New ‘Man of Steel’ Magazine Covers – Superman and General Zod Go to War

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Warner Bros. and DC kicked the Man of Steel marketing campaign up a notch this past week, with the release of new images and a spectacle-heavy third trailer. The studio continues to move director Zack Snyder’s – along with Dark Knight trilogy screenwriter David S. Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan’s – Superman franchise reboot closer towards the spotlight’s center.

In addition, Man of Steel is being prominently featured in Empire Magazine‘s June Issue – which previews several of the “mathematically proven” most-anticipated Summer 2013 releases – and we have the dual magazine covers to prove it.

Man of Steel features Henry Cavill (Immortals) as Clark Kent/Kal-El, one of the last survivors of the dead planet Krypton, who must find his place on Earth, as an alien with incredible god-like abilities living alongside ordinary people. The sudden and unexpected arrival of other Kryptonians – in the shape of General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his lieutenant Faora (Antje Traue) – forces Kal-El to decide just what kind of (super)man he really is.

Check out the latest Man of Steel magazine covers, along with a couple fan-made posters (via Empire and Recent Movie Posters):


The background for Empire‘s cover featuring Cavill appears to be from an action-packed sequence that unfolds in Clark’s hometown, as is also shown briefly during the most recently-released Man of Steel trailer (read our trailer breakdown).

Meanwhile, that image of Shannon as Zod comes from the present-day setting in the film, seeing how he doesn’t have the armor and goatee getup during those earlier sequences that take place upon the still-thriving Krypton (back when his angry voice wasn’t so intimidating, it seems).

Be sure to let us know what you think of the Man of Steel marketing campaign – be it the latest promo images or overall – in the comments section.


Man of Steel flies into 2D and select 3D/IMAX theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: Empire, Recent Movie Posters

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  1. That is a cool shot of Superman on the Empire cover. That’s the best shot of him yet.

  2. I want to see these two fight so bad…

  3. Becoming more & more excited about this movie!

  4. I’m looking forward to this movie. I bet it’ll be better than The Dark Knight Rises.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing

  5. I really wasn’t all too impressed with the trailer, but I did like how real the cape looks and moves since it was digitally added.

  6. why the need to compare all the other comic book movies Marvel or DC?? cant we just take em as we get em and enjoy them all one their own??
    Love everyone of them and if they keep making them we will keep watching them!!

    • I just wrote something similar on a different site. It truly is annoying.

    • amen! I also think the same way no need to hate

      • No need to hate? Then why can’t DC manage to make good Super hero movies besides Batman and Man Of Steel??? Marvel has done the great job for how long……And look at D.C….Still doing Batman and Superman movies. Green Lantern movie??? what the hell was that!?

  7. This is the best overall Superman look so far with Cavill.
    The best the new suit looks justifying design choices.

    Still, out of curiosity, I would like to see this suit with
    the infamous red trunks just to see how it might work.
    There is probably a photoshop version out there already.

    Zack is on record as stating he tried to keep them
    and was not prohibited in using them because of
    any litigation and I wonder if the choice was made
    because the suit sans trunks looks better on Cavill.

    Without the trunks Cavill may look taller, not that he
    is short at 6’1″, but with his proportions his legs
    would appear shorter with the trunks unlike
    Christopher Reeve who had longer legs.

    • I’ve seen Henry Cavill photoshopped with Christopher Reeve’s Superman uniform and he looked fine. He just has the right body for the role (better than Brandon Routh’s anyway).

      • I’ll track that down. That I’d like to see. Thanks.
        Plus this new image manipulated with trunks.

      • @ Phil

        I did too & thought look fine aswell. Even saw one with red lines along the yellow line leading to the yellow buckle which also looked good.

  8. Damn these are cool! I really want to see this movie! All this teasing lol I have a very strong feeling this will be dcs breakout for heroes other then batman.

  9. Somebody wanna take the Superman cover to photoshop, lighten the colors and add underoos? I wanna see what it would look like in its proper form

  10. Nolan dark knight movies suck! Snyder rules. Yay man of steel. Best movie ever!

    • Dark Knight trilogy sucked?

      I wish I could live in Opposite Land like you.

      • The first two are awesome and perfect in that order.

        … the third one… eh… well…

        • The third Dark Knight movie was just not on par with what Nolan had put out before. It was choppy, inconsistent, and didn’t make Batman nearly strong enough which ended up making Bane less menacing. Nolan clearly pulled from The Dark Knight Returns, from the big muscle-bound bad guy to the mechanical brace on his limb, and weakened Batman to basically a normal human level. His first fight with Bane was pathetic. Batman is more skilled than the boxing display that was in the movie and a real Batman’s smoke bombs would have filled the area with opaque smoke instead of just going *poof*. Catwoman was the only good thing about that movie.

          • Nolan’s the worst thing that could have happened to this movie. Even his minimal involvement is bad enough.

          • well that is your opinion the dark knight rises is rated higher by critics than begins. Plus the bane fight had nothing to do with his skill, he was being himself arrogent and confident in his fight ability. which alfred told him wasn’t the correct way to approach it and he didnt listen. Also he didnt use a smoke bomb… it was a flash bomg that was ment to blind him.

          • Kool story

          • I disagree with you completely.

        • Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were spectacular.

