‘Man of Steel’ Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

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Man of Steel Interviews Zack Snyder Henry Cavill Amy Adams Michael Shannon and Hans Zimmer Man of Steel Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

Man of Steel is about to hit theaters faster than a speeding bullet, and once people have had  a chance to get re-acquainted with Superman – as imagined by director Zack Snyder and writers Chris Nolan and David S. Goyer (of Dark Knight fame) – we know they’re going to want to learn more about what went into making the biggest Superman movie of all time.

To that end, we’ve rounded up quotes from the Man of Steel press conference, which included the likes of Chuck Roven (Producer), Debbie Snyder (Producer), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Russell Crowe (Jor-El), Henry Cavill (Superman), Zack Snyder (Director), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Michael Shannon (Zod), Antje Traue (Faora, Zod’s henchwoman), David Goyer (Writer), and Dark Knight Trilogy composer, Hans Zimmer.

Before we delve into the press conference, check out this gallery of new Man of Steel limited edition posters, courtesy of Mondo Tees:


Man of Steel Press Conference

Producer Deborah Snyder, Director Zack Snyder and Screenwriter David S. Goyer discussed the massive task of re-inventing Superman for a new era, and how they went about it:

Deborah Snyder: I think when you start thinking about the magnitude of who this character is and how big it is and how big the responsibility is, you can really get yourself paralyzed. So what you have to do is break it down piece by piece and just look at it as the process. First, it was getting the story right, and at its core I think Superman has been around for 75 years because of the story. Then it’s about day to day seeing what task is at hand and choosing the right people to bring Zack’s vision of it to life. Casting these wonderful people, the right people to bring these characters, to make them alive. Choosing the right composer to making the music as powerful and moving as it should be. I think you just have to look at it day by day piece by piece.

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Man of Steel Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

Zack Snyder & Henry Cavill on set of ‘Man of Steel’

Zack: …Debbie and I went and had lunch with Chris and Emma [Nolan] and we talked about this Superman project. I remember the first time when we were setting the meeting it was like, ‘Hey, you guys want to have lunch and if we talk about Superman is that weird?’ We thought, ‘No, no, Superman is cool.’ I was worried about Superman honestly as a project because it was a thing that I was interested in. But then on the other hand, I was scared because Superman is Superman. It seemed at the time like a lot of work to make work, though I will say after I read David’s script and after talking to Chris, there was no fear in the script and the idea. The idea was very straightforward and very confident and I think that’s what gave me this feeling of confidence that I felt like there is a thing in there to make cool, there’s a thing in there that I’m interested in. Maybe I need to just let go of the fear of this icon.

I do like Superman as a character and I have followed him throughout the years. The fear for me was that, could I honor what he’s been and what he has the potential to be? I think David did an amazing job with the script and that was in there—we just had to go after it. I think the vision was sort of an unapologetic Superman movie that we wanted to make. I felt in the recent past, people have been apologizing for Superman a little bit for his costume, for his origins, for the way he fits into society. We just wanted to say ‘No, no. This is the mythology and this is how it is, and it’s supposed to be this way.’ And I think that’s kind of the movie we made. We wanted to enshrine him where he belongs—and whether or not that’s making it too important, I don’t know, but it was the way we wanted to do it. It was fun to do.


David S. Goyer: It’s a huge challenge, I remember five or six years ago someone asking me at a Batman junket whether or not I would want to do Superman or not. At the time I said no. It’s an enormous responsibility. People have a proprietary relationship with Superman. A lot of people would say that’s my Superman, but there’s the Reeve Superman from the ’50s, the Fletcher Superman, Lois & Clark Superman, and the Donner Superman. It’s important to respect the iconography and respect the canon, but…at the same time you have to tell a story.

And once you sort of land on who you think the character is and what his conflicts are, you have to let that lead you. You have to throw all that other stuff away and not be worried about this epic responsibility or it will just crush you and paralyze you… For me it was very simple: it’s a story about two fathers. While I was writing this script, I became a step-dad, and a dad, and my own dad died. I never thought that my own experiences would find their way into something like this, but if you boil it down to that, it’s about a man with two fathers and he has to decide which kind of linage he has to choose. My Kryptonian father or my Earth father? And in the end, it’s kind of both that make him the man that he becomes.

Henry Cavill also addressed the intimidation of taking on such an iconic character:

Man of Steel Review starring Henry Cavill Amy Adams Michael Shannon and Laurence Fishburne Man of Steel Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

Henry Cavill as Superman in ‘Man of Steel’

Henry: First I don’t think it’s about finding my way into an icon. Playing an icon, you don’t try to be an icon because that defeats the purpose. The responsibility attached is enormous and the realization that it actually really, really, matters meant that I wanted to put the most amount of work into representing the character properly… What would people do otherwise apart from talk about it? I don’t necessarily think that he speaks to the outsider alone, he speaks to everyone—or that ideal speaks to everyone. We all need hope no matter what century we are in, whatever state of life we are in, whether we are going through tragedy or not. It’s just hope that everything will be okay, and if tragedy and disaster happens I hope we can overcome it. I don’t believe it’s solely for those who are outsiders and those who think they’re alone. It’s for everyone.

As far as the conflict that he went through or the journey, it wasn’t about classic Superman material. So when you see Clark traveling through the world and trying to work out what and who and why he is, I didn’t go to source material for that, I just applied my own life to that. As actors, it’s quite a lonely existence unless you have someone traveling with you the entire time. You spent a lot of time by yourself and you meet new people and you make temporary families and you love them. And then you never see them again, potentially, apart from the press conference. You just apply that to the character and that’s exactly what he experiences. New groups of people constantly, and then disappearing again and having to introduce himself to these other people and prove to them he’s a nice guy who tries to do all the right stuff. And then all of a sudden, he disappears again. So it’s just that lonely aspect that I applied to it opposed to any classic Superman material.

