‘Man of Steel’ Banner Reveals New Superman Logo [Updated]

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Man of Steel Header Man of Steel Banner Reveals New Superman Logo [Updated]


With The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and Dark Knight Rises all occupying the minds of superhero movie fans right now, it’s sometimes hard to remember that this little guy called Superman has his own movie coming out next summer – but indeed, Man of Steel is on the way.

While director Zack Snyder continues production on his highly-anticipated (and much-debated) reboot of the Superman movie franchise, we’ll have to settle for promo materials like today’s Man of Steel banner to sate our appetites.

For those who don’t know, Man of Steel will continue the evolution of Superman started by DC Comics’ recent “New 52″ reboot. We’ll be seeing the…er, Man of Steel in a new light, with a revised origin, new costume, and slight variations on his powers (to make him less invincible and ergo, boring). Whether this reinvention of the keystone figure in superhero lore will go ever well with the masses remains to be seen.

The banner doesn’t answer any questions as to the quality of Snyder’s film, but it’s still pretty sweet. Check it out:


Supeman Man of Steel Logo Hi Res 280x170 Man of Steel Banner Reveals New Superman Logo [Updated]

In keeping with the re-invented mythos, it seems that Superman’s logo will actually be more than an insignia stitched on blue spandex. The logo in the banner has a solid, armor-esque feel to it – much like Superman’s new costume (pictured below), which will now function as a sort of Kryptonian armor, adding function to the questionable fashion of Superman’s traditional costume.

Henry Cavill Compares Man of Steel to The New 52 Superman Man of Steel Banner Reveals New Superman Logo [Updated]

The "New 52" comic book Superman; Cavill in costume

Immortals star Henry Cavill (pictured above) will play Superman in the film. The villains he’s facing will be Kryptonian militant General Zod, played by Michael Shannon, and his sidekick Faora, played by Antje Traue (Pandorum). Amy Adams (The Fighter) is Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne is Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief Perry White, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane play Jon and Martha Kent, Superman’s earth parents; Russell Crowe and  Ayelet Zurer play Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, Superman’s birth parents.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013

Source: Legendary Pictures

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  1. Awesome banner.

  2. Imo theres nothin iconic about the new Superman logo.

  3. I have zero problem with the costume (I find most arguments on SR about costumes to be nit picky and lame if I can be honest). Im a little concerned about some of the cast choices but I still think this movie will entertain. Not many do super powered awsomeness like Snyder. We will all see next year!

    • I agree with you about the Superman Returns costume. Everyone whined about it too much because of the texture of the costume and the color scheme.

      I’m amazed people aren’t automatically labeling “Man of Steel” a horrible movie before it’s release just because they aren’t using the Christopher Reeve costume. Superman Homepage was trashing SR almost a year before it’s release because it wasn’t using the christopher reeve suit.

      • SR = Screen Rant, not Superman Returns.

      • Christopher Reeve’s costume?? That’s funny because I always thought it was Christopher Reeve wearing “Superman’s” costume & not vice versa.

      • I think when Reeves site calls it Reeve’s suit it is because in all honesty to many of us comic fans (I know alot of them) ,Chris Reeves has come to personify Superman to many of us. The first Superman film Reeves starred in did not bastardize the look of Superman and they stay true to the mythos. Honestly nothing about the new Superman movie excites me,Zach Znyder’s style is way to over the top ,the new Superman costume is to bleak and artistically (i am an artist) it lacks pizzaz,which the original suit invented by 2 teenage kids had. Changing Superman’s suit is like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa and the problem is the people making the changes lack the talent and imagination of Siegel and Schuster the original creators of Superman

        • @ Lou Pecsi

          I agree.

        • I totally agree. they could have updated the costume without changing its design. As far as I’m concerned “if he isn’t wearing a Superman suit then he’s just a superman imposter or clone”.

          • Well, then…It’s a good thing Cavill IS wearing a Superman suit.


          • I agree with you guys too. I will not be seeing this movie

  4. While it’s technically awesome looking with all it’s 3D effects, textures and what not, like all things Hollywood it’s completely overboard and makes no sense in context (unless Superman was actually going to wear it).

    I would really prefer seeing something that actually relates to the actual character and not some glammed up logo that will never be seen or used outside of this poster.

    And the costume still looks like crap to me. The latex look, texture, fake musculature and filigree around the waist, wrists and down the legs just looks silly imho. Should have stayed more true to the new comic version and at LEAST included a belt to break up all that ugly blue-grey.

    As to the supposition that Superman is “boring” because he is nigh invincible. What is the real problem if he’s the only Superhero in this universe? I agree he often made a mockery of many other superheros (like being as fast as Flash, stronger than everyone else and virtually indestructible) but alone he kind of needs to be that way. Plus he is only one man and as the original movie demonstrated, he can’t be everywhere at once which can be exploited.

    • @ Mongoose

      I agree with ya about the costume. They could atleaat break up the blue with the red belt. Imo, the costume looks boring. I always thought Flash saying he’s as fast as Superman,(Faster),lol.

