‘Batman vs. Superman’: Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in ‘Man of Steel 2′?

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batman superman man steel love interest Batman vs. Superman: Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in Man of Steel 2?

Somewhere in the world right now Ben Affleck is either at the gym or recuperating from his most recent trip, in order to get into Batman shape by the time production starts on the Man of Steel sequel (with director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer back in action). Many people are struggling to accept that “Batfleck” is going to become a real thing (and not just an excuse to make Internet Memes/GIFs), but others have moved onto speculating about what everyone can expect from the superhero blockbuster.

The non-Batman rumor conversation – regarding Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman (whichever unofficial title you prefer) – has primarily revolved around the potential casting of (unconfirmed) villain Lex Luthor, with the current lead candidate Bryan Cranston having recently claimed – emphasis on claimed – that he knows nothing about the situation. Today, we can offer a new casting rumor for everyone to mull over, in the meantime until we find out if Luther is even in the Man of Steel sequel (much less, who is playing the often-Machiavellian billionaire).

Latino Review is reporting that WB has sent out a casting breakdown to various talent agencies, with the intent of finding a love interest for Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. We’ve speculated that Bruce will flirt with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in order to get under Clark Kent’s (Henry Cavill) skin – as the Caped Crusader has done in previous Superman/Batman crossover stories - but Goyer’s script could feasibly have room for Bruce to have a serious love interest as well; all the more so because that Lois and Clark’s relationship in Man of Steel 2 will break from tradition in certain ways (example: Clark allowing Lois to know his real identity).

Here is what WB is looking for (read: Bruce’s romantic foil), according to LR:

They’re looking for someone in their late 20s and are open to all ethnicities. So not only does the 42 year old Goddamn Batman like em at least a decade younger, but playboy Bruce Wayne doesn’t discriminate either.

But wait there is more. They’re not only looking for a good actress (like duh), but they’re being very specific and looking for an actress who is both tall and possesses physicality.

Judging by these details, this sounds more like the description for a specific character and not just some nameless lady who hangs around on Bruce Wayne’s arm in public. Classic love interests like Vicky Vale and Julie Madison are very much possibilities, though someone like Selina Kyle is more of a long shot, despite the “possesses physicality” line; not to mention, it’s safe to rule out Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenhaal), since she was created by Goyer, along with Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, for the Dark Knight trilogy.

ben affleck jennifer garner daredevil Batman vs. Superman: Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in Man of Steel 2?

Insert obligatory ‘Daredevil’ joke here

For now, it seems there are a couple things we might take away from this:

  1. Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman aims to offer a richer portrayal of Bruce Wayne’s pseudo-playboy persona, which is something that Goyer and the Nolan brothers tended to skimp on in the Dark Knight trilogy (outside of when it explicitly advanced the plot).
  2. Affleck as Bruce Wayne will be presented as the polar opposite to Clark Kent: wealthy, extroverted and openly dating a gorgeous woman, as juxtaposed with Clark and Lois’ more complicated relationship. That would only heighten the sense of antagonism between Clark/Bruce and their respective superhero alter-egos.

Similarly, Rachel Dawes was always a weak point in the Nolan Batman films, as she’s (arguably) more a good role model than fully-rounded character; which is to say, there’s room for improvement in the Bruce Wayne love interest department, as far as future comparisons between Man of Steel 2 and The Dark Knight goes. Likewise, as his buddy Mat Damon has pointed out, Affleck should have little trouble pulling off the Bruce Wayne side of things – and, frankly, he might end up being much more believable as a legit playboy than Christian Bale ever was (had to say it).

Who do you think Bruce’s lady love will be in the Man of Steel sequel? Speculate away in the comments section!


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Might be Vicky Vale

    • I was just going to say that before I finished the article, and realized the name was already up there. By the way, the chick in the white top in the picture could kick my bat-butt clear over the moon with just a smile! Dinner for two, dear?!

    • Rachel Mcadams would be a good Vicki Vale

  2. Any bets on it being jennifer garner?

    • Jennifer Garner? nah wont happen

  3. What if the love interest is talia al ghul under a different name spying on bruce for the league of shadows

    • I’ve seen enough of the Al Ghul’s. Could be Catwoman, heck it could even be Barbara Gordon (as weird as it sounds, she did have a relationship with Bruce at one point)

      • So we will need a natural red head. Isla Fisher would be perfect as Batgirl.

        • No…no she would not. That screams Alicia Silverstone all over again.

      • Hmmm, yes, now that you mention it…a way to get Batgirl into the picture! Incidently, remember the gal who played Bargirl on the old TV show? She made my bat-wings flap, for sure!

        • Er, “Batgirl”, not “Bargirl”. Sorry, I was thinking of someone I knew…!

          • Bargirl: Nah-nah nah-nah nah-naaaaa baaaaatguy. No wait that’s not right. What’s my line again?

      • Cassidy Freeman for BArbara Gordon!

      • NO Catwoman!!!!
        Enough of Catwoman.
        Talia Al Ghul again and done right!

