Zack Snyder Hints at ‘Man of Steel’ Connection to ‘Justice League’

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Man of Steel Justice League movie Connections Zack Snyder Hints at Man of Steel Connection to Justice League

Ever since fans got wind of the possibility that Man of Steel could serve as a launchpad to DC/Warner Bros.’ shared movie universe, they’ve been speculating about where, exactly, the Superman reboot would tie into the upcoming Justice League movie. Today, thanks to a few (somewhat coy) words from Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, we’re starting to get a little more clarity on the matter.

Early on,  Zack Snyder was quoted as saying that his Superman reboot was its “own thing” (a la the Chris Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy) and fans were understandably confused. Would the new Superman movie truly be a DC Movie Universe launchpad – offering Easter eggs like a Wonder Woman cameo –  or would its connection to Justice League depend on box office results? It was not outside the realm of possibility that Man of Steel would be offered as a standalone movie in order to test the public’s reception of star Henry Cavill and the general approach that Snyder (and producer Chris Nolan) took with the character: If it worked, we’d see Cavill back to lead the Justice League movie – if it didn’t work, Justice League could take a fresh approach, ignoring the films that came before it (The Dark Knight films, Green LanternMan of Steel).

Now, however, it would seem that DC/Warner Bros. is in fact pushing ahead with their plans to springboard Justice League off the back of Man of Steel – if the latest comments from Snyder are any indication. When asked directly about Man of Steel‘s connection to Justice League during a NY Post interview, Snyder offered the following response:

“I don’t know how ‘Justice League’ is going to be handled. Honestly, I don’t… But ‘The Man of Steel’ exists, and Superman is in it. I don’t know how you’d move forward without acknowledging that.”

When pressed for more specific information about the studio’s larger plan for a shared universe, Snyder added:

“Um, how can I answer that?… I can’t really say anything to that, because that’s a big spoiler. I will say, yeah, they trust me to keep them on course.”

After watching the (admittedly brief) Man of Steel teaser trailers, one can deduce that a major narrative/thematic arc of the film will be identity – specifically Kal-El/Clark Kent’s struggle to choose what kind of man he is going to be in this world. Saddled with both godlike power and a grounded, humble, and very human upbringing (thanks to his adoptive parents Ma and Pa Kent), Kal-Clark has to decide if his power should be put to use at all – and if so, how. When a fellow resident of his doomed planet Krypton shows up (General Zod, played by Michael Shannon), it gives Kal-Clark a vision of what his power would look like in the wrong hands  – and the motivation to become the antithesis of what Zod stands for.

Naturally, the end point of this re-imagined origin story – Kal-Clark deciding to take on the mantle of Superman, in order to protect a world he loves – is also a good doorway into the Justice League story. After deciding to defend a world that needs his protection, Superman could naturally identify and approach other people who hold similar power – Wonder Woman, The Flash – heroes that could even be introduced through brief mention or (less likely) cameo appearances during Man of Steel.

Superman Wonder Woman Batman Movie Rumors Zack Snyder Hints at Man of Steel Connection to Justice League

Taking Snyder’s actual words into account: one could infer that “acknowledging” Man of Steel‘s existence in the Justice League movie would mean that Superman’s world debut would be the milestone that ushers in the ‘Age of Heroes’ – while ‘keeping things on course’ would mean ultimately steering the origin story of Man of Steel to the sort of place described above, where Superman becomes the Earth’s protector and a beacon of heroism (or in Batman’s cynical view, a new threat level) that draws other heroes to his cause.

As for questions like what to do about characters like Batman and Green Lantern (reboot them entirely? Try to lasso in the actors who recently played them on screen?) well, that’s a different discussion. In the meantime, how do you feel about what Snyder said?

