Rumor Patrol: ‘Man of Steel 2′ in 2014; ‘Justice League’ in 2015

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Superman Man of Steel 2 Sequel Rumor Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel 2 in 2014; Justice League in 2015

Now that Man of Steel has overcome divisive critical opinion (read our review) by scoring the biggest June opening weekend ever, talk amongst fanboys and fangirls has inevitably turned to the already in-development sequel (tentatively titled Man of Steel 2), as well as the larger future plans for DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ superhero universe – which will (hopefully, maybe) one day culminate with a Justice League team-up film.

In late 2012 it was announced that Justice League would arrive in 2015 to compete against Marvel’s Avengers 2; however, as the success of Man of Steel became more and more clear, the studio’s focus shifted from the team-up film to milking their rebooted Superman franchise for all the billions it is likely worth. But today, we have new word that, while focuses may have indeed changed, Justice League and a second Superman movie might be closer linked than anyone thought.

Justice League Movie Man of Steel Dark Knight Discussion Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel 2 in 2014; Justice League in 2015

The Wall Street Journal reports that they have inside sources at DC/WB claiming that Man of Steel 2 is being fast-tracked for release in 2014, and that Justice League could follow thereafter in 2015 as originally announced. And while fans caught up in the afterglow of MoS are probably ecstatic to hear this rumor, there are quite a few other people who are going to do a total facepalm when hearing this.

There have been debates about how DC/WB should build its Justice League universe  (i.e., do the opposite of Marvel and start with a teamup film early on, or follow Marvel and release standalone character stories),  but no matter which approach you agree with, I think every fan of the DC Universe can agree, nobody wants an overly-rushed series of films. And if this rumor holds any weight, it sounds like that’s exactly what could be happening. Then again – the rumor is a little hard to believe.

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on set of Man of Steel Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel 2 in 2014; Justice League in 2015

The timing alone would be crazy: director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer – not to mention star Henry Cavill – have literally just finished selling the world on seeing their new Superman vision (and still have some red carpets to walk overseas); the turnaround time from marketing and promoting this first film, filming the sequel, doing months of post-production effects work and then going back out to promote MoS2? Even if it could be done, the quality of that work would be dubious, at best. Snyder himself has recently denied such a timetable exists, and with certain Man of Steel 2 story elements needing to be figured out first, just getting the sequel figured out on paper could take about a year.

A look at Marvel Studios’ franchises tells us that the quick turnaround demands of a shared universe can wear down your casts and creative teams. Films like Fast & Furious 7 (which is going through a big director switch due to a rushed production schedule) have fans skeptical about the strategy of altering a working formula for the sake of getting a sequel out quick-fast. DC/WB may want to get a Superman sequel out soon, yes, but they may want to consider the divisive response to the first film and focus on polishing those wrinkles into a superior sequel.

Justice League line up Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel 2 in 2014; Justice League in 2015

As to the thought of Justice League coming out in 2015: who would direct it? Zack Snyder would be busy with MoS2, and so far his name has been the most likely nomination for the job. Henry Cavill would be near dead from exhaustion if he had to knock out another Superman flick and a Justice League flick in the next two years (see again: Marvel’s issues with Robert Downey Jr.) – which is just one more reason why this sounds a little too doubtful to be true.
Man of Steel 2 (Last Son of Krypton would be my preferred sequel title) in 2015? Justice League 2016 or 2017? That I would be more inclined to believe – that is, if DC/WB is even interested in moving into a team-up that quickly, instead of trying to launch more multi-million-to-billion-dollar solo character franchises featuring Oscar-caliber talent and proven creative teams (Nolan, Goyer, Snyder).

Don’t be surprised if we soon get an official timetable from Warner Bros on the future of their DC Movieverse (Comic-Con is just around the corner, kids); until then, discuss for yourselves how likely or not any of this sounds. Do you still want to see that Batman/Superman movie first?


Man of Steel is now in theaters. We’ll see what happens beyond that.

Source: TWJ (via Bleeding Cool)

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  1. Its very soon but id be estatic to hear it

  2. I think we at least need a Wonder Woman movie before Justice League. My slate of lead in films would be Man of Steel, Man of Steel 2, Wonder Woman, World’s Finest and then Justice League. Then you can reboot Green Lantern and introduce Flash since you can couple those two together. But Wonder Woman in my opinion is too big of a character to be introduced in Justice League along with like 3 others. I actually wouldn’t mind for Zack Snyder to direct that as well, it would be like Man of Steel and 300 combined.

    • Zack Snyder to direct Wonder Woman.

      • I think they should get other directors involved like Katherine Bigelow for Wonder Woman and I would go with Neill Blomkamp for a Green Lantern reboot. Have Zach Snyder or Chris Nolan ensure that the films fit well together.

        • Never even thought about Bigelow for a superhero movie, but that’s not a bad idea. Zero Dark Thirty showed how she can create (adapt?) badass independent female characters, which is perfect for a Wonder Woman film.

    • I dont think you need to reboot Green Lantern. You just need a better director and more coherent script. Sinestro vs Green Lantern would be epic. Wonder Woman probably needs her own movie but could be coupled with another character, like Flash or Aquaman. I think Martian Manhunter would be amazing but he doesnt need an intro before JL. He may not even make the cut for Cyborg. Ugh, anything sounds fine to me at this point.

      • Coupling Wonder Woman and Aquaman would make actually make some sense. I could see that happening.

        • That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Aquaman could be a supporting character in a Wonder Woman movie. But of course I would still want to see WW up against Ares or somebody like that.

      • I would think of Aquaman’s Atlanteans and Diana’s Amazons having high tensions between them. Think of isolated super power states/societies hidden within the world.

  3. Well now, this is interesting…

    …anyone else notice the open pod when Clark finds the spaceship? Means that “someone” from Krypton has been on Earth for 18,000 years.

    I can see a blend of Kara and Diana being fleshed out as the same character.

    I think that could work. Combine two characters who were essentially drawn for the same reasons: female counterparts to Superman.

    • It could work for me but comic book fans would go nuts in a bad way. It was kara according to the prequel comic

      • @Trey

        Kara could use the human alias Diana Prince though, right? I mean, it’s possible maybe.

      • And it could still be Kara, who is worshipped as a God in ancient greece and takes the name Diana.

        You can then do the whole Ancient Aliens angle with this. The people who were worshipped as Gods and what not were actually extra-terrestrial travelers.

        • I can see the angle working.
          Maybe have Kara just be an ancestor which introduce advance technology and sci-fi elements into a culture that already has slight fantastical/magical context.
          That way you can tie both Wonder Woman and Man of Steel into the same universe organically and naturally but still have a different direction that respects the essence of Wonder Woman.
          Some of the genetic code of the Amazon women could be distilled Kryptonian code that explains only flight and strength and quick reflexes, whereas other properties is heavily tied to the supernatural.

