First ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spot and New Synopsis – Superman Begins

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Director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer are rebooting the Superman franchise with Man of Steel, and their approach is based on the same theory that Goyer and producer/co-writer Christopher Nolan applied to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins: to give the superhero contemporary relevance – and endear him to a new generation while recapturing the passion of nostalgic fans yearning to be wowed as they once were – you must bring more emotional realism to the proceedings (in addition to modern filmmaking style, not as a substitute).

Hence, the general aura of anticipation and excitement surrounding the first Man of Steel screening reactions and interviews that describe the movie as a mix of Chris Nolan’s grounded comic book world-building and meditative storytelling, infused with Snyder’s approach to spectacle and sense of cinematic wonder. As the new Kal-El/Clark Kent himself (Henry Cavill) has put it, Man of Steel aims to be a healthy medium between whiz-bang fun and “something introspective, that really provokes something inside.”

Man of Steel Trailer Images Henry Cavill as Superman 570x237 First Man of Steel TV Spot and New Synopsis   Superman Begins

You get the seriousness and thematic weightiness found in Man of Steel with the trailers and the first official television promo – which you’ve surely noticed by now contains virtually nothing in the way of new footage (sorry to say) – but the film’s (supposed) massive scale and action remain a heavily-guarded secret until the main course is served.

The same goes for specific plot details, as you can see from the latest Man of Steel synopsis below:


Both Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness have climbed atop the towering pile of anticipated Summer 2013 blockbusters for similar reasons, having to do with their less-is-more marketing philosophies – which is refreshing in today’s film and television-selling marketplace – and their delicate balancing act of revisiting cherished properties in a respectful manner, but including enough innovation to prevent the series from retreading over-explored territory (which has been key to the success of Trek and Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams’ moie-making career, in particular).

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel First Man of Steel TV Spot and New Synopsis   Superman Begins

The latest Star Trek installment has the advantage of Abrams’ successful franchise reboot as a lead-in, which is part of the reason why that movie avoided landing on Screen Rant’s ’10 Riskiest Box Office Bets of 2013′ – and Man of Steel did not, following after director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns left many a person grumbling that Superman cannot work in our modern world (cinematically, that is) without a proper makeover.

Nonetheless, there’s enough working in favor of Snyder’s movie to suggest it won’t also land on this year’s ‘Most Disappointing’ list – and could wind up one of the best superhero adaptations (nay, tentpoles in general) in recent memory.


Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder, from a script by David S. Goyer and screen story by Goyer and Christopher Nolan. It stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, Harry Lennix and Michael Kelly.

Look for Man of Steel in 2D and select 3D/IMAX theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. About two months until MoS is released. I’m really surprised that we haven’t seen more at this point. That TV spot was a complete rehash. :-/ I mean we saw the first ~14 minutes of the Star Trek sequel months ago.

    • They are going with the “less is more” approach to build anticipation.

      • I think they should then show something anticipation worthy. I’m definitely going to see it opening weekend. Especially if they want those all-important first week returns.

    • They are not like IM putting everything they got out there

    • I’m glad they are keeping us in the dark. I want to be shocked and surprised.

      • Same here, I’m all aboard. These rehash ads should just be used to remind the ADHD crowd.

  2. I loved the television spot, even though it shows nothing new…it’s just beautifully illustrative of what a modern cinematic take on Superman SHOULD be (at least, in my opinion and based on everything we’ve seen, read, and heard about the film).

    I’m actually quite happy we haven’t been given more preparation/preview for the film up to this point. That, as you say Sandy, is a rarity in this era, and THAT is a shame. Though I enjoy the articles, speculations, and clips, it will be nostalgically pleasant to be somewhat SURPRISED when those lights go down in the theater and Zimmer’s music calls forth the “Man of Steel”.

    I cannot wait.

    • I’m with you on being excited for the film, and that’s despite the lack of new trailers/info on the film. Some will look at this new spot and think, “is that all there is?” The way these spots have played out, the movie seems to be more of a drama than an action adventure. It’s kinda weird.

      • I don’t know…I’m getting an “action-drama” feel, myself. I okay with that, personally.

        • At least with Superman, the drama can be easily balanced out with action. Any action sequence that involves Superman gives people that slow jaw-dropping moment.