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Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source NY Post

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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  2. After the good work Snyder did with Watchmen I reckon he could take on JL and deliver a hard-boiled realistic view point of the superhero universe. Continue with the Dark Knight, and the seemingly similarly felt, Man of Steel and we could have something quite special. As much as I enjoyed the Avengers for me it was still shot with tongue firmly in cheek and a bit too ‘glossy’. Give us something with grit Mr Snyder, give us something abrasive Mr Nolan, give us something with a scrotum built like a blue whales and isn’t afraid to hit the audiences with it DC/Warner Bros.

    • That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. GRIT LIKE A BLUE WHALE’S BALLSACK!!!

      • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but what your asking for is exactly what you will get from WB/DC the grit from a blue whales balls, and since said balls are inside of said whale thats again exactly what this movie will be NON EXISTANT…. DC movies BLOW ELEPHANT BALLS and this or these movies will not be able to hold 1 of IRON MANS BALLS

  3. My humble opinion as a 44 year old DC Comics lifer fan: Don’t reboot Batman. Don’t reboot every league member from the original 7. Don’t feel obligated to get Christian Bale to play Batman in a Justice League film as some misguided attempt at continuity. Just treat Batman’s membership in the Justice League as another Batman story.
    Also, Marvel has shown us that you don’t need to use the legend film’s version of a hero. Look at how they handled Hulk. They told the legend twice, with 2 different Banners, and then didn’t use either of those in Avengers. The audience is fine with that! We just want a Justice League movie and we want it to be good. If it’s good, we aren’t going to be nit-picky.

    • I think “fine” is a rather strong word. I accepted it because I had to. Not that Ruffalo was bad but I would have much preferred Marvel and Norton working out their differences so he could have continued playing the role.

      • +1

      • But you saw it so you were fine with it. If you weren’t then you wouldn’t have seen the movie.

        • I didn’t see the film due to the Norton omit (one of several reasons-Scarlett was another though I was told she stepped up her Ironman performance)….

      • Maybe “okay” would be the better word. Okay with it instead of it being fine.

        • I was neither “fine” nor “ok” with it. I just decided to ignore it. Saying that people were fine with it is like saying people were fine with Jar Jar in the SW prequels, or that everyone was fine with the Twilight series as far as vampire films are concerned. I’m pretty sure a large part of us were able to ignore both Jar Jar (although the prequels were pretty bad with or without JJ) and Twilight, and continue to enjoy Star Wars and vampire movies.

          Hulk was fine, but I also would have preferred to have seen Norton in place of Ruffalo, who, IMO, just seemed terrible out of place. Not being fine with the inclusion of Ruffalo did not preclude, however, my enjoyment of everything else.


  4. Loved Snyder in watchmen, think he would do fine directing JL

    Question: Other than ww batman and Superman, who could they use? Green lantern is boring (thanks to that stupid idiot Reynolds) and the Flash might be the same size falure.

    • They have Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (hopefully played by someone better), The Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman are the original 7 but they could also use Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel would be an excellent add-on I believe

      • I believe the original 10 (or 11), not necessarily in order, were Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Hawkman (often with Hawkgirl in tow), Martian Manhunter, Atom, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Aquaman.

    • I personally like Green Arrow as he is a BATMAN like poffering without being an outright Batmna knock-off because he is a regular human being like Bruce Wayne who has pushed himslef past the edge to fight for justice for those who the evile and wicked take advanatge of.

      Green Arrow and Batman are the anti-bullies where as Supes and other meta-humans/alines/mystical creatures aren’t.

  5. After the good work Snyder did with Watchmen I reckon he could take on JL and deliver a hard-boiled realistic view point of the superhero universe. Continue with the Dark Knight, and the seemingly similarly felt, Man of Steel and we could have something quite special. As much as I enjoyed the Avengers for me it was still shot with tongue firmly in cheek and a bit too ‘glossy’. Give us something with grit Mr Snyder, give us something abrasive Mr Nolan, give us something as hard hitting as a baseball players bat and isn’t afraid to smack the audiences upside the head with it DC/Warner Bros.

