‘Man of Steel’ Costume Photos: Kryptonian Fashion Re-Imagined

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The 2012 Licensing Expo always gives us some good looks at materials related to upcoming films – be it posters, logos, concept art – or in this case, costumes put on display for attendees. Undoubtedly one the biggest blockbusters coming in 2013 is DC Comics/Warner Bros.’ Superman reboot, Man of Steel, so the studio isn’t wasting time promoting the flick.

It is known that Man of Steel will present a modernized version of Superman – as related to the new version of the character recently unveiled in DC Comics’ “New 52″ reboot. This includes a different backstory, slightly altered powers (more vulnerability) – and yes, wardrobe changes as well.

The new costumes featured here belong to Superman’s Kryptonian birth father, Jor-El (Russell Crowe), the villain Faora (Antje Traue), and Superman himself (Henry Cavill). Taking from the “New 52″ revised mythology, Superman’s iconic suit is now made of a Kryptonian material and functions as a sort of protective garb; Jor-El’s suit has a regal (or holy) design to it, while Faora’s suit is clearly made for battle.

Take a look at the photos (courtesy of Coming Soon):

In a sense, Krypton will have fashion akin to something like a futuristic, alien medieval kingdom – with nobleman, knights, etc. It will be interesting to see how it plays onscreen.

Personally, I’m not yet sold on the whole “New 52″ Superman (still like mine classic). However, with director Zack Snyder at the helm, a story that was shaped in part by the likes of Batman movie collaborators Chris Nolan and David S. Goyer, and a cast of skilled actors including Oscar-nominees/winners like Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane… there’s is still plenty of reason to expect epic things from Man of Steel.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. Did Supes get Spidey’s designer? Same kinda sheen and texture. Hmmm.

    • Yes he did with 300 and watchmen’s designer as well.

      • Still better than the classic Christopher Reeves electric blue/bright red spandex…

        • Who are you to criticize a pimp’s opinion of fashion??? “Say Jim, THAT is a BAD outFIT!!” I hate the way they always try and screw with the costumes nowadays. The Christopher Reeve suit is the standard bearer. Bright colors, simple design, classic. The Superman Returns outfit was lame, this Man of Steel outfit is lame. Me? I’m a purist.

          • The classic outfit might be good in the comics where simple, iconic designs and color schemes are necessary for readability, but on screen it just looks stupid. Don’t say “try and screw” but “try and improve”. Whether they succeed or not is another story. I sure won’t miss the red undies.

            • Oh, so that’s why ‘Superman: The Movie” flopped at the box office… because the outfit was designed for a comic book. That makes sense… I always wondered why that movie bombed so bad and why “Superman Returns” was a blockbuster. Thanks for clearing that up.

              • Is it a habit for you to make such sanctimonious psychorigid assertions?

                • Only when they illustrate the fallacy of another’s ill-considered opinion.

                  • You mean when they illustrate the fallacy of your own ill-considered opinion… There is no such thing as good or bad when it comes to tastes, only different sensibilities. Insisting on judging your own as THE definitive truth just makes you look like a fool.

                    • “There is no such thing as good or bad when it comes to tastes, only different sensibilities.” Oh god, a tree hugging liberal. Fair enough- you win. You’re right, I’m wrong.

                      –end of line–

                    • Also got Batman Begins. That’s how you do it right. You’re Joel Schumacher and that’s okay.

          • This means nothing. This is not an argument for or against change.

            • Au contraire mon frère. It is a clear argument not to mess with the classic look. If you don’t see that, I suggest you see an optometrist.

              • At time, the costume was a pleasant surprise: THE Superman is going to fly on the big screen, in glorious color…cool! The audience was happy to have the suit in action on an actor in a “modern” film. Today’s audiences also expect a modern take…modern for them. The seventies suit would fail now.

                Speaking of blindness…

                • Are you in the movie making business? I don’t think you’re in the movie making business. So what makes you qualified to make those statements as if they are fact? You have the same mindset as Joel Schumacher. All of the bells and whistles are just to distract from bad writing and directing. That’s what happens to most modern Superhero movies.

                  • And what qualifies you? If you like overly bright-colored outfits with underpants on the outside, that’s your problem, but it definitely doesn’t make you an authority on good taste.

