‘Man of Steel’ Interview: General Zod is Not a Villain, Superman Is Down to Earth

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Man of Steel Poster Man of Steel Interview: General Zod is Not a Villain, Superman Is Down to Earth

Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel will hit theaters in three months, and the talent attached along with the positive buzz from early test screenings means that the summer blockbuster is one of the most hyped films of this year. Whereas Bryan Singer chose to pit Superman against his old nemesis Lex Luthor for Superman Returns in 2006, Snyder’s film is an origin story with Kryptonian supervillain General Zod in the antagonist role.

We got the impression that Total Film had a payload of Man of Steel details waiting in their latest issue when they unveiled a cover image of Lois Lane and Superman. And indeed, they do – in interviews with director Zack Snyder, writer David S. Goyer, and stars Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon, we learn quite a bit about what we can expect from both Superman and General Zod.

Interestingly, Shannon denies that General Zod is a villain at all, let alone a supervillain. Of course, he might be a little biased, but the actor firmly believes that Zod is just doing what he believes is the right thing. Says Shannon:

“He’s not a villain any more than any other General fighting to protect his people. He doesn’t like to just hurt people and steal diamonds; he’s focused on being successful at his job. I think the way Terrence Stamp approached it – and this isn’t any kind if criticism of his performance – there was something kind of detached about it. Pure hatred, rage, whatever… I think this [characterisation] is more ambiguous.”

Henry Cavill diplomatically tackles one of the controversial aspects of his character’s new costume design, best summarised as The Mystery of the Missing Red Pants, by saying that the change happened naturally as part of the character growing up within the franchise:

“We have absolute respect for what was then. But now is now. Even Superman in the new comics doesn’t have the briefs – he has the red belt, but not the briefs. It’s time for a change.”

It’s been said before that Man of Steel is not going to be based on any particular comic book story arc, and will in fact be something of a departure from the established canon and tone. Cavill admits that he is unfamiliar with the comic books, but that he was still able to get a good feel for the character in the context of the story that Goyer and Snyder wish to tell:

“Having gone to boarding school, I didn’t have a comic book store nearby. But as soon as I was cast in the movie, that’s when I got my full, real introduction to Superman. I managed to piece together this character, maintaining that baseline and having all differences and nuances that our script adds. This is our own thing, standalone. It’s about Superman, but we’re not copying from any one comic book in particular. And that’s a good thing, because its an origin-story.”

Michael Shannon as General Zod Man of Steel Interview: General Zod is Not a Villain, Superman Is Down to Earth

Snyder does not speak explicitly mention Superman Returns – which did okay at the box office and earned mixed responses from both audiences and critics – but he alludes to it as part of what he considers to be a “broken” string of Superman characterizations:

“It’s amazing what [Superman] is capable of but [Henry's] a slightly more down to Earth version of the character. I don’t think he can hold up a continent… Superman has been broken for a little while.”

The impression we’ve been given so far is that Man of Steel will be a more realistic take on Clark Kent’s origins, insofar as an alien baby being transported to Earth and developing super-powers as he grows up can be realistic. One of the ways in which David S. Goyer attempted to make Superman more accessible was by making him a little more vulnerable, but he has apparently also chosen to embrace the protagonist’s Kryptonian past, rather than treating it as something that might infringe upon the realism:

“We try to flesh out Krypton and its different political factions, its fauna, its science. [Superman is] a man, but he’s a Man of Steel … It’s very much the theme of the movie, so it’s embedded in the title, which we settled on at the very beginning. He’s human but he’s not human.”

Considering it’s been over seventy years since Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first introduced this character to the American public, it might be argued that a lot of good could come from experimenting with changes in tone and characterization, especially if those changes make the Superman franchise more accessible to audiences outside of the core group of comic book fans. The Dark Knight trilogy, which was David S. Goyer’s last major project prior to Man of Steel, was also a break from its more over the top predecessors, and earned a lot of financial and critical success with its recapped origin story and image change.

Do you agree that Superman is broken, and that Man of Steel will be the film to fix him? How do you feel about these new insights into the hero and villain? Let us know in the comments.

Man of Steel will be out in theaters on June 14th, 2013.


Source: Total Film [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Great…so now it’s like Dragon Ball (which originally copied Superman) where Vegeta was just a native warrior doing his duty.

    • Except they wont be chasing magical spheres to bring back dead people. Also it was inspired By The Monkey King Sōn Goku more than Supes.

      • In a way, Dragonball copied Superman in terms of its mythology. An outsider with tremendous powers fighting for the planet he was raised upon.

