‘Man of Steel’ Trailer: The Epic Origin of Superman (Plus 48 Images)

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You’ll hear some people claim that we’ve seen the origin of Superman before, but the truth is, it’s only been in recent years that the iconic character’s origins have been re-examined on the comic book page, let alone on film. As such, there’s plenty of room for Zack Snyder’s reboot film, Man of Steel, to offer the world a modern and complex look at Superman like they’ve never seen before.

Judging from this Man of Steel trailer, what we’ll be getting is a mix of deep character exploration and the sort of big-budget blockbuster visuals you’d expect from a summer tentpole crafted by Snyder (300, Watchmen).

The story and script for the film come our way courtesy of  Dark Knight Trilogy scribes Chris Nolan and David S. Goyer, who are seemingly drawing from some recent (and seminal) Superman comic book storylines like Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” and Geoff Johns’ “Superman: Secret Origin” – both of which re-examined the Man of Steel’s formative years – and decision to become a worldly protector – within the context of the modern era.

Supeman Man of Steel Logo Hi Res 570x356 Man of Steel Trailer: The Epic Origin of Superman (Plus 48 Images)

Man of Steel will similarly delve into the period of time in which “Superman” wasn’t yet a persona adopted by Clark Kent/Kal-El (Henry Cavill), as the young man was still lost between his identity as a superpowered extraterrestrial and the all-too “human” son of Smallville, Kansas residents Ma and Pa Kent (Dian Lane and Kevin Costner). The arrival of Zod (Michael Shannon), a militant figure from Superman’s home planet, presumably pushes Clark/Kal-El to a decision about which planet his loyalties (and considerable powers) lie with.

After the disappointment of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, a lot of moviegoers are still waiting on a film that can truly reconnect Superman with a wider cinematic audience; the question is: will Man of Steel be that movie?

What is seen here is certainly convincing that it can be.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.


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  1. So… that was freaking awesome.

    • Yup. Can’t wait

    • + freakin’ 1

  2. It looks amazing. personally I believe it adds validity to the theory that they will incorporate Nolans bat universe into the shared DCU. The tone couldn’t be more similar to batman begins.

  3. Yes and yes this looks great.

  4. I’m sold.

  5. I hope his origin is still in Kansas but based on the bus crashing into the water I don’t think it is.

    • Lots of rivers streams lakes and water in Kansas. Wizard of OZ was really the Dakotas

    • Don’t they have any man-made reservoirs or lakes in Kansas? Not being cocky, I just don’t know. There’s gotta be some body of water it could be. Either that or they were all on a school trip to somewhere with a lake.

      • Actually more lake / water surface than Minnesota

        • Land of 10,000 lakes (there are more) but I did not know that it has more then us here is MN…

          Why are we talking about this? lol

          • Because some guy said Minnesota was rubbish.

            *FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!*


            • lmao

            • Not so. Lots of lakes and the home of Fran Tarkington. Just pointing out Kansas has a lot of surprises. Everything but oceans and snow skiing. The inventor of the transistor (I met him) The real beginning of the civil war, one high school had 3 students at the same time who later served in the us senate, play write Inge, the first blonde bombshell, Alfred e Newman, the home of more winning basketball coaches than any where else, the only Native American to serve as VP (if he had been President we would have avoided the Great Depression, and don’t forget, the location for ‘A Boy and his Dog’.

    • Uh Yeah… you obviously havent been to Kansas much… I met someone 10 years ago who asked if Oregon had more carriages then cars or if they’ve been saturated with them like most the other states… ???

  6. I will sum this up in one word.


    • Damn as a positive or negative exclamation?

      • Damn like…In you accidently found yourself in the middle of a Victoria Secrets fashion show.

        • On the catwalk or in the audience?

          • DRESSING ROOM!

            • lmao!

          • Nice. That’s how I feel as well. Pumped up.

