Possible ‘Man of Steel’ Scene Descriptions: Tornadoes, Tanks & the New General Zod

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Henry Cavill is an Edgy Superman Possible Man of Steel Scene Descriptions: Tornadoes, Tanks & the New General Zod

Even with The Avengers raking in the dough around the globe – and titles like The Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises readying to hit the scene over the impending months – some comic book fans are already looking ahead to the future slate of superhero movies on the horizon.

Marvel has two releases due out in 2013 (Iron Man 3, Thor 2), but the most-buzzed about (in good and bad ways) comic book title due out next year is Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Certain cast members for Snyder’s reboot of the Superman franchise (specifically, Michael Shannon and Dylan Sprayberry) have talked about the film being an edgier spin on the hero’s mythos – without going into any greater detail. Currently making the rounds are early impressions from someone who claims to have seen actual footage from Man of Steel, as was featured in a sizzle reel screened at a recent gathering for visual effects artists.

Here is the aforementioned Man of Steel footage description (as posted on the IMDb discussion boards):

Last night at a VFX conference there was a sizzle reel shown by Weta. In this sizzle reel there were two beta level (most likely from a trailer) clips shown. One only about 6 seconds long, the other much longer.

The former was Clark Kent grabbing a truck with a crying man inside of it while flying through the middle of a tornado. It looked incredible. Henry Cavill can fly, and he can hold a truck in one arm. Zack Snyder brings his usual visual flair, but somehow is still unlike anything he has made before. It felt like a Superman comic. Real heroism.

The longer clip was even more stunning, but the more I think about it, slightly concerning. The clip consisted of Superman in full costume in a verbal argument with Zod in the center of Smallville with Christopher Meloni yells at them through a megaphone next to a tank. Meloni warns them he will fire if they do not surrender. While he says this Zod [played by Michael Shannon] sizes Superman up. Shannon looks evil as he can be. Bone chilling even. And is DEFINITELY sporting enhanced muscle. Cavill’s Superman is a wonderful sight to behold in motion. Cavill’s pure size makes him the most believable Superman to date. Zod speaks in Kryptonian “Do you know your native tongue, Kal-el?” Superman looks stunned, and responds in English, “Who are you?” (there isn’t enough Superman dialogue to judge Cavill’s performance fairly, but I’d say he did well. Nothing spectacular from this clip.) Meloni curses, then into a walkie talkie orders the tank to fire. Superman hears this and turns to the tank. Zod takes this opportunity to sucker punch Superman (in Zack Snyder slow-then-fast-mo) then when the tank fires Superman rushes in front of Zod, despite the punch and catches the exploding missile near his stomach. The flames ripple around him, hit his face, his cape, his eyes. The shrapnel hits him and bounces off. The same happens to Zod to a lesser extent. Meloni’s shocked expression when they remain standing, silhouettes in a cloud of smoke, ends the clip.

It was incredible, it really was. And absolutely visually stunning, but my qualm is its typical Zack Snyder. It doesn’t look glossy like his films do. It instead has a more clean cut, colorful look. Like Thor, or Iron Man. But it is the same slow-mo styling that people expect from him. Maybe it just happens in this one scene, but it happens twice. Makes me a bit hesitant, despite the fact it looks phenomenal.

The commenter eventually posted the following additional tidbit:

I have been given the clear, this information isn’t secret, I can disclose what I please. It wasn’t a conference, perhaps I was a tad misleading in that regard. It was a gathering, banquet of sorts, of VFX artists on WB payroll. For the poster with ties into the business, ask around, it was a limited invitation event, but someone else out there has got to be able to verify the event took place. It was at the Langham Huntington in Pasadena. We were served a Caesar salad followed by smoked salmon. I can assure you this event took place. WETA presented a long sizzle reel, the Man of Steel clips were just part of it. And finally, the proof you’ve all be waiting for. My name is Jonathan Rothbart. I’ve been working in effects my whole life. My first major film was part of a massive team on Empire Strikes Back. I still have my shirt from the film, one that ONLY those involved with the production would have. I did freelance work with ILM for a while early in my career then settled into a great job at an effects house called The Orphanage. I have a great relationship with WB, and I was honored to be invited to the event.

