‘Man of Steel’ Preview Comic Confirms Supergirl’s Existence in Movie Universe

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Man of Steel Movie Comic Supergirl Man of Steel Preview Comic Confirms Supergirls Existence in Movie Universe

Hold your horses, Man of Steel fans; while we still aren’t clear exactly how much of the comic book origin story of Superman and the doomed planet of Krypton is being adapted by director Zack Snyder, it seems at least one pivotal character in the mythology is in play. Whether for this film, or any potential sequel.

As revealed in the official Man of Steel tie-in comic, providing back-story about Krypton and the House of El prior to Krypton’s end, Kara Zor-El is featured as a prominent character along with her parents. In the comics, Kara is one of Krypton’s few survivors and also Superman’s cousin – known to the world as Supergirl.

While we would warn that this is anything but a confirmation that Supergirl will be featured, alluded to, or given a brief cameo in Man of Steel, it does open the door for the future. At this point, the pages of the preview comic that have surfaced online imply that Kara Zor-El will be involved in the events that lead to Zod’s forces escaping punishment. How she fits in isn’t clear, but we’ll let you be the judge:

[Images removed at the request of DC Entertainment]

The comic is written by David S. Goyer, so while there may be no public claims that the comic is canon for the film series, both stories are coming from the same man. That being said, Kara’s fate at the end of the comic isn’t known. And anyone familiar with the comics knows that it could be a while before Kara arrives on Earth, if Snyder is even interested in telling that story. So far, the core elements of the fiction seem faithful enough (even if we only have four pages to go on) – Kara’s parents Zor-El and Allura are present, she is nearing adulthood, although the nature of her “assignment” will likely require the rest of the comic to grasp.

Whatever the case, she seems to be left out of whatever plot surrounds the rest of her ship’s crew, which looks to be related to the deeds of Dev-Em – one of General Zod’s henchmen. Since we doubt that anyone but General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his right-hand woman Faora (Antje Traue) will get much exposition on the ‘villain’ side of things, Dev-Em’s presence in the comic leads us to believe this comic will be a true ‘prequel’ tie-in. And if that’s the case, Kara’s presence is almost certainly planting seeds for a story years down the line.

Supergirl New 52 Man of Steel Preview Comic Confirms Supergirls Existence in Movie Universe

It’s true that Warner Bros. expects Man of Steel to introduce a shared universe for DC’s heroes, but which ones will be making the cut is completely undecided to this point. Batman may get a brief mention, andĀ easter eggs have been planted for other heroes, but Supergirl is a much trickier endeavor. Possessing all of Superman’s many powers, the actual strength and flight of Kara Zor-El isn’t the hardest aspect of her character to sell.

How Kara’s story plays out will be the issue, and depends largely on which comics Snyder may choose to follow. Kara’s arrival on Earth my have her land smack in the middle of Gotham Harbor (the story told in DC Animation’s Superman/Batman: Apocalypse); it may also see her ship crash in the wastes of Siberia (the new origin for DC’s New 52). Either way, Kara Zor-El’s introduction and first character arc hinges largely on Darkseid, the Bottle-City of Kandor, Brainiac, or a revelation that not all of Krypton has been destroyed.

In other words: if Snyder and Goyer do indeed have a plan for Kara, having her appear will either be the extent of the comic book source material, or they have got a LOT of work to do in making a story audiences will still believe could take place in our world. We’re not saying they can’t, just recommending that those interested try to enjoy as much of the comic’s take on Kara as possible; it may be all we get for a while.

What do you think would be the best path to adding Supergirl to DC’s movie universe? Would you be alright with rewriting Kara’s story to embody themes of family for Kal-El, or should they stick to the comics? Sound off in the comments.


Man of SteelĀ will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. Kate Bracken (who took over as the resident ghost in the UK Being Human) for the role of Supergirl. http://www.equity.org.uk/directory-of-members/kate-bracken2/

  2. What would be more innovative would be a break from the comics and have her come in as an equal-type villain that the world perceives as better than Superman.

  3. iam a big kara fan i hope shes in the sequel or even furture films. i would like laura vandervoort from smallville or maybe molly quinn from superman unbound to play the babe of steel.

