‘Man of Steel’ Ending Controversy & The ‘Superman II’ Hypocrisy

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Man of Steel Superman II Zod Death Superman Kills Man of Steel Ending Controversy & The Superman II Hypocrisy



Look around the Internet these days and you’ll hear a buzz about the new Superman reboot movie Man of Steel, and aside from some pretty divisive opinion about whether the movie is good or not (read our review), one of the biggest topics of discussion is the climatic battle between Superman (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon), in which Superman is faced with the choice of watching Zod vaporize an innocent family or killing the ruthless general – ultimately (and controversially) choosing to do the latter.

There’s been vocal outrage on the part of some fans who feel betrayed by the notion of a  Superman who kills – but is the outrage legitimate?

In recent days we’ve heard from Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer, who revealed to Empire that in an original version of the script, Superman returns Zod to the Phantom Zone prison where he belongs – until Snyder convinced Goyer and producer/story writer Chris Nolan that Zod’s ending should be more permanent:

….David, Chris and I had long talks about it, and I said that I really feel like we should kill Zod, and that Superman should kill him. The ‘Why?’ of it for me was that if was truly an origin story, his aversion to killing is unexplained… I wanted to create a scenario where Superman, either he’s going to see [Metropolis' citizens] chopped in half, or he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.

dark superman by eliaskhasho d338bj9 Man of Steel Ending Controversy & The Superman II Hypocrisy

Collider and other sites have been critical of such reasoning – and even Mark Waid, writer of one of the comic books that influenced Man of Steel‘s story, stated on his blog Thrillbent that he was NOT happy with that moment of the film:

Superman wins by killing Zod. By snapping his neck. And as this moment was building, as Zod was out of control and Superman was (for the first time since the fishing boat 90 minutes ago) struggling to actually save innocent victims instead of casually catching them in mid-plummet, some crazy guy in front of us was muttering “Don’t do it…don’t do it…DON’T DO IT…” and then Superman snapped Zod’s neck and that guy stood up and said in a very loud voice, “THAT’S IT, YOU LOST ME, I’M OUT,” and his girlfriend had to literally pull him back into his seat and keep him from walking out and that crazy guy was me. That crazy guy was me, and I barely even remember doing that, I had to be told afterward that I’d done that, that’s how caught up in betrayal I felt. And after the neck-snapping, even though I stuck it out, I didn’t give a damn about the rest of the movie.

To be fair, Waid does go on to give a more level-headed explanation, saying he thinks the film failed to establish Superman’s concern with ordinary people to with enough emphasis to “earn” that moment of snapping Zod’s neck, though he did acknowledge the character’s anguish in the aftermath (that now infamous scream). Superman’s lack of concern for collateral damage has been something MANY people have criticized Man of Steel for – so Waid (who knows the character pret-ty well) does have a point, perhaps.

…But I ask again: Does NOBODY remember Superman II?


The Superman II Hypocrisy

general zod Man of Steel Ending Controversy & The Superman II Hypocrisy

Richard Donner’s sequel to Superman: The Movie told a darker tale that centered on Superman wanting giving up his powers in exchange for a normal life with Lois Lane – until evil Kryptonians General Zod, his lieutenant, Ursa, and brute enforcer Non all start using their newfound super powers to wreak havoc on Earth (sound familiar?). The movie ends with the now famous scene of Superman, Lois, Lex Luthor, Zod and his minions all having a Mexican standoff in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman craftily uses his de-powering chamber in reverse, restoring his own powers and stripping the bad guys of theirs. He then proceeds to murder General Zod!

If you’ve (somehow) never seen it, watch the climax of Superman II for yourself:

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  1. I really enjoyed this movie up until the very end. Being from NYC in 9/11 you can’t help but think of all the people trapped and killed in those buildings. Also the way Superman brutally snapped Zods neck was a bit tough to see and very un-Superman liked. Overall I liked were its going and look forward to mos 2.

  2. General zod killed supermans father. Revenge, Nothing sweeter.

  3. Don’t forget this was a rookie Superman. In fact he wasn;t even Superman yet, that’s why they called the movie “Man of Steel”.