          Plus, setting up emotion in his life will give an excellent motive to disagree with those who have a…”darker” view on things, if you will 😉

  3. for the love of all that is comics…..STOP giving us the “realism” crap in comic movies!!! and second…someone get Mark Millar away from the mirror and loving himself and get the friggin DEADPOOL movie made please!! FOX is scared of a hard R rating in a comic movie?? ummm Mr. Millar..kickass 1 and 2…hard R. blade1 2 3, wanted, 300, watchmen, punisher(s), Dredd….. GIVE US DEADPOOL!!!!

    • They use realism in comics.. so yeah

      • Heh-heh…


      • Depends on the character.

        Personality wise, realism is always there. The ultimate example? Peter Parker.

    • I completely agree

    • They are working on it, it already has a star and a synopsis.

    • I’ve seen “non-realism” at work in comic book movies. It was called “Batman and Robin”. Never again!

    • Some of those you’ve listed were flops. Hollywood no likey flops.

  4. I’m glad they have kept the new Superman footage to a minimum. Too many trailers ruin the moments of awe because we have scene them in the trailers. Beside the fact, I’m done watching trailers for this (and The Wolverine) i’m already sold.

  5. yes I can see where realism has played a major role in all of the comic movies. they could all totally happen……(silent sarcasm)

    • Ooh, a parents’ basement crack directed at a comics fan. Real original.

      • Pfft! I wouldn’t mind living rent free right about now. Nerds win again.

        • +1

          How I loathe rent.

          • I would love to live in my parents basement if:

            1) they wouldn’t have moved to a nicer house when I left and still had a basement, and

            2) I could leave my wife and kids at home with my mortgage


            • Nice.

        • Hahaha, very true!

          Jokes on you mike: I DON’T HAVE A BASEMENT!

      • what basement “crack” are u talking about? did something get edited?

    • The whole point is to make us believe they COULD actually happen in real life. I want this movie to make me BELIEVE that an alien from a distant planet could indeed come to earth, be raised as a human, and become the greatest hero the world has ever seen. I want it grounded IN OUR REALITY. Make us believe.

    • The whole point is to make us believe they COULD actually happen in real life. I want this movie to make me BELIEVE that an alien from a distant planet could indeed come to earth, be raised as a human, and become the greatest hero the world has ever seen.

  6. Hope this does well, it’s the only thing that has ever pulled me into extreme interest of Superman.

    He’s not my favorite, that will probably always be Tim Drake Robin or Batman, but Superman is definitely one of my favorites after MoS sparked my interest to look more into the character.

    • Have you read the new 52 Action Comics? Pretty good read and seems to be the direction Man of Steel is headed.

      • Nevermind the post.

  7. rats!

  8. all that aside….I just want the DEADPOOL movie more than any other comic movie right now. something different from everything else. Definitely the most entertaining comic book character out there.

    chimichanga anyone?

  9. I just don’t think this movie will be all we’ve hoped for. I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst. This article has done nothing to bolster my faith in this movie or WB/DC. This could be a very disappointing summer for DC fans. Nolan and his “Grounded in reality” crap is stifling and killing WB/DC and their CBM’s all together.

    • Completely disagree. “Naturalism” not “realism” has shown us that comicbook movies can be respected forms of cinema and are showing movie goers that there is more to these characters than actions scenes and quips, something the comics strive to do. Even Blade, one of my favorite comicbook movies, was grounded in “naturalism” with all it’s fantacial elements.

      I would say it’s Marvel Studios commitment to making lighthearted comicbook movies of the same superhero formula that threaten over saturation and to turn the genre back into a farce. Much like how James Bond eventually became a parody of himself.

    • But it’s funny you mention the “grounded in reality” crap when IM3 is so desperately trying to make The Mandarin into a Ra’s al Ghul/Bane wannabe. It’s ridiculous that he doesn’t have his rings with all the supernatural elements already established in Marvel Universe.

      • @ ignur rant

        Neither DC or Marvel are trying to make Oscar worthy movies, they’re trying to make movies that CBM fans want. If I read you right your saying we can have both, the movies we want and the respect.

        I say who cares about the respect, as long as the movies are good and true to the comics, people will watch them.

        Arrow is grounded in reality, and does a nice job with it, but that doesn’t always translate well on the big screen.

        This isn’t a Marvel vs. DC thing, but I do believe the Marvel movies appeal to a much larger and broade audience than just CBM fans, which is great for the genre.