    • or maybe wonder woman

      • Was thinking that as well. That would be interesting.

        • Or Solomon Grundy in drag. Seriously. The percentages are exactly the same (0%) as them introducing Wonder Woman in this rebooted movie universe as Bruce Wayne’s arm candy girlfriend. WONDER WOMAN. smh.

          • Solomon’s grundies?!

            • “Solomon Grundy born on a Monday” :P

    • I thought of Talia myself since she fits the “exotic” and “physicality” descriptions.

      • Third one at that. Its too soon to show Catwoman, even if she would be Selina person only and actress reserved for the future movies. And it would big no for WW guest appearance. There is no way Diana would let the boys play without her, that would be out of character.

        • unless its a post credits scene, just my guess.

    • As much as we saw the League of Shadows in The Dark Knight trilogy, I’d be up to seeing another different incarnation of them on the screen, especially if they’re going for a more fictional take on the characters.

      • I seriously, very very seriously doubt there will be anything to with League of Shadows for a very long time on the big screen.

        1) It’s been done.
        2) Don’t want to confuse the normals
        3) There is more material surrounding Batman than The League of Shadows.

  4. Diana Prince, BOOM!

    • no.

    • I was thinking Isla Fisher as Batgirl, but she would be better as Lana.

      • good idea man

      • Now that works.

      • Hailee Stenfield (true grit) should be Batgirl!


    • BLAST!!!!!

  6. Dianna Prince, but later we find out her and Batman have been working together the whole time to recruit Supes for a “league” they are planning to create to combat a much bigger threat … Darkseid.

    • Sorry for the double post.

  7. The intelligent move would be a female character, ether hero or villain from Batman’s cannon. Catwoman, Batgirl or even Wonder Woman all could help build the shared universe… but that would make way to much sense, after all, they did cast Affleck.

    • Wonder Woman’s introduction would pave the path for JLA.

  8. Dianna Prince, but later we find out her and Batman have been working together the whole time to recruit Supes for a “league” they are planning to create to combat a much bigger threat … Darkseid.

    • Sorry for the double post.

  9. Wonder Woman would be Great! but that doesn’t fit the “all ethnicities” line.
    Unless they make WW a different ethnicity!! I HOPE they don’t jack that up!

    • Agreed on the all ethnicities front. Some people of different backgrounds could look like Wonder Woman, but I’m just not sure someone who is say, Asian or has very dark skin would work. You can take some liberties, but I’m not sure that kind would be accepted. For Perry White, Laurence Fishburne was good, but I’m not certain it would work for WW.

    • they could be throwing that in their to cut some of the WW rumors down.

    • Wonder Woman is an amazon, for that reason it never really made sense that she would be white and speak English. I would like to see Naya Rivera as Wonder Woman, though Gina Carano looks to be the most likely to play Wonder Woman as long as she can act.

  10. Jezebel Jet?

    • +1

  11. Cast Elizabeth Debicki from The Great Gatsby.
    Listed as 5′ 11” to 6′ 3″ depending on the source.
    A ballet dance by training. Is in The Man From Uncle.
    May not be entirely relevant, but whatever. I like her_:)

    • dancer

    • Elizabeth Debicki could play
      Wonder Woman for my money too.
      Not that Wonder Woman will be in this.

  12. I’m gonna say Zatana even though there is 0% chance I’m right.

    • Hey it’s okay. Your percentage is on track with everyone saying Wonder Woman.

      So I’ll join in and cast my ridiculous, would be horrible and make no sense thought on who a casting call for a random female could be…

      Buffy Summers.

      • I vote for Buffy Summers, I want to see that fight.

        Badass show too.

    • who knows! i think Gemma Arterton would be perfect for that role

  13. brokeback manor (wayne manor) … jake gyllenhal in a wig … justin bieber is producing the score

    • Lol

    • Broke Bat Manor? Er, Break Butt man her? I mean, Break Wind, Man Up, that is….!

  14. Mercy Graves. It says nothing about being a love interest anyway.

    • Mercy sounds like the most realistic suggestion to me. I do not see them introducing a major Batman female character (Catwoman, Talia, Batgirl, even Vicki Vale) in this film.

      And this sort of a “putting out feelers for someone nonspecific in appearance” does not seem to fit Wonder Woman. If they cast Diana, I bet we do not hear of it until they announce it a la Affleck. (Or they say nothing and surprise us…if that is even possible.)

    • Mercy Graves or Tess Mercer (same character, different name) sounds logical.

  15. For the Love of GOD PLEASE NO CATWOMAN. I Swear to all living god I am sick and tired of WB/DC throwing the skank down everyones throat. Selina Kyle is NOT THE END ALL BE ALL ok. She’s over done and over played. If WB/DC really wants to impress me lets see them actually do Justice by Talia Al Ghul and portray her right and not in an UNINFORMED way like Nolan did. He Didn’t even bother to pick up a darn comic book to actually learn about her. NO CATWOMAN I AM TIRED OF THIS AND TIRED OF HER PERIOD!!!!!