  7. I want a justice league movie that has this tone. The best cast they can possibly get even for the smallest roles, played as realistic as possible… Even in a world of super-powered folks. I’m ready for the DCU movie verse to cement its direction as the mature counter-programming to the equally awesome fun landscape of the marvel MCU.

    • I’m with you on that Mark. I would love to see a DC Movieverse so much. Heck, a Justice League movie would be one of the greatest things I’ve seen so far in my lifetime. I’d love for them to at sometime in that film (bearing in mind, my idea for the film is to show the League already well established and active) show a duty roster on the screen with various reserve League members including Atom, Elongated Man, Zatanna, and maybe even throw in Hawkman and Hawkgirl too. And at the very least, maybe a trophy room in whichever headquarters they give them.

      • Heck YES!

    • YES

  8. I’m very sold on this, mainly because like Kofi said, Nolan and Snyder seem to be incorporating from both ‘Birthright’ and ‘Secret Origins’. And overall, the film looks like it will be quite excellent. I’m loving the cast, the effects, everything about it. But there is still, that tiny part of me that is nagging about this film, not because of my fanboyness, but because we have to be prepared in case the movie doesn’t do as spectacularly as we want it to. That being said, I cannot wait for the spring to hit! Midnight release of this movie, I am so there!!

  9. This trailer has me sold. It could still turn out bad but either way I’m definitely going to catch this. Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect, if they stick to what we’ve seen so far I think they deserve credit for putting what looks like a great spin on it.

  10. I actually quite liked Routh’s version of the Man of Steel but this is colossal and this is where Justice League should really head towards in terms of feel. Avengers you had better watch out as there are some real superheroes coming to bite your asses!

  11. I like, most anticipated movie of 2013 for me!

  12. I LOVE how epic it looks when Superman flies.

    Is it possible Clark Kent pulls a Tony Stark and reveals his identity to the world in this one?

    • When he Flies? Epic?

      When he takes off…EPIC.

      Flying overrated.

      I should know, I am a Pilot.

      Nah its not!…But still dont compare to what Superman can do.

      • I don’t think the flying part is overrated given it is a “man” flying without a machine. Epic! Still pretty cool you can pilot though, just more awe inspiring without wings. Peace!

      • @Jeff W

        Its a bird. Its a plane. Its Superman… :)

        You know: Recently these words have struck a cord with me in a way that they never have before. Homo sapiens have dreamed of flying (probably) since before recorded history. Ever since man 1st saw a bird or insect take flight. Through Trial & Error we discovered that we could fly — but not like them :( We had to find our own way. However with our planes and jets we can carry more cargo and travel threw the air faster than they can (weather permitting).

        And then Superman arrives. And he shows us that there`s another way to fly.Unlike a bird, fairy or angel (wings) or man (technology) Superman (self-telekinesis). For most of our history on this planet it was believed by most of us that it was impossible for us to share the sky with Mother Natures Frequent Fliers. But as Victor Hugo once said:

        “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” We found a way..

        And when we fly (How we fly)… Its cool.

        When he flies (How he flies in Superman: Man of Steel Trailer) Its NUMINOUS & MAJESTIC !!

    • Hmm, interesting proposal Rob…

      I myself have been wondering how wearing glasses will conceal his secret identity. It worked in the lighter original series, but seeing that this is supposed to be more “realistic” and “relatable”, that just doesn’t make sense. But your solution would certainly work. However, it would cause an insane amount of fanboy protest for changing the essence of the character.

      • I’m guessing he uses a different body language, tone of voice, etc.

        • I mean, that’s kinda what Reeve and Routh did. Talk deeper, stand up straight. But you still can’t deny the striking physical similarities.

    • interesting idea Rob. also the tone for this movie should be the same for the other DCU characters. WB/DC Need to start doing the Wonder Woman movie never and reboot Green Lantern.

