‘Man of Steel’ Prequel Comic Answers Some Big Questions

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Man of Steel Prequel Comic Answers Man of Steel Prequel Comic Answers Some Big Questions

With each new trailer released for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel our list of questions and theories grows, and even a single image  out of context gets our minds racing over potential plot twists. Thankfully, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have provided some answers.

The Man of Steel prequel comic that just last week confirmed the existence of Supergirl a.k.a. Kara Zor-El in Snyder’s universe has now been released; and the inclusion of Superman’s cousin is the least shocking truth revealed in the comic’s pages.

Normally prequel comics or tie-in graphic novels are intended to expand on a film’s plot, or help fill in small gaps and backstory. But in this case, with the story provided by Man of Steel movie writer David S. Goyer, things are a bit different.

MASSIVE SPOILERS lie ahead, so stop reading if you hope to keep the nature of Kryptonian exploration, Kara Zor-El, and Superman’s Fortress of Solitude a surprise.








For starters, the plot of the prequel comic must be explained. As the most promising daughter of the House of El, the comic follows Kara as she nears completion of her training, intending to become a member of Krypton’s ‘Explorers Guild'; citizens tasked with searching the cosmos for suitable planets, and triggering terraforming projects to make them inhabitable to Kryptonians.

Man of Steel Movie Comic Supergirl Man of Steel Prequel Comic Answers Some Big Questions

Keeping up with the previous spoilers that Kryptonians no longer rely on natural birth, it is explained that once a planet is made suitable for Kryptonian physiology, “stored embryos” in the ship are developed, planting the seeds for hundreds of Kryptonians to populate the new world. The impression given is one of a much colder, almost swarm mentality – Kryptonians are grown to spread and expand from world to world, turning every member of the society into a drone of sorts.

After losing her closest friend during training at the hands of another maniacal recruit, Dev-Em, Kara defeats the killer. As the first documented murderer in over a century, the Kryptonian authorities choose not to execute Dev-Em, claiming they are not as barbaric as the Thanagarians – a nod to Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and yet another hint at the shared universe Man of Steel will be launching.

Meanwhile, Kara graduates with distinction, and prepares to command her own Scout Ship. The Scout Ship – of which there are literally hundreds preparing to depart – matches the look and structure of those seen in the many Man of Steel trailers, presumably in the service of General Zod.

Man of Steel Trailer Images Kryptonian Spaceships Escape Krypton 570x237 Man of Steel Prequel Comic Answers Some Big Questions

Once the journey is under way, Kara and her crew enter cryogenic pods for the ten-year-long sleep until they reach their unnamed destination. At the same time, it is discovered that Dev-Em has escaped his cell, although no one knows where he has fled to, or why. Kara awakes, wondering why the rest of the cryopods surrounding her are already empty.

Leaving her pod, Kara soon discovers that Dev-Em has smuggled himself onto her ship, and one-by-one, pulled her crew members from stasis and forced them to follow his command. While Kara has slept, Dev-Em has lived the decade in near-isolation, as the rest of the ship’s crew have been reduced to skeletons, still encased in their armor.

It appears to be these skeletons that show up in the most recent Zod-centric MoS trailer, still clutching their weapons.

Man of Steel Kryptonian Skeleton Man of Steel Prequel Comic Answers Some Big Questions

In confronting Dev-Em, Kara soon finds that instead of their intended target, the ship has entered Earth’s own solar system – although the maniac’s reasons for doing so aren’t explained. A fight soon erupts between the now-super-strong Kryptonians, doing catastrophic damage to the ship as it nears Earth.

Kara attempts to land the ship, but ultimately crashes it into the arctic, last seen clutching her command chair. Dev-Em and Kara’s fate is left a mystery as time passes and the Scout Ship is slowly covered by snow and ice, until it is revealed to be the alien structure we highlighted in our previous trailer analysis – the structure Goyer has since confirmed is the presumed Fortress of Solitude.

Man of Steel Trailer Kryptonian Ship Man of Steel Prequel Comic Answers Some Big Questions

Adding further evidence to this theory: the interior shots of Kara’s ship are a near-perfect match for the darkened hallway that we have suspected was the Fortress since the very beginning. Which means the previously unknown wall-mounted pods are the same cryogenic chambers used by Kara’s crew.

Is Clark observing mummified Kryptonians in this scene, Kara having placed them back into their pods as a burial? Has she preserved herself in one as well? Did she even survive the crash? And what of the Kryptonian embryos stored on board?

These are all questions that will hopefully be answered in the film. What we do know is how the ship got there, what may be stored in it – and in addition, how Clark finds it in the first place.

