‘Man of Steel’ Booster Gold Easter Egg Hints at DC Shared Universe

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Booster Gold Man of Steel Booster Gold Easter Egg Hints at DC Shared Universe

One of the exciting things about the high-and-rising popularity of comic book movies is that there’s such a wealth of characters to choose from – any of whom could be the next to make it onto the big screen as part of a standalone or collaborative story. The Flash and Wonder Woman have both  been confirmed as having movie scripts in development, and Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s long-struggling Deadpool movie is steadily pushing its way towards production.

The superhero name on everyone’s lips this summer, however, is Superman. Man of Steel has been wowing comic book fans and average moviegoers alike with the promise of a compelling origin story and a face-off between Superman and General Zod that has the potential for some serious collateral damage.

Many fans have been on the lookout for Easter eggs in the promotional material released for Man of Steel so far, but some eagle eyes over at ComicBook.com are the first to spot this blink-and-you’ll-miss it reference in one of the many action shots from the third trailer. As General Zod and Superman race towards each other, the Metropolis backdrop includes a billboard with a familiar logo on it.

Here’s the full frame (click to enlarge) followed by a blown-up version of the logo.

Blaze Comics Easter Egg in Man of Steel 570x234 Man of Steel Booster Gold Easter Egg Hints at DC Shared Universe

Blaze Comics Easter Egg in Man of Steel Large Man of Steel Booster Gold Easter Egg Hints at DC Shared Universe

Regular DC readers will recognise this logo as reference to Booster Gold, a long-standing member of the DC universe and member of the Justice League. Unlike Superman, Booster Gold doesn’t have any innate powers, but as a time-traveller from the 25th century has enough futuristic gadgets to give him formidable powers, including flight, enhanced strength and power blasts.

Blaze Comics is a fictional publishing company in the DC universe that was responsible for the fictionalized version of the Booster Gold comics. The comics are one of the many forms of merchandising that build up around the time-travelling hero as he makes a comfortable living from self-promotion and selling out to anyone able to make him more famous than he already is.

Now, this Easter Egg could be anything from a casual in-joke to a hint that Warner Bros is secretly planning a Booster Gold standalone movie as its follow-up to Man of Steel (admittedly that last possibility is a little slim). Every indication so far has suggested that Superman will have been fully established as a superhero by the end of Man of Steel, opening the way for more DC superheroes to potentially make an appearance in future sequels or shared universe movies.

Superman Man of Steel Arms Crossed Man of Steel Booster Gold Easter Egg Hints at DC Shared Universe

Marvel Studios has already successfully shown that a shared cinematic universe can not only work, but also prove to be a big draw for audiences, with their Avengers multi-franchise narrative. With rumors abound that Zack Snyder may be directing, and Christopher Nolan executive producing, the Justice League movie, could Booster Gold be one of the heroes heading towards a potential team-up?

Tell us what you think this Easter Egg means – if anything – in the comments.


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: ComicBook.com

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  1. Neil Patrick Harris as Booster
    Paul Rudd as Ted Kord/Blue Beetle.


    • hahaha I love this idea..

    • That would be too good to actually happen. I’d see that more times tan it’s healthly.

    • That, would be fantastic.

      But sadly, I’ve recently read-up on Boosters history, and he’d be the laughing stock of the Movie-version of himself in the history of horrible films.

      If they changed the characters selfish ways, and actually make him into a real hero, then the film could possibly work.

      But yessssssssssssssss. NPH for Booster.. and Paul for BB. f. yes!

  2. I’m down with anything related to Booster Gold! One of my favorites!

  3. I recently rewatched “Justice League Unlimited” and really liked the Boost Gold episodes. So i would be excited to see him get a stand alone film.

    But i still think WB should get moving on Wonder Woman and Flash first

    • I work there and can tell you how we spotted it.

      Because we were one of the first to spot and report on the LexCorp building in the skyline–and because that story did so well for us–we started looking at the skyline for other identifiable things. My boss noticed that the skyline looked very different from the second trailer to the third trailer within the same shot, and downloaded the higest-resolution version of the image that Warner Bros. had provided us with to see if we could spot what changes had been made.

      The rest, you can pretty much guess based on the images above. :)

    • Lol

  4. Marvel movies immediately start hinting at The Avengers, years before it comes to pass. DC makes a terrible Green Lantern movie, luckily follows up with what looks like will shape up to be a terrific Superman movie, and they decide to hint at future appearances of… Booster Gold??

