‘Man of Steel’ Writer Addresses Lex Luthor & Female Jimmy Olsen Rumors

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Man of Steel 2 Movie Batman Superman Dawn Justice League Man of Steel Writer Addresses Lex Luthor & Female Jimmy Olsen Rumors

Dark Knight Trilogy architects David S. Goyer and Chris Nolan put their heads together to come up with the script and story for Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot film, Man of Steel, and it was undoubtedly a challenge. Bryan Singer’s 2006 film Superman Returns all but proved that the warm nostalgic glow of Richard Donner’s seminal 1978 Superman film hasn’t shone through to modern times, leaving need for a new vision of the iconic hero on the big screen.

Man of Steel trailers have revealed a story focusing on Clark Kent’s (Henry Cavill) journey from alien orphan to a young man burdened by his secret gifts, to the hero he must eventually become in order to stop the threat of General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his Kryptonian forces. But, as with any new vision, there are revisions and changes to the mythos fans know and love – and Man of Steel has many such changes in store.

A tweaked origin story, a new Superman costume, and an all-around more “grounded” and “real-world” approach are in the cards – but many of the iconic Superman supporting character roster are also undergoing an evolution of sorts. Perry White is now black (thanks to Laurence Fishburne stepping into the role); Lois Lane is now sporting some red hair (thanks to Amy Adams stepping into that role); Lex Luthor has been decidedly absent from the proceedings (thanks to fan outcry about the need for a different villain); and there was even considerable rumor of Jimmy Olsen being changed into a female character.

Well, I Am Rogue sat down with David S. Goyer to talk Man of Steel (amongst other things), and directly addressed the many character changes that the movie will present. And, while trying to keep as coy as possible, Goyer may have inadvertently fueled several of the longstanding rumors surrounding the film.

Lex Luthor Man of Steel Cameo Man of Steel Writer Addresses Lex Luthor & Female Jimmy Olsen Rumors

When questioned about why Lex Luthor wasn’t included in the film, Goyer responded, “I don’t think anyone has ever confirmed that we haven’t included him.” Not a surprising that he is being vague: It’s long been suspected that like Batman BeginsMan of Steel would focus more on the central character in the first chapter, while setting up the primary antagonist for the second chapter. In any event, given his power, wealth and influence, there are so many ways to have Lex Luthor “in” MoS without actually having him seen (see: Norman Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man).

Regarding the question of having a female Jimmy Olsen, Goyer was less forthcoming, stating “I can’t comment on that.” Not that we need him to, per se: The initial rumors pointed to actress Rebecca Buller playing “Jenny Olsen,” and the following screen shot from the Man of Steel trailer practically confirms as much (I mean, who else would Perry White be dragging away from a collapsing Daily Planet?):

Jenny Olsen Rebecca Buller in Man of Steel 2013 Man of Steel Writer Addresses Lex Luthor & Female Jimmy Olsen Rumors

Goyer wasn’t afraid to address the so-called “controversy” over the race-switching of the Perry White character, stating, “I Thought it was an awesome choice. I think that it is silly that people are like, ‘You Can’t have a black guy named White.’ But I’m like, well what about Barry White? I thought that was stupid. You just want to get the best actor.” Amen to that.

How do you feel about the changes being made to the Superman mythos in Man of Steel? Are you good with it? Against it? Just hoping for a good Superman movie?


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: I Am Rogue 

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  1. A race change huh for Perry White? So he’s not a human anymore but an alien now? Or did they mean to say a skin color change? In that he isn’t a white Human anymore but is now a black Human. Becuase I thought the only Non-Humans in this movie were the Kryptonians?

    • Perry White is Heimdall’s cousin now.

    • His use of “race change” is perfectly correct, hence the term “racism” rather than “skinism”. If you’re going to be pedantic, at least be correct.

    • You seem to have confused race with species there mate.

    • I believe you’re thinking of SPECIES. The idea of the “Human Race” is actually a misnomer. White or black (or whatever) actually IS defined as being someone’s race.

  2. I personally been under the impression that Jenny Olsen (if not a female version of Jimmy– may be an older sister of Jimmy. If true, then why not add Jimmy? Is there some sort of arch that will build up to the appearance of Jimmy? And if so, what is the purpose of Jenny in building up that particular arch/sub-plot and Jimmy’s role in the future of this franchise if Man of Steel proves successful?

