‘Man of Steel’ Extended Featurette: The New Superman Explained

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As detailed in our June 2013 Movie Preview, this month belongs to DC Comics’ Superman, who is getting a big-screen relaunch with Man of Steel. With a script and story by Dark Knight Trilogy architects Chris Nolan and David S. Goyer, and the directorial talents of 300 and Sucker Punch visionary Zack Snyder, Warner Bros. is pushing hard to re-introduce the “granddaddy of superheroes” in modern blockbuster fashion.

Even with the recent marketing blitz of trailers, TV spots, featurettes - and even trivia games - the general public (those who are only now becoming aware of the film’s existence) still seem to have MANY questions about why this new Superman and his mythology are so different than what they are familiar with. For those people: today’s 13-minute Man of Steel extended featurette answers your concerns.

  • Why doesn’t Superman have underpants on the outside anymore?
  • What’s with the new origin story?
  • What’s with all the crazy Kryptonian technology?
  • What’s with the redhead Lois Lane and black Perry White?
  • Who’s the villain?
  • What’s the action like?

Man of Steel Young Clark Kent Superman Man of Steel Extended Featurette: The New Superman Explained

If you have asked any of the questions above (or know someone who has) then this featurette is just what the doctor ordered. For those who are experts on all things Superman (including the comic book influences for this film), there is plenty of new footage and insightful commentary from the cast and crew to enjoy.

‘Man of Steel’ stars Oscar® nominee Amy Adams (“The Fighter”) as Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane, and Oscar® nominee Laurence Fishburne (“What’s Love Got to Do with It”) as her editor-in-chief, Perry White.  Starring as Clark Kent’s adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, are Oscar® nominee Diane Lane (“Unfaithful”) and Academy Award® winner Kevin Costner (“Dances with Wolves”).

Squaring off against the superhero are two other surviving Kryptonians, the villainous General Zod, played by Oscar® nominee Michael Shannon (“Revolutionary Road”), and Faora, Zod’s evil partner, played by Antje Traue.  Also from Superman’s native Krypton are Lara Lor-Van, Superman’s mother, played by Julia Ormond, and Superman’s father, Jor-El, portrayed by Academy Award® winner Russell Crowe (“Gladiator”).


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: IMAX Pathé


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  1. Pretty epic!

  2. Hey you friggin’ dinks, Julia Ormond dropped out before filming BEGAN. Kal-El’s mother, Lara Lor-Van, is played by Ayelet Zurer. Get your s*** straight, it comes out in just 10 days.

    • Warner Bros. Pictures used that exact language in their recent
      one-sheet accompanying the last poster just weeks ago.
      Take your complaint to Warner Brothers for inaccuracy.

      • HA!

      • In NO WAY do I justify Jef El’s STUPID and UGLY “words.”

        However, he IS correct. The fact that Julia Ormond passed up the opportunity to play Lara because of scheduling problems dates back to a year and a half ago.

        This post isn’t WB’s doing. The publicity info attached at the end of this article is totally inaccurate and is disrespectful to both Julia Ormond and Ayelet Zurer.

        The fault falls on the person responsible for attaching that old MOS casting bio. Where is the proof reading and editorial process?

        • This was official wording from Warner just recently.
          The same copy has appeared on several sites.
          Because no one proof reads official releases.
          Everyone expects them to be accurate.

          • That depends on the site and how well kept it is an how a particular site strives to keep their integrity in order.

            WB should clean up that bio.

            Still, why attach innaccurate and erroneous data in an article when all one has to do is proof read it before submission?

            It’s called professionalism.

            It’s been way over TWELVE HOURS since this was posted. And yet, this glaring mistake is still there?

            • *and

              (See what I did there? A slight mistake was made but it was caught right after posting and corrected. Would have been better if this comment section had an EDIT feature…. )

            • This is a trivial matter. Which is why
              Warner has not bothered to correct it.

              People will see the accurate credits when
              the film runs and still few will take note
              of who actually played Lara Lor-Van.
              No actress is disrespected here.

              The integrity of Screen Rant is not impaired
              running actual copy produced by the studio
              and it should remain as Warner released it.

              Screen Rant was amongst the first to have this
              featurette coupled with an excellent synopsis
              and that fact proves this site’s integrity.

              • It’s NOT okay.

                I fixed it, myself. I even added some video of Ayelet Zurer talking about her experiences working on “Man Of Steel.”

                • Trashing this site’s integrity and
                  the writer’s professionalism as
                  you have is what is not okay.

                  • Disregarding an experienced and respected actress
                    who is playing a role in a highly touted film
                    is irresponsible and unprofessional and not okay.

                    It speaks for itself.

                    You should click on the video of Ayelet Zurer I posted.
                    She’s awesome.

                    • No one is disregarding anyone. And few care.

                      No one really noticed, not even Warner’s.
                      And Warner’s thinks so little of it they
                      continued releasing the same copy.

    • Calm down dear.

      • HA!

    • HA!

    • @Jef-El even if you’re correct, no need to be a TOOL about it. Jeeez.