    I can guarantee this,
    If Zod instead attacked Earth in Man of Steel 2 or 3 then I would say 100% Superman would have found another way and not killed Zod.

    This is a freshman or rookie Superman cornered. His instincts for survival and saving people kicked in and he made the wrong decision. And now I am sure he won’t make the same mistake again.

    People learn from experience
    So will Superman

    How many people hating superman for killing in MoS want to sat that Zach Schynder or Goyer will make Superman less clumsy (he will be more careful after training – to watch out for collateral damage) and more calm superman in MoS 2 and MoS 3?

  4. The writer is not that smart for comparing a Hollywood movie to another Hollywood movie. Superman is a comic book character who spent 50+ years without any killing. And they had him kill a monster later to show the dilemma, conflict and anguish it caused Superman (till he shows up again). Who would trust this MoS version of Superman who is a murderer and killer, no different from any other who deserves to go to death row. Just cause you think what you are doing is right is no cause to kill, you kill you get the punishment that comes with it. Hell no, Snyder messed everything up, symbol of Hope? who you’re kidding.

    • You are not that smart to realize this is a viable comparison and you should better read into the mythology of the Man of Steel. He has killed…

      At least here he is not happy about. He is really upset about it—and that is an understatement.

      Your comment comes off ignorant. Sorry to say that.

    • Yeah. But the big difference between Zod and an deathrow convict is that there’s nothing to contain Zod in to imprison him. If you put him in a human jail, he’ll just bust out of it and kill EVERYONE. I can’t understand why people can’t understand this. It’s funny how you’re saying the writer isn’t that smart, seeing that you’re this dumb.

    • He has killed… Do you read the comic books? There was even an instance where he was going to kill an INNOCENT woman but she ended up controlling her powers that were going out of control as superman was repeatedly saying forgive me as he was attempting to kill her. He has also killed 3 kryptonians by shoving Green Kryptonite in there faces. He killed a kryptonian dragon. He has killed “russian” Zod. If you were a fan of superman who knew remotely ANYTHING about the comic books you would know he killed doomsday aswell. Please, please refrain from stating false facts because you do not like the outlook a movie.

    • Superman did kill Zod in the comics. And he did it for much the same reason. Zod was so powerful that he couldn’t figure out how to let him live and still ensure Zod would never kill again. So he essentially rationalized it as the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few. I don’t really see a difference here tbh.

    • Death row? Never heard of a justifiable homicide? Or defense of self and others? What rights did the family Zod was actively trying to incinerate have? What responsibility did Clark have to them?

    • En even bigger question is this is Zod REALLY dead? Think about it why bother looking for Kryptonite when all ya have to do is break Superman’s neck. It tpook something like Doomsday to kill superman so why not that much power to kill any Kryptonian. IF true then Zod & his friends may be back in another movie.

  5. I really regretted taking my kids to watch this movie. Surely not the Superman I want them to grow up to. Snapping necks and all. Seriously, Not cool. I dont want them thinking snapping necks is OK when you think you are right and the other guy is wrong. Neck Snapping = NO.

    • Act of Omission is just as grave as Act of Commission. You should teach your kids that. If he didn’t do what he have done at that moment, lots of people would have died.

  6. I read the comments above and been thinking. I’m a cop, wonder if I can go around choking and snapping necks of crooks like a boss and still be hailed a hero without receiving any consequences. After this I probably could XD. Seems people don’t mind.

    • honestly if there was a world threat and you stopped it, I would hail you as a hero, hell when bin laden or any terrorist was killed people cheered, and you know that, so your statement is kind of ridiculous. You are comparing a random street thug to a planetary threat?

      Well if you were in superman’s shoes I suppose you could go by the law, take him down, let him burn those people in half first because you know letting them die just to keep zod alive makes more sense, then you proceed to handcuff him, and haul zod off to jail which he will of course would allow happen.

    • You’ll not be hailed a hero. Afterall, you killed a human. Zod is an incredibly powerful homicidal maniac who has the capability of wiping out the entire race if not stopped. Logic. XD

    • YOU are a cop?

      NOW, I’m scared.

    • If that criminal was that close to killing people and saying he would never stop doing it, then ya you could be a hero still.