    I dunno about this.

    • What if Booster Gold is literally a fictional comic book character within this movie? I am thinking of Tales of the Black Freighter from Watchmen. That gave me chills when I read the book, just having that deep world within a world all being read by a kid that keeps appearing throughout the novel. That’s one of those things that you just can’t replicate in a movie. I’m glad they released that Gerard Butler movie I guess, but maybe this is Zack’s way of atoning for not having that incredible feeling in Watchmen. Random theory. It’s more likely just a reference for comic book readers.

      • It builds up background and makes references to the greater DCU. The Marvel movies have them too even if most people don’t notice them: They’re called ‘easter eggs’ and are mostly aimed at the fans rather than casual viewers.

    • Whenever Screen Rant reports on a potential film version of Justice League without being followed by an actual or existential “question mark”, people who comment on this site may have something to, well, really comment about. When all else is illusion (delusion) or, at best, a trial balloon…it’s wishful thinking.

  5. Weird… I was just saying they need to do Booster Gold yesterday.

  6. Booster Gold a Hero from the future who STOLE his equipment.

    Justice League lowered its entrance membership?

    • Actually, say Zack Synder does get the helm of Justice League.

      And his belief in Purity of DC Heroes?

      One can argue, Booster Gold is not pure for having to steal and know events of the past to become a “Hero”.

      • Did Zack Snyder say he would only do “pure” heroes?

        • He did say he liked the “Purity of DC Heroes”.

          Booster Gold is a “Hero”

          • True… Isn’t Skeets technically his “purity” though? Skeets in a way is more like the Grass Hopper/conscience to Pinocchio and attempts to guide him towards the right road. I could be wrong though because I am not an expert on Booster Gold.

            • Snyder meant it in terms of them being archetypes, not being ‘pure’ as in lily-white with no flaws.

              And Booster Gold in the comics has done enough good to atone for his one petty crime.

      • That’s never been a compelling logic to me. “He’s basically just a bad guy” because he stole his stuff? No, his character arc has always been a redemption story; stealing the equipment was the low point of his life–a final, desperate act by someone who didn’t know what else to do. That moment was like Spider-Man letting the robber get away. From there, you can only go up.

        • Yeah and besides, Booster was a high profile athlete whose career was ruined and he had to redeem himself so he stole the equipment and went back to the past to make himself a legend.

          Honestly, they could use today’s reality show contestants and their need to be a celebrity through any means necessary as an allegory in a Booster Gold movie.

          It makes perfect sense.

  7. Booster Gold is not high profile enough to have a movie yet. Maybe if the DC movieverse succeeds they could give home one down the line. I don’t think they would put him in the Justice League movie either save for a cameo. They have too many potential characters that would tKe precedence as it is.

    • Neither was Iron Man.

      • Haha. Had to follow up that as SOON as I hit the reply button, an Iron Man commercial came on. Nice.

        • @ Meh

          You can’t possible be serious……..

      • C’mon, Booster Gold was nowhere near the recognition level of Iron Man. I’d heard of Iron man as a kid, even though I never read any of his comics.

        • Iron Man’s ‘recognition level’ was negligible in terms of box office potential. 99.5% of the world had never heard of him until they watched the movie.

      • Let’s be real here. Iron Man was huge amongst comics nerds, less recognizable among the general public but they’d heard the name & knew it was some yellow and red guy. Yes, after the movie came out he rocketed to the top in recognizability, but Iron Man and Booster Gold were not equivalent. Booster Gold is known among many DC fans but would be considered obscure even by those that loved him.

          • Basically hindsights 20/20 i guess.

            • …and let me add that before it ACTUALLY HAPPENED (before we saw that first trailer of his flight with the two jets), Iron Man seemed like the MOST UNLIKELY of hero movies to be made.

              Look at where we are now. Go ahead and keep denying it, but I know better. I remember. Lol.

          • I enjoy your silly humor.

          • My friends and I never read any iron man comics or comics with him and even we knew who Iron Man was thanks to his role in the Spiderman cartoon and his short lived cartoon as well. Don’t forget his role in the animated Avenger movies as well, while Booster Gold only prominent appearance to the general audience was that one JLU cartoon and that one episode of Smallville. So no, Iron Man was known to people outside the comic book nerds, just little kids and teenagers, before Iron Man making him mainstream. Booster Gold is an even lesser known superhero so establishing the DC movie universe with key characters to the Justice League, like Iron is a key character to the Avengers, with Flash, GL, and WW should be done before Booster Gold who is just a second string players.

