‘Batman vs. Superman’: Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in ‘Man of Steel 2′?

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batman superman man steel love interest Batman vs. Superman: Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in Man of Steel 2?

Somewhere in the world right now Ben Affleck is either at the gym or recuperating from his most recent trip, in order to get into Batman shape by the time production starts on the Man of Steel sequel (with director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer back in action). Many people are struggling to accept that “Batfleck” is going to become a real thing (and not just an excuse to make Internet Memes/GIFs), but others have moved onto speculating about what everyone can expect from the superhero blockbuster.

The non-Batman rumor conversation – regarding Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman (whichever unofficial title you prefer) – has primarily revolved around the potential casting of (unconfirmed) villain Lex Luthor, with the current lead candidate Bryan Cranston having recently claimed – emphasis on claimed – that he knows nothing about the situation. Today, we can offer a new casting rumor for everyone to mull over, in the meantime until we find out if Luther is even in the Man of Steel sequel (much less, who is playing the often-Machiavellian billionaire).

Latino Review is reporting that WB has sent out a casting breakdown to various talent agencies, with the intent of finding a love interest for Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. We’ve speculated that Bruce will flirt with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in order to get under Clark Kent’s (Henry Cavill) skin – as the Caped Crusader has done in previous Superman/Batman crossover stories - but Goyer’s script could feasibly have room for Bruce to have a serious love interest as well; all the more so because that Lois and Clark’s relationship in Man of Steel 2 will break from tradition in certain ways (example: Clark allowing Lois to know his real identity).

Here is what WB is looking for (read: Bruce’s romantic foil), according to LR:

They’re looking for someone in their late 20s and are open to all ethnicities. So not only does the 42 year old Goddamn Batman like em at least a decade younger, but playboy Bruce Wayne doesn’t discriminate either.

But wait there is more. They’re not only looking for a good actress (like duh), but they’re being very specific and looking for an actress who is both tall and possesses physicality.

Judging by these details, this sounds more like the description for a specific character and not just some nameless lady who hangs around on Bruce Wayne’s arm in public. Classic love interests like Vicky Vale and Julie Madison are very much possibilities, though someone like Selina Kyle is more of a long shot, despite the “possesses physicality” line; not to mention, it’s safe to rule out Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenhaal), since she was created by Goyer, along with Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, for the Dark Knight trilogy.

ben affleck jennifer garner daredevil Batman vs. Superman: Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in Man of Steel 2?

Insert obligatory ‘Daredevil’ joke here

For now, it seems there are a couple things we might take away from this:

  1. Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman aims to offer a richer portrayal of Bruce Wayne’s pseudo-playboy persona, which is something that Goyer and the Nolan brothers tended to skimp on in the Dark Knight trilogy (outside of when it explicitly advanced the plot).
  2. Affleck as Bruce Wayne will be presented as the polar opposite to Clark Kent: wealthy, extroverted and openly dating a gorgeous woman, as juxtaposed with Clark and Lois’ more complicated relationship. That would only heighten the sense of antagonism between Clark/Bruce and their respective superhero alter-egos.

Similarly, Rachel Dawes was always a weak point in the Nolan Batman films, as she’s (arguably) more a good role model than fully-rounded character; which is to say, there’s room for improvement in the Bruce Wayne love interest department, as far as future comparisons between Man of Steel 2 and The Dark Knight goes. Likewise, as his buddy Mat Damon has pointed out, Affleck should have little trouble pulling off the Bruce Wayne side of things – and, frankly, he might end up being much more believable as a legit playboy than Christian Bale ever was (had to say it).

Who do you think Bruce’s lady love will be in the Man of Steel sequel? Speculate away in the comments section!


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Supergirl from the open chamber on the ship in Man of Steel.

    • @Kevin C:

      Oooo… good one.

    • Heck Yeah…Superman is gonna need her help when he faces Darkseid. Amanda Seyfried as Supergirl. If not who else?

      • Someone who can act… hopefully.

      • He needs Green Lantern…someone who has conquered a space-villain before!

      • ALICE EVE! What do you think?!

    • She landed on earth 18000 years ago.. Doubt shes alive in the dc movie verse. Unless she gave rise to amazonians by mating this humans…

      • She could have been in cryo-stasis until Kal activated the ship…

      • Under Earth’s yellow sun Kryptonians are essentially immortal.

    • That would be crazy,how would she play into the overall story tho??she couldn’t just be a love interest either would ww.

  2. Robin!

  3. How about they just cast Ben Affleck’s real life love interest, Matt Damnon? I mean, he fits the bill perfectly, tall, athletic, etc. Plus they look so cute together already.

    I’m with Chris Nolan on this one, I’m walking away from this mess.

    Batman vs. Superman = BOMB!

    • Someone saying a film will be a bomb believes a rumor, so wise.

    • Oh my God a Ben Affleck and Matt Damon joke! So original. Listen Matt Damon and Ben are friends and worked together when they were young but damn they haven’t been in a movie together since 2004. Stop with the Matt Damon jokes.

  4. I bet Mercy. Not a major Bat-centric character, not WW, not Supergirl (I bet that they have those two characters already shortlisted for desired candidates.)

    Or “just Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend,” although that that gives me a disturbing flashback to Elle McPherson in Batman & Robin.

  5. There is no mess yet. Read my idea on the first page! It is the only way this story makes perfect sense, and produces billions at the box office.

