New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Showcases Superman Action

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It’s been a long wait, to get a peek under Man of Steel‘s cape. Born from a tightly-guarded storyline crafted by Dark Knight Trilogy architects Christopher and Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer - and crafted by the hand of visionary director Zack Snyder (300), the Superman reboot has been considered to either be the best of both worlds (in terms of filmmaking), or an experiment that could blow up in DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ faces.

Teaser trailers have revealed that this modernized interpretation of the Superman origin and mythos will include some deep, probing questions about what it is to live as a god-like orphan on an alien world; however, we’ve seen little to no action from this Superhero blockbuster. Today’s Man of Steel trailer is here to put that complaint to rest, for good.

Man of Steel Trailer 2 2013 570x270 New Man of Steel Trailer Showcases Superman Action

Henry Cavill as Superman in ‘Man of Steel’

It’s hard to see the footage here and not give Snyder props; more so than his predecessors – like Richard Donner and Bryan Singer – Snyder has captured the aesthetic and concept of super powers in action, according to “realistic” standards. That is to say: the actual physics of Superman’s powers is something we can definitely feel – which is going to make for an awesome experience in the theater. Blockbuster superhero flick, indeed.

Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder, from a script by David S. Goyer and screen story by Goyer and Christopher Nolan. It stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Ayelet Zurer, Christopher Meloni, Harry Lennix and Michael Kelly.


Man of Steel will be in 2D and select 3D/IMAX theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. This trailer is…

    It puts the “Super” in Superman! I am totally speechless. This trailer cemented why this film is my most anticipated film of the year.

    It shows the story without spoiling too much- a combination of previously seen footage with new ones. Yet the action shows that while handled realistically, this film will offer–in theory– the action, suspense, scale, drama, emotion of what is expected and what is needed in a comic book film.

    Hopefully I can look back fondly at this without disappointment.

    Film looks epic.

    Question: Is this a piece of original music for the film by Hans Zimmer? I like it yet I do not imagine it too be the main suite/theme (they may save that for the actual film in order to be surprised)

    • I think the soundtrack is gonna be released 3 days ahead of the film, the 11th is what I’ve been seeing.

  2. One word EPIC it will rule the summer. Russell Crowe as Jor El will make me cry I just know it lol. And Micheal Shannon Holy Sh** he’s going to be one BAMF as Zod.

  3. I don’t know, the whole dramatic music thing was stretched out a little long in this. I kind of felt that it meandered along… And the “action” was just quick flashes of action… I know the movie will not be like that, but just saying the trailer doesn’t really show any action that really impressed me. But still waiting for the movie to release…

    • I think ur just a cynic that doesnt want to be blown away, what do u want them to show u, all the action in the movie?

      • @juls

        Um, no, but at least one or two that isn’t just a flash. It’s like watching a movie wher the action is hindered by quick cuts and shakey cam. I’d rather actually SEE what’s going on… They don’t need to show every action scene, it’s not about quantity, but quality. I just don’t like the way this trailer is cut, but sorry I had an opinion man, I guess that makes me a cynic. I should just be like “OMFG, DIS IZ AWSUMMM!!!!!!!111″

      • where*

  4. Wow, guess I’m the only one who’s a tad underwhelmed. Yeah, it looks interesting, BUT:

    - The music is frankly blah (no surprise here — great as Zimmer is, he’s no John Williams)

    - The editor needs to put down the video game controller and the can of coke. The editing is so fast and choppy that one can hardly make out any of the action/FX sequences (maybe they’re unfinished so the quick cuts are to hide flaws, I dunno).

    - The production design for Krypton is a bit of a cliche pastiche. I know it’s hard to come up with something original, but once again, John Barry’s crystalline structure in the first Donner film feels far more epic AND original than this…35 years later.

    I’m still hoping it will be entertaining, and if the FX are good, and not smash cut together in the finished film — and the story and characterizations are well done — then it will stand on its own merits, I’ve no doubt.

    As trailers go, today’s Star Trek trailer beats this to hell.

    • > – The music is frankly blah (no surprise here — great as Zimmer is,
      > he’s no John Williams)

      Heh, I made a similar comment in one of my posts. It’s just so unfair, though, to compare him to John Williams. I think I read an article where even Zimmer himself WAS intimidated by the Williams score because it’s so iconic.

      > – The editor needs to put down the video game controller and the can of
      > coke. The editing is so fast and choppy that one can hardly make out
      > any of the action/FX sequences (maybe they’re unfinished so the quick
      > cuts are to hide flaws, I dunno).

      I look at it differently. Superman is FAST, and when he hits you, it’s going to be FAST and POWERFUL. Kind of like the editing in the trailer.

      > – The production design for Krypton is a bit of a cliche pastiche. I
      > know it’s hard to come up with something original, but once again, John
      > Barry’s crystalline structure in the first Donner film feels far more
      > epic AND original than this…35 years later.

