‘Man of Steel’ Director Zack Snyder Says Door is Open for ‘Justice League’

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Superman Man of Steel Zack Snyder Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder Says Door is Open for Justice League

Now that Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has drawn to a close, all eyes are on Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel, not only to create a new version of Superman’s origin story, but also to establish a platform for a new series of DC universe movies with crossovers and team-ups between the various characters.

It could be argued that the Dark Knight movies should have been enough to prepare the world for more DC superheroes, but Nolan’s films were limited in their potential to become part of a larger shared universe, since they were set in the “real world” (or an analog of it), and therefore were thematically closed off to fantastical or sci-fi elements such as aliens, time-travel, multiple dimensions and magical beings.

Though Snyder has promised a more down-to-earth (as it were) incarnation of Superman, there’s no denying that a movie universe with a near-invincible flying alien battling a warlord with a spaceship full of prisoners who have escaped from the Phantom Zone offers far greater opportunity for further chimerical concepts.

Speaking in an interview with the LA Times, Snyder was asked whether he had directed Man of Steel in the belief that it was part of a larger shared universe, similar to Marvel Studios’ Earth 199999, and whether he could elaborate on the current status of the much-rumored Justice League movie:

“Do the DC characters exist in the universe I created? The answer is yes. In my mind, we have this fantastic character of Superman. It’s not madness that there would be others.

“Now, that being said, does a ‘Justice League’ movie exist now? No. Whether or not I ever get to make that movie, I don’t know… What is real is that there’s a crack — a foot — in the door. That’s promising. The door is definitely open.”

Man of Steel might not be out yet, but we’ve already seen one Easter egg hinting at other DC characters in Snyder’s universe: a Metropolis building was glimpses in one of the trailers sporting the logo for Blaze Comics – the fictional publishers of Booster Gold’s comic book series – atop a billboard. If Justice League does get made, it’s possible that Gold will be one of the characters who makes an appearance, given that a slim piece of groundwork has already been laid for him (though don’t hold out too much hope).

Justice League line up Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder Says Door is Open for Justice League

Outside of such nods to DC universe mythos, some of the dialogue in the trailers for Man of Steel also seems to indicate that Superman will be the first superhero on Earth, and that others will emerge after him and follow his example. In the third trailer, Jor-El is heard telling his son:

“You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They’ll race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.”

The line is obviously open to multiple interpretations. It ties into the religious undertones of the film that Snyder has discussed before, and also taps into the idea that superheroes have become the new mainstream cultural icons, and are representations of both traditional and modern ethical ideals. As one of the longest-standing popular comic book characters – one who Zack Snyder has described as “the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes” – it would make sense for Warner Bros. to kick off a shared cinematic universe with Man of Steel and allow the other characters to rise up around him, whether in team-ups or in standalone movies.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder Says Door is Open for Justice League

It’s likely that we will not get a definitive answer as to whether or not the Justice League movie will happen until the box office numbers for Man of Steel come in. Screen Rant readers have expressed a lot of excitement for the movie and current box office projections estimate that it will be at the number one spot during its opening weekend – but like all new or rebooted franchises, it carries a risk of under-performing.

Marvel has proven that it’s possible to successfully create a shared cinematic universe, but can Warner Bros. pull off the same trick, and will they? Share your hopes and predictions for Man of Steel and Justice League in the comments.


Man of Steel will be out in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: LA Times

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  1. There is no excuse for this NOT to happen!

    • yesss justice league must happennn it has to happen

      • Justice League is a must, but what must happen before that film is a batman + superman “world’s finest” film. This will allow them to establish the relationship bewteen Clark and Bruce. Maybe to set itself apart from Marvel, split Justice League into a 3-part movie. Part 1 will be World’s Finest and the other two parts will have them gather the rest of the team to battle the big threat, Darkseid.

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  2. What Patrick Bayard said! A JL movie needs to happen. Sooner the better. But not rushed of course. Establish whatever there is to establish prior to that movie but don’t need all individual movies of the lead superheroes.

    • I sort of agree with you…I do think that individual movies need to be made but i want to add they could start with the Dark Knight movies. The premise of this article is wrong. The Dark Knight trilogy was FILLED with fantastic elements that make it possible to join it with Man of Steel Universe. Only in a comic book could we see
      1)An airborne hallucinogen that causes someone to experience their greatest fears
      2)A microwave emitter that instantly turns water to gas
      3)A device that summons swarms of bats
      4)A device that can reconstruct shattered bullets to the point of being able to extract fingerprints
      5)A cloth that becomes extremely rigid when an electric current runs through it
      6)A sonar device that uses all cell phones to sonically map the environment around them
      7)A propeller aircraft that is able to outrun rockets and nimbly maneuver through a dense urban business district
      8)A devise that can disable cameras
      9)Bane being able to punch through concrete pillars; break a man’s neck in one hand; lift Batman with one hand by his neck and later over his head to break his back.
      10)A program that is connected to every computer and is able to erase a persons data from it
      11) A strap on leg devise that can increase the strength and restore full use of an injured leg.