    • If you’re a cop and you will not draw and fire your service weapon when a criminal is attempting to shoot unarmed civilians with a pistol or their laser eyes then you need to consider a new line of work.

      • ^^ What the Marine said.

    • so let me get this, you’re a cop and if you see a crook or anybody for that that matter about to murder a bunch of innocent people and the only way stop him is to kill him you would let all those people die. you are a real hero. zod told superman that its a fight to the death and he was going to kill him if he superman didnt kill zod so I guess to be a true hero superman should have just let zod killed him.

    • If you are a cop and someone is about to shoot me with a gun; would you not use deadly force to protect and serve?

  7. Everyone with a brain knows that the only enjoyable Superman movie was the first and to ignore the rest. This guy really thinks Superman movies are canon? ROFL.

    • The one where he flies back in time and fixes the problem?

      yeah I think I will go ahead and ignore that one too.

    • Hello Grandpa.

  8. I for one am glad he snapped Zod’s neck for one major reason: The film makers let us know right there they did not make this movie specifically for your kids.
    Wouldnt take your children to see this movie? Good, that is what Disney is for.

  9. Superman killed Zod and Doomsday in the comics.

  10. The staging for the end was weak and left a lot to want for. Like why didn’t Zod just look to the left or Superman just cover his eyes with his forearm or fly him out of there? Zack is such a hack. Nolan and Goyer are erodible with super hero properties.

    • Cover his eyes? How many hands do you think Superman had? It was already tough enough to stop Zod. If he flies Zod to somewhere, where? Nothing can contain Zod. Zod will only continue to come back again and again because he promise Superman that he’ll kill everyone, including those that Superman loves.

      • THANK YOU thats EXACTLY what I thought!

    • That wouldn’t have worked. Superman’s heat vision blew two krytronitians away with one cover his eye.

  11. The ‘controversy’ is complete and utter BS, not least because the ‘fans’ crying about it are being complete hypocrites.

    Once upon a time Marvel heroes didn’t kill. There was even a rule about it in The Avengers. Not anymore. When they killed the Chitauri in the movies nobody cared.

    For that matter DC heroes have also killed. So has Superman. He killed Zod in Superman II. He killed Zod, Doomsday, Hank Henshaw and various alien and robot enemies in the comics. In the Justice League cartoons he killed dozens of invading aliens and decimated the entire Nazi air force in World War II.

    Batman’s killed too. Superheroes don’t have a hard-and-fast rule against killing. If it’s a kill-or-be-killed or kill-or-let-innocents be killed situation in the heat of battle, they’ll sometimes kill the villain.

    Case in point: If one of those shootouts that happen every now and then in America happened near you and you tried to kill the criminal people wouldn’t angrily cry out at what an amoral murderer you are. They’d call you a hero for saving their lives.

  12. I think in Superman 2 that it is unclear whether Zod and the others were killed by plummeting into cracks in the ice. Those cracks are not necessarily that deep and so I think the film is ambiguous about their fates, perhaps deliberately so for future installments.

    Regarding the latest Superman film it is terribly immoral about killing. We see Superman concerned about saving his Mother, Lois and a few others. However unlike Reeve in Superman 2 (realising the city was taking a pounding he retreated to the Fortress of Solitude to finish the fight) this Superman is only too happy to continue a Super fight in both Smallville and Metropolis, the latter seeing the death of thousands and thousands of people trapped in and around toppling skyscrapers. I am quite sure he would have taken the fight to an unpopulated area.

    This latest film was just an excuse to demonstrate how we now have the special effects technology to show what a Super fight would look like in a built up area. It has nothing to do with whether Superman would actually allow this to happen. The concern here is that we are giving the audience what they want to see but that does mean dumbing down the act of murder to the level of entertainment. If Superman can’t tell us that murder is wrong, then who can?

    I should add that I thought this current Superman should be seen aiding in the clean up and repair of the damage (for instance Superman 2 saw Reeve repairing the White House), at least removing the car from his Mother’s house in Smallville. I think on this level they tried to make Superman into a Batman type figure who is morally ambiguous and that does not work so well with this character.

