‘Man of Steel’ Ending Controversy & The ‘Superman II’ Hypocrisy

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Man of Steel Superman II Zod Death Superman Kills Man of Steel Ending Controversy & The Superman II Hypocrisy



Look around the Internet these days and you’ll hear a buzz about the new Superman reboot movie Man of Steel, and aside from some pretty divisive opinion about whether the movie is good or not (read our review), one of the biggest topics of discussion is the climatic battle between Superman (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon), in which Superman is faced with the choice of watching Zod vaporize an innocent family or killing the ruthless general – ultimately (and controversially) choosing to do the latter.

There’s been vocal outrage on the part of some fans who feel betrayed by the notion of a  Superman who kills – but is the outrage legitimate?

In recent days we’ve heard from Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer, who revealed to Empire that in an original version of the script, Superman returns Zod to the Phantom Zone prison where he belongs – until Snyder convinced Goyer and producer/story writer Chris Nolan that Zod’s ending should be more permanent:

….David, Chris and I had long talks about it, and I said that I really feel like we should kill Zod, and that Superman should kill him. The ‘Why?’ of it for me was that if was truly an origin story, his aversion to killing is unexplained… I wanted to create a scenario where Superman, either he’s going to see [Metropolis' citizens] chopped in half, or he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.

dark superman by eliaskhasho d338bj9 Man of Steel Ending Controversy & The Superman II Hypocrisy

Collider and other sites have been critical of such reasoning – and even Mark Waid, writer of one of the comic books that influenced Man of Steel‘s story, stated on his blog Thrillbent that he was NOT happy with that moment of the film:

Superman wins by killing Zod. By snapping his neck. And as this moment was building, as Zod was out of control and Superman was (for the first time since the fishing boat 90 minutes ago) struggling to actually save innocent victims instead of casually catching them in mid-plummet, some crazy guy in front of us was muttering “Don’t do it…don’t do it…DON’T DO IT…” and then Superman snapped Zod’s neck and that guy stood up and said in a very loud voice, “THAT’S IT, YOU LOST ME, I’M OUT,” and his girlfriend had to literally pull him back into his seat and keep him from walking out and that crazy guy was me. That crazy guy was me, and I barely even remember doing that, I had to be told afterward that I’d done that, that’s how caught up in betrayal I felt. And after the neck-snapping, even though I stuck it out, I didn’t give a damn about the rest of the movie.

To be fair, Waid does go on to give a more level-headed explanation, saying he thinks the film failed to establish Superman’s concern with ordinary people to with enough emphasis to “earn” that moment of snapping Zod’s neck, though he did acknowledge the character’s anguish in the aftermath (that now infamous scream). Superman’s lack of concern for collateral damage has been something MANY people have criticized Man of Steel for – so Waid (who knows the character pret-ty well) does have a point, perhaps.

…But I ask again: Does NOBODY remember Superman II?


The Superman II Hypocrisy

general zod Man of Steel Ending Controversy & The Superman II Hypocrisy

Richard Donner’s sequel to Superman: The Movie told a darker tale that centered on Superman wanting giving up his powers in exchange for a normal life with Lois Lane – until evil Kryptonians General Zod, his lieutenant, Ursa, and brute enforcer Non all start using their newfound super powers to wreak havoc on Earth (sound familiar?). The movie ends with the now famous scene of Superman, Lois, Lex Luthor, Zod and his minions all having a Mexican standoff in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman craftily uses his de-powering chamber in reverse, restoring his own powers and stripping the bad guys of theirs. He then proceeds to murder General Zod!

If you’ve (somehow) never seen it, watch the climax of Superman II for yourself:

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  1. You guys have a problem with Superman killing Zod but no one seemed to have a problem when he killed Doomsday

    • Or Hank Henshaw. Or Darkseid. Or Brainiac. Or various invading alien armies over the years.

      F*cking double standards.

  2. Thank you all for saving the time and money it would have cost me to see this. DC sucks, make mine Marvel!!! Nuff said. Come on X-men

    • ^^Hooray for trolls who contradict their own sentence.

      Hey, if you want to miss out on something so damn cool, be our guest.

    • Because Marvel heroes don’t kill? Like Wolverine and Captain America and Iron Man and Thor and…. Oh wait. They’re all pretty much mass murderers with all the wars they’ve fought in. Whoops.

      vernon is an Ignorant. Hypocritical. Troll.