    Frankly, Goyer’s reluctance to give even a vague comment on any sort of reasoning, even if that reason was false, seems very telling and supportive of the question I formed in my mind and posted above. No matter if you okay with the presence of a Jenny Olsen over a Jimmy Olsen or not, this bit of film news has undoubtedly made people interested and talking about the film. People would like to know the reasoning and the purpose behind it. I am not saying there is some massive secret twist or expansion to the character, but the direction of the character is at least interesting and ask questions that beg answers.

    I do not mind the casting of Laurence Fishburne because I believe he can do the role well and provide a presence the character sorely needs if important. What Goyer means with the casting of a black man as the character named ‘White’ comment is actually a retort to some of the most absurd comments that have been posted/said in controversy of the casting. Many ethnic minority characters have been cast with white or ethnically different actors. It really is about just gaining the right actor. Of course, some racial/ethnic elements of a character should be noted if important, such as casting a WHITE MAN as BLACK PANTHER- one immediately sees where the line is crossed. But Perry White’s character is not based on solely of his racial classification if it had any bearing at all. Superman is recognized as appearing white and it sort of fits based on his story, not Perry.

    Perry White if anything was a supporting character that beyond comic fans or close examiners of film/tv/pop culture phenomena would actually know or clearly remember in their minds. I mean Lex Luthor seemed to me not straightforward white in the Superman Animated Series, he honestly seemed very tanned or mulatto. But that character on TV was Lex Luthor. Which brings up the next point- Lex Luthor.

    The character of Lex Luthor would not doubt appear in the film if not necessarily in person. But it should be clear that this Lex would not be the Lex Luthor of the past franchise. A more definitive Luthor should finally be offered to mainstream audience around. The last actors nailed their roles and would be incredible Lex Luthors, but the characterization of the actual character was not in the essence the real Luthor we expect on screen. Hopefully this reboot would allow this correction as well. I say Luthor should be in the background going around giving to charity and working on fixing politics and national problems etc while then shown or alluded to be the mastermind behind villainous criminal activities. Make him a real opponent for the Man of Steel.

  3. I think all the changes are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a black perry WHITE really!!!!!!!!!!! no LEX!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!! THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!How ABOUT A SMALLVILLE MOVIE!!!!!!!!HE played Superman for 10yrs!!!!!! This movie is going to be gay!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TROLL

      • what ever!!!!

    • You really sound like an immature child. Speak lightly and make a convincing argument for your reasoning. Why are these changes stupid? I mean I liked Smallville too but that series made its own various changes as well. The movie would be “gay”? A film that has not been released yet… Smallville had really cheesy Soap Opera moments and dragging plot lines and endless love triangles, rectangles, etc. As I said I liked the show for the most part because it was Superman.

      The movie is about Superman. With hope, I pray its a mighty good one. Note that I am not entirely defending all the changes or whatever, but rather I will see the film’s execution of these changes along with the major overall story elements. Then, I will give my judgement.

      Do not like the choices, fine. But have a a good reason and do not place a judgement on so very little information you have. Do not want to see the film, fine. Well most people are ready for a new take on Superman, and not further Smallville already too long origin story.

      • Smallville sucked. Did you see the finale? Cheap! It was a low-budget cheese-fest. The Arrow is way better!

      • Immature child…U can say what ever u want as well i can…. I say the truth and u r not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!!! I am all up for changes…. but the way they are changing this movies is wrong…. Just like the remake of spiderman…. How did that work out.. not good at all….. If its not broke u dont need to fix it… The last superman movie…that could have gone different and it could have been fixed….

    • Go play with your dolls

      • Im talking to you John Hogan

    • I couldnt agree more. WB is screwing up big time. Marvel is killing it!

    • Dude, move your elbow you seem to be stuck on SHIFT + 1


    • dude, get over yourself!

  4. The Archer, thank u^^^^, yeah i wouldnt mind have lex as more background in mos and be huge set with in a hopeful follow up and i also think lex could attrack future rogues of supe as well, as gene’s lex once said “mind over muscle”, i would luv to see him team up or try set up other rogues to try to take supe out, like brainiac,metello,parasite,bizarro,lobo,hank henshaw,darkseid and hopefully some day doomsday much farther down the line.