                    • You couldn’t be more correct that I am not an authority on good taste, at least in fashion but I’ve been into superhero comics and movies and superhero movies for like a gazillion years and I’m telling you- they do this fruity thing with the costumes not because the costume needs it, but because they think it does. If you can’t recognize that, then I can’t help you. In Superman Returns, the blue part of the costume was made up of a microscopic ‘S’ shields pattern that wouldn’t show up on film just because the costume designer thought it was cool. Utterly pointless.

                  • would you watch a campy version of super heroes simply because they are wearing the costumes they wore in the 70′s and spoke the same way they did in the 70′s? You mention hiding bad writing and directing but those comics were exactly that, bad writing and insanity, dumbed down for kids to read and insanely campy. is that what you want? if so that’s fine, some people love the adam west batman movie, simply because he is wearing a “spandex suit” like batman “should” wear, and complain batman begins has terrible writing plot, and stupid costume.

                    to each their own

          • It is horrible I don’t like it

            • Don’t watch it, then. I DO like and WILL watch the film.

              Problem solved.

  2. I totally understand the passion for access to pre-release movie news in today’s fully plugged-in world, but I truly believe there’s something to be said for the element of surprise (especially first sight of the costumes) when one sits down in the theater to watch the movie.

    Even with the new DC “New 52″ comic books, it would have been nice to NOT actually know how everyone and everything looks prior to actually seeing Man Of Steel. Now, I fully admit to being somewhat of a hypocrite, seeing as I’m perpetuating this era of ultra-access by making my career in social media marketing. However, am I alone in believing there’s something to be said for leaving a few things for the imagination?

    • I’ve said it a billion times and I’ll say it again, don’t complain about movies being ruined when it’s your own personal choice to come and look at spoilerish material. Nobody made you visit this website :D

      • and thanks for your own input, Capt. Obvious.

    • I agree to a certain extent. I choose to consume some pre-release news/photos etc out of curiosity but I also have the choice to skip out on other stuff which I exercise at times – scene descriptions, potential plot spoilers – that sort of thing

    • Not to mention: Clearly the STUDIO is putting these costumes out there. They want them to be seen and reported on.

      • This is a main driving force for the change.
        Studios used to go out of their way to
        hide information until the release.

    • I feel your pain, Mike, and I long for those days
      of yesteryear which were not that long ago really.

      The excitement of picking up a new comic and having
      no idea what you might see inside are gone along with
      going to the movies where everything was fresh and new.

      Even if you are not looking for it you will be hit with
      images and information with no way to avoid it.

    • Social media marketing? How about opening, reading, and commenting (as a registered user) on a movie news article. Exercise some self control and you will have all the surprises you can handle.

  3. can someone tell me why Jor-els costume has an “S” on it?

    • I think it all started with the 79 movie. They made that the “House of El” family crest. If you notice in that movie, all the other Kryptonians had different symbols on their tunics. They seem to have carried this through to the comics. But when “Superman” first emerged in the comics the “S” did stand for “Superman”.

      • Thank you for answering that. I was wondering the same thing.

      • They did the same in Smallville: Jor-El sports the S too.

    • It used to be an S from people calling him Superman…he put it on his costume because they had given him the name. Like someone else said, in the 1979 film they changed it so that it was a family crest…it’s not an S, it just looks like it. In the changed origin, the press thinks it’s an S and decides it must refer to his name, and they guess his name is Superman.

    • Glad somebody brought this up. I was a kid in ’79 and I remember thinking it was too much of a coincidence even then. There were all kinds of other symbols on other families, so I guess it was lucky the house of El had a symbol that looked like an Earth-English “S.” I was hoping they would do away with that. In fact I would have preferred to have a Superman clueless about his origins, maybe having it revealed over time through reliable and unreliable sources. Oh well, I liked the ’79 movie and hope I’ll like this one. I probably will. I liked Superman Returns.

      • Nostelg-o, if you’d like a story where Superman’s origins are unknown to him as well as others you should pick up a copy of It’s Superman. It’s a novel story of Superman set in the 30s and it’s pretty good.