    • Great to know they’re not just regurgitating info someone elses false info. Lol. Actually, if the writers read their own Co-Workers articles they would’ve known that was inacurate 2 years ago. Not to mention She’s noticed being played by a different actress since the trailers came out. Come on Kofi – you’re better than that.

  3. Every time something new comes out it makes me want to watch this movie even more. Two weeks is going to go by slow!

    • I was thinking the same thing, every time something new is released it just looks even better. Hope this means they got it right. After watching this featurette, I believe they got the casting perfect..Each actor fits the character like a glove…so far.

  4. Wow. So excited

  5. Great featurette that has a great mix of showing previously released footage but within a new context and some footage. I am glad that they show little by little and not go overboard with scenes or footage that can potentially lose effectiveness once the movie is seen due to over saturation.

    I am excited about the entire cast.
    The visuals of the film look promising in of itself.
    The story seems to perfectly re-imagine but stay true to the essence of Superman.
    I am working so hard to keep my expectations from going to far in hype and be realistic of the prospects of this film.

    I am excited that I already have bought my tickets for midnight IMAX 3D!

  6. It’s seems like Lois knows who superman is.

    • I think that’s a plus. I don’t mind it at all.

    • Im willing to bet all of smallville knows who he is…

      • That’s a real turn-off for me, the first this film’s ever given me. Because it’s going to really put a damper on the development of the Clark-Lois relationship as it was portrayed in decades of comics, the animated series, and Lois and Clark.

        Clark wanted Lois to love him as a man rather than for his superpowers, so he hid his identity until he finally got her to fall in love with him as Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter. But if here she knows from the start then she’ll just be ‘Superman, you’re so great, I love you!’ all the time.

        • I get the feeling they aren’t pursuing the traditionalist view of the Clark/ Lois relationship, and Im fine with that.

        • I never believed in clark and lois relationship. Never believed it was actually possible. I always prefered his relationship with wonderwoman. She is the only woman who could match him in everything.

          • I completely agree with you! The Superman/Lois relationship is outdated and represents a tired damsel in distress story thread. I think that a Wonder Woman/Superman relationship offers MUCH more in terms of opportunities for both characters to grow. Unfortunately it looks like DC just used the current “New 52″ relationship as a stunt; had no ideas where to go with it; and will end it without any interesting stories from it being told. Terrible!

            • @patrick
              Personally, I’m more interested in seeing where the batman / Wonder Woman thing that was explored in the justice league cartoon series goes.
              Much more interesting in my opinion because it has the dominant female dynamic. Clearly she’s more powerful than him, how does that affect their “relationship”? Intriguing.

              • Batman has his hands full with Talia Al Ghul and Catwoman! It makes no sense for them to add yet another love interest. His dynamic with Catwoman I think is one of the most interesting pairings in all of comics. I think what makes it so interesting is that they are somewhat equals. In fact I have long lobbied that Catwoman should become a billionaire and run somewhat of a rival/partner company to Wayne Enterprises. Likewise Superman and Diana I think would work better because they are seen as equals.

          • I disagree. I think Lois represents to Superman all the good qualities of humanity. Don’t get me wrong, I love Diana, but she doesn’t challenge Clark the same way that Lois does. Lois is his ultimate tie to humanity and she also grounds him in a way that only a human can. Plus she is a badass and, to me, directly challenges the whole “damsel in distress” stereotype.

            • When all is said and done, no matter how badass Lois is compared to other human women, she is not super powered so will NEVER be seen as equal to Superman. I think they tried to change the perception of Lois in Superman Returns when she dove in the sea to save Superman when he was drowning after being stabbed with a Kryptonite shard. But it really did not change it for me. How many times is something like that going to happen?…this after the dramatic airplane sequence where again Lois was in trouble in Superman Returns and needed to be rescued. I am fundamentally against pairing superheros with humans. In a way it is an act of selfishness. Superman knows that it not only endangers her life but robs her of having a “normal” life. Can she grow old with him? Can she relate to burden of being a super powered being or of the many other superhuman issues he goes through? Wonder Woman can! And that I think is the hallmarks of an “epic” (there is that word again) relationship.

              • @patrick
                You may want to switch to decaf.

                • Never!

        • @ GG

          I see where you are coming from… but maybe after all the investigating reporting and research she falls in love with the man before the world knows him as Superman.

        • Change can be annoying, but having the same thing done again and again also get’s annoying, so maybe you’ll like it more than you think.

          • +1

        • The story and comics have to evolve just like we do. I don’t get why people cling to things changing from things created in old timey times. For this to work it needs to fit a modern audience. I am glad it looks like they are changing the Clark Kent with glasses motif. That just doesn’t work anymore.

          • +1

          • Exactly my thoughts, things change. Imagine we had the same old stories from the 30s or 40s, i think it’d be intensely boring. Mixing things up is a great way to keep the franchise fresh and alive.

        • True but it doesn’t make any sense that some glasses can cover ones identity. Let’s be realistic here.

        • There are only a couple of us who actually know why Lois is at the door but i’m betting its a clip taken out of context and there is another reason why she’s there. Besides it seemed like she was meeting him for the first time when she was mentioning his “S”. But we’ll all know soon enough.