    Finally I think they really shot their load on this film. It felt like the sequel that Bryan Singer should have come up with after his rather sedate Superman Returns. There is no where else they can take this character that will out do the spectacular events of this film.

    • Always read the comments before yours. Otherwise you’d just seem ignorant saying the same things over and over again when the issue has already been addressed. I found it funny though that you defend Superman 2 about the ambiguity of Zod’s death because it wasn’t shown on the film, and then proceed on to bash Man of Steel killing thousands when it wasn’t shown on film too.

      • Sorry but there are a lot of comments. I just thought I would throw my hat into the ring and see where it lands.

        Regarding your point I think the death of thousands of people was shown on film. It is safe to presume that the city is fully populated and that there wasn’t time to evacuate. Every building that went down contained thousands of people. It would be impractical to actually show those people but you know they are there and you knnow they died.

        • It’s quite alright. And you’ve made some interesting points actually, but yeah…as what the discussions from the previous pages have stated, Donner, the director of Superman 2, confirmed it that Zod and his cronies died in his movie.

          • Did you ever see the Donner’s Directors Cut of Superman 2? We know that Richard Lester took over from Donner and in fact the ending is Lester’s (or at least the way it was edited by Lester from footage shot by Donner). Donner cut his film to show the Super Villains being arrested by the Fortress of Solitude despite the earlier scene of them being thrown down the cracks in the ice. It would suggest that Donner intended to keep the villains alive.

            • Doesn’t matter. The Donner Cut is just a DVD extra. The theatrical Superman 2 that was watched by millions and remembered all these years had Superman kill Zod and his cronies: That’s what matters.

        • As I’ve said numerous times, Richard Donner himself, has said that Zod and his cronies were killed and are subsequently dead. Everyone wants to “throw their hat into the ring” without doing research. Much less read the previous comments. The hypocrisy here is at an ALL TIME HIGH. So, It’s a reasonable assumption that civilians are killed in MoS even though “we don’t see them die” which is the exact same argument detractors to this film are using when faced with the hypocrisy of SM2 clearly showing Superman kill Zod. There’s 0 ambiguity in that scene. reading some of the comments on here attempting to excuse it border on the ludicrous.
          1. Supes killed Zod in SM2
          2. HE DIED
          3. Richard Donner. you know the DIRECTOR of the film (in numerous interviews) verified that Zod and his cronies ARE DEAD!!

          Did they show up in future installments? No so that’s also a mute point. Wow guys….. Wow!!!

    • Lee I have to slightly disagree. While there was very very little foreshadowing of Luthor – did you notice the LexCorp trucks, and the Wayne Enterprises building? – The shattered pieces of Kryptonian starships and weapons provide a great base for further storytelling. Then again, maybe they just wanted to make this one movie and let it go at that.

      And I really enjoyed the General Zod character his voice acting really brought it out for me.

    • “The concern here is that we are giving the audience what they want to see but that does mean dumbing down the act of murder to the level of entertainment. If Superman can’t tell us that murder is wrong, then who can?”
      I’m just going to add something to this part of your comment too. Murder involves premeditation and malice (intent to kill). Superman has none of either. The fact that it was self-defense as well as something done to save the ENTIRE human race just kinda buzzed past you? Your argument is invalid.

      • OK, I still say he should have taken the fight to an unpopulated area. In particular the fight with Zod because Zod would have fought Superman anywhere as he was the target. Metropolis suffered unecessary collateral damage. I also think we should remember that Superman is fighting to save the entire human race but then Zod is only there because of Superman. Is Superman just trying to correct a problem he created? Its that old argument about Superheroes. To what extent are they responsible for the trouble they are supposed to be solving?

        • He was inexperienced. Take into consideration that Clark was new into his role as Superman. Zod mentioned that he was going to destroy everything that Superman loves and that that was his revenge for Superman “taking away his soul.” Zod was also astonishingly powerful. Even Superman already had trouble restraining him. What makes you think that Superman can “carry” him away easily so that the fight can take place elsewhere? What makes you think that Zod will stay there if Superman did manage that? Who is to say that both won’t create any damage at this unpopulated area? Remember that both of them have superhuman abilities. Their collisions could create earthquakes. Their hits could send the other off miles away. The only reason why in Metropolis it wasn’t shown how far they could hit the other was because the buildings got in the way. Who is to say that when Superman punches Zod, Zod wouldn’t be flying across thousands of miles only stopping when he’ll hit another building or crash into another village/town/city.