      • I thought The Flash was supposed to be faster than superman. He can move so fast he can phase his molecules through solid objects. And he has been depicted as being able to live almost in a different time frame to everyone else because he can exist within moments for years. But I suppose not everything in every story is always considered canon.

        I always found it lame in the cartoons when The Flash would spend ten mins chasing a van full of crooks. It’s just like “you don’t really get the point of his powers guys!”

          • In JLU they made it interesting whenever Flash vibrated through walls or went at his highest speed could be unstable & dangerous for him.

        • The answer to this really depends in the comic you are reading because this question was explored multiple times. I think however the most correct answer is, that while Superman can match his speed short term, Flash will end up outpacing him (dare I even bring up how Superman, in the original movie, actually turned back time? 😉 ). Flash can also do things that I don’t think Superman is capable of doing like vibrating his molecules to pass through objects.

          The mere fact though that Superman comes even remotely close to matching Flash’s powers is the incredible thing.

          • @ mongoose

            From what read, Flash is only seconds faster than Superman. As for Superman turning back time in the original film still baffles me. Especially when he already pulled Lois & her car outta the ground before he took off to rotate the planet back. I agree with your last sentance. “Speed Demons” is one of my favorite episodes from Superman:TAS.

    • how do you know this is not going to be used outside of the poster? have you already seen the movie?

      and just like all the complaints about captain america’s costume in the avengers, wait until you see the movie, i.e, see it in action, not just some still photos that may not even have the same lighting the film does. we have yet to see one tiny clip from the film and people are bashing it to death. but if you hate the new look/direction/whatever this film is taking, please dont see it then.

      • How do I know? That would fall under the term, “common sense”. There is really no use for it outside of this poster (or other, similar collateral). How would it possibly be used in the movie? Displayed over the door jam of the El household? Displayed prominently as a 20′ tall sculpture on the wall of the fortress of solitude? Please.

        And lighting is not going to change my opinion of how silly the suit looks. That filigree is going to look just as stupid in motion.

        Once more I need to point out that this is ScreenRANT. Getting bent out of shape over people bashing something here is pretty to of place. If you want a more carebear site that panders to those looking for only positive and uplifting comments about something I would suggest you look elsewhere.

        • as you said – “this is ScreenRANT” at no time did i get bent out of shape, all i did was challenge your comment. feel free to say whatever you want, but don’t complain when someone opposes your ideas.
          …carebears site…really?

  5. Just keep this in mind gang, anything is better than the Green Lantern costume. What a piece of monkey sh#t.

    This makes me look more forward to the movie than before.

  6. Looks alien.

    This S shield is going to be either the El family or Krypton’s crest.

    Just 2 mths away from comic con trying not to think about it much but that is so damn hard. Most anticipated movie for me.

  7. I think the logo looks pretty sweet and I was excited about this movie until I read this article but not now since they’re going to have “slight variations on his powers.” I have a feeling this is going to be a New Coke type situation. :(

  8. I like the rusted quality of the shield. I was excited about this movie until I read this article and it said that they are going to do ” slight variations to his powers to make him less invincible” I say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

    • the main reason why many people do not love superman is because he just too strong. he can fly so fast that he changes time. his invincible to everything, which mean he never struggles. By the way superman has lost his title over the years because people see him as too strong, people like more powered down superman . for example in the ” the incredible hulk” movie , the hulk was powered down and ever one love it. so why can that be the same for superman.

    • amen

  9. almost everything about this next superman flick will be wrong…they always f it all up.

    • since you can predict the future, can you supply me the next mega millions numbers?

  10. I think everyone is missing the point as to why this film will be awesome. If you go back and watch Henry Cavill’s performance in The Tudors you will see that he did a great balancing act between being compassionate and humane while still being passionate, fierce, and fiery when it came to battle. Zack Snyder’s style of war and battle (previously displayed in 300, Sucker Punch, Dawn of the Dead, and a lesser extent Watchmen) will be the perfect compliment to its leading man. Cavill will give Clark a relatable humane vunerability but grow into a regal Superman.

  11. No no no. The film was in production long before DC’s New 52 relaunch. Whatever changes they have made are not based on the New 52 Superman, and those comics writers were not involved. As for the banner, it is just that, a banner (and a great one). But it doesn’t reflect the colour or texture of the Shield on his chest (the design of which we’ve known about for many months already) as we can see from the pic of Cavill in costume. Let’s not read so much into it when we clearly don’t know what is going on yet. Maybe try objective journalism! Never mind, this isn’t that kind of site. x]

    Anyway, people who insist this film will be bad and who have seen zero footage really do give a bad name to internet fanboys. We are more than a year away for peace sake. There is no basis for that kind of judgement. I remember when people insisted X-Men: First Class was going to suck and it turned out better than any other superhero film of 2011. Man of Steel doesn’t even have a teaser trailer and somehow people here are already writing it off based on a facebook page cover banner? Uh.. Stupid Internet people.

    • Thank you!

    • hello brother. And I agree.