  4. Beth Rylance could play Supergirl – obviously with a dye job. http://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/1/a8827/F134089.html

    • Hello, Beth.

  5. Supergirl should be in a sequel of Superman and a justice league film. She definitely fits in any story of Darkseid or Brainaic for sure.
    She could be a great supporting character but as long she doesn’t take away from Superman, I lvoe to see her in film.
    Lex Luthor and Supergirl are definite characters that should be in Man of Steel films as side characters.

  6. I want to ask Mr. Snyder, the creator of Man of Steel to make the new movie good without having Doomsday and take him out that will cause a death of a hero again just like from the man of steel comic just years ago. Because I it will be great to have Super-girl, Superman’s cousin in the movie. But just have only Luther and Brian-i-ac for 2 super villains in the movie to make it better to help me through my life. Even on the movie of Superman:Unbound that was released on May 7th, 2013 and it shows hows the super-cousins have to work together to save their cities like krypton-Ian’s heroes. Also, they are two of The Man of Tomorrow’s enemies from the early part of the comics to arrange more better for me and my family to see it in 2014. And I’m fan of Superman & his cousin Super-girl OK. It’s all I am really asking for to rearrange the movie more better for me.

  7. Only Kara Zor-El can be Supergirl. Sadly, she’s not real in our world.

    • I agree. Since they killed Kara in 1985, I do not care about any of these other “supergirls”. The fact is, everyone missed the point with Supergirl. Supergirl has nothing to do with being sex and dressing skympily. Such behaviour is for bimbos who want to atract a powerful Alpha to help them out, Supergirl does need no Alpha!!! She is the Alpha and the Omega herself because she has the same powers Superman has. Besides, the dignity Helen Slater portrayed while playing the role of Kara has never repeated any more with any of these other ones and never will. It’d be better to clone Helen Slater right now and wait 18 more years to make another Supergirl movie.

  8. Two words
    Jennifer lawrence

  9. If they put supergirl in a movie whether it’s her own movie again or just a part of the movie.

    I’d want it be a movie for everyone and not a chick flick.

    To me costumes say alot about a character and she needs to be in her original blue skirt full top costume or the later red skirt full top. Don’t like any of the new 52 costume revamps, let alone the story.

    I think if they gave her top the same texture that supermans costume in the movie had and something similar on the boots and kept the skirt the original design that would be great. She would be the powerful feminine beauty she always was. She just looks stupid in tights, and the current appearance she has in the new comics (looks too much like other female heroes; much like the new wonderwoman costume was going to look in that tv show.

    I think smallville handled kara/supergirl best. She had a great costume in season 10, she was feisty and feminine yet often times more matured than clark and a very powerful character. Michael Turners supergirl had the personality atleast during the early issues, but I felt they made her too young, which is what they seem to continue to be doing. They did pretty good in early superman comics with making her out to be a young woman but that seems to have changed over the last few universe restarts.

    Really why does DC freakin restart and retcon so much? Just add new characters and let them be what you are trying to make our favorites into.

  10. I like the idea of her being superman’s sidekick. Why not make her his younger cousin like in her 20′s so it’s like superman is training her. Teaching her to push her powers early on to become stronger that he is someday. Have the villain be brainiac, which knows about red kryptonite, supergirl has to get help from batman to cure him and they take out brainiac and his cyborg army.

  11. Rumour has it that British Former Erotic Actress Lady Christina Candlin is about to take on her first role in a major blockbuster, only doing a Cameo Role as Kara/Supergirl in the new Man of Steel Movie the newly appointed Model was approach for the role of a lifetime…Man of Steel 2/3 coming soon!

  12. Rumour also has it that there is going to be a series called BatGirl and Robin, the life and time after that passing of Bruce Wayne and Lady Christina Candlin has teamed up with an Impressionist to take on one of the lead roles Barbara Wilson, who grew up in England before heading out to Gotham City to join force with Batman/Bruce Wayne and Robin/Dick Grayson, so look out for that very soon.

  13. Gavin is my brother and he will playing Robin and his new Apprentice will be Lady Christina as Bat-Girl, the TV-coming soon to ITV2…looking forward to it…so should you all…