‘Batman vs. Superman': Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in ‘Man of Steel 2’?

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batman superman man steel love interest Batman vs. Superman: Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in Man of Steel 2?

Somewhere in the world right now Ben Affleck is either at the gym or recuperating from his most recent trip, in order to get into Batman shape by the time production starts on the Man of Steel sequel (with director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer back in action). Many people are struggling to accept that “Batfleck” is going to become a real thing (and not just an excuse to make Internet Memes/GIFs), but others have moved onto speculating about what everyone can expect from the superhero blockbuster.

The non-Batman rumor conversation – regarding Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman (whichever unofficial title you prefer) – has primarily revolved around the potential casting of (unconfirmed) villain Lex Luthor, with the current lead candidate Bryan Cranston having recently claimed – emphasis on claimed – that he knows nothing about the situation. Today, we can offer a new casting rumor for everyone to mull over, in the meantime until we find out if Luther is even in the Man of Steel sequel (much less, who is playing the often-Machiavellian billionaire).

Latino Review is reporting that WB has sent out a casting breakdown to various talent agencies, with the intent of finding a love interest for Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. We’ve speculated that Bruce will flirt with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in order to get under Clark Kent’s (Henry Cavill) skin – as the Caped Crusader has done in previous Superman/Batman crossover stories – but Goyer’s script could feasibly have room for Bruce to have a serious love interest as well; all the more so because that Lois and Clark’s relationship in Man of Steel 2 will break from tradition in certain ways (example: Clark allowing Lois to know his real identity).

Here is what WB is looking for (read: Bruce’s romantic foil), according to LR:

They’re looking for someone in their late 20s and are open to all ethnicities. So not only does the 42 year old Goddamn Batman like em at least a decade younger, but playboy Bruce Wayne doesn’t discriminate either.

But wait there is more. They’re not only looking for a good actress (like duh), but they’re being very specific and looking for an actress who is both tall and possesses physicality.

Judging by these details, this sounds more like the description for a specific character and not just some nameless lady who hangs around on Bruce Wayne’s arm in public. Classic love interests like Vicky Vale and Julie Madison are very much possibilities, though someone like Selina Kyle is more of a long shot, despite the “possesses physicality” line; not to mention, it’s safe to rule out Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenhaal), since she was created by Goyer, along with Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, for the Dark Knight trilogy.

ben affleck jennifer garner daredevil Batman vs. Superman: Bruce Wayne Getting a Love Interest in Man of Steel 2?

Insert obligatory ‘Daredevil’ joke here

For now, it seems there are a couple things we might take away from this:

  1. Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman aims to offer a richer portrayal of Bruce Wayne’s pseudo-playboy persona, which is something that Goyer and the Nolan brothers tended to skimp on in the Dark Knight trilogy (outside of when it explicitly advanced the plot).
  2. Affleck as Bruce Wayne will be presented as the polar opposite to Clark Kent: wealthy, extroverted and openly dating a gorgeous woman, as juxtaposed with Clark and Lois’ more complicated relationship. That would only heighten the sense of antagonism between Clark/Bruce and their respective superhero alter-egos.

Similarly, Rachel Dawes was always a weak point in the Nolan Batman films, as she’s (arguably) more a good role model than fully-rounded character; which is to say, there’s room for improvement in the Bruce Wayne love interest department, as far as future comparisons between Man of Steel 2 and The Dark Knight goes. Likewise, as his buddy Mat Damon has pointed out, Affleck should have little trouble pulling off the Bruce Wayne side of things – and, frankly, he might end up being much more believable as a legit playboy than Christian Bale ever was (had to say it).

Who do you think Bruce’s lady love will be in the Man of Steel sequel? Speculate away in the comments section!


Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. “They’re looking for someone in their late 20s and are open to all ethnicities. So not only does the 42 year old g****** Batman like em at least a decade younger, but playboy Bruce Wayne doesn’t discriminate either.”

    professional journalism at it’s finest right there!

    • i like that profanities are allowed in the story, but we can’t quote it in the comments.

      • sounds like an introduction for wonder woman
        to me.

        • +1

      • Sounds more like a fresh take on Talia to me…

        • Million +s to you Jasca! You get it!

  2. I see two awesome scenarios here: cast Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks as his love interest, later revealing her name to be one Pamela Isley. The other, in what may be a polarizing decision, bring back Anne Hathaway as a seemingly random girlfriend until a devastating twist towards the end of the movie reveals she is actually Harley Quinn, setting Batman up for a big showdown with her and the Joker in the inevitable sequel (perhaps for Justice League?).

  3. Bring back Katie Holmes.

    • I think yu mean Maggie Gyllenhaal

      • No, Katie Holmes. At least she had some shred of likability. When Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character died in TDK, I was so happy… she was terrible in that movie.

        • Really? It was the other way around for me aha. I didn’t really like Katie Holmes and was bummed when Maggie died.

          • Plus I’m glad Holmes was replaced , Gyllenhal is so much of a better actor. I thought about some of the lines she delivered in the film and I find a lot of them would’ve been half baked if Katie Holmes was never replaced.

        • I thought they both were very poor.

  4. This seems like a perfect opportunity to reveal Bruce Wayne’s woman is actually Dianna/Wonder Woman at the end. Batman and Wonder Woman could both use they alternate personalities (Bruce Wayne and Dianna) during the bulk of the movie to feel out Clark/Superman to see if he can be trusted and join their alliance.