  3. Let’s not forget the end of Superman 4 when he sent Nuclear man into a nuclear reactor. Killing him in the process. There are times when a superhero will have to kill an enemy. It comes with the job. He doesn’t have to like it.

  4. Superman never intentionally kills, sure their is collateral damage, but never outright murder. Watch the animated movie “Superman vs The Elite” you will get all your answers there, it is now streaming on Netflix.

    • He killed Zod, Doomsday, and Cyborg Superman in the comics.

  5. this argument is really going on a bit long. 645 or so comments.
    i think you have to consider Zod & Co. from Superman II as Schrodinger’s cat. you don’t know if they’re alive or dead until you look down those holes they fell into. if you pay attention to the design of the fortress of solitude, it’s all criss-crossed, therefore, they could have easily landed on one sloped downward and slid to the bottom of whatever. we don’t know. Kal didn’t hurl Zod with his full strength, or else he woulda turned into a pizza when he hit the wall. he used (roughly) the same force he used later to push the bully trucker across the counter. we just don’t know. no one ever later in the film goes “remember those people we killed?” or anything of the sort.

    the argument of whats canon about S I & II, you have to realize that donner was (wrongfuly imo) fired after all his hard work on both films, and the greedy producers (ilya salkind) hired the hack lester to come in and finish, and reshoot so he would have done 60% of the film to get sole directing credit. (that’s a whole drama, look it up. reeve and co were unhappy with having to redo most of the film, as was john williams!), so, really you have 2 canon’s, imo. what was shot originally, then what was unnecessarily redone. the fact that the scenes were thought up, and shot, shows someones intent. the whole release of Superman II is mired in controversy and really, i think richard donner’s version is what we would have seen had the salkinds not gotten greedy.

    “if it wasn’t in the theatrical release, it’s not canon!” according to what rulebook exactly? who made up the rules. what about director’s cuts and the sort? Daredevil was a much better film on the extended DVD, why can’t it be canon? it was the director’s original vision.

    “donner stated x times they were dead.” how about 1 link to a story. the people who say he said something to the contrary at least provided a source.

    I had no problem with Kal breaking Zod’s neck in MOS. it was a very powerful scene, and showed Kal’s struggle to keep his humanity. his DNA may be extraterrestrial, but his emotions and thoughts are all human. he clearly had no choice, and maybe he could have used non-letahl force, but given Zod’s earlier “…you die, or i do…”, and “never” i say Kal had no choice. Zod was like the terminator, “he will NOT STOP…EVER!”

    I think i will watch my extended version of Superman:The Movie, and my Donner cut of SII this weekend, just for the hell of it.

    I originally thought Zod & co. was dead, but, after much contemplation, i think they were not. i have been swayed.

    • You know what – you believe what you want. I’m 44 now and I was 11 in 1980 when Superman II came out. There was a lot of Hype surrounding the movie before and after its release. I personally saw numerous interviews and and little news snippets of Richard Donner being asked about Zod’s fate and if we (the audience) would be seeing Zod or his cronies in any planned sequels and Richard Donner’s reply in every single one of those snippets I saw was that Zod & friends were dead as a result of being thrown/falling down a cavern. Hindsight being what it is – there was no internet or immediate access to the politics that goes on during the production of a movie back in 1980. Furthermore – I don’t have to supply you with a source to validate my point. You either believe it or you don’t. I know what I saw and heard. The movie itself is enough proof for me. Superman Killed Zod in SM2. That’s NEVER been up for debate before now. Now all of a sudden, Supes didn’t really kill Zod because of a DELETED (not extended) scene that no one knew existed until 30+ years after the theatrical version’s release? Good luck with that.

      As far as the rule of info not contained in the theatrical release not being canon – well that “rule” as you call it has been around as long as film itself. It’s film making 101. Just because YOU didn’t or don’t know about it doesn’t mean its not true. As I stated previously – the so called “Donner Cut” has less to do with Donner’s vision and more to do with Contractual agreements being fulfilled between WB and RD because of him being fired.

      I find it laughable that so many are TRYING to turn around events so their criticism of MoS holds weight. I’m a comic book fan first so I don’t have a problem with Superman Killing Zod In MoS or SM2 but he did kill him and no amount of arguing over deleted scenes and this cut or that cut is going to change that fact.