        • I could have sworn that Superman was a ripoff of John Carter, seeing as that John Carter was made before Superman.

          • Actually, Superman is a rip-off of Captain Marvel.

            • So? Why does it really matter where the idea originally came from?

            • Get your facts straight, Superman came before Marvel. Why are you guys just repeating things you’ve heard as opposed to really looking at the info and characters.

              • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. That’s how WWI got started.

                • Actually he’s right.
                  Captain Marvel (Marvel): 1967 (Marvel Super-Heroes #12)
                  Captain Marvel (DC): 1940 (Whiz Comics #2)
                  Superman: 1938 Action Comics #1

                  So not only did Superman came out before Marvel’s Captain Marvel but DC’s version now named Shazam also came out before him. Also I’d say that Sentry was Marvel’s version of Superman and before anyone brings it up he first appeared in 2000.

                  Also explain how the internet caused WW1. I mean are you saying the internet was around in the early 1900s or that WW1 was caused by rumors because it’s neither. The war was caused when the next in line to the Austrian throne was murdered by Siberian Terrorist/Freedom Fighters.

                  Also the internet was started around 1960 so if WW1 started in 1914 there’s around 50 – 46 years too late.

            • Errrrrm I think not. Big difference between the two

              • Yeah I can’t see the similarities, personally I think if any Marvel character is the Marvel version of Superman then it’s Sentry since he has god-like powers also you’ll notice unlike Superman he doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses.

          • John Carter is the first.

    • Dragon ball is not a ripoff of Superman, if you really want, to play that game. Superman ripped off Captain Marvel and John Carter of Mars. :P

      Dragon ball was inspired by a Chinese myth about a legend of a monkey king. Journey to the West. which surfaced around the 1500′s or the 1600′s.

      Vegeta was never in Dragon Ball, he was in Dragon Ball Z which is an entirely different style, written for more mature audiences. Vegeta was not a native warrior “doing his duty.” he was mad crazed with power and had a lust for killing and wanted to conquer worlds.

      • That was until Goku defeated him, and he met Bulma who busted his balls. lol.

      • Actually Superman was first (Action Comics #1 1938) and Captain Marvel (Whiz Comics #2 1940) was the rip-off. That is why DC won a lawsuit against Fawcett, the publisher of the Big Red Cheese and had to cease publication of Cap. related books in 1953.

  2. It sounds good to me. I like Nolan as producer. I like Snyder as a director. I like the actors. I like the ideas I’ve heard so far.

    The only fly in the ointment is the dialog written by David Goyer. Anything he’s written (on his own) has been terrible. I’m afraid that Superman will open his mouth and what comes out will be every bit as insipid as Ghost Rider, or Blade Trinity, or Jumper……. or Nick Fury Agent of Shield starring David Hasselhof!!

    • Nolan sucks period!

      • Snyder has yet to redeem himself after Sucker Punch. That piece of s**t was virtually unwatchable for anyone with a modicum of intelligence or taste.

        • I think Snyder is great, but I gotta admit, I couldn’t get past 20 mins of “Sucker Punch”

        • Sucker Punch is an intelligent film for viewers who can appreciate subtext. Maybe you should stick to watching Marvel movies.

          • Pfftt. Just because I couldn’t engage with what seemed to me a very unengaging film, don’t assume you have fantastic taste and insight when it comes to films because you were wowed by it. “Sucker Punch” failed in it’s most basic job as a film. It’s visuals were great, but it had NO substance to hold it together.

            Most Marvel films are fun, but they are hardly high art or in depth character studies. I take them for what they are and enjoy them, which is more than can be said for SP.

            Oh yeah….. IMO (^-^)

            • Whoops. I thought you’d replied to me.

              I’m glad at least someone enjoyed “Sucker Punch”

  3. Superman in the movies, as good as some of them were, was always a little weird to me. His powers were definitely inconsistent. From having trouble stopping a speeding train to lifting up an entire continent with kryptonite infused in it. I enjoyed most of them nonetheless. I don’t think the character is broken, but I do think the franchise could do with some fresh ideas. Hopefully they pull it off. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m ok with the costume change as well.

  4. Thats why we use the word antagonist.

  5. I refuse to watch any superhero movie with the name “Christopher Nolan” attached to it, the Batman trilogy was very sloppy, forgettable & had lack of substance, did i mention boring? My girlfriend wants to go to the movies to see MOS, well i guess she’ll be going alone.

    • Well if you dont itll still make millions, so you might as well go see it just so you can complain afterwards until the sequel.

