‘Man of Steel’ Preview Comic Confirms Supergirl’s Existence in Movie Universe

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Man of Steel Movie Comic Supergirl Man of Steel Preview Comic Confirms Supergirls Existence in Movie Universe

Hold your horses, Man of Steel fans; while we still aren’t clear exactly how much of the comic book origin story of Superman and the doomed planet of Krypton is being adapted by director Zack Snyder, it seems at least one pivotal character in the mythology is in play. Whether for this film, or any potential sequel.

As revealed in the official Man of Steel tie-in comic, providing back-story about Krypton and the House of El prior to Krypton’s end, Kara Zor-El is featured as a prominent character along with her parents. In the comics, Kara is one of Krypton’s few survivors and also Superman’s cousin – known to the world as Supergirl.

While we would warn that this is anything but a confirmation that Supergirl will be featured, alluded to, or given a brief cameo in Man of Steel, it does open the door for the future. At this point, the pages of the preview comic that have surfaced online imply that Kara Zor-El will be involved in the events that lead to Zod’s forces escaping punishment. How she fits in isn’t clear, but we’ll let you be the judge:

[Images removed at the request of DC Entertainment]

The comic is written by David S. Goyer, so while there may be no public claims that the comic is canon for the film series, both stories are coming from the same man. That being said, Kara’s fate at the end of the comic isn’t known. And anyone familiar with the comics knows that it could be a while before Kara arrives on Earth, if Snyder is even interested in telling that story. So far, the core elements of the fiction seem faithful enough (even if we only have four pages to go on) – Kara’s parents Zor-El and Allura are present, she is nearing adulthood, although the nature of her “assignment” will likely require the rest of the comic to grasp.

Whatever the case, she seems to be left out of whatever plot surrounds the rest of her ship’s crew, which looks to be related to the deeds of Dev-Em – one of General Zod’s henchmen. Since we doubt that anyone but General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his right-hand woman Faora (Antje Traue) will get much exposition on the ‘villain’ side of things, Dev-Em’s presence in the comic leads us to believe this comic will be a true ‘prequel’ tie-in. And if that’s the case, Kara’s presence is almost certainly planting seeds for a story years down the line.

Supergirl New 52 Man of Steel Preview Comic Confirms Supergirls Existence in Movie Universe

It’s true that Warner Bros. expects Man of Steel to introduce a shared universe for DC’s heroes, but which ones will be making the cut is completely undecided to this point. Batman may get a brief mention, andĀ easter eggs have been planted for other heroes, but Supergirl is a much trickier endeavor. Possessing all of Superman’s many powers, the actual strength and flight of Kara Zor-El isn’t the hardest aspect of her character to sell.

How Kara’s story plays out will be the issue, and depends largely on which comics Snyder may choose to follow. Kara’s arrival on Earth my have her land smack in the middle of Gotham Harbor (the story told in DC Animation’s Superman/Batman: Apocalypse); it may also see her ship crash in the wastes of Siberia (the new origin for DC’s New 52). Either way, Kara Zor-El’s introduction and first character arc hinges largely on Darkseid, the Bottle-City of Kandor, Brainiac, or a revelation that not all of Krypton has been destroyed.

In other words: if Snyder and Goyer do indeed have a plan for Kara, having her appear will either be the extent of the comic book source material, or they have got a LOT of work to do in making a story audiences will still believe could take place in our world. We’re not saying they can’t, just recommending that those interested try to enjoy as much of the comic’s take on Kara as possible; it may be all we get for a while.

What do you think would be the best path to adding Supergirl to DC’s movie universe? Would you be alright with rewriting Kara’s story to embody themes of family for Kal-El, or should they stick to the comics? Sound off in the comments.


Man of SteelĀ will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. Kara’s origin in the Superman/Batman series was thrilling. I hope they take inspiration from it in future films :)

  2. well… this just got interesting.

    who would play supergirl? also, i wouldnt mind krypto too XD thats would be awesome.

    • Comet the Superhorse for sure. And Beppo.

    • Agreed I’ve hoped for this for a long time. I’ve been a lifelong supes fan. Hopefully we can get a awesome portrayal of Kara on the big screen opposite Henry cavil.

      As far as who should play her. I loved Laura vandervoort as her on smallville one of the few things that show did right for me but how about
      Kaley cuoco
      Amber heard
      Ill have to give this some more thought

    • They would never add Krypto.

    • I was just going to say Krypto, but Corey beat me to it. And I remember the horse (was it the reincarnation of Chiron, the centaur, or was I imagining that?). There was also the monkey and a cat (good job on the horse’s name, Andrew. I did remember the monkey’s name, but cannot remember the cat’s.

      • Named Streaky :)

  3. didn’t see this coming!

  4. Supergirl.

    What a creative name…just like spiderwoman.