          Also, you are forgetting that it is not Superman’s fault that Zod was there. Just like heroes, villains become what they are because they carved their own path. Zod could have chosen to live together with the humans, but instead, he wanted to exterminate all humans so that there would be a brand new Krypton. Superman tried to change that and stop that from happening. He let himself be carried away in Zod’s ship. Zod revealed to Superman his plans when they were talking in Superman’s mind. He tried to reason with Zod but it fell to deaf ears. Zod was pretty much my-way-or-the-highway kind of guy (interestingly, this trait reminds me much of the film’s bashers). Had Superman let himself be killed so that Zod can harvest all his cells, mankind would still have been doomed since Zod will still annihilate earth to make room for the new Kryptonians. So yeah, there’s your answer.

          • So, I agree with this entirely – Superman couldn’t just move venue at will. He was fighting a guy who was as strong as he was AND was a more experienced fighter. This was essentially a scrap. Scrap fights are always messy. Between two superbeings it becomes catastrophic.

          • Good answer. Am I correct in saying that Zod came to earth because of a signal sent out when Superman examined either the ship he came to earth in or the scout ship buried in the ice? That would indicate that Superman unwittingly singled out the Earth for Zod’s ‘attention’. QED, if Superman didn’t exist then this wouldn’t have happened.

            Also I think I am correct in saying there are plenty of villains who came into being because of the hero or who visited earth solely to conquer the hero and therefore inflicted collateral damage (I’m a little rusty on the fine points here). An example in the Superman Universe would be Lex Luthor. I recall him going bald due to Superman and Superman becoming a target for some terrible criminal plans which would otherwise not have happened (I think in the comic Red Sun, Luthor devoted his life to killing Superman regardless of collateral damage). In the Batman Universe the same goes for the Joker. He was a creation of the Batman, perhaps unwittingly, and is arguably one of the worst ‘human’ villains out there. He wouldn’t exist but for the Batman. So my point is this. I love Superhero movies and have been a fan of Batman and Superman etc for as long as I can remember. However I have come to realise that the idea that the hero keeps saving the city or even the planet in some way is analogous to being thanked for putting out a fire you just started. I seems that in many Superhero film the villain appeared to have been created and/or provoked by the hero to ever greater crimes. Spiderman and Green Goblin, Batman and Bane (taking revenge for the death of Ra’s Al Ghul)/Joker (Batman became a challenge to the Joker “you complete me!”/Ra’s Al Ghul (wouldn’t have attacked Gotham but for the actions of Bruce Wayne) Superman and Lex Luthor (is there anything he didn’t do that wasn’t designed to hurt Superman in some way)/Zod (released in Superman 2 when Superman diverted a nuclear missile into space)/Nuclear Man(Created by Luthor in the awful Superman 4 but who went on to inflict terrible destruction across the world including the Great Wall of China as I recall). Do I have a point? (-:

            • Yes, I do understand your point. And personally I think the plot of the whole humanity “turning” against Superman because he was what Zod wanted will be addressed in the sequel (if there’s ever going to be a sequel. I mean, MOS was pretty condensed. It covered a lot in the 2 hours plus, but there were still things that were unanswered. Hopefully there’s going to be a part two so that we can get those answers). Just two things though. (1) It wasn’t his fault for being born, and(2)Superman did unknowingly gave out that signal when he started up the ship, but the operative word for this is “unknowingly.”

              Also, Zod could have not pursued Superman when the signal came. He could have not “swim an ocean of stars” to find him. It was still his own decision that led him to his own downfall. Being who you will become is your own responsibility.

          • i totally agree

        • If you read the Seth of Superman series Supers Battled Doomsday in the middle of Metropolis. He also fought many villains there as well. so the idea that he only fought bad guys in a corn field is illogical & silly.

