New ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots Feature Jor-El, Jonathan Kent, & Lois Lane

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As one of the films highlighted in our Ultimate Summer of 2013 movie trailer, it’s fair to say that Man of Steel is in the running for one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, and whether you’re a fan of the comics or you’re so new to the franchise that you don’t even know what the “S” stands for, the footage that’s been released so far is making Zack Snyder’s latest superhero outing into an absolute must-see.

As the time until the summer release of Man of Steel closes in, Warner Bros. is keeping up the hype with two new TV spots for the movie, each showing a mix of footage that we’ve seen before along with just enough new clips to give away small details and whet the appetites of Superman fans.

The second of these features an in-movie version of the threatening viral video from Michael’s Shannon’s General Zod, that is also being delivered to unsuspecting viewers in real life as a “we interrupt this broadcast” message – part of Man of Steel‘s marketing. The clip in the TV spot is only a split second long, and the most salient part is shown below. The word being shown onscreen at this point in the video is “alone.” Pretty chilling stuff.

General Zod threatens Earth in Man of Steel New Man of Steel TV Spots Feature Jor El, Jonathan Kent, & Lois Lane

Notably, both of these TV spots feature a voiceover from one of Clark’s fathers – Russell Crowe as Jor-El in the first, giving audiences an idea of what a Kryptonian accent sounds like, and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent in the second. There have been many indications that Man of Steel will be deeply grounded in Clark’s roots, both small town and outer space, so it makes sense that his character development in the film will be framed by his biological and adoptive parents. Together, the TV spots bear a similar tone to that of the full trailer – they depict, through the two parental figures, a Clark Kent who is still attempting to uncover out who he really is.

The second TV spot also features what appears to be a traditional rescue of Lois Lane by Superman, which will be interesting to see given what we’ve been told about the violence of Clark’s flight and the unwieldy nature of his powers, to the point that he comes close to damaging his own parents in his early years. The kind of speeds that Clark is seen flying at would most likely crush the average human being’s bones into jelly within nanoseconds, so let’s hope he’s learned to be a bit more delicate by the time he gets around to flying love interests across the globe.

Also in the second of these TV spots is a glimpse of Jor-El in full armor, complete with a variation of the Superman “S” (or, as it means on Krypton, “Hope”). The fashion on Krypton appears to be reflective of Shakespearean times on Earth, or perhaps late medieval, and Zod in particular can be seen sporting a built-up look to his battle gear that stands in contrast to Clark Kent’s slightly sleeker, more aerodynamic outfit.

Zod certainly isn’t going to be beaten in the firepower department, though. The new footage gives us a closer look at the deadly energy beam that was hinted at in earlier trailers, and it seems that Black Zero is carrying some kind of destructive gravity beam. Anyone else get the feeling that Smallville is in for some trouble?


Man of Steel is out in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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    • Oops. I didn’t scroll down. Ignore previous post.

  1. Cool…I hadn’t seen these two spots yet. The more I hear that new theme, the happier I feel.

  2. The third tv spot gave me goosebumps, looks absolutely insane! Def gonna be inline day one!

  3. I’m done saying that “I can’t be more excited for this movie.” I always get more excited with every new thing that comes out!!!

  4. this looks amazing… i think we will finally get the superman we all have wanted.

    i hope they change batman into the batman from the comics and not a ‘realistic’ batman. i want a batman that fits into this. that is if they are even wanting a JL movie. superman, it all needs to start with him. he is DC comics, not batman.

    • I agree about Batman. Now that Nolan’s trilogy is done (and I think it is a fantastic trilogy) they should have Batman fight Clayface and other science fiction villains.

      • yeah, i think in the first movie batman should tackle a simple villain. not anyone superpowered. maybe black mask, obviously he would be a mob leader like he is n the comic, or deathstroke. or maybe both.

        i have always wanted clayface in the movie so i would definitely be up for that in a sequel.

        nolans batman is done. you cannot even fit it into this superman so i hope they see that and in 5 years or so we can get a JL movie.

        • Been dying to see Black Mask in live action, I find him really underrated.