      • All this guy does is troll all these superhero movie articles and b****. I’ve never read one of his posts that were positive. I’m looking forward to this movie and if there is only one movie I go to see in the theater this year this will be it. And i’m sure more than once. The whole team behind this movie is excellent.

        • So just because you don’t give positive feedback on an article, means that you’re trolling? Hmmm

          • He saying you are hard to impress ;)

      • Hey Norrin I bet you like the hangover movies. The dark knight trilogy it’s not forgettabe, not borring and had that character development that any comic book movie should have…

        • No, I do not like the hangover movies. I hate them actually. What was that statement suppose to prove?

    • What are some superhero movies you do enjoy?

        • @Norrin Radd. I agree with you. The Nolan Batman films did little for me. I agree…I like my superhero movies to be grounded more in fantasty, not the reality crap. We all have enough reality as it is.
          Not everyone is a Nolan fan…I’m certainly not a fan of his Batman films ( love his other movies though)
          Nolan is a gifted filmmaker, I just prefer the Tim Burton Batman films more. I pray Man of Steel is going to be good. It doesn’t have to be oscar material, I just want a good action packed story with cool visual effects to boot.

          • Even High Fantasy LotR is grounded with relatable characters, political schemes and believable motives.

        • What I find interesting is that some choices of your films such as Daredevil (which I assume is the director cut ;) ), X-men 1 and 2 and to lesser extent Iron Man and First Class, were all fairly grounded for what they were. Some long before Christopher Nolan took on as director of Batman Begins.

          Grounded does not mean overly realistic, but rather more relatable to the audience. X-men 1 and 2 were fairly grounded given the route the sequels and prequels have gone to attain a more “comic book feel”. And that is not to mention all the sci-fi and fantasy element from the comics they are now trying to inject into the franchise to compete with the Post-Avengers world. Iron Man is way more grounded than Captain America and The Avengers, seeing as the film grounded more in the technology aspect of the film.

          The truth is, our view of what is grounded is relative to the subject at hand. Each film makes its own rules in which how that world on screen functions and reflect our world. The film I listed could have easily been more fantastical but it did not serve the story and the characters at that time, plus a connection to the audience needed to be made in order to suspend disbelief all the more easily.

          Yes to me Nolan’s Batman trilogy is grounded but only in a relatable context. The events within those films cannot be 100% realistic- how could they be and the improbability only increased with each film. The film was not a documentary, but rather looked at the essence of the character and his world. It treated the world of the character as if it was real and seriously in terms of the rules the films have laid out, not within the rules of our reality.

    • Hey Norrin, stop being a hipster b**** trying to get attention and stfu

      • lol wow, im not trying to get attention from strangers on the internet, im just simply giving my opinion on an article, don’t like it? oh well

        • And you have every right to your opinion Norrin, it’s just that the Nolanites hate others talking “bad” about their “KING” LOL.

          • @al

            “Nolanites”? Can’t people enjoy his movies without being labeled as such cause that sounds like “fanboy” and all the negative context that provides.

            I actually wasn’t gonna comment because while I disagree with Norrin entirely on his views of Nolan’s movies (Batman related and otherwise), I respect his differing opinion regardless.

            Your comment just reeked of attention seeking and trolling. Well done too cause I responded.

      • Aww, come on spidey. Thats not cool..

      • Now that just was not helpful or necessary. You want to defend your opinion? Then be mature about it. You give fans a bad name.

      • If he doesn’t have a mustace, wear a T-shirt that has a mustace on it, have skinny jeans, think he’s the first generation to discover Vans, take lomography photos, shop in Urban Outfitters, wear a casio from 1984 or have prints of owls he bought on etsy hanging in his bathroom……

        Then he’s no hipster.

    • Please go away, and never return. The Dark Knight Trilogy is the greatest trilogy ever made. Nothing of substance? Yeah right.

      • Listen, You don’t have to f**king agree with me. All i did was state a damn opinion and everyone becomes butthurt. If you feel that the TDK trilogy was good, then im happy for you. But i don’t have to like it. Learn how to respect an opinion.

        • Hey Norrin, you damn dirty troll!!!! I love you… LOL

          • Hmmmmmmm, I don’t swing that way sorry, im not a troll & i am far from dirty.

            • Haha I was just messing with you, Surfer. Everyone was else was being negative to you and I thought Id throw you some positive vibes.

