New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Showcases Superman Action

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It’s been a long wait, to get a peek under Man of Steel‘s cape. Born from a tightly-guarded storyline crafted by Dark Knight Trilogy architects Christopher and Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer - and crafted by the hand of visionary director Zack Snyder (300), the Superman reboot has been considered to either be the best of both worlds (in terms of filmmaking), or an experiment that could blow up in DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ faces.

Teaser trailers have revealed that this modernized interpretation of the Superman origin and mythos will include some deep, probing questions about what it is to live as a god-like orphan on an alien world; however, we’ve seen little to no action from this Superhero blockbuster. Today’s Man of Steel trailer is here to put that complaint to rest, for good.

Man of Steel Trailer 2 2013 570x270 New Man of Steel Trailer Showcases Superman Action

Henry Cavill as Superman in ‘Man of Steel’

It’s hard to see the footage here and not give Snyder props; more so than his predecessors – like Richard Donner and Bryan Singer – Snyder has captured the aesthetic and concept of super powers in action, according to “realistic” standards. That is to say: the actual physics of Superman’s powers is something we can definitely feel – which is going to make for an awesome experience in the theater. Blockbuster superhero flick, indeed.

Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder, from a script by David S. Goyer and screen story by Goyer and Christopher Nolan. It stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, Harry Lennix and Michael Kelly.


Man of Steel will be in 2D and select 3D/IMAX theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. I want to be excited, I want to love it, but I just can’t yet. This trailer just doesn’t really do it for me. I see nothing here that makes me think this is going to be that good or to get excited for. I’m hold back until I see it in the theater. What was with that music? I do believe Lois Lane was miscast however. I love Superman, I just hope this is good.

    • You don’t have to be excited.

      i will be excited for you.

    • Moo

    • @ stark

      lol. don’t worry. your movie is going to be amazing, successful, and referred to as “easily the best Iron Man movie, possibly better than Avengers.”

      … and this movie is still going to better.

      That is something to definitely be excited for.

      • @ Dr. Mindbender

        This isn’t a comparison or a competition. What part of “I love Superman” did you NOT understand? I want this movie to do great, I just have doubts. I couldn’t care les who makes what amount of money. Actually I’m having flashbacks to Superman Returns.

        • @ Stark

          “Actually I’m having flashbacks to Superman Returns.”

          I think i know what did it for you: Supes sitting in the chair having a friendly (and flirty) talk (about the S on his chest) with lois lane in the interrogation room, combined with the soft music (not insulting the music, by the way, just don’t know the word(s) to describe it).

          Their chat in the interrogation reminds me of the scene in Superman 1 with Christopher Reeve, when he and lois lane were chatting it up on her high rise patio. Cavil’s supes and reeve’s supes both gave off that same flirtatious smile. I do hope man of steel is a big hit.

          I do agree with you, Stark…lois lane was miscast in my opinion.

          • I liked Amy Adams’s performance in the trailer so far. I thought she looks like the original Lois (in the comics) and can act very well by critical standards.

            • I think she can act and I guess they were going for the girl next door look (as that is what I thought lois lane was anyway), but I just think it was a miscast. Believe me, I wouldn’t want lois lane to look like a victoria secret’s model because I don’t think that is what the character is, but someone else probably would have been a better fit, in my opinion.

              • Kate Bosworth. Now, THAT was horrible miscasting.

                As for Amy, I am a fan, but we’ll see how she holds up in the movie.

          • So I guess I’m the only one who gets the Dark Knight interrogation scene wink then?

    • I said the same thing on page 1. I’m anticipating this film, but I’m not excited at all.


    • LOL!! Please send this fool to the phantom zone. My buddys a HUGE superman fan and he almost passed out when he saw this trailer.

    • @ stark, serious man what the hell is wrong with you i am a massive superman fan and i think for once that zak snyder might of actually done an awesome job, even if this movie flops it will still be better that superman returns, snyder has catured the gritty realisim and chosse general zod as the bad guy, way better than introducing lex luthor or sum 1 human he has gone straight for one of supermans main foe`s, not saying lex isnt but it was nice to go a different way, i defintely have faith for this movie!! and props to henry cavill i was gutted at first that he was supes but eventually warmed to him…

      • it wont flop…trust me

      • @ DevilB

        There is nothing wrong with me. Clearly, you have misunderstood what I was saying. Put your fanboy love for Superman aside for a second and read carefully.

