacle and the mandatory inclusion of the most powerful hero in DC is worth its existence for a rebooted DCMU, we all know what we’re getting ourselves into. Superman is a dead horse.
      What would be new are team-ups and crossovers, something that I hope is the point of all this rehashing.

      • Hopefully that’s what happens. Otherwise, it’s just another (hopefully) above-average movie that leads nowhere. DC needs to fully commit to this shared universe thing. Marvel changed the game, time for DC to get with the program if they want to remain relevant as far a movies are concerned.

  5. The featurettes were interesting as I can now hear and see Snyder and the cast talk about what they have been saying this whole time. Snyder really look likes a kid who made his favorite hero into a movie and so proud of it. I really enjoy the enthusiasm. Its not to say that the film should then be perfect because the director is a fan just like Joss Whedon is a huge fan or Sam Raimi was a huge fan but at least the character and his mythology-no matter how different it looks- seems to carry the essence of what makes Superman so special to many.

    I really enjoy the simplistic nature of the poster. The whole “less is more” vibe. It also quite a retro-feel as it kind of reminds me of the first Superman 1978 film’s poster where it was just as “S” among the clouds. Here we get a glimpse of Superman. I can actually see that original tagline “You will believe a man can fly” in the poster.

    Not much to say about the contents of the featurettes as most of the information has been said before. Hopefully there will be longer videos such as the one for The Dark Knight/Rises.

  6. Well, these featurettes actually do address a question many CBM fans have been buzzing about:

    Does Jonathan Kent really reply “maybe” to Clark on his inquiry to let them die, or was it just editing to make it seem like that was his response?

    Well, we have our answer: Yes. He does tell Clark “maybe” in response to Clark’s question.

    • I didn’t realize there was buzz on that question. Do people not understand his reason for answering that way?

      • As it pertains to how we all know Clark/Supes was raised it is very questionable why he would even remotely suggest he let people die that he could have saved.

        What is his reason? Life is not as important as your identity? People will whisk him away to experiment on him?

        There is no reason, EVER, to allow an innocent persons life to be extinguished if it can be saved and not putting other lives in jeopardy of course.

        • I believe it actually adds to the dynamic of Clark’s identity issue, because, although you may not LIKE the speaking out loud of such a thought (and/or think that Jonathon is simply too moral a man to ever say it), the fact is that people, when regarding the safety and happiness of their loved ones (in this case, of course, father about son…a powerful bond indeed), often find find themselves in conflict with whatever moral/ethical/social codes they normally hold. That’s HUMAN, and imo it adds great depth both to Jonathon’s character AND to Clark’s upbringing by this man and his wife.

          • +1

      • @ RodimusBen

        I’ve read several complaints from forums and comment sections all over the net all starting back when trailer #2 debuted in Dec. stating that Jonathan Kent would never reply “maybe” to that question.

        A common response was ” we don’t know if he does indeed reply “maybe” to that question, or if that just happens to be an editing trick”

        Personally I’ve never had a problem with it, I think it’s a very powerful answer.

        • I agree, it kinda provides an opening for the audience to see the difficulty he has with his love for Clark and his morality.

          • That’s a great way to look at it too. His love for Clark is so great that the last thing he wants him to do is expose himself, regardless of the situation… because he is afraid of what might follow.

      • I feel like its one of those moments when you’re not really sure what to do. So he could be saying “Maybe………*sigh* no. You did the right thing.”
        Or something along those lines. I just can’t believe that Jonathan Kent would say that Clark’s secret is worth letting a bus full of children die over.

        • I think he just says “Maybe”, and you can see that he has a bit of a struggle saying that. It kinda makes sense to me, at the moment his feelings for Clark are too strong, it’s as if he’s ashamed to say such a thing.

          • I agree completely. I liken it to the recent Superior Spider Man comic. In it, Peter admits for a moment, he tried to stop Doc Ock from saving a life, as that would allow him to kill Peter. His want for self preservation (or in Pa Kent’s case, his son’s preservation) override the preservation of another life. Peter let Doc Ock save the life though as he knew it was the right thing to do. Pa Kent wouldn’t actually tell Clark to let them die if he were there. He was just agonizing over the possibility of losing his son and expresses it in a manner that seems selfish and which he doesn’t fully mean.

        • I see it more as him submitting to the fact that he does not have all the answers when it comes this issue. It’s not like he can compare this situation to something else he has experienced. I don’t see it as a way of him condoning allowing a bus of children to die, like you said I think it’s a “I just don’t know” moment even if he doesn’t follow “maybe” with those lines.