    • And Batgirl coming to think of it…

        • In the case of who came first Wonder Woman or Wonder Man I would venture to guess the Amazon came first.

      • How did Robin become “Robin” for a name? It sounds like a bird eating worms. And building a nest in the rafters of my garage. And dropping bird-bombs on my windshield, and…oh that’s all OK…I like Robins and all birds anyways.

    • but spiderman, superman, batman are all reasonable? XD lol

      • Lol batperson vs superindividual. Nice.

        • They should totally do that. Political correctness and all that.

          They’d have so much trouble trying to come up with politically correct names for anyone with Black in their name to avoid accusations of racism.

          • WHY IT GOTTA BE BLACK????!!!!

            Now you’ve gone and did it, Dazz.


            • “From now on, you’ll be known as African American Bolt.”

              “But I’m not even-”

              “Lets not go there pal.”

              • Actually if you mean the Marvel character, he would be technically called “Kree Bolt.”

      • Thank you so much for that comment. I hate criticism that isn’t well thought out.

    • A lot different

  5. Wait…I thought her names was Superwoman. Isn’t it ?

    • Superwoman is a completely different character. Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, is Supergirl.

  6. Omg. If “Man of Steel 2″ follows the Batman/Superman Apocalypse storyline I will officially denounce all Marvel Movies.

    • LOL! :)

    • This a dumb comment. Why can people not just enjoy dc and marvel movies. Stop acting like one company will go way. They both have great characters.

    • Yeah I was thinking kaley cocuo buy Alice eve is a much better choice!

      • Way to old, she is still SuperGIRL not woman.

    • That’s who I was thinking about ? First I casted AnnaSophia Robb and Kristin Stewart to play Kara Zor-El. The Casting to her Parents are

      (a)Daniel Craig
      (b)Viggo Mortensen
      (c)Pierce Brosnan
      (d)Dylan Walsh
      (e)Julian McMahon

      (a) Brooke Shields
      (b) Heather Locklear
      (c) Nicole Kidman
      (d) Daryl Hannah
      (e) Demi Moore

      • I dont know anything about these caracters but i love Daniel Craig and Brooke Shields as actors so that would be my pick.

  7. I want an Amethyst movie. No offense to Super Girl but Amethyst just has a better (different) story in terms of creativity. She isn’t a well known character but when you think of it neither was Thor or Iron Man.

  8. Superman/Batman Apocalypse is the way to go. However this will require that both Batman and Diana already be (re)introduced to the mass audiences through their own films.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. I always end these with a “John Stewart for Green Lantern”.

  9. Those last two panels remind me of something out of Prometheus (or any other ‘Alien’ movie).
    As a matter of fact, so far everything in Man Of Steel, Krypton-related, has felt similar to the ‘Alien’ franchise, visually speaking… just an observation.

    • Great observation.

      In the trailer, there’s a shot of Lois Lane lurking in a dark , foreign trespass with a flash light as she tries to track down Supes. That automatically made me think of “Alien.”

      With regard to MOS’s Kryptonian tech, I have also been reminded of “Alien” and its derelict designs. This is not to say that the art direction is un original, far from that, because there are many other shots of Krypton that look totally original. We’ve only seen a fraction of what the whole flick will look like.

      But yeah, some of Kal El’s ship looks a bit Giger -like.

    • I can see why you get an “Alien” vibe from the film’ s Krypton set pieces. I actually thought of Vulcan (especially the Planetary Council chamber, right before the planet’s destruction) in the ’09 “Star Trek”.

      I think the big trend now in science fiction films is to show futuristic and/or alien cityscapes/civilizations as possessing an organic or naturalistic sensibility…

  10. As long as she stays in the comic book i’m fine with it. Cause i happen to remember that movie and not only was it a rotten no good piece of camel dung (i watched it last year for the first time since 84 and it still sucks) but i think some of it’s god awfulness seeped into the supes franchise and poisoned the well.

    but i have to say Helen Slater was one hot piece.

  11. I like to see Argo City shifted off into space. The correct story on Kara’s family (They escape from the anti-kryptonite meteor showers) creating chaos to their isolated city. It was mentioned in #252 ACTION COMICS that I read. I remember reading the original character Supergirl, who was born on Krypton about 15 years later after Kal-El was raised on Krypton and she was shifted on a rocket ship to earth. She was Superman’s secret weapon and disguised as Linda-Lee Danvers wearing a wig. Like a Popular School-Girl at Midvale High. She has been adopted by the Danvers family of Midvale, Illionois.

    In the Current Version She was born on Argo City while her cousin was young ? The origin made Superman’s cousin a lot younger than him. She is like a sister to Clark.

  12. Supergirl and Huntress. That would be nice.

  13. Hayden Panettiere for Supergirl! ‘Nuff Said!

  14. I’d happily have Jennifer Lawrence play Supergirl if the character ever makes a movie appearance. I can’t think of a better actress for the role.