  13. It looks like he isn’t from Kansas anymore. Unless Kansas looks a lot like the Pacific Northwest. Rainy, cold and gloomy. Reminds me of Washington. Maybe they move to Kansas after the bus accident.

    • We have rain, clouds, snow, fog, hail and very occasionally tornadoes. If you don’t like the weather here in Kansas wait 15 minutes.

      • thats what we say here in the ohio valley.

        • @Jeffro Ohio Valley you say?

          I live in the Delaware Valley area?

          Close…..We can cause mirth and mayhem! lol

    • Actually, western Kansas is exceptionally green and filled with trees. On the right day, with a big Kansas thunderstorm moving through, it could resemble the Pacific Northwest.

      • I beg to differ… Western Kansas is Flint Hills and wide open farming and grazing about even with Manhattan. Eastern KS lots of hills, grass, trees rivers lakes and ponds (not Amy) Our 1/4 acre lot in Topeka had 3 trees over 100 feet tall now only one (Darn Elm Blight) 3 over 40 feet tall and a huge Mulberry. Four bridges within 5 miles that a bus could plunge into a river (we build good bridges so even with accidents that have happened in the past 30 years no one has actually gone in the Kaw. couple have gone into creeks and they pulled a couple of cars out of a local lake (one abandoned, one with a body) in the past year. In the past week we have had 70 degree weather with sun, clouds with 100 foot visibility fog, and now freezing temps. I’ve lived in Kansas over 35 years and never seen a tornado, If I wanted to chase one I could. My parents were both born in Kansas and the only tornado they ever saw was on the border of New York and New Jersey. Check out Google Earth and if the pic are spring summer or fall you will see how green eastern Kansas is.. BTW SE Kansas is much like Arkansas very mountainous and even more trees. AND NO Dorthy doesn’t live here.

        • lol ‘pond (not Amy)’awesome reference

        • You know, that sounds a lot like Indiana too.

          • Eastern Kansas is very much like Indiana (southern Evansville area)Compare the Ohio with the Missouri near Kansas City.

  14. HOT DAMN!

  15. Wish I could go into hibernation and wake up June 14 2013.

    • LOL! A certain South Park episode comes to mind!

  16. Wow

  17. At the beginning it almost looked like an indie film and then then action begins and IT WAS AWESOME. They kicked out of the park with this trailer.

  18. Visually, the trailer looks pretty awesome. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the movie is any good.

  19. Nope still not sold on Man of Steel. Am I watching a trailer for Superman? Or Batman? You could be forgiven for asking what with the washed out colors and muted-colors. Will this be a big box office smash or fail to connect with audiences? This isn’t a movie I want to see more than once from the footage revealed.

    • I see what you mean, but I’d argue that it seems pretty different from Batman. It doesn’t seem to me like this is either “dark” or “gritty” in the way that the Nolan Batman movies were. It’s just more “personal”, IMO. I’m not saying that’s a good thing for everyone, but I think that’s the only real connection I see so far between the Batman movies and this – the more personal feel of the character and tone.

      • @nick i agree with that description, personal.

    • Superman

    • I agree….I felt like I was watching the trailer for The Dark Knight part 4

  20. The trailer was epic!! Visuals look great and the story line looks promising!! And the scene of superman walking, and the cape just moving around! EPIC!!

  21. man of iron, beast with adamantium claws dont stand a chance against THE MAN OF STEEL.hope the mayan prediction does not come true lol

  22. Sold. I was on the feance about this one at first. but not anymore.

  23. Elegantly stunning. A film that may well capture
    a unique quality of Superman — his graceful majesty.

  24. Holy crap! That was intense! EPIC! As a life long supes fan I’ve been waiting for a movie like this. This feel and style is exactly what I want out of a superman movie and I knew Snyder could deliver. This movie jumped to my most anticipated film next year even maybe more then Thor 2. Henry cavil is superman and that footage proved that I think. Also nice tl finally see Adams as Lois lane.

