‘Man of Steel’ Banner Reveals New Superman Logo [Updated]

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Man of Steel Header Man of Steel Banner Reveals New Superman Logo [Updated]


With The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and Dark Knight Rises all occupying the minds of superhero movie fans right now, it’s sometimes hard to remember that this little guy called Superman has his own movie coming out next summer – but indeed, Man of Steel is on the way.

While director Zack Snyder continues production on his highly-anticipated (and much-debated) reboot of the Superman movie franchise, we’ll have to settle for promo materials like today’s Man of Steel banner to sate our appetites.

For those who don’t know, Man of Steel will continue the evolution of Superman started by DC Comics’ recent “New 52″ reboot. We’ll be seeing the…er, Man of Steel in a new light, with a revised origin, new costume, and slight variations on his powers (to make him less invincible and ergo, boring). Whether this reinvention of the keystone figure in superhero lore will go ever well with the masses remains to be seen.

The banner doesn’t answer any questions as to the quality of Snyder’s film, but it’s still pretty sweet. Check it out:


Supeman Man of Steel Logo Hi Res 280x170 Man of Steel Banner Reveals New Superman Logo [Updated]


In keeping with the re-invented mythos, it seems that Superman’s logo will actually be more than an insignia stitched on blue spandex. The logo in the banner has a solid, armor-esque feel to it – much like Superman’s new costume (pictured below), which will now function as a sort of Kryptonian armor, adding function to the questionable fashion of Superman’s traditional costume.

Henry Cavill Compares Man of Steel to The New 52 Superman Man of Steel Banner Reveals New Superman Logo [Updated]

The "New 52" comic book Superman; Cavill in costume

Immortals star Henry Cavill (pictured above) will play Superman in the film. The villains he’s facing will be Kryptonian militant General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, and his sidekick Faora, played by Antje Traue (Pandorum). Amy Adams (The Fighter) is Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne is Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief Perry White, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane play Jon and Martha Kent, Superman’s earth parents; Russell Crowe and  Ayelet Zurer play Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, Superman’s birth parents.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013

Source: Legendary Pictures

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  1. The first thing I saw was the Nike swoosh.

  2. I want that as a wall plaque!

  3. why put the new 52 “armor” and the movie costume? they’re almost completely different.

    • Really? Looks like the both have segmented sections, no red undies and a ginourmous “S” shield.


      • The movie suit is grey, not blue. Hmph!

        • err….I don’t see it looks blue to me.

    • You must have hit the pipe pretty hard this morning, the only difference in those two costumes is the belt

      • Not only

      • Not only that, the neck part is also different

  4. the internet will now blow up with all kinds of hating on the logo, and i disagree on the swoosh comparison tyler. different direction. i’m looking forward to this film myself. i think snyder will bring a unique vision to the story. we will see.

  5. That’s for Tyler BTW.

    • what’s for tyler?

  6. I wish they would get rid of the yellow background for the S. Make it black!

  7. I like it. Can’t wait to see more.

  8. Cool!!!

  9. “We’ll be seeing the…er, Man of Steel in a new light, with a revised origin, new costume, and slight variations on his powers (to make him less invincible and ergo, boring).”?

    I havent heard this before, what changes are being made? Or, were made?

  10. It looks really really cool! I love it!

  11. Retro Deco Medieval Boffo

  12. That is effin cool. Absolutley awesome, damn shame we still have over a year to wait

  13. What about the changes from the new 52 makes supes boring? Have you read jla and AC? If anything it brings more tension to the table and some doubt. Why can’t you write an article without injecting your personal opinion? And just report.

    • I believe what he was saying was that SM was more boring when he was completely invincible and is less so now. When I first read it I thought the same thing.

    • Why would you want doubt from Superman? He’s invincible, that’s part of the character.

      • Sam…

        Originally, he was not all-powerful, and one of the complaints (not mine, personally) about the character in the last couple of decades has been that he became godlike and, thus, boring because how would any villain conceivably oppose him? By the time he could move whole planets, DC decided to start fresh, and we got the excellent Alan Moore story, “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”

        Since then, a couple of reboots/reimaginings have occurred. Superman is still extremely powerful (though his intelligence and heart have been able, much more, to make up for any power “deficiencies” lately). It seems to be working, as the character does seem to be popular again after another lull in interest.

        I KNOW you know all of this; I’m just mentioning these points to show the possible motivation behind any “depowering” in the film. If he’s still noble and good and smart and ridiculously powerful BUT can still be considered beatable, that will (hopefully) make his ultimate triumph all the more heroic…and marketable (no, I’m not thrilled with THAT aspect of the concept either, but it IS a needed reality unfortunately).

        • However, all that said, as I’ve stated many times before, I DO like what I’m seeing (this new poster, included) as this new film develops and am looking forward to to next year…

        • Yet his greatest weakness is his love for humanity.