      • well…
        1st, i am 45. be 46 in 3 weeks. i saw both films in the theaters multiple times, so there’s that

        2nd, have you ever even watched the donner version? it’s is his vision, he provides a commentary, couple of behind the scenes docs…so your assertion that this was merely a contractual fulfillment is preposterous. it’s all right there on the disc. i also find it highly unlikely that donner was doing ANY press for a film HE WAS FIRED FROM. i did say unlikely, not impossible. he received no director credit on the theatrical release, the release that YOU, and others, say, according to some unwritten rule, is canon. well, to that i say poppycock and balderdash. if the ORIGINAL makers of the film, release their version, then i say THAT is canon. You should really watch all the bonus stuff of the extended version of S:TM, you will understand all the stupid decisions by the producers and why RD was fired.

        and again, it is NOT a fact that zod was killed, and it is, in FACT, debatable, but as you said, you don’t care what i believe.

        go have a snickers.

  6. If your family were threatened with death by Zod as in the movie, and in the heat of the conflict, Superman kills Zod to save your loved ones, what would you think then? Superman was clearly upset by what he had done, but his responsibilities may require very difficult decisions. The final battle scene was thought provoking for me because I have been a Superman fan for over 50 years and I was surprised, but I understand Superman’s dilemma. Allow Zod to kill the family and perhaps more innocents, or put an end to a dangerous threat to humanity? The other thing is that Superman is acting as a human with compassion for those he is trying to protect, not as a colder in emotion Kryptonian. Thank the Kents for Kal’s humanity.

  7. It’s ridiculous that any one would have a problem with this, if Superman killed Zod in another film. If anything in Superman two he didn’t have to kill them. In Man of Steel, Zod was attempting to murder some Earth folks, so his death was definately justified

  8. It’s ridiculous that any one would have a problem with this, if Superman killed Zod in another film. If anything in Superman two he didn’t have to kill them. In Man of Steel, Zod was attempting to murder some Earth folks, so his death was definately justified.

  9. When I was a kid and saw superman II, their “death” it didn’t seem pretty obvious to me…..you can imagine many things , even so if you are a kid…. with all that imagination. in fact I have read many comments here saying that they aren’t dead.
    In man of steel, ZOD’s death it’s pretty obvious….for sure…..I remember when I saw MOS there was a kid next to me crying and screaming ” superman doesn’t kill”
    The impact is not the same.
    they made this movie only for BIG boys… that it’s a mistake.
    This makes me angry because a movie which was loved by so many years, now is insulted….just to justify a brutal scene in Man of steel.
    The classics never die.

    • So who who told him that Superman doesn’t kill?

      The issue here is that people kept trying to fit Superman as a perfect being, and when they get a rude awakening, they find a way to blame others for that. He’s not a perfect being. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be called SuperMAN. It’s that part that makes him flawed. Stop trying to fit him into your own mold. This is somebody else’s vision of Superman and to keep trying to convince people that they are wrong and that there is only ONE version of Superman — yours — well then I guess you don’t really understand the message he brings.

      The classics you’re talking about justifies murder because of the happy song after the deaths of Zod and his cronies. That is the reason why as a kid you didn’t see it as wrong.

    • Pfft. Captain America and the Avengers killed off millions of Chitauri and kids enjoyed it. Superman doesn’t kill? Kids aren’t supposed to watch heroes kill? Have you ever watched the Justice League cartoons? He killed dozens and dozens of alien invaders there.

      Frankly both the movie and the audience are making a big deal of it. He killed 1 villain, big whoop. Wait a new months and you’ll see Thor killing dozens and cheer him for it.

  10. Superman II; The Richard Donner Cut. Margot Kidder as Lois Lane is justifiably chosen when you see that version, filmed before the redo that was rewritten and re-shot that this is (may) referring to. The stupid town is cut almost entirely, the White House break-in is much better and the Lois discovering Clark as Superman scenario is one of the most clever twists ever done in a movie with a secret identity type character. And most importantly, Marlon Brando is seen consoling Superman, not his mother. As far as the ‘Man of Steel’ movie is concerned, Braniac is the only path to redemption. I can see, the need to start the movie over, but seriously, even people who live in caves know who Superman is. What is sad about all of this is that it is indicative of how DC Comics seems to miss the mark ever time (Green Lantern, Jonah Hex) the books were fantastic until the ‘New 52″ line, This is a kind of a start of a swan song in my opinion, even if Marvel fails with the new Thor and Cap movies and even Avengers, they have people’s attention, Batman will always be treated as an Elseworlds trilogy because it spans the lifetime of a realistic Batman, not one teaming up with the Justice League. I guess the Execs at DC comics or the studios are victim to salesmen with limited scope and understanding of the material, don’t read the Man of Steel by Byrne in the old days, read “For the man who has Everything’ by Alan Moore and “All-Star Superman” by Grant Morrison. There are many like it but this one is mine is almost the best interpretation of Superman, Metatron, what is the difference? (Look up Metatron, please.) And remember, Superman made a lump of coal turn into a “diamond” in part III opposite Richard Pryor.

