Rumor Patrol: ‘Man of Steel 2′ in 2014; ‘Justice League’ in 2015

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Superman Man of Steel 2 Sequel Rumor Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel 2 in 2014; Justice League in 2015

Now that Man of Steel has overcome divisive critical opinion (read our review) by scoring the biggest June opening weekend ever, talk amongst fanboys and fangirls has inevitably turned to the already in-development sequel (tentatively titled Man of Steel 2), as well as the larger future plans for DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ superhero universe – which will (hopefully, maybe) one day culminate with a Justice League team-up film.

In late 2012 it was announced that Justice League would arrive in 2015 to compete against Marvel’s Avengers 2; however, as the success of Man of Steel became more and more clear, the studio’s focus shifted from the team-up film to milking their rebooted Superman franchise for all the billions it is likely worth. But today, we have new word that, while focuses may have indeed changed, Justice League and a second Superman movie might be closer linked than anyone thought.

Justice League Movie Man of Steel Dark Knight Discussion Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel 2 in 2014; Justice League in 2015

The Wall Street Journal reports that they have inside sources at DC/WB claiming that Man of Steel 2 is being fast-tracked for release in 2014, and that Justice League could follow thereafter in 2015 as originally announced. And while fans caught up in the afterglow of MoS are probably ecstatic to hear this rumor, there are quite a few other people who are going to do a total facepalm when hearing this.

There have been debates about how DC/WB should build its Justice League universe  (i.e., do the opposite of Marvel and start with a teamup film early on, or follow Marvel and release standalone character stories),  but no matter which approach you agree with, I think every fan of the DC Universe can agree, nobody wants an overly-rushed series of films. And if this rumor holds any weight, it sounds like that’s exactly what could be happening. Then again – the rumor is a little hard to believe.

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel 2 in 2014; Justice League in 2015

The timing alone would be crazy: director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer – not to mention star Henry Cavill – have literally just finished selling the world on seeing their new Superman vision (and still have some red carpets to walk overseas); the turnaround time from marketing and promoting this first film, filming the sequel, doing months of post-production effects work and then going back out to promote MoS2? Even if it could be done, the quality of that work would be dubious, at best. Snyder himself has recently denied such a timetable exists, and with certain Man of Steel 2 story elements needing to be figured out first, just getting the sequel figured out on paper could take about a year.

A look at Marvel Studios’ franchises tells us that the quick turnaround demands of a shared universe can wear down your casts and creative teams. Films like Fast & Furious 7 (which is going through a big director switch due to a rushed production schedule) have fans skeptical about the strategy of altering a working formula for the sake of getting a sequel out quick-fast. DC/WB may want to get a Superman sequel out soon, yes, but they may want to consider the divisive response to the first film and focus on polishing those wrinkles into a superior sequel.

Justice League line up Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel 2 in 2014; Justice League in 2015

As to the thought of Justice League coming out in 2015: who would direct it? Zack Snyder would be busy with MoS2, and so far his name has been the most likely nomination for the job. Henry Cavill would be near dead from exhaustion if he had to knock out another Superman flick and a Justice League flick in the next two years (see again: Marvel’s issues with Robert Downey Jr.) – which is just one more reason why this sounds a little too doubtful to be true.
Man of Steel 2 (Last Son of Krypton would be my preferred sequel title) in 2015? Justice League 2016 or 2017? That I would be more inclined to believe – that is, if DC/WB is even interested in moving into a team-up that quickly, instead of trying to launch more multi-million-to-billion-dollar solo character franchises featuring Oscar-caliber talent and proven creative teams (Nolan, Goyer, Snyder).

Don’t be surprised if we soon get an official timetable from Warner Bros on the future of their DC Movieverse (Comic-Con is just around the corner, kids); until then, discuss for yourselves how likely or not any of this sounds. Do you still want to see that Batman/Superman movie first?


Man of Steel is now in theaters. We’ll see what happens beyond that.

Source: TWJ (via Bleeding Cool)

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  1. Wasn’t the reason Man of Steel got pushed back because of David Goyer’s script being such a mess? Doesn’t seem like the extra time did much good. Sounds like they need to replace Goyer if anything.