      The difference with this is that the Nolan films expertly provide pseudo realistic explanations for it which greatly enhances the audience buy in making it SEEM like it could happen when the physics of some of those things suggest it simply it can’t.

      • All of the things you rounded up could ALL eventually be made in near future or are possible as we speak, but alien planet with human like resembles and moral value + super-powers? Really?

        • There are people who believe in alien civilizations with super powered or advanced beings that look like us. A lot of mythology and religion is based around that. My point is that at this point what I pointed out about the Dark Knight movies does not exist, therefore it is fantastic. And a few of those things will never exist…there is no way to control every cell phone and make them do something they were never designed to do. In the Dark Knight universe Batman just does it…but actually it is as impossible as a man flying.

        • A MoS first contact scenario could eventually happen om earth. In this endless ocean of space, you don’t think there is life out there?

          • +100

        • Agree, Trane. Aliens that look exactly like us are an impossibility. Even with all the millions of exact conditions, too many different paths would be available on any evolutionary “road.” It would be like rolling a pair of dice a million times. There would be no way to reproduce an exact sequence again. Another sequence would take place.

          But I still enjoy Sci-fi and Superman.

      • Totally Agree. While I am for a Batman Reboot (that is also grounded in reality like MoS) the TDK trilogy could easily be made to fit the DC universe. With MoS a story of First Contact, it completely changes the established world, much like Batman’s vigilante antics changed Gotham in TDK.

        • +1,000,000

        • The dark knight trilogy cannot be part of the shared universe because there would be no excuse for superman letting bane hold gotham hostage for five months.

          • MoS would take place after TDKR…

            But in any case what could Superman due? Beat up Bane? The bomb still goes off because Talia has the detonator.

            Superman can’t see inside the trucks because they are lead lined and if he tries to grab all three quickly there is a chance that the detonator could still go off.

            As the special force agent said inthe film, “the situation is unprecedent”. Much like in the comics, Superman leaves Gotham to Batman becasue Superman is not rheir kind of hero. In No Man’s Land story arc there was nothing Superman could do to aid the quarantine city. TDKR was a job for Batman.

            • Leave Gotham to Batman? Batman was in a cave on the other side of the planet for three months. I don’t think the people of gotham cared about the type of hero who saved them just that they got saved. Plus the depleted GCPD was tracking the bomb so Gordan could have told him where it was and he could have taken it outer space before Talia knew what was happening.

              • They were tracking the wrong bomb.

                The second Superman showed up, Talia would set the bomb off. There is now way for him to even contact Gordon because he doesn’t know who he is.

                TDKR was a job for Batman.

                • No, Talia lied to them so that they would track the wrong truck. But before that she spent an extended period of time hiding with the rest of wayne enterprises board.

                  • Yaaaaaaaawwwnn. MOS is a first contact story. With it’s events set after TDKR. It’s all good.

          • During the events of the Dark Knight Rises Superman was still searching for himself …he could have been in the fortress of solitude unaware of the events or in seclusion. Saving Gotham would have forced him to reveal himself something his earth father did not want him to do. Plus no one new the bomb would go off so perhaps he did not see it as an eminent threat. The point is there are ways to resolve it.

            • I hadn’t thought of that. But I still don’t think nolan’s batman would fit next to superman no matter how grounded MoS is

              • Totally disagree on this. There are only two reasons why Nolan’s Batman couldn’t be part of the MoS universe:

                1) Bale doesn’t want to reprise the role
                2) Bruce Wayne’s diminished physical state makes it unrealistic that he could resume the mantle as Batman

                The second issue could probably be resolved more easily that the first, frankly. I mean, Wayne had a diminished body even BEFORE Bane broke his back…and yet he still recovered sufficiently to beat Bane in the film’s final moments (which was actually incredibly unbelievable, but that’s another discussion).

                Since this Superman is being touted as being a grittier, realistic story of first contact (befitting Nolan’s approach to comic book material), then it fits PERFECTS with Nolan’s Batman universe.

                Also, having to restart the Batman franchise all over again for Justice League (quite likely with Nolan involved yet again) requires a lot of money to be spent on new production design, new casting…new EVERYTHING.

                It would actually be more cost effective to go with the Batman universe Nolan already established. Not to mention that it was box office gold. I think the fee that Bale might demand to reprise the role would likely mitigate the costs of starting with a blank sheet of paper all over again.

                The real issue would be whether or not Warner Bros could convince Nolan to to this route. If he could, I think it likely that Nolan could convince Bale to return (for a price).

                IMO, everything would hang together better this way.

                • Damn straight. They’d be crazy not to. Even if Bale doesn’t come back (Guess what everybody! He Will!), they’ll recast and keep the continuity.

                  I’m amazed that some people think it sounds so ridiculous.

                  The real question is how they get past Green Lantern. Even though it’s tonally at odds I still think they should stick to there guns and call it canon. Just go for the Hulk/incredible hulk/avengers soft reboot option.