    • I’m not really sure what you’re trying to imply here but I’m just going to give my 2 cents. There is no such thing as pure evil or pure good. If you embody Superman as pure good, he will be a contradiction because what is good to one may not be good to all. See, if he let Zod lived because he’s the embodiment of “goodness,” he can’t be called “good” because Zod will EXTERMINATE all human beings. As I’ve said earlier, omission is just as grave a sin as commission.

      Superman wasn’t meant to be placed in a glass case where he’d be Ooooh-ed and Aaaah-ed upon by the rest of the world. He’s meant to fight for us, as well as instill hope in us so that we may fight for ourselves too. If you’ve not been blinded, you can see that he managed both. He stopped Zod from killing everyone, and I’ve seen some humans fight back against the Kryptonians — Lois, Martha, Col. Hardy, and the rest of the soldiers.

      • http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc7zaz3PiA1qa4b63o1_500.gif

        After he got off the Camel Tar-Kryptonite he made a ring for his wanna-be girlfriend using his superpowers, if he was so benevolent, wouldn’t he use his earning at the Daily Planet to get her a ring? Besides, the dulled out colors of the costume remind me of the drunk Superman, which is really cool. Superman was create by Siegel and Shuster. Many myths were created many religious backgrounds, all with the same measure of implied benevolences. Arguing over Superman righteousness, when all it takes is some funny colored rock to flip his lid, will be redone in the sequel.

        • Dude, get back on the wagon. I think you fell off topic.

  11. Maybe that implication is easier to understand.

    • As I don’t really understand what benevolence has anything to do with buying someone an engagement ring or making it personally, I’m just going to go ahead and scratch my head on this one. But if what you’re saying that Superman isn’t perfect, that I agree with you on that one.

  12. Even without powers I would have tried to save my Dad during a tornado.

    Reboot for a JL movie.

    • I like that scene actually. I personally think it was one of those scenes that gave heart to the movie. It shows that Clark really believed Jonathan, enough to trust him more than his own will to save him.

    • “even without powers I would have helped my Dad in a tornado”



  13. As a comic book reader when I was younger, Superman was never a killer to me.

    I’ve always had a problem with how Supes killed the Kryptonians in Superman 2. It was a cruel and sadistic action that you would never have seen Superman do in the comics – the kryptonians had been rendered helpless, there was no need to crush Zod’s hand to powder.

    I also have a problem with him killing Zod in Man of Steel too, though I will admit, while the way he killed Zod here is visually more brutal than in Superman 2, there is more justification for it. Had the film been written better this moment could have had more emotional resonance… as it was, unlike Nolan’s Batman films, they never bothered to show us that Superman has a particular aversion to killing, or a moral code that prevents him from killing his enemies. If this was a film about a completely new and original character this debate wouldn’t even be happening, the audience wouldn’t blink twice about him snapping Zod’s neck.

    At the end of the day I’m with Mark Waid, this moment shouldn’t have been in the film, and the fact it was Zack Snyder’s insistence it should be in there makes all the more sense to me. Between David S Goyer’s poor script and Zack Snyder’s excessive and repetitive action sequences, this film was a giant huge turd.

    • People like this annoys the hell out of me. You do NOT meddle in the craft and affairs of someone and tell them how to do things. You can hate their work or love it. Heck, you can even criticize them for how it turned out but you never EVER tell them how to do things. That is utmost disrespect for what the creators’ work. It is the artist’s vision and prerogative. Frankly, I applaud Man of Steel for deviating from the status quo. I applaud it for not maintaining the same old formula that’s been done plenty of times. I applaud the creators for having the guts to question “What if Superman was in this situation?”

      Also, Mark Waid was butthurt because he wasn’t given a ticket to the movie by DC comics. http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2013/06/quote-of-the-day-dude-i-didnt-even-get-a-free-ticket/

    • What was your view of Superman in the Justice League cartoons? Where kids cheered as he killed legions of aliens and Nazis?