  6. Zack Snyder did a great job with Watchmen. I even like the way he changed the big monsters from the end of the original graphic novel into nuclear bombs. That was a good decision. I enjoyed Watchmen’s grim and gritty feel too. The only negative for me was the music. I understand it was a period piece and they wanted to give it a retro feel with the Bob Dylan songs, but most of the time it irritated me and took me out of the movie experience. I especially disliked the music during the Nite Owl, Silk Spectre sex scene. Very annoying music during that moment. So with Snyder at the helm of MOS, I have hope for a good movie.

    One big fly in the ointment is the screen writer……. David S. Goyer. Yech!

    Wait and see….. wait and see.

  7. gotta be one or 2 cameos in man of steel

  8. Look as much as I hated watchmen .It’s clear that Zack Schnider has the abiity to direct a multi chcacter effect driven film. With that having been said there is no way of knowing if man steel will be the next dark night kind of success or big budget dud that got lost in space like greenlantern.So any talk of using it to launch DC Comic’s next wave of superhero movies is very premature.

    • Hated Watchmen?

      I would usually have something to say, but I think that “Hated Watchmen?” is enough.

      Can you explain why? I am curious to know why. I have read the book and saw the movie, they had to change some of the things for the movie or lots of people watching would be like “Where did a giant alien come from?” So I understand why they would change some things, but I don’t understand why someone would hate the changes.

      So out of curiosity, not out of jest, why did you hate the movie?

      • Superman is an alien too. My guess is Snidur will leave him out of MoS. Otherwise people will be like “What is going on???”

      • I’ve only seen Watchmen once and like 1/8ths. I didn’t like it because it was boring, weird (dude hooking up with his ex-squeeze’s…daughter?? #daddyproblems) and depressing – Rorschach, the only memorable character for non-dick reasons gets killed in hopeless desperation. All of Blue Weiner (yes I know he’s Dr. Manhattan but his ‘reputation’ precedes him)’s friends either died or left him; he became detached from all of humanity, who turned against him.

        The spectacular effects shown off in the trailers were few and far apart, and pointless (that Martian glass thing was pure CGI showcase, shown for 20 seconds, and promptly forgotten/destroyed. And it was a symbol of the solitude and detachment that Blue Weiner lived in – again, depressing).

        I can’t even remember the plot too much, besides everybody dying off, the weird smartest-guy-in-the-world tries to take over the world through massacre, and…yeah. Just depressing. Everybody dreams of being a superhero, and while these guys weren’t even real superheros, they were still de-masked and dismantled. Again – it was a long, boring, and depressing movie and that is why *I* disliked – though not actively hated – Watchmen.

        • Right…

          * The Comedian didn’t know she was Silk Spectre I’s daughter until she told him and he left alone

          * Rorschach’s death was supposed to be hopeless and desperate. He wanted to tell the truth and considering the implications of nuclear war should the truth of what happened get out, he had to die to cover it up.

          * Doctor Manhattan became detached from humanity anyway and so naturally people would walk away from someone they can’t relate to any more. As for the deaths, Ozymandias gave those people cancer to try to blame it on Manhattan so that the mass deaths late in the film could happen.

          * The story is purely character driven, special effects are nice but not everything so why complain about an effect lasting for 20 seconds?

          * Ozymandias killed so many people because the world was extremely close to nuclear war so he decided to take matters into his own hands to prevent that. Similar to Reagan’s speech in the 80s about how “it would take an alien invasion to prevent nuclear war and make us all unite as one”.

          That’s why the original Watchmen book had a faked alien invasion and the movie changed it to a faked Doctor Manhattan-created explosion, so the US and USSR would team up against the threat instead of firing missiles at each other.

          * Watchmen is a realistic take on what it would be like in an alternate world where sueprheroes were real, Nixon won a 3rd term as President and normal men and women like Rorschach, Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II could become heroes.