                • “2) Bruce Wayne’s diminished physical state makes it unrealistic that he could resume the mantle as Batman”

                  One thing that stuck with me about that comment is this: Remember his leg brace that allowed him to go from gimp, to superpowered? Why wouldn’t he have one for his entire body?

                  • YES!!!!!

                  • I would pull a Hulk/Avengers and recast him but still the same charater. Chris Pine replaces him. Also whole new suit.

                • Leave the Nolan-verse out of MoS!! start with a new, already working BATMAN and have him and Supes team up a la worlds finest. Come on people ! dont over think this. Superman can’t be in 2 places at the same time. thus inspiring many others who are capable of being heroes to step and help him out. Whether super powered or not they will start coming out once Supes gets accepted by the public. Justice league would eventually come about once that starts to happen…… Your welcome

        • It all depends on when Man of Steel is set. If it’s pre-2016, your scenario will not work, because there was no mention of Superman in The Dark Knight Rises, which takes place in 2016. If Man of Steel takes place in or after 2016 it could be made to work, but Bruce Wayne will be 40-plus years old, and as a matter of personal taste, I don’t want to see a 40-something year old Batman with bad knees paired with a 20-something Superman. I say reboot Batman entirely to make him more immediately compatible with the universe they are establishing in Man of Steel.

          • Also, Nolan fanboys just can’t let go, can they.

            • @johnny B, just because I love those movies doesn’t make me a Nolan fanboy. I don’t like inception or memento.

              • I like Nolan’s Bat films, too. I’m talking about the tendency of fanboys to aggressively resist change – a tendency that is being demonstrated forcefully in these forums.

              • memonento is BY FAR nolan’s best movie!!!!! BY A MILLION MILES FAR!

                • LMAO…..memento NOT memonento, just woke up and cant see straight!!

            • I didn’t like the trilogy nor do I like Nolan. But over time, Ive come to realize that by keeping that series in contact is worth it. There are many fantastical ways that Batman could regenerate himself, which IMO, would be cool to use because Ra’s Al Ghul is immortal. Bring on the Pits! Or… the knee brace that turns him superhuman? Have one for each leg and arm. Make him that much stronger. Why wouldn’t Bats make himself stronger?

          • Superman is 33 in MoS… Bruce is 39 in TDKR

            I’m down for another grounded Batman reboot. MoS is set in the real world in the middle of an first contact scenario. They aren’t gonna throw out the realism that MoS has brought to have rebooted Batman with low level super strength and unbelievable gadgets. Batman will be a mere human who uses brains foremost to outwit super powered opponents.

            They can reboot Batman or continue TDK with Bruce as Batman of JL and JGL as Dick Grayson/Batman Beyond Batman of Gotham. Homage to Batman, Incorporated if you read comics.

          • @johnny b.. You’d have to be a pretty serious nerd to care about those date details. It’s not like the dates are featured obnoxiously on screen or said aloud or anything… c’mon comicbook guy

            • Actually, they are featured quite prominently and they give us a verifiable timeline for the events of the entire trilogy. In The Dark Knight, Gordon holds up a security photo of The Joker in the bank vault that is clearly dated 07/18/2008. In Batman Begins, the newspaper with the cover story about the capture of Carmine Falcone has a date of July 21, 2005. Bruce celebrates his 30th birthday in Batman Begins, but his birth date is not specifically given, so there is some wiggle room as to how much time has elapsed between Falcone’s capture and the climax of the film which takes place on his birthday. We can surmise that since the characters in the film are wearing cool weather attire that it is sometime in the fall, so October/November/December of 2005 or possibly sometime in the winter of 2006. The Dark Knight Rises takes place in 2016. This is a fact. Therefore, if Bruce Wayne was 30 years old in 2005, therefore, he would be 40/41 years old in 2016.

              Anyway, I like the Nolan Batman Films quite a lot. However, I would personally like to see a fresh interpretation of the character that doesn’t carry with it all of the baggage of Nolan’s version of the character. I’m sure Warner Bros. has been considering ways to get Bale back in the suit because they have a multi-billion dollar franchise behind his portrayal of the character, but the events of The Dark Knight Rises seem to preclude any possibility of him being incorporated into the world being established in Man of Steel. Why do all that work trying to shoehorn Man of Steel into The Dark Knight’s continuity when you can just start fresh. Man of Steel is supposed to represent a clean slate for the DC cinematic universe. Like it or not, Superman is the anchor of that universe, therefore, I think they will reboot Batman in a way that makes him more compatible with a world in which Superman(and all the other DC characters)are more plausible.

              • Wow. See… I didn’t notice those dates. I will definitely take your word for it and go back and re watch them for the 20th time LOL. But those aren’t visible to the clear IMO. You are the first Ive read to make that statement.

                • By all means, verify them for yourself. They are there to be seen. That’s why the “pause” button exists. : )

                  • LOL. Pause or, paw-ooo-say, as they say in France, is only for bathroom breaks or popcorn fillers.

