‘Man of Steel’ Trailer: The Epic Origin of Superman (Plus 48 Images)

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You’ll hear some people claim that we’ve seen the origin of Superman before, but the truth is, it’s only been in recent years that the iconic character’s origins have been re-examined on the comic book page, let alone on film. As such, there’s plenty of room for Zack Snyder’s reboot film, Man of Steel, to offer the world a modern and complex look at Superman like they’ve never seen before.

Judging from this Man of Steel trailer, what we’ll be getting is a mix of deep character exploration and the sort of big-budget blockbuster visuals you’d expect from a summer tentpole crafted by Snyder (300, Watchmen).

The story and script for the film come our way courtesy of  Dark Knight Trilogy scribes Chris Nolan and David S. Goyer, who are seemingly drawing from some recent (and seminal) Superman comic book storylines like Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” and Geoff Johns’ “Superman: Secret Origin” – both of which re-examined the Man of Steel’s formative years – and decision to become a worldly protector – within the context of the modern era.

Supeman Man of Steel Logo Hi Res 570x356 Man of Steel Trailer: The Epic Origin of Superman (Plus 48 Images)

Man of Steel will similarly delve into the period of time in which “Superman” wasn’t yet a persona adopted by Clark Kent/Kal-El (Henry Cavill), as the young man was still lost between his identity as a superpowered extraterrestrial and the all-too “human” son of Smallville, Kansas residents Ma and Pa Kent (Dian Lane and Kevin Costner). The arrival of Zod (Michael Shannon), a militant figure from Superman’s home planet, presumably pushes Clark/Kal-El to a decision about which planet his loyalties (and considerable powers) lie with.

After the disappointment of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, a lot of moviegoers are still waiting on a film that can truly reconnect Superman with a wider cinematic audience; the question is: will Man of Steel be that movie?

What is seen here is certainly convincing that it can be.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.


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  1. I love that calm indie movie cinematography.

    • Word!

      Perhaps Snyder learned something along the way…

    • Amen.

  2. OMG. I feel like crying. This is the best thing i’ve watched all day at work today.

  3. The church music is turning me off. Stop comparing Superman to Jesus, WB. It didn’t work the last time, it wont work now.

    • Works for me, and I’m an atheist. 😉

      • Well said. I feel the same way.

        • I’ve always enjoyed the Jor-El/God Kal-El/Jesus angle, but it’s just a metaphor.

          The more I watched it the more I missed the old John Williams theme. Wouldn’t it have been so much better with it? Or am I in the minority…?

          • You do realize the “EL” is indicative of God don’t you. The two kids who invented Superman were Jewish and one lost his father at a very young age when killed by a thief. The murder was never solved.

            • I really don’t care about any religious connections to be honest. I just watch, enjoy & except these characters for what they truly are…some of the greatest creations ever given to this genre’s fan base.

    • Stop comparing Superman to Jesus!? Really? Did you ever hear anybody working at DC or WB for that matter ever say that they were? Don’t make stupid accusatiions when you don’t have any proof to back it up with buddy.

      • That is logicul!

      • You don’t know what a christ figure is do you? You must have missed that day in your basic literatue class in high school.

        And I don’t get what the problem is. A christ figure is basically everything superman has always been anyway from a while back. (and it barely has anything to do with religion in most broad cases like this anyway)

        • “You don’t know what a christ figure is do you?” Whether I do or don’t is irelevent. What I do know is that people shouldn’t assume things without any “Solid” proof. Do “YOU” know what that means? “Hard” evidence to back up what your saying is true or not.

      • superman returns was ripe with comparisons to jesus. right down to the spear of destiny stabbing christ in the side and lex stabbing superman with the kryptonite shard, and his christ pose as he falls to earth after pushing new krypton into orbit. wake up dude.

        • Don’t tell me to wake up “DUDE” just because you believe your assumption is correct. Make all the connections you want it doesn’t make you write. There’s a reason why it’s called an “ASSumption”, because claiming something is without the people responsible for creating it saying that it is just makes “YOU” or anyone else that agrees with you the first 3 letters of that word. In other words don’t “ASSume” something unless DC or WB confirmed it first or you’ll just end up sounding like an @$$.

          • You seem like the only one being anal about it at the moment.