Man of Steel Cryopod Hallway Man of Steel Prequel Comic Answers Some Big Questions

The comic ends with a northern tribe sharing a meal; a painting of the ship falling from the sky, and the ‘S’ logo Kara wears on her chest decorates the wall of their dwelling. As the story then shifts to the ‘Now’ – a modern military base – it is revealed that the ship has crashed in Ellesmere Island, Canada. Authorities are left trying to understand how a signal could be coming from beneath thousands of years’ worth of ice, and why it would be sending a signal now.

The final frame shows the same bearded Clark Kent MoS now know so well, working his invulnerable knuckles to their steel bones on a fishing boat. The implication is that the signal is meant for him, but given the number of Kryptonians who soon arrive on the scene, we’re not so convinced.

Besides leaving plenty of doors open for bringing in Kara in any potential sequel, fans now know just how far back the history of Krypton and Earth goes. And with hundreds of other ships seen flying from Krypton to seed other worlds, the idea of the race being eradicated seems unlikely, even if the homeworld is destroyed.

Man of Steel Full Trailer Spoilers Man of Steel Prequel Comic Answers Some Big Questions

That poses the obvious question: why is General Zod so determined to find Kal-El? Is it really just a personal vendetta? Is Zod’s massive mechanical ship unleashing not energy beams onto Metropolis, but some sort of terraforming procedure? It seems a bit obvious to claim that Zod is just bent on spreading Kryptonians over yet another world, but what else could it be?

Since we know Superman finds the crashed ship, and that it likely contains enough embryonic seeds to give Krypton a new start, anything is possible. At least we know where his family fits in, and just how high the stakes may be. Even if Goyer may have adjusted the fiction by placing Kara thousands of years before Kal-El was even born – his parents Jor-El and Lara are noticeably absent from the comic altogether.

What do you think of this backstory? Does this make you Superman fans even more excited for what twists and turns Snyder and Goyer have in store? Or will you only be happy if this story gets told on the big screen as well? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. It must be the fanboy in me that smells a potential Superman/Batman APOCALYPSE on screen adaptation on the horizon. Seriously… do that and you will be asking… Justice who?

  2. I think this is an interesting switch up to the traditional story of supergirl. I’ve always found the fact that her origin story was almost identical to superman’s origin story (her being a teenager instead of a baby when she left krypton though) sort of boring and unoriginal.

    • Agreed. I don’t mind when these on screen adaptations give a better origin story, especially for characters that are 100% camp. See: Captain America.

      • Captain America’s origin in the comics is much better than thr movie. It culminates in Bucky giving his life for Cap because the world needs Captain America. Cap still gets frozen but the experience makes him more of a solo hero who wears red, white and blue not just because he is a patriot but because the bright colors attract more bullets to him than allies.

        Much better than a missed date of which there was no chemistry.

        • I’m referring to the fact that Captain America’s origin in the comics regardless of what is written in the pages is due to nationalist propaganda. It doesn’t get any campier than a red and white and blue super patriot that shows up to fight for the home team during a war. For the movie, Marvel took the basis of his origin and was able to translate the propaganda angle directly, going so far to say that Captain America was indeed a comic book hero.
          So, respectfully… I disagree. I think his story and how he comes about in the modern world makes a lot more sense than his original origin story.

          • … and I think the same can be said with the movie-verse version of Bruce Banner. In the comics, his transformation into the Hulk has absolutely nothing to do with the super soldier serum. There is no explanation as to why gamma radiation turns him into an enormous green rage monster. However, if you say that Banner was attempting to unlock the secret of a serum that makes you exponentially bigger and stronger… now the origin story has an element of “okay that makes sense” instead of “well, just go with it.”

            • I agree with Mindbender here, the movies make more sense as far as the origins than the comic books.

              • Probabley because they didn’t have a team of highly paid people thinking it through in regards of an entire universe back then.

            • @dr mindbender

              You can dissagree but dont forget that at the time of the start of capt. America it was a different time. Propaganda was the norm and it seeped in to every fabric of every day lives. So it was campy and at that time people were ok with it….it fit the time. Its part of the heroes history and it reflects a time of patriotism. Being campy and patriotic helped capt America and some other comics at that time to succeed. But as you said, its important to reinvent the caracters of yesterday in to the heroes of today and make them more relevant in the world we live in now. But moviemakers should never forget where they came from and respect their origins. There is always a middle ground to be found that will appeal to lang time fans and non comic book fans.

              • What the hell is wrong with being patriotic?? So much hate for the greatest country to ever exist.

                • Where is he saying that there’s anything wrong with patriotism???