  2. Normally I would consider the timetables unattainable, but considering the production history of MOS it might not be. Remember, it was slated to be released Christmas 2012 but WB wanted a 2013 summer tentpole. There was all kind of time in post production on this. It wasn’t like this thing was rushed out and the main players are all exhausted. I can’t imagine some work and though has already been put into MOS2.

    Also, SR has stories about Amazing Spider-Man on a 2 year cycle but there isn’t a mention of how difficult that will be.

    • There’s less scale in the Spiderman movies and the practical and special effects are a lot simpler compared to MOS.

      Plus I assume they have ideas in mind for how that series will play out and DC were just looking at whether or not MOS would even succeed before thinking of sequels.

  3. I would rather see DC take a combination of the two formulas, smaller team-ups (2 to 3 characters) and limited solo films leading up to a Justice League movie in 2017. Think about this: fast track Wonder Woman for a late 2014 release, followed by a summer World’s Finest (Batman/Superman) for May 2015, Flash late 2015, MoS 2 in Summer 2016, Green Latern/Green Arrow team-up late 2016, and finally JLA introducing Aquaman with the team investigating Martian Manhunter incident and Starro in summer of 2017. I know 4 years is a bit of time to wait for a JL movie but rushing it out won’t ensure ticket sales like quality will.

    • I 100% agree with you! Solo films are not the way to go for DC characters. I am a huge DC fan over Marvel, but the characters are far more complex to put on screen than Marvel characters. Mini team-ups/clashes would be awesome to see! Your timetable is good but I would not do any stand alone films. After MOS2 in 2014 I would fast track a Wonder Woman/Aquaman movie against each other turned allies against a common enemy or villain team-up in 2015. This would be followed by the Batman/Superman team-up in World’s Finest in 2017. And finally, another fast track in 2018, the team-up of Flash and Green Arrow with John Stewart being introduced into the DC Universe and becoming the next Green Lantern after Hal Jordan (surprise guest appearance by Ryan Reynolds)gets re-stationed in another sector of the Universe for some reason or another. My only problem is with them all coming together. I don’t like the idea of an after credits scene showing how they all tie together simply because that is what marvel has been doing. They should have scenes within the movies showing Starro viewing the events of each movie which would make them all tie together. Or just have Batman shown keeping an eye on everything that is happening for an eventual massive team-up in the Justice League movie.

    • Thank that was beautiful I thought you were going to say meet Aquaman through Throne of Atlantis movie or something but it’s still cool.

    • Someone please give this man a job screenwriting! love your timeline!

  4. Simplicity in itself. No more single movies. Drop hints to the others in SM2.

    I still find it VERY difficult to believe there are many people out there who dont know who:
    Wonder Woman
    Green Lantern


    If not in name by Justice League/Friends. There is no need for DC to cram.. uh release single movies explaining these characters.

    The only thing that needs to be done is explain why Christian Bale is not Batman etc.

    Use the Multiverse angle as a prelude to the JL movie. Explaining how there are multiple universes with ‘like’ people. Explain how deja vu is actually your counterpart in a world that did the same thing close to the time you did it….

    Now you have to bring them together.

    Wonder Woman is visiting under guise as an emissary to the UN. Clark is there covering it as news, Batman is there because there is a hit out on a high ranking official. There are the Big 3.

    There are so many different ways without having to introduce each character again.

    If they are successful then branch them off in their own movies showing why they are the way they are OR just have Batman go over their dossier.

    GAH just get it done before I pass.

    • ooops forgot about Arthur. He could be the hit target.

  5. We are definitely years away from a great JL movie. I personally feel another MOS is very important to really establish his character and world.
    Braniac would be ideal for a global crisis because of our dependability on technology. Superman would galvanize the world in such a movie.

    To be honest I would prefer to see a Superman/Batman movie before a JL movie, since their characters through the cannon of the comics and animated works become the foundation to the Justice League really. Once a relationship between the two have been established it can carve the way for a Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor connection that could be really intriguing and fun!