        1. I love Superman.
        2. I want this Superman movie to succeed, and do very well.
        3. If it does well, it might just pave the way (hopefully) for a Justice League movie, which I also want very badly to happen.
        4. If it is good it will show me WB has a clue on how to do CBM’s finally.
        5. If it does well, it’s a good thing for all superhero/CBM everywhere, whether Marvel or DC.
        6. As bad as I want it to do well, I have less than zero confidence in WB to produce a good CBM after great bombs such as, Green Lantern, Superman Returns, etc.
        7. I am not going to get excited over another Superman movie until I see it for myself. If it is good, I will be the first one to congratulate WB on a job well done and the first one to ask when is Justice League coming!
        8. I am I huge fan of all superheroes, not just Marvel & not just DC.

        Any questions?

    • I know exactly how you feel Stark. 100%. It pisses me of when people start saying “oh your not a real superman fan your just a Marvel fanboy” just because the trailers don’t really excite me. I want this movie to do good because I want a JL movie and I don’t see how it makes some one a Marvel fanboy just because they aren’t dying of excitement for MOS.

      • Actually, Mr. Derp, he was just joking around with Stark because of his screen name.

    • @Stark

      It’s funny I felt exactly the same way as you do right up until I saw this trailer. I even saw the other trailer with JP3D this weekend and it still didn’t do anything for me, but this one turned it around. I am officially excited for this movie now.

    • you suck debbie downer

    • If this trailer didnt do it for you then give up. Dont go watch it. You will waste your money, Stark. :)

      • @ Alpine

        See my response to DevilB above……..

    • That’s how i feel about Iron Man 3, i know is going to be a good movie but i can’t be excited about it for some reason, i might skip it.

  2. I will find him!!

    That would be awesome if someone had been punishing Zod back on krypton just before sending him to “find him” here on earth

    • I thought Krypton was destroyed.

      • Yes but in the original movies Zod was being judged on Krypton just before it was destroyed. Then they were put into the phantom zone (I think that it what its called) which is a flat crystal. It eventually breaks near Earth and they escape which is why they try to control Earth.

      • Realist: Yes. What makes you think it’s not in this version?

        • Ohh cool. Just thought so because I didn’t know the phantom zone background (which is pretty slick), so I thought Monde was speaking of Krypton in present terms without any time preservation or anything.

    • @Monde He’s promising before his banishment that he will find the son of Jor-El… duh…

  3. OK this is the first time the promotional material for Supes has gotten me excited. Costner nails the, ‘You are my son,’ line. What a great supporting cast.

    The only remaining question mark left is Cavill. Will he be up to the task? Please don’t turn in an Immortals 2 performance!

    • Loved Kevin Costner’s line there, reminds me of Michael Caine in the Dark Knight Rises trailer, really emotional. Michael Shannon is also pretty amazing as Zod,he actually looks terrifying and intimidating.

    • I actually liked the immortals.

  4. On this planet, ‘O’ means ‘No Hope’.

    Love that music!

  5. This looks like some serious sh*t! I can’t wait to see this on the big screen!

  6. beastmode initiated!!!

  7. wow, epic scenes…i hope the story will be good like in the dark knight trilogy..

  8. I’m not sure how anyone who has watched this trailer could have anything negative to say. I’m completely blown away by what I just saw. Zimmer…is a genius…the drum kicks…wow!! Krypton looks beautiful…everything looks beautiful. I’m buzzing!! I cant wait for June 14…Nolan, Snyder, Goyer, Zimmer…thank you.

  9. I am exceedingly happy right now…that was FANTASTIC.

  10. There is a Lexcorp sign in the trailer. Maybe the Lex Luthor appearance rumor is true.

  11. At 02:17 it looks like the building says “Lexland.” I suppose it could be Lex Corp but it just looks a little off.

    • Everything in movies is deliberate.

    • Please, no more lex luthor.

      • But think about it, In this age of time, Lex Luther is promised to get one of two things.
        1. Supermans Powers
        2. A Suit to actually Fight Superman
        Theres no doubt Lex will either have one of the two in a future big budget Movie. Period

  12. I’ve watched the trailer 5 times already and I have to admit every time I hear Costner say “you are my son” with the break in his voice it gives me chills.
    I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more impressed than I was with the 2nd trailer but this one has topped it IMO.

    • Heh, I watched it 10 times…

    • I have watch it so many times now and I can’t stop!! Awesome!!

  13. I don’t want to say anything. I don’t want to jinx it.

  14. That looks amazing.

  15. Looks solid. Should be good movie.

  16. @Kofi Outlaw excuse me in what universe that was realistic! its impossible to hold a car with the palm of a (super)mans hand without crushing or splitting the car let alone holding a gigantic piece of oil platform with the palm of your hand no matter how strong you are ; Pressure is the ratio of force to the area over which that force is distributed so that amount of pressure on such a small area would cause that said oil platform piece in half and that force would even crush the pieces under superman’s feet so the only thing super about him would be not getting crushed in situations like this or if prefer Sheldon coopers point that if Clark wants to catch somebody falling or pick em up he would split them in to 3 equal pieces
    so don’t talk about realistic to me
    thank god Nolan was supervising this he definitely have reduced the damage Snyder causes , remember what he did to watchmen!

