New ‘Man of Steel’ Set Pic; Richard Schiff Talks Dr. Hamilton Character

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First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel New Man of Steel Set Pic; Richard Schiff Talks Dr. Hamilton Character

One of the more promising things about having Zack Snyder serve as director on Man of Steel is that the comic book franchise reboot is guaranteed to feature some impressively massive and awe-inspiring fight sequences between the new Kal-El (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon).

We’ve never really been able to see anything like that before in previous live-action Superman movies, due to either the limitations of effects technology at the time of their production, or the absence of an equally-powered foe for Supes in the film (as was the case with Superman Returns).

Man of Steel will undoubtedly deliver on the action sides of things; even though Snyder anticipates the film being his most “realistic” to date, the director responsible for flicks like 300 and Watchmen (and yes, Sucker Punch) will surely still offer up some of his trademark dazzling hyper-realistic combat choreography and action set pieces.

Additionally, you’d best believe that the fights between Supes and Zod will have a devastating effect on their Earthly surroundings at times. Unlike similar onscreen showdowns between flying, super-powered, individuals in past titles (like that between Neo and Agent Smith during the climax of The Matrix Revolutions) the aftermath won’t be all digitally-rendered either.

For proof of just that, look no further than the latest Man of Steel set pic featuring an actual giant truck being… well, “violated” by a tree trunk, below:


manofsteeltruck 280x373 New Man of Steel Set Pic; Richard Schiff Talks Dr. Hamilton Character

Richard Schiff Talks Playing Dr. Hamilton in Man of Steel

richard schiff man of steel New Man of Steel Set Pic; Richard Schiff Talks Dr. Hamilton Character

Even though news that The West Wing alumnus Richard Schiff is portraying Dr. Emil Hamilton in Man of Steel broke after the start of 2012, the actor has admitted to I Am Rogue that he was actually cast back in Summer 2011. However, since scenes featuring his character weren’t set to be shot until the final six weeks of production last year, Schiff had to keep his mouth firmly shut about the news (up to now).

As was discussed in our article concerning Schiff being in Man of Steel, Hamilton has varied from being a villain to an ally of Kal-El (sometimes, a combination of the two) in the original Superman comic books and even the TV series Smallville. Schiff is mostly keeping his mouth shut about what particular incarnation of the character will show up in Snyder’s film, but he did offer the following food-for-thought, on the subject:

“Dr. Hamilton came along very late [in the ‘Superman’ comics], didn’t he? So I don’t even know if I would be able to find those (comic books)… Obviously he has had incarnations on a number of different mediums, on TV and in animation. They always get interpreted differently so you have to go with what the script has to offer and I’ve been very intrigued but what they’ve written. I wouldn’t impose some outside idea on what Zack and the writers want to do with this. But it is fun to know all the various incarnations that he’s had. Obviously he’s been evil in some incarnations, and friendly in other incarnations, and a combination of both in yet other incarnations, so that is fun to have in your mind when you are playing him. But the script goes in certain directions and that is what I will follow.”

So, yeah, Schiff gave the standard long-winded, but ultimately non-commital answer to the question. However, the actor did confirm that Hamilton will be a scientist and that he’s already shot scenes with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Christopher Meloni, with more on the way in the immediate future (Schiff heads back to Vancouver this week). Take all that as you will.

Man of Steel is currently set to reach theaters around the U.S. on June 14th, 2013.

Source: SuperHeroHype, I Am Rogue

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  1. up up up and away :)

  2. Hmmm

  3. *takes a look at the tree through the truck*
    well,there’s your problem.

    • Haha!!! +1

    • LOLOL

  4. If there’s no Man of Steel trailer in front of The Dark Knight Rises, I’m going to go postal.

    • offices everywhere beware….

    • that aint no lie

      • I personally think that Snyder may very well be one of the best people to make a superman movie. My reason? Because if you watch any superman cartoon, when he throws a massive punch or does something really amazing, it switches into slow-mo. And Snyder, though he does use it too often, knows how to capture epic scenes in slow motion. i can’t wait to see some of the actioin scenes in this film. Now, one thing that I am wondering is if Lois will know his identity in this interpretation. In the one photo that I’ve seen Clark and Lois together, Clark isn’t wearing glasses. So, there’s really no way in hiding his identity when the only thing that keeps Clark’s identity a secret (which isn’t very convincing in the first place) isn’t there…it just leads one to assume.

  5. I will admit I am really looking forward to the action. Zack provides a style of action that is unlike any other imo. And to know they will use cgi only when necessary for fight scenes should add to the realism. I like what I am hearing!

    • for sure,this my highly most anticipated film,but till it be shown,is a long time. and of course everything from snyder i.m.o. is always the best,and sucker punch wasnt that bad´maybee too much female power. if the director wasn´t snyder i wouldn´t even watch it,it´s snyders directing style what i like.

    • And that’s exactly why Snyder is wrong for Superman. Superman is all about character, not over the top action.

      • Got that right Ghost.

        • He’s directing a story written by Goyer.

          • yes, but snyder is known for his over the top action, and i expect to see it in this film. besides, goyer is a hack IMO. having him write the story only makes me even less anticipated to this film.

      • I have to disagree. While story is always important in any movie, if you have a fight between to Krytonians in a movie, if the fights scenes arnt epic, massive and over the top, your doing something wrong. Say what you want about Snyder, but the man knows how to do fight sequences.

        • But you’re missing my point. Superman is ALL about character, not action. The comics have always been about him living as “God” amongst men, and Snyder needs to stick to that. I don’t care about sticking to source material as long as he keeps the essence of the character right.