  6. Alfonso Cuarón should direct the Justice League movie
    Rian Johnson-The Flash
    Rupert Wyatt-Wonder Woman
    Joseph Kosinski-Aquaman
    and Neill Blomkamp-Green lantern Reboot

    • There is a rumor floating around that WB is eyeing Kosinski for GL 2. That guy could possibly single-handedly save that franchise looking at his signature film “experiences” from the past.

      sidenote: Idris Elba for John Stewart!

      • Hopefully the rumors are true but i was thinking they should reboot it.

    • @j

      Those are some great directors! Kosinki is probably my least favorite of the bunch, but he can definitely create visually stunning worlds. Just let someone else write it.

      • However, I’m pretty sure Blomkamp already has his next project lined up. As far as I know, the rest are free. Also, I’d love to see Duncan Jones do a DC movie, but he is already doing World of Warcraft, so he’s gonna be busy for a few years.

        • Rian johnson deserves a big budget film id love him to get batman

          • Definitely,after Looper.

            • I’d be down for that. He already created a cool noir-detective story in Brick, and a cool sci-fi movie with Looper.

  7. World’s Finest or a new take on The Dark Knight Returns is the way to travel! It’s a natural fit that can’t be ignored. Even Bale might have second thoughts about getting onboard that team up event.

  8. i have a very hard time believing this is attainable, to do something so big in 12 months is extremely difficult, if it is the case i bow in front of Zack for accomplishing such a feat. i do have to say that when i think about it the idea of working in reverse with the JL start big and go solo from there is very interesting, you won’t get the build up of Marvel, but it definitely an idea for introducing characters to the movieverse. no matter the case it certainly seems the next decade of Mr. Cavill’s life has been set. I really can’t wait to see what they do with MOS2, but they should really take a breath and not rush it.

  9. Dude I was JUST thinking yesterday about go awesome it would be if they titled it The Last Son of Krypton!

    Also I really hope that they do a Batman/Superman first!

    Also I really hope that however they do a JL, they give all the heroes equal importance, in marvel it’s like “ok we have these four pretty popular guys, then we’re also gonna throw in Black Widow and Hawkeye and kinda give them some small tasks in the final fight”

    • First I called MOS 2 to be titled MAN OF TOMORROW… Cause, Superman leaves everything from the past to the present. Living in the past in the present makes Superman travel through time. I would like to see Superman time travel back to Planet Krypton while, he is inventing the Krypton Technology from the Fortress of Solitude in the Snowy Mountain Caves. How Krypton became his homeworld ?

  10. You guys need to chill, what you want isn’t or might not happen, im excited just as much as the next man for a JL movie i don’thave time speculate just wait and see

    • Wait you dont have the time to speculate so we cant either?? Is there anything else you might want us to cut out that we have the time to do but you dont?

      • +1

  11. Unless they’ve been working in secret, this will NEVER happen. You CANNOT write, cast, shoot, and post-produce a $200 million dollar movie in a year.

    They fast tracked Iron Man 2 and it still took two years. And end result wasn’t even well received.

    • @eric.If MOS makes a billion dollars they will have one out for next summer.Money talks.I hope they do.

      • MoS is a hit, but it won’t make a billion. If it makes $750 worldwide, that will be good legs. If it makes more, that is stellar. It would have to pull Titanic style legs to join the billion dollar club. MoS, if done right, could reach that.

        • Superman/ man of steel has already made 110.00 thousand in 2 days ?

          • Exactly; that is why it won’t make a billion. ~$750 million, give or take $100 million.

  12. On a side note, who did that great Man Of Steel II logo in the article?
    That’s a Screen Rant original, I presume. A “by Rob Keyes” perhaps?