            • Considering your point of view has no point at all(at least not an intelligent one)I’ll choose not to respond with an even more ignorant statement.

              • But you already have. I just read it^

                • Well… I’m happy you can read. Now if only you can learn how to leave more intelligent comments that would be a start.

                  • Well, I haven’t exactly be surprised by anything you’ve said so far either. Not to say your comments have exactly been exemplary of any higher school of thought or anything.

                    • “You seem like the only one being anal about it at the moment.” Yeah…that comment really shows which school of “higher learning” you really graduated from….JAU(Jackass University). I bet that makes you really proud doesn’t it. Having your nice big diploma and all.

    • Superman will always be compare to Jesus or God cause thats how the character is. jeez most of the DC characters are GODS

      • Sorry buddy but you couldn’t be more wrong. Just because DC heroes aren’t as “Flawed” as Marvel or as perfect as you seem to think they are doesn’t put them in any “GOD-like” status at all. At the end of the day they all have problems(DC & Marvel)& just because one side expresses those problems differently doesn’t make them better characters than the other side.

        • sorry but u dont get what im talking about most DC characters are consider as GODS. remember some GODS are flawed just like everyone else. jeez even DC going to have a new game called Injustice: Gods Among Us lol. Superman is sometimes consider as Jesus, Wonder Woman based on Greek God myths, The Flash is based on greek god Mercury, etc. also not once i mention anything about Marvel characters my comment has nothing to do with the whole Marvel vs DC rubbish im saying DC characters are like Gods.

          • At the end of the day lets all of us just stop comparing or make any religious connections & enjoy these characters for who they truly are…..The Best Fictional Creations Ever Given To Us.

    • John, from a fellow guy named John and a proud Christian, relax buddy.
      WB aren’t trying to compare Superman to God or Jesus.
      It’s just some of the people/fans who draw that conclusion.
      Granted, there are a few similarities between supes and Jesus, but if you think about it, many heroes share those similarities…

      I agree with Broadway on this one.

    • Church music? Christ? Where are you getting this stuff? Where do you see Superman being compared to Jesus?

  4. Looks very good

  5. All I can say is UP,UP AND AWAY.

  6. Looks phenomenal! Cannot wait! I loved Superman Returns and this looks to up the ante big time. Can’t believe I’m turning into a Superman fan…

  7. Why couldn’t this awesome trailer be shown in front of true imax DKR?(I know the length and all that crap.. but would have been nice).

    • the footage wasn’t finished. a lot of this stuff takes time to compositie and create, this movie still doesn’t come out for another half year so at the time DKR came out they didn’t have much of it ready to show an audience. (my guess, but if you think about it it makes sense)

  8. if this movie does good WB/DC with the help of Legendary Pictures they
    need to do Wonder Woman movie

  9. Looks extremely DULL. EMO-Superman – no thank you. Sick to death of seeing the cgi destruction of cities in 99% Hollywood blockbusters at the moment too. The post 9/11 grittiness ‘thing’ has been done to death now. It’s borng and depressing. It’s dragging the fun out of previously fun family films. In a way it’s like the late 70s. We need another Star Wars-esque movie to bring the fun back like that film did then. People need to have a good time again without all this colourless (literally!) emo cinamatography.

    Bring back the fun and escapism. This is Supes for God’s sake!


    • not all films need to be fun for little kids

    • We did have a fun, family-friendly action movie that allowed us to escape from our everyday lives. It was called The Avengers. And it was awesome. But this is a different take on superhero movies, similar to Nolan’s Batman, where you take these extraordinary characters and place them into a realistic world. The filmmakers really try to get you into their head and have you see why they do what they do. It might not be escapism, but it makes for damn good movies.

    • Emo? That’s crazy talk.

      • I second that

    • “Emo” is a tired, shallow word that literally just means emotional…I can’t speak for anyone else, but I wouldn’t be interested in a Superman movie without emotional depth or impact.

    • Fully agree. Superman should NEVER be a brooding film. Let’s hope this tanks hard so it can be forgotten all the faster.

      • Hopeing that this tanks shows your lack of respect for how hard these people worked to put this together. Furthermore you can’t consider yourself a “REAL” fan of this character also if you want this to fail. You should be supporting it instead of wishing for it’s downfall. If you’re basing your comments on this trailer alone then not only is that unfair, but also narrow-minded thinking for a movie that hasn’t even been released yet.