          Maybe the invisible jet/plane is actually an advance alien ship with a stealth/cloaking device.

          It would require however a great writer to successfully balance the sci-fi element and make the film less Man of Steel -esque and more Wonder Woman essence mythology.

          • You cannot seriously be suggesting that they make Wonder Woman a Kryptonian.

            • Dude, this is movie-verse.

              The Amazonians, the Atlantians… those things work just fine on the pages of a comic, but to put it on the screen and still expect your film to be taken seriously, well… unfortunately some things just won’t make the cut.

              • Like I’ve said before, the difference between Marvel and DC movies is that Marvel expects the audience to accept their comic book movie world as the real world whereas DC expects the audience to accept that these comic book things could happen in the real world. There’s no need to change the story so dramatically. So there’s an island called Themyscira we haven’t been able to find or the government has known about but because the people are so violent and dangerous they’ve kept it under wraps. Same with Atlantis. We know more about space than we know about our own oceans. It doesn’t take some enormous leap to believe it for a fiction movie. I’m pretty sure 10 years ago everyone would have said the same thing about every character of the Avengers and more recently THIS SUPERMAN. “Can’t work on film.” Audiences accepted Thor. That’s not too different from Wonder Woman. Gods, other dimensions, the audience will accept these things. It doesn’t have to be WW running around in a star spangled one piece lingerie outfit or Aquaman riding a seahorse. I’d be fine with some centurion style armor for her or the pants she has in the new 52. It could very easily work with the right people behind it.

                • I have to agree with Oneiros.

                  Wonder Woman is the Thor of the DC Universe, anyway. If Thor could work in Marvel films, Wonder Woman certainly can.

                  • Ummm…. hello. That’s kinda exactly what I’m suggesting…

                    • Except that’s not what you were suggesting at all. You are suggesting completely changing her origin story to fit into the MoS story line as opposed to letting her own story be told and bring her, a separate character, into the mix which is what I’m saying should be done and has been done for over 70 years. Wonder Woman is not Kryptonian. There is no need to make her Kara Zor-El to make her work in this universe. That change would serve no purpose. Are you gonna make Aquaman Kryptonian as well since according to you he won’t work either? What about Flash? Are his powers gonna be a result of Kryptonian technology because a science accident is just too hard to sell to an audience? The entirety of the DC cinemtaic universe will only come into existence because Superman landed on Earth? Worst idea ever.

                • If Wonder Woman wants to run around dressed like that, she can do it at my house anytime!

                  • @Goldilocks
                    Lmao! I hope you donèt mind if she pays me a visit as Well. :)


                  “So there’s an island called Themyscira we haven’t been able to find or the government has known about but because the people are so violent and dangerous they’ve kept it under wraps. Same with Atlantis.”

                  Themyscira is a cloaked island that is basically a refuge/paradise for their people. They don’t want to be found. They wanted to be separate from “man”-kind. Same can go for the “Lost City of Atlantis”. A cloaked world at the bottom of our ocean floor. They don’t want to be bothered by us humans.

                  Now considering the recent events/alien invasion, that might change their mind. What if the World Generator’s magnetic polarizer thingy disrupted these world’s cloaking device and they are now exposed. Blips caught on our radar. There is your intro.

                    • @Tony — Thanks buddy. It just came to me LOL

                  • L. CHEERIO

                    You should re-post your Aquaman origin story for people to read, that was some good stuff, well done.

                  • I can definitely see the gravity pulse affecting the core of the planet that affects seriously Atlantis.

                • @ Oneiros

                  “Like I’ve said before, the difference between Marvel and DC movies is that Marvel expects the audience to accept their comic book movie world as the real world whereas DC expects the audience to accept that these comic book things could happen in the real world.”

                  That is the best description of the difference between Marvel and DC movies I’ve read on this whole site. You are spot on!!

                  Well done!

            • While making WW a Kryptonian is clever way to tie things together, clever doesn’t make it a good idea. The LAST thing we need is Superman 2.0 only in female form.

              WW is tough but not nearly as tough as Supes and should stay that way. Plus there would then be no magical lasso, need to block bullets with her bracers, tiara boomerang, etc.

        • You mean the Thor angle?

      • Agreed. And straying to far from the source material is a slippery slope. Look @ IM3.

        • Look at IM3 why exactly?

          Some people complained, so what, they didn’t enjoy a clever twist and they won’t enjoy the WW twist we’re discussing here. Those people probably don’t have a cerative bone in their bodies therefore.

          It’s like people who complain things stay exactly the same but then complain when things are changed slightly. You never win with those people so ignore them, they’re not worth bothering with.

          • Man honestly I like CBMs to be thought provoking where the can without coming across as overly preachy. In this regard DC succeeded and Marvel failed. My main problem with IM3 wasn’t the twist but how they bastardized the Extremis arc which had a lot of Depth to it. Same goes for IM2 and Demon in a Bottle. The twist was just the cherry on top. Dumbing down the source material for audiences is a bad look. The only Marvel film I’m looking forward to right now is GOTG.

            • So Green Lantern was thought provoking? Jonah Hex? Catwoman? Batman & Robin? DC has its share of non thought provoking films

              • Never said they didn’t. But Marvel trying to market The Winter Soldier as a “deep political thriller” is a joke. What’s important to Disney, and by extension Marvel, is that the children show up. Meaning dumbed down. At least DC is trying to run with this so-called “dark” approach (if you think MoS and TDK is dark then you don’t know the meaning of Noir) and with it some semblance of integrity when it comes to the source material.

                • @ Naledge


                  It’s called “Appealing to a wider audience.”, and it’s a very smart strategy.

                  That’s what happens when you have smart people in charge, like at Marvel.

                  If CBM only appealed to CBM fans, we wouldn’t have a CBM genre to even talk about.

                  WB’s strategy on the other hand is much more narrow, and limited to a smaller audience which is why, unfortunately, they will never be as sucsessful as Marvel.

                  WB’s darker tones will eventually even hamper the development of some of their own characters, as we’ve already seen with Superman in MoS. How does “dark/serious” fit with the Flash? Green Lantern, etc.? You can’t force dark/serious tones on all superheroes, it doesn’t fit or work.

                  With the Marvel approach, you can go dark once in a while if you have to and come back to light and fun. With WB’s approach, you can’t go from dark to light and fun and back to dark, it doesn’t work.