          • Thank you!!! I have felt the same way for a long time. I was hoping Nolan would have brought him in the trilogy, but oh well…

      • Going forward, we should treat Nolan’s trilogy as if it were an Elseworld’s story. Whatever Batman we get in the Man of Steel universe is the “canon” Batman.

    • I agree, COREY_1993. Time for Batman set more in a comic world.

  5. I have an awful lot flying on this movie.
    Everything I’ve seen makes we want to see it.
    My most anticipated movie since Superman Returns.

    This time, I think, Superman will return.

    • jeez… i dont think i would have liked to been in your presence the day you saw superman returns lol.

      i think they will have it right with this. marvel have proved you can so comic movies like this with the avengers and thor. i think they had a good idea with GL but they did not have the story down.

      this will be great. cannot wait too. i would not say its my most anticipated movie, that goes to thor and pacific rim but its not far off. ill be watching it day 1.

      • Well, I wasn’t angry. While not exactly
        let down I was not exactly uplifted either.

        Superman Returns is not as bad as its reputation
        and it is not as good by far as it could have been.

        Suffice it to say it was not what I expected
        and most importantly not what I wanted.
        And after so long not what I needed.

        • Superman Returns biggest problem (apart from Superman being a staker) is that it’s too much of an homage to Donners original, from the titles to the pacing to copying scenes.

          Substitute Helicopter for Plan, check
          Re-do Lois/Superman date flight, check
          Copy villian motivation after all his daddy did say people will always need more land, check
          Weaken Superman with kryptonite, check
          Lois in danger (duh!!), check

          Only thing missing was making the earth spin backwards on it’s axis without the massive seismic cataclysm that would of destroyed every city on earth.

          It didn’t have it’s own voice. MOS most certainly does even if it does have a Gotham accent.

          • that’s Plane, by the way, stupid fingers…

  6. “I can’t be more excited for this movie.”

  7. I love the shot of Superman in space with his arms stretched out…
    I need some will power now. I’m at the point where I want to stop watching the trailers but can’t bring myself to do so.
    Must be strong… :)

    • I’m saying the same to myself, thankfully they don’t show too much of the story in the trailers and clips though.

    • Love that shot too, Kevin. I had to smile at that one.
      And the way he takes off from space, like a bullet firing.

  8. This movie is shaping up to be my most anticipated summer blockbuster movie since the star trek reboot. The casting, trailers, and creative team behind this project is so top notch. On top of that, some of my friends who have seen the earlier screenings of the movie all say it was fantastic.

  9. I think I might actually lose faith in everything and break down in tears if this movie sucks.

    I guess the good new is that at least it can’t be any worse than IM3.

    • If Man Of Steel actually did suck, I think I’ll just quit :D

    • Yeah, IM3 was major suckage; totally blew goats.

      Hopefully, Man of Steel will offer more signal than noise.

      • +1
        IM3 kinda sucked.
        I’ve got all my hopes on MOS which arguably is where they should have been all along.

    • Okay, that’s more like it.

      Gotta hear it in the context of the movie, IF it’s the theme song, which it seems to be.

      Kinda reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001 theme, in places…

  10. The new tv spots keep getting more and more epic!!!! this will be the greatest comic book movie of all time! No doubt, You cant go wrong with Nolan and Snyder and Goyer. After this movie, every other comic book movie will have to step it up. I dont think i have ever been more hyped for another movie. Most anticipated movie of 2013 for me!!

  11. Now if they’ll only consider producing a “Kingdom Come” movie with Cavill as Supes as one of the proposed JL sequels…. that’ll be unbelievably good.

  12. If this movie cant beat IM3 on box office record, life is so unfair.

    • I really doubt it will. The Marvel series has much more fans. But in terms of quality I have a feeling and hope that it is better. The cast and crew are really good in this.

  13. One thing I’m worried about is that Zod, with his full CG suit will look weird like in Green lantern.

    What ever happens, I ‘m still going to watch it. And, whoah, is there a showdown between Zod and Jor-El

  14. Ive said this before but I reckon MOS could be the greatest superhero movie ever made, I cant get over how epic this looks!!!

  15. After the train wreck that was IM3… at least for comic book fans, I have very little hope for the rest of the summer movies… Last year Avengers started the summer off with a bang, this year IM3 started it off with a thud.

  16. Pretty stoked, just hope it delivers!