    • is it donner or theatre ?in the donner one you hear a thump meaning wasn’t a deathpit ,and you see them loaded in a swat van

    • Superman never throw Zod into or through a building, It was the other way around. Plus the world engine did most of the damage.

      • Yep, i totally agree. Just came back from watching the movie again. When Superman threw a punch he always tried to get Zod away from the buildings and from people. It was only when Zod was punching that they crashed into buildings.

        Also, people seem to be assuming that the entire city of Metropolis was destroyed, while in fact it was only a few blocks. Most of the people in that area had already been evacuated as shown in the movie. Watch the movie again people, they do show people being evacuated.

        The rest of Metropolis was fine. Somehow people seem to be missing the obvious, so they can nitpick and complain.

    • if you watch the full version of superman 2 he does destroy the fortress with his lazer eyes so zod would be defiantly dead there. Lets face it its a new film and one I loved. There might have been an issue in the pace of the movie for me but that’s if im being a analytical junky. Im very happy superman’s been done with a new face change, lets face it a lot of people moaned at superman returns. In itself a good movie but it was same old 70′s style. Now if that move made 6-800million wed have gotten a superman returns 2. I just want to thank all the complaining fans of man of steel that didn’t go to movies to see the sup return move. Cause now we do get something a lot beter in absolutely every way. I cant wait for the rave reviews of man of steel 2 cause your gona see his character develop from a lot of the first movies points and say, wow thks Snyder, goyer and Nolan, we get it now. :)

  13. Let me just say that I’ve always thought the “Superman will kill, Batman absolutely refuses to regardless of what happens even when the Joker has mass murdered” paradigm has always intrigued me. Given that Batman is always given these dark and near horrific connotations and is clearly a product of pysche scarring events; whereas Superman is (with the exception of Red Son) portrayed as wholesome and “all American” – I’ve always found this juxtaposition intriguing. I found this movie intense, thought provoking and extremely good in terms of visual effects.

    • Read this.


      Batman has also killed several times. The popular perception of ‘Batman does not kill’ is largely due to recent stories from misguided writers and editors pushing their own idea of what Batman’s morals should be onto the comics.

      I liked how Nolan handled it. Batman didn’t like to kill in cold blood but he would if he had no other option. He blew up the League of Shadows’ temple to escape. He threw Two Face over a rooftop to save Gordon. He shot and killed Talia and her driver to save Gotham.

  14. People have to realize,comicbook movies are different then the comics. The only reason they don’t kill in comics is they want the villain to return. That’s why in comics y have characters like the Punisher so y have to worry about recurring villains.

  15. My problem with the ending is not whether he should have killed Zod or not. Its the way it was done. It came down to pounding each other for 45 minutes of the movie at the cost of half the city and thousands of lives even though neither could be injured in the process. And it ended with a simple neck snap. Nothing clever like Superman II. No strategy. No thought. Just dumb brute force.

  16. Wrong! The Donner Directors cut of Superman II shows the de-powered Zod, Ursa and Non being taken away by the cops. Donner said he cut the scene because he didn’t think it was necessary because everyone knows Superman does not kill.


    • And? The Donners cut is a ‘What if?’ alternate edition that was only released on DVD 30 years after the original film. 99.5% of people who watched Superman II only watched the theatrical version and as far as the movie canon is concerned, SUPERMAN KILLED ZOD AND HIS CRONIES.

    • Then explain to me why Richard Donner (you know – the director); on numerous occasions and in various interviews; has confirmed the Zod and his Lieutenants did indeed die and are indeed dead? IF you knew what you were talking about, then you would know the the “Donner Cut” was put out and marketed by WB alone. Richard Donner had zero input. The “Donner Cut” is a fulfillment of a contract agreement and NOTHING more. You guys are too special.

  17. Why is this an issue? The guy was about to blast a whole family to smitherines, and people are upset that Superman snapped his neck? It was the only way to stop Zod. The guy had already slaughtered boatloads of people and was intent on killing more. There was no alternative. It would have been immoral to let the innocents die in order to protect Superman’s “no kill” policy.