Man of Steel Clark Kent Journey Man of Steel Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in ‘Man of Steel’

One of the surprising things about Man of Steel is that it borrows the Batman Begins style of non-linear narrative when establishing character and backstory during the first act. Goyer and Snyder addressed the reason why they chose such an approach:

David: Anytime I’ve been involved in a non-linear story, you start it in a linear manner first just to make sure it makes sense. Then you chop it up and move it around and that was a process that we started when Zack came on board, and some of it shifted as we were moving along.

Zack: I think that it’s a cool way. You’re with Clark and he’s making his way and you’re sort of getting these cool insights into the why of him. I think it’s fun to do it in that way, rather then when he’s facing a decision. You get to see the why of why he’s making those decisions. Presenting it that way allows the momentum of the story to keep going and you also get an insight into the man in a way that is interesting. It serves the movie in a really fun way, too.

David: Also, I think it was arresting to go from the craft impacting in Kansas into—boom!—33 years later he’s on a crab boat and just sort of playing with peoples expectations.


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  1. After seeing the film and really enjoying it i feel goyer needs to be replaced. He has great ideas but can never fully excecute them

    • You mean Snyder? Goyer does the writing, Snyder the executing.

      Anyway, MOS is getting extremely mixed reviews. I’m excited to see it but pretty sure it’ll fall short of greatness, which, isn’t so bad I guess.

      • No i mean goyer, the writing isnt up to par. Snyder does what he can but the amount of exposition and the way the film is structure is on goyer i felt thr writing could be improved

        • I feared the same all along. Goyer’s got a lot of knowledge about the lore and can come up with an interesting story but as a screenwriter he suffers from really clunky dialogue. Warner Bros should have just had Goyer provide the story/creative consulting(like he did for The Dark Knight and TDKR) and had someone else write the script(like Jonah Nolan) under his supervision.

    • I think I agree heavily.
      Film is fantastic and better than it is getting credit for (so far).
      The basic template is great, Snyder does his best and sometimes exceeds to execute the script. This comes from the aid of a talented ensemble cast as well.
      Goyer is brilliant in coming up with ideas in this film. The mythology, the unexplored details, they are all great, but maybe another talented writer would definitely have balanced the story out.
      In fact, this is Snyder’s best film to date both due to the central story but also Snyder’s enthusiasm and casting.

      • You know I’ve noticed in all of the reviews that had a grim look on it that they were comparing Man of Steel to Donner’s Superman; not the comics and not most of the later cartoons. It seemed they wanted Zack to apologize for making Superman have to face too much action. Ridiculous.

        • The most annoying thing is that so many reviewers keep comparing it to Donner’s Superman and expecting the same thing since that was the only ‘Superman’ they were exposed to. And from that, they base their whole review on that. They knock the movie consistently about things that don’t even make a good movie, but what their vision of a Superman movie is. It’s ridiculous for sure.

          Then there’s handful of negative reviews that actually make sense, which I take seriously. Some of the complaints were; way too much action, the first part of the movie feels a bit choppy and some characters feel a bit underdeveloped. These things can definitely lessen the impact of Man of Steel. It just sucks that all the reviews aren’t like this, instead most of them are biased resulting in a low score for the movie =/.

          Sometimes you gotta ignore reviews for a movie, especially a comic book movie, and judge the movie for yourself, which is exactly what I’m going to be doing.

          • Exactly. +1

        • yeah i know that feel bro, those old school superman fans, who never read sup52. hipsters.

  2. It’s at 59% and dropping on RT. That is disappointing. The more people that see it, the worse the rating gets.

    My nephew saw it last night for an “employee screening” at show he works at and said it’s better to wait for the rental. I was stunned.
    He said Superman Returns had a better story, but that the action was good.

    Nobody really was enjoying it, and nobody really felt it was that good afterwords. He said the best thing about it was Russell Crow, he was fantastic, and he said Zod was cool, but that’s it, other than that, it wasn’t very good. Cavil apperently wasn’t very impressive, but looked amazing.

    He’s a huge comic book fan and loves CBM’s, and he was disappointed. For him to say this is telling and disappointing.

    I have mixed feelings. I might see it in a few weeks, maybe. I was really hoping this would be something special.

    • Superman returns does have a better story cause it was all story much like this is all action. Depends on how you want your superman. I think it will stay between 59-63% but we all will agree thats a dissapointment. Lets hope the money still comes in so we can get more dC film

      • @ Trey

        Right, I agree.

        My nephew said your insights from last night were pretty much dead on.

        • Im glad he agreed, I think it will be the census around the park. I believe its a good foundation that offers several ways to go, I just feel either snyder needs to tone back his action set peices (which are still really good) or Goyer needs to find a way to improve his writing and balance everything. I am unsure if Goyer is the right guy for the sequal, I still see potential in Snyder. I wouldn’t be against a complete swap in director and writing team. I remember them stated Darren Ornaphsky (?) was the 2nd option and I feel he really wants to make a superhero film (his batman also wasnt aloud to be made) and mite make an interesting Superman that can fall in same tone as Man of Steel.