  5. Looking forward to the movie, but re: Perry White being black, I have to say that if the character in the comics was black, no one would have had the courage to make the actor a white guy. Not biased, but I say leave whites (“White”?) white and blacks black, and everyone will be happy. Political correctness apparently is only for liberals to call foul when they don’t get their way or their own personal ox is gored. What’s good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander.

    • People complained when Michael Clarke Duncan played Kingpin and Idris Elba played Heimdall but there were also complaint that the Asian character from the Avatar cartoon were played by white people.

      I think the only characters created as a white man and played by a black actor that no one cared about the racial difference were Blade and Nick Fury.

      Personally, I don’t care about these changes, if the movie is gonna be good regardless then it’ll be good. Otherwise lets complain that an English actor is playing an Australian character (Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road) or that an Englishman pretending to be Australian to help his career forced the Mortal Kombat creators to change Kano’s back story so that the character became Aussie too.

      • Blade has always been black in the comics. And Nick Fury is black in the Ultimate line, in fact was drawn specifically to resemble SLJ, so it’s actually perfect casting.
        As far as the Brit vs. Aussie argument, that us in no way relevant to RACE issues in casting.

      • Blade? Lol. Someone knows what they’re talking about…

    • He is a side character not a real important figure, not big enough for him to affect the entire superman story if he was black or white why not change him no harm will be done.Your rule of “leave the whites white and blacks black” excuse my language but that is some stupid,inconsiderate S***.Something like that is very easy to say when you constantly see people who look like you in comic book movies.You say you are not biased I refuse to believe that,especially with a name like Goldilocks.

    • I’m Harvey Dent, I was white in the Batman comics, black in Batman, then white again as Two-Face in Batman Forever. Get over yourself Ty.

  6. I honestly have no problem with perry being a black man in this universe an im a huge fan of the comics and plus he a awesome actor and i still find it great that he was in the matrix trilogy allmost ten years ago,crazyness and i think people or too stuck on smallvile and the donner-unverse and the awful singer film and not wanting changes for so odd reason and want the same crap over and over again.

    • Exactly.

      Besides, I’d say Smallville was in its own pocket universe due to it mostly being pretty crappy and deviating slightly now and then.

  7. I guess I dont get what the big deal with casting LF as Perry White. Its not like they made will smith supes lol. I didnt read the comics or anything but to all those who did or all the fans of Superman will you not enjoy the character that much just because he’s black? Im not here to call anybody racist or anything I am honestly looking for a real answer instead of just “you cant make him black” like who cares it seems like he’s just a side character anyway.

  8. some odd reason, not so odd reason.

  9. I had no problem with Laurence Fishburne being cast (except that it conflicted with my plans for him to play the Martian Manhunter). On the other hand, why change Jimmy to Jenny? He’s not just some throwaway character. This is “Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen”, who fell in love with Supergirl and all the other stuff he’s done. This would be akin to making Tim Drake into Tina Drake. Why do you need “more diversity”? Isn’t Lois Lane enough of a strong female lead?

    • stephen, from little i understand jenny could be jimmy’s sister or cousin and who knows maybe she gets jimmy his job or something, but i she does turn out to be this universe jimmy…… im oddly cool with that.

      • if….^^

  10. Christopher Nolan is Midas….enough said.

  11. At least they did not try to go all James Bond and introduce a blonde Superman. I like the changes and the updates to the mythos I read about so far. It looks exciting. Some of the subjects looks like they were already explored in Smallville. This will be a grand scale though.

  12. superman usually sucks but this movie looks good

  13. So long as the movie is better than Superman Return, then I’m good with it.. What’s good John Hogan?

  14. So far we know Zod is in it but we don’t know who Superman will duel with. Luthor is entirely useless as a superman villain, in fact, he’s more of a mirror of Bruce Wayne and is more suitable as a batman villain. So it would be better for Lex to be allies with superman since they’re combined strengths would make them a powerful team against evil alien forces.

  15. Im against the changes to the Superman mythos. Being a “TRUE” Superman fan who’s not fond of the changes they been makin.

    • dude you should move on! i don’t know what the hell’s a ‘true’ fan! According to the changing time, characters could be modified as long as their core elements remain true to the origins. And its Nolan & Goyer, i’m sure they know what they’re doing

  16. Larry fishburne would be a good lex! …I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a superman movie where everyone’s race, gender, and backgrpund are mixed up to show a different story. A superman that looks more alien, like say Dr Manhattan(i know he wasnt rrally an alien) that grew up in Russia. Played by Dolph lundren.haha.