  6. Cassandra Cain ? Make her the villain then later his love interest

    • Ellen Wong for Cassandra Cain/Black Bat

  7. I think Vicky Vale would be good. She is a reporter and it would be another way (besides Lex Luthor), for Wayne to be introduced to Kent. Have Lois and Vicky associate with one another or something, wether on good terms or bad. But then again I don’t know why Vicky Vale would need to look like she can kick ass… If this report is even legitimate

  8. Talia al Ghul from the League of Shadows!!

    • A Million Likes and +s for this man he gets it!

    • Talia HEAD from LexCorp who secretly works for Batman and Superman :)

  9. You know its not a break from tradition that Lois knows his identity. Because she eventually finds out and they get married. I liked that they didn’t play around with her not knowing. 1. I think its harder to pull off that she wouldn’t find out quickly. And 2. They are able to jump into the relationship and its problems. After all he has his insecurities and hang ups about the relationship and because of his powers it makes for some interesting points Lois makes that no other relationship can. Like men disappear when things tough but he is the only man who actually leaves the face of the earth type of things. Lol. Its a smart route that she knows and how.

  10. Holly Robinson.

    I still hope it plays up the angle where Lex threatens to out Batman unless he allows himself to be the iconic counterpoint to Superman. A who do you want to idolise question? An alien or a human? Hence ‘Batman v Superman’. Until of course there is a reason for them to team up (from Lex, natch) and Zack Snyder blows things up.

  11. clark did not allow for lois to know she figured out who he was before he became superman i swear the writer did not watch the movie

    • All in all when it comes down to it he did allow her to know his identity. He didn’t have to reveal himself to her and confirm his identity. He could have left the while thing a mystery cause you know his mother would never say anything.

    • How about Lana Lang? She was always less grumpy in the comics than Lois, and who wants a grouchy woman around? (I’m thinking for Supes here, actually).

  12. How about someone who doesn’t know that Clark Kent is really Superman. Oh, wait…The whole world already knows.

  13. This is shaping more and more into a Batman-centric movie and less of a Man of Steel sequel.

  14. I don’t trust Latino Review, especially El Mayimbe.

  15. I think to keep Batman ,and the film, tied to Superman some good choices for Bruce’s romantic foil would be Cat Grant(a fellow reporter) and Alicia Baker(an original character from the Smallville tv series). With Alicia only used in media source she could easily be altered to fit the role. Man of Steel already references Smallville a lot, like with the Sullivan’s Truck and Tractor store.

    • God, I hope not

      • What’s wrong with that? Only think I don’t like is the mask (helmet?) and the brown Bat-Symbol.

      • This is Concept Art by Steve Scott and not anything official.
        Steve drew the adaptation of The Dark Knight for the Blu-ray.

  16. I think Vicki Vale will be a great idea, and I think Sarah Michelle Gellar shall play Vicki Vale How does that sound ?

    • Rachel Mcadams!!!

  17. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Wonder Woman. David Goyer already said MONTHS ago even before comic con that Batman and Wonder Woman could have some supporting roles in the MOS sequel. Batman has already happened so why not have Diana show up as an ambassador of paradise island or something?

    • That’s a theory. But this is still from Latino Review and I’m hugely skeptical that they just made this up to stay relevant.

    • Thats what im thinking its Diana/WW, but who knows

  18. Clark walks in and he and jenny the intern are sexing on his desk.

    • Well, the boss wants everyone “hard at work”!

  19. How about having Bruce Wayne put the moves on Lois Lane. Thus we have Batman vs Superman and Clarke vs Bruce.

  20. I heard Peter Parker is available.

    • That killed me xD

  21. Curve ball.. Black Canary. Nobody would see it coming at a critical point ahe unleashes her scream to save Wayne. Basicaly she works with Batman. Logical he’d go recruit others like him to take on Whatever is going on this metropolis. Green Arrow wouldnt be far behind either.

    • Thats a possibility! I think Yvonne Strahovski (from Chuck) to play Dinah Lance/Black Canary

  22. unlike most people I think that this movie will be awesome! I mean i’m not a fan of Ben Affeck, but as a fellow actor I will admit he is a great actor/director! not al great actors have good movies for example Hugh Jackman xmen origins, or Nicholas cage in ghost rider. I am really excited for this movie and I agree that they might be talking about supergirl!

  23. I read on a website that Mercy (remember her from Superman the Animated Series Lex’s bodyguard) is going to be featured. Maybe this girl is a sleeper agent sent by Lex to seduce Bruce Wayne (let’s face it Bruce doesn’t know how to pick good women). Mercy is suppose to be bad@$$ too.

  24. Wonderwoman……played by Jennifer Garner…

    • Jaimie Alexander!

  25. i think this movie is goin to be awesome!!

    • A movie teaming Green Lantern and Flash would be just as awesome. Or one teaming Doctor Fate and Hourman. Or one teaming Hawkman, The Atom, and Martian Manhunter….!

      • okay here me out with the casting:
        Green Lantern: Hal Jordan (Nathan Fillion)
        Jon Stewart (Micheal Jai White)
        Flash: Chris Pine
        Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate: Benedict Cumberbatch
        Hourman: idk because it probably wont happen
        Hawkman: Sean Bean
        The Atom: Alexis Denisof
        MArtian Manhunter: Chiwetel Ejiofor

  26. Just to throw a lid into the fire: Lex Luthor’s younger sister!

  27. Selina Kyle/Catwoman. She can work with Batman and kick Lois’s ass aha.

    • I agree! I think Emily Blunt would be perfect!

  28. How about Barbra Gordon… A look toward what can be without doing to much.

    • Cassidy Freeman for Barbara Gordon!