          Batman Begins being the origin and having many visual iconography from the comic books felt like a great Batman movie that aimed at deconstructing the view of Batman and going to the essence of his morality and ideals. Although we saw the route Nolan took with sequels, Batman Begins was strategically produced and directed to go in a number of different directions that could have brought in more fantastical element in a grounded and relatable way such as Man of Steel.

          The Dark Knight while taking more cues from crime films delivered a Batman story in its essence. It stood on its own two feet and took advantage of having Begins focus mainly on Bruce Wayne by now focusing on Batman’s effect of Gotham as a whole. It took the direction that grounds the world to a crime film epic while escalating the improbabilities of the events occurring. Batman was seen not only as a detective that is still honing his skill but secretive and resourceful in a calculating manner(cell phone sonar map of city). The Joker was Joker and Harvey Dent story is tragic and true and respective to the source material. It may not look like a comic book film in the obvious sense but it was more than people give credit for.

          The Dark Knight Rises I am ambivalent about which is sad to say given the director’s track record. I will say that given the faults I find in the film, another less competent director and crew would make the flaws stick out more obvious and less forgivable. I liked sections of the film or certain aspects such Bane and Catwoman, but certain details or plot issues bring my enjoyment level down. While the actors did a great job, Bruce and Alfred seem different and out of character in some points of the story. The film did not deal with the ongoing themes and implications of prior films although it leaned so much on them, especial Batman Begins. While elevating the scale of the story the film did not take advantage of some of the source material, such as the quick fix of Bruce’s back could have been done in a different number of ways more akin to source material.

          Personally Batman reboot can safely follow another direction after Batman Begins (the origin) and maybe The Dark Knight (which rounds of the first year of Batman’s existence). An alternate route of the Dark Knight Rises. Thus the trilogy is intact, but an alternate route can be seen one that falls along more in lines of Man of Steel (if successful) while keeping some cast members and themes yet be new. I mean a sequel will be contrived and a full reboot will alienate some and replace the good start that is Begins and TDK

          • How ppl defend boring over serious, pretentious snoozfest that is tdk is beyond me. Snyder is best. Nolan worst. Dont let him near superman. Pleaz

            • How ppl hate the amazing, great, awesome that is tdk is beyond me. Snyder is good. Nolan is better. Let him near superman. Pleaz.

              • Better? No accounting for taste i guess. Snyder is visionary. Nolan is yawn. So is the mind numbing boredom of his bat movies. Snyder will show him how its done wit superman.

                • Look, I’m a big fan of Snyder myself, but you have to admit that you’re in the minority about Nolan, he is a very talented and respected filmmaker, and you haters will not change that, you guys can scream his hatred as loud as you like, if not going to make a difference. Besides without Nolan, Snyder would not have the opportunity to make this movie.

        • The first two are awesome and perfect in that order.

          … the third is amazing.

          Here you go, finish the sentence for you. Your welcome.

  11. I am more excited for Superman vs Feora fight then supes vs Zod.

  12. Man these look so sick june come faster plz

  13. those are all fan made, there from SHH site :D

  14. I think I’m going have a heart attack from excitement! That fan made poster with the cape is amazing! Cavill’s eyes are so intense!

  15. I seriously can not wait for this movie!!!!!! It will be BEYOND EPIC!! After this movie comes out marvel fangirls will be left speechless and will finally shut up about DC movies!!! LOL. This movie will take a s**t oh every other comic book movie!
    MAN OF STEEL!!!!

  16. definitely like the superman cover. The color pallet of his suit is cool, too, which I think is a very fresh take on the bright colors of his suit in previous superman movies (and yes, i know supes is birhgt to batman’s dark). Cavil looks great as superman, I think. Hopefully he can carry the mantle where christopher reeve left off, and raise the bar even higher. Shannon’s cover looks like he is trying too hard to pull off an actual Genernal zod pose, while cavil seems to do it effortlessly. The pic of supes kneeling (which is him probably getting ready to take flight) is very cool. The cavil’s photos/poses look likes they are directly from the comics.

  17. The poster of Superman kneeling with his fist on the ground is EPIC.

    • It looks almost exactly like the Thor poster, just without the hammer.

      • @ Iron Patriot

        U r right it is same pose as Thor pose . But supes look much cool then Thor

  18. So serious colour and light tones need to be added to Superman’s suit.

  19. Bring it on

  20. June can’t come soon enough

  21. Does anyone know why we haven’t gotten any new pics in the Man of Steel photo gallery in a while?

  22. I would like the photos even more if Superman wore his iconic red undies!

    • What is it with those red under wear?…so what he`s not wearing it lol

      • @ Mercy ever hear the term, ” If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it?” They only changed Superman’s costume for the New 52 comics because every hero’s costume was being changed in more ways than one. Unlike Batman who went through diffent costumes before the New 52, Superman’s costume pretty much stayed the same. Trucks & all. No-one had a problem with them.

        • @ mercy

          New take of man of steel make so many people nerves. Because in new costume He look much cooler then anyone’s favorite hero. In last few months I see so many people commenting ” why they change his costume? ”
          And before this new costume they make jokes on his costume , specially red undis.

  23. Personally i think the blue on his costume should be brighter. Especially if he was fight Bizzaro in the future. Because it wouldn’t look right if both their costumes looked both dark blue colored.

  24. Snyder is the best thing that’s ever happened to film(IMO).

  25. Does anyone actually believe Man Of Steel will bank an Oscar? If so for what exactly.

  26. I doubt MOS will get a oscar.