        • agreed

      • Seems like a great twist on the original origin of Supergirl. I wish they hadn’t mad Supergirl look like some anime drawing in the comic, she looks a little brainless and those eyes are kinda big :)

        • That picture is from an earlier comic (I believe an issue of the “Batman/Superman” series), not the prequel comic discussed in the article.

  3. Hawkman reference, I love it!

  4. What if Jor-el didn’t like the whole colonizing thing, and because Kal-el wasn’t one of the embryos, but born instead, Jor-el sent him to be safe somewhere else when Krypton was destroyed. Zod isn’t just trying to colonize on earth, he’s taking over. He loves how the yellow sun gives kryptonians power, so it’d be a perfect homeworld. But Superman is attached to Earth, so he’s going to defend it, whihc Zod doesn’t like. Also Kal-el’s birth was illegal, which is why Zod wants him too.

    • That sounds good, I’m cool with that

    • Sounds about right, wasn’t there a post a while back talking about how Kal-El was special even on Krypton? It could well be because he was naturally born rather than a created embryo.

    • I like your theory, but I don’t think Zod has conquering in mind, at least when he first comes to Earth. He wants revenge on Jor-El for imprisoning and banishing him, but since Jor-El is gone he’s coming for the son.

    • I would imagine that Jor-el sent Kal-el to earth to protect him from the laws of Krypton. Zod wants to kill Kal-el because not only is he the son of his enemy but maybe he is disgusted by the fact that Kal-el is of natural birth. he is an affront to the purity of the kryptonian race. think of Zod as Hitler and in order to stay a leader to his followers someone like Kal-el needs to be destroyed because of what he represents.

  5. SMALLVILLE did something similar in regards to Kara’s origins. They had her buried in a river with her ship & after a battle with Bizarro, her ship was released from the shadows & she saved Lex.

    • One of the few Smallville episodes that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

      • I also really liked the way Smallville handled Zod. Callum Blue in my opinion really nailed the character, and the whole ‘Zod isn’t evil/isn’t purely a villain’ tack they’re tacking in MOS reminds me of how they did Zod in Smallville too: he was much more sympathetic when he was introduced.

        • Agreed! Season 9 was up there on my favorite seasons.

  6. I like this adaption this opens up a lot of stories for other heroes. They have already mentioned hawkman. But it could also have reference to martian man hunter and the green lantern. The justice league movie is writing itself.

    • HAHAHA. Hardly. Did Green Lantern write itself too? LOL

    • The TV show Arrow mentions “Ferris Air” (Carol Ferris, Green Lantern’s girlfriend?) and Central City (where The Flash/Barry Allen lives). Hmmmm….

      • Anyone seen anything for Ray Palmer anywhere yet (The Atom)?

  7. “What do you think of this backstory? Does this make you Superman fans even more excited for what twists and turns Snyder and Goyer have in store?”

    And how! Not only this is turning up to be a great movie, but, as buddy pointed out, it opens the doors to the — almost fabled by some — justice league movie.

  8. One word: Incredible

  9. Although I’ll miss the traditional crystal Fortress of Solitude, I like that they’ve come up with an interesting backstory for their own version. It’s also a neat way for Clark to learn more about Krypton (through whatever’s left behind on the ship) rather than from a bunch of crystals that Jor-El sent along – which was fine, but the way it could tell Clark almost *anything* made it look like Jor-El could plan for everything. This seems a more interesting explanation, especially with Kara’s origin.

  10. The comic points to a serious story which was the product of serious imagination.
    As fantastic as the events in the film are there is the creative explanation and
    firm foundation for their happening that occurs in the best science fiction.

    • And this is why I have faith in anything Nolan either makes himself or has a hand in putting together because he only associates himself with great projects that make sense.

      I just wonder how much of this is Goyer on his own and how much is him having some outside help because unfortunately for him, anything he creates by himself doesn’t seem to do so well, he needs others to guide his ideas.

      If Kara features in a future live action movie, I can picture Amber Heard in the role.

      • Dude, it has been stated time and time again by both Nolan and the rest of crew who was involved in this film that Nolan’s name appears on this film for association purposes and that’s it. As a producer, he helped fund the movie so he will receive a chunk of profits, but his over-all involvement in this project is as close to minimal as it gets. Cavil said himself that Nolan was never on the set at any time during filming.

        Just get it very clear, when this movie does so well… it will have very little if not NOTHING to do with Chris Nolan.

        • That’s what I’m saying though.

          He funded it and I’m sure he helped nudge WB towards choosing Snyder as director. He wouldn’t have his name on it if he didn’t think it would be successful or make sense.