      Yea, Krypton in the Donner films looked so ethereal, while updated Krypton looks so “normal” looking. The trailer here makes Krypton look dry and arid, but may be there’s a story here that explains all of this.

      > As trailers go, today’s Star Trek trailer beats this to hell.

      I’m hopeful for MOS. I’m also hopeful (and excited) for STID.

      • Is that even the actual film’s music? Most trailers use stock or production music, because the actual score for a movie is usually only composed very late in the game, when the theatrical cut is locked in and the music can be matched to what’s happening on screen.

        • That’s what I am thinking – stock music. The teaser trailers used music from the Fellowship of the Ring. The first half of the first trailer used music from Lisa Gerrard (who does work with Hans Zimmer a lot) and the second half of the second trailer was from Elizabeth: The Golden Age. So it’s possible this new trailer is not using the actual MOS score. I loved it nonetheless and can’t wait to see this in June!

      • Go watch that 1978 superman, good for that time. Not now.

      • I think Chetc is referring to Zimmerman’s CNN interview when he said, “Seriously. He’s the greatest film composer out there, without a doubt, and it happens to be one of his iconic pieces of music, so I spent three months just procrastinating and not even getting a start on the thing, because I was so intimidated: ‘Oh my God, I’m following in John Williams’ footsteps.’” The only way to do it is to go in the opposite direction. Either make it so big that it overpowers the original or so simple that it feels new. I’m impressed that Zimmerman found a middle ground. Even if it’s not the final score, I think it has a powerful feel.

        • Yup, that’s the article. Good find!

  5. I love trolls. they are so lulzy

  6. this looks so amazing! kevin costner as jonathan is so perfect, i know hes gonna make me cry

    • I was thinking the same thing, tears of joy of course. Finally DC. P.S. Nolan’s Batman movies rocked as well. Hopefully DC will catch up to Marvel.

  7. I cannot wait for GTA V!!!! Looks friggin ama- wait a sec…


  8. Brian Cranston should play Lex Luthor

    • That is such a good idea. I would fully support that and love to see it.

  9. Heroic. Hopeful. Two words that come to mind after watching this trailer.

    Gawd, I’ve got to keep this on the down low; I’ve been burned before by great trailers and movies that disappoint. However, this looks so damn good, and I really want this movie to hit the ball right out of the park.

    We shall see. June 14 can’t get here fast enough!

  10. Looks like part of the movie revolves around Lois Lane trying to find some mysterious “guardian angel” who saves people, essentially a precursor to Superman, or before he shows up. Should be interesting.

    I think Amy Adams will make a great Lois!

  11. Not feeling the trailer music. With that being said, I will more than likely buy the soundtrack, as I did enjoy Zimmer’s take on Dark Knight.

    However, I’m not sure if the use of heavy percussions fit a Superman movie. Then again, I’m still comparing it to the John Williams theme, which is so iconic that it isn’t even fair…

  12. Anyone else not feeling psychologically aroused by this trailer at all?

    • Hmmm, not sure what you mean…

  13. one word …….EPIC………..

  14. Well, this is much more like it, of course some caution to be had , but at the very least least it looks like Superman will actually be doing something awesome this time around.

    Smallville managed to deliver spectacle and excitement to the Superman story for nearly 10 years, albeit on a smaller scale. It’s just nice now to possibly see that ambition being matched on a movie budget now.

    I agree with many on the music. It’s a bit cheesy and didn’t have the sincerity or assurance that came with the 1st. I really hope that it’s not the main theme, it would be quite the come down from Zimmer’s epic TDKR score. Superman’s suit still could do with some brighter shades of colour and one hopes Shannon doesn’t overdo it on the maniacal villian front.

    But asides from that , visually spectacular, set pieces and production look massive, love how they’re coming up with an original look on Supermans ship and the fortess itself. Both Crowe and Costner look to be casting perfection at this point. Yes the edits are quick, i think the studio knew they had to show more action but don’t to show half of the movie – something i think Star Trek has done to a degree.

    It definitlely seems like this will differ from the original mythos of the character. Absolutely no hint of Clark Kent the reporter. It’s also interesting how Krypton seems to look like it’s under attack rather than imploding. Adams admittedly looks a bit more attractive in the interrogation scene. It does pose the question why she is doing the interrogating though, and its clear that Superman is choosing to be taken in , rather than being apprehended.

    All in all, there’s now far greater cause for optimism. For all the concerns, it does look like we will finally get a Superman who actually does something ‘super’ I can almost forgive any flaws just for that alone.

    • I really like what Snyder’s doing with this film. I love the idea of Zod and his minions being a match for Superman because of their kryptonian tech, not because of identical powers like Superman’s. I love Superman II so I’m not knocking it in that regard but I like this new approach. Superman has his 32 years of living in a yellow sun, which supercharged his powers, the kryptonians don’t have that but they have their powered armor and ships.