  18. The Superman II hypocrisy is fallacious. There are least 3 different versions of the film: the theatrical release, the televised version, and the Donner Cut, all of which can be seen on television. If you saw the televised version, the Phantom Zone rogues were arrested. They didn’t die. If you saw the theatrical afterwards, then it made sense what happened to them, unless you really want to believe that Superman killed Zod and let Lois kill Ursa.

    I’ve read that deleted scenes don’t count. Then why do they include them with the disc? I’m not talking about an alternate ending. The same was done with the Godfather, they took the deleted scenes from the film and when it was televised as the Godfather Saga, it filled in spaces and questions that couldn’t be answered due to the film’s theatrical length.

    So the end result is that some will say Zod was killed, while others can equally say he wasn’t, and mind you, the version where Zod and company are arrested is still shown . . . as recently as last week in Australia. It would have been a better article if the writer had done his research. Instead, it just makes for a moot point that goes nowhere.

    • Deleted scenes are canon only if the original director restores them for the DVD(A ‘Director’s Cut’ or ‘Extended Edition’ like Peter Jackson’s LOTR) and Richard Lester didn’t do that. The definitive Superman II is the version that aired in theaters and which audiences have been seeing on DVD and remembering for the last 35 years: Lester’s version, IN WHICH SUPERMAN KILLED ZOD. End of story.

      The author has a very good point, because Superman II was cut and released for the moviegoing audience to see Superman killing.

    • Then explain to me why Richard Donner (you know – the director); on numerous occasions and in various interviews; has confirmed the Zod and his Lieutenants did indeed die and are indeed dead? IF you knew what you were talking about, then you would know the the “Donner Cut” was put out and marketed by WB alone. Richard Donner had zero input. The “Donner Cut” is a fulfillment of a contract agreement and NOTHING more. You guys are too special.

  19. There are different versions for almost every movie. But which version was shown in the theater? That’s what counts. No one one wants to believe that Superman killed Zod, but that’s what was shown.

    Why are deleted scenes included in the disc. That’s possibly the most stupid comment you could make. Deleted scenes are included because it’s a freakin disc, and they always add deleted scenes, and everything else on the disc’s as extras.

    The writer did do his research and made a valid point. The problem is people are too stupid to understand or let it go.

    • +1

  20. The problem with this article and the poll is that it doesn’t take into account all the events leading up to the killings of ZOD. Superman II and Man Of Steel take much different approaches to ZOD. So you end results to how we get their have a much different tone to them.

    I wasn’t upset so much that Zod is killed in Man Of Steel – I’m more or less angry about Act 3 all together. And that the movie and characters are not very bright. In Superman II – he kills Zod because he outwits the bad guy. In Man Of Steel – he kills Zod because of brawn alone. I don’t like that take on Superman. Sorry… it sucked!!! Man Of Steel’s Act 3 is an abomination of a movie. It took anything good that was earned from the first two Acts and craps all over them. This is why people are angry about it. Looking for simple answers that will only support your own agendas makes those of us who didn’t like it look like morons. It’s a no win situation and one where you already guide the outcome the way you want it to be.

  21. Wow…..just simply WOW!

    I cannot believe all the ranting that has grown from this one particular scene in the movie. First off, their strength wasn’t that of human capacity so you had to expect destruction of this caliber so to say that there was too much of it is just ignorance. Think outside the box…..I mean they were from another world that you and I have no idea of their ways.

    Second………WTF! This is a modernized and a more realistic approach (wake up Marvel!) to one of the biggest superheroes of all time…..EVER! They took a huge risk by showing a jaw dropping scene like that so I give them so much credit for actually making this change and making this a gutsy film. IT GAVE ME CHILLS AND I LOVED IT!

    Last and the biggest note I wanted to point out. I am so surprised that out of all the comments I have read, not one includes the biggest point of them all. GENERAL ZOD KILLED JOR-EL…..KAL-EL’S FATHER!!!! Put yourself in his shoes and you tell me especially in the world we live in now that you would not kill this being. Please I would love to hear your rationalization. I am all ears. I’ll be waiting!

    Stop ranting and let Man of Steel enjoy its success because it was. Bring on MOS2 and the DCU.

    Note: This is coming from a Marvel Comics fan. Yep!

    • could not have said it better.