        • Thanks. I read that. That would be a good approach, or something similar, especially how Lex gives him the high tech suit in the end, after the Hollywood suit is destroyed by a giant robot.

          I wasn’t thinking of that, but maybe it influenced me. I think it would take Superman back to his very early days where he leaps and “bullets bounced off his tough skin.” The whole Krypton mythos can get pretty tangled. Also, it would be more “realistic” to have him crash land on Earth without all the history of Krypton.

          Could be that they will partly take this approach and have Zod be his first introduction.

    • Because the “S” is the El Family Crest.

    • The S is for Slytherin. When Clark Kent was of age he became a powerful wizard at Hogwarts and was sorted into the house of Slytherin. True story bro!

      • Lol, thought that was very funny :D

      • You say this to try to be funny, BUT I read a story in a comic years ago (in “World of Krypton”? an “Elseworlds” story? No idea…but it WAS published) in which the S is explained as being a variation on the ancient El family crest…a stylized serpent. I don’t remember what the exact explanation was, but I do recall that it made sense in terms of how the S came to be on Superman’s suit centuries later.

    • The S in the diamond is the family crest of the House of El, it represents Superman’s lineage, the fact that it resembles an S and can stand for Superman is intentional coincidence.

  4. “In a sense, Krypton will have fashion akin to something like a futuristic, alien medieval kingdom – with nobleman, knights, etc.”

    So…it’s Asgard now?

    • Asgard in Thor was more medieval, this would be more sci-fi. Krypton in the comics always had that kinda feel and look.

    • I’m hoping it’s more like Game of Thrones :)

  5. Suit looks much more colorful now. Solid costume design work.

  6. The Superman suit looks better here on display as
    opposed to the shots seen where it is being worn.

    The design choices are legitimate and could have
    been worse and the supersuit is better than the
    versions drawn in the New 52 comic reboots.

    I would like to see the new suit with the
    now controversial red trunks though
    just for comparison curiosity sake.

    • It could do with some yellow/red in the middle to break up that area. It’s like they’ve purposely not done trunks because of the old “Underwear on the outside” comedy thing, and yet not having them there kinda makes Supes meat and two veg stand out even more. ;)

      • Yeah, for all the jokes about Supes wearing his underwear on
        on the outside now it means he is not wearing underwear.

        • lol xD

        • Yeah, he might have been better off with a nice understated Banana Hammock! No he’s just got “Stephen and the twins” on full show. That’s gonna scare the kids away!

          • not entirely, I doubt it would stand out like that while in motion. Only now because it’s still we can see every detail of the suit.

            • I’m just messin’. I actually like the suit a lot. I think much of the change is also down to DC having to change Superman’s look slightly because of the rights issue with the original creators estates. And also, it did need modernizing, at least for live action.

              • Actually with this color scheme and texture the first time I saw it I thought this was one time where the trunks could have worked. If Bats costume can be altered for film why not Supes as well.

        • I hear there’s a scene near the end where he gets dressed super-fast and accidentally wears his underwear on the outside of his pants. And a legend is born.

      • Actually they ditched the red trunks for legal reasons. The creators family won the lawsuit over the image rights. That’s why they changed his looks in the comics and for the movie. Even the shape of his boots are different. The “S” shield is significantly different from the original which is why it is largely untouched.

        • Snap! you beat me to the punch while I was busy typing. :)

      • Yeah, I agree, like the wide red belt they use in the comics now.

      • lol. Who’s to say he doesn’t don the red briefs later in the film?

      • I agree with this. While I like this suit, I think just giving a yellow/red break around the waist would give it an extra boost.

  7. All i’m going to say is that it won’t look good as a child’s halloween costume.

    • Yeah, and Mom’s going to ruin the whole look by adding reflective material.

  8. The lower mid-section of the Superman costume sits strange with me, it’s like a Ken doll. Hopefully it’ll blend together better when we see it in action. -The costume as a whole I mean, not the area I’m commenting on.

    • It’s bulky & awkward, but aren’t pelvises supposed to be bulky & awkward?

  9. I like this version of Jor-El’s suit a heck of a lot better than the glowing white bathrobe Marlin Brandon got stuck with.

    • Marlon Brando, man I hate auto correct.

      • Merlin’s in this?

