‘Man of Steel’ Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

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Man of Steel Movie Comics Checklist Man of Steel Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

One thing most comic book fans always want to know: how familiar are the cast and filmmakers with the source material they’re adapting?

Henry: I did not take anything from the other characters that played it before. As an actor, the way I do it and the way I viewed it is that all the actors that have come before, it’s their interpretation of the source material—source material being the comic books—and I wanted to have my interpretation. Not out of a sense of ego, but in a sense that it might be a disjointed performance if I have someone else’s personality and their influence affect the interpretation of the character. So I went straight to the comic books and saw the older movies, but I did not apply those performances to mine.

Amy Adams: I grew up watching Superman and loving the characters and I let it be known that I auditioned several times—this was my third time. So thank you, Zack, for letting me play Lois. When I talked to Zack about this incarnation of Lois, what I loved was that she was still this intrepid reporter, that she was somebody that was going to be a part of the solution not just part of the problem. She was going to have more of an inner track on Clark and sort of be on the inside as opposed to being on the outside, and I really liked that and I thought that was a very unique idea. I really loved that Zack wanted it to be this really big, amazing film, but that was also very important to him to focus on the characters and the truth, grounding the characters in reality as much as possible in this amazing world that he created…he wanted all of the characters to have a really true heartbeat and we spent a lot of time talking about that, and that impressed me about Zack.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Man of Steel Man of Steel Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in ‘Man of Steel’

Russell Crowe: I have a confession, might just get it out. I’ve never seen any other Superman movie. Haven’t seen one with that fellow in it, or the new young fellow—I didn’t see that either. I didn’t have any references in terms of cinematic experiences. The only Superman reference I have is the black-and-white Superman TV show that was on TV after school when I was a kid. So I really had nothing to draw on. The simple thing for me is I read the script and thought it was a complex and really cool story in and of itself. And I thought the problems that Jor-El faced in terms of his decisions as a father was a very interesting thing to do and get involved.

With parenting clearly being a theme of the film, how did Superman’s parents (Russell Crowe and Diane Lane) approach that very human and grounded side of the film?

Russell: I had a very interesting experience being a father on this movie, I think Zack employed four babies as the recently born Kal-El and unlike my own experiences as a father of two, I’ve managed to dodge all the piss and the poo even though I’m pretty slick with a nappy. But on this movie, I got farted on first and that was okay. Pissed on and that was a little bit inconvenient. Then the topper happened under those hot lights. It was after lunch, to be expected, and I got a handful of the essential Kryptonian material. So I learned a lot, I had new experiences as a parent on this movie that I hadn’t previously had—so thank you, Zack.

Zack: I just want to add to the tapestry of your life as best as I can.

Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer in Man of Steel Man of Steel Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer in ‘Man of Steel’

Diane Lane: …Once you’re a parent, it informs everything that you do. This is such a unique scenario having an alien come into your barn and you raise it and happens to be a very beautiful human specimen. Actually, it has a lot of other things going on. You know the challenge and the backstory that Zack and Kevin and I really enjoyed discussing—which was not part of the script—is imagining what it would be like to temper a young person’s attitude adjustment, that’s required in the rearing of children, when they have the powers that Clark has.

It was fun having those conversations and you can fill in the blanks and maybe there will be some funny ones written for future story plots. I feel the love that one has for one. Once you fall in love with a being that needs you, you imprint and you want it to represent your belief system. How does that manifest and what is sacred to you? And that winds up being conveyed eventually when you’re not even there to see it. That’s the hope of parenthood. So A for effort and there you have it.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill Diane Lane Man of Steel Interviews with Cast, Director & Composer; Limited Edition Mondo Posters

Diane Lane in ‘Man of Steel’

I love that line that we’ve managed to come up with where she says, “Nice suit, son.” Because it’s been waiting to be revealed,  and if anyone is holding their breath anymore than mom, I can’t imagine who it would be. Talk about your son coming out! It’s kind of built in—sorry, Chuck. So yeah, I’m sort of relived and grateful and a bit overwhelmed by the havoc that it has brought. Coming out of the collapsed house, I love the metaphor of the family album that one would grab. What does one grab in a tornado or when something like that happens to your home? It’s the memories and it’s the value system of human life. And what is the value system of human life, really? And the imprint that we provided to Clark.


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  1. I saw Man of Steel yesterday at an advanced screening, Overall I thought it was a decent movie, I have seen Worse movies, I liked Cavill as Clark/Superman, Amy Adams as AVERAGE as Lois. Russell Crowe was AWESOME as Jor El, But Michael Shannon SUCKED as Zod. I found him to be Dull and Boring and a typical villain. I DID like Lawrence Fishbourne as Perry White, I can live with that. One Gripe I have is that there was at times TOO MUCH Action. I hope thus movie does well enough to do a second, but I also hope that the producers learn from this movie, and try to strike a good balance between Action AND Story. I will be seeing the movie again this weekend. and Kudos to Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent.

    • Agreed, except for Zod. Sorry, but Michael Shannon was a GREAT General Zod.

  2. It was epic. Let me get that out of the way. My only criticisms are length and Snyder went overboard on the action. Some shots though, were straight up techno/sci-fi porn which takes the scope of the film to another level visually.

    Cavill was better than people are saying. He played the part how I expected him to. Someone trying to figure out what the the hell it is they are meant to do.

    Overall I give this an 8/10. Solid movie and I’m looking forward to a sequel which is a good thing.

  3. The movie is a blast. Best action a comic book movie has seen to date. Period.

    I think the problem may lie in bringing life to Krypton, which probably would have made more sense to keep lifeless. That’s not exactly Zack’s or David’s fault… they went off the source material, which the second you bring to light becomes suspect.