      Superman kills when he has to. When it’s war or when there’s no other way to save innocent lives. Like any decent person in real life would do. Including you. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  14. Well, having checked out the movie, Man Of Steel, I’ve got to say this “modern day” version of Superman is perfect for today’s ADD, ADHD generation who wouldn’t know gourmet food from crap meal. While I could get past the changes to the costume & the special effects were pretty slick, the overall composition of the film was noticeably lacking in substance when it came to character interaction/development, story line, & even some of the performances seemed awkward & clumsy. Surprisingly tho’, Kal-El snapping Zod’s neck didn’t bother me in the context of the story in which Superman was forced to resort to such a lethal measure. While Cavill has potential to look the part for a contemporary retelling of Superman (& I could sense the potential was there even tho’ the train wreck of the story line derailed that potential), he’s sure no Christopher Reeve tho’. While those Superman movies of yesteryear certainly had their own hits & misses, Reeve set the standard for the character of Superman simply by his portrayal that no other actor who has assumed the mantle since has been able to capture for themselves.
    In case you couldn’t tell, yeah! I am a former comic book aficionado & collector…And a little bit of a geek. I grew up in the 60′s & 70′s on Superman both in the comics as well as the syndicated old 50′s, Adventures Of Superman program starring the late George Reeves back in the days when there was only 3 channels (CBS, ABC, NBC) to choose from on TV (Four if you counted PBS tho’). However the combined ignorance/arrogance of a younger generation indoctrinated & dumbed down in the political climate of today’s backwards times aren’t remotely familiar with the unique times in which Superman sprung out of & which lent to his popularity in the beginning. I was fortunate enough to have been born at a time in proximity to where those qualities hadn’t been completely eroded yet by our societies declining & increasingly eroded standards. Even then throughout the 40′s, 50′s, & 60′s as he was “updated” to meet the changing times, these changes were accomplished successfully. Even in their translation to film for the most part. Many folks today would attribute that success to the less “sophisticated” tastes of audiences back then, but then I look at today’s politically correct standards & the crap so many look up to with their bizarre reverence & fixation on gay, their strange reverse-discriminating compulsion in their need to change the ethnicity of established characters to pander to various segments of society, their laughable efforts of masquerading stupid as enlightened, & it’s really no wonder (to me anyway) why so many characters we’re familiar with fail in their modern translations onto the silver screen. The closest to success I think Superman came however in these times was with the CW show, Smallville. Yet even tho’ that program started out with a bang, sadly it devolved in its latter years & culminated towards a 2 hour series finale that was a disappointing crap-fest!
    So with all of that said, don’t even get me started on what I think of Disney’s version of The Lone Ranger (that’s just from the previews I’ve seen so far). I shudder to think of what they’ll do to Star Wars!

    • lol!! Such a cogent thought out monologue. Who was calling anyone names specifically? I was speaking generally because in case you haven’t noticed, there ARE a lot of stupid people out there in the world. Bizarre. Oh well, I’m done with this conversation and I have better things to do with the rest of my evening besides debate you.

      • Wow Chad, you must be the most pretentious guy I’ve ever seen on this site. And believe me you have some pretty stiff competition.

        • *tips martini glass*



      • @jash – Freedom of Speech applies to the government only. I’m sure you learned that in Civic class in high school though, right?

        Paul Young – Moderator

      • probably using the word old fart didn’t help pal.he’s entitled to his opinion whether you agree or not.why get abusive !

        • You didn’t read his earlier comments, did you? They were deleted later. It was less opinion and more personal attacks. Sure everyone is entitled to their opinion, but is it wrong to call them out when their opinions are racist and homophobic? Plz don’t assume something until you know the whole picture.

          I wish screenrant would add an Edit button. They delete the comments and all people see are bits and pieces of the original conversation.

          • Agreed.its sometimes hard to follow who’s commenting on what.if someone is been negative fair enough.if he was giving you crap then fair do’s mate.i would not take crap either.all that matters is will you go see MOS 2 !

            • Will i see MOS2? Hell Yeah! I hope they announce something at comic-con next month. The movie has performed better than WB expected, so i hope they don’t wait too long before making an announcement.

      • Sorry if I used language that taxes the limited resources of your diminutive “pea” sized brain. I forgot where I was here & that stupid is something the ADD/ADHD generation glamorizes these days & actually looks at as something to aspire too with pride. My mistake.

        • Stupidity is glamorized? Well i assume u must be a real star then. I guess it’s probably better to have a pea sized brain rather than a swollen head.