          • Favorite character has no place in the movie but to die, another guy actually goes ahead and kills millions for a greater good because there is no other choice, a guy finally achieves a form of immortality and there is nothing but isolation, hate and fear for him…the Comedian goes after the daughter because she wistfully reminded him of times past that are gone forever that he tried and failed to get back… do you not find that all depressing? That’s not what I want in a superhero movie. That’s not even what I want in a DRAMA movie.

            I’m “complaining” about the special effects because when they advertise it as a special effects movie, and you go see it for the special effects, and there aren’t consistent special effects, then there is a vacuum. They shouldn’t have advertised it as such.

            Character-driven, yes. But I didn’t like the characters. Manhattan was memorable but I didn’t like him. Only Rorschach – I would watch some kind of spin-off with just him if possible. But it doesn’t look like it. I don’t know – I haven’t read the comics, and if it’s all this depressing through and through, I won’t ever get around to reading them either.

            And note – I’m describing why I don’t like the movie, not why it’s a bad movie. And definitely not judging it in relation to the comics. It’s a personal opinion. If you can’t deal with it, then move on. It was in reply to Brandon’s inquiries anyway.

            • (In the voice of Steve Irwin) Here we have the common “Hating Troll”, notice the way he hates something 99% of people enjoy?

              The Hating Troll is not to be confused with the Basement Troll (as I said before on they have the same diet, pizza rolls and attention. While Basement Trolls will hate something because it was “Not EXACTLY like the source material” a Hating Troll will hate a movie simply because it is popular and they know they will draw attention (see: Diet of the Hating Troll).

              If you do not feed these types of Trolls pizza rolls or attention, they will leave, and hopefully, die off by the time they reach maturity.

              Most Hating Trolls are of 13-24. Even if they hate something, they will always find a reason to talk about it for some reason. (Notice how long his responses are?)

              • 99% Are you also trolling?

                • 99% might be another way of saying the majority.

          • Also – as far as a movie for telling what it wants to tell, and directing, it was fine. But I just didn’t like what it had to tell.

          • The Comedian knew Silk Spectre II was his daughter. He was just being friendly. She didn’t know and was flirting with him.

    • I’ve only heard 1 out of 100 people say they hated ‘Watchmen’, most of the hate was out of ignorance. Almost all were unfamiliar with the source material and thrown off by a very nude Dr. Manhattan the ones who were complain about the alien squid change. Snyder was very respectful of the changes he made to the end of the movie, he brought in Dave Gibbons to panel up the changes as to stay as true to the style as possible. To me ‘Watchmen’ is still the truest comic to film adaptation ever made (next to ‘300’ and ‘Sin City’). I still get choked up during the opening credits.

      • I liked ‘Watchmen,’ h*ll I bought the bluray, but for some it was just too real or perhaps too pessimistic is a more appropriate judgment. Anyway, the silver lining in the story was kind of thin…

  9. I got a feeling Warner Brothers will take this on a different path, not among the Avengers unity but to a whole nother level it`s quite obvious. No more spoilers !

  10. Loved Snyder in watchmen, think he would do fine directing JL

    Question: Other than ww batman and Superman, who could they use? Green lantern is boring (thanks to Reynolds) and the Flash might be the same size falure.

    • Green Lantern sucked more for the script, writing and style than just Reynolds. I personally don’t care for him too much – I want someone not so…Reynolds…in the role – but I think he as the character (and the literal light [i.e. CGI] suit) would be an awesome addition. Just imagine how it would look if they managed to put that next to the new Superman suit and the Nolan Batman suit. It would rock.

    • I say just use the John Stewart GL and act as if the first never happened. Just do not use an actor that has been in not one but two Marvel comic movies. Ban Reynolds from the genre.

      As far as Flash just have him there to deliver the one liners

      • Reynolds is awesome as Deadpool cause he fits the role, he just seemed weird as Green Lantern.

