‘Man of Steel': Superman vs. Faora with Commentary from Zack Snyder

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Faora Hu-ul, who is played by German actress Antje Traue in this summer’s Superman reboot Man of Steel, may only be the second-in-command to the film’s primary antagonist, General Zod (Michael Shannon), but she’s more than capable of holding her own in a fight with Superman himself.

Clark Kent’s hometown of Smallville, Kansas (played in the movie by Plano, Illinois) is the setting for a major battle between the hero and the villains of the movie, with the military showing up to intervene as well. Serving as the setting for Kryptonians going to war under a yellow sun isn’t too healthy a prospect for any town on Earth, and trailers and clips from the film teased a significant amount of destruction and collateral damage occurring in Smallville after Zod’s arrival.

The New York TimesArts Beat blog has released a new video in its “Anatomy of a Scene” series, featuring a fight scene between Superman and Faora with commentary from director Zack Snyder. Other videos in this series are also definitely worth watching. More recently, Baz Luhrmann provided commentary for his adaptation of The Great Gatsby and Joss Whedon gave the background information behind a scene in his modernization of William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing.

Superman Versus Faora Man of Steel: Superman vs. Faora with Commentary from Zack Snyder

For those who haven’t seen Man of Steel yet, the scene is almost entirely action and doesn’t really contain anything that could be considered a spoiler. For those who have seen the film, getting a behind the  scenes look at the scene – particularly Superman’s flight that ends at a safe door – will help to flesh out your understanding of the characters, and of Snyder’s approach to filmmaking, in small ways.

During his commentary, Snyder details an interesting aspect of the battle that was hinted at long before the movie came out, as one of the ways in which fights would be made evenly-matched for a being as strong as Superman. Despite all his raw strength, Superman has never had any formal combat training, and as a result is clumsy in this fight scene compared to the highly honed skills of Faora.

Want to talk about this scene and others from Man of Steel in more spoilery detail? Join our spoilers discussion and listen to the Screen Rant editors’ take on the film in our latest SR Underground podcast.


Man of Steel is out in theaters now.

Source: New York Times

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  1. I love Faora in this movie, she was such a awesome stand out character. Hopefully she’ll be in a sequel or something.

    • I would save Faora in the SUPERGIRL reboot

    • @deadpool87

      Was she?

      I barely noticed her, which was a shame. I don’t know whether it was the rest of the movie overwhelming my senses or bad writing or what but other than the willing capture and the Smallville fight scene, she never stood out for me at all. In fact, during the Smallville fight, I spent more time focused on the US military more than anything else for some reason.

      Anyone remember what happened to her? Did she die or what? I can’t even remember.

      • She was pulled into the black hole with the other kryptonians.

      • I’m not really sure why people keep referring to her as a particularly interesting presence in the movie. She just did some CGI stunts, like every other character (anyone else think that CGI hopping just looks silly?), and said like 10 lines, most of which were rather generic threats.

        The writing for her character was no more or less bland than the writing for Superman or Zod so I’m not sure why she seems to be getting viewers’ attention.

        • I believe they are referring to her on screen presence, which was terrifying. I would definitely NOT want to mess with her.


        • the reason why she is popular is the same reason why bobba fett got popular in 1980, im not saying MOS is like ESB its not, im just given you the reason why many people find her awesome.

      • SPOILER!!!

        She apparently was killed when Colonel Hardy crashed his plane with her in it when they activated Kal-els pod

        • She wasn’t killed. She was wounded but recovered back on the ship. She was pulled into the phantom zone with the rest of zods forces

        • Thats what ive been saying. I’d totally see her as Wonder Woman.

        • Forget her being a Wonder Woman… i could totally see her as being MY woman.

          • And NOOO.. she wouldn’t be an amazon… she would totally be Amazing !!! as MY woman. :)

            • It’s nice that you could all see a Kryptonian as Wonder Woman…

              • @Dr Minbender, for sure, not only does she have that statuest physique and piecing stare but just the action set pieces etc i could see how a great wonder woman movie could be.

                Also with the whole ancient kryptonians visiting earth, its not much of a stretch to beleive that the amazons could be simply a society of kryptonian/human hybrids.. Perhaps some quirk of hybridization only produced female offspring. The island could have been shielded with kryptonian tech, inhabitants told by the last the the pure kryptonians that they should wait for their return (kryptonians = gods to them), their society has remained the same, their numbers always replaced by the use of that kryptonian test tube babies tech, they just basically clone themselves to maintain pop numbers.. anyways the arrival or zod and the beacon superman activated could have made the amazon island open to the outside world again.

                Plenty of possibilities. Imagine in MoS not only is superman going global but he’s used to make first contact with the amazons, could be some epic battles there with their best warrior WW, only they must then team up to fight idk brainiac of something of that nature as it could be explained that the kryptonians that came to earth escaped from brainiac long ago and so to amazons brainiac is like the devil, evil incarnate. add in Luthot and a campaign to smear and spread distrust of superman many an international incident where superman tries to help but just makes things worse, or faisl to improve a situation because its just too complex. And you have the seeds of a great MoS 2.