          • I had some friends that went last night for a special screening for work and so far that seems to be the mutual word out there. Zod was cool, Crowe gave a great performance, and Cavil wasn’t all that impressive. The action scenes were alright but nothing really memorable and the storyline was just bland. I was just soo overly disappointed when I kept hearing that from people over and over again. Now I keep seeing more and more reviews coming out that they consider it “the biggest blockbuster disappointment of 2013 thus far”. I am still going to go check it out despite the advice that people have given me to wait for the DVD. Right now I am hoping it’s just a difference of opinion but right now it’s not looking good

            • The action is very memotable imo, easily the largest scale scale and sheer distruction ever captured on film. And all reviews point to the action being very great jusy too much

              • I haven’t seen Man of Steel yet, but I don’t understand the “Superman Returns had the story” topic. What?!? Superman Returns had a TERRIBLE story! If Man of Steel is style over substance, well, at least there’s SOMETHING to enjoy. I love a good story just like anyone, but Superman Returns didn’t have style OR substance.

                • Apparently there is no story, or a very choppy, disjointed one in MoS. I agree, to say the story was better in Superman Returns is quite a blow, but it’s widely being said by those that have seen it.

                  • Most of the reviews, even the rotten ones say despite it being overblown with action and everything its still the best Superman movie since Superman II

                  • yes the story is too quick to tell to, give it some extended edition dvd/br, and i think it can be fixed.

                  • Just saw it. Yes, at times there is a little more action than story, but the story we get is GREAT! Very emotional and very intense. Both the action and the drama are ALL more entertaining than anything that was in Superman Returns, trust me.

          • don’t replace Snyder please, he did a great job transferring comic book picture to the screen. really, the fight/flying scene, when the camera looks like it can keep up with the speed of kryptonian, can you imagine that? i think that what he was thinking, out of reach.

            and there’s no slow motion as i remember, that’s great, since the matrix, slo-mo is exploited a lot in many action film, and it’s refreshing that this movie doesn’t have it.

    • no, it’s not just Russell Crow. Costner, Diane Lane is great too. the scene in tornado really gives me shiver. and Traue is great, she’s really fierce.

      Snyder does great i think, it’s just the story that is not so biting. it doesn’t tell much how CK became superman, too quick in delivering the story.

      the flashback scene is more appealing for me, it has the emotion.

      but still better than im3

    • I dunno. When you hit 58% on Rotten Tomatoes, you’ve got a big, fat splat of a movie.

      I think Warner Bros has a serious problem on their hands.

      Clearly the filmmakers have missed the mark: final action scene WAY too long; a Superman who is plastic and lifeless; a megalomaniacal villain with no real sophistication or depth; disjointed plotting; and wooden dialogue.

      I’d say Warner Bros’ hopes for a Justice League film have been dashed by this stinky Lycopersicon esculentum.

      DC’s relevance is dead.

      • 58% makes it automatic trash? I love taken and it got a 58% and a Knights Tale, hell I even find Troy a good movie and its less than that. People complain a lot about the story but its a very comic book like story, it just put together a rather choppy. The story is very much like an animated series or comic book and I feel Goyer just didn’t do enough to add it. I think if the movie was in a linear format then it would have been better. However its a hell of a time and a great summer blockbuster, after my 2nd viewing I was ectatic and enjoyed it even more.

        • 58% for Taken was kind.

      • What “villain”? Didn’t you read all the pre-release materials saying that Zod isn’t a villain; this is a serious drama! Zod is just another morally complex and psychologically developed character. He just happens to spend a lot of time wearing spiky nazgul armor and trying to conquer the world, as one does…

  3. Man of steel is getting very mixed review. I guess I’ll see before midnight this weekend and maybe see man of steel early matinee next weekend.

  4. I have watched the movie, I still preffer Dark Knight but still enjoyable. In my own opinion MoS better than IM3 and Superman Returns.

    • long way to go to match nolan’s batman, it lack the humanity.

  5. Reviews are split down the middle. Seems the main criticism is that the film took itself too seriously. But then again this isn’t the campy 1978 Donner Superman. Taking itself too seriously is the least of my concerns.

    • According to the reviews: this movie has way too much action, not enough character development. The dialogues scenes feel awkward and cliché . No chemistry between Lois lane and Clark kent . The best part of movie :the childhood scenes is told through flashbacks which weaken their impact.
      One reviewer says that the product placements are in your face constantly.
      Best part of the movie is Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe

      I guess that’s an early matinee for me. Going to see before midnight this weekend

      • Darn.

        Looks like Nolan should have chosen Darren Arrenofsky(the runners-up for the director’s job) instead of Zack Snyder. It seems Warner Bros hired Snyder despite his earlier track record mainly because of Nolan’s recommendation.

        • Honestly, I think Nolan is the problem. Not every superhero is Batman, so you can’t make them all dark and brooding. That was ok for Batman, I guess, but not all of them.

          WB/DC needs to get away from the dark tone, and get some diffrent, creative minds in there, to approach the DC properties from a diffrent lighter perspective.

          • Having not seen it yet, I wouldn’t say Nolan is to blame for anything.

            After all, this isn’t his movie. Goyer wrote it, Snyder directed it. Plus I’d argue that it’s not dark and gritty but realistic, helps audiences relate better.

          • I don’t think this movie had anything Nolan related at all. Never once did I even find a hint of the Nolan influence. Yes it was darker and tried to ground Superman in reality, but Nolan as we all have stated was more a pitch man to Goyer’s project. This is a Zack Snyder film if it was a Nolan film, there would be less action and far more insight into the character as Superman. Would it be better or worse? we will never know but I feel Nolan didn’t drag the film in any direction. If anyone Goyer was inspired by The Dark Knight Trilogy to try it again.