          • …only according to the villains he fights.

        • Oh I know, I have read some of the really old Action Comics, he was always very strong but never invincible, as you say, it’s his goodness, heart and love for humanity that make him Superman, he should necessarily be defined by his powers.

      • @ Dr.SamBeckett

        Between you & me, not sure what they can do to make him more powerless to struggle to put on a good fight fans would enjoy. Everyone knows he’s invincible. Bruce Timm stated about the character on Superman:TAS for a character like that you have to power them down otherwise the shows over in 5 minutes because Superman can move planets out of their orbit. Imo, they didn’t need the New 52 comics to change characters. If they wanted to change characters to make them more interesting, etc. start with the lesser known DC characters instead of the popular ones. Regarding the Superman films, they just needed better scripts,etc. Plain & simple.

      • If you know supes is unbeatable, why even bother reading his storys? You know how they will turn out, even though you do anyway. Maybe a better word would be suspense that is what it would add. Doubt was a bad choice in words.

        • So how are they gonna change his powers? What is being thrown out and what stays?

          • I, of course, do not know for sure, but I’d guess that it won’t be an actual depowering so much as a more gradual development than usually seen and/or an inclusion of minimal physics-based limitations (kind of like the plane rescue scene in “Superman Returns”).

      • I like the Superman cartoons from the 40′s when you’d see Superman struggle a little while tearing the door off of a steel vault instead of doing it like he was opening a fridge. It made it more dramatic and exciting.

  14. LOVIN IT!!!

  15. It looks tough. In a good way.

  16. love the fact that is different, next stop…teaser trailer !

  17. This is so boss! :D Wow. We are truly in for a treat Summer of 2013. Man alive, this gives me chills and gads of excitement. Finally a Superman movie that won’t be hokey and corn balled.

  18. reminds me of mortal kombat, looks alright i suppose

  19. I don’t like it to childish looking.

  20. ehh nice for a change but i’ve personally always hated superman but still nice none the less

  21. About the only thing I don’t hate is the logo and costume.

    • well, since thqat is all we have seen, how do you hate the rest of it? we’ve not seen a single tiny clip yet.

  22. Cool.
    It’s different ;) But I think it’s about time for some change.
    I do think it’s a little too… blobby? And I would have preferred a bit more yellow, but I’m not gonna complain.
    Is it enough to get my super psyched for MOS? No, but I’m sure the teaser trailer will do that just fine.

  23. I really like it! The costume looks pretty good to – I think I would have preferred a deeper blue over greyish/blue but lets see what the actual colour is post-production.

    I know I’ve been on screen rant several times about how much I love Superman movies, Lois & Clark, Smallville and how much I totally hated Superman Returns (and believe me I have tried hard to like it) but I am very excited about this new film.

    If the team involved can’t make it great – no one can.

    • Yeah because Zack Snyder is well known for making great movies, and Goyer’s scripts are always top notch, and Henry Cavill was so brilliant in Immortals.

      In case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.

      • i agree…BUT goyer is more successful with writing NOT directing (blade 3) and snyder is better at directing someone else’s script not writing his own (300 vs sucker punch) and both is the case for this flick. henry is solid and i think he did the best he could given the script. i feel the same way about brandon routh…i think he made a descent superman (in terms of being christopher reeve carbon copy) but the script was bad. i’m optimistic.

  24. I guess I was pointing more towards Nolan’s involvement. And yes unlike Sheldon Cooper, I got sensed the sarcasm :o)

    • I’ll say the same thing I always say, Nolan’s involvement is minimal at best. And even if it wasn’t, he’s the last person I’d want involved in Superman.

    • Bazinga! :-D

      I don’t think Nolan has much involvement with this. From what I remember, he only gave a rough draft of his ideas and let Zack Snyder be in control.

  25. YES! It is about time we see something interesting and different happening in the Superman universe. I’ve been saying for a long time that the cheesiness had to go.

    The doubters will change their tune once they see it in action I’m sure. Just like we all did with ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and ‘X-Men First Class’. -Then again some of them still claim ‘Green Lantern’ was a decent movie.

  26. Lets take a big dump on everything that is sacred.

    • Dont need the lines going through the shield.

    • What’s sacred, this is a very minimal change from his recent logo. His original was a single line “s” floating in a down pointing yellow triangle. Don’t forget in the comics when he got electric powers, it looked nothing like it did before,it was blue and white, with all straight lines. You people act like this is the first time his look has ever been altered.

  27. I don’t where anyone is getting that Cavill’s suit looks anything like the New 52. I don’t see the similarity at all. Cavill’s is very much a combination on the Earth One costume and the old Superman Flyby designs.

  28. *steven colbert hand grabby thing* trailer please!!

  29. I actually want that poster now