        • Man, it`s not that we don`t respect your opinion. You are entitled to an opinion, as long as it has arguments. Saying the Batman trilogy had no substance is just wrong, it`s not about taste or what you like, it`s a fact and every movie critic in the world knows it. It has lots of substance on levels I do not wish to develop in my post because clearly I would be wasting my time.

          You can say you didn`t like it because “reason”, or that you think it got too much hype, but what you said was violent in the eyes of everyone here. I condemn the people responding to your post in a rude and uncivilised manner, but please accept that what you like (or dislike) has nothing to do with some known truths. Please state your opinion as an opinion, not like you would just piss on the movie.

          Learn to criticise in a respectful manner towards that which you dislike and maybe you will not be considered a troll. Understand that some things have great value and substance regardless of what you feel about them.

          To say Batman had no substance and is sloppy is just a joke to any grown man reading what you said. The fact that the trilogy departs from the comic book feel is something intentional and purposeful, it is an interpretation and not a point-by-point depiction of superhero Batman and his adventures in Gotham. This fact was known from the first installment of the movie, and if you didn`t like that you shouldn`t have watch the next 2.

          • A critics review is an opinion, not a fact. Every critic can say a movie is good but in reality, its just their opinion. Remember William Hung on American Idol? The viewers voted him on just to prove a point. In reality, he sucked.

          • I wass going to jump in this conversation/debate, but it looks like just about everything’s been covered (especially by John IMO) so i’ll just throw my opinion about the trilogy in. It was a really good franchise that i commend Nolan for because he took a rather trickier and riskier route but it did have a few flaws and i had a few minor gripe but in the end it all worked out to become a rather successful franchise

          • @john

            THANK YOU!!

        • You stated your OPINION like it was FACT. An opinion that has no foundation b/c TDK Trilogy was not sloppy, clearly not forgettable and obviously had substance. Troll.

          • It is fact. For him and others. Fact has no basis when the item can not be verified by multiple sources and continue to get the smae results.

            for example. If you have a room and it set at 100 degrees and you measure it consistently at 100 degrees with various methods it is FACT that the room is 100 degrees.

            If you have a movie series that some people like and some people dont the only fact you have is the people that dont like it (or do) will state for a FACT they think it sucked or didnt.

            So in his opinion it is FACT that the Batman trilogy sucked, or whatever. Just because others think it didn’t doesn’t make it suck any less to him. Or me.

            • +1

            • Except for the fact that the three issues he brought up can be proven to be incorrect and therefore are not facts but biased opionions.

              A) Any professional filmmaker, screenwriter or story teller would tell you that Nolan’s trilogy is not sloppily made. Wether you find it enjoyable is another matter.
              B) The TDK trilogy isn’t forgettable because of the numerous films it has inspired.
              C) Tying back into point A, any professional filmmaker, screenwriter or storyteller that the TDK trilogy had substance. As some would say, too much substance.

          • It’s this kinda thing that has bullied me into putting “(IMO)” on my posts half the time.

      • Wrong. The greatest trilogy ever made is Lord of the Rings.

      • I wouldn’t go that far. It was okay, but not the greatest.

        • The greatest trilogy is toy story

          • lol toy story <.<

      • I may not necessarily agree with Norrin’s opinion, but Brian you have no right to inflict your opinions on others. Norrin is not even doing that, he is not forcing you to agree. Be mature about this.


    • maaaannn! Batman Trilogy sloppy,forgettable and lack of substance…and boring??? im very intrigued about what kind of movies do you like…first o all : do you like superhero movies? are you a Batman fan? i honestly think that you arent,because if you were,definetely Nolan would be your man! im not saying those movies were perfect,but they are best Batman (and superhero) movies ever.

      • I like both DC and marvel but Nolan has diluted batman sop bad it is not even interesting, Batman was supposed to feared by criminals not made the victim.

        • @mutantx23

          Batman WAS feared by criminals. We the viewer got to see what made him Batman and how troubled his relationships with other people became because of it.

          In other words, Nolan’s movies explored the kind of character depth that most comic book movies never really attempted before.

  6. I like the sound of everything so far, but nothing really surprising here. I am excited for this film and hope it can the Superman film we need and deserve.

  7. I’m assuming by broken you mean outdated. I think superman is outdated and Im glad the new 52 came along and changed that. The thing is that common movie goers who don’t read comics might find superman silly and that’s why they try to make a grounded approach so it won’t feel silly to the common moviegoers.

    • That is what I am thinking. DC characters got a bad rap after the 1960s and may still be seen as silly in comparison to the more mature Marvel heroes. Marvel is able to make fun of itself and have fun with their characters because they are lesser known and do not have a bad reputation to overcome. Superman as some other DC characters need to redeem themselves and prove to the world as still relevant.