                  Marvel changed the game with their “comicbook” feeling movies, which are bright and fun compared to dark and serious tone at WB. General audiences are naturally more attracted to Marvel’s style of CBM because they viewing them as entertainment, as fun. Who wants to go see a movie a walk out after it feeling somber? That’s want you get from WB, somber. With Marvel you get fun.

                  Now when people, general audiences, go out to see a CBM/Superhero movie, they expect a “Marvel style” movie. When they don’t get that, they’re disappointed, and the movie isn’t as successful. MoS, IMO, should have pulled WAY more then the 113-120 it pulled this weekend, and it would have if it were modeled after the “Marvel style”. This is why MoS is a disaster with movie critics, and with many of those that saw it.

                  One of Marvel’s keys to sucess, is their mass appeal. Fans of all ages and types can enjoy thier movies, over and over again, that is not the case with WB’s CBM’s, sorry to say.

                  • Unbiased my foot Tony. I will have a lot more respect for you if you would finally just come out and admit it.

                    • @ Dr. Mindbender

                      Why can’t WB/DC characters be just as popular as Marvel characters?

                    • I think he has some points, insofar as the critics who are down on MoS *do* seem to be disgruntled that it isn’t more “Marvel-y” in tone.

                    • @ Dr. M

                      Pointing out a sucessful strategy is not bias, Doctor, unless you’re looking for bias.

                      If you can point out where I’m wrong on what I said, I’m certainly willing to listen.

                      I wish DC would adopted Marvel’s strategy, we would all win, because it’s sucessful, clearly. If the situation was reversed, I would say the same thing about Marvel.

                      I just got back from seeing this, and I was disappointed. I see what the critics are saying. I will admit, as I said I would, the action was very good. A little over the top? Yes, but still good.
                      Overall the movie had a lot of problems, and I can’t see how this Superman fits in with or even needs a Justice League around him, he’s unstoppable. He’s too powerful.

                      Amy Adams is not Lous Lane.

                      Cavil is young so il cut him some slack. He was better in The Cold Ligjt of Day and the Immortals.

                      Russell Crowe was outstanding and made the movie. That guy can act. Great job!

                      Lawrence Fishburne was ok, what there was of him. Nice earring Perry.

                      Michael Shannon was great as Zod. Very fierce.

                      I was hoping for more Easter eggs, like Iron Man had. Actually, I really wanted this to be DC’s Iron Man, but it wasn’t.

                      There’s a lot of fixing to do in the sequel, whenever that comes out. I miss the old score, but they did a decent job with the new one. I really wanted this to be so great, that it pushed Marvel and started up some real completion.

                      Kofi’s review was way off IMO. My youngest nephew liked it, but couldn’t follow it and didn’t like Superman killing Zod. My niece was in love with Cavil the whole time, so she liked it. LOL!

                      Overall, I’ll give it a not bad, but not great. Just so-so. I’m glad I didn’t have to pay to see it, and it could have waited to be a rental.

                    • @Stark
                      Everyone has different opinions dude, you always seem bias when Marvel comes up. I agree with Dr. m.

                    • @ Ant-mad

                      I’m not trying to be bias, but I accept your view. I can see how you can think that, fair enough.

                    • I’m inclined to agree with Mindbender and disagree with you Tony. MoS had it’s share of lighthearted moments and did have themes of hope and family and the like. It was TDK dark. There’s a difference between having these characters in our real world and being dark. Having them deal with real issues isn’t being dark. The Flash can still crack a poorly constructed joke at Mirror Master after he stops his plot to slaughter thousands or something like that. That’s Flash’s appeal. In the JL comics and cartoons he does get serious when it calls for it but still has a lighter persona. DC’s formula allows for deeper character development. They’ll be different movies but not necessarily worse in comparrison to Marvel.

                    • +1

                  • @Stark
                    I respect opinions, but hey if DC/Marvel did release all these movies in the coming years; it’s a benefit to us.

                    • @ Ant-Mad

                      I agree to a certain extent. I don’t want to risk quality though.

                      I re-read my post, it did seem biased, good call. That wasn’t my intent.

                    • @Stark

                      As long as you can understand why one will think it is biased, then I think we all have an understanding.

                      I am sure people think I am biased towards DC sometimes.

                  • @Stark
                    I understand.
                    It is just we all have different opinions and evidence that supports our opinions of what “works”.

                    But filmmaking is an art. There is no real right answer.
                    Green Lantern tried the Marvel method but frankly it did not work. But Man of Steel is different from Green Lantern, Batman and Robin, Catwoman etc, where it is not almost universally panned.

                    Marvel most successful films to date- Iron Man and The Avengers- actually had a more grounded, a little bit more serious tone, and more character development in comparison to its lesser properties. Lesser in terms of unanimous review and overall financial success.

                    Both sides have winners and losers. It is all about execution and offering the best character story ever.

                    Then, on top of that when people enter a film with preconceived notions of what the film should be, then there is controversy. Iron Man 3 had a similar controversy to Man of Steel about being divided.

                    Critics now have an idea what and how this genre should be. Should it try to do more than the genre promises? Should it be a decent popcorn flick that recognizes its own self-silliness? Or should it be the middle.

                    Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 are divided because essentially both are in the middle.

                    I personally did not like Iron Man 3 that much. Entertained I was due to Robert Downey Junior and witty lines, but things fell cut short to me. It was meh.
                    While not perfect I liked Man of Steel.
                    While not a balanced film, the film does manage to convey deeper themes than what is initially seen.

                    You ask why DC/WB has not been more successful?
                    The answer is they have not made decent films from time to time.
                    Same as why most Marvel films are daring to do something beyond the formula they have been riding on until their successful gimmick The Avengers.
                    They now want to be a little darker, have something else to say but all in the conventions of the genre.
                    They now have to swim or sink.

                    So we could continue debating the issue, and who is right, who is wrong, the reviews got it right or wrong.

                    Objectively, Marvel is ahead in terms of initiating and playing in the sand box. But DC has made risks, some resulting in failure, and some causing much debates across the board.

                    If Man of Steel was as bad, as another film there would be no arguing the point. People like it. People do not. Over time, when the film sinks in, we will decide if the film is good, great, meh, or not.

                    • @ the Archer

                      Great post!
                      I agree. You are correct, the debate is pointless and won’t change anything. As I said to somebody else earlier, I do come across biased at times, you’re right, but don’t mistake my dislike of WB’s methods for a dislike of DC, or as favoritism toward Marvel. I will admit, it is hard to tell sometimes.

                      Personally, I prefer lighter funnier things by nature, so I prefer Marvel’s tone better. I can appreciate the approach DC is taking to some degree, my only point is, that approach isn’t as widely accepted among general audiences/critics as the lighter approach is.

                      Again, great post.

                    • @ L. Cheerio

                      Very intersting point, and articles.
                      I have to agree with you.

