‘Man of Steel’ Director Zack Snyder Says Door is Open for ‘Justice League’

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Superman Man of Steel Zack Snyder Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder Says Door is Open for Justice League

Now that Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has drawn to a close, all eyes are on Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel, not only to create a new version of Superman’s origin story, but also to establish a platform for a new series of DC universe movies with crossovers and team-ups between the various characters.

It could be argued that the Dark Knight movies should have been enough to prepare the world for more DC superheroes, but Nolan’s films were limited in their potential to become part of a larger shared universe, since they were set in the “real world” (or an analog of it), and therefore were thematically closed off to fantastical or sci-fi elements such as aliens, time-travel, multiple dimensions and magical beings.

Though Snyder has promised a more down-to-earth (as it were) incarnation of Superman, there’s no denying that a movie universe with a near-invincible flying alien battling a warlord with a spaceship full of prisoners who have escaped from the Phantom Zone offers far greater opportunity for further chimerical concepts.

Speaking in an interview with the LA Times, Snyder was asked whether he had directed Man of Steel in the belief that it was part of a larger shared universe, similar to Marvel Studios’ Earth 199999, and whether he could elaborate on the current status of the much-rumored Justice League movie:

“Do the DC characters exist in the universe I created? The answer is yes. In my mind, we have this fantastic character of Superman. It’s not madness that there would be others.

“Now, that being said, does a ‘Justice League’ movie exist now? No. Whether or not I ever get to make that movie, I don’t know… What is real is that there’s a crack — a foot — in the door. That’s promising. The door is definitely open.”

Man of Steel might not be out yet, but we’ve already seen one Easter egg hinting at other DC characters in Snyder’s universe: a Metropolis building was glimpses in one of the trailers sporting the logo for Blaze Comics – the fictional publishers of Booster Gold’s comic book series – atop a billboard. If Justice League does get made, it’s possible that Gold will be one of the characters who makes an appearance, given that a slim piece of groundwork has already been laid for him (though don’t hold out too much hope).

Justice League line up Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder Says Door is Open for Justice League

Outside of such nods to DC universe mythos, some of the dialogue in the trailers for Man of Steel also seems to indicate that Superman will be the first superhero on Earth, and that others will emerge after him and follow his example. In the third trailer, Jor-El is heard telling his son:

“You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They’ll race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.”

The line is obviously open to multiple interpretations. It ties into the religious undertones of the film that Snyder has discussed before, and also taps into the idea that superheroes have become the new mainstream cultural icons, and are representations of both traditional and modern ethical ideals. As one of the longest-standing popular comic book characters – one who Zack Snyder has described as “the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes” – it would make sense for Warner Bros. to kick off a shared cinematic universe with Man of Steel and allow the other characters to rise up around him, whether in team-ups or in standalone movies.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder Says Door is Open for Justice League

It’s likely that we will not get a definitive answer as to whether or not the Justice League movie will happen until the box office numbers for Man of Steel come in. Screen Rant readers have expressed a lot of excitement for the movie and current box office projections estimate that it will be at the number one spot during its opening weekend – but like all new or rebooted franchises, it carries a risk of under-performing.

Marvel has proven that it’s possible to successfully create a shared cinematic universe, but can Warner Bros. pull off the same trick, and will they? Share your hopes and predictions for Man of Steel and Justice League in the comments.


Man of Steel will be out in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: LA Times

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    • Burn your keyboard, or your hands! If you have got to this point in life without learning to turn capslock off, there is clearly no hope for you. Best that your means to afflict the eyes of others is taken from you.

      • Oh for goodness sakes give the guy a break about the caps. Caps only frustrate people who hear the yelling in their heads in the first place. It could be an honest mistake to have forgotten to take them off before sending the post. If you fill the need to make that big a deal about caps than maybe you should post somewhere else. No hope for this person in what regards? Seriously man quit being so judgemental.

    • Yeah EPIC Snoozefest!

  2. I like how no one commented on the ending of TDKR to go forward with Justice League. That is Robin. Now I’m not a huge fan of comics overall but didn’t one of the Robins hate his name like the one in the movie? Went by Nightwing? Then DC gave three story arcs:

    1) He dies and comes back holding Batman and Joker at gunpoint along with a bomb upset over Batman letting Joker kill him.
    2) He leaves to form the Teen Titans.
    3) He becomes the next Batman.

    Bingo number 3. Bale’s Batman is done, he left Gotham to start his family and left the rest to Robin. That’s a cliff-hung ending that HAS to go to another movie. Either Robin is getting his own stand-alone or he is the Batman in Justice League. That kind of ending isn’t put there just for the hell of it.