I [understand] skepticism, I do. But you’ll see the exact shots I spoke of, to a tee, in the finished film. And I’ll come back to these boards and prove it. I guarantee someone else will speak about this footage at some point today, just wait for the news to break.

Henry Cavill on the 'Man of Steel' set

It should probably go without saying: all this ought to be taken with a grain of salt. While there is indeed a person named Jonathan Rothbart, who has been working as an effects supervisor/consultant around Hollywood for some three decades now – not to mention, this footage description gels with numerous images and reports leaked from the Man of Steel set – that does not guarantee this all wasn’t written up by someone who’s been actively following the film’s production process (and has way too much time on their hands).

Still, for the sake of discussion: from what’s described here, does it sound like Man of Steel could indeed be a fitting new spin on the Superman franchise, for the post-Dark Knight age of superhero movies – with the added touch of Snyder’s trademark visual panache to set it apart from its peers? Sound off in the comments section.

Man of Steel is scheduled to hit theaters around the U.S. on June 14th, 2013.


Source: IMDb

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  1. Sounds good to me. Snyders trademark slo-mo then fast cam is a perfect way to showcase Supes’ speed.

    • Exactly his style would fit perfectly into a Superman movie. His trademarks will be here just altered.

  2. Read this last night fits with Snyder’s more physical Superman also if they really are going to be speaking Kryptonian this will be awesome.

  3. I was completely lacking any interest in this reboot before I read this and I renew my complete lack of interest. Of course, why read it then you would fairly ask. Well, I read all articles on this site. I’ve said it before, but when it comes to Zack Snyder, I have little doubt that not only can he fail to form any kind of coherent narrative in a movie, he is little more than a hack with a costume/slow-mo fetish.

    It’s a Watchman thing, baby. He took that book and made it all about nothing but the costumes. Let’s not even remember Sucker Punch.

    • To me Watchmen was spot on. He took a comic book and made it a movie. While Sucker Punch wasnt that good it did show that Snyder will have the ability to show Superman’s strength better than anyone has to date.

      • IMO, the only reason why no one has been able to show off Superman’s strength was because the technology and VFX have never been advanced enough up until now.
        With a big budget and the tools available in this day and age, any director would be able to showcase Superman’s true strength.

        • Singer didn’t.

      • Watchmen was properly made. Followed the source material spot on!

        • Watchman was great. I love the slow mo, fast mo fight scenes. I think a good script + Snyder is going to make for a kickass supes movie.

    • spot on. i do hope this is done well though.

    • Hot chicks in mini skirts doing kung fu what is not to like?

  4. While I have my reservations about Snyder, You can’t deny that he has made some great films. 300 was amazing. Watchmen was great IMO, but many have disagreed. I am really looking forward to a more serious and less sunny view of the blue boy scout’s origin.
    I can see how Snyder’s fast-slow-fast mechanic could actually work in a Superman story. How else would you convey the speed and strength of a Superman punch or flying long distances in seconds? I have etremely high hopes for this movie. I really hope it is a success and a catalyst to advance other DC characters to their own big budget Hollywood success. We havent really seen a good Superman movie in over thirty years, and even the Christopher Reeves classics were extremely sacharine(I still love them, just want something with a more adult take on the character).
    Get it right, Snyder. There are throngs of DC fans rooting you on, but won’t hessitate for a second to tear you down if you mess this up. Oh, and how about a trailer before TDKR? Please?

  5. Where have I seen these descriptions before???? Oh right, in Smallville and the other Superman films of course. Another typical reboot in typical and predictable Snyder style. Sounds dull to me.

  6. I’m a huge superman fan. I’m really looking forward to this one. I really hope we finally get a proper superman flick!