    • Here’s a tip: If you don’t use sentences, punctuation or paragraphs, people with either skip over your post entirely, or quickly scan through it and not catch what you’re talking about. Reading a run-on like that is sorta like listening to the Micro-Machines guy talking at 1000 mph.

    • pj…

      You’re kidding, right? You have to be kidding. It’s been said MANY times by various people that the sense of realism in this film is the way Superman both reacts to and is reacted to by the world around him, the people in his life…and the way Clark deals with being unique and feeling isolated (and learning to handle his incredible abilities).

      I am stunned that there are people on these MOS threads who STILL think the “realism” in the film has to do with physics.

      Good grief.

    • Oh, and as for what Snyder did to “Watchmen”…What? You mean the stunning way he took the “unfilmable” graphic novel and filmed it so wonderfully that he managed to capture some of the nuances of the story (not all…different mediums, after all, and it was not perfect, of course) AND even greatly improved upon the graphic novel’s goofy and stupid ending? You mean like that?

      May he DO to MOS what he DID to “Watchmen”.

      • other than that human realism ,its important to do the realistic physics this way super man will become a more tangible character than a person who picks a plane up like a cartoon. you don’t see how that can affect the audience to take the story seriously plus if they do realistic physics superman would have to become someone who improvises really radical to both not hurting anyone and control and solve the problem , aint that more mind blowing than just lifting a car with your hand, just like a child’s imagination.
        and all that realistic stuff your talking about would be the work of goyer’s script and nolan’s supervision not Snyder’s goofiness and incapability to tell stories ; for what it worth’s snyder just made whatchmen more goofier than possible , all hes good at is creating good nude scenes he should become a porn director.

        if they want bring back all the tone and logic’s in the dark knight trilogy to a JL movie they need a solid realism on every level of MOS , otherwise it would become another avengers.

    • what a killjoy spewing out worn out arguments that have no point or purpose besides trying to make himself seem smart by throwing out a few high school terms and boring arguments from others before him. So really, tell me – what’s your point and what are you hoping to get out of your screenrant, and finally if you’re going to be upset about all of this, then what the heck do you expect from a superman MOVIE?

      Second-to-finally, it’s “realistic”, not real.

      Finally, just to humor you, if you really do want to get technically argumentative then let’s try to figure out the logistics of it: In Snyder’s superman world thus far, we see him first take flight by putting his fist on the ground and we see an expansion of pressure around his fist. This would connote a force field of sorts – whether by a physical force or the negation of the gravitational field. Let’s say both. So based on that, one would assume that Superman is capable of projecting such a field over spaces much larger than area of his own fist. Maybe that’s what he’s doing when he’s straining so hard – trying to expand that force field as much as possible. And he is only capable of projecting it over something that he has physical contact with. And there you have it.

      Oh and let’s go further and say that it’s some biological reaction between the biological genetics of Kryptonians and the radioactivity from our particular sun that makes such physics possible. A biological and chemical reaction that creates a certain energy. And when that energy is condensed and projected, it culminates itself in a blast of lasers that shoots out of the eyes. So there’s your explanations. Are we done here?

      • we are talking about a MOVIE basen on a COMIC BOOK , there is no point!

        and for the record dont talk about biology of superman because basically why would he and them have the same look as humans!! and if you begin to make assumptions and theories about that there wont be anything left of the character known as superman, so there you go , the logic that collapses all your illogical assumptions

        why does it matter to you if i have a fetish for realistic physics in movies kio.

    • @PJ

      Technically the lifting of a car at it lift points would not have the car snap under it on weight.

      Proof. Go to a Junkyard and watch a car being lifted by its roof into a crusher, the car does not snap.

      So your theory has just been shot out of the water.

      • i have a bachelors degree in industrial design i can explain to you a million reasons why lifting a car from its roof (which also causes damage bay that lifter thing) is difrent from lifting it using your hand holding , i dont know , its door or some other weak spot. please dont think that hard cause its smell like potato chips in here (please have humor,i dont mean to be a jerk)

    • @pj – So your complaint on a movie about an ALIEN MAN FROM ANOTHER PLANET THAT FLIES, IS SUPER FAST, SUPER STRONG AND HAS HEAT RAYS COMING FROM HIS EYES (!!!) is that the physics used aren’t realistic enough?

      Just stop being ridiculous.