                    • Lets not get too carried away with that information.

                      The majority of winners weren’t CBM’s but merely produced by WB.

                      Also those that did win weren’t for the movie itself but for other things like visual effects, music, etc. NOT the movie itself.

                      I can also list for you JUST as many turkey WB/DC movies like; Catwoman, Jonah hex, lets not forget Green Lantern, Steel and even Supergirl!

                      So yeah, your point is not taken.

          • Again, the infamous Iron Man 3 twist rears it’s head.
            The twist is fine. In fact, I like that Marvel achieved in surprising everyone with a twist, when usually everyone can see a twist coming these days.

            I do not mind if a film changes enough to make the story compelling as long as it respects the essence of the character. (See: Bane from The Dark Knight Rises).

            Honestly, Iron Man 3 to me was just average even without the little twist. I only did not like that the twist was for sheer shock value and really did not add or build on anything of the whole film. It disrupted the flow of the story that was already just meh.

          • Clever twist? Creative?

            Sorry it was neither as it has been done time and time again in other movies/books/TV etc.

            So to take something that has a history, grab it by the scruff of its neck and slap it around is not a clever twist or creative. Its like they hired M Nightshamalangdingdong to flesh out the Mandarin character.

            Taking leeway with a character and changing bits and pieces is fine. To do what they did to the Mandarin is straying TO FAR from the source material.

            What did it accomplish? Besides making a joke of an established character? Ask yourself what could it have accomplished had it stayed ‘semi’ true to the character? It would have validated the Ten Rings from IM1.

            However now you have the Ten Rings that was a front for the Mandarin that was backed by Killian who had Stark right where he wanted him in IM1…… How is that clever? The 10 rings/Stane were going to Kill Stark but Killian needed him.

            No it just seems like pisspoor handling of a character.

          • @ Dazz
            Making Wonder Woman Superman’s cousin is not a slight change. Just because you’re fine with someone changing everything about a character but still slapping their name on it doesn’t mean it should be done. It’s a terrible idea. I’d be fine with making Themyscira a sort autocratic nation that has cut itself off from the world and WW is the lone envoy to the rest of the world leading to her inclusion in the Justice League but really…a Kryptonian? And mixing her with Kara Zor-el? Is WW gonna have heat vision? The IM3 twists weren’t clever they were lazy. It’s clear you have no knowledge or appreciation for the source material so it’s you who should not be bothered with.

            • Saying that Bruce Banner was working on unlocking the super soldier serum through the use of gamma radiation isn’t a slight change either.

              But it works.

              Superman’s “cousin” was written into the cannon years later simply to have a sexy Superman. You can combine that idea with the idea of Wonder Woman and it could work.

              The heat vision thing though, yeah… I suppose that’s a problem… but I would rather heat vision then trying to explain an entire race of hot iron clad woman.

              • The Hulk thing was less of a change than this. And it was more of addition anyway. They still had it be a gamma accident but changed his research. Not a huge deal. I don’t think Kara should be in the JL movie at all for just the reason you stated that she was written in just to be a sexy Superman. That’s true. And to say you would rather heat vision than explaining Wonder Woman just makes me reiterate the fact that people like you who advocate for such drastic changes don’t have any respect for the 70+ years of history behind these characters.

                • Please, I have respect for what has been around. I also know silly when I see it, and so will a general audience.

                  • Saying you have respect for them and then calling them silly is a contradiction. Seems like you’re just trolling.

          • The twist shocked me but I didnt care. The main thing I got annoyed with in Iron Man 3 was the constant humor which I felt was unnecessary. I mean I want Stark to be sarcastic and such but I just got tired of constant jokes. I was also annoyed with how much of a fool they made the Trevor character, just all the way over the top. I really enjoyed Man of Steels serious and much less comedic approach and I can say I preferred MOS over IM3 but I will always go out and support the CBM movies

      • I think they should go with Aquaman. It would take place in another enviroment that niether DC or MARVEL have touched yet.. go with a big time “eco-friendly plot”. Could have throw away scenes where he is rescuing whales from whaling ships and stuff like that…they should pretty much copy what Bruce Timm did and have there be a power struggle between Aquaman and his evil brother…he has to cut off his arm to save his son and all that…with a Nuclear sub being capture and its missiles as a threat to the world…Superman could easily have a cameo in that movie especially if Lex Luthor is President…things like that

        • You know what, after Wonder Woman, Aquaman is the movie I want to watch most. He’s always been the underdog and considered the “lamest” out of the core members of the league. The New 52 has made him into a complete badass and it’d be interesting to see where they go with that.

    • It’d be a lot easier to swallow than if she was an Amazon, even if comic book fans complain.

      She could also be a sort of a (and I hate to use this because it’s inaccurate) “man-hater” and early advocate of the artificial conceptions/births after her own mother died during childbirth.

      Just an idea.

      • Both good ideas you two i like it

        • Uhm, hey. Ever hear of a spoiler warning?

          • You’ve had the opportunity to see this movie since THURSDAY. If you don’t want to see plot details this late in the game – you shouldn’t be on ScreenRant. Go watch the movie already!! Then you can come back.

            • @Super Dave
              It doesn’t matter for how long the film has been out, not everyone can go see a movie the moment it comes out. In case you haven’t heard buddy, a lot of people have been having financial problems. I’m not gonna spend 12-16 dollars on a movie when that movie could go to better use at the moment, no matter how bad I may want to see it. There are more important things right now than a movie. And as for not being on SR, why should I leave the entire site just because I haven’t seen one movie? You do know there’s a spoiler discussion that’s posted here so you don’t ruin the movie for forgers right?

              • @ AmazingFantasy

                With all due respect, I’m touching upon something that is brought forth in the prequel comic, and in no way have I spoiled any type of essential anything in terms of the movie.

                I’m speculating about an open pod dude.

              • What spoiler are you speaking of? I don’t see any spoilers.

              • @AmazingFantasy

                But come on, you’re commenting on an article that has to do with Man of Steel and the future of the DC universe. You don’t have to stay away from the site, but if you don’t want to be spoiled, you probably shouldn’t be looking at the comment section of articles that are about Man of Steel.

            • You speak as if its been weeks but it’s only been 5 DAYS. Gimme a break, some people have lives and don’t have the time to wait in line for hours for the midnight showing (myself included), not to mention being crammed into a packed house in a less than desirable seat.

              Be courteous and wait a couple weeks already before opening your piehole.

      • I agree.
        Maybe not necessarily Kara being Diana, but at least tying up the stories. One it can organically and naturally explain this fantastical tale and have it exist in the universe established by Man of Steel.