            • Would it be fair to say its a hybrid? Nolan dark, Snyder action? I have to believe Nolan had a major influence in how Goyer and Snyder went about things with this movie.

              Superman is not a dark character, why make him dark? Because it’s the only formula that works, or that they know?

              People are saying they don’t recognize Superman in this movie and that they don’t like the guy that replaced him. That is not good.

              • I honestly don’t think Nolan had anything to do with it other than financial and getting the behidn the scenes team together. It was Goyer’s idea during filming of TDKR and his script with Snyder’s direction.

                I dunno, I don’t see Superman as looking dark in the trailers but I’ll watch tomorrow anyway when it releases but I’ve learned not to trust other people when it comes to movies now because people hated TDKR and IM3 yet I found nothing wrong with them myself so this movie getting bad press with US audiences makes me feel inclined to believe that actually, it’s a pretty damn good movie and you guys are just being weird.

                • +1

                  Completely agree, so much hate on TDKR and IM3, but the thing is, all the hate I find is only on the internet. I’ve read so many hateful comments on Batman that I started believing it, watched the movie another time right after and started loving it again. When I ask people I know about these movies, they say they’re both awesome.

          • Completely agree with you!! TDK was ONE amazing film and after that every director goes crazy trying to copy it. Amazing-Spiderman, Skyfall and even Into Darkness to an extent sheesh! Let go of the sadness people! Superman is a symbol of hope! He might sad inside but he always smiles and gives hope to the outside world. Getting really tired of this post 9/11 gloom.

          • no it’s not nolanized at all for me, it’s goyer fault imo.

      • I think most of you should just see it instead of hearing what other reviews had to say. I mentioned it before and I’ll say it again. most of these reviews had Donner’s Superman in mind and were disappointed when he didnt show up. I saw the Film and it was a great superhero film. It ddnt have as many holes or was as empty as Superman 1. If you haven’t seen it lately go back and look. If that movie would’ve come out now – everyone would say it wouldn’t be worth seeing it in the theater. Watch Man of Steel and if you like the Superman of the comics you’ll like this.

        • BS!

          Superman The Movie still stands up today. Sure, some of the VFX would need some updating, but the opening on Krypton and the helicopter rescue — to name but two examples — still cannot be improved upon with today’s VFX.

          Plus, you simply cannot trump the epic opening credits, the even more epic John Williams score…and Christopher Reeve’s nuanced performance.

          Still the comic book superhero film against which all others must be judged.

      • All true.

        It’s not even a rental, IMO.

        Worth a free download, maybe.

    • From what people who saw it already are saying it’s not that it’s a “darker” version from the 1978 Superman that they have issues with but that the movie doesn’t “flow” smoothly. There is no development in the characters and that Michael Shannon as Zod and Russell Crowe as Jor-El are more memorable than Cavill as Superman. Throw in the fact that people are also saying that although the action scenes were great(but not memorable), the storyline as a whole fell short. Normally I would care less what the reviewers are saying but this is coming from huge DC Superman fans who I usually share their opinions. For them to say it’s a “Green Lantern movie with better action scenes” isn’t a good thing

      • when Jo-Kent raise his hand, sounds like turned off, then Clark screaming “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!”, that’s the most memorable part for me.

        • Yeah that was very memorable. Everyone keeps saying the story was choppy or it wasn’t a great storyline. Personally, i thought it was great, once you all see it then you can give a better opinion but the story IMO couldnt have been more original (from what origins we already have) or centered within the movie. The action was memorable – actually quite amazing, i don’t remember a film with this much extensive and amazing action in quite awhile. Another Green Lantern? Who the hell said that!? There is not even a comparison. Not even close.

          • I’m looking forward to that scene now aha. Will be watching tomorrow, and cannot wait!

  6. Here is a funny.

    Man of Steel getting mixed reviews.

    World War Z Early reviews…More positive?


    But then again, I did say. Zombies could be more popular than Superman.
    Some of you mocked me. So we shall see next week which movie is going to be on top, I still say Man of Steel, but the way it is looking. Man of Steel might have one or two weeks tops.

    Next week, strong competition comes.

    • Lol interesting. Zombies are hot right now.

    • Early reviews for Superman were very positive too, I think with 15 or so reviews, the rating was in the high 80s and low 90s. I’m hoping both movies are good though!

  7. I don’t know why everyone’s expectations were so high for this, as though MoS would be the messiah of CBM’s. It’s not like Snyder had a perfect track record, a bit hit or miss.

    I think fans REALLY want a shared/expanded DC universe, and we all know how that entire plan hinges on MoS’s success. We want The Flash, World’s Finest, Justice League… and if MoS fails to launch, all plans are delayed indefinitely.

    WB will go back to the Batman well, fast-track a new stand alone trilogy.

    • @Pitt Man

      As most everyone on here can attest to. I said I was not going to get my hopes up for this.

      Based on Synder’s record of having way to much budget for his movies. When budgets are normal, he produces good quality, when the budget goes up, he tends to over do it.

    • Are you kidding me? Everyone pumped this up to be CBM of the year. Expectations were sky high, and they didn’t deliver, although it was an okay movie.

  8. I am not understanding all of this fear generated by Rotten Tomatoes critics. It has virtually no bearing on performance. Don’t believe me. lets look at the top ten performing movies of 2013. What you might notice is that HALF of them were certified rotten!