      They are grounding the story in a sense that now the character’s world is relatable to us and not a silly universe with gimmicks and no sense of logic. What if Superman in all his glory and minus the silly aspects appeared tomorrow? Why should we believe him as a hero? Why should we care? The film seemingly seeks to answer these questions.

  8. Well I just hope for a massive fight between Zod and Superman like Goku vs. Vegeta.

  9. The people on screenrant have anger issues like crazy, it’s sad smh

    • What I don’t get is if you’re saying that you won’t see anything with “Christopher Nolan’s” name on it, why even bother reading this Article???

      • LOL i was just having you all on, Im actually super pumped for this movie, supes looks great in the suit and im looking forward to Nolans take to the big man..

        • Seriously dude??

        • So in the end, he WAS being a troll despite it all. A disgrace to himself, and I bet those who defended him feel pretty stupid now too. I won’t blame anyone for not ever trusting Norrin Radd on this website again. In fact, I advocate it! It was annoying even reading him on his ultra-defensive troll rant. Spurn him, men (and women?) – spurn him, for he is the boy who cried Wolverine.

      • I said that i refuse to see any SUPERHERO movie by Nolan, i enjoyed his other movies but i didn’t like his take on Batman. Is that so hard to comprehend?

        • So why even say anything other than to start comtroversy? Because you are troll. It’s why you make foolish statements like “Batman trilogy was very sloppy, forgettable & had lack of substance”. Despite it’s differences from the comics each movie was handled with the care of an fantastic director. Anyone who watches or studies film would know that.

    • Norrin Radd,

      I know that have been responding to your opinions as of late which may seem like an attack on your opinion but I would like to say that your opinion is fine. I personally loved the first two Nolan films and like the third along with the two Burton films. And you could care less of these recent films and enjoy more the original Burton ones- you are not the first.

      Yeah there are some fanboys and commentators here that make generalized statements about films or franchises that they care for as if it was factually good. Thing is, its only opinion at the end of the day. We can only account for which films received more love as a whole and the general trend of that.

      But hey if you are willing to put a comment and see that there others that do not agree, do not fall to their levels and make generalized thesis without supporting details of why YOU did not enjoy the take on the films. Because then all we have is the comment board in which no conversation is taking place.

      Personally I think everyone here should qualify their responses. Not make their opinions out to be facts.

    • ok man, now u trying to get attention. We get it Dark Knight Trilogy has no substance and Daredevil is good? Everyone is allowed to have an opinion but you’re the odd man out for a reason, so i hope you don’t think your opinion holds any true substance or validity on it’s own. It’s highly praised among many fan and filmmakers alike for a reason.

  10. Nolan + Snyder. Enough said.

  11. I am looking forward to this movie. I am betting it to be in the top 3 of the summer blockbusters. Superman has always been 2nd best to me so I don’t hold any grudges with not being canon. After all, I am just near the end of Smallville and it seems to be similar to that story anyways.

  12. love the new man of steel costume.. looks great..

    • I agree

    • Looking at the trailers I think they deffinately touch on that with young Clark.

      The bit with the school bus which Clark saves from the river/lake/body of water then we see Jonathan (Kevin) talking to Clark sitting on the tailgate of a red pickup about exposing his powers and Clark asking/accusing if he should of let them die and Jonathan’s response is “maybe”

      Sacrifice for the greater good….. sounds like something Zod would say.

      Could be this film is loaded with ambiguous “points of view” which can only be a good think.

  13. Never been a fan of Superman but damn im so looking forward to this movie.

  14. I like Superman, he is one of my favorite superheroes, but I must say, I’m not really liking what I’m hearing about this movie. I very much want this movie to do well, but it’s not sounding all that good to me. I want this to lead into bigger things for the DC heros, but I’m just not seeing it. I really hope it’s better than it looks.

    • @ Stark

      Genuinely interested.

      What’s buming you out fella? You got issue with all this “grounded” talk or is it more of a plot thing or is it the look and design that’s leaving you cold?

  15. Sounds like Zod is going to be like Shannon’s character on Boardwalk Empire: Ultra-idealistic with authority and power. He needn’t be quite so deeply flawed, since he’ll create enough problems simply by having super-powers.

    Or he’ll be a big misunderstood lug who doesn’t know his own strength.

    • A real booorrrinnng toothless zod! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

      • Not what I was trying to get at.