        My only probable issue I see is that it would ruin a chance to truly expand the universe in another direction that is less sci-fi and more fantastical. But I see the potential if the writers were able to write both and still recreate the fantastical mythology of magic and monsters and Amazons.

    • I swear your the smartest dude on here

      • No idea who that’s directed to but I’ll take it if no one else minds lol

    • In the Man of Steel prequel comic it’s shown that Supergirl left Krypton along with several others during Zod’s uprising, but the other occupants of the craft died when it crashed in the arctic. Technically, it’d be Supergirl who was in the ice for 18,000 years.

    • I think Kara is from the house of El. So if they make her Wonder Woman (which the way you put it actually makes a lot of sense) it would make Superman and Wonder Woman cousins which is a NO-NO considering they have a romance of sorts going. Otherwise I like the take on that on how Wonder woman is a super powered being. It would sidestep in a logical and smart way a HUGE amount of factors that make Wonder Woman hard to develop and exist in the world of Superman.

        • I get that, and my bad I guess.

          Seriously though… if you haven’t seen MoS yet what are you doing in the comment section of MoS 2? What do you think was going to happen?

          • @Dr
            I understand what you mean, and I honestly don’t have an answer. The article caught my interest, so I clicked it and did a quick scroll to look for any spoiler warnings. Was just curious I guess to see if any new updates on JL

      • Yes that would be a NO-NO. In the New 52 they have a relationship. I agree there. However, I disagree that WB/DC should be orienting their characters to “exist in the world of Superman.” I know he’s the first of this universe but that doesn’t mean the studio has to make him the cause of every superpowered being on Earth. It would be better to create a world where they all exist. Focus on the world. It will allow for other properties to be developed in the future. Audiences will quickly tire of everything revolving around Superman. What if every Marvel character simply existed as a response to or result of Iron Man? You might as well just make a bunch of Iron Man movies because every character would be robbed of their individual identity and place in this universe. The Hulk only exists because Banner was trying to recreate the arc tech with gamma. Captain America is found by Iron Man and revived by Iron Man. Thor is only here because Tony discovered the portal to Asgard. SHIELD was created to support Iron Man. It gets real old real fast. Build the world and inhabit it with rich, deep, and diverse characters. That is how you succeed.

    • you dont know when the pod was opened for sure

  4. i hope so XD

  5. Considering they had so long to work on MOS and turned out an average at best movie, a fast tracked production on a sequel and a JL movie would be both insane and ridiculous (or Riddick-ulous if it becomes more action at the expense of plot, if the new Vin Diesel movie fails to live up to expectations, feel free to use that).

    I’d rather they take their time. There’s no rush.

    I also like The Last Son Of Krypton as a sequel title but it sort of dehumanizes him after the first movie set him up as being a child of Earth.

    • In your opinion average. People seem to really like it myself included. Look at its imdb score

      • Why should I look at its imdb score though? What would that prove, that others have differing opinions to me and I should therefore change my mind based on “popular opinion”?

        That would be Orwellian.

        • +1

      • Well, I liked it, but it as not an artistic masterpiece IMO.

    • I heavily enjoyed Man of Steel and while I cannot wait to see where the story can go- I rather wait.
      Rushed production is not a good sign in any film. I do want the sequel to polish up the weak spots in the Man of Steel film, a rushed production just doesn’t sound artistically free for any of the filmmakers and cast.

      The rumor falls apart for me with the Justice League release date. If anything Man of Steel proves that some spectacular solo stories can be done and successful (even with a low critical score, many audience seem to really like this film).

      I hope this is simply a rumor that combines two previous rumors while taking advantage of the popularity (financially) of the film.

    • Haha. I distinctly thought that the Krypton sequence resembled The Chronicles of Riddick, and that’s mostly not a compliment. While I liked Man of Steel in net effect, it certainly coulda/shoulda been a lot better imho.

      • @Jerry — I thought the same thing. Where as most people didn’t like Chronicles of Riddick, I loved it. And I loved that scene.

    • I think “The Metropolis Wonder” would be a perfect title for the sequel. The trilogy should be this:

      Man of Steel
      Superman: Metropolis Wonder
      Superman: Man of Tomorrow

      I added Superman to the beginning of the sequels because in the first film, he hasn’t fully developed as Superman yet.

      I want villains of the first sequel to be Lex Luthor and Brainiac. The reason for this is Lex Luthor will be a great personality to fight, but the action would not be as good without a villain like Brainiac. And for the third movie, I want Darkseid, because he is more powerful and intelligent than Superman.

  6. There was a very long period from the last shooting day to Man Of Steel’s release.

    I could see a decision being made on a script for the sequel based on the growing
    confidence at Warner’s they had a hit based upon what they were seeing and if
    so then a key element of getting started may just be near to a final version.
    With a completed screenplay a faster track for the sequel is possible.

    Justice League in 2015? Now that is where this rumor vaporizes.
    Like your choice for the sequel title, Kofi. Mine is just “Superman”.

    • Yeah, it’s often forgotten but MoS was originally planned and produced for release last winter.
      As far as this rumor goes, I can see TJL in 2015 if the stars aligned but there’s no way there will be a sequel to MoS next year. Unless they planned for a Christmas release but even that is highly and I mean highly unlikely.

      • The fastest I see Man Of Steel 2 start shooting is early 2014.
        Which would mean a mid-2015 release and because much of
        the writing is likely done that would be fast but not rushed.

        As for Justice League rumors, I tend to discount them all at this stage.
        After Man Of Steel 2, then rumors have more credibility and the
        vision for a shared universe will become clearer by then.
        I still prefer World’s Finest first once Bats is back.

        • I think this rumor is bogus. So much time for post production aside, and while I don’t doubt they’ve got ideas about the sequel, maybe even a script, it’s an awful lot of rush rush rush to get this time frame to happen. And why would they do that? Who rushes their biggest property into direct competition with Star Wars, Avengers 2, and whatever the heck else is coming out around then? (Or am I wrong on those release dates?)

          • Bogus it probably is.

            The Justice league part has no credibility
            making it easy to dismiss the entire rumor.

  7. I hope the sequel turns out well. I hope this is the start of a long awaited DC Cinematic Universe. Also please don’t cop out and make Lex Luthor the villian, have someone like Cyber Super-Man be the antagonist. Also one more thing, call the movie “Superman” not Man of Steel 2, please don’t!

    • Lex is definitely going to be in the sequel. I just hope he’s not the sole villain. He can be a mental threat, but they need a physical threat in MOS 2.

  8. I don’t believe this for one bit. That’s an insane production schedule. With the scope and scale of Man of Steel, there’s no way the post production team would be able to do anything with the effects. Snyder and Goyer need time to work on the script. There’s no way this is happening.