              • Nolan has already came out and said that Bruce Wayne is 25 years old in Batman Begins you can’t really pay attention what’s displayed in the movie unless you get it from the horses mouth instead. I think originally Nolan wanted Bruce Wayne to turn 30 in the process of filming Batman Begins but he later changed his mind. I think if you watch the Batman Begins Deluxe edition he does mention that.

                • “…you can’t really pay attention what’s displayed in the movie unless you get it from the horses mouth instead.”

                  Huh? What is IN THE MOVIE is irrelevant to the movie?

        • Yes yes yes yes. It’s the people who DON’T think it’s possible that are living unrealistically. Well, we should find out soon…. If it doesn’t happen I’ll sure have egg on my face!

      • @Patrick Bayard
        You make a very good point my friend. Your list reveals the surreal aspect in the Nolanverse. However, If you think of his Batman’s movies as a comic book movie based on the real world, then, we may suggest that it is indeed acceptable in his movies, although, unfortunately, not allowing a shared universe. But Good point though, because I haven’t thought of it that way before except for the Microwave emitter. :)

        • Thanks for the vote even if I have not changed your mind about a shared universe.

          I think people might point to the story of Batman seeming to be final in that he lost his money and Bat cave. But the way I would handle that is that following the events of the Dark Knight Rises after Bane destroyed the armory, Lucius Fox would have needed to find ANOTHER place to store the weapons …thus a new bat cave. Then if Wayne turned up again it would void the will (maybe just what Alfred got) then since Wayne Enterprises is like the largest defense contractor (and the world would now be faced with the threat of outer space beings0 countries would turn to Wayne Enterprises for new high tech weapons thus making him once again a billionaire.

      • Warner Bros. and Nolan have made it abundantly clear they won’t bring the Nolan Batman into play with other heroes, they are stand-alone movies. They’ll re-boot Batman.

        • Don’t be so sure…in a VERY recent interview when Nolan was asked about Justice League following the Man of Steel he said

          “What I’ve been hoping for is to be able to take my kids to see a version of this story that is going to fry their imaginations the way the 1978 [‘Superman’] that Dick Donner did for me when I was an 8-year old boy. That’s what I’ve been focused on and that’s my role in things. So anything beyond that, I can’t comment.”

          That does not sound to me like someone who is absolutely not going to be involved in a Justice League movie…and if he is involved why would he want to reinvent Batman. Nolan could simply just produce the JLA movie while his brother Jonathan or David Goyer can take over director duties for a future iteration of Batman.

          • @Patrick
            Not to be rude or anything, but to me that quote really doesn’t seem to prove anything about your theory

            • I really don’t have any evidence to PROVE my theory. Unfortunately Mr Nolan is a master of not saying anything that is concrete. I just point that out to say that since he has not ruled out involvement with Justice Leaague IF he did become involved it might open the door for using the already established Batman. That is all…i

          • He might be involved, as a Producer; but the Dark Knight trilogy will not come into play with other characters. He has been very clear on that in the past. They’ll do a new Batman.

            • Can’t wait for you to eat those words ;)

            • Don’t be so sure.

              Using the existing Batman character makes a lot of sense from a cost/benefit analysis perspective, which is how studio suits think these days.

              The existing Dark Knight universe comes with a lot of cachet, a built-in audience, and production design work that has already been established.

              In other words, it’s easier to dust off and ramp up than starting everything all over again…and folks who loved it (and looking at the box office receipts there were a lot of folks who did) will create a built-in audience anxious to see what comes next.

            • I want them to use almost the exact same things – same outfit, same origin story – but just act like TDKR didn’t happen. That Batman moved on from the Joker and Two-Face and developed even more into the comics/detective/ridiculously physical and innovative Batman that we’ve been missing. Just “reboot” (huge quotes) the continuation and we should be good.

              I actually wouldn’t mind if they did move on to a more organic/less amour-y Batsuit. Arkham video games style. Honestly if they found somewhere between BB & TDK style that would be cool.

              I don’t care whether or not Bale comes back. Pull a new face just like James Bond and the older Batman’s. People might clamor and fuss, but in the end they will still see it just as well. In hindsight there has never been much effect in changing faces unless the new face performs terribly. And that’s not often the case.

        • Studios and producers say things and then completely change their minds all the time.

          Don’t rely on what was said before. If Warner Bros is insistent — and offers enough up-front money — my guess is Nolan will consider it. If Nolan comes aboard, I think Bale would seriously consider reprising the role.

          • That is exactly right! If Nolan gets involved even as a Producer it makes NO sense financial or otherwise to reboot. As far as how old Bruce Wayne is when he retires…it is never stated how old he is. He may be worn down physically but he could still be well under 40 after TDKR

        • Nolan lies all the time. It’s his thing

      • +1

        I agree, it’s similar to Jurassic Park. The beginning convinced the audience that Jurassic Park is possible so you’re then attached to it.