  7. For me, the idea of using ramping in a Superman film is very questionable. At best it is now a dated filming/effects technique. At worst, it is incredibly clichéd and over-used.

    I’m actually tired of seeing ramping in every action film that gets released. Especially when it is used to camouflage poor choreography or simply bad cinematography.

    • Snyder’s fine point always have been cinematography and choreography so I doubt its that. Give him a good script and he’ll put out a good movie.

      • My thoughts exactly.

  8. boj lam na ki hois sa :)

  9. Actually really excited for this movie. Always a huge fan of superman!! Since I was a child and cavils was perfect in immortals! I have no doubt his deliver. Strong superman and Snyder is a excellent director. Sumer punch was okay but watchmen was amazing.

  10. I’m a big Superman fan ever since I saw Mr,
    Reeves as the Man of Steel,however im looking
    forward to seeing how the secondary characters
    are portrayed like Perry White,Lois Lane and so
    on, and did I hear right,Mr Kevin Costner is in
    this movie,damn. But I’m a fan of actress Amy
    Adams so I can’t wait to see how she does as Lois
    being both talented and beautiful Amy should do fine.
    up,up and away,the legend of Superman lives on forever.

  11. Am I the only who’s thinking that this “Jonathan Rothbart” sounds like a major a-hole?
    I’m sorry, but his whole second comment just sounds really stuck up and narcissistic (the amount of times he uses the word “I” is crazy).

    Sorry, just had to get that off my chest ;)
    Anyway, I don’t like Snyder and I still have my doubts that he can pull this movie off, but you have to give the man credit: he does know how to shoot an action scene, so if this description does turn out to be accurate, I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Just give us a trailer already!

    • You referenced yourself 10 times in your last post. When talking about ones self, one is apt to mention ones self.
      And when I was in school one could be beaten up just for referring to ones self as “one”. :)

      • Point taken, but you have to admit, his comment does sound like he’s “advertising” his life – I just get the feeling like he’s trying to pass himself off as some VIP that’s worked on all these big movies.
        “And finally, the proof you’ve all be waiting for. My name is Jonathan Rothbart.” – barf.

        Then again… on second thought, I guess I’d also want to brag if I got to work on SW EpV ;)

        • I didn’t see it as bragging. Perhaps the opposite. I was wondering why he is going so far to prove his descriptions are based on what he saw. Who he is? The address of the function? What he ate there? The shirt he has? Why is he groveling to some jerks on the internet?

          Like he said, it’ll be in a trailer or in the movie.

        • He wasn’t bragging or advertising himself he is just trying to prove that he’s legit. His post was on IMDB which really isn’t the most reliable place, so hence why he is going the extra mile to prove that it is not some made up rumor. The whole name thing is him just proving that he indeed is a real VFX guy in Hollywood. Its just that and nothing more.

        • Nope. Not bragging. He’s providing detailed descriptions because he knows people won’t believe what he’s saying.

          • Okay, okay… sorry, to me his comment just came off as very stuck up, but I get your point…

            Sorry Mr. Rothbart

            • If a person read those comics without knowing there’s tendency for no one to believe a “leaked info from the set of the movie” post, then yes it could be read as “wow he really wants us to know how great he was.” Within the context of believability it makes more sense why he’s talking about what he ate and what he was wearing.

              • COMMENTS not COMICS

      • Yeah Avenger, stop being so narcissistic! There is no “i” in team so be a “team” player!

        • There is a “me” though, if you jumble the letters a little bit.

          Gregory House


  12. I honestly have no faith in synder whatsoever. His style of slow mo action sequences are not impressive anymore, he’s boring and the proof is in Sucker Punch. This movie will flop and if it doesn’t you can thank a Nolan.

    • I never did lol, I haven’t liked one film of this man so far.

    • Nolan left soon after the cast and crew were in place so i dont think i would thank him for a good supes movie.