        To be honest, I wish the Manderian’s rings were magical, but to say that they are not because of a grounded approach like Batman’s vilians is kind of silly.

        • I’m gonna be frank: Iron Man has had some of the most boring villains I have ever seen in film.

          No, Batman isn’t the reason Mandarin isn’t magical. But hey, that’s no excuse for yet another terrorist with a bunch of weapons. You have a god of thunder and an unstoppable not so jolly Green Giant yet here we are with another villain who isn’t any different than Iron Monger or Whiplash.

          It would’ve been interesting to see technology vs. magic, something that would cripple Tony because he doesn’t know about it.

        • Don’t know if you guys have heard the rumors…..SPOILERS if you haven’t……..But rummor is that his rings do have powers. Not like control the elements, but some type of unknown power that we don’t know.

      • not even in an IM thread and you have to play the same old “The Mandarin is Ra’s al Ghul” song. learn a new song, and dont watch the movie, u will only hate it.

    • Actually there should be alot of good stories comic book wise coming out this summer, so I have to disagree about it being a disappointing summer for DC fans.

      and I whole heartedly agree with Ingur Rant’s two posts.

  10. I want a good Superman movie, not a “re-imagining” of him. Give me Superman, good old fashion Superman, not some updated version. I’m so frustrated with WB’s attempt at making these characters their own. They were fine before WB owned them, let them stand on there own origins. Stop screwing with everything!!!

    • Every single comic book character has been re-imagined on the big screen. RDJ is more RDJ than Stark. Burton’s Batman was gothic. Nolan’s Batman was Year One. Blade gained super strength in the movie. And Captain America is more gymnast than Super Solider. .

      • @ Ignur Rant

        Burton’s Batman & Gotham was more dark imo. While Nolan’s Batman was dark & Gotham was cleaner & safer place to live,especially in between TDK & TDKR.

        • They both were re-imagined from the comics.

      • @ Ingnur rant

        Not reimagined at a core level that messes with the cannon of the comics they’re not. Not on a fundemental level.

        • Ok but MoS Superman isn’t messing with the core of Superman. It’s taking inspiration from three of the best Superman Origin stories.

  11. Half the fun of seeing a new adaptation of something we know, is seeing how someone else interprets and applies it. no two people see the same thing the same way. I personally have always been drawn to the more human and emotioal side of comics with smaller and more personal stories. I like action too, but not just for the sake of having it. WB and also iron man are getting it right for me


    What about this isn’t what the TV Show Smallville was about? The show may have suffered from cheesy writing at times, as well as sketchy acting…and even poor execution…but all this can be attributed to it being a weekly one hour sci-fi drama with a limited budget. Man of Steel isn’t a reboot, it’s Smallville with a bigger budget and more capable people who can execute the same story-line within two hours.

    • I think you are going to find yourself to be mistaken when this film comes out. They are going to show Smallville, as it is part of his origin story, but much like Batman Begins, it’s likely that he will already be a grown man, searching for his origins and place in the world, so that he can be what he is and who he is and not hide from it. I don’t think they will go the hiding route, but instead the route that he accepts what he can do, but just wants to know if there is some greater purpose to his life on earth. I see a very relatable story in that, as humans are constantly struggling with the very question he asks in the trailer “Where do I come from?”

    • So in that regard, the it’s going to show his acceptance, not reluctance to be who he is. It might very well be about him trying to figure out what to do with himself and how to help mankind, much like our very own lives. A kind of “Here I find myself, but what now?” approach. Apologies for any long-windedness. Good day.

    • First off, that description also pertains to the original movie…

      Smallville focused on FOUR YEARS worth of Clark fighting freaks in High School. THat’s not the focus of Man of Steel. SMallvile will be shown only so we can see his roots. That’s it.

  13. Batman…er…Superman Begins Rise of his Return of the Man of Steel.

    • LOL!!

  14. its so hard to resist clicking on man of steel tv spot/ news cause i dont wanna get spoiled and see to much but this is just too awesome

  15. The theme music rings familiar, echoes of Gladiator, and I know
    they used prior Zimmer material in the Comic-Con footage.
    I do wonder though if this is a slice of the soundtrack.

    • This IS the gladiator sound track…

      • You’d think by now we could here something from the new one.