        • @Patrick
          I see what you mean, and though I don’t think that they should or will use TDK trilogy, you do actually have some valid points. May not be actual evidence but I thought the majority of them were pretty credible

          • I could accept a reboot but Justice League would be so much farther along if they went that way. Just a wish…

        • That is a GREAT example…because I was one of those people who believed it was going to happen. Also James Cameron claims that everything we see in Avatar is theoretically possible (although I am not sure if that would include body transfer). But stuff like the floating mountains he says is based on science and could be real. Who knows for sure…

      • You don’t think 5 and 8 could happen?

        • I am no scientist but I can’t think of any fabric that reacts that way. As far as the cameras goes…what made it unbelievable was that it ONLY affected the cameras and not like the lights behind them. So yes I think it is possible but not a device that affects only one kind of electronic device.

          • That’s because we haven’t made anything that needs to conduct electricity like that. Honestly the biggest thing to debunk is the area of the cape being able to hold up all of Batman (thanks Mythbusters). But a fabric that can stiffen with a current? Let’s imagine what it might take:

            Carbon nanotube threads for extremely lightweight, conductive fabric. Magnetized powder integrated throughout – all negatively or all positively charged, so when a current flows through, they reject each other, thus spreading out the fabric.

            It wouldn’t even be too hard to go a little further in Batman’s world – futuristic with the technology and ever-so-slightly fantasized, just like the minds at MIT think – that they could micro-manufacture the tubes to physically link up on a microscopic level when the current simply moves them into position.

            Also all of this considering our “reality” isn’t even truly up to date, because the military is always using the newest material that won’t be industrially available – or even revealed – for years to come. And that’s not even accounting for things that are still in the research/trial stage.

            As far as the camera thing – lights are physical reactions of certain metals and materials to electric currents. Usually tungsten for the filament. Cameras are digital creations with hundreds of tiny physical and electrical mechanisms. I would guess that you would only have to disable one with a specific current/wave to shut down all the cameras. If this was Mythbusters i would definitely call it plausible.

  3. The Batman films were great, and I’m wetting myself in anticipation of this Superman film, but the Justice League worries me. You’ve got a bunch of lead characters, without much space to do them each justice (ahem) because of the constraints of running time and needing an appropriate narrative arc. Although if Nolan is still involved I’d have total faith in it.

    It would also be funny if they picked on Aquaman, for being rubbish.

    • I sincerly don’t know why people mock Aquaman, Yeah he had an awful outfit back in the days… But, he is the KING of Atlantis, and a bada** if you get the right actor to play his role.

      And IMO, MoS will do well. I think 600m to 900m world wide.

      • Agree, I think with the right outfit and persona Aquaman is a badass. Actors who I think that would portray him excellently include Liam McIntyre(Spartacus) or Nikolaj Coster Waldau(Game of Thrones-Jamie Lannister)

        • Oh God… if Jamie Lannister was Aquaman I would flip out.

        • Nikolaj Coster Waldau would be great he is 42 though but i think he would do the role more than justice i would want him to keep the beard for Aquaman also.

      • @Knight

        Exactly why I’ve been constantly bringing up Kaiwei Lyman on this site as a badass bearded Aquaman.

      • Superfriends turned an entire generation against him; that Superfriends has been successful in re-runs has continued to hurt Aquaman. I think all the mockery will go away with a good, solid presentation of the character.

      • With a $300M dollar spread, your odds are pretty good. I’m personally hoping it breaks a billion, which would cement the need for JL!

  4. I strongly believe it will happen, but just as they didn’t want to begin with Superman reboot before the Dark Knight Trilogy was over, they won’t begin working on League before MoS shows numbers and positive reviews.

  5. Well, we will know Friday if that door is officially opened or the foot pulled out and slammed shut for another 10+ years.

    I will be seeing it (regardless of the issues I have with it) and hope others will just so we can get some positive momentum moving towards a JL movie.

  6. There is just one flaw Warner didn’t thought through and that is Batman
    On one hand you have perfectly presented Batman trilogy and on the other hand it is very different from what we will see in MoS, so those two things surely won’t fit with each other.
    Rebooting batman will surely be necessary if League is to be made, but doing so will certainly cause a HUGE loss of fans and superhero movie fans globally.
    For those reasons i personally don’t want to see League made

    • I’m sure they could do a soft reboot for Batman. Everyone knows who he is. Just change him and his look so that he fits with the movie and start on the story. It’d be cool to see Bruce Wayne scoping out Superman like a spy, to see what makes him tick.

      It’s the other Justice League characters that are going to need the reboot/ origin.

  7. WB was not going to let the opportunity of a shared univere slipped without testing the market with MOS. I’m Glad the Crack is there.
    As far as Jor El’s line, agree that it could be interpreted as such, yet, I have a feeling it was more addressed to his Son as his responsibility or mission if you will, to lead the people of Earth.
    “In the sun” could be In the light of truth.
    Just my Opinion. :)

  8. They need to bring back Bale if they wanna do World’s Finest or Justice League. It’s way to soon to introduce a new actor to the role after one of the greatest trilogy’s in history just ended.