    I do like your choice for a sequel title, Kofi. Last Son of Krypton is the one I would go for as well.

    • +1

      Agreed, sequel in 2014 is just ridiculous for really obvious reasons. We may get excited but by the time the film comes out in 2014, everyone will regret them rushing it, especially for the sole reason of getting to the Justice League movie faster. It’s the first Justice League film, make it count. Also it’s the first good Superman film since the 70′s, I wouldn’t want them screwing a probable streak.

      I say 2015 is much more reasonable. I’m really hoping they iron out everything wrong with Man of Steel for the sequel though. If they do, there will definitely be some intense competition between Star Wars, The Avengers 2 and the sequel.

      • I have actually heard from friends who prefer to really explore this new Superman solo before Justice League.

        I can see that point definitely. The film does feel self-contained enough.

        Man of Steel 2 feels good for a Summer/Christmas 2015 release.

        • My friends and I too actually, really want to spend more time with this Superman, especially since it’s the first Superman of our generation (I don’t count Returns aha).

          • I’d favor two sequels before the Justice League.
            I’d actually prefer World’s Finest to any JL
            after a new Batman is re-established.

            • +1

              It’s weird to say but I’d much rather have a great Man of Steel trilogy than a Justice League film. Hell i’d prefer a World’s Finest, but that would have to depend on the Batman reboot being good as well.

              I always wonder what would have happened if Returns was a full on reboot instead of a sequel, if it were to maybe connect to the Dark Knight trilogy since they both came out roughly at the same time.

              • Nice to see I’m not alone in wanting a Man of Steel trilogy instead of Justice League. I want more films with this Kal-El. That’s what I’d like to see.

                Realistically speaking, I think we’re looking at 2015, 2016 at the latest for Man of Steel 2. WB has never rushed these films before. Remember when they gave Nolan 4 years between TDK and TDKR? They take their time.

                • I agree but I think they gave him and everyone else so much time because Heath Ledger died. It was terrible for all of them but also terrible for the story. I think we would have seen a different 3rd movie if he hadn’t died.

      • + 2

  9. I’d love to say, take your time but DC has been doing too much of that for the last 10 years. But rushing this is a terrible mistake.

  10. Warner Brothers/DC sure is funny. They couldn’t ever commit to what they wanted to do with their “shared” universe. Now they’re all up and ready to fast track stuff. They went from dragging their asses to going full throttle. Which makes me think that somehow they will screw this up.

  11. For all we know it could be possible that goyer is already working on the script and has been for some time. Wasnt man of steel suppose to release last christmas anyways. Then next christmas or there abouts wouldnt be out of question. Still i dont believe it

  12. Why can’t we have 2 DC film’s every year ? I would do it like this

    2014 – Wonder Woman
    The Flash
    2015- Aquaman
    Green Lantern reboot or sequel I’m fine with both.
    2016 – MOS 2
    Batman reboot
    2017- JL

    • Who’s going to be doing all those movies?

  13. I heavily enjoyed Man of Steel and while I cannot wait to see where the story can go- I rather wait.
    Rushed production is not a good sign in any film. I do want the sequel to polish up the weak spots in the Man of Steel film, a rushed production just doesn’t sound artistically free for any of the filmmakers and cast.

    The rumor falls apart for me with the Justice League release date. If anything Man of Steel proves that some spectacular solo stories can be done and successful (even with a low critical score, many audience seem to really like this film).

    I hope this is simply a rumor that combines two previous rumors while taking advantage of the popularity (financially) of the film.

  14. One word: unlikely.

    I’m happy to be wrong, if turns out to be true, but this is nothing more than rumor speculation.

  15. 2014: Man of Steel 2
    2015: The World’s Finest
    2016: Wonder Woman movie and either Flash/Aquaman movie
    2017: Justice League

    • And Man of Steel 2 has to have a cameo by Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film or after credits.

    • @len

      Fassbender would be fantastic as Batman, but I’m not sure if he can realistically do it, seeing that he already has the X-Men franchise. I could easily see Brody as the Joker, but while Joaquin and Hardy are both great actors, I don’t think they’d be right for The Joker and Lex, respectively. But then again, who saw Heath Ledger as being a good fit for The Joker?

        • Guy Pearce for Lex

          • @len, Cranston would be pretty good. But I feel like you’re only thinking of bald actors/actors who have portrayed bald characters. Lex could totally played by an actor who’s not bald, but shaves his head/puts on a bald cap for the movie. Gotta think wider, my friend. Lex can even be played by a man of a different race, like in the animated series.

            @Beto, I’d be down for Guy Pearce. He played great villains in IM3 and Lawless. (And Bedtime Stories :))

            • @Beto @Ezra

              Chris Pine would do a great job.

  16. By the way, Kofi
    The Last Son of Krypton is a good title but I thought it would have made more sense thematic wise in Man of Steel due to Kal-El choosing humanity or Krypton, being the first (and last) natural born son of Krypton, and Kal-El being the key to bring back Krypton. But as a sequel title could work, given that for all intensive purposes Kal-El is the only Kryptonian left.

    Man of Tomorrow could be used, but not married to the idea.
    Superman, but honestly that does not seem to fit either.
    We could keep it simple and call it Man of Steel 2 or have a subtitle or something.

  17. DC needs not to get a swelled head. MOS is the easy part, as they told basically the same story, just with newer elements. The real challenge is getting this same success for a different character besides Batman & Superman. Oh, and don’t rehire Goyer.

    • +1

  18. Please not Zack. He did ‘OK’ with MoS. But I would rather have Nolan doing directing. Nolan pretty much saved MoS from being any worse.

    • Maybe a joint director for future movies?

      Zack’s great at visuals, we all know that. He just lets down the storytelling side and somehow makes action sequences kinda boring and repetitious.

      In fact, Zack would be better off as a cinematographer rather than a director.

    • +1

    • @Justin

      While I love Nolan, I think Zack did a great job, and I really would not want Nolan to be back if his heart is not in it, and he seemingly has no interest in coming back for anything DC-related. Also, Nolan is busy doing Interstellar, so I don’t think he’d have time for the Man of Steel sequel.

  19. I will say WB did the right thing by starting with Superman. While I believe Batman has been the face of DC for the past 30 years, Superman has remained as the guy who started it all in both comic book superheroes and, of course, DC itself.

    I never liked the fact that Captain America was the last to be shown love with Marvel because he is the Superman of that company. Plus, the leader aspect is missing. Yelling orders is not leading. It’s a team effort and he should be the one out there with more effort than everyone else. It’s why he is a legendary soldier. So what if Iron Man launched everything? He was also the only guy to receive a sequel before Avengers. I think we know his importance by now, and it shouldn’t undermine other characters.