          It’s success by association and once MOS does extremely well, studios will be more prepared to give Snyder massive projects similar to or larger in scope than this after the disappointments of his previous few movies.

          It’s like a lot of the movies and TV shows produced by Bad Robot. JJ Abrams didn’t set foot on a lot of the sets nor did he get involved in the projects but because he’s a success, it helps those shows and movies get a little more attention.

          • Oh… okay. So you are recognizing that Nolan’s name on something… regardless of whether or not he has anything to do with it…automatically means that it is going to be good. Okay, I get that. I don’t agree, (I’m not a fan of anything he has done since TDK) but I do get it.

            • Yeah because so far (in my personal opinion), he hasn’t made or been associated with a bad movie yet and it’s that sort of seal of quality that WB and other studios/companies like to stamp on their brands.

              For instance, a studio had a script for a cyber-terrorist plot in the late 90s and couldn’t find a way to market that so it was left on the shelf gathering dust for almost a decade. Then someone had the bright idea of turning it into the new Die Hard movie because that brand was successful and popular and thus we got Live Free Or Die Hard (or Die Hard 4.0 if you’re outside of the US).

              Again, it’s that branding and association that helps put butts in seats if some people aren’t sure whether they want to see a movie or not and see the “From the people who brought you the Dark Knight trilogy…” and think, yeah, let’s go see that movie.

        • You know the story was nolans idea right? And he was the reason snyder is directing. Of course 90% of the film is credited to snyder the actors and goyer, but nolan set the groundwork and planned the story out

          • Actually… I don’t know that. There has been this version and that version when it comes to exactly why Nolan’s name is attached to this film. Nolan didn’t go to WB with a script of a Superman movie if that is what you are implying.

            Of course this is just speculation, but my money on why Nolan is “involved” in this is for two reasons:
            1. The most obvious, WB wanted to attach his name to the project for credence.
            (okay, that one isn’t speculation… but this next one is…)
            2. WB wanted him involved as a consult to how it can mesh with his Batman.

            You can quote Nolan all you want on how he said “his Batman can’t exist with Superman.” The truth is, that isn’t for him to decide. If WB says “we want these two together, make it happen” and Nolan is working under contract for WB,(which he is, BTW) then it makes absolutely no difference what Nolan might have said on the subject before.

            • Nolan went to WB with the pitch and the
              Groundwork. I believe he pitched goyers script cause he obviously can get whatever he wants from that company

              • LOL. No he didn’t. The script was David Goyer’s… WB went to Nolan to consult on the project, it wasn’t the other way around. Now Nolan’s credit is that he “co-wrote” the script, and even he has been quoted admitting that his over-all involvement with MoS was minimal.

                  • I’ll give you that he helped get the wheels turning, but that article contradicts things you’ve been saying-

                    “Man of Steel was Nolan’s idea.”

                    Ummm, not according to that link it wasn’t. Goyer showed some Superman ideas to Nolan while they were working on TDKR, he liked them, and then Nolan called a studio exec to take a look at it. That’s hardly his idea.

                    So, if by “laying the groundwork” you mean Nolan picked up the phone and made a phone call, then your right. That’s exactly what happened.

                    • You are correct my fact were not straight

          • Goyer is such a terrible writer. He’s constantly plagiarizing Frank Miller. He did it for Batman Begins with the ninja training which was from FM’s DD. now he’s doing it again with young Clark Kent unable to control his super senses just like young DD had trouble and his mother came to sooth him. WB seriously has to stop using Goyer.

            • What’s wrong with him doing that. He is getting good material from a good writer and incorporating it into his script. It is a simple situation that has nothing directly to do with the DD origins. Many people do it and will continue to use great references as inspiration for something they are working on. They use that idea and incorporate into their work just as many aspects might be but it doesn’t mean the work isn’t original because some small part of it was inspired for something else.

        • No. Incorrect. Some of you people need to stop thinking Nolan’s influence on this film is just a rubber stamp.

          He may not be directing but he has had an incredible influence. He co-wrote the story (not screenplay) with his brother and sold the studio on the concept. He started the ball rolling on the whole project. Practically everybody, down to Hans Zimmer, is the same as the people who did the Batman trilogy, the big difference being the director…who was handpicked by Nolan. He was even on the set for a lot of the shooting (he’s even in this clip….ON THE SET.)

          Not only is the implication that Nolan is involved in name only completely absurd, it’s actually quite the opposite. You could even make a reasonable argument that Snyder is a proxy for Nolan in this film.

  11. So in other words; Snyder, Goyer, and some of the other boys at DC and Warner Brothers DO KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING.. Couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come of the DC movie-verse.