      Based on the opening scene of the trailer, with all the energy weapons and ships, I’m wondering if they went with rampant civil war instead of actual “planet destructs.” Maybe, since Jor-El is cast as a political leader of some kind as well as being a scientist, he fears for the future of his people, they’re tearing themselves apart, so he send his son off. Or maybe the planet does implode because of some crazy weapon.

      Can’t wait to see.

      • I know superman and Zod going to be epic . I excited about Superman and Zod fight but I think there is one fight which going to be more epic then Superman vs Zod this Year.

    • > Absolutely no hint of Clark Kent the reporter

      Yup. It looks like Kal/Clark is a drifter for the first part of the movie, trying to find himself and his purpose. I’m speculating that Lois latches onto this “guardian angel” story, where Kal/Clark helps people in distress, and moves away before any “questions” are asked.

      I started thinking about Clark Kent, the reporter. and it almost seems that there should be a change in how to portray him. I mean, this is supposedly a “realistic” take on the mythos, so does it make sense to have a man wear glasses and act like a bumbling idiot to pass off as a human? Isn’t Lois a hell of a lot smarter to see through that?

      It will be interesting to see how Clark Kent appears in the movie.

      • Yeah, Superman is like “The Littlest Hobo” for the twenty teens.

  15. Yowser!!! That is all I can say.

  16. I know superman and Zod going to be epic . I excited about Superman and Zod fight but I think there is one fight which going to be more epic then Superman vs Zod this Year.

  17. So One Man takes on a group of people who are just like him…and manages to win?


    Even against 3 he had to trick them into losing their powers.

    • And that is why Superman is the best there is. Just come around Jeff. It will be okay. Even your cows are fans of this movie.

      • I am standing my ground!

        I have been burned by Superman Movies….Film and Animated….I am not going to buy it till I see

        neener neener neener!

        • You dwell on a throne of lies. The wee one inside of you is excited. I can sense it.

          None of that sounded good either.

          • Let us not forget, the Superman Returns trailer looked pretty good too……..

            Just saying……..

            • @Stark:

              Except for the son of Supes character, I liked Superman Returns.

              I prefer this beefier Cavill Superman though (sorry to all the Reeve/Routh fans)… it’s reminiscent of the George Reeves Supes (and he didn’t have the curl of hair on the forehead either).

              • @ Big Nerd

                I have no beef with Cavill’s casting, I think he is an excellent choice. I agree, he looks better being bigger. That’s how I picture Superman.

          • Ok Darth Cheerio!

            I have no inner child.

            I have an inner dork!

  18. I admit I had serious misgivings about the tone and theme of this film, but this has gone a long way to relieve them.

  19. DUDE I CRIED … All my wishes came true within one movietrailer …

    I do not feel like to judge.
    i do not feel like to write a critique.
    i do not feel like to prognose any further or upcomming supermenmovies.


  20. So long as it’s not so goofy and comedic as the other superman films, I’ll probably like it. It seems like Snyder took the content seriously, unlike most Marvel films you see. I hate to admit it, but it looks like DC, which I used to hate, might end up making the more substantial movies, in an adult sense. I loved the Watchmen for its non-PC seriousness, so maybe this movie has a shot.

  21. I did not click on this link to watch yet another friggin’ commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. *in Keanu Reeves voice*


  23. Did anyone think after the abomination called ‘Sissyman returns ‘ That WB will be stupid enough to mess Supes up again.

  24. What’s the S stands for?
    It’s not a S. On my world it means hope.
    Well, here, it is a S.

    Okay, I am not mocking or anything. The trailer is epic in many ways and Man Of Steel is my #2 anticipated movie (#1 is Star Trek Into Darkness) but somehow that line in dialogue didn’t work well with me. I kept hearing an ass. Sorry! But try listening to it without watching the scene.
    It didn’t occur to me the first time but the third time, I was commenting facebook around that scene and I only heard the dialogue and I got really hurt in the stomach. LOL~

  25. To be honest this is the best trailer I have ever seen. That 3 minutes is far better than all 2013 films that has been out so far combine!

  26. I like the second trailer better. Still, I am extremely excited to see Man of Steel.

  27. I. AM. SO. PUMPED. This trailer looks amazing! I sure hope that’s the score from the movie, it was fantastic! I’ve been trying to keep my excitement in check and take it one movie at a time this year (first up is Star Trek Into Darkness), but this had made my excitement levels go WAY up! So excited can’t wait!!!!

  28. Holy mother of comic book movies!! :o
    …okay, that was the best trailer I’ve seen all year.
    When Pa Kent said “You are my son”, a tear ran down my eye…

    • so says an avenger?! :D

      • THE Avenger ;)

  29. Now, this is a “Superman” the world will never forget.