    Oz The Great and Powerful(59% critics /61% Audience) – #2 highest grossing film of 2013
    The Great Gatsby(50% critics/72% Audience) – #6 highest grossing film of 2013
    Identity Thief(20% critics/58% Audience)- #7 highest grossing film of 2013
    GI Joe Retaliation(28% critics/53% Audience)- #8 highest grossing film of 2013
    Olympus Has Fallen(47% critics/74% Audience) – #10 highest grossing film of 2013

    I have long become convinced that the age of the film critic is over thanks to internet sites that let people discuss movies and are accessible to ANYONE! Ever since I watched trash such as Twilight consistently outlandishly outperform its relative quality, while movies like Dredd with a solid critical acceptance at 78% or a modern classic movie like Let the Right One In – a movie with a stunning 98% critic approval, languished in obscurity, I knew film critics had become a dime a dozen and nobody listens to them anymore.

    So stop all the squirming! Man of Steel WILL be a top 3 money earner for 2013 and will dominate the box office for the next three weeks.

    • You cannot compare those movies in 2013 as 2013 did not end yet and is just 2 weeks past the half way mark.

      See me in 2014 and see where those movies rank in the top 10 for 2013.

      • It is totally fair game. There won’t be any blockbusters after summer until Christmas and those movies will reflect a more artsy tone as studios try to rope in their academy award hopefuls. And even if some of those listed fall out of the top ten, they will likely be replaced by MORE movies certified rotten but embraced by those whose opinions really matter – audiences – including maybe Man of Steel!

        • @ Patrick Bayard

          Thor2 in November will be a blockbuster, probably not IM3 numbers, but it should do very well.

          • I can’t disagree with that!

          • Thor will do well but I can’t imagine it even coming close to IM3. The first Thor was the weakest of the recent Marvel flix (you could talk me into CA here) and he’s arguably the least interesting (and certainly least known) character among the big 4.

            • As you can see Man of Steel is not listed i that group and should knock one of those movies out of the top ten, as will Thor, and probably Wolverine. For it to change the dynamic of what I stated that half are certified rotten, at least two would have to be certified fresh.

            • @Tyler

              You thought Thor was the weakest Marvel movie to date?

              I guess that shows how different people’s opinions are and why we shouldn’t take the apparent negativity to heart with MOS because personally, I thought the only weak Marvel movie to date was The Avengers. I enjoyed and re-watched the rest with enthusiasm, that one, I only watch for Scarlett in tight leather.

              • That’s strange because I consider Avengers the best CBM ever created. When it was in the theater, I saw it at least 6 times.

                • It absolutly is the best CBM ever made.
                  Avengers had everything in it that a fan could want.

                • You are Klingon.

                  You needed to see it 6 times…Because you like to know everyone in the credits.

                  • Credits?! What’s a Credit??!!

                    That’s a creature that eats Tribbles.

                    Then yes, I love Credits!!!


                  • HAHAHA!

                • i have seen people on SR say cap was the best, and some said thor was, a few said TIH was the best. it’s all opinion. i have liked all the marvel films thus far (yes, even IM3, have seen it 3 times. great flick) i think i will like MOS for my own reasons, i couldn’t give less of a poop what the “professional critic” thinks (no offense Kofi) i do use them as guides, but i make up my own mind after seeing what i want to see. i read rex reeds retarded review,(rrrr?) and it seems like he only pointed out things that were in the trailers. i think he’s just butt-hurt he didn’t get asked to do a cameo in this one like in ’78. when it’s split in the middle like on RT now (57% as of 10:09 pm EST 6-13-13) i think it’s just not some of the reviewers container of potato salad, but, most likely i will like it. i thought GL was ok, just waaaaay to much cgi.

              • +1

                I liked the Avengers for Thor. Scarlett is cute, but my wife is hotter LOL.

                It was at least better then TIH.

          • SMAUG will burn him to ashhhhhh!!!

        • You have Sin City 2 in October which isn’t going to be big but should do okay. OldBoy is a hit or miss movie along with Ender’s Game and Hunger Games 2. We also have The Hobbit comes end of the year which always has a pretty decent following and Thor 2 should do okay.

        • Star Trek into Darkness..Ironman 3, Man of Steel, World War Z, Monsters University, Despicable me 2, Pacific Rim, Fast and Furious 6, Hang Over III, Thor the Dark World, Sin City 2. Byzantium, White House Down

          Those are the movies out or coming out since the movies on your list.

          How much you want to bet, not one of the movies you named, will be in the top ten by the end of August?

          Those Highest Grossing films, how many of them you named, have made back their budget and marketing?

          • Just speaking of the summer films, I really think Pacific Rim will win the summer. It won’t make 1.2B like IM3, but it will do very, very well I think.

    • @Patrick Bayard

      You blame professional film critics but then complain about movies languishing. The problem is in the audiences, not the critics.

      I’ve seen film critics say that TDKR and IM3 are the best of their trilogies while audiences said they were terrible. Dredd was given great reviews and (over here in the UK as well as the rest of the world) did great numbers until it released int he US where audiences stayed away and made it a box office bomb.

      With the examples you gave, I’d say the film critics are better judges than the audiences since audiences go in blindly and generate huge numbers in the profits wile critics go to movies regularly as their job description and have a better idea of whether a movie is well made or not.

      That’s why I don’t trust box office profits or user based reviews these days and the only opinions I trust are my own, the Screen Rant reviewers and the BBC’s Mark Kermode. Otherwise, I’d go and see a dumbass Seth Rogen movie on the recommendation of dumbass people who love that kind of thing and rate it highly and then walk away wanting a refund and wondering why I ever wasted 2 hours of my life on something I know I wouldn’t like before I went in while wishing I’d listened to my own instinct as well as SR/Kermode’s opinions.