        • +++++1

          Thanks, Broadway!

          • I’m just tired of people putting down a movie that hasn’t even been released. Wait & see all of them look like complete fools when they see how good it really is.

  10. Remember when this was supposed to come out like next week? I wish that was still happening.

    This looks absolutely incredible.

    • I DO remember. I do. Such a disappointment. Batman & Superman superpunches in the same year…what a thing it could have been. What a thing. And now, it’s going to be a full year before this movie even hits shelves!

  11. I didn’t expect much of man of steel, but based on teaser, bootleg comic con trailer, and this trailer my expectations have really increased. Hope it meets it

  12. I am not probe to hyperbole. Nevertheless, that was one if the best trailers I have ever seen. I am absolutely stoked to see the movie.

    • ^ prone

  13. I was laying in bed, when I hit on the trailer. The first half nearly put me to sleep. The second half was ok, but the trailer came across as pretentious. I really wish NOLAN wasn’t attached to this movie. I know a lot of people love his Dark Knight films, but they were overrated to me.
    This Man of Steel feels too much like Batman Begins. It’s moody, dismal looking. I’ll probably end up passing on this one in the theathers…if I don’t see some better trailers.

    • Alex and al…

      Don’t watch the film, then. There will be more than enough of us to make your missing eyes negligible. We’ll enjoy what looks to be an epic superhero film, and you two will…? Hmmm…

  14. Weak trailer.

  15. Wow! just wow.

    When Pa Kent said “Maybe” i got the chills.

  16. The first part was a little too mellowdramatic for my taste and i could predict what type of music would be playing before it did, but damn! That was one epic trailer!

    Just those few seconds of footage perfectly captures Superman’s real strength.
    I guess the best way to sum this trailer up is “powerful”.

    Can’t wait till next year! 😀

    • I love that part right before he takes flight, where the force he uses to fly is pushing on the ground and you can see it pushing. POWERFUL. indeed.

      • It reminded me of the scene in Superman/Doomsday where he grabs Doomsday and jumps into orbit. When he jumped, the ground beneath him caved in from the force.

  17. It looks GREAT to me.
    Bring it on .

  18. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this already, but could this movie also be drawing from Jeph Loeb’s excellent Superman For All Seasons? I haven’t read many Superman comics, but I have read that one and this trailer reminded of it in some way.

    Oh, and I loved the trailer! MoS is definitely my most anticipated movie of 2013!

  19. I’m a little disappointed I waited all this time and there was hardly any action

  20. This looks really promising. I’m not a big Superman fan but I believe Zack Snyder is going to win me over on this one. Hopefully this movie will reassure DC that they can make movies other than Batman that can be successful.

  21. This films looks great!! The first half was amazing, second half okay i just wanted to see more action of Superman fighting and some words from other principal characters like Lois Lane or Zod but overall great trailer despite okay second half.

    • I did enjoy it overall but like you said the first half was amazing

  22. Hope this is good. Trailer looked enticing. Fans deserve an honest good hard hitting Superman flick.we haven’t had one since Superman 2 ,so Mr synder I hope you deliver good with this one.

  23. Well made trailer for sure. If it wasn’t lying to us it should be really good.

  24. I’m excited and I hate everything.

  25. (I even hate the stuff that I like)

  26. This is Superman. I can’t wait to see it.

  27. Did anyone else catch 1:43-1:45? Superman is about to fly in the iconic pose of Reeve from the original movies, where he flies slowly around the Earth. I’m liking how they are for the most part keeping this fresh, but still including some references to the originals.

  28. Wow. Just, Wow! And that’s just the second movie trailer. If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s the norm to do even better in a second installment of a franchise. If the first Snyder’s Superman has Zod, if he does directs a second Superman;Man of Steel in the future and introduces Lex Luthor, I can imagine how bad*ss this vilain is going to be.

  29. Sort of over getting bludgeoned over the head by another Superman origin story. Don’t know what is wrong with the license holders but something is.

    I’ve just seen people floating in water too often, Skyfall the most recent.

    Everything in this trailer is formulaic and tired. New outfit. Yeah thatl’ll packem in.

    • You might want to WATCH the trailer before you comment again…