          • If you want to get an idea of characterization read the story by Goyer in Action Comics #900,as short as it was I was impressed.

          • No I don’t think I am. This movie needs a good story to stay true to the comics. (which ones by the way? I think this Supes is based more on the New 52 comics) But if you have Superman slogging it out with Zod, there needs to be a Dragonball Z style fight thrown in. Without the kamahama waves of course.

      • Really, do you even read ther comics , superman is about character i agree, his had alot of battles too. Honestly , i don’t undestand where you guya come from. atleast read the comics .

  6. unfortunately, it’s a no-go for me. he costumes look ugly, the new suit doesn’t look right without the red shorts, Jor-el’s costume looks like something a klingon would wear and let alone hiring the wrong actors and Henry Cavil’s no Superman besides, i don’t really trust Zach Snyder with this.

    • jor-el looks like a clingon,thorin oakenschield looks like a clingon,the lizard looks like a cowabonga or how the creatures cauled,the suit of spidy and supes look like rubber! calm down guys,could you made it better?

        • Hey, now – you can disagree with Anthony all you want, but let’s keep things civil, please.

          • be cool,we keep things civil,don´t spread oil in fire!

    • I wouldn’t trust Zack Snyder to babysit a seven-year-old, the seven-year-old being, of course, the most mature of the two.

      • ^
        Best joke of the day 😀

    • @ Anthony

      We’re pretty much on the same page.

    • Jor-El’s costume is totally irrelevant. There’s no archetype for his character, so whatever they come up with will matter to no one. Kal-El’s costume on the other hand is iconic. There’s no other character in the world where the underwear is not only NOT stupid looking, but expected. Not even Batman can get away with that. Texture and shading are subjective to the filmmakers and costume designers, but I’m betting the movie would have been just as good with more of the original costume’s sensibility in tact.

  7. This movie will rock!

    • Fact.

  8. The set picture gives me wood!… but i’m still apprehensive about Slo-Mo Snyder (especially after Nolan has had to bail from the project).

    • I don’t think he bailed in the sense of ditching the movie. He did his part and moved onto his next project.

  9. They better show some footage a Comic-con. Which I’ll then sample on the interwebs :)

  10. And next they’ll make a Superman Video game that doesn’t SUCK, as for this movie I am still undecided on seeing it, I have not liked what I have seen from the pics to this point, maybe the trailer will change my mind.

  11. I think it is long over due to see a re-interpretation of Superman and in my opinion i wish they didnt have to wait until the success of Nolans Batman Franchise to do it. I think the new look to the suit is great and slightly modernized. You wouldnt wanna see Batman in gray spandax would you? The new take on the character and the mythology looks great to me. I have a pretty good feeling that this movie is going to be epic! And with all the great actors and characters that are appearing in this movie i just dont see why there is so much negativity surrounding this movie!!

  12. I’m so CONFLICTED! :(
    I hate Snyder (he’s the Will Wheaton to my Sheldon Cooper ;)), but this movie is starting to look more and more awesome.

    2013 will most definitely be yet another kick ass year for superhero movies (IM3 is set up to be “the best of the three”, MOS looks action packed and Thor 2… well, I’m sure it’s going to turn out okay ;))

  13. be cool,we keep things civil,sandy!

  14. @Ghost. ALL about character? ALL about it? ReALLy? Seriously tho, even in his earliest days when he was created it was in the image of a circus strongman and the first issue of ACTION Comics (Action being the thing you said Supermans not about) features an action packed shot of him lifting a car while civilians run for safety. Superman was created as the pure essence of action, its only over time hes become a rich storied character with so much background. SUperman Returns focused on story and look how that turned out. A healthy blend of story and BALLS OUT ACTION is neccesarry for this movie to matter.

    • Correct Statement…

  15. Rip optimus prime!!

  16. at least this superman doesn’t look gay look you know who back in 2008

  17. I am a die hard superman fan but damnnn most of the negativity I hear about this movie is from “comic book nerds” that won’t give it a rest. I want them to be true to superman as much as the next guy,however, you need to understand not all of the audience is going to be comic book freaks. I think this movie is going to be a new look at superman which needed to be done. I love christopher reeves and I am glad superman returns gave it somewhat a tribute. It’s not time for a new jacked, kicking some ass superman. We need to see something new on screen. I can only hope this leads to a sequel that features darkseid or maybe a death of superman film.

    • @ supermanfreak

      Im a big Superman fan myself. But i understand some of the negativity myself. It’s that some Superman Fans & some genral audience aren’t too thrilled about the how Superman is now in the New 52 Comics which Cavill’s Superman is based off of. Im one of them. Imo aswell as many others didn’t think Superman needed drastic change, just major script for a film to be made. Christopher Reeve was awesome as Superman & his costume i loved on film as i did in the comics the most. Brandon Routh did well imo & took awhile for me to get used to his Superman costume but i was fine with it. Only problem was the film itself. Singer had good intentions im sure but Superman Returns imo just seemed like a rehash of Superman: The Movie instead of a good return story of why the world needs Superman. Superman could of returned to earth with a villain like Brainiac who follows him to Earth but instead we got Lex Luthor with another real-estate scheme. With Snyder’s reboot film, people are thinkin it’s the samething again. Only Superman 1&2 together done in the fashion of Batman Begins. People know the origin as its been explored in the original film, Superman:TAS & Smallville that wrapped up last year. And the Previous films started with General Zod & two others to match Superman. I think people expect a different villain/villains not yet seen on film first time around. This ain’t me, im just pointing out other peoples opinions/concerns that i met online & talked in person.

  18. now time*****