      • If you are saying that critics are a better judge of quality, I disagree to an extent. I would put it like this. The closer that film critics get to unanimity, in either direction – the more the film appeals or does not appeal to a broad audience…then yes they are a good judge. When for example the film is split 50/50 with critics, what it tells me is that the people who enjoy one aspect of the movie (for example explosions) may lean in one direction, while critics that may prefer another aspect (like character driven stories and dislike action) may lean in another direction. If critics split with audiences (where one group likes the movie and the other group does not) then the audience view tends to prevail at the box office (Lara Croft, Wolverine) and in my personal opinion sometimes even quality (Chronicles of Riddick and the Underworld Franchise) those being movies I thought were great but critics panned. When you look at it like that, I think you can get a better prediction of box office success.

        The state of Man of Steel looks as though it is a mixed bag so if audiences like it a lot, the critical response will be irrelevant. Also I don’t think what critics are saying is going to resonate if word of mouth (internet) differs significantly. When I read MOS reviews, I also read the responses to those reviews by internet users and my mental sample tells me that the reviews have not changed many peoples mind.

      • oh yeah critics writer, those old people who still black and white-silence movie minded who never moved on.


      I was wrong! Its not five of the top 10 grossing films of 2013 that are certified Rotten…its SIX. I left out the Hangover III. So everyone go back to listening to the critics …snicker…snicker!

  9. Honestly, save kryptonite for the 3rd film. Let him grow to be a God to the world with no IDEA that he has a weakness. Then have it show up in the third film and have his whole world crashing down on him.

  10. Well

    Man of Steel has offically gone Rotten @ 58%

    • :(

      I was really hoping it would be good AND please the critics. The audience reviews so far on RT are a lot more positive. If this is worse that IM3 I’ll be pissed off. I’m still hoping everybody is wrong and I’ll enjoy it. “Watchmen” was great and the only thing I’ve seen of Snyder’s I didn’t like was “Sucker Punch”. Even the owl movie was okay, albeit very unoriginal and bland.

      • If you like Snyder you will like the film.

      • Like I’ve said before, I really can’t wait for Mark Kermode’s review since he loves comic books but despises Zack Snyder as “all flash and no show” and “focuses more on the spectacle yet somehow makes even huge action setpieces boring to watch”.

        I’m still gonna catch it tomorrow afternoon when it releases (8am EST for you Americans, still don’t get why you guys would have midnight screenings of movies when the film will still be there the next day at a more reasonable time of day to watch).

      • I personally enjoyed it better than Iron Man 3 which I considered is a self-parody at times.

        • So MOS is fantastic then?

          Because IM3 was a great movie.

          • I prefer it to iron man 3 and neither are great, really good imo. And if you go to the user reviews on IMDB many really like the film far more than ones who like it. I can think of tons of films that i love that arent fresh

    • Currently 57% and dropping.

  11. Have to ask….

    Despite the official embargo on MOS reviews until after it’s released tomorrow, can we at least find out which lucky Screen Ranter got to review it for the site?

    • my guess is Ben

    • It’s Kofi.

    • I’m going with Kofi.

  12. looking so forward to this film for years and wish I had never heard of RT as its bummed me out for the film before ive even seen it. never again will I go to sites like that beforehand

  13. Everybody relax our review isn’t even up yet :-)

    @Trey – Benny gets to do a lot of big reviews – but every now and then I step in to claim one in the name of seniority ;-)

    Check back tomorrow.

    • I kinda expected you to review it. I think you were the most excited about it.

    • @Kofi
      I hope that first smiley face is a sign of a positive review haha

    • I was guessing you too, Kofi.

      Your legendary Green Lantern review
      is still my all-time favorite of yours :D
      I trust MOS was not as disappointing.

      • Oh man! I had forgotten about that review…and the vitriol that Kofi suffered afterwards.

        • Yes, and unfair vitriol as well.
          The review itself was fair but
          not what a lot wanted to hear.

  14. I am going to do a John Madden review of it.

    • It will work perfect… AND BOOM! Right into a building theksnhrus boom! Explosion!! Booom somewhat emotional lol

    • I passed him on the street once in Manhattan.
      I said hello John and he looked at me with a
      look that said how dare you call me John.

      He then ignored me and walked on.

  15. Sad as I am to say, this movie may be a flop. With the $220 million dollar budget, and with the critics being divided, it’s not looking good. This movie will have to make close to a billion dollars to make a profit decent enough for WB. With a $220 million dollar budget, marketing, the money they have to pay the actors, and other things, I don’t see why they greenlit Man Of Steel 2 so fast.

    • I’d say wait and see.

      Then again, Dredd was far from a failure in the rest of the world but because it failed in the US, it was considered a flop so maybe Hollywood will be selfish and arrogant enough to continue that trend if MOS does poorly in the US despite massive profits elsewhere.

    • They have already made their money back from endorsments. Everythinng else they make from now will be pure profit (Apart from tax).

      • How do you know that they made their money back?

        • It was widely publicized that it had already recouped it’s budget through product placement and other endorsement deals such as that one for that burger chain etc…

          Perhaps all those stories are lies? But it is supposed to be produt placement heavy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if between a few large companies, most or all of the budget has been recouped.


          • Endorsement means nothing.


            Filming Budget.
            Marketing Budget.

            Two different Budgets, The Marketing Budget goes back into Marketing.

            People, this is simple Econ 101.

            This is snake oil.


            Here it is in laymen terms.

            You and a co worker both work on Commission. You sell 95% of your sales for the month. Your co-worker sells 5%. But the company you both work for says, you have to give half of your commission to your co worker to make it look like you both sold the same amount.