            Sorry I went on like that. By the way a Booster Gold movie could be done right and I would like to see it.

        • Au contraire, absolutely nobody I know in my country had ever heard of Iron Man until the movie released here. Even now he’s a tad obscure.

          In terms of global recognition that’s been firmly been embedded in public memory for decades, we have Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and maybe the X-Men. That’s all. All other superheroes have historically been ‘B-listers’ in comparison.

          • I don’t know…this is just a suggestion, but perhaps pay attention to what I’m saying before you respond?

            I said Iron Man was more recognized than Booster Gold prior to the IM movies. I didn’t say he was universally recognized or on par with Spiderman or Batman.

            • I agree, but I was under the impression you were implying that aBooster Gold movie wouldn’t work because he was obscure while Iron Man worked because he was better known. My point is, to the general audience, Booster is no more ‘obscure’ than Iron Man was 5 years ago.

  8. They need to make an Ambush Bug movie!

  9. A main theme of Man Of Steel is the world’s reaction
    and eventual acceptance of the superhero Superman.

    And hints are at first he is not accepted, perhaps even initially rejected,
    and if that is the case this is a world where Superman is the first superhero.

    If any of the Justice League superhero figures were present in the Man Of Steel
    world he enters than the world would have little difficulty accepting him.
    Since they do Superman is a singular phenomenon in this film.

    • This is a good point.
      I’m a comic fan but not a huge DC fan, and I didn’t know this Booster Gold fella… so it seems dubious to me that they would make a movie around him that the general public wouldn’t be too knowledgeable about. Everyone will know the big six or so, and that would probably be the focus to establish a movie universe.
      My guess is that it’s just a nerd shout-out, showing that this is the “DC’s Earth” and these places exist. But I seriously doubt anything will come of this. (Seems like just fan service.)

      • I love your “nerd shout-out” characterization.
        I think this is for comic fans, acknowledging
        them and to get them talking on the film.

      • Well, no one knows who GotG are, and they’re going forward with a film.

        Seriously. who knows who GotG are besides only a FEW comic book readers, seriously.. who?

    • Maybe Superman will be the catalyst for more superheroes to step up. The existence of vigilantes like Batman could already exist because they are generally not likes. But Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter would make no sense prior to this movie. Also other heroes could exist that are human. Seems like the fear and dislike of Superman is going to be based on him being an alien.

  10. Right now, I think it’s nothing more than a funny in-joke that’s not hinting at anything. It’s similar to Pixar putting in fan service Easter eggs in their films (Pizza Planet, etc.)

    I think Man of Steel is going to have very little – if anything at all – in terms of laying the groundwork for a shared universe. WB seems content to see how Man of Steel does before making any other decisions. Don’t be surprised if the Man of Steel sequel is green lit while they work on developing other projects.

    And Robert Palmer makes an excellent point about Man of Steel’s themes. It’s one of the main reasons I’m skeptical of a shared universe. Man of Steel is showing Superman as a lone symbol of hope for the world and it would be detrimental to undermine that in my opinion.

    • Justice League does undermine Superman as a lone
      symbol of hope which is why I never cared for the JL.

      And shoehorning the Justice League into the Man Of Steel
      world created by Zack Snyder & Co would not be a good fit.

      • Why does he have to be alone again? What about the people rising to follow his example as Russell Crowe said they would in a pervious trailer?

        • Your point is correct the groundwork that man of steel will lay is essentially being the first man to come to earth and be special and diffrent an alien. His heoric work will inspire others to reveal themselves and act accordingly

        • I meant lone superhero. With the possible exception of Batman.
          Russell Crowe was referring to inspiring mankind not superheros.
          For humans to use Superman’s example for their own inspiration.

          • “In time they will join you in the sun. In time you will help them accomplish wonders.”

            I don’t think Russell Crowe was expecting Kal-El to do everything alone, no. The above line works very well at foreshadowing the League.

            • Being a lone superhero does not mean doing everything alone.
              And I don’t think Jor-El is foreshadowing the Justice League.
              Being from Krypton he would know nothing of JL superheros.