    Are you guys gonna have a dissecting of the trailer write up? Cuz I watched it bout 7 times

  25. Wow. Looks amazing. The scene where he puts his fist on the ground and goes up is visually stunning.

    • Best part of the trailer for me but I almost wish they had left it out of the trailer so I could enjoy it for the first time at the cinema.

  26. When Superman put his fist on the ground and the dirt start moving around it, I was like holy s***.

  27. I’m not sold…not yet. I doesn’t matter that Nolan’s name is attached or anything like that. I’ve never been a fan of Snyder’s. I think his films are dull and over stylised. (Criticise me if you must). Sure the trailer looked good, even though it a little bit like a twilight meets smallville at the start. but the problem is the trailers for Snyder’s films always look interesting but when you see the actual film…it sucks. So I can’t be sold on the trailer for any Snyder film. Must wait till it comes out.

    • Wait… you watched Twilight?

      • Hold your fire. Just because I’ve seen Twilight doesn’t mean I’m in support of it, I’m not. I review films and they are always fun to review for a good laugh…or if you want to inflict non-physical self harm.
        But what I mean is if you watch the trailer for the original twilight film the tone of what I’m assuming is Smallville in this film looked similar to the small town in that trailer.

        • “Thou doth protest too much”


      • I havr and i see no similarities.

        • You can make comparisons to the background. Small rundown looking town with a sad depressing blue tint. That is a very ‘twilight’-ish backdrop. That’s what i’m saying. And an accident on a bridge where clark presumably saves the day is smallville-ish. Not saying its all bad just saying there’s some similarities.

          • Fair assesments

    • you’re right about snyder style but i think he has abandoned his unique stylized methods to appeal to a bigger audience

      • I hope so. And it’s not that his style is horrible, it just became over used and predictable. I would truly like for this film to be good. DC tends to make very bad choices with their films, Nolan’s Trilogy aside. I will say that I’m not overly thrilled with what I’ve seen, but I won’t judge it until I see the full film.

        • Agreed….what is this The Darkm Knight 4 ?

    • This is fair. We’ve seen before that epic trailers don’t necessarily mean awesome movies.

      • Indeed! I will not be fooled again! *shakes fist in the air*

        • Indeed! I will not be fooled again!

          *Shakes George Lucas in the air by his throat*

          • Oh boy!! haha! I understand that frustration! :)

          • Indeed! I will not be fooled again!

            *Punches George Lucas in the face*

            • In a couple of years we’ll have to punch Mickey in the face.

              • I’d happily do that. Mickey is Disney’s worst character.

    • Agreed !I was laying in bed, when I hit on the trailer. The first half nearly put me to sleep. The second half was ok, but the trailer came across as pretentious. I really wish NOLAN wasn’t attached to this movie. I know a lot of people love his Dark Knight films, but they were overrated to me.
      This Man of Steel feels too much like Batman Begins. It’s moody, dismal looking. I’ll probably end up passing on this one in the theathers…if I don’t see some better trailers.

      • I really don’t understand your point. A kid finds out he’s has powers, he has to keep something this big from the whole world right from when he’s so little. Then he finds out that he’s from another planet. Then he leaves his parents to go stand up for the weak in the world and then the military is all over him. And then he meets someone from his planet but instead of hugs and kisses, it’s hate and violence……..
        And the approach you want for this movie is “hold hands, dance in a circle and make a campfire and sing kumbaya?”
        This is a mature movie! A concept that should be taken seriously! The movie isn’t “dark” or “gritty” or “batman-ish”, it is mature! Unless you’re gonna call every mature movie from this point on “The dark knigt part infinity'”. *sigh*

  28. Yeah, wow. Up until now, I’ve had a hard time imagining Batman and Superman living in the same movie universe without being overly campy. This does it for me though.

    Would love to see just the two of them in a team up before JL happens.

  29. Man michael shannon looked nothing like himself. And i missed kevin costner.

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