    • Jennifer Lawrence is an excellent choice indeed! I also think Amber Heard has enough Talent to carry the part as well. :)

      • Kristen Bell.

  15. Okay Supergirl has A chance now how about the other girls. I mean Batgirl,Wonder Girl,Hawkgirl. Oh hell how about all the ladies in the DC universe.

  16. I say do the superman/batman apocalypse. You introduce supergirl, superman and batman in the same movie, and you have a fight between superman and darkseid in one movie what more could you want?

  17. Weird!… didn’t see this coming, but I honestly hope is just rumors

  18. Amanda Syfried would be my top pic for supergirl.


    Brooklyn Decker

    AnnaSophia Robb

    AnnaLynne McCord

    Dakota Fanning

    Elle Fanning (depending on how far into the future they bring in the character).

    Izabella Miko

    Anna Farris

    Teresa Palmer

  19. Elle Fanning can also play Lois’s teenage sister Lucy Lane as Kara’s best friend. I remember from the original SUPERGIRL movie Maureen Teefy played Lois Lane’s teenage sister being introduced to Linda Lee (Played by Helen Slater), as roommates. I hope Kara adopts the name Linda Danvers or be called Kara Kent instead if it’s going to be mentioned in the MOS (Part 2) script.

    Remember this don’t leave out Jimmy Olsen, Daniel Radcliffe can make a great casting playing Clark Kent’s Pal.

  20. How about Hayden Panettiere OR Kristen Bell both have the look for a young supergirl. She could be introduced while superman exploring the sector of space once occupied by Krypton. He could bring her to earth and teach her. But save this for the third film.

  21. Can someone say, “Legion of Super-heroes” flick!?

  22. “[Images removed at the request of DC Entertainment]”

    Womp womp…

    Well if they go the Apocalypse route, that’s an amazing way to bring on The World’s Finest/Trinity.

  23. Yeh bringing supergirl into MOS2 or 3 would be awesome, she has to be hot though!

  24. Remember Taylor Swift was casted to play Supergirl before anything was mentioned. She was being considered to play The cousin of Superman. In this MOS (Part 2) I will like to see Kara embracing herself as Superman’s sister living in the Kent farm. Clark mentors her and she becomes his secret weapon to the world. Diane Lane who is playing Martha Kent in the Man of Steel (Part 2) she can make an adopted mother to SUPERGIRL or being an adopted Aunt.

    I read the current version on Kara Zor-El she has different personalities than being Linda-Lee Danvers. Remember the original character died in Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. It was difficult to get Superman’s cousin back on the big screen. DC rebooted the DC Universe in 1985 and Matrix (The Shape-Shifting alien) replaced her. In 1996, She became an angel of God in the Spiritual Warfare series. Peter David re-write the story on “The Girl of Steel” living in Leesburg, VA and she became Linda Danvers.

  25. I’m curious about what version of Kara we’ll see in the future.

    • It depends, I like to see her being adopted by the Kent family, cause it makes a lot of sense to get her off the ground to fly. Clark has to mentor her abilities, so she’s not ready to fight crime with him. She will be fighting crime like protecting innocent women on earth from evil.

  26. Dev-Em was an evil super-teen from Krypton in the Superboy comics of the early 1960s. He later reformed. I see that, in the endlessly rebooted modern comics, Dev-Em’s adult self is a Phantom Zone villain. Nice tie-in.

    • I know who can play Dev-Em Jake Abel from PERCY JACKSON: THE LIGHTNING THIEF & SUPERNATURAL,

  27. wait a minute, according to the past news and revelations, every child on krypton was artificially developed with specific traits and powers right and in that way, only kal-el (superman) was a naturally born child and had unique powers which other kryptonians didn’t have, so in which way can supergirl and superman have similar power sets, like it was in comics. don’t know how david scripted the character.

    • Kryptonians didn’t have extraordinary powers on their planet. They were like us, only more dense and durable. The genetic engineering ensured the kryptonian embryos would have proficiencies in certain areas for the career they were designed for. Extra smart for scientists and diplomats, Extra strong and fearless for soldiers, etc.

  28. I think we should start out with Supergirl for a few movies, perhaps up to the Justice league movies, but “Phase Two” of DC’s Cinematic Universe should have Kara Zor-El change her superhero identity from Supergirl to Powergirl. It would mark her growing up and no longer being in Superman’s shadow but being her own hero.

    That would create some good drama there, since DC is going for more serious and dramatic whereas Marvel is going for light-hearted and comedic.

    And the hole in the chest of Powergirl’s costume should be in the shape of the Diamond of Kryptonian symbols. The idea being that she’s removed the symbol to be known under her own identity, not Superman’s.
    And because, well, boobs sell tickets.