    • Having “Robin” become Batman for a JLA movie makes no sense. Batman is a defined character that would be ruined by that story line. A better idea I think is that you have already introduced Robin who becomes Nightwing and Catwoman…they could replace characters like Green Arrow or Hawkman. They would be the Justice League version of Hawkeye and Black Widow. So there would be no need to do an origin film for them and they would instantly add two established heroes to the mix bringing the total to four.

      • Agreed.
        Robin from TDKR should not become Bats. Bruce and Clark have a thing in the books. A thing (call it chemistry if you want) that would not be the same with Robin. Bruce also has the full might of Wayne Ent. at his disposal that allows him to be an par with the most powerful of heroes. Something that was somewhat destroyed at the end of TDKR for Robin. The only thing left for Robin was the bat cave. He would still have to work for a living to live. Wayne doesnt. I like the idea I had heard earlier though, Wayne seeing Supes and his friends from Krypton realizes that the world has just become a much more dangerous place and feels that without himself there to step in when needed, could go to hell pretty damn quickly so he comes back. Yes it can be done even with TDKR’s ending. Its easy to do and completely believable if not a bit cliche. The only factor here is, will Bale be convinced to reprise his role? Or will they have to recast Wayne with someone else? I have to say I shudder at the idea of a recast, only because I think Cavill an Bale would look great on screen together as the Worlds Finest. But something tells me Bale is done. Either way, I dont feel there is a need to “reboot” batman yet again. TDK is just fine as is and can easily be worked in. Just because it didnt have aliens, sci-fi, or other inexplicable things, doesnt mean the didnt exist. It just means they hadn’t come up yet. Two face was far from realistic. Anyone with that kind of wound would not have been up and around killing people. Bane’s breath mask giving him inhuman capabilities for pain tolerance was again far from realistic. Scarecrows nightmare formula was again a bit contrived and far from realistic. Nolan skirted the edges of realism with Batman just enough to venture out into the more strange and unconventional.

        • Alright, I thought of something a few days ago but I dismissed it because I thought it would put a damper on Nolan’s Batman legacy, but I’m going to say it anyway. First of all, I do believe Nolan did intend for the “cliffhanger” ending of TDKR to be the actual ending. It wasn’t honestly a cliffhanger. He wasn’t telling Batman’s story with that trilogy, he was telling Bruce Wayne’s. Gotham would always need Batman, but it wouldn’t always need him, so with Blake finding the Batcave, he was keeping with that “anybody can be Batman” theme and concluded Wayne’s story. However, my idea was that they make another DK movie where Bruce Wayne is forced to return to Gotham because of some huge (realistic) threat, and Blake’s Nightwing has disappeared. Throughout the movie, there are subtle references to the events of MoS. Wayne, having resurfaced in Gotham, gets everything in order at Wayne Enterprises for him to officially retire at the end, and officially trained Blake so he’s not just a cop with cool gadgets, he can actually fight now. But, Clark seeks out Wayne and begins to introduce him to the supernatural side of the world, advising him that a new age of heroes is coming and that equally powerful threats to humanity are also on the horizon. He realizes what a symbol Batman has become, and how people would rally behind him, and wants to start something great with him.

        • Agreed… Blake should NEVER become Batman in any film AND Batman does NOT need to be rebooted. All Batman has to do is once again come back from the “dead” and out of retirement. He’s done it time and time agin in the books and can it be done within the DCCU. It could be a “WTF moment” in the JLA movie where everyone says to Bats, “We thought you were dead…”, followed by a simple answer… “Batman is never dead.”


    • No.

    • You are talking about two different Robins my friend. Dick Grayson forms the Teen Titans and later becomes Nightwing. Jason Todd, the second Robin is the one who Joker kills.

  3. Neil patrick harris as barry allen (aka the flash)

    • no. no. no.

      • + 1

    • Barry Pepper as The Flash

  4. I haven’t seen M o S yet so I don’t know what kind of info they have on DCU. But since WB is fast tracking the sequel, they might as well incorporate Batman extended cameo and references to other heroes in it. This paving the way for a World’s Finest movie or a J L movie. There’s isn’t a need for individual super heroes movie to build up to J L. Batman should be rebooted but using the Inge from Nolanverse is fine too. Just change him to fit this M o S verse.