    • So you’d like Bale to return to train Terry McGinnis?

      Because Bale’s Batman was middle aged and retired by the end of the Dark Knight trilogy. The only thing they can do is reboot with a new actor and state that none of the stars from the previous Batman movies will return, otherwise you’ll have people who still believe Bale will return and still believe that trilogy is linked to future DC movies walking out after the movie complaining that Christian Bale wasn’t in the film and therefore it sucked.

      • Agreed. Bales batman simply would not fit into this new universe they are trying to bring to fruition. He’s grounded too much physically to be able to compete and fight along superpowered beings Vs. superpowered foes. You would have to change the make up of that character to so much that is just makes sense to start over.

        • It’s the fact that Batman is just a mere human with an indomitable will and can take out superpowered beings with his brains that makes him such a great character. Giving Batman low level super strength and un-believeable gadgets takes away from what makes him so special and awesome.

          • Absolutely. I’m a huge fan of what makes him what he is and I love what Nolan did with him.. But that’s not the batman that lives in the JL. They absolutely could make it work, but I think he would have to change on too many level to fit. There wasn’t too much detective work on his own.. Fox came up with most of his tech and physically, he’s just beat. I’m not 100% opposed to it, but I would like to see a new version take up that mantle.

    • They will probably wait for after MOS 2 before any attempt at Justice League or rebooting Batman. That’s 2017 at the earliest…

      • This. People shouldn’t hold their breathe for JL because it needs years to build anticipation and hype.

    • 100% true!

  9. I don’t know why a Justice League movie represents some kind of apex of achievement. Hats off to Marvel for pulling it off so well, but long term, I don’t think its a worthy investment for DC to ape off Marvel’s success. Why take massive risk only to invite comparison? Superman needs a solid sequel, Batman needs a reboot (can he please be detective for once?) let Lantern cool his heels and get the average movie goer excited about either a stand alone Flash or Martian Manhunter, then we can talk about JLA.

    And please. Has no one else mentioned that they solved Superman’s underwear on the outside issue by putting him in nothing but long underwear? HA HA HA HA!

    • In behind the scenes pictures, Cavill looks as if he’s wearing pjs with a blanket as a cape.

    • We can have both stand-alone movies and a Justice League, you know.

      They don’t have to overdo that shared universe stuff with cameos like Marvel does. It’s enough to have background hints(logos etc.), dialogue references, and something like newspaper or TV articles referring to the events of other DC films.

    • Agree. Superman/Batman is a sure-thing. Why would they go through the trouble of adding more characters and potentially toppling the project?

      Marvel used the promise of a team movie to promote the solo movies of second and third tier characters. DC has big recognizable names. They would be foolish to mess with that no matter what the core fans want.

      • yes, by all means lets stay with safe and BORING. We have seen both Superman and Batman rebooted how many times? I’m personally at the end of my “give a sh*t rope” so DC either needs to introduce something new or just stop with these two characters. With risk comes reward (points to Marvel)

        We need fresh, we need new, we NEED the JL and all the great spinoff movies it has the potential of bringing us.

        • I’m with you, Mongoose…enough with the Supes and Bats stuff, all of the previous ones of both were not good in my book. BUT…..I will say Man of Steel looks good from the trailers. Could this finally be a good horse in the stable?

          • In the meantime, though, besides needing to get the JLA franchise ROLLING, dag-nabbit, how about these ideas for a franchise:
            A Legion of Super-Heroes franchise; and also a Dr. Fate & Hourman team-up franchise?

  10. Guys I saw a prescreening of this movie and it definitely lives up to expectations. DC should have no problem launching a movie universe if the other films are done as well as this one.

    • How would you rank it compared to any of the Dark Knight movies?

  11. Finally someone picked up on the significance of the lines ‘In time THEY will join you in the sun. In time you will help THEM accomplish wonders.’ I felt from the very beginning that served as great foreshadowing for the Justice League, which eventually rises up alongside Superman.

  12. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman join forces by taken down the forces of evil.

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  13. Green Lantern–now!
    Martian Manhunter–now!
    The Atom–now!
    Dr. Fate–now!
    Everything I left out–now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh, and Spectre and Deadman–of course, now. (I don’t ask much…!).

    • haha I love your enthusiasm!

  14. Every time I read through MoS posts, people continue to say that Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy can’t fit into Snyder’s MoS world. My question is, how do you know? I don’t think many people have seen MoS yet, so to say that really isn’t fair. Personally, I would love to see Bale reprise the Batman role for a Justice League movie.

    • Agree 100%

    • Ya! If superheros with powers did not exist during Nolan’s trilogy, why cant Batman find out, along with the rest of the world, about superman during Man of Steel? Then that could be a reason for Bruce to come out of retirement as he realizes that there are aliens and other powers out there.