            Now is that fair? Is that how you think Business works? Marketing Department marketed Man of Steel, and they are reaping the revenue from their hard work.

            The Production of the film has to be made up in its budget.

            So ends the lesson.

            • Yawn. Well excuse us laymen.

              Truth is, you aren’t always right.


      • No.

        Making money from endorsements is not calculated. Because, even though it is a movie tie in, a percentage of that has to go to the manufactures. They paid to have their product in, or related to the release of Man of Steel.

        Now here is the deal breaker, those companies, will make profits far surpassing Man of Steel Budget.

        But, with over 100 world wide endorsement, Man of Steel only gets a percentage. It may take in, but it is a 60/40 proposition for the company. Every Product ties in Man of Steel, goes to the company, they need to then pay Warner Brothers.

        But here is the flip side…Warner Brothers also has to pay the Rights to have a companies product in the movie. That is not part of the Marketing campaign.

        So that has to be factored in as well.

    • @ Tay

      Don’t be so sure WB greenlit a sequel. I know what the reports say, but WB also “greenlit” a Green Latern sequel to drum up business for Green Lantern.

      Nothing is for sure until its on film and in the can. WB could scrap the whole thing bh Monday, like they did Green Lantern.

      Theater report: Midnight showings are not selling out and apparently Walmart couldn’t sell many of their advanced tickets and are letting employees have them for a dollar donation to a charity.

      • Where did the theater report come from?

        • Michigan

    • say that to transformers, and many other movies that were panned from critics and yet they were highly succesful.

  16. Does anybody know if there will be any after credit scenes. I am going tonight at midnight and would like to know

    • None

  17. I am still going to see it.The reviews don’t worry me they have been wrong before hopefully they do improve though.

    • Yup, Transformers 2 and 3 anyone? lol.

      • That’s a different situation the transformers 2 and 3 had mostly bad reviews Man of Steel has mixed reviews which means it could go either way i am just going to judge for myself.

        • Well in both cases the movies have characters with mass appeal and action scenes to cement the deal. I have faith in it.

  18. My nephew said the “S” should have stood for “Sub-par”, “Sucks”, or “Sad”, not hope.

    That is sad

    • I saw it at an employee screening as well and really enjoyed it. I guess my opinion cancels out your nephews?

      • I wasn’t expecting 90% rave reviews or anything it’s sorta in line with what I expected, a movie that takes its character seriously, entertaining spectacle with decent acting and story to move it along and it seems we got just that what’s the problem? Lol. It will do just fine.

        • sorry it wasnt supposed to be a response to you just a general one lol.

      • You know what Judge, I have no idea.
        At this point I guess it’s just personal preference.

        I’ve read and heard far more bad than good, but who knows. Either way, I don’t think it’s going to be what people wanted or expected, and I don’t think it’s going to do the numbers people hoped or thought it would.

        • With the sinking rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s a sure bet that a lot of folks are going to stay home now. That will translate into a [relatively] poor box office performance.

          A DOA Superman means no hope for a Justice League film.

          • I don’t think the Rotten Tomatoes rating will affect Man of Steel so much that it will result in a poor box office but I think it will still have a negative impact on it. Only time will tell, Critics are split and the general audience seem to like it.

      • nephew? he mean iron patriot? lol

    • That’s how I felt about IM3 and “Prometheus”

    • Damn Stark, why are you always so positive about MoS?!

  19. Am I missing something? Film critic Bill Gibron in his review on the website Film Racket states in the next to last sentence that the film man of Steel is “good” and he gives it 3 out of five stars which i read as a lukewarm endorsement. But on Rotten Tomatoes it lists him as a “Rotten” review What?

    Read it for yourself…


  20. saw the movie….fantastic!!!!

  21. Saw the Movie, don’t listen to the reviews. MOS is a solid film, sure it’s not up to par with Nolan’s Dark Knight flicks. However comparing this film to The Green Lantern is a jokkkke.

  22. Well my sister Kate saw it, and she is considered to be one of the biggest Superman fans.

    She pretty much summed it up this way.

    “If Superman is the Granddaddy of all Superheros. Then Grandpop need to be retired.”

    • propaganda, conspiracy.

      • Unlike you ZZ Putting in characters who have died..Which makes you??????

        Now come on, you can figure it out.

        • I have only seen it once. While I understand a lot of the criticism they have gone overboard by suggesting it is a bad movie. If I had to rank Man of Steel against other Superhero movies, it would be in the top ten, but not the top five. It is by far the best adaptation of Superman ever put to film (or maybe digitized these days) and I certainly enjoyed it more that Iron Man 3 a movie which I liked and would recommend but barely!

          • Agreed.

  23. Got a standing ovation at the end of the walmart showing and i enoyed it even more with my 2nd viewing

    • A special Walmart screening? Did they hire an octogenarian to stand at the entrance and tell everyone “Hello. Welcome to the embarrassing debacle of a film”?

      • Good one

        • He spent a half hour writing that response. And another hour proof reading and editing it. Give the guy a break that zinger had his heart and soul in it. :)

          • I have to admit it’s a smart business strategy. First, the customer goes to Walmart to purchase a movie ticket. Then, after 25 minutes of watching Man of Steel they’ll be forced to come back to buy a shotgun unless they want to have to wait 5 days to put themselves out of their misery.

            • Just under an hour for that zinger. You’re getting better corky, just keep working at it.

              • “Just keep working at it” is what the volunteer at the local community college writing lab told Goyer when he brought in the final shooting draft of the Man of Steel script.