      • P.J. If you’re going to have a logical argument about the physics behind superman, you have to take into account the fact that there’s a lot about the physics behind superman that doesn’t make sense. How does he fly faster than light? How is he so powerful simply because he is from the light? How does wearing a glasses make him invisible? It’s all part of the fantasy behind the character. But its the fantasy, the mythology, that makes him real.
        And it is why we love him.

        For what its worth, I have an advanced degree in physics as well but I see no point in mentioning it.
        What’s next? A chemist is going to come announcing that its impossible for Sleeping Beauty to have slept for 100 years?

  17. I have to say, I am looking more forward to this than iron man 3. I am not that excited about iron man 3, but I am hoping that man of steel does very well. I thought this trailer for man of steel was so-so, but I do want it to do well. I think what a lot of folks need to remember is that supes is more of the conversationalist and even more of the social type than Batman. It is expected to see supes engaging people (lois lane and a few others) than batman would, even/particularly when it comes to small talk. In other words, superman is more than likely to do these things than batman ever would. With that said, superman is more of a dramatic character (although that doesn’t mean that the movie should be drama-filled), while batman is more of the suspenseful type character. Nevertheless, a great deal of action can be injected into both character(s) and their movies.

  18. I thought it was impossible to get bored by a trailer.

    I was wrong

    • i guess you are the type that get excited to see grass grow

  19. I love how hard people try to differentiate themselves from the crowd. These comment threads are a great showcase of what today’s society is all about. Someone is always trying to talk louder to get attention aren’t they? I would like to know how many of the negative reviews are actually real opinions as opposed to people trying to create their own identity. Would make for an excellent pyschological study on the human race..
    One of the best trailers I have ever seen, brought out alot of emotion considering it is only 3 minutes long. Superman is different for everyone, Zack has seemingly figured out the majority of us.

  20. No to judge but If superman return made about 220 million and both Thor and captain America made about 195 , and I think this would be a bigger hit, tell me again why that would be a flop. The problem is expection for Superman is too high because of his abilities, I think this will be a bitter story and visual better then before!! But the trail still don’t show much in terms of depth

    Can’t wait!!!

    • @ Supermans Older Brother.

      Um, the budget for Superman Return was 209 million.

      It gross 200 Million.

      It came in 9 million under its budget. THAT IS NOT A WIN.

      Even if it did 220 million, it would have made just 11 million over its budget.

  21. My excitement and anticipation for this is through the roof. I am sooooo ready to move on from my beloved Dark Knight Trilogy and look to the future of this movie and the potential DC pantheon of movies that can and will be created. I think we will all be amazed!!!!!!!!

  22. Okay, now what about a Justice League Dark movie? Justice League Dark is all about magic and I know a ton of Harry Potter fans who would be willing to spend money on Warner Bros magic. I like their approach though to the MOS I wish they would do something similar with a JLD.

    • Guillermo Del Toro is rumored to be involved. If so, then I’m confident that JLD will be good (assuming WB moves forward with it).

  23. A

  24. I love the hypocrisy of people who hate on those who weren’t impressed but then espouse the virtues of differing opinions.

    Anyway, this is more like it. I loved this trailer, it showed off solid performances and visuals and made me think that the boring, monotonous actor from Boardwalk Empire actually had a personality and could be a huge screen presence as Zod.

    If that’s Zimmer’s Superman theme then I can’t wait to hear it in full (like the amazing 9 minute theme he created for The Joker or the 6 minute Bane theme he created with thousands of fan voices sent into him, mine included). The man is a musical genius and deserves a lot more credit for his ideas.

    This movie will do for Superman what Nolan did for Batman. Turn an almost forgotten comic book character known more for being campy into a serious and mainstream phenomenon with pop culture embracing it and quotes and memes going on for years to come.

    It’s still not my most anticipated movie of the year (Evil Dead, IM3 and Pacific Rim are) but I’m still looking forward to seeing this.

  25. “It’s not an ‘S.’ On my planet, it means, ‘hope.’ Or it means, ‘I’m with stupid.’ I’m not for sure. My Kryptonian isn’t that great.”

    • lol

  26. In a word, spectacular. Its looks like Snyder and company have done something great. This is my most anticipated movie this year.

  27. I haven’t read every comment so I’m not sure of someone else has had the same thought but I’m starting to think that if these trailers are a true indication of what this movie is I think MoS has the potential to be the first Comic Book / Superhero Film to be nominated for Best Picture.
    That’s a crazy thought but I’ve just been so impressed bye both full length trailers. They are 2 of the best I’ve ever seen.

  28. If the trailer is anything of what we can expect the movie to be, then this looks like another smash hit for Christopher Nolan and his colleagues.