      • EXACTLY!!!!

      • EXACTLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  15. And this surprises… no one? Yup, no one.

  16. A suggestion to the good people at ScreenRant. Will you guys tell us if there is an epilog to this movie or not in your MoS movie review? Nearly every Marvel movie had one since Iron Man; they officially opened up to the shared universe. Avengers had two; the one introducing Thanos and the other one eating Shawarma. I’d like to know if I can convince my friends to stay in their seat once the credits start rolling. :)

    • +1

  17. I like Marvel better than DC, but i am really excited to see Man of Steel and see how Warner Bros. do there thing with future DC movies.

  18. Rebooting Batman will be redundant. How many times can you retell the same story. Not to mention they (TDK series) were done to perfection.Why mess up a good thing? Just figure out a way to use Nolan’s version to help incorporate Batman into the Justice League. That’s why they (hollywood) gets paid the big bucks.

    • I agree with you.. They should use that screen time to introduce a new character.. Wonder Woman.. Maybe Flash, but I do believe they should step away from Nolan’s batman. I’m a huge fan of TDK trilogy but I just can’t see that vision of batman competing along side these new found beings. Physically what would he have to offer? I think you need him to be a bit more “comic booky” like.. Well, he is in the comics for it to make sense. They could of course make anything up to make him fit.. But I think it would change what we liked about him so much in the first place. My opinion of course.

      • In the Dark Knight Rises after he strapped on the leg brace he kicked the sh@t out of a brick wall. That’s not Superman level strength but that is super strength. He could use a similar brace for both arms and legs. The beauty of that is that it was already established in the last movie. ALSO does the comic book Batman have super strength?

        • If I recall.. He put the brace on because his knee was jacked.. That brace helped him stay upright.. It didn’t add to his strength level. You could YouTube guys killing bricks all day long. In the comics he’s suppose to have “human” level power, but you’re also suppose to bend belief a bit while he goes hand to hand with clayface.. Killer croc, a juiced up bane and take on endless amounts of Darksieds minions. From everything I’ve seen in TDK trilogy.. That batman cannot handle the workload that may be in front of him in this new world that man of steel will open up.

          • The knee brace did add to his strength level. It was an ode to TDKReturns.

            There is no an age where Batman would go toe to toe with a Kryptonian in the MoS universe. Batman knows what fights to win, what fights he needs to outsmart to win and what fights he needs to stall until Superman or back up arrives. Just like the comics.

        • Batman never really offered anything from a physical standpoint, so I have to agree that a tweak has to be made to his character. But an entire series may be overkill. It’s risky but who knows? Maybe they can pull it off. I just want to see a great JL movie.

          • I would imagine that Batman would focus on the Lex luthors of the world. PLUS no one complains that because Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury don’t have any superpowers they can’t be members of the Avengers. Heck. Dr Xavier is in a wheel chair and elderly…no problems there..

            • With Black Widow and Hawkeye.. That’s kinda what I mean, you bend belief a bit to where you actually believe that these humans can bring something to a team of super powered hero’s that’s not relegated to taken care of the human enemies but joining in on the battle vs an alien race. I don’t know if Nolan would want his batman to be apart of something like that.. All signs point to no. Maybe in the next 5 years we will have a answer.

        • and the problem with that is while the magic brace gave his leg enough power to go thru the brick, what it did NOT do was his make his foot stronger, and he should have shattered (shadoobie) most every bone below his ankle. i don’t believe he was wearing any heavy boots, but, i’ve only suffered thru that one once.

        • Ha, thanks! That is what made me realize that Nolan’s Batman can go head to head with fantastical baddies. Plus, he usually doesn’t go fist first into a fight. He has so many toys to keep a safe distance until he needs to go in and take out some baddies.

    • You’re right. A full reboot isn’t needed, just like it wasn’t needed for the Amazing Spiderman and wasted viewing time… I think I’m just ready for somebody different than Bale. More to the point, I suspect Bale is ready for something different. I could be onboard if they set up a Superman Batman film with Cavill and Bale, but if they go full JLA, I’d rather see a different actor take on the role like they brought Ruffalo in for Hulk.

  19. Guys…
    Just came back from a pre screening and the movie delivers on all fronts. I cannot wait until Friday to watch it again and talk to others about it

  20. Random fan casting: Hawkman = Sam Worthington.

  21. The less Nolan is involved, the better.

  22. I started watching the Justice League cartoon on Netflix in hopes of a EC shared universe, but I think it’ll be quite some time before it happens, partly because of TDKR, They’ll have to recast Batman and introduce all the rest I think it’ll be at least 2017 or later before anything happens

  23. I just Want to say that I hope everyone’s fears have been laid aside….the critics are now speaking and confirming what we all hoped, Success in every way and to be honest, a couple of “seemingly” not as successful things in character development are minor because it is almost irrelevant to the story. But as I said, how could this be a bad movie….very far from it.