        I think there’s potential for this character, although I haven’t seen the movie yet so IDK. But as much as I love Superman II, the Terrance Stamp pure evil version would be the boring character.

        But just normal people tend to abuse any power or authority they get, so imagine if someone had super-human powers and technology, and then had really definate ideas about how things ought to be. Look at how real-world “super-power” countries like U.S. and Russia are always inserting themselves in other people’s local politics, supplying weapons and such. They might have good ideas and intentions (from their point of view) but they (we) usually mess things up.

        Shannon’s Van Alder character is anything but a boring character. I hope Zod isn’t too similar, but I can see plenty of ways to make him compelling.

  16. The dark knight rises was one of the worst movie ever made. How it didn’t bomb and laughed at is a mystery to me. I liked the dark knight aka Joker the movie , and batman begins. Inception sucked balls.
    This man of steel is not superman for me.
    Where is the superman that was raised learning American values and justice the American way. Where is the smiling Clark kent modeled after Clark gable and Harold loyd ?
    Where is the glasses wearing Clark kent ?????

    • *gets on knees*

      WHERE ARE THEY!!!!!!

    • Well it is my OPINION that movies are to be fun. A break from reality. That is all. Was TDK trilogy perfect? Maybe not for some. Was it fun? Heck yeah! Is any movie really perfect? No. Nothing is perfect. It sort of bothers me a bit to see a generation of people going to the movies demanding perfection. Go and bellyache about how Bruce got from the Middle East to Gotham so fast and without money, just in time to save the day, or why he felt the need to take the time and draw a big bat in gasoline on a building, I don’t want to go see a movie about bruce wayne waiting in line at customs or sleeping on the plane.

      • That’s what YouTube parodies are for. Check out Batman using Apple maps. I almost peed myself.

  17. The talkback here is getting ridiculous, and I’ve been a daily reader since the site’s inception. I was even called an “educated troll” here as recently as last week by one of the many immature fanboys who don’t know how to gracefully accept a difference of opinion. Calm down people: differing opinions aren’t an attack on one’s self-worth.

  18. The greatest trilogy ever made is Ingnar Bergman’s trilogy of faith : through a glass darkly, winter light , the silence

    What is wrong with you people ?

  19. The greatest trilogy ever made is Ingmar Bergman’s trilogy of faith : through a glass darkly, winter light , the silence

    What is wrong with you people ?

    • Help me out. Which Bergman film involves the Grim Reaper? It’s been so long since I saw it last. I think it was Bergman – please correct me if I’m wrong. I remember thinking how brilliant it was. I’d like to see it again and see if it’s held up after so many years.

      • Seventh Seal

        • That’s the one! Thank you!

  20. Ingmar *

  21. Come now children, play nice.

  22. Sounds like its gong to be a great movie i’m looking forward to it

  23. Can’t wait.. Too much talking lets get it on!

  24. Truth be told, if they want to go this “realistic” route, I love it. That’s fine. The thing is, they say they want to make Superman more “vulnerable.” That’s the part I’m not necessarily sure about. HOW vulnerable? I understand there’s some changes with The New 52, but Superman is still the greatest superhero of all time. I don’t want to see him wussified, especially for our sake. Personally, I don’t need him to be “more accessible.” He’s an alien from another planet with powers we can NEVER hope to understand or imagine.

    That being said, I already know this might be the greatest Superman movie there’s ever been. And that’s saying everything.

  25. God 98% of the posts made on this page are just terrible. Really bad.

    Looking forward to the film

  26. This movie is gonna suck fist of all Jimmy Olsen is not a chick named Jenny 2nd Perry White isn’t black and the costume SUCKS there trin to make him in to Batman buying giving the ovie a more darker edge guess what there from two differnt worlds if it ain’t broke don’t fix it the last batman suckedso I don’t have high hopes for ths movie.

  27. This just makes me laugh. This is going to be another failed Superman movie. What is it that is hard to understand about Superman? Why do we have these Hollywood types constantly trying to re invent the wheel? We dont need ANOTHER ORIGINS STORY THE WHOLE PLANET KNOWS HOW SUPERMAN CAME TO BE. And why are we using the Batman writer as a writer for Superman? Superman and Batman are supposed to be complete opposites who told them we want a grittier, down to earth Superman? THAT ISN’T WHAT SUPERMAN IS ABOUT WHAT DONT YOU GET. man i wish just one time i could get a Superman movie that does not tell me his origins for the 500th time and actually showed me a villian that wasnt Zod or Lex Luthor.