  7. I can’t tell you how good it feels to see someone finally understanding the nuances of the Superman Character, every thing i watch about this movie makes it more epic looking, but i can’t take it anymore to much anticipation and i feel i’ve seen too much so i’m going to try my darnedest to not watch anymore clips. this movie IMHO is going to blow all other CBMs, including TDK, out of the water.

    • What would those nuances be?

      • the more psychological aspects to the character. the fact that he struggles with who he is, the responsibility that comes with all his power. the idea that he could destroy the planet single handed and yet doesn’t because he stands for an ideal greater then himself. all that stuff seems to be explored more in this movie. don’t get me wrong i want him to beat the living crap out of someone as much as the next guy, but has always drawn me to the character has been man behind the power not the power itself. I’m sure I’ll get crap for that, but its what interests me about the character the most and always has.

        • I agree…

          Flying’s great, but strength of heart and conviction is SO MUCH more powerful.

    • Not to mention the Avengers.

  8. How could Hancock shave with his fingernail? Wouldn’t his hair be as equally strong as his nails.

    • Indeed, but when it comes to Hancock, I don’t really take it that seriously anyways lol

  9. The downfall of Marvel will be catering to fan-boys who think absurd ideas are somehow acceptable to the public. I do think “a man from another planet that looks just like us, is ultra-strong, impervious to damage, shoots lasers out of his eyes and can fly at super-sonic speeds is WAY MORE REALISTIC than a genetically engineered raccoon”

    In fact people believe historical “people” could do amazing things Jesus could fly, summon storms, rise from the dead and “looks just like us” Sampson was super strong and they definitely existed. I have yet to meet the raccoon worshipers besides the the two “fan-boys” above who are looking for trolls where there are none.

    • I’m going to ignore your apparent religious bias and focus on Superman. If people can accept Superman because they’re used to the story of Jesus, then explain why they can accept all the other weird crap going on in the DC universe?

      And this is a valid point because supposedly DC is creating a whole universe, with other characters. Other characters that universes inhabitants are going to have to accept. A Martian? A guy who can talk to fish? A guy who can stretch his body into different shapes? I could on.

      And as far as the troll comment goes, you started it by bashing Marvel’s movies and a character that I happen to love in a DC article. Which is exactly the type of inflammatory comment that a troll would make. So I bit. I argued the point, and I stand by it.

        • I stated above why I thought you were trolling. No need to repeat myself.

          The article didn’t state anything about Rocket Raccoon. You were talking about that character, not a character in IM3. I defended the idea of the character on the big screen by talking about the EQUALLY ridiculous idea of an all-powerful alien that conveniently looks like us humans.

          I happen to be of the opinion that if there is intelligent life on other planets, they look almost nothing like us. We have no way of knowing at this point, but when I think alien, I don’t think of a exact replica of us. I think of all of the other strange life on this planet that looks almost nothing like us as an example.

          I think a human looking alien is a very narrow minded point of view, too much like the ones most religions hold on to.

          • One more thing, I think DC definitely SHOULD introduce all of the Justice League roster eventually. If they have any faith in their brand and their characters, they should unleash them all on the public.

            I’m all for a completely fantastical universe, DC, Marvel or otherwise… despite how closed-minded the general public and some comic fans may be.

            • The article states:

              “see: our ‘Marvel movies vs. DC movies’ comparison/analysis” and provides a link to the site thus making it PART of the article in question and Rocket Raccoon IS mentioned in it.

              As far as marvel and DC introducing ALL of their characters. They could do so but not in the same universe. A careful look at the success of the most absurd characters:

              Green Lantern; Catwoman (the one who was possessed by a cat),Ghost Rider; Superman 3 & 4; and Batman and Robin; Even Fantastic Four which portrayed Mr. fantastic in a goofy way.

              …will give you an idea of just how successful these movies will be. I can think of ONLY one exception The Mask which is set in its own universe and there were no plans to have it relate to any other story. So sure DC and Marvel can do stand alone movies that are more in line with Pixar films might work. But in a shared universe I pass.

              I agree with you that aliens PROBABLY look nothing like us…but as I stated before (right or wrong) people generally are more accepting of alien beings and deities that look like them. So Superman in that sense is a more acceptable character.

              • Those titles you mentioned were all horrible movies, too. If someone comes along and makes a high quality movie about Green Lantern, it will generate it’s own audience. Even more so if you’re talking about the Fantastic Four, which is another diverse character team-up movie.