        • Screen rant is true the MOS trailer is being launched when the dark knight rises movie is released ?

          • Haven’t heard, but that would probably be a smart move on their part – at the very least some kind of teaser.


  10. Me thinks that Supes hired that person that designed Hathaway’s Catsuit.

    • How’d you come to this conclusion ?

      • Bath salts. :-P

        • Lawl, no offense to the dude btw this comment was just funny lol.

  11. Looks kool

  12. …and yet, for all their hyping of the New 52, all the licensing is still the classic, iconic versions of the characters we know…hmmmm…

  13. I’m very excited about this film. I really hope that this is the true beginning of the DCCU. To me, it seems likely because DC currently have no other projects scheduled. My prediction on DC’s overall plan…

    2013 – Man of Steel
    2015 – Untitled Batman reboot (I predict an adaption of either Year One or TDKR)
    2015 – Green Arrow (I think if the TV show is successful, Warner Bros./DC will definitely want to move the character onto the big screen)
    2016 – Man of Steel 2
    2016 – Wonder Woman (she can be introduced in either MoS or MoS2(
    2017 – Justice League
    2018 – Flash
    2018 – Either Batman 2 or Green Arrow 2
    2018/2019 – Green Lantern reboot (introduce the character in the Justice League film and the audience will be more familiar with the character)
    2019 – Man of Steel 3

    • I like your ideas, sir! I do. But I think if they create a DCCU it will be set out more like this…

      So they want to tackle their core characters first (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (also Green Lantern to a lesser extent)).

      2013 – Man of Steel (mention of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Maybe a hint at Bruce Wayne)
      2015 – Batman reboot (it’s going to happen, that’s a fact and people should get over it)
      2015 – Wonder Woman (who we’ve probably seen in MoS so audiences are somewhat familiar with the character)
      2016 – Man of Steel 2 (my thinking is that this film will set up the villain/plot of the Justice League film; Doomsday? Maybe Darkside comes and Superman is too weak to fight him alone)
      2016 – Justice League (here you can introduce lesser know characters like Green Arrow or Flash or Martian Manhunter. Also a good opportunity to reintroduce Green Lantern in my opinion)
      2017 – Batman 2
      2017 – Flash
      2018 – Wonder Woman 2
      2018 – Green Lantern
      2019 – Man of Steel 3
      2019 – Justice League 2

      • I thought that WB stated (or rumors, what have you) that they wanted to do JL first, then break off into the solo films. Just for the simple fact so people don’t accuse them of copying, & of course the money opportunity.
        Also, do you see them making two or more movies a year like marvel has done? I just don’t think they will. But of course, they are wanting to speed it up..

        • Yep that was in the Variety report but it didn’t state which order the films would be coming. You never know but for some reason I highly suspect after MOS The Flash or WW would be up next.

        • Actually with 2 of the top 4 all time highest grossing movies being superheroes I can see them making at least two movies a year. To further that stat when you adjust for inflation 12 of the top 100 all time grossing movies ever are superheroes.

          I’m not saying all these movies will be in the top 5 all time in terms of gross but it is still makes sense to make these movies and get them out there.

  14. Superman’s costume is the only thing about this film that I like.

    • What else have we been given the opportunity to like or dislike? The cast?

      • That and he has expressed his dislike for Snyder on this project lol but hey can’t expect everybody to like it.

      • The cast.
        The villains.
        The origin story for the most well known story on the planet.
        Oh, and the worst possible choice for director.

        I dislike those things.

        • I for one feel the opposite. Most well known origin story yea but I still need it has to be brought into a modern context, to me the choice of villains should make this more personal.

          We have to lesser known actors in the main roles but a well known supporting cast.

          Then there’s Snyder, once he doesn’t write the script his movies are fine. But to each his own, I know we’ve all been over this many times so I kept it short :D

          Hopefully/probably in time with footage etc you can warm up to it.

          • Henry Cavil is awful. I saw him in Immortals, and while he has the look, he doesn’t have the talent.
            Amy Adams, good in comedies and dramas, totally wrong for Lois.
            Michael Shannon, great actor, but not for Zod. Brainiac would have made more sense. Or Lex.