  13. I do not believe for one second That MoS2 is coming out next year, or that JL is coming in 2015, that would destroy the DC CU for at least a decade. What they should probably do is:

    2015- MoS2, introducing Aquaman and a Wonder Woman Movie
    2016- World’s Finest, introducing the new Batman and a Flash Movie
    2017- Justice League Movie, introducing the new GL (Common or Idris Elba)

  14. I want Duncan Jones to direct justice league

    • No, I don’t think he would be right for it. He’s a great director when it comes to directing small scale movies. He hasn’t proven himself in directing big blockbuster types, and in know way should we give him the chance to prove himself with JL. There is so much riding on a JL movie succeeding that we just can’t give it to anyone. Duncan Jones is good when it comes to smaller movies, I don’t know about big budget ones. Think M. Night Shayamalamadingdong, he’s good in small movies, once he steps out of his bubble, he totally flops. Perssonally, I would like to see Guillermo Del Toro involved in this, not necessarily as directed, which would be cool.

      • It worked for Marvel with Joss Whedon directing the Avengers.

        • Not really. Whedon has had experience with bringing characters with diverging personalities together, see Firefly, Buffy. Plus Whedon is probably the exception to the rule. He’s had a lot more experience as a screenwriter, director, and producer. A lot more than Duncan Jones.

          • Maybe but make no mistake, Whedon had his doubters too.

    • @Matches

      I love Duncan Jones, but he’s doing World of Warcraft, which is set to release in 2015, so he’s gonna be busy until then. Unless he’ll do a JL right after, which will be released in 2017 or 2018.

      • What about brad bird?

        • Good choice, might be a stretch though. Brad Bird has worked with Disney forever. If anything, he will direct a future Marvel movie.

          • …or a Star Wars movie

  15. Wouldn’t surprise me if WB rushed the films out. They rushed Green Lantern out which flopped.

    • I think they have learned from that mistake.

      • I really hope so, that movie was horrid and to get that not for Man of Steel but for it’s sequel, I think is worse.

  16. Hope it has the name Superman in the title. And not jut Man of steel 2 or a varient of that, like Dark Knight RISES. Then maybe the 3rd film will be called The Last son of Krypton.

    Also, a 2015 release for JL? Hope it doesnt clash with Star Wars. Or Ninja Turtles/Godzilla. Be nice to see these big movies paced out a bit more rather than all next to eachother, cinema is expensive so all films at once does no one any favours. I’m still behind on Trek 2, and Ironman 3. I see MOS tomorrow.

  17. Honestly, in my own humble opinion, it would be nice to get a Wonder Woman movie out of the way before they even attempt a Justice League movie.

    Batman needs no introduction, and Henry Cavill’s Superman is now out of the gates. But we still have yet to have a good Wonder Woman film. These are the holy trinity of the DC Universe, and I’d like to see her done well before a JL movie. Even before either a Flash film or a Green Lantern reboot.

    • batman is getting rebooted… John Blake from TDKR isnt batman anymore and i wouldnt like a wonderwoman movie cuz i dont see a superheroine as first role in a movie making much money in box office

      • I think a Wonder Woman movie would do great at the box office because Because there are so few decent films with a female protagonist if done right it could possibly be bigger then a Superman Movie.The Hunger Games on opening weekend earned $152,535,747 it’s Worldwide Gross was $686,533,290 and Wonder Woman has a bigger Fan base.

        • maybe ur right but u do gotta think of people who know nothing of comics they are the majority right now

  18. MOS sequel, World’s Finest, JL. That’s all that needs to be done, don’t ruin what you started WB.

  19. i think they should make MOS2 introducing wonder woman and then at the end credits introduce the new batman leading up to a batman and superman film wonder woman cameos here and there and then flas stand alone and BAM!! JL movie


    MOS2 ending with a batman appearance and then Sprman & Btman movie with wonder woman appearing a few times then at the end they hear of a new hero: Flash, which leads to a Flash standalone and at the end of Flash having Batman and Wonderwoman recruit the Flash

    • and then go on to a Justice League movie

  20. I would title the sequel “Man of Tomorrow” but that’s just me.

    I don’t know if I want a Justice League movie. I just feel like it’s gonna be rushed and half @$$ed. Also, there are so many fixed feelings about Man of Steel, I can’t wait to hear the backlash from a JL movie.