        • @Archer +1 well said Sir, I don’t see how all those other comments missed the significance of Faora

      • I thought she was a stand out too!

    • Deadpool, cyber hi five! I am totally agreed. She is definitely a stand out in this film. It boggles my mind that folks are complaining about the CGI and the fights. The fights?!?! WHAT?! LOL.

      • I return the five. But yeah, In my opinion, you’re crazy if you didn’t enjoy the fights. At least the smallville one anyway that was epic.

  2. Faora is like Ursa from SUPERMAN I & II, The Character Antje Traue is playing “The evil Superwoman” who is a Man-Hater ? Both a Warrior and a Villainess. She is a Bully to Lois Lane & Superman’s Mom Martha the most.

  3. Faora was great in all the handful of scenes she was in I though she was more menacing than Zod. Didn’t really like this film that much but I’m thinking the sequel will be much better since we wont have to sit through more origin scenes.

    • Agree.. I believe the Sequel will be better

  4. Faora was amazing due to the actress elevating the small almost cameo like role.

    Very chilling mesmerizing threatening looks. Her fights were awesome. Her eyes…

    She could have been a kick ass amazon

  5. I also did like the action noted slowly how Superman kind of learned to defend himself in a brawl like way against the superior fighters of Zod and Faora and company.

    Even the ones were no one seems to be slowing down, it is noticeable the state all the characters are: emotional and stamina wise.

    Everything is subtle, and reveal themselves with repeated viewing or close attention.

  6. Faora’s like the Darth Maul of this movie. She said like a minimum of 15 words but she had some badass fight scenes and, for me at least, she had a strong presence in all of her scenes.

      • Oh god not for me. I remember almost every detail of that smallville fight. I love this movie but I do think the editing and structure were weird.

        • They are a bit funky but on a 2nd viewing you adjust atleast i did

        • Um cause Darth Maul had an awesome light saber and didn’t have to talk a lot to get his point across.


    • I was thinking the same thing!

    • I like the Darth Maul comparison, especially because Man of Steel was basically the “Phantom Menace” of the Superman franchise. Both films were the highest earning installments in their respective franchises despite being critical and creative failures that placed CGI effects over character and story.

  7. Looks well shot. I particularly liked where they inserted Pete Ross.

    • the line Pete Ross says before crashing the plan “a good death” or something of that nature. All I could think of is LT Commander Worf placing his hand on Ross’s shoulder saying “Today is a good day to Die!” lol

      • Worf”Tonight Mr Ross we will share bloodwine in Stovakor.”

  8. Meh of Steel was nearly unwatchable. A loud mess of a film made even worse by the Visual Effects. The plot holes were bountiful. The plot devices ridiculous. Acting was atrocious. It was on the level of Green Lantern bad. Faora being a more skilled warrior than Zod was absurd especially for one enetically engineered to be the most powerful. But then again Jor-El did whoop his ass as well. Not bad for a scientist. Ha ha As for Zaora, only reason why people are making such a fuss is because she’s a new face doing action.

    • Wompa: It was on the level of Green Lantern bad.
      Really Troll Really?

    • Plot hole list i need it ! Because when i watched the movie some people were asking stupid questions and says that this or that was illogical and i just laughed to myself. Seriously, do you even watch and hear what is going on the screen ? “Plot holes” were there because of lack of attention from the viewers side.

  9. @Wompa isn’t it a little too early in the morning for trolling?

  10. hahahaha some of you need to watch the film again clearly she didnt die …also she was terrifying her monolouge in ihop was sooooooo flawless when she said “evolution always wins” i flip out with excitement lol

    • I concur sir

    • WHY would anyone watch this turd a SECOND time? I couldn’t even make it through the entire run time of this movie the first time. Just a shame my local theater has a “no refund” policy.

      • said the guy who liked Superman IV
        how predictable you are

        • Why would I even watch Superman 4? By the way, how is your Blu-Ray copy of Green Lantern? Do you like the special features?

    • I wonder whether Goyer actually meant that line to be ironic, seeing as the Kryptonians’ artificial birth and genetic engineering had effectively ended their own evolution.

  11. Farora was undeniably hot in this film.

  12. Faora owned all her scenes! Hope they bring her back for more.

  13. Faora’s line during this scene (and I’m paraphrasing here, can’t remember the exact words) “What holds you back is that you have morality and we do not” struck me as unnecessary and just plain wrong. Zod and his people have a very powerful sense of morality – just not one that corresponds with ours. That was the whole point behind his motivation and trying to make him more than a standard cardboard villain, surely?

  14. For the limited amount of time Faora has in the movie you definitely notice her presence and the few lines she does have. Just from the reaction of most movie watchers I think we are going to see her again, and that stare down look.

  15. She won’t be back for the 2nd movie obviously but the 3-rd one(if this is trilogy) or the Justice League would be plausible. Back from Phantom Zone once can do it again !

  16. Faora will be back in the third film, much like the league of shadows came back in the 3rd batman film… full circle. She will be the main baddie!