                • I’d love to hear what you think about the film. What was so bad about it? Or are you talking out your a$$? I patiently wait your bs answer.

                  • Haven’t seen it personally, but based on what I’m hearing from people who’s opinions I trust there’s a number of problems- most notably how the fights are very repetitive and the film never finds any real rhythm.

                    • If you haven’t seen it SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Or I’ll eat your lunch. Quit bad mouthing something you know nothing about in a desperate silent scream on a forum.
                      When you do see it let me know what you thought. I’m going tomorrow.

                • Hello doc, are you there? Why didn’t you like the film? That’s what I thought.

  24. After reading many of the full length versions of negative reviews, I can’t help but feel many critics (and people) already have a negative predisposition when it comes to Superman. Whether it’s Donner-Superman nostalgia, irritation with Christ metaphors, something political or something psychological, many of these negative reviews give me the impression critics had made their mind prior to even watching the movie.

    It’s also interesting to read critics complain about an overly solemn Superman, when in the past I recall them complaining about an overly campy Superman.

    No matter what the truth is, all we are going to hear about is the Rotten Tomato percentage and box office numbers from Marvel fanboys sipping the Haterade.

    • Rotten Tomatoes reviews are an amaglmation of all reviews from professional to the audience.

      You can dismiss the professional. The people who have seen it and do not like it are also mixed in with those who have seen it and liked it.

      So it is not just professional, it is also people who just did not like it…Now if people like ZZ Will stop saying who freaking died in the movie, before he puts in a serious part of the movie and ruins it for EVERYONE WHO HAS NOT SEEN IT!

      • AMALGAMATION That is.

  25. I just saw the Man of Steel and it was A good movie. It had none of the humor of the 78 version. But the action was outstanding. My advice(GO SEE THIS MOVIE,NOW). By the way the actress playing Faroa I kept thinking she would have been A good canidate to play Wonder Woman if she hadn’t been in this movie.

    • yeah Traue is hot, pity she’s dead. even with those suit she looks sexy.

      • ZZ

        Think before you post….Some of us have no seen it…That is twice you have done it….DOES THIS SAY ANYTHING ABOUT SPOILER DISCUSSION..


        • Ok folks. Just like everyone else I have been looking forward to this movie for a very long time and I had VERY high expectations going into it. JUST before I left for the midnight showing 3 hours ago, I decided to check out Screenrant (the worlds greatest movie info site) just to get a few last minute opinions. Well needless to say, I was upset by all of the negativity and I was all of a sudden preparing myself for a letdown. Well……OH MY GOOD LORD WERE ALL OF YOU SO VERY VERY VERY WRONG! This movie was SO VERY EPIC! Now I don’t want to sit here and type for hours about WHY it was so epic….well actually i DO want to, but I need to get up in a few hours so I can’t (lol) so here is what I’ll do instead. If you have any questions or arguments AGAINST what I’m saying feel free to comment and I will GLADLY respond tomorrow. Here is my main point though.


  26. Some of the people who have seen it.

    Are mulling cabbages. You do not say who died, what happened, or anything to the plot.

    I am not one to mince words, but if you want to risk the ire of being considered rude and ignorant. I will be more than happy to oblige!

    • Yeah i hope i said nothing or the sort i believe i didnt

      • No Trey, you know how to post properly.

        ZZ on the other hand!

        • Hi Jeff,

          Ignore that troll.

  27. i watched it.

    i like the music.

    For those who have not watched it, my advice to you is to erase all those thoughts, emotions and expectations. go in the cinema and open with a clear mind and you will come out with an honest opinion.

    Man of Steel story is presented quite different and yes don’t compare it to Dark Knight.

    I will only say negative reviews are the result of the subjective expectation to the Superman universe but they also speak the truth about it however that should not bring you down to think that this is a bad movie.

    For me it was visually stunning.

    The movie would deserve an “Everything Wrong with” on youtube. (yes i cought the sinematic sins hehe)

    My mind is still daydreaming on the whole experience which i will conclude it is like reading a book and then wanting to flip back a few chapters just to understand what was going on. In this case means i would have to either wait for the dvd or pay another round to watch it again.

    chill folks, have your favorite beverage and snacks and you will be fine.

  28. Well! SUPERMAN was exactly what I was hoping for. The best entertainment a movie could offer of its genre. The trailers for the movie were just a spec of what this film was about. No spoilers here you will have to see it for yourself. It is not even close to Ironman,Batman,Spiderman films. The characters are not in-short but practical and to the point in this film. The action is non-stop through the entire film, taking your eyes off it just for a second ! and you will wish you hadn’t. You will truly Believe Superman is alive and just as human and alien as someone could be! I think the film speaks for itself. I recommend this film for any audience who would watch a movie for entertainment, because thats what this was through and through!

  29. Guys, here’s the thing. The mixed reviews aren’t because it isn’t very good. It’s because people are split. It isn’t a movie like Iron Man 3 that tries to please everybody (not hating on Iron Man 3, but it was a superhero movie, like The Avengers, that tried to appeal to as many people as possible). Man of Steel, however, has a more targeted audience, and they don’t hold back on a story THEY want to tell. I really liked it, but it’s a movie that many people just couldn’t grab on to. If you are someone who hasn’t liked the trailers or the look this movie is going for, then I’ll just say it, you probably won’t like it. However, if you’re someone who HAS liked the trailers and likes the direction this movie is taking, then I think you’re going to like it.

    And let me be the first to say NO! This is NOT a style over substance movie. Probably too much action at times, yes, but there are some pretty intense and emotional scenes. Just not what people would expect from a Superman movie.