  24. I think we need another Batman movie (separate piece from TDK Trilogy) to get to JL, though it doesn’t need to be a reboot. Just establish his character, the setting, villains, and some hints at a world full of superheroes.

    That, or just make a completely different League from the comic with Booster Gold, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and some other obscure heroes as the core members.

    • +10

  25. As much as I would love to see this happen (and I really, really would), I feel like it would be so forced that it wouldn’t be good.

  26. As mentioned above by Patrick, whom I seldom agree with, the idea that Bruce can’t fit into the MoS universe, is ludicrous. There are many factors that support why it can and should.

    1. There is no official date when Nolan’s trilogy began or ended. IMO, it should end with TDKR’s about 5 years before MoS. That way it gives Bruce time to think and recoop. He comes back because of the first contact with aliens and realizes the world needs him.

    2. He doesn’t need super powers. He never has them. Some people say that Batman can bench 1000 lbs. Not even the strongest man on earth can bench that much and be as fast and agile as Batman is or needs to be. But given the prosthetics (see knee brace) that he can use, he can definitely be strong enough to go toe to toe with a lot of baddies.

    3. We all want a smarter, more detective like Batman. With a slightly older and 10 yrs of experience(d) Batman, that’s what we will get. He will be smarter, more technical, and use his brain more often than his brawn.

    4. With the introduction of aliens into the DC universe, it allows for more fantastical elements to come into play. There weren’t any during Bats first run. That’s because at the time, they didn’t exist, or they didn’t come out of hiding. Now they do. Bring on the fantasy.

    5. Recasting Bale isn’t going to be that big of a deal. I don’t like him as Batman. I didn’t like Nolan’s take on Batman. But it makes sense to keep it intact. The BO didn’t suffer when Keaton and Kilmer were recast. It wont if Bale gets recast. Just keep the universe intact.

    Ive ran out of ideas and points. End rant.

    • @ Leathercheerio

      Id like to see Batman get injured more easily as he’s the only one without powers. I know people will disagree but a custume similar to Captain America’s from The Avengers could work. It would make the actor more agile than a rubber suit ever will. Besides Batman is agile as he uses the dark to his advantage. Never in the films till TDKR did he really get injured. Just got cuts,bruises & mauled, woohoo. Seeing him get shot in the arm or cut bad in the leg be more drastic. Like Spider-Man being shot in the leg & using web to patch his wound up. Batman should look more of a outsider of the group. With him knowing how vurnerable he is compared to the others.

      • I agree but to a point. Even in the comics, it is said that he is armored under his suit. I know the newer power ranger suits are pretty blatant in their appearance, but its homage to his actual armor.

  27. In an ideal world we would of had ‘batman begins’, ‘the dark knight, ‘Man of Steel 1&2′ then a movie with both of them in. Also Heath Ledger would still be alive but none of those things are reality so we are left with a bit of a mess I think. That’s life

    I personally believe that Batman does need to be rebooted which is really irritating. Just having to watch a Batman reboot seems like a bit of a chore, imagine having to make it!, unless it ends up being better than Batman begins but I doubt that. Using Nolans trilogy just seems desperate to me. He made those saying time and time again they were set in a world with no other superheroes. I can understand people saying it can work, and some of the ideas are ok, but I just don’t think its a good idea.

    Also on a side note. Batman had his time in the sun. I remember Brandon Routh giving bale an award for ‘Batman Begins’ and Bale saying… ‘sorry Superman, Batman is the real badass’. Superman was made to look like a complete tosser. Superman Returns was garbage. All I care about now is they make 2 or 3 really good superman films. JL can wait for now.

  28. I think MAN OF STEEL 2 should have two previously hidden societies reveal themselves to the world after seeing the Kryptonian war brought to Earth.

    Amazonia and Atlantis, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are introduced and Supes fights both until they realize that Lex Luthor is the real enemy, setting the three groups against each other.

    After Supes, Aquaman and Dianna win the day, Batman introduces himself. Button scene: Lex has been getting technology from Brainiac (setting up man of steel 3, post-JL)

    Then THE FLASH film

    and then a JUSTICE LEAGUE film: Begins with Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter arriving to warn earth of an alien threat. We have Supes, Lantern, manhunter, WW, Bats, Flash… bring it on!

    • Ok Pitt man, that can work…but it’s a reach to see it happen the way you laid it out only because people hate an idea if they didn’t think of it first. But I like your approach because it is a logical progression that is directly connected to this introduction of alien war in our face. Now what I think is going to happen is C.Bale will be introduced in the mix because of his relationship with C.Noland. The light weight buzz from the director and actor is more Superman (provided this 1st one is successful….which it is proving that it is and is now about to blow up), and an awareness of public craving for a relational contact with Batman, a Worlds Finest (brilliantly concocted)could be the next progression. It’s coming and may be coming fast. Goyer is penning this as we speak. Who knows what this former comic book writer will come up with, but whatever it is, it will be interesting.

  29. Just give me an epic Superman trilogy. That’s all I ask for. Please.

    • +1