  22. Remember this an origin story so nothing before it matters.just like JJ had to do with Star Trek Zack had to do with MOS and that was shake things up so were not stuck repeating the same old crap again.so the big dabate is Kal-El killing Zod.it was an act of inexperience and emotional immaturety.something that will make him become the hero by learning from it.why dont we start a thread about all the good that will come from MOS instead of this difference of opinion.cause like arseholes everyone has one and ppl will never agree.MOS has happened so move on to even greater sequels

  23. As for Mark Waid.you should know better.so you stood up and ruined ppls enjoyment cause of what ! if you dont like a movie get over it.we have all seen bad movies and stuff we didn’t like.cant believe your that bothered.inthe end its only a movie and MOS is by far the best one this year IPO

  24. I thought Superman killing Zod in Man of Steel was necessary after the later shouted “Never!” when Superman asked him not to kill the innocent family. My only reaction is that, I thought Superman was overreacting with his infamous shout “No!” after killing Zod. That look in Cavill’s face is also overreacting! don’t you think? Zod is not his father or any kin but it seems like it is with that overreaction of Superman’s face after a shout. When I was watching the trilling before the movie, I thought Superman lost a love one by his infamous shout. Only to find out he killed a mass murderer and it was a waste for taking his life.

  25. I saw the Man Of Steel with my wife last Sunday, and I’m glad you posted this Kofi Outlaw. After that final scene and the eerie silence that came after I caught myself shaking my head in disgust. Yes, Snyder and Company did pull a reboot (Shocking Twist) that I would have never in my imagination could have thought possible. I felt my wife’s grip tighten and the look we gave each other. I’m a fan of Batman much more, but my favorite thing about Superman is that he stands for hope, and with his help that hope will make us a better race. I see a darker version of Batman doing this way before; good old Boy Scout Kal-el snaps a neck. In all fairness; this was a younger Superman who doesn’t know his own strength yet, but what will stop him from doing this to Lex Luthor or another superpower villain in the future?
    I love and grew up with the Richard Donner’s Superman movies, and after two they became like Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin crap. I love the Christopher Nolan’s Batman’s, so I knew this movie would be a serious one that would replace Superman Returns, but never with Superman acting like he did. I still enjoyed the movie, but to me this movie is a alternative else world story, Superman isn’t brutal and maybe he’ll find better ways to stop villains next time. Hopefully, he won’t use his eye heat vision to lobotomized the next villain.

    • If it’s a situation where Luthor will kill a family in front of Superman’s eyes unless Supes does something, Superman will stop him. But Luthor’s not the type to do things so directly.

      Superman killed in the comics. Superman killed in the cartoons. Superman killed in the movies(both Lester’s and Snyder’s). DEAL WITH IT. The Superman you have in mind is not the real one but your own personal fan-fiction.

  26. So Superman decides to kill a being that attempted to kill every single living human on the planet, and people think that’s wrong?

    Liberals are the stupidest people on the planet.

    • +1

    • Besides the fact that your two statements are incompatible (and the latter statement is simply wrong), you make yourself sound like an imbecile…awww.

    • What makes u think they r liberals? Looks like most of them are extremely religious, and have a false sense of superiority, so i would say that they are right-wing nut jobs. How about that?

      Was it necessary to bring politics into a discussion that is already so polarizing? What next? Should we discuss the fact that an superior alien being is white? How about the notion that Superman has higher morals since he was brought up in the South?

      Stick to discussing the movie. There’s already enough crap floating around here.

      • jash…

        Beautifully stated.

      • Just to be clear – I was +1ing the first statement, not the second one. I couldn’t care less what someone’s political view is besides my own.

      • Well spoken jash. People want to bring up new topics when they don’t even understand or have feedback to have a good debate on the current discussion.

  27. If there was Kryptonite in the movie like there is in the comic we wouldn’t be have this discussion.

  28. If there was Kryptonite in the movie like there is in the comic we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    • Exactly why we should all be thankful that there wasn’t ;)

  29. In Donners Superman 2, Superman also brought him back by spinning the world around and making as though it never happened.

    • @Big Baby Jesus
      That didn’t happen in SM2 buddy. He did that in the first film, and it was Lois that was “brought back”