  17. On your marks get set terrible.
    The more I read about this film the more I’m certain I don’t want to see it.

  18. Sigh. Goyer is such an over rated hack. WB needs to cut him loose.

  19. A character called White is going to be played by a black actor.
    AND! who gives a rats ass.

    Fishburne is a damn fine actor, Perry is a hardnose, gruff newspaper editor who needs to exude power and authority… That’s Larry in a nutshell, inspired casting, gonna be fab (Better not let me down, Larry)

    Jimmy Olsen has either done a bad interview and been done over by his sister/cousin (no loyalty in that family) or he’s fresh out the clinc, post-op with a new name.

    Again AND! Not familar with the comics Jimmy, in the movie universe he’s been a minor play at best, his biggest effect was in Returns where he acted as Clark’s conduit back into his life in Metropolis, apart from that he’s just been another bod to be saved.

    The film and comics are about Supes first and formost, it aint Superman and his buddies from the paper.

    Lets get the reboot up up and away (sorry my bad!) and get Supes/Clark right first, the ensemble can come later.

    Oh and we all know that Lexcorp/Luthercorp is going to be plastered throughout the moive with a mid-credits teaser image (baldhead / back of chair in office) of Lex himself.

  20. I am cool with the race reversal, but they should have changed his name to Perry Black, that would have been funny. However I am not to keen on a Jimmy Olsen sex change though, if she’s a differnt character fine, but Jimmy’s character should not be erased or altered like that.

  21. Once again!!! This movie is going to blow…..Smallville lasted 10 yrs if u where not aware of it…10 yrs is a long time to be on TV… So it must have done something right!!!!! It started off as a young man and he grew into SUPERMAN!!!! it had LEX, ZOD ALL the main people u need in a show… This new movie as they call it has no LEX at all!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY!! a superman movie with out a LEX in it does not make sense at all!! To all the real superman fans out there they no this is true!!! Yes u have to change some stuff in the movie to get people to watch it…. but u do not have to go away from the story!!!! I dont play with dolls… I am not a troll!!! If u dont like what i write…well that is what u get…. and really this movie is really going to blow….

    • Superman has more than one villian. You think Lex is in every issue of the comics. Was he in every episode of Smallville? No and he doesn’t have to be in every movie either. He’s overused in the movies and I ,for one ,wouldn’t mind if he doesn’t show up at all over the course of the trilogy.

    • are u 16 year old who just downloaded and watched all 10 seasons of Smallville in a month? Just calm down mate! save them opinions for after the movie’s release

  22. read the article! it says lex may or may not be in the movie. you must get a life and stop bad mouthing everything.

  23. Looks good so far can’t wait to see what happens and to see all pre-haters shut up by the movie’s awesomeness! :)

  24. OMG… you mean Barry White is NOT white? I love all his songs. I am a big fan…i even score some points with the ladies, when i have barry on the speakers.

  25. Perry White or Larry (Lawrence) White .. makes no difference in the character. All GOOD !!! …. But i’m just curious.. How many would accept a black/latino/asian as a NEW James Bond !!! Just a comment and curious to know, that a person who does not discriminate by nature, would that person be able to accept THIS character (Bond) change of ethnicity/color.


  27. Hope the Superman Curse affects this film the baddest. So WB/DC can learn to stick to the basics.

  28. Perry White is a minor character. If we get too much of him whether he is black or white, then there is a problem with the script. I don’t agree with replacing Jimmy with Jenny. hell, make Jimmy black. As long as it is a guy.
    Lawrence Fishburn will be great in the role, although I think there are better uses for a guy of his caliber. He was Morpheus for cripes sakes! When you look at the big picture , you have a stacked cast. Fishburn Crowe and Costner. Not to mention Cavill looks jacked as Superman. Produced by nolan and dircted By Mr. 300 and the Watchmen, Zack Snyder. This will be THE movie of the summer. You can take that to the bank. Have you seen the new Iron Man trailer!!? Lame!

  29. It ain’t a problem casting Larry F as Perry White, as long as he managed to keep the usual Perry White gruff mannerisms. Changing Jimmy into a woman I think will enrage some fans, depending on who that woman is: sister, cousin, another person or gender inverted version of Jimmy. I hope for the best for this movie! P.S: To John Hogan and y’all pre-release haters, please stop being a child and don’t jump into conclusion before you see the f’ing movie.