  21. First off let me say that I really enjoyed this superman movie. I think that for once the director decided to do away with the slap stick and give a solid conflicted character. A character that despite his awesome abilities had his fears and doubts about himself and the world around him. Look at the terrible job done with Green Lantern. A man who has unlimited power and they have his character create race cars, and try to impress his girl Carol Ferris in a lame fashion. Last points. As much as I like these movies, let us not forget that these are not DOCUMENTARIES folks. They are escapist movies, not factual or historically correct documentaries. Enjoy them for what they are. Now if SUPERMAN appears in real life to save the day, then I will stand corrected. there is room enough in the Universe to enjoy all the super hero movies coming out. We all have our favorites, but there is room for everyone of them.

  22. Mark Wahlberg hasn’t played one of our DC Superheroes. I think he can make an awesome role playing “The Fastest Man Alive” on the big screen. That’s who Iam thinking of ? First Sam Worthington can make an awesome casting role playing Aquaman.

    Here is the JUSTICE LEAGUE (Casting Call):

    Henry Cavill as Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent
    Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne
    Karen Gliche as Wonder Woman/Princess Diana/Diana Prince
    Mark Wahlberg as Flash/Barry Allen
    Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
    Sam Worthington as Aquaman/Arthur Curry
    Vin Diesel as Martian Manhunter/J’on J’onnz/John Jones

    • i disagree i think it should be:

      Henry Cavill- Superman(obviously)
      Armie Hammer- Batman (remember christian bale stopped being the batman with the DKT)
      Olivia Wilde- Wonder Woman( all shegotta do is work out.. get a little buff)
      Chris Pine- The Flash(awesome acting think he’ll do good in this role)
      Benedict Cumberbatch- Aquaman(bad guy from Star Trek into Darkness)
      Bradley Cooper- Green Lantern/Hal Jordan(Green Lantern will most likely get rebooted)
      Chris Melloni- J’onn J’onzz(althogh he’d do a great job, i dont think Vin would do it)

      • I think they should go with the John Stewart Green Lantern. With Idris Elba or Michael Jai White for that.

        • noo theyshould not. they should reboot Green lantern movie and use bradleycooper for hal jordan

    • who is karen gliche? and no to marky mark and vin diesel.

  23. As much as I loved Man of Steel and cannot wait for the sequel, I also don’t want it to be a rushed cash in, which is exactly what it would be should it arrive next year. I want it to be a well thought out Dark Knight-esque production. Christmas 2014 is the earliest I see for this movie coming out.

    Regarding Justice League, do not even consider bringing it without a couple of other standalone DC origin movies. Also, the Batman debakle needs to be solved. You either bring the Nolan version if you’re so much in a rush to push it out, or allow for a good 5 years to pass after TDKR to release a reboot before the Justice League movie.

  24. In an interview, Del Toro confirmed that Justice League Dark would be part of a DC shared universe, it won’t be standalone movie anymore.

    • Source, please?

  25. I love the Justice League but I still want that Super Max movie to happen.

  26. The only problem I had with this film was that they used the same score on every action scene was a little annoyed

  27. Yeah, I’m going to take this rumor with a HUGE grain of salt, as Kofi suggests. I’m pretty darn sure this timetable is nearly impossible.

    But, while I’d like to believe that WB/DC have learned from their mistakes of making cash-grab moves and therefore wouldn’t even think about fast-tracking a MOS sequel, they’re still a movie studio and they still may be exactly the same.

  28. Man of Steel wasn’t even good. Not a troll, but man that movie was a disappointment. I was on the fence about Zack Snyder then I saw this film. Dude is a hack. I don’t know you understands Superman less him or Goyer. Goyer really dropped the ball. I didn’t care for any of these characters & nothing about the film was really fun.

    • i saw it… let me just say its as good an origin story as Batman Begins and all the easter eggs were awesome… you should watch itagain cause it might just be the best superhero action ive ever seen…

  29. Ya know, I don’t have to read this article to know 2014 is too soon for a sequel. I’m feeling like when the Matrix sequels came out way too close to each other.