            I like Costner and Crowe in their roles. Fishburne is great but it was stunt casting to cast a black actor as Perry White.

            Snyder had made one good film and that was Watchmen, and yet still, he missed almost all of the emotional beats, he has a good eye for slow motion and hyper realised action sequences, but absolutely nothing else. He rarely gets good performances from anyone that isn’t a great actor.

            Zod as the villain is just lazy and excuse for lots of Snyder vision fights. There’s a lot more to Superman than that. Why not do soemthing similar to The Amazing Spider-Man and Batman begins, use a villain that hasn’t been on screen before.

            I was hoping to see a teaser soon, but that is seeming unlikely.

            Plus, they’re not using the John Williams theme. I get that it isn’t part of that franchise, but it is so essential to the character as the red and blue suit.

            • I still stand by my views. I like everything about the film so far and not judging until the movie is actually out. Expecting it to be essentially Superman Begins with more excitement.

              • That’s fine, if you’re excited, then good. A lot of people are. I need to see a trailer before I can start feeling anything good towards this adaptation. Not that it matters in the grand scheme, I can always watch the 3 good Superman movies that are already out there.

            • Immortals did suck bigtime. Glad I didn’t see it at the movies. Very cautious these days on the 14 bucks I spend on a movie in NYC !
              With Man of Steel, I’m going to give this a chance, because, so far, I do like what I see. It’s true Amy adams is known for comedy, but if you look back at Margot kidder’s performance as Lois lane, it was more slapstick and campy, but it did work for it’s time.
              I don’t like Micheal Shannon as Zod as well. He is a good actor, but he doesn’t come across as mencing to me. It’ll be hard to top Terrance Stamp’s performance. I also agree, that they should not have touched ZOD as the villian. With Superman’s rouge gallery of villians, you would think they would’ve used branaic or someone else by now. I for one am glad, there is no Lex Luthor. he’s been done to Death. Lex Luthor should be the man behind the scenes…in the shadows, pushing everyone else’s buttons. A sequel with Lex is more than appropriate.
              I will give the entire movie a chance though. The biggest surprise was casting lawrance Fishburn as Perry White. As an african american, I’m glad when I see my own people get parts in films; but I disagree with the casting. Perry white should’ve remained caucasian…true to the comics.

            • Totally agree

        • I haven’t been crazy about Zack Synder, but I’m fine with everything else so far. Yes they could have done a soft reboot but maybe there’s a reason for the new origin. If it’s not new and worthwhile I’ll agree with you. As far a Zod goes, I’m in complete disagreement to the arguments that he’s already been used. That was over 30 years ago. Special effects alone will make this different.

          But hey, SH movies can very easily turn out horribly. I’m not judging just yet.

          • The only reason I can think is for why they are doing an origin is that they have for somehow changed it, maybe more in line with the slightly different version in the more recent DC New 52, or similar to Birthright as some say the story follows that to a degree.

            But I don’t think there is a country in the world you could go to and they wouldn’t know who Superman was and where he came from. Doing an origin is lazy because it is easy and you can wheel out all the same old familiar stuff.

            • I think they could do a lot with his origins. They could make the whole super-powered child a lot messier, and use that to show his eventual development into a principled hero. For some reason I’ve always imagined all the real-world implications of someone having that kind of power. John Byrne touched on a lot of this, and even more with his “Next Men” series where touching a similarly powered character’s hair could get your fingers cut off. Even weirder and darker is the bizarre series called Maximortal by Rick Vietch.

              I’m not pointing to any of these as a template, but they could offer ideas. Children can be selfish monsters. Empathy takes time to grow. If a child was super-powered on top of that, he’d have to grow up pretty fast. That could be a rougher story than we’ve seen so far. Of course, the way around that is to have the powers develop at puberty. Then he’s just a teenager with super powers. No problems there.

  15. I’m probably going to get some hate for this, but I think it would be awesome to see that same material used for the MoS costume, to be used for the new Batman costume in the (inevitable) reboot/JL movie.
    I’m tired of the “armored” costumes used in all the movies -I would like to see a more true-to-comics look.

    The Supes costume itself: I think it looks cool for the most part.

    • A Batman suit using the style aesthetic of this MOS suit
      would be better than the current “RoboCop” look of Batman.
      Returning Batman to a look more like the comic would be
      a good starting point to distinguish any new reboot.