    So Krypton is this advanced race and what not? Is that why they all just sit back and let themselves be killed, by… what exactly? Inner dispute? An exploding star? The entire planet deciding it wants to blow up?

    Superman is dated, and what he stands for could quite possibly be looked at with contempt now.

    Maybe the being who is supposed to be a beacon of hope looks that much more ridiculous because we have all in fact lost hope?

    Sobering ideas. Either way, I’ll be the first to admit this is not how I wanted things to go.

  4. I was hoping most critics hated MOS, it means it’s a good film! I’m even more excited now, who gives a monkeys what Rottens percentage of MOS is, it’s fan reviews is what counts, I swear all the films which critics have panned are usually the best! The critics are tossers, Just wait until you have seen it yourself before making a judgement, and ignore RT, they mean nothing!

  5. Im not too fussed on the RT score, I was always going to see this regardless, its Superman!
    As for too much action being one of the criticisms, im all for it especially after the IMO lacklustre Superman Returns.
    Its unfortunate we have to wait another two weeks to see this. :(

  6. Superman II was the first movie I ever saw at the theater. I was drawn to his idealism, that everyone can be saved even the likes of Zod and Luthor. This is a mockery of the Superman character. What Nolan did (and I am being a bit fanboyish here, sorry) was unforgivable. The source material is there waiting to be used. Fans are out there waiting to pay money to go see them. Why they let Nolan get his hands on Superman, I still to this day don’t know. Superman has no flaws. Superman passes no judgement, even on villians, that;s what in my eyes makes him ‘Super’Man.
    A few people have already blown what happens in this movie already, but it is the one principal that sets him apart from even Batman. Superman is not a violent superhero. He is the ultimate cop if you will, born with incredible powers to help mankind. How could humanity trust him after the destruction caused by the brawl between Zod and Superman? First of all, Superman would lead Zod into space, and fight him ther away from people. The last 5 minutes killed the movie for me, making anything Suprman said about hope vanish. Here’s a hint: Jor El’s comment? You can save them ALL? He meant Zod and his people as well. There were a hundred different ways Superman could have defeated Zod. Here’s one: Super breath as an extinguisher for one. They didn’t even use that power here. Also, he doesn’t consider America his home. He more likens himself as a citizen of Earth. He would help the world, not just one country,
    How would the Justice League see him after this confrontation? As a leader that can be trusted completely, or a timebomb that could snap at any moment? WHy do you think Batman carries a Kryptoninte ring? (Given to him BY Superman). I don’t know, mabey I am reading too much into it, but if people think this is the difinative Superman movie, they are looking at it through Nolan goggles. I am not a hater.I am just someone who feels the core of Superman, what makes him ‘Super’ was destroyed in this movie. I am not afraid to say it, which is why I am comming here in person. It’s amazing that with one sequence of events can bring you down like that. If that is what people want in a Superman, then it saddens me. There can never be a perfect hero anymore, they always have to be flawed, angsty, and not afraid to go dark. It saddens me because Superman was the last hero that was still full of optomism, saw the good in EVERYBODY. So if this is your thing more power too you. I would not want a Justice League movie with this film team. Make your own movie studio DC. Break away from the shackles of Warner Bros.

    • As a big Superman fanboy myself, I have to DISSAGREE with everything you said. They took liberties, yes, but this isn’t the first time a comic book story has differed from the movie. This movie was very well made (not amazing or anything, but still REALLY good). No, this did not rape the Superman character or anything like that. It was FINE.

  7. 1.) the Kryptonian council has some messed up priorities, their decision making skills didn’t make sense at all.

    2.) the Phantom Zone actually saved the villains! why didn’t the Kryptonians use that technology to save themselves? conveniently, the villains also has a ship within the zone. honestly, i wish they’ve done away with the whole Krytonian council scenes at the beginning & have Zod & co. already in the phantom zone from the very start.

    3.) Pa Kent’s death should’ve been something more heroic, or at least with something where Clark would be helpless to intervene, like a good old fashioned heart attack. instead he died for a dog, as Clark watched … unbelievable, Kryptonians do have messed up priorities in life.

    4.) given that he saved the world. you can count the people he personally saved as Superman with your fingers. even Perry & co. had to save themselves, i think this is were they could’ve made connection with the audience most. i really find it really hard to see Superman let everyone around on their own while buildings are falling & exploding left and right.

    • 1. Well, the council has ALWAYS been made up of idiots in Superman lore. They could have done a better job with this scene, yes, but It’s important for Jor-El to be the only one knowing Krypton is doomed. Or else the planet would have been evacuated.

      2. The phantom Zone portal was DESTROYED due to the destruction of Krypton, which is how they were released. So no, the Phantom Zone didn’t really save them.

      3. I thought Pa Kent’s death was fine (really emotional actually) I thought it showed just how much he loved his son and didn’t want to see the world mistreat him. I understand the controversy with this scene, but I preferred them doing something different as opposed to a heart attack. That’s fine, but it’s been done SO many times that I was ok with them doing something different. Pa Kent’s death isn’t nearly iconic as the destruction of Krypton, or Batman’s parents getting shot. There are certain things that need to be left alone, but this, I was fine with.

      4. Superman clearly did everything he could. Again, I understand the problems people have with so many people dying, but you need to understand this is Superman in the real world. And in the real world, people die. There are casualties. And I thought they did a really good job with the final scene with Zod trying to kill that family, and Superman clearly could not handle any more death.