    • Now THAT is a great Idea Right there. :) And it would be good for a JLA Set up. OR To really get to Clark, it could be Lana Lang. Which would also be a twist. 😀

  5. ben affleck will nail his role it suits him so much…end of discussion!!

  6. Batfleck rocks…Enuff said

  7. I hope they do not go for more heroes other than Batman and Superman.

    Multiple heroes fits the more comic book style of Marvel though even x men pushes the boundaries when every second person has super powers.

    The more grounded world of DC should keep their world smaller to maintain the reality. Sure have individeual films but don’t assume they take up the same universe.

    Batman and Superman together should be as big a pull as the Avengers as long as Affleck’s batman is good. I have my doubts but hope i’m wrong.

    But done right a batman/superman team up every four years with individual films in between could make a ton of money.

    • Hate to burst your bubble, but I’m pretty sure DC plans on building towards the Justice League. The only real question is will they do it right after MOS2, or will they introduce the other characters first (like Marvel did).

      And since MOS had so many references to characters from the DC Universe, I think it’s pretty safe to assume they do, in fact, take up the same universe.

      It;s going to be awesome seeing DC’s own cinematic universe grow into something, hopefully, just as big (if not bigger) than what Marvel has done. Can’t wait!

  8. Latino Review is in the 100% wrong club. Everything they ever reported has been wrong.

    • Not everything. They have had their fair share of scoops, and they do have their sources, but yeah, most of the rumors they start end up being total BS imo.

  9. I keep believing that Ben will surprise everyone.

  10. I think y’all are a little desperate for MOS 2 news.
    Here’s my guess, the actress they cast will be playing….

    Drum roll…

    Random chick X
    Arm-charm A
    Girl to be replaced by a real character in batman solo movies #1

  11. Color me intrigued will it be WW or Talia, or Selina Kyle. I agree with alot of you i think it will either be Talia or WW. WW makes more sense to me not only because of the tall and physical requirement, but it a JL movie is the ultimate goal it makes since to introduce Diana in the next movie and seeing as her and batman had a fling in the comics it does make since. who will play her? Christina Hendricks is the most popular choice i figure, but who else (as long as its not Adrienne Pelecki i’m good lol).

    I still think Afleck will turn out to be very good in this role, despite being a little disappointed it wasn’t Mathew Fox, he would make a good Batman IMO.


      • That works.

  12. I wish it was Wonder Woman introduced as Diana or another alias. I always like batman and wonder woman together. She could be at first glance a beautiful and tall woman that catches Bruce’s eye and then near the end her alter ego is revealed as well as bruce’s and clark’s identity to her. She helps keeps the balance between these two powerhouses. She might even can save Batman’s life from the villain or Superman himself.

  13. Olivia Wilde.
    In fact OW should hsve been catwoman aka selina kyle


  14. Can somebody find a superhero role for Emilia Clarke please?


  15. Alice Braga?

  16. So they are casting a female…

    Why is it Bruce’s girlfriend?

    Latino Review making stuff up again.

    Shame to see this site even bothering to report this.

  17. Reese Witherspoon can make a great casting Batman’s love interest Vicki Vale. How does that sound ?

  18. Daredevil was so bad that I hope that it will be remake. Anyway, I thought Batman is bisexual or gay ? Oh well.

  19. I’m hoping for Talia tbh; she’d fit with the Lex Luthor angle, since she ran his company for a while in the comics, and, simply put, Vicki Vale and Lois Lane in one movie? Seriously? It’d be like… Batman and Green Arrow in one movie. Okay, bad example, but you get my point; they’re too similar. Now, what would be good is Jezebel Jet (From Batman R.I.P.) or one of the dozen other previously unused romances of Bruce Wayne. Seriously, they have no need to rehash any of the already used ones; as a Billionaire Playboy whose starred in a comic that’s been in print for over 70 years, Bruce Wayne is definitely NOT running short of girlfriends to use xD

  20. it will be a frog 😀 lol

  21. kelly brook (wonder woman)

    • Kelly Brook is stunning, but she’s not that great at acting and doesn’t really look capable of believable super strength.

  22. there should be NO “love interest” for Wayne in this movie.. thatll just detract from an already loaded scenario… did Joker have a “love interest” in TDK? no

    if theres gonna be ANY of that kinda sinular focus have it be Lois.. Clark &Lois obviously arent an official “item” sure they kissed but aside from his big secret theres a billion reasons why there relationship might not fully “tske flight” &a philandering playboy hitting town &swooping the would be gf the worlds most powerful being is a bonified way to ramp up genuine tension other than just the obvious philosphical tactical methodology or moral differences

  23. it could only be wonder woman because of that description. catwoman is in my eyes more slim and talia shouldn’t be tall. well and wouldn’t it be the perfect love story ? the playboy falls for a woman who is an amazon and hates men. <—- that sounds more like hollywood 😀 besides it makes more sense that its wonder woman they're searching for since there will be a justice league movie 😉

    i hope it's wonder woman !

  24. I hope its wonder woman she needs to be introduced and this is the perfect oppertunity the woman who plays saxa in spartacus would be a great choice!