  12. I have to disagree with the article’s statement on ‘making him less invincible – ergo less boring’

    To me this is exactly what’s wrong with recent incarnations / re-inventions of the character. Surely the whole appeal of Superman is that he is ‘super’ and can do all of these amazing things that the likes of Batman, Spiderman etc. can’t.

    The idea that weakening him and giving him flaws to make him more exciting is contradictory to the nature of the character himself. A good / great Superman movie should show the effect he would have in a ‘realisitic’ modern setting. E.g how he deal disasters such as hurricane katrina, the recent earthquake in Haiti, or the tsunami in Japan. Would all governments embrace or fear him? How would he affect people’s religious beliefs, what effect would he have on the world’s economy.

    There is so much u potential to a cultural, relevant Superman – but writers lack the courage to present a powerful Superman, because they feel it limits their storytelling options. If the hero is powerful, then just give him villains that are more powerful than he is. That was the thrill of Superman II – having three enemies just as strong as he was. Yes the 4th film was awful – but there was a strong adversary who he struggled to overcome. At the very least the right ‘concept’ of Superman was there even if the execution wasn’t. Smallville didn’t have the required budget, but had the ambition to show epic battles with powerful enemies.

    This is where Superman Returns went so wrong in trying to give a lesser, more romantic version of the character and it just came across as dull and boring.I just hope Man Of Steel can give us the awesome Superman that we should be seeing – especially in today’s era of special effects.

    Still not sold on the costume of indeed the casting of Cavill, but we will wait and see.

    • You’re absolutely right – there’s no need to water him down. It just takes a good script to get a great film. As it’s an origin film, the best way would be him discovering his powers. Ok we know he can move a whole planet – but he doesn’t!

      Another aspect is the way he deals with his kryptonnian identity, his mild mannered identity and his Superhero identity – this has always been a fascinating part of the whole Superman story. The inner struggle, the self-sacrifice, the humble side – the love for humanity.

      As for villians – he can easily destroy Lex Luthor but he doesn’t – it’s a battle of the mind. Braniac – battle of the mind.

      Someone earlier mentioned Incredible Hulk powered down – to be honest the cast was great in the reboot but I MUCH preferred the comic-book style of the first film.

      It’s a Superman movie so action and battles are required but without the phsychology behind it – it’ll fail. Nolan’s Batman does both very well.

  13. the logo looks cool. I hope the movie turns out well, so that the NEXT Supe movie wont be yet another origin story or a continuation of the old Chris Reeve movies. I also hope Supe wont be the only cbm of 2013.

  14. Well, if this “new logo” is an Omen of what we can expect from this re-boot, then this movie oughta suck ass on an elaborately expensive scale!

    • Thanks for your insight. Based on an emblem. Chazz. What are you an emblem whisper?

      • I’m a river to my people! At least you can find assurance in knowing the 3rd installment of the Batman franchise will knock this already bastardized Superman re-boots dick in the dirt!

        • yes, that does assure me. how is this “bastardized” exactly? this is coming from the “parents”, if you will, of superman. your comment is silly at best sir.

        • And how do you know that rises isn’t gonna stink? I love you Monday morning qb”s. If you think based on an emblem and some set pics that mos is a bastard of the comics or other films, you must be a fan. And if so why would you not give it a chance?

          • Oh I’ll go see it & if I’m pleasantly surprised then cool, but after the dismal bomb that was Superman Returns, then the Series finale episode of Smallville that was a 2 hour crap fest after 10 years of viewing, I’m not going to be holding my breath.

  15. this movie will be a master piece Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan teaming up. that just says it all. stoked to see this movie.

    • They did make a sequel. It was called Superman Returns, and it was an abortion. I think Henry Cavil is great casting. I thank God he got turned down in favor of Routh for Returns. I’m reticent about this movie but Christopher Nolan’s blessing has put my mind at ease.

  16. How long will they take with this movie and why are they bringing back Zod instead of Doomsday?!?!?!?

  17. Man..!!! M such a big fan of ur website…!!!
    Ur slogan is absolutely right..m living because m following u !! KEEP UP THE TREMENDOUS WORK !!

  18. I love the emblem. It is the Earth-Two — Kal-L — S shield. It would be a full hoot if they uses ths sweatshirt cuffs and Kal-L in the film! Though it is apparaent thewriters are bsically using the Earth-Two Superman with lower powers and more reliance on his brains and LIMITED power levels for this film. Persoanly I do not need another episode of the godling whose outright magical powers can move planets bare-handed, outfly light speed and baring krytonite exposure is completely invulnerable to all physical and energy attacks. I’m glad the writers are going back to superMAN and leaving the SUPERman bit tothe New 52 which is a return to the “Silver Age Superman” who does not think of himself as Clark Kent but only as Kal-El.

  19. Random thought, could he look anymore british?????

  20. The new banner reminds of the shuster and Siegel superman comics it looks like the shield on superman’s costume. Just my thought

  21. The new logo looks good on the costume, but overall I like the classic logo better. It looks better flat on a t-shirts and accessories than the new logo does.

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