  13. I hope for sure we get a great trailer at the beginning of TDKR.

  14. Sucker Punch is great. The studio made Zack Snyder change the ending, and I’ve love to see the original. Henry Cavill IS Clark Kent/Superman. The only negative with MoS is that it’s still a year away from release. Here’s hoping for a trailer soon.

  15. Why does everyone hate Sucker Punch so much? It’s not my favorite movie and the story could have been better but it was pretty cool visually? I don’t see why Superman would be visually stunning…

    Does anyone agree with that?

    • I meant to say, I don’t see why Superman wouldn’t be visually stunning*

    • The directors cut was what the movie should’ve been all along but thanks to WB meddling it was cut down.

      WB needs to get their hands out of the jar and let their director’s do their thing, they already spoiled the first GL movie and now the rest of the DC movie-verse rests on MOS shoulder’s. Snyder’s penchant for visuals and amazing action scenes and cinematography will give this the boost it needs else why hire him in the first place?

  16. What would make me really happy is a teaser trailer for M.O.S on the D.K.R film. Then & only then will I start thinking about this movie.

  17. I was rooting for Snyder to land this movie, I think he has what it takes to pull it off.. The studio wanted to distanced its self from the 06 version which was horrible IMO for the fact that there’s was absolutely no action and the best way to do that is give it to someone that does it extremely well.. Visually, Snyder is one of the best directors working today.. If the time was taking to pen a great script I can’t see how this movie will fail

  18. The description (if real, of course) sounds like it will perfectly showcase Superman’s abilities. One thing in particular that I loved hearing about was WHAT SUPERMAN DID: He stepped in front of Zod to block the tank shell…after being sucker-punched (ahem) by Zod. THAT is the essence of Superman, right there. I am even more excited and CONFIDENT about this production than I was before. Come on, 2013!!!

    • I picked up on this as well. Showcases Superman’s merciful nature, despite the obvious danger that Zod represents.

      • Totally. That’s pure Superman right there. I really hope they take their cues from Birthright and not the new 52 or whatever. Anybody read Birthright?
        Supes was super nice all the time as usual, you know, because he’s just that good a dude. But then when criminals are being dicks he gets really pissed off. Look up the scene where he stops a school shooting, goes to the gun store, fires a pistol in the storeowner’s face at point blank range, then catches it from the other side of him before it blows his brains all over. Then he leaves the shopkeeper with his pants fulla s*** and the rest of him fulla terror because he was so furious thinking about how scared the kids at the school were.
        It was the dopest thing ever.

        • did you read the DC new 52 , superman saved the cilivians form trhe tank, which i think was in action comic #1 i blieve, you just hate the change thats all.

          • That is a fair guess.

    • But a shell wouldn’t hurt Zod, so I don’t understand why he felt the need to do that.

      • From what I can gather, this scene sounds like the first moment when Supes and Zod meet… so maybe Supes doesn’t know that Zod is like him (impervious against earth’s weapons)?

  19. Obviously people hate Sucker Punch because they didn’t like it. Nothing wrong with that, even if others loved. For me it just proves the Mr Snyder is not a screenwriter. But visually he’s great. The notion of a Snyder directed Superman movie is a mouth watering one.

  20. I would not say I am skeptical of the description.
    I am certain it is not a first hand account and
    and “Jonathan Rothbart” doth protest any
    skepticism too much to be credible.

  21. If any one knows any thing about Herny Cavill they should know he’s a perfect Superman/Clark kent

  22. Fanboys complain but you will be first in line. Don’t doubt me on this!

  23. I’m very excited for this movie. From this report, and from what I’ve seen from Snyder, this movie will, at the very least, have incredible action sequences and visual effects, an absolute requirement for a superman movie. The story and acting are other stories, but everything seems to be panning out fine. Gonna need to hear more reports as we get closer to the movie. It’s still a year away!

    Also, anyone know if there’s going to be a teaser before TDKR. It would make sense, seeing that its a Warners/DC movie, and the nolan Batman movies would always release a teaser one year before the release.

