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Oldschool NES Controller Car Engine

NES Engine1 570x427 SR Geek Picks: Top 10 Movie Idiots, Superboy Fan Film, Robots in Movies & More

Toothless Costume


TARDIS Cast SR Geek Picks: Top 10 Movie Idiots, Superboy Fan Film, Robots in Movies & More

While her broken arm is healing, Laura Keeney will be able to travel through time and space. Her friend Zak Kinsella painted her cast in a completely inconspicuous manner.

Link | Artist’s Website

A NEW HAN SOLO? Seth Green or Kumail? Star Wars Course of the Force Ep 2

Beginning the search for the stolen lightsaber, Kyle Kinane heads to the most obvious of locations – a wretched hive of scum and villainy…or your average local dive bar. Once there he encounters Kumail Nanjiani, Seth Green and Clare Grant, who may provide help he WASN’T looking for…

Top 10 Movie Idiots

These pea-brained, bone-headed dimwits keep us in stitches.

Magic Eye Shark Movie – The Rewrite ft. Jason Sudeikis

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Real People, Fake Arms with Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy explains to Seth why it was difficult to work with him on the Canadian soap opera “Jacob’s Patience,” and they show the famous marijuana shop scene.

Man of Steel: Superboy

After watching a few of the trailers for The Man of Steel, we knew we had to make a video! This time last year when The Dark Knight Rises was coming out, we released a video called Batman: Nightwing. We gained such huge reaction from it that we knew we had to bring our audience something similar yet new at the same time! So in honor of The Man of Steel we put together a short teaser trailerish video following Superman’s teenage, clone counterpart Superboy! This version of Superboy was inspired by the aesthetic look of Zack Snyder’s, Man of Steel. The story however, borrowed themes from a few different resources, including the comics and Young Justice cartoon. Hope you guys like it!

Check out the behind the scenes! http://youtu.be/9RZtnJX4WcM

Bots of the Big Screen

bots of the big screen SR Geek Picks: Top 10 Movie Idiots, Superboy Fan Film, Robots in Movies & More

Much to the chagrin of robots’ rights advocates, robotic characters historically have been portrayed in one of a few familiar character roles. From the seductive Fembots of Austin Powers to the evil killing machines in the Terminator series, movies have continuously characterised its robotic protagonists into specific archetypes.

The 100 Greatest Movie Compliments

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