        In fact, I think he was the only good part of that movie, otherwise it had a terrible story that seemed to cram too much into so little time.

        • I guess what I meant as far as Deadpool was more the writers fault. I really hated how they turned him into some mute Baraka kind of thing. Thank you for reminding me that he did fit that part before production ruined the character. I hope that with the X-men re-shape they are doing Fox will fix that.

      • Please no John Stewert Lantern. Either bring Ryan Reynolds back as Hal(I actually liked him and that movie so yeah) or get Kyle Rayner.

  11. It didn’t seem to me that Snyder really said much of anything there, which is fine. I just think that they need to focus on making Man of Steel a great stand-alone film. I would love a Wonder Woman cameo, but they could ruin it by trying to use it as too much of an overt launching pad for the JL movie. I felt that Captain America suffered from being used that way. And they need to re-cast Green Lantern for JL.

    • I don’t think Captain America suffered from that. I thought it was pretty great as a stand alone movie. The only connections really were the cosmic cube and Cap waking up in a shield facility at the end. (Howard Stark wasn’t much of a connection to anything really)

      The cosmic cube can almost be treated as another character. It got introduced in Captain America and just became important to the story for Avengers later just like any of the other characters did. Red Skull has always been after the cube in the comics so it made sense to itroduce it there and show what it was capable of. And for the end, Captain America has always been tied closely with shield. It was just one little scene and they were gonna bring Cap to the future that way anyway just like the comics.

      Now did Irom Man 2 suffer from being too much of a spring board for the Avengers? Yeah, I’d say so. Big time really.

      • Agree.

        Captian America was my favorite phase 1 movie.

  12. Who’d play batman? I wouldn’t mind Bale returning, although I’d doubt that he’d do that without Nolan.

    • Wes Bentley has my vote

    • Jensen Ackles….period.

      • Jenson Ackles for Iron Fist… Comma,

        • Like… Exclamation!

          • These guys ^^^

      • 😀

  13. I have an idea. Just make a series of good to great movies and the fans will keep coming back for more. There, simple.

    I mean, besides Nolan’s Batman, there haven’t been any good DC movies. A good time to start would be now. See Marvel for examples (like they haven’t already). 😉

  14. Ya know, guys? For a new Batman, I’m down for Wes Bentley.

    I’ve only seen him in Hunger Games, yes. And a bit of Ghost Rider but let’s not talk about tha. Anyway in HG the guy was fascinating to watch – I immediately liked the dude. His expressions and the way he held himself. He seems like he CAN be an asshole, but instead chooses to use his smarts and abilities to be clever, witty and resourceful. Perfect for billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne rihgt? And also from the way he walked around controlling things in the Hunger Games control room helps me visualize him as the uncowled Bat figuring things out in the Batcave.

    He has the general standard comic book face shape. He can bulk up. He’s already entertaining to watch, and that same humorous, likeable look can easily descend into half-unhinged, half-carefully controlled rage that is Batman with the cape and cowl. And we’re definitely getting into the trend of having not-quite-A-list stars getting into the superhero suits, so he fits the bill for that as well. He’s a pretty good candidate in my opinion.

  15. I don’t know who I want for Batman…but I DO know who I want to play Mr. Freeze in the reboot series: Daniel Craig

  16. Uh, my comment has been awaiting moderation for over an hour now…no cusses or personal attacks are in there. Kofi?

    • Sorry… don’t know what that was about.

    • You can also be flagged for certain words that aren’t necessarily bad (which I cannot mention else this comment will get flagged >< )

      I happens occasionally and depending on in someone is actually moderating at the time can take a while.

      (also avoid linking more than one thing per comment because that also triggers a flag)

  17. Lol, I love it! “Kal-Clark”

    From the looks of it, I think Man of Steel looks like a great film to launch Justice League. I like the tone of what we have seen so far, and a good Justice League film IS long over due.