    • Yea more along the lines of Night Owl II suit right? The next Batman needs to be more acrobatic and mobile.

  16. I’ve found that the New 52 Action Comics Superman run has been vastly superior to the ACTUAL Superman comic in pacing, story, action, clarity, etc.

    • Yea diff teams but it is weird that in the other times Supes appears he isn’t the same as he is in Action Comics then there is the time gaps. Well the actual Superman book is getting a new writer/team Scott Lobdell he said he will be making tweaks, hopefully he can set things right.

  17. “so the studio isn’t wasting time promoting the flick”

    Is that we have only had one official photo and nothing else? And that there isn’t even going to be a teaser with TDKR? Which is just insanity on WB’s part. They have finished shooting, they are working on the effects, people have seen them, so why the black out?

    No faith in their product perhaps?

    • It’s still one year away but with Snyder’s attendance at comic-con actual promotion would start there. Then a trailer with TDKR.

      • There is no trailer with TDKR according to reports.

        • Yeah, that is a seriously missed opportunity. This early they could at least attach a brief teaser trailer to TDKR. I think audiences would eat that up.


          • Makes sense to launch your new big superhero franchise in front of the one you are ending. But WB don’t always have their head screwed on when in comes to DC.

            • And how awesome would it be if they DID finally get it together (beyond Batman, that is)?


              • That’s always the dream isn’t it? A shared DC universe, we get all these stand alone movies with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, then JLA movies.
                But I just can’t see WB getting their heads together to do it. I liked Green Lantern but I’ll be the first to admit it could have been a lot better.

                • I agree on the “getting their heads together” point for sure.

          • Comic-con ftw then :/

            • For a tiny audience, and people can watch it on a poor quality cell phone video? Doesn’t seem right.
              Although I’m sure they will be at Comic-Con, if they’re not, then I’d be seriously worried.

              • He is usually there with footage so hopefully. But yea, the rest of us would be watching that footage in crappy leaked quality. Maybe the same way Thor was, footage at comic con, a trailer a few mths later followed by a 2nd closer to release *shrugs*

        • I left out “prolly” :/

  18. While I miss the red speedos I understand why they can’t have them. But I swear to god Cavill is up to snuff on being the Man of Steel. I’m sorry I’m a purist at heart and the only true superman who litteraly Nailed the role of Clark Kent/Superman was Christopher Reeve. Now while a few have come close to bringing it to that level alot of them have failed miserably. Routh sucked at being Superman and lets not even get started with the Supermen from the various TV series. Now the Costume is unique and has the same feel that Captian America’s suit from the 40′s I kinda like it. I’m just hoping that Cavill can bring the glory that is Superman back after Routh screwed up on such an iconic role. Sigh… kinda makes me wish Christopher Reeve were still alive and could walk he could do Jor-El and teach these young guns how to play Superman flawlessly. Oh well the greats are ripped from us too soon only to leave the scrubs behind.

  19. While I think the absence of the red trunks is a response to
    the ongoing litigation I am not sure their use is explicitly denied.

    DC does use have the red trunks in animated releases and other
    promotion and merchandising so this may have been just a design
    choice for if they could not use them here how can they elsewhere.

    • DC removed the red trunks for the new 52 comics. Because MoS is influenced on the new 52, they removed the red trunks as well. Personally, I find it better. I just wish he had a red belt.

      • I know the comics dropped them and that
        probably influenced MOS’s design choice.
        DC wants some tie-in there for sure.

        I actually don’t like the red belt in the comics
        (nor the collar in Superman) but I agree that
        something is needed for the suit mid-section.

        • My fault, I thought you were referring to something else. Like the movie is the driving force behind the absence of the the trunks in the new 52 comics. & yeah, I do not like the collar either. But the red belt just breaks up the suit nicely IMO.

            • The underwear wouldn’t really work well on the big screen and Dc superhero always wears their underwear outside. I don’t get, to break colour, why do they used a belt, or give it a design that breaks the colour why an underwear? That’s why I love the new 52; they reason they call it underwear. You wear it under.

              • While referred to as underwear mostly in a
                derisive manner it is actually not underwear.