    We’ll just see how they handle JL

    • I also enjoy that!
      The first superhero is the first superhero, maybe, for the DC cinematic universe.

    • Well said, Ultimate ACW

    • +1

  20. Well, I DO believe these rumors! DC has lost almost a decade by that bomb that was Superman Returns. They’ve always wanted to introduce the DC franchise as a follow-up to Harry Potter and The Hobbit. Now with this hit at hand, they’d be stupid to lose even more time. Waiting until 2016/19 would give Marvel the opportunity to drag every bit of life left in this genre out of the equation, leaving DC with nothing but genre fatigue. They only have a couple of years to get this joint DC universe off the ground and they simply don’t have to for introducing each character seperately…

    And those who still see The Dark Knight trilogy as a seperate entity: mark my words! TDK will be part of the joint DC universe. They won’t abandone their prize stallion and waste even more valuable time on rebooting Batman… TDK 1-3 and MOS 1+2 will be joining forces with a retconed Green Lantern, with Flash and Wonder Woman being directly developed within JLA…with potential standalone movies to follow…

    TDK being a self-contained trilogy was nothing but a marketing scam.

    As for the rushed nature of this joint venture… nope…not at all… MOS 2 has already been in development since the beginning and including TDK has always been “part of the plan”… Anything that Nolan might have said divergently was a lie, a lie to conceal the “big surprise” of TDK and MOS joining forces…even the ending of TDKR is part of that scam…

    • You are hoping for too much. I’d rather see a new take on Batman, one more gothic in visuals and darker in tone with room in the universe’s rules for characters like Clayface and Mr. Freeze.

      • And how do you expect casual moviegoers to adapt to that? We’ve already had this discussion. Majority of people are more recognized to Nolan’s Batman than any other Batman. Quite frankly, I don’t see another Batman reboot for another 5 – 10 years, maybe more.

    • 100% correct. You can bet that is EXACTLY what is happening. Watch what happens at comicon, they’re going to tear the roof off

    • That “TDK is not going to be part of JLA” denial reminds me of that “No, he’s not Khan but John Harrison” scam…I didn’t buy it either while all those gullible fanboys believed them!

      The ending of TDKR had SEQUEL all written over it but people believed the lie of this being the end of Batman / Bruce Wayne. People, c’mon…Really? We all should know by now how Hollywood works… Yeah, Bruce Wayne was in that Batchopper shortly before that bomb got off and he couldn’t get out on his own in time… I bet we’ll see Superman rescue him just in time at the very beginning of JLA…

      • He used the autopilot to fly the plane and got out before it went over the water. No Superman required.

    • I do not want The Dark Knight Rises part of this world. At least not how it was executed.

      I thought the film was decent, but the first two really got into the spirit of Batman and his comic mythology. Batman Begins sets up a real world where fantastic things could occur, while The Dark Knight focused the developing persona of the Batman and how he “changed things forever”. The Dark Knight Rises closes the chapter and changes the rules and groundwork the first two films made.

      They could reboot the franchise but keep those two films slightly in canon in order to not be repetitive. After those two films and Man of Steel, an Arkham style Batman seems plausible in context that bridge the two.

      The Dark Knight Rises story in essence was ambitious and the actors did fine, but the execution could have been better and could be revisited in a more grounded yet fantastical context established by Man of Steel.

    • Honestly, this is wishful thinking. Nolan is done with DC movies; he barely had anything to do with MoS. He is not in the Kevin Feige role that people wish he was.

    • @Smike,

      While I would go crazy with joy if that were to be announced, I seriously doubt it. Wishful thinking, my man. It really seems to me that WB/DC is trying to make a brand new shared universe, and honestly, Bale’s Batman would seem out of place in Snyder’s world. But we’ll see come July.

  21. As much as I’d like this to happen, this timetable is simply impossible.

  22. Solo films are where its at. Get oscar talent and focus on the character drama with action set pieces to accentuate that, with a dash of humor, and all will be right.

    Upcoming films should be:
    Man of Steel 2
    Wonder Woman
    The Flash
    Green Lantern Corps
    Justice League

    Projects should be worked on concurrently so we can get a fast turnout while giving the crew and actors from each a break as new people work on the next.

    • If TDK is part of this world (and I bet it will), the DC universe isn’t that far from the Marvelverse prior to The Avengers at this point…

      They had Iron Man 1+2, DC has TDK 1-3 (billionairs employing technology to make up for non-existent superpowers)

      They had Thor and Captain America, DC has MOS and probably MOS 2 (alien boyscout supersoldier(s))

      They had The Incredible Hulk which was a retcon of 2002′s The Hulk (aka bad CGI-heavy movie about a green character)…DC has Green Lantern…well…

      They didn’t have any Hawkeye / Black Widow standalone movies prior to The Avengers, did they? Well, there aren’t any Flash / Wonder Woman standalone films either…

      So if you accept that there is no Green Lantern retcon yet and Supes makes up for both Thor (alien) and Captain America (boyscout supersoldier), DC has all the ingredients for a joint venture as of NOW!

      • Actually they do have Hawkeye and Black widow counterparts – Catwoman and Nightwing (Robin). They have already been established in the DC universe in the Dark Knight series. If they merged the Dark Knight into Man of Steel, you would have four heroes already established (maybe five if you count Super Girl) and would just need to introduce one or two more.

  23. While Im psyched that it could be coming out as early as next year. The last thing I want is a rushed mediocre film. Take all the time you need to give us the best film you can give. But if you can do that in a year then go right ahead!!

  24. I am NOT in the movie business – but I don’t think 1 year increments are too demanding for actors or writers. Especially being that they’ve already established the ground workings for the movie. You’ve got the cast all lined up, the wardrobe pretty-much down, a base story line to go off of… etc. Most movies only take 3-6 months to film anyway. And if you get a team of writers working together – it wouldn’t be too difficult to iron out all the story kinks and put something together that is truly spectacular.

    As a fan – I’d ultimately want something that is worth seeing. But I don’t think it needs to involve unnecessary durations of time between films.

    All I ask is that the announcements be OFFICIAL & not just speculative. I’m sick of my emotions & expectations going all “roller coaster” on me.

    • The script might already be in the works or finished for what we know. The “timing” of this “rumor” only coincides with the successful launch of the first movie. Had it bombed, all future plans could have been abandoned. But now that it officially is a blockbuster, there is no reason not to go full throttle right away.

      They should not repeat the same mistake the Star Trek people did…waiting four years after a smashing success… and what did they get? Lackluster, underwhelming B.O. numbers and a script with so many shoehorned plotholes even an amateur like me could have cooked up in one sleepless night or two. A good script doesn’t depend on the time it takes to write it.