    • That’s impossible! All he has to do is change his clothes, hair style and put on a pair of glass and he’s another person all together! No one will ever find out!

  7. It’s like they peeked into my brain and took exactly what I wanted a Superman movie to be!

    A real sci-fi feel. (No crystals etc…)
    First contact. (Governments and military not trusting Superman)
    Clark backpacking about helping people.
    A great suit. (that has a reason to exist)
    A Superman that actually looks badass.


  8. From everything I have seen of Man Of Steel
    it looks to be one film where the word epic
    actually applies having its true meaning.

  9. Never truly realized how many Oscar winners/nominees were apart of this cast but it appears that they went all out to surround Cavill with the best of the best.

  10. Thats a really good featurette, im thoroughly impressed with the knowledge everyone has for their selective roles. I feel each actor believes in the character they play and understands them

  11. the new superman movies is going to be epic and the best superman movies in many year and there is new origin story of superman new kypton and main vilain are general zod ,faora and his army kypton soldier as well and think that lois lane does no how is superman is.

  12. This movie is really looking to be EPIC! I can now say that I’m looking forward to this movie and I really think it’ll be the best movie of the summer! Sorry IM3 and STID. I think Zack Snyder really has the right vision for Superman to work on today’s world, and I think he’s on the right track to a great movie!!

  13. Having Oscar nominated actors is great, but I think they should also cast actors that best embody the fairly well established persona of the character. Everyone is pretty good but I am not sure Amy Adams does that for Lois Lane…we will see.

  14. -Superman has a boner-ROFL

  15. In addition to SRU, do/can you put videos (clips, featurettes, trailers) like this on Podcast?

  16. I really hope in the sequel he leaves Earth to search for Krypton, even though “holo-daddy Jor-el” informs him the planet is destroyed. That would be awesome!!

  17. This is…just looking like it will be THE movie of fhe year.

  18. Cool. But Kal-El isn’t the last kryptonian…since they have Supergirl and the city of Kandor. It would be cool in the sequel, to have a krypton flashback, where we see General Zod and Zor-El( and an army of kryptonians ) defeating Braniaic right before… in a last ditch effort,
    Brainiac snatches the city of kandor off Krypton.
    Braniac definately has to be in the sequel.

    • your youtube account name wouldnt happen to be KingSwagga would it? if not.. never mind….

      but i digress, “supergirl” ISNT in this film however Kara Zor El ANCESTOR of the El family (by thousands of yrs) who crashlands on Earth during Kryptons expansionist period is in the backstory.. and a refreshing approach if i say so myself

      this is how Kal El gets the “Fortress of Solitude” with his costume which is basically a ceremonial flight suit that links to that ship (which is alive btw)
      theres no Kandor to speak of &Brainiac is only a (promising) possibilty thus far.

  19. Something no one [as far as I've read in the comments] has mentioned, is that [Screenrant seems to have noticed it as well] the featurette, plus Ma & Pa Kent’s reaction to the little boy in the yard with the red cape seems to suggest that that’s little Superman.

    Cue the “duuuhh, w already knew that”

    not so fast, I know there was quite the debate on this [or perhaps another] site where folks suggested that this kid [pictured above] may have been some kid that’s “inspired”, or a bit of hero-worship perhaps after superman’s legend begins to grow.. perhaps in the later parts of the film..

    for me personally, that question hadn’t been answered until now.
    the featurette all but confirms that the little lad with the red cape may actually be young Clark

  20. The featurette also contains mild spoilers in that

    - Zod visits the farm [yeah, I know.. you already knew that]
    - The weird space suit in the Zod trailer might not be a robot, it might actually be Zod or one of his henchmen [sure.. you already knew that as well]

    - Lois may indeed already know Superman’s identity [the photo, the visit to See Ma Kent]

    there’re a few other spoilers in there as well, it’s tough to determine whether to watch these things or not, but the movie as a whole is [in my opinion] still not “spoiled” despite all these minor plot reveals

  21. I cannot express enough how much I look up to your website’s ability to present articles.

    Thanks for the consistency and doing a great job guys.

  22. That man who played the Lex Luthor clone in Smallville season 10 is playing a Kryptonian soldier in the video. So Lex’ll be played by someone else, probably in the sequel. Just wanted to point that out since there were rumors awhile back about this guy playing Lex in the movie.

  23. Can’t wait for this movie

  24. Great featurette on the movie. Made me even more excited to see it.

    Diane Lane still looks soooo…. gorgeous!

  25. This looks so f^<%ing good

  26. Because I’m a nerd and think about these things way to much I just checked IMBD for the run-time and it’s listed at 2hrs 23min. So take out about 8 minutes for credits and that leaves 2hrs and 15 minutes of what looks to be one EPIC Superman film.
    12 more days folks… I’m quite anxious.

    • I saw someone comment on YouTube that the run time is the same as the original Superman movie. I think that is a nice touch :)

    • 12? 11 days for me :)

    • way too short IMO

  27. this needs to be the start the dc cinematic universe

  28. June 14th The People of Earth will Kneel Before ZOD!!!!!!!!

  29. 6-13-13 7pm CST I will be watching the movie.