  16. I’m extremely excited. Maybe a lot of that comes from being a huge superman fan, but I think they’ve done a fantastic job planting the seed so people go see this movie. The fact that they haven’t shown to much just heightens the anticipation in my eyes. I’m really hoping that this movie isn’t as disappointing as Superman Returns was. Out of all the superheros ever created, Superman is the one that needs and deserves to be redone, revived and revamped the most. I’m keeping my hopes up for this movie, don’t make me regret it Snyder and Nolan!

  17. i for one am glad that it hasnt reached total saturation…itll be a nice refreshing change to sit in the cinema in a few months,and watch the film..with no pre conceived expectations…nice one zack!

  18. Nothing but rehashed footage from the trailer presented in a rushed fashion. Warner Bros needs to fire whoever does the marketing for their superhero movies. I recall Green Lantern also did a lousy job of marketing itself.

    These guys are either really incompetent or they really hate comics and secretly want these movies to fail. I wish DC were in the hands of a better studio.

    • Not all people go to the movies on a constant basis.

      Guess what? You’re always going to see a shortened version of trailer footage in a TV spot. They don’t last very long, there isn’t any need to throw in something different with the movie being a couple of months away. When the film draws closer to the release, you’ll likely get something different.

      • If you notice the TV spots for the Marvel movies you’ll find they’re not usually 100 percent rehashes from the trailers. There’s generally a little extra: Footage, scenes, a little comic relief and so on. It’s typically presented a little differently as well. This isn’t the case with this.

        They’re being plain lazy and making bad choices in what to present. Like Green Lantern’s retarded ‘Anyone can be chosen’ poster and TV spot choosing to highlight scenes like ‘I know, right?'(Hal showing off his costume in lame fashion) and HAL giving a bicycle kick to Hector Hammond.

  19. I prefer WB/DC not giving the movie away with too much footage in trailers. Superman is the most recognizable superhero of all time – he doesn’t need to have the whole movie given away in the trailers for people to go.

    For those saying not enough footage is being shown is more a matter of today’s society wanting immediate gratification in every aspect of their lives. Less is more is absolutely the way to go with this movie as you’re dealing with one of the most recognizable characters in the world.

  20. I thought The Man of Steel is suppose to be linked up to the MAN OF STEEL sequels, which is similar from The Dark Knight. I thought the MAN OF STEEL sequels are suppose to get their own EPIC Chapters which is based on “SUPERMAN: THE SECRET ORIGINS” like Superman meets face to face with Lex Luther, and as himself Kal-El The Last Son who saves the city called Kandor from the clutches of Brainiac (Jor-El’s mentor) and meets his teenage cousin Kara in a rocket ship who survive from Krypton’s orbit called Argo City. And she gets her Spin Off GIRL OF STEEL (instead of SUPERGIRL).

  21. While im not happy about some of the changes to characters but this my most anticipated movie of the year but then again i am a Superman Fan.

  22. Wow,that spot showed absolutely nothing that we haven’t seen already,but this is still my most anticipated movie of the year.

    I have a feeling that this will be Snyder’s best work to date.

    • I’m assuming Snyder and Nolan are saving the action scenes for the next trailer also keep in mind Iron Man 3 haven’t come out yet, meaning sending out promotions before IM3 will be a waist. I think is better not to show too much of the scenes on the next trailer its better to keep it nice and short I want to be blown away in theater.

      • I don’t need another trailer. It is most anticipated movie for me.
        But For other peoples they need to make a action pack trailer.

  23. Personally I think letting Snyder take the Director’s chair was a major mistake.
    Synder uses horrible lenses and effects as much as J. J. Abrams uses lens-flare.
    Just look at this ad, the quality of this film looks f%cking horrible.
    Nolan is my hero, but saying no to Justice League might have been a mistake considering MoS won’t have a sequel and C. Nolan will end his Comic carrier with a bad bang.

    • I personally enjoy Zack Snyder’s film and the quality is tolerable imo.

  24. Cavill is not working for me as SuperMan. Maybe it’s the suit redesign but this comes off like a porn parody.

  25. Then what u like that funny superman of 1978.and his childish fancy dress.

  26. Has anyone else noticed that nearly all marketing material released so far for Man of Steel has used music from Gladiator?

    • Yes. The sound track isn’t finished yet.