    • I am one of the few who have mentioned this senerio. What if It was Superman that saved Batman from that nuclear explosion at the end of TDKR ? It could be told in a flashback ( If they still want to go with Christan Bale as Batman) What if Batman was knocked unconcious in the cockpit of the Bat ?
      So he has no recollection of who saved him…or maybe he does. I think they should do MOS 2 and then a Superman/Batman movie to set up the Justice League.
      Can’t they film MOS 2 and a possible Superman/Batman movie at the same time ? release them 6 months apart…the following year…give us a Flash and Wonder Woman movie…six months apart…all which lead into JL ?
      And why can’t Aquaman be the villian of the JL movie ? He starts out wanting to destroy the surface world, and at the end he reedeems himself to become their final member. I’ve never seen a movie where one of the good guys start out bad, and become good. Ok…so we did get that with Darth Vader.

      • OHHH MY GOD!!!! Superman saves batman from the nuke! that is an amazing idea. That is How It Should Have Ended.

    • Warner Brothers/DC is making a BIG MISTAKE!

      • That remains to be seen. Did you ever consider the possibility that they might actually make a Batman film that is just as good as any of Nolan’s? Christopher Nolan is not the final word on Batman. Embrace change.

        • My question to you is why take the chance? Here are five reasons right off the top of my head…

          1) You already have a Batman that people connected with, it is going to confuse people as to whether or not this is supposed to be the SAME Batman as before. It has not been so smooth for Spiderman has it?

          2)In order for a Batman movie to work with Superman, you have to make a movie with the gritty realism of Superman…So you are copying Nolan anyway!

          3)If it does not work…it could have repercussions on the future Avengers story.

          4) The opportunity cost that you will waste on all of the marketing that has ALREADY gone into the Dark Knight makes no sense if you are starting with a different Batman

          5) If it creatively doable – and I have spent a considerable amount of time on this thread arguing that it is – then I think it is what the fans want! When you don’t do what the fans want, you get Superman Returns!

          • “)If it does not work…it could have repercussions on the future Avengers story.”

            Sorry I meant Justice League

          • 1.)It isn’t going to confuse anyone. You obviously don’t understand how marketing works.

            2.)Superman is gritty and realistic? There are plenty of incarnations of Batman that are not.

            3.)Why would a failed Batman reboot impact the Avengers?

            4.)Nolan started with a different Batman from Schumacher. That worked out pretty well – wouldn’t you say?

            5.)It may be creatively doable, but why shoehorn Superman into the Dark Knight continuity, which is really what you want, not a Batman that is compatible with the world being established in Man of Steel.

            My questions to you are these: why are you so deeply invested in perpetuating Nolan’s version of Batman? You have those movies. Why are you so opposed to there being something different?

            • 3.) Correction noted. What makes you think a non-Nolanized Batman wouldn’t work in the context of a Justice League movie?

            • 1) When they rebooted the Hulk…there are STILL people who think the Bana Hulk is the same person as the Norton Hulk. marketing did not help that. This will be worse if they do so with Batman. The only way around it is to retell the origin story which is the way they went with Spiderman

              2) Yes! Superman is gritty and realistic! Zack Snyder has said over and over again that they approached it as if it were “real”

              3) Justice League! See my comment above! Because if people don’t accept Batman (one of the central members of the team) it instantly becomes a focus of criticism. I myself have been critical of the casting of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in man of Steel (BEFORE the movie came out and I have noticed that it has been a criticism that has appeared in a couple of reviews.

              4) Nolan started with ANOTHER origin story. Plus Nolan’s outing in his first Batman movie did NOT do as well as the original Burton Batman…Why? Because the audience had to get used to the new vision of what Batman is. That took time and really did not benefit from the hype previous Batman films had developed then ultimately wasted.

              5) Read my previous writing starting from the VERY beginning of this thread. It is a myth that the Dark Knight Trilogy could not exist in the same world as Superman in Man of Steel. The world prior to the revelation of Superman is the exact same world that Batman lived in. So the revelation of first contact would effect him the same way as it play out in Man of Steel.

              I am not opposed to change at all, in fact I was initially advocating that they change Batman, but the more I thought about it and discussed it with others, the more I realized that for the sake of the DC universe it really makes no sense to change anything. The time and effort needed to introduce a different batman properly is simply not worth the risk or effort.

              • 1.) They may still retell Batman’s origin, but I doubt it. Also, Hulk has a generic look about him, so the confusion is somewhat understandable in that case. Warner Bros. will make sure the distinction between Nolan’s Batman and a new Batman is known(even though I think they will pay Nolan to put his name on the film in an executive producer capacity).

                2.) It is still about an alien with superpowers. They may have made Superman and the world he exists in more relatable, but he is not realistic in the strict sense of the word, and his world is not gritty in the True Crime sense of the word you associate with Batman, and even Batman’s environment, though gritty still has room for outrageously fantastical as Killer Croc and Clayface. Those characters are possible in the Man of Steel universe, they are not possible in Nolan’s Batman universe, and neither is Superman. Most people get that.