          • Dear Baby Jesus,
            I SO hate when comic book threads go so OFF TOPIC asnf devolve into a back and forth discussion on the merits of one or another’s’ : intelligence, opinion, education, taste, class etc..

            There should be a name for these trolls…um. Yeah!

            I could not give a crap less about one person thinks about another person’s post!!!

            • Best superman for it is like the new batman and what made the new batman;s great the reality of what a joker or bane would of really been like in actual life. they took the same thing with super man the drama of the father being taken away was a great scene of emotional climax. second when the mother is being threatened by zod and super man tackles him for the first zod super man fight I felt like what a rush its the reality of protecting ones mother with the anger superman shows. movies are not movies with out you feeling that rush of chills up your spine those are the ones that make them great those emotional climax scenes along with a good story making a alien from another planet believable which I felt they did !!!!

              • You don’t get it and thats just sad. Suspension of disbelief means its unreal. As in not SUPPOSED to be real. Otherwise you’d still have Victorian era people running down the street swearing they were about to be hit by a black and white train. o.O Movies have been built upon the notion that what you are seeing is in fact, just a movie. When you make things too much like real life then it becomes BORING! Suddenly, whom wants to come up with all the good ideas? The lawyers that now have the deed to the property. Or as they call it cinematically… Iron Man 3. >.<

  15. Superman didn’t kill Zod in Superman II. We don’t see what ultimately happened to the villains after they slide a dozen feet into vapor. Its never shown. It was filmed, though. They were arrested and taken away by arctic police. That was a deleted scene, so you could argue that it doesn’t count, and that we just don’t know what happened to them, but that’s a far cry from saying Superman definitely killed them.

    As for Doomsday, he was an unthinking beast, not a person, and Superman didn’t actually kill him either, anymore than Doomsday killed Superman. He awakened in deep space, having been chained to an asteroid and flung into the void by one of the fake Supermen in the aftermath of Superman’s apparent “death.”

    Superman did actually kill Zod once, sort of, or at least intended to. In 1988 he exposed an alternate pocket universe version of Zod and two henchmen to kryptonite radiation. Zod was strangled to death by one of the henchmen before they both died from the exposure.

    • Donner, the director of the film, confirmed that Zod died.

  16. You guys take this silly movie and yourselves way too seriously. He sold out his cape for a piece of tail, that was all part 2 was. Getting in an uproar over him killing Zod is implying that no one will ever read a comic book again (considering that words in English are not abbreviated into texting on a phone format, that is actually possible). If you need a character like Superman to build the moral fiber of a society or just a few kids, we are in trouble. Listed earlier were 2 perfect examples of Superman being Superman. This movie is worse than Sucker Punch. And please, be full of yourself.

  17. I’ve Seen both Superman II and Man of Steel, and to tell you the truth, I’ve had mixed feelings about the “Zod killing” situation too. For Man of Steel, it didn’t seem rational for Superman to kill the General to save a family nearby considering the evident deaths of hundred of other humans in Metropolis(thanks to both Kryptonians; who could have easily taken the battle somewhere else). For Superman II, many people don’t like to realize the fact that Kal-El supposedly killed a depowered General Zod, and just because he threw him against a ice wall causing Zod to slide to his death doesn’t make it more justifiable. Two wrongs do not make a right. While I am a dedicated to comic books as much as the next fanboy, and hate to see superhero ideals be horribly translated on screen, both movies are incredible and like the comics allow us to explore the lives and motivations of our heroes in their efforts to fight against injustice and make the world a better place. If a iconic superhero like Superman is forced to kill a villain in order to save the world, it should be the last option to take and most likely when Superman is close to defeat or the Earth is about to be destroyed. To Richard Donner, Zach Snyder, Christopher Nolan, David Goyer and every other filmmaker who’s made Superman movies possible: Thank you for making our heroes a part of our reality in the movies as they are in the comic pages. Look forward to your future superhero films!

    • Superman never killed anyone in Superman 2. If you look at the Donner version, they are being led away in cuffs by the snow-patrol at the end of the film. Even without that scene, it was implied that they were imprisoned. Or if they did meet their demise, it would have been a Disney death. Not a violent neck breaking. As it stands now in Superman 2, we don’t see what actually happens, so Zod could’ve came back in sequels.