  24. i thought marvel had three films next year: Iron Man 3, The Wolverine and Thor 2.

    • wolverine in movies belongs to 20th century fox, not marvel cinematic universe like iron man, captain america, thor, hulk, avengers. i undersand the confusion since in comics wolverine is a marvel property.

      i cleared that up although i am sure your non-sequitor comment was intended for some other page.

    • i dunno why everyone has such a problem with snyder directing MOS. the story and screenplay is by nolan and goyer. the same guys who did batman begins, the dark knight, inception (nolan’s story) etc. so we know they’ll be top notch and have nothing to do with snyder.

      where snyder really comes in is the visual style of the film. and that is an aspect that snyder is a master of.

      on top of that the casting choices have been pretty good too thus far.

      there really is nothing to hate about this film at this point.

  25. I’m totally reposting a comment I left on latino-review right now, please forgive me.
    I don’t wanna sound like a Zack Snyder fanboy, but he really is a very good director. His original storytelling leaves something to be desired but (and I realize everyone says this) but he’s hard to match visually. He doesn’t use slow motion as a gimmick he uses it as a tool and other directors, lesser directors (like Paul WS Anderson with the last Resident Evil or even M. Night Shyamalan with The Last Airbender) try to replicate it and they fail. I remember watching 300 and anticipating Watchmen, thinking, “this slow mo is gonna get old,” but then he totally raised the bar and delivered something new. Same thing with that owl movie and Sucker Punch. I have a feeling he’ll pull it back for Man of Steel though. Based on some of his early comments he seems to know that his style should only be used to emphasize Superman in whatever way, not just for the sake of eye candy.
    I’m a huge Superman fan, and I think Snyder is too to some extent. He hit the nail on the head with Watchmen, and he’s got something to prove with this one. I’m optimistic.
    I have my fingers crossed

  26. Speaking Kryptonian is a testament to Zack’s genius.

    After Watchmen I’ve since prayed to the Gods for Zack Snyder to direct a live action Akira. When I heard he was directing a Superman movie I just about had a heart attack. He’s the man.

  27. I dunno why everyone has such a problem with snyder directing MOS. the story and screenplay is by nolan and goyer. the same guys who did batman begins, the dark knight, inception (nolan’s story) etc. so we know they’ll be top notch and have nothing to do with snyder.

    where snyder really comes in is the visual style of the film. and that is an aspect that snyder is a master of.

    on top of that the casting choices have been pretty good too thus far.

    there really is nothing to hate about this film at this point.

    • one more thing.

      thus far the one thing i consistently have found lackluster in superman films is the portrayal of his awesome powers. with snyder at helm that issue should finally be resolved too. its almost as if snyder was born to direct this.

    • And yet, with ALL this supposed talent at their disposal, the best villain they could come up with was……Zod (again)

      • If done right Zod is an excellent villian choice. The one that can match Superman’s every move, granted in the (hopeful) sequel I want to see someone new ,I think Metallo would be cool. Just as long as they stay away from Lex Luthor, I am so tired of LL.

        • Unless Lex Luthor is a minion of Brainiac.

        • DC needs to step up their game, they can’t build stories like Marvel, they should go the team up route, like World’s Finest, or team up of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Give Green Lantern to capable hands and have other characters like GuY, John or Kyle be Hal’s supporting.

      • If you think in terms of a trilogy or longer franchise, Zod makes sense. An origin story should emphasize Superman wrestling with being both alien and human, and Zod allows that dynamic to develop. I assume Luthor will be a background villain in the next two films, with maybe Brainiac in the second. Maybe Doomsday in the third? I assume Darkseid would be reserved for a Justice League film. Parasite might be pretty cool.

  28. I am so stoned for this movie. The original Superman was what got me into superheroes and comics in the first place. I still watch it a couple times a year,and I cannot wait to get another good Superman.

      • woops, this got misplaced.