                3.) I saw your correction, and I noted that. What makes you think people will not accept a new version of Batman, especially one that can exist more comfortably in a fantastical world? We haven’t seen the slightest hint of what Warner Bros. is going to do with the character in the future. They may get it wrong, but my predictive powers aren’t that refined.

                4.) Wrong. Batman Begins didn’t do well because the stink of Schumacher’s films was still all over the character. They did an origin story because it’s an easy way to delineate a new era for the character and erase the taint of what came before, and also because Batman had never had a proper origin story told on film up to that point. They also didn’t invest a great deal of money into the production, so an origin story actually made a lot of sense from a financial perspective.

                5.) Only if Man of Steel takes place after the events in The Dark Knight Rises in 2016. If Man of Steel is set any time prior to that, it raises too many continuity problems. I haven’t seen Man of Steel, but I highly doubt it’s set in 2016 or any time thereafter.

                Regardless of what you think makes sense, Nolan’s Batman is done. They are not going to incorporate his vision of Batman into the Man of Steel universe or vice versa. Man of Steel is the start of the new DCU on film, whether anyone likes it or not. We’re getting a new Batman.

                  • 1)If they did a villain that does not work in the nolanverse (like mr. freeze done right) and had dick grayson don the robin outfit, I think people would understand that they are different continuities

                    2)A lot of the nolanverse villains were played down (joker wore make up, ra’s ah ghul did not have the lazarus pit, bane did not grow taller when he was on venom) and others were not used because they were considered unrealistic (the riddler, ciller croc, mr freeze). I’m not saying that was a bad thing because I loved the trilogy. But if superman existed why couldn’t black mask, clayface, or poison ivy have been in the dark knight trilogy.

                    3)Yes it would be a bit of a risk rebooting batman but given the amount of people who want the dark knight trilogy to stay a trilogy it would also be a risk to continue what nolan tried so hard to end

                    4)Burton’s batman was the joker’s origin story more than batman’s.

                    5) i never looked it up but 2016 seems to be the year that everyone is going with

                • Makes sense to me. Sound reasoning, Johhny B. Good!

  5. Barry Pepper as The Flash……

  6. Tell me if I’m wrong, but the religious metaphors are inescapable with Superman the reincarnation of Jesus, so Jor-El as “God” is the axiom; and any future Justice League members disciples (perhaps not as many as the biblical twelve); and Lois Lane — Mary Magdalene?

    Zod is Heron, Perry White is black, Jimmy Olsen is a girl…and “Clark Kent” wanders the wilderness with a beard (Jesus, again). Everything but the crucifiction, because there’s a sequel being fast-tracked.

    The sublimation apparent, word-of-mouth could draw the crowd that embellish Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST with repeat business while still in theaters.

    My hope is for a good movie, the sequel (fast-tracked without derailment) featuring the Dark Knight and a cameo for Wonder Woman, if we could be so blessed.

    (The third leg of this trilogy returning Green Lantern to the screen and debuting The Flash.)

    More a prayer than a hope.

    • You’re not wrong. You’re just going to Hell.

    • You can very easily see what you want to see with archetypal stories. When I watch Superman, I don’t think Jesus. You can, but it’s not inescapable.

  7. When I watch Superman, I don’t think of Jesus neither, nor do I think what the world would be like with heroes if they lived for real as the films portray them so much. That’s like the comics marketing of wars like Superman helping the armed forces defeating the Nazis years ago but problems of the war were still there.

    It’s why I like Marvel’s films more because they give a balance of reality/fantasy & I can escape from reality for awhile to enjoy a great CBM. It’s too bad WB/DC can’t do the same.

  8. Olivia Wilde,Mila Kunis & Kristen Stewart were some of The Actresses That Auditioned for The Lois Lane Part in MAN OF STEEL, i am GLAD Amy Adams got The Role, Amy Adams is 38 years old but she looks 27 or 28…Also i DON’T know in what World Brandon Routh looks more like SuperMan than Henry Cavill, Henry is PERFECT for That Role, Brandon DOESN’T look like SuperMan and Does NOT have Blue Eyes neither…….

    MAN OF STEEL will make Over 1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide,Henry Cavill is a Good Actor & Multi-Oscar-Nominated: Amy Adams is Beautiful Plus

    Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, The

    New Suit Looks Great & Better than The Old Light Blue Suit
    that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear that was NOT Good, MAN OF STEEL will be in Theaters in 2D, 3D, IMAX & IMAX 3D,i’m Going To See it in 3D