  18. Adroit illustration of why Superman is a much more tedious, much less engaging character than Batman.

    • Nah, all it illustrates is how ignorant people(yourself included) have downright retarded notions of what Superman should be and are so dependent on those notions that they find their self-esteem shattered when they are proven false.

      • +1

      • Keep telling yourself that Princess. Whatever it takes to make you feel better :-) I’m not sure how you’re coming to these kind of back-woods assumptions from reading a few comments on some small time internet website but you may want to take a few courses in 3rd grade reading comprehension. Superman has been around much longer than you’ve been alive and it is clearly established what/how Superman should be and that’s not changing no matter how many times some random irrelevant nobody clicks their ruby slipper heels together.

        • Oh there you are, Grandpa! You shouldn’t be wandering around. Time for your meds now.

        • “Superman has been around much longer than you’ve been alive and it is clearly established what/how Superman should be”

          You need to get that tunnel vision syndrome treated, gramps. You’re just narrowly focussing on a small segment of history and assuming it applies to everything because you can’t be bothered to look. There have been decades of Superman portrayals where he was willing to kill in war or when there was no other choice.

          I know because I actually read and watched those portrayals instead of just fondly half-remembering 2 or 3 old comic issues from the 1960s and the Donner movie forever.

      • We can have our own opinions about how Superman should be. That’s why we write comments!

  19. How can anyone like superman? He is dumb (take away his powers and he is worthless unlike batman who has no powers to lose). He’s a bully… Loses a fair fight to the trucker in Superman 2, but seeks revenge once his powers have been restored. Tortures for sport (laughs while crushing Zod’s hand). The fact that superman (alien from another planet) has the same weak emotions as normal humans makes him dangerous. In the animated series Lois dated Lex Luther back in her youth and if you didn’t know Lex is black (in the animated series, google it). Superman literally said “Oh Hell Nawl”

    Remind me again how wearing a pair of glasses hides his identity from everyone including coworkers?

  20. I have mixed feelings with the movie.The drama was sub-par but I suppose could have been worse, that said action wise this was awesome. And the fact that people are making such a big deal out of zods neck being broken?! GET OVER IT. Superman killed FOR YOU. I mean, if Superman was put in a situation like that wth do u think he’d do???”aw shucks I cant kill, sorry family”.
    Now that we’ve finally seen Superman kick ass properly I just hope they go plot-orientated with the sequel, some lois-clarkiness and cerebral battle with Lex? Maybe a little warmth as well.

    • THANK YOU!!! summed up my feelings perfectly. Also Faora was hawt as hell. hopefully they’ll do a nice flying sequence with lois and superman? They accomplished 3 things mostly here:
      1. Superman finally,finally kicked butt
      2. Superman is cool again. Kids want be him again, and Cavill definitely left girls swooning.
      3. Hans zimmer going apeshit. Nuff said.
      BUT they really do need to put some soul in the sequel,and just go all TDK on it, like how batman despite his resources and prowess was driven to the edge by 1 loony in clown make-up. And the repercussions of killing Zod emotionally? thats gold right there.

  21. to me man of steel was supermans amazing spiderman. not a neccessary reboot but a likeable one. now the whole superman complaints are close to te complaints of amazing spiderman (the suit and all vs actions) in man of steel 2 superman will be more experienced and hopefully have on brighter colors (amazing spiderman2)

    • i dunno dude. ASM probably because sam raimi had left not long before left a sour taste. MOS left me cold granted, but it was at the least exhilarating and more or less true to the current character. Garfield spiderman? Hes a likeable, athletic, good -looking HIPSTER teenager who gets the girl he wanted on first try (even despite creepily having her photo as a wallpaper). I mean seriously?! What weirdo spiderman is this?! Again hope with the sequel.

      • i think that garfields spiderman is more similar to the comics. i mean in even the early comics peter lost alot of that dorkiness after he got bit by a spider. in ams i like peter more than the raimi version because he isnt just smart he is a genius alot like his comic book counterpart.. and as far as the girl its better that he gets her in the first film so it doesnt drag out. looks like man of steel used the same idea when it came to that. i just hope that in man of steel 2 clark kent is different than the dork christopher reeves version which wasnt bad but i just want something different. maybe similar to dean cains version of clark?

        • yeah but the hipster skateboader crap? that was not the spidey i remember. Plus i just generally found the movie dull. Loving the Rosenbaum thing btw.

