‘Man of Steel’ Featurette Shows More Smallville Action

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The Man of Steel marketing continues full force! As comments from director Zack Snyder, writers David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan appear online with increasing frequency, a brand new featurette gives yet another look behind the scenes atĀ the challenges of modernizing Superman, and why Snyder needed to be convinced that the ‘Superman problem’ had finally been cracked.

Featuring a look at more of the Smallville sets, the battle that rocks the small town to its foundations and comments from the cast and crew, this new featurette proves that there is still plenty of Man of Steel left to surprise fans. And plenty of enemies, as well.

It may seem that Snyder would have killed for a chance to direct a Superman film, given his passion for comic books in general, and Superman in particular. He’s also claimed since landing the job that if any comic book hero should be ruling the box office and the hearts’ of audiences, it’s Superman. But even with that much enthusiasm, the director didn’t jump at the opportunity to direct the film when Christopher Nolan came calling.

Man of Steel Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan Man of Steel Featurette Shows More Smallville Action

As Deborah Snyder points out in the video, the key to convincing the director was a script that achieved the impossible: it made Superman relatable. Since the Snyders were both skeptical, it lends credence to Goyer’s claims that Man of Steel will tell a much-needed story of the hero’s origin; as if it were real, and focused more on real-world themes like fatherhood and adoption than fantasy or magical meteorites.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Smallville, like Krypton, will be playing a larger role than in any prior film. Where Krypton’s scenes will help to explain the motivations of both Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and General Zod (Michael Shannon), Smallville will be used to hurt Kal-El where he’s most vulnerable. Nolan fans will be happy to see that a majority of the action looks to be shot on actual sets, despite Snyder being best known for his green screen talents. Of course, the special effects team(s) will have their hands full as well.

Trailers featuring the movie’s stars praising their director is nothing new, but in the case of Man of Steel, Snyder is most certainly the man guiding every aspect of production. Without a second unit – meaning Snyder is overseeing every shot of the movie – and a commitment to film using only handheld cameras, where Nolan and Goyer can claim credit for the story, Snyder will be to thank (or blame) for a majority of the film; which could make his future a whole lot busier.

Superman Man of Steel Fire Scene Man of Steel Featurette Shows More Smallville Action

It’s no secret that Justice League is on the minds of all executives at Warner Bros. and DC Comics, and if a film was to be developed in the near future, Zack Snyder seems to be at the top of a very short list of directors. He appears to be the kind of director fans would demand: he has a clear and outspoken adoration for DC’s characters, is committed to making heroes realistic (and still fantastic), and believes that practical sets and drama is a core ingredient in a modern superhero film.

Of course, if Man of Steel is the success we all expect it to be (with the assembled talent it’s practically a lock) then the demand for a direct sequel might just outweigh the desire for a team-up with an unknown group of fellow heroes. A sequel seems the most logical step as rumors of a script are already circling, but that’s assuming Snyder, Nolan and Goyer are willing to stay with the franchise.

We won’t have to wait much longer to know for sure, as Man of Steel finally releases in June, and Warner Bros. opens up about their coming plans at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Be sure to share your own hopes and reactions to Snyder’s approach in the comments.


Man of SteelĀ will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. Damn! I look hot don’t I?

  2. the scene when Superman looks at the people running back to there houses looks funny

    • Funny? no.

      Superman looked worried, maybe even scared.

      He knows he is alone and even with all his powers he still feels vulnerable.

      That brief scene sold me that this movie will be done right.

      • And his expression as he’s slowly walking towards Faora… Henry looks really good.

  3. The anguish and apprehension and even his internal summoning of courage
    displayed by Superman facing the Kryptonian in the street showdown where
    he does not exactly know what he is up against coupled with the little details
    like the storekeeper locking and hiding behind the door in fear was high drama.

    • I agree.
      It does not seem to full of just larger action sequence but rather intimate details as well.
      The drama is obvious.