                I have no doubt in my mind that if Marvel got a hold of FF, they would do a faithful, believable, high-quality movie that most people would love; because that’s their track record. I also have faith that if DC released a respectable, quality movie that doesn’t feature Superman or Batman, it would do just fine. They just have to actually make that movie…

                • Well then my question to you is how do you make a quality Green Lantern movie? What would you do differently.

                  • I’m not a producer of movies, but I’d probably start by cutting back and/or streamlining the CGI to try to humanize all of the characters involved. I’d personally want motion capture on live actors. Also, his shiny CGI suit looked ridiculous… you gotta make the main characters suit look good!

                    Next I’d hire a a good writer and director, people who are passionate about the story, and that have made movies with a similar tone that embodies that character. The Green Lantern powers are unique, and if done by the right person, could be very effective and a lot of fun on screen. The original movie came off very generic IMO.

                    Finally, I’d cast a relative unknown for the lead, NOT a Ryan Reynolds… don’t ask me who. A big name or well known star is almost never a good idea to me.

                    That’s a very simplistic breakdown, but it’s not unlike what Marvel has done recently. I really think Guardians of the Galaxy will show us how to do a proper comic book space fantasy… or at least I hope it will.

    • What about worshipping animals and man-beast hybrids? The sun? The oceans? There are many examples of people worshipping things we might consider outlandish today. If one doesn’t understand something, one tends to align it with what one does understand. I do think Supes is more accepted because of what he stands for. I also agree that the more like us the amazing this is, the more likely we are to accept it, as humans.

      • Thing*

      • Well said.

    • +100000

  10. There was a comic in which Supes used his heat vision to shave. Less ridiculous (looking) than the fingernail thing but could garner a chuckle I suppose.

  11. lovin the new man of steel poster

    • Yah. I wish they brought these out sooner. That stupid poster of Supes in chains with the distracting bright light was very annoying.
      These last three posters have been absolutely amazing. I actually want to buy one and put it up on my wall!

      Why can’t it be June already! Actually, wait: my mid-terms are in June :o Frack! Why can’t Man Of Steel be released next week!

  12. Just received this quote from DC & Marvel: “There’s room enough for both”.

  13. Looking more and more epic. I might have to stop viewing MOS articles soon so I can go into the screening with no excitement or dread at what may lie ahead.

    I have a feeling WB know this movie will make a crap-ton of money and have plans in place and are just waiting for either overwhelming positivity or overwhelming negativity at what takes place and the characters shown on screen.

    That would be the smart thing to do. Always have a plan, even if Karl Pilkington claims that “you never get anything done by planning”.

    • This movie is going to do well regardless. If it’s a good movie, which I think it probably is, it’s going to do really well. I’m sure DC has a plan by now, but I’m not sure they did two years ago.

  14. Lets talk man of still….! we’re All fans and we want both DC and Marvel to do well so we can see more of our favorite characters on screen. But MOS is gonna be awesome!!

    • I appreciate your comment and for the record…I do want BOTH Marvel and DC to do well. In fact 6 of my favorite 10 comic characters are Marvel and I have been just as critical of DC for the monstrously bad Green Lantern and Catwoman movies.

      …so back to Man of Steel and yes it is going to be EPIC. But I have decided not to have overly high expectations that can’t be met. i think the Dark Knight Rises had that curse after the Dark Knight and people imposed their own expectations and did not accept the movie for what it was. I don’t think that MOS needs to be a billion dollar movie or should be the litmus test that determines a Justice League movie. I hope that it is a movie that can both be great on its own and not overtly set up other movies, but have enough in it that comic fans can take away from it opportunities to go in another direction that could include an expanded universe which it seems like that is what they did.

  15. No, the three clips highlight NORTON, a bunch of people being interviewed, Superman looking upwards a lot in an innocent way, and a few seconds of his abilities. Just clarifying yet another misleading story title. Rock on.

  16. Move over Avengers, for the new best superhero movie.

  17. How amazing would it be if the easter egg in this movie is Superman finds out about a bomb about to destroy a city called Gotham and on his way there he sees a Batwing flying over the ocean towing the bomb and he is the one that saves Batman. Thats how Batman lived through the explosion and thats how they tie the DCverse (see what i did there)together. Im not saying they should show all this happen but maybe a reference to it or something. It would blow the fanboys, myself included, away.

    • Agreed! That’d be awesome. And Batman’s not actually retired, now he knows there’s bigger threat out there than some Mob bosses. He’s busy investigating other super powered beings, superman, aliens, etc.
      Works perfectly!

  18. Thankyou 5 horizons I feel that’s a wrap! Lets do it that way, it makes perfect sense to me

    • I cant tell if you are being sarcastic or not.