    • I hope they don’t stick to calling him that in these articles. Just sounds a bit awkward. Mix it together a little more fluidly. Call him “Kal-ark”

    • Youre kidding right? You do realize those are hilarious? Especially the one with the glasses.

  18. If they are just going to tack something on to try and emulate the Avengers movie set-up then I don’t know how well this will work out. At this point any Easter Egg cameo from another Justice League character is going to require them to either recast someone like Batman or Green Lantern, or find someone new to play either of those characters or another person. I don’t know how far along they are in the casting process for the JL project, but if they shoot anything with an additional character I think we will find out way before the film is done.

  19. I never understand people who hated “Watchmen”??..its a masterpiece imo, its so close to the comic book its unreal, I think Snyder would be perfect to direct a Justice League film, I have faith MOS will be friken epic, The Snyder/Nolan combo is the perfect partnership to be doing Superman, or superheros in general, both have their certain weaknesses but with their minds coming together they could make something spectacular! Im just so pumped to see Superman and its still ages away yet! hope it shows the world who Superman really is! im a DC fan and ive read Superman for years so its easy for me to love him, hate it when people call him lame! cant wait to see Supes in all his glory, Bring. It. On.

  20. let zack direct justice league! remember watchmen guys…

  21. Typical, a Nolanlized like DC universe in film. If JGL is Batman, i won’t be seeing it, thats for sure.

    • Seriously…here too?

  22. Now Sounds like a very good idea (and this is coming from a hard core marvel fan.)

  23. What we want is a truly powerful, imposing interpretation of the character. A hero who exhibits positivity and hope and most importantly of all, lots of heroic acts saving the world.

    What we don’t need is yet another protagonist riddled in self doubt, full of introspection and constantly wanting not to be a hero.Whilst that may prove compelling for today’s audiences when watching Batman or James Bond, it’s not the ideal persona to fit Superman.

  24. I think it’d be amusing if they attempted to do the Final Crisis storyline.

  25. Im looking forward to Man Of Steel and the prospects for JLA, I have an idea that they could bring Batman in with Gorden levit, and a few scenes where you see big chair in a dark cave, you don’t see the face but what you have is these screens and a control panel and its Batman and behind you hear the voice of Lucious fox commenting, and then there is a quick pan of wonder woman and flash too in another screen,, and Batman is kind of analyzing the whole thing from the distance and this would come in at the end of Man of steel when the credits go up,, its just an idea i had of how they might do it,, or the scene comes up a few times in the Man of steel, and bit by bit like small little flashes through Man of steel and Batman slowly gets revealed at the end credits,, just a taught ,,

    take care all

  26. I’m really looking forward to Snyder’s work with Superman, and I see no reason not to include his version in JLA. Every fan out there is itching for a film adaptation of the DC superhero team.

    • Not every fan wants a Nolanized Justice League team

  27. I prefer Snyder’s Superman films to be a trilogy like Nolan’s Batman films. Not launch DC’s shared universe with a dark, edgier way for every single DC character. Just wouldn’t work imo. Id to see them expand solo films beyond the Justice League core members like a Captain Atom film, Legion Of Super Heroes film, Firestorm,etc.

  28. I am not sure why everybody is so concerned about having a movie with each superheroes and trying to put it together like Marvel comics “Avengers “. I’m not sure this is a fair comparison but the DC Universe animated original movies seem quite good. For example “Doom”which was released a few months back was excellent. It is fairly understood especially the DC comics where each characters from and their history/story. I think what Nolan did with the Dark Knight trilogy was incredible but for a movie with all of the superheroes in it, it is not necessary. The animated films take the general story of each character and sometimes there is a little twist or a little change. In some of them Lois Lane knows Clark Kent is Superman. In some there are references to Robin being with Batman but he is never seen. In all there’s a general mistrust Batman has for all other superheroes. Let Zack Snyder make what he wants of the man of steel and making another movie with all the superheroes doesnt need connection to Individual movies.