      • It’s not action for action’s sake. It’s making the fantastic action seem real.
        The street slowdown has a High Noon feel about it which is high praise.
        The sequence is the most impressive moment I have seen so far.

        • I completely agree.

          I was impressed with the soul they put into that scene.

          It was as though you could walk in his shoes.
          What more can you ask for.

          • spot on.. its like you can tell hes back after god knows how many years travelling/fishing/heroing or whatever
            &the first time he touches down hes wondering if anyone recognises him thinking does he look silly, hes wondering what these aliens HIS aliens are gonna do.. why theyre causiing havoc.. all from a look & a couple unsure glances..

            this is gonna be SO FRIGGIN EPICLY GOOD

  4. I’m a little nervous that there are starting to be too many TV spots & featureless.
    Granted, they all mostly use recycled footage,but they all tease a few more seconds of the movie….

    I dunno…

    They keep releasing ’em, I’ll keep watching ’em, I’m just a little anxious because this is the same way the dark knight rises was trickled out leading into the movie…

    and I felt I already knew pretty much everything that was going to happen just before it happened.


    • Tried staying away from Screenrant just because of that, but couldn’t resist, within one day I returned to being a Screenjunkie =/.

    • I have been a little surprised with the recent amping up of footage.
      Up until recently this production was holding things close to the vest.
      Still, as ColdSc alludes to, one has to make an active effort to even see
      this featurette and others which are seen by a fraction of the audience.

      I have become content with knowing the what of what might happen
      and I think there will be plenty of how what happens staying hidden.

    • well you wanna know what you do then guy… DONT WATCH THEM!

  5. I can’t wait for this this looks like the bug summer movie this year

  6. This movie is going to be so awesome! Really liking how they’re high amount of collaboration too. Read in an interview earlier today that Chris Nolan and David Goyer stayed pretty involved throughout production, from beginning to end.

    • well… its their job hahahahaha…

  7. I read somewhere that Cavill commented how this is Snyder’s baby. He also madeit seem like Nolan was barely there. I could have read the last part wrong.

      • had a part in the story*
        checking in*

        • Aw, OK. Like I said what I read was from Cavill. It may have been on this site I read it. Cool to read from Goyer.

      • Very interesting thanks.

  8. Wow, i just can’t stop watching these TV Spots, interviews and Trailers. This is truly an amazing movie (at least from what we’ve seen) And these trailers havent dissapointed. it just makes me want to see it more. Just found out i’m going to be able to get a sneak preview on the 9th. So excited. I’m probably going to see this 2 or 3 times in the theater. Havent done that for a movie in years.

    • You lucky devil.
      I saw TDKR about 11 or 12 times in IMAX. I’ll see this one at least 5 times

      • Don’t forget, though. Because TDKR wasn’t in IMAX 3D as MOS is.

        I will be there June 13th with the 3D glasses on.

        With Snyder’s expertise with the visual aesthetic of film, I get the feeling the 3D for MOS will be something quite special.

      • Yeah, The version i’m seeing is in 3D. Evidently, there are a lot of Military Installations that are showing this the weekend prior. If you live close to one or have a friend who can get you on – Do it!! If you get on the website for the one around you, you can see if its playing. Hope this helps you out.

  9. I saw this earlier today (I commented it on the article about Snyder/Timm short) and I have to say it got me excited.
    The details look great as the camera captures the fear and nervousness of the surrounding citizens as well as Superman itself.
    I really liked how the set looked and much props and real stunts.
    My only concern is on the film itself!

    Everything looks great. It is all different yet the essence of Superman is clear. I hope the film is great.