  22. also go to change.org and sign my petition to have michael rosenbaum as lex luthor in man of steel 2

  23. Superman kills Zod… meh ?

    What about all the baby kryptonians he kills aboard the scout ship…

    • those werent babies they were it was a whole bunch of pods to make new kryptonian babies on earth. thats why superman stopped the world engine so zod couldnt change earth into krypton

  24. Superman never killed anyone in Superman 2. If you look at the Donner version, they are being led away in cuffs by the snow-patrol at the end of the film. Even without that scene, it was implied that they were imprisoned. Or if they did meet their demise, it would have been a Disney death. Not a violent neck breaking.

    • The Donner version isn’t canon. It’s a DVD extra that maybe a couple thousand people have ever watched.

  25. Quite a tense scene that was. I really thought those people were going to get cut in half which would have been as brutal as zod being killed like that. Not to bothered he did it. Plus he was distraught having done it

    To the guy in the article who nearly walked out. Really? Just a touch embarrassing lol Just a film mate. That would have really annoyed me had I been there

    • I actually found myself saying outloud, unintentionally, “you’re damn right” as soon as it happened (which I usually would never do and abhor when others do it, but I was moved. Which, by the way, is the point).
      I attribute my appalling lack of decorum to the dramatic build up to that shot and the well executed tension displayed by the actors.

      What part of “Movie” do people not understand. It’s been pointed out before where Superman killed people in the comics, so why is this even a discussion? fanboys.

  26. Re-watching Man of Steel, I was looking for signs or build up to the final scene which justified Kal-El’s split second decision to “kill” Zod or watch the family fried alive. There was a scene prior to the final showdown in which Zod threatened to kill all of humanity, one by one, and said it’s either he or Kal-El dies. That’s the sternest warning yet for Superman that in order to stop Zod, he has to take that route. Well, perhaps if that line had been uttered seconds before that neck-snapping scene, reactions wouldn’t have been as negative as they had now. Or show Zod indeed just fried the father and is on to his next victim, the kid maybe.

    By the way, this may be contradictory to what we’ve all believed so far but Zod may still be alive. The battle between Superman and Doomsday in the comic and animated movie where Superman succumbed to physical injuries and presumed dead by everyone. Well, apparently, Kryptonian under the yellow sun doesn’t die. Just that everything in his body slow to a crawl to enable him to heal.

    So, Zod in Man of Steel may still be alive after all. Maybe they will have Lex Luthor, through manipulating people in some top secret government agencies, obtain the body of Zod for his scheme that can be included in a sequel some time in the future.

  27. He already killed a version of Zod before:


  28. First of, wow. This is atteacting so many comments. Ok. Well, if I’m not mistaken, many many commenters have already stated (nearly pulling their hairs out with frustration while doing it *I’m only guessing*) that the Richard Donner Cut cannot be viewed as connon, — the person already gave the reason for this. I’ll give another reason to it. Actually two reasons. The first, Superman II was, though the majority was filmed by Donner, in fact NOT a Richard Donner movie. It was directed by Richard LESTER. He is officially credited for it, while Donner isn’t. Though technically it COUL be viewed as DONNERS movie as he had filmed (as stated above) the majority of the film.
    The second is, seriously people: The Richard Donner Cut was released in 2006, while the ORIGINAL movie was released in 1980.

    And as far as Superman killing Zod; I’ll use an anology for this. Everyone knows what happening in Syria right? Now, if you had the choice to kill Assad and safe millions of lifes, what would you do? Naturally, I’m against lilling someone, but remember this, if its for the greater good, then well, sacrifices have to be made. If history has taught us anything, it is that.
    And to everyone talking about this collateral damage in the Man of Steel, hasn’t Goyer and Snyder said that they want THIS to play a huge part in rebooting the Batman franchise? (SOURCE: slashfilms.com search: six dc characters mentioned in man of steel [sorry, but my paste isnt working correctly])

  29. If he just crushes his hand and then throws him into a BOTTOMLESS pit then he did not in fact kill Zod. Afterall, it is not the fall that kills you but the sudden stop at the end.

    • Hahahah. Wow. Hahah. +1^9999999999

    • i think its been established that Zod and the other two were killed.Richard Donner himself has said as much.not that this has anything to do with MOS as its an origin story.

    • yes because letting someone fall for eternity with a painful broken hand is much less cruel and vindictive than killing him outright. Dude, you just made Superman sund like a sadist

      • lol i second Drizzay, Mr Dale mckenzie just got owned

      • Honestly, I took the comment as a joke. Whether it was intended as such or not, idk

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