                The original costume was based upon the traditional
                circus strong-man outfit, which was comprised a
                pair of shorts worn over a contrasting bodysuit.

                • but your picture shows an underwear and the modern changed to an underwear. So am wrong

                  • It’s not underwear in that picture either.
                    Because they look like briefs does not make them briefs.

                  • And DC never called them underwear.
                    Fans who derided the trunks started that.

                    • well superman is not from the circus, so i don’t see any of his fans you approve of you wearing it

                    • What we have here is a failure to communicate.

                    • “What we have here is a failure to communicate”

                      Double down on the leg braces. :o

                  • lolwut

                    I can’t even figure out what you’re *trying* to say.

                    • Alright, I really don’t think superman should even have those red short, in opinion it doesn’t work on the big screen.


    I still don’t understand the coincidence of the S for Superman since he’s an alien, though, lol. Just like I don’t understand the coincidence of Superman looking 100% human when he’s from another planet.

    That black outfit looks bad-ass.

    • Like I said In a previous comment, it’s not actually an S (at least in the comics after the 1979 film), it just resembles an S to our human viewpoint. Who knows if that’s what they’re going with on this film.

      100% human? What are you referring to?

      • Its not an “S”. The Diamond with the “S” in the middle is all together a Kryptonian symbol, which the El family used as their family crest. The diamond and the S are not two separate things interlocking, they are one symbol/Kryptonian rune(hyroglyphic). The Daily Planet mistook it for an “S” and thought it must have something to do with his name. They dubbed him “Superman” and the name stuck.
        It most certainly though, is NOT the letter S from the English alphabet!

  21. The 3rd costume reminds me of a concept suit that Tim Burton created when he and Nicolas Cage were in talks to do Superman.

    • You know you’re right. It has similarities to that concept suit.

  22. I like the idea of modernizing in this case. Those costumes from the previous incarnations would look ridiculous today in this world.

  23. It’s crap! The costume suck. It’s not superman anymore. The amazing spider-man costume is crap too. It look like superman rip off spidey’s design. But amazing spider does look like it will be a good movie from the latest trailers.

  24. Would someone please tell me what was so wrong with Brandon Routh’s film that a reboot was needed? It seemed like a strong film to me and many others.

    • Easy answer… the studio wanted bigger returns on a $209 million movie, and they only got “passable” numbers. Personally I think the box office income was plenty good but they want to cash in bigger and felt like Superman Returns’ performance was underwhelming.

      Personally I found the action to be minimal, and he needed to villains to fight. Instead he got shivved & kicked into the water. All the other action was just him being Superman.

    • Monosylabic, stalker, dead beat dad. Not enough? How about complete lack of action and a ridiculous ending.

      That’s just a short run down, a few of the many, many travesties that movie threw up.

  25. Can people nowadays spell tacky?

  26. can’t wait to see I hope he has a super strong villain to fight

  27. As a ‘thing’ the suit looks good (not a fan of the actual texture though), HOWEVER… it’s not a Superman outfit. I agree with the comment above that it’s probably done, this way and in the new comics, to address the underwear jokes, but it’s just not Supes, and yes, having Zod, AGAIN, is just plain lazy.

    The movie might be worth a rental at some point, but in all honesty Warner have their heads buried when it comes to the DC franchises, they simply don’t have a clue. The only reason Bale’s Batman is so popular, and I don’t think they are particularly good Batman stories, is because of all the angst and grit that appeals to the teen movie goer.

    • Would you rather Lex Luthor? Zod’s last appearance on the silver screen was 1981.

  28. The last few superhero flicks seem to show that closer a film remains true to the comic books, the more successful they are. That being said, I suspect Man of Steel will not do very well. It’ll do OKAY. I mean c’mon. It’s Superman. Superhero action flick. Special effects & popcorn always gets a payoff. It’ll have lines on opening night. I’ll probably be there; I mean when your expectations going in are THIS low, it’s hard to imagine feeling much worse about the film on the way out. But it will disappoint the majority of the people who would have most likely gone to see it multiple times and encouraged friends to come see it with them. So while it’ll make money, it won’t make nearly as much money as it would have if the crew actually had respect for the source material.