  10. Ok grounded in reality… Clark was wearing a KU Jayhawk sweatshirt. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, go big blue…

  11. Is it me or does he look genuinely scared? This is going to be epic!!!

  12. great, stupid studios at WB… lets make everything realistic… its probably why we wont get wonderwomen flash or any other damn characters. DC movies are scuh a disappointment cause they dont make movies people want. only reason people love batman is cause they think they know him. 90% of people have never read a batman or superman comic so i guess their strategy is alright…. wonder when i get a movie i want.

    though the action in this is good. just hate they are trying to put over nolan more than snyder…

    • Personally I like the realistic take and I think it would work for other characters too. I also think there are lots of people who want movies like this. I don’t think my mom has ever read a comic and she loves watching TDK whenever it is on TV. If you want it to be just like the comics, read a comic or watch the animated movies. There are just some things you can’t do in a live action film and when people try more often than not, we get Batman and Robin.

      People like TDK movies because they are good movies. I understand what you are saying about it not being 100% true to the comics. I also understand how some people say Batman’s detective skills have not been shown properly on film, but if you went to see a Batman movie, do you really want to see an episode of CSI? Either way people are going to complain. But maybe you should wait a couple of weeks before throwing a pity party, you might actually like this movie.

      • tony stark does more detective work in IM3 than batman does in that whole trilgy…

        • but that didn’t made the movie (IM-3) better.

          • Didn’t make it worse either.

  13. I wonder how much of an effort there will be from WB to retain the Nolan, Goyer, Snyder team for the sequel, other DC heroes solo outings or JL.

    • I think this movie looks like it will be really good, so if they are smart they would do whatever they need to do to keep that team together. To be realistic, if they start making multiple films they will need other people; writers, directors, etc., but I think having someone, maybe Nolan, oversee all the movies and make sure they share the same tone would be a good idea.

  14. I can Proudly now say to The Avengers & Marvel -__- EAT YOUR HERAT OUT -__-

  15. Superman built like a BOSS!

  16. WOW..That scene when Supes is walking down the street, everyone scared and running in doors, awesome stuff! Take note marvel, THIS is how to make a superhero film! Superman is back big time, everything ive seen so far for MOS borders on perfection..

    • DC wants to start a shared cinematic universe and do a Justice League film because of success Marvel has had over the last five years doing it. It is DC that is taking note. And please, do not try to tell Marvel how to make a superhero film when just over a year ago they released the most successful superhero film in the history of cinema.

  17. Did anyone else notice on the street scene how huge that dude was next to faora????who is that suposed to be he looked like 7 ft tall!!!!

    • I think that is Non.

      • I think his name is Nemak.

        • Sorry…That should be “Namek”.

  18. i didnt think he was in the movie havent heard anything about him!that wud be sick though

  19. A Great Easter Eggs concerning Man of Steel Shared Universe has been revealed and a lot of People are going to like it. :)

  20. Does anyone else realize that superman looks scared? This movie must take place before he realizes he’s a totally awesome.

  21. cant wait to see the movie in cinema…This will be different superman ever,I fell in love in this movie because of the all action what will be placed in the movie…all those scenes of fighting and trying to safe the earth…one more thing!I will try to win in some competition witch leads us to premier of the movie at 7th in London,the winner will even get to know a main acter “the superman its self”!wish me all the luck

  22. Look for a supermarket chain in the man of steel?

    Yeah, thats why I go to the cinema..(!)

    One big product placement fest.

    One less audience member.

    • THAT is what you got from this?!? Wow, you really ARE gone.

  23. It’s still not Superman. You can’t have a grim dark Supes.

    You can’t change the intrinsic nature of a character and expect it to be the same character, it isn’t. It has become something else, something separate.

    This IS NOT Superman.

    • How odd…EVERY scene featuring Superman that doesn’t involve some kind of combat or Zod threat has shown him to be compassionate, concerned, and determined. These scenes contradict your belief that this film (at least as far as these trailers and interviews indicate) will show anything other than a Superman that is true to form…that IS Superman.

  24. I still can’t believe how old Amy Adams claims to be.

  25. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Great Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, i think The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear was Real Bad, i Will See MAN OF STEEL in 3D.