      • Haven’t seen the sequel to Star Trek so I wouldn’t know but I agree with the last part of your comment. The longer the wait doesn’t necessarily mean the better it gets, more like the more productive you are with the time you’re given.

        • Writing while inspired is usually when the writer
          gets his best stuff done and then writing is fast.

          I imagine Goyer went through just such a period
          on the Man Of Steel script and wrote enough of
          a foundation for the sequel during that process.

          Too much time can actually hurt the process.
          The writer revisits the material too many times
          and too often makes changes better not made.

      • Star Trek (09) Box office $385,494,555

        Star Trek: Into Darkness Box office $412,786,948

        Lackluster? Underwhelming Box office numbers?

        I see your statement and raise you proof! LOL

  25. I thought the first one had some flaws but overall I enjoyed the sh$& out of it I would love to see a sequel I’m not a JLA guy so I’m still a little hesitant on that move by Warner bros. I also think that a 2014 release would be great because I could seer the sequel sooner but at the same time it probably isn’t what’s best for the franchise to rush projects maybe early 2015 or probably later will be ore realistic.

  26. Not sure if anyone posted anything similar but, my ideas for a DC line up:

    -MoS2 (give it like a subtitle or a completely different title, really liked Kofi’s idea along with everyone else; have maybe a Bruce Wayne cameo or post credit scene)

    -Wonder Woman (Have that prequel Amazon tv series that would lead up to the opening scene of the movie, like the original Clone Wars series or Yugi-Oh!)

    -Flash (incorporate Green Arrow from the Arrow tv series, give little hints/Easter Eggs at other characters)

    -Batman reboot (as someone mentioned earlier I think, make it as it was in the Arkham/Asylum City games, that way we can still use the more ‘fantastical’ characters (i.e. poison Ivy, Mr Freeze)

    -World’s Finest (Easter Eggs, hints, name drops, post credit scenes and/or cameos (maybe) of other DCU characters)

    -Justice League (how Marvel teased Thanos at the end of Avengers, do something similar except tease the threat and/or villain of what’s going to happen throughout the previous films all culminating into JL)

    -Have Martian Manhunter just appear in the film similar to how he did in Bruce Timm’s Justice League cartoon along with and Green Lantern, don’t care for a reboot/sequel for GL. And as for Aquaman, I’m sorry but I don’t think him having a solo film would do well, both critically and financially. Just have him show up because whoever is the villain (haven’t thought of who they should use) also poses as a threat to Atlantis so he only joins with them to save his country(?) and by the end of the film he decides to become an honorary or temporary member

  27. Screen Rant’s review of MAN OF STEEL suggested no fault in the production (be it in story or the film’s production values) yet despite it’s four-star review, we’re presented here with an opinion that in essence summarizes:

    “DC/WB may want to get a Superman sequel out soon, yes, but they may want to consider the divisive response to the first film and focus on polishing those wrinkles into a superior sequel.”

    This doesn’t sound like a four-star recipient but, hey, what can I say?

    As for MOS2…my preferred title is “World’s Finest” bringing Superman and Batman into the same universe, Lex Luthor as the villain, and presenting Wonder Woman late in the 3rd Act. This will keep the story earthbound and within the orbit of “reality”.

    Justice League, itself, should not be under the helm of Zack Snyder or involve Christopher Nolan or David Goyer, simply because these gentlemen will be otherwise engaged.

    At the same time, JL need not be quick/fast/in-a-hurry to go into production, while at the same time the project need not be delayed due to the Snyder/Nolan/Goyer troika being elsewhere involved. This trio is not the only game in town. And if they are…oh, boy.

    The project should have a totally separate team: script development now, in 2013; principal photographer sometime in 2014; and the film released in the summer of 2015…and, of course, this is possible…while financing for the JL film project would appear to the executives far more risk-averse by casting the characters of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

    As to the issue of “actor exhaustion”…JL featuring Superman and Batman in supporting roles due in large part to audience expectation of seeing “the JL team” where emphasis could be placed more on other members, chiefly Wonder Woman over the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. (Otherwise, this movie wouldn’t truly be Justice League but more like “The World’s Finest 2″.)

    When so much (too much) money seems involved in every large-scale comic-to-film studio production with an uncertain financial return, the onus is on Warner Bros. (and the other major studio sextet) to bring down the costs. Simultaneous film projects as MOS2 and JL represents a prohibitive amount of risk capital, so wherever (and however) the overhead can be lowered, it should be.

    Just because a motion picture holds a comic-book character at its core does not in any way assure a $1 billion return on the investment.

  28. So they want to put Justice League up against
    Star Wars EP7 and the Avengers 2. Either one would crush a Justice League movie, especially and rushed one, but both?

    This has to be just more attention stealing, headline grabbing nonsense from WB. If they rush this, which they might because they’re greedy, and try to play catch up with Marvel, they will blow it.

    They need to stop trying to compete with Marvel, because they just can’t, there’s no completion there and focus on doing they’re own thing.

    Even a MoS 2 before 2015 is bad news. Quantity over quality is bad news, but its WB style.

    • “Quantity over quality is bad news, but its WB style.”
      I honestly laughed at that. You do realize that Disney/Marvel is the one who’s putting out two movies each year for like the next 5 years right? They are diluting their own currency, pretty soon audiences are going to get tired of their movies, especially since all of them have the same cinematic tone.
      Warner/Dc’s cautiousness is what’s going to save them from failure in the future. This rumor that MoS2 and JL is coming out in the next 2 years is completely wrong. Not only is it impossible to pull off, even if they already have a script completed, which they don’t, it would offset a lot of B.O. returns competing with a lot of big blockbusters (X-Men-DoFP, Transformers 4, Marvel movies in 2014, Spiderman 2, SW7, Avengers 2, FF reboot, and whatever else is there).

      • @ Appa

        Well, I’m glad I was able to make you laugh at least.

        Right, Disney/Marvel does have two a year coming out, but by diffrent directors/ writers. Goyer and Snyder are supposed to be writing/directing MoS2& JL within 2 years. That’s what I meant.

        • Not really. Captain ‘Murica and Thor 2 have the same writers, and the same producer, in fact, Kevin Feige is producing all Marvel films. Not only that, but before each movie goes into production, they all have to go through our dear Overlord and Master, The Whedon first. He probably tweaks stuff here or there to fit with the overall Universe.

          I don’t see how that’s different from having Snyder and Goyer write the next Man of Steel movie, it’s their movie, and it was a success. And I highly doubt that they will write JL. This entire post by Screenrant is only a rumor remember. Don’t take it to heart.

          • @ Appa

            True, it is all speculation at this point.