    • Be quiet, you’re annoying.

      • What cause I’m sick of DC/WB shoving the skank down my throat. Tough crap she’s nothing more then a one dimentional ho who’s only real appeal is her butt. He had other Love intrestes not just that hosebeast.

        • She’s your blind date for this weekend, looks good in a bikini, and you are crawling and groveling at her feet begging her for a smile. “nuff said.

      • No I’m not. I’m sick of her she’s not an impressive character at all. Lets face it she isn’t a villian, she pisses off everyone in the criminal underworld and some how remains alive. How do you think she does that… she screws them. She’s a walking STD and DC continues to force feed her on people. She’s a pathetic character all around. I’m sorry if I’m more intellegent then you are Mr. I live in my mommy’s basement.

        • Well batman pisses of a lot of people too and hes still alive. You saying he screws them also?

          • It is Bruce Wayne, so you never know….

        • Thinking back to a couple of the Catwomen on the old TV show, when I die I want to come back reincarnated as their Maidenform Bras!

    • Bring on Selina Kyle and watch Agent X’s head explode!

  16. Whew! This rules out “The Twerker” Miley Cyrus

  17. I hope it’s a character from the comics. WW would be an interesting introduction, though I don’t see that happening. Maybe Talia, Selina(a bit too soon though), or Vicki Vale. Batman has had many other love interests as well. Though this doesn’t take the physicality into account, what about Julie Madison, Vesper Fairchild, or Silver St. Cloud?

  18. Jennifer Garner would’ve made a good wonder woman, looks-wise at least.

  19. As long as it doesn’t feel as forced as his love with Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises, I don’t really mind about this but with Lois Lane and Superman already, I don’t want this clusterf*cked.

  20. Bridget Regan or Cassidy Freeman would be excellent choices

    • Cassidy Freeman is beautiful.

      • Just like Welling, she wouldn’t translate well onto the Big Screen.

  21. A visual or two of Bruce with some eye candy
    to validate his playboy image is to be expected.
    The “possesses physicality” may not be required.

  22. Vicki Vale

  23. This Bruce Wayne sounds like RDJ’s Tony Stark.

    “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”

    • Tony Stark sounds a lot like Bruce Wayne.

      Batman first comic appearance: May 1939
      Iron Man first comic appearance: March 1963

      • + ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

        Thank you, Robert Palmer.

        • Aghhhhhh I’m such a GOOF.

          Mr. ” Palmar.”

          (OK ,,,, SR, about that “edit” button….)

          • Most everyone makes that “goof”.
            My names’s AR ending is unusual.

  24. Vicki Vale would be a cool idea but the whole tall and physicality quality they’re looking for is something I don’t think fits with Vale. Either way, I hope it won’t be a love interest for Bruce, I’d rather them focus on Lois and Clark with a little pinch of Bruce meddling. I wonder why he would even need a love interest in this film.

    • To give her a “little pinch”!

  25. I’d like to see Bruce hit on Lois. Could be funny!

    • AHHAHA, that would actually be kinda cool, lol.

      So, THAT is what causes the big, bad fight between Supes and Bats!

    • I’d like to see any guy hit on the Lois of the comics. She was a throughly irritating snoop and was always shrewing about most of the time if I remember correctly.

  26. I vote for Lois Lane too, like in the animated World’s Finest arc… but they are casting someone new so…

    As a nod to the animated movies: Andrea Beaumont

    And get Jennifer Lopez to play her. Word.

  27. People are overreacting. If this is true it’s probably just some arm candy for Bruce Wayne to walk around with. Personally I want Bruce Wayne to try and put the moves on Lois Lane. That would make Superman pissed off and we all know you don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

    • yeah I dn’t want to much emphasis on playboy bruce wayne. I want to see some good ol’ fighting and then moving on to a bigger threat. Keep the kids in mind for goodness sakes! make the moves on Lois, but only to get to Superman and nothing more, and then find out that Vickie Vale was with Bruce at the time when Zod came to earth and he blasted her inside her car while she was driving to pick up take out for her Bruce. Because of this, Bruce holds Clark guilty for his only love being turned into to microscopic matter, and demands that clark pay the price for it. They throw down for awhile, and then BOOM a geater threat enters the picture and Bat and Supes have to team up to fight. Batman realizes that there is much good in Superman and asks him join forces to fight all crime in the universe!

      • That doesnt make any sense. Why would one of the richest men in the world have his girlfriend go pick up some S***y take out when he has a butler to do it for him. And why would he get take out in the first place when he can just go to an amazing restaurant and get a way better version of what they would have at the take out place. And also, supes would have had to have been flying over and fighting in gotham at some point (which he never did) in order for any of that to happen in the first place.

  28. As I read the article I thought Vicky Vale but after reading comments and people saying Wonder Woman… It’s not that far off. If their going to try to do a whole justice league movie why not just throw another superhero in a movie that will already be a huge hit regardless of what happens, and whos casted.