              • Jor-El not foreshadowing JL and any specific superhero. But I think he foreshadowing heroes of earth . Not just superhero, every one doing Good for society or it’s people. Like Gordon, catwomen , Lois , Berry, Hal,Bruce , soldiers ,cops, scientist, good civilian every one who want a great world.

      • If they can reimagine Superman’s origin and make him fit in the 21st century they can do any superhero or any story for that matter. BTW really hope MOS will rock and be megaboxoffice.

  11. This seems to be much a do about nothing to me. Booster Gold? Are you kidding me?

    • Right. And it does sound like a joke, doesn’t it?

  12. I think it’s just there to be there. Really, I don’t see Booster Gold happening anytime. I think they just want people to know that every DC character lives in this universe

    • Agreed.

      Lacing their material with this sort of stuff actually serves 3 purposes:

      1) Fun in-joke

      2) Gets hardcore fans to pay attention and make a buzz (like this article has already done — mission accomplished!)

      3) Plants seeds for the future should they want to visit that material

      Makes perfect sense to do this — doesn’t mean the character will ever show up in a film, however. Warners/DC has much bigger fish to fry before it gets into Booster Gold esoterica…

  13. Out of all the possible easter eggs Z. Snyder and Co drops a Booster Gold reference? The message I’m getting here is “don’t worry guys, we’ve been doing our homework”.

    • I like it.

  14. Nathon Fillion

    • Oops excuse that – Nathon Fillion for Booster Gold :)

      • Fillion as any superhero would be awesome.

  15. Alan Tudyk for Booster Gold.

    • I’d pay to watch that. Alan Tudyk makes me laugh and I’m a stoic.

  16. I don’t know. A time travelling hero from the future with a prexisting knowledge of the JL and what they will eventually go on to acheive would be a good character to ensure their formation in the present.

  17. Yeah I have to agree, this is just an easter egg. That said I think, unlikely as he may be, that Booster Gold could be a great choice for a DC film. When you factor in the Sci-Fi elements of his origin, the “man out of time” and redemption along with Skeets as a form of comic relief. I don’t think it’s all that crazy.

    Unlikely, but not all that crazy.

  18. after man of steel instead of making all the solo films for the justice league first, or jumping right in to the justice league… first they should make a movie that has Hal Jordans ring brought by a member of the corps come from space. And this brings a thunder storm along with it. one of these thunder bolts strikes a young scientist named Barry allen. then throughout the movie show in cloud atlas style (just not as big and less stories) how both of these men become Green Lantern and Flash and have them take out some smaller opponent. then at the end have them come together in the first meeting of the two, creating their strong friendship to take out a bigger opponent. thus gaining the attention of the man of steel

    • and… what would this movie be called “A Prequel to The Justice League: A film filled with easter eggs thrown in and no real characters or development of a film moving forward only as a means to build up to the Justice League Film”


  19. I don’t think this means a Booster Gold solo film but is definetly a sign of a cohesive universe! This is a pretty good thing for all us fans!!!

    WB is going up!

  20. Does not mean that he will have his own film (although I think it would be kinda cool).

    • Mad points for the Ole Dirty shoutout.

  21. Nic Cage for booster gold

  22. I would be up for a Booster Gold flick.

  23. Ha! That is awesome! Good find @Russ and his team! Like a lot of people had already speculated, I highly doubt there will be a Booster Gold movie anytime soon or if ever. I believe he could be a player down the line in a JL movie as a time traveler trying to fix events of the future (Id rather have the Legion play that card though). But its just an easter egg IMO. A nod to us DC fans to show us that they know what they are doing and they have the history of their comics in check. With that said, this further excites me! I have more faith in Snyder and WB now than I did yesterday. And I had a lot of faith then. Can’t wait for this film!

  24. Justice League will be the first one and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA will be a sequel to JUSTICE LEAGUE and Booster Gold will appear in the JLA sequels. I think it will make a lot of sense for Zack Snyder to get over with the Secret Origins. I heard Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Hawkman are backing off in line. Before JLA (Part 2) comes out. Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman are going first. It depends on Zack’s decisions.

  25. Of course they should make a Booster Gold movie, after all, Johan Hex and Steel were huge successes.

    • I’m sure the fact that they both sucked had nothing to do with it. They failed only because they were based on unknown characters.