  12. I saw this coming months ago, In a previous post I mention that The Universe Man Of Steel is based on was an alternate Universe were Kryptonians were responsible for the rise of Super Humans on Earth. The frist clue was The Fortress Of Solitude being a space craft, and the words Jo-El says in the trailer. In time you will help them accomplish wonders, they will rise behind you, they will stumble, they will fall, in time they will join you in the Sun. As you can see, WB and DC have laid down a fondation for an alternate Universe were Krytonians are responsible for heroes on Earth, now it’s up to us to accept it by making this movie a hit so they can start rolling out the other DC movies.

  13. Guys, you may be right because the Guy who is playing Dev-Em in Man of Steel is named Revard Dufresne. :)

  14. I cannot wait to see Kara and her family appearing in the next sequel that will be awesome. AnnaSophia Robb can make a perfect Kara Zor-El role, and that’s who I choose ?

    Daniel Craig and Brooke Shields can make a great casting playing her Parents Zor-El and Allura In-Ze of Argo City. Brooke Shields was screen tested to play Superman’s cousin from the original SUPERGIRL movie. Before Helen Slater got the role and I think it will be a good idea for Brooke to decide to play Kara’s Mother Allura In-Ze.

  15. Right everybody, time to put your money down. 3 weeks to go and comicon coming soon, we’ll get some answers good or bad.

    Will the shared DCU incorporate Nolan’s Batman?

    No explanations needed, no arguments about the why’s and how’s,

    Just a two word reply, either IT WILL or IT WON’T.

    I’m very curious to find out what the expectation is from people who post on here.

    I’ll start, (and I now have a seed of doubt)


    • It SHOULDN’T.

    • I won’t…….and it shouldn’t

      • It’s improbable, but not impossible. There is too much money potential to write it off as impossible. I don’t think it will happen simply because it makes way too much sense, and WB has a track record of doing the opposite of what makes sense.

        • Two words only mindbender! God forgive you start a discussion about this!

        • EXACTLY!!!! I would love if they could somehow connect Bales batman and Cavil’s superman, THE MONEY DC/WB could and would make is crazy, But like Mindbender says DC has not made the most sensible decisions to date!
          Which is why I say IT WONT!

          I honestly think DC has a real problem making sound good decisions!
          I hope beyond hope that we as CB fans can have an MCU and a DCU, I dont care who think what universe is better EVERYONE has their own opinion on it (I do as well) But just for the Superhero genre fans it would be GREAT to have IronMan, Superman, Hulk, The Flash, Captain America, Wonder Woman, GOTG, Aquaman, Black Panther, Batman,
          and that list can go ON and ON, it would be something that ALL CBM Fanboys and Fangirls can be happy about and debate which is better for years to come!!!


    • It Won’t

  16. @MarkBartlett
    Lol You know that is a sensitive subject. But I think that some fans who are really attached to the Nolan”s Batman don:t want to face the fact that the Nolanverse of The Bat done. There is a very and i say tiny or i would dare say a molecule chance that Christian might come back for the part due to recognition issue (After all WB is a Business) but I doubt it.
    I want a new Bruce Wayne. Jensen Ackles would be my top pick but I have a feeling that bruce should be older than Clark. Either WB is scratching their head to figure out who could be the next batman or as Im typing those spéculations, WB might already know the next Bruce Wayne and they may be waiting for the right time to make the announcement. :)

    • Yeah, I’m also tired of the people who assume Bale will be back and that the Batman we saw will continue.

      That’s like saying Cavill’s Superman will pick up where Routh or Welling left off. It’s completely new, a fresh start where the others had a clear ending.

      • Terrible analogy Dazz.

        I’m saying Bale COULD return simply for the vast financial reasons that are associated with it, it has nothing to do with a desire to see Bale continue as Batman.

        Comparing the incorporation of a successful billion dollar franchise to a single movie flop is absurd.

  17. It will….money grab on the studios part, they want iron man 3 money

  18. If Kara landed on earth thousands of years ago than it could mean we have a PowerGirl not a Supergirl .Since one of PowerGirl confusing backstory involved Atlantis in the pre-Infinite Crisis version.

    • Maybe they’d combine both characters? Sort of like they did in IM2 when they meshed The Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash into one character.

  19. I’m okay with the FoS being an ancient spaceship and Kara could be in there frozen in cryo. That’s not my beef. Other than that? I got some swampland I’d like to sell you. The movie should stand on its own..

    Unless Hawkman actually cameos in a tag at the end of Man Of Steel (Supergal on ice would be more in line) or WB announces a Hawkman movie soon, I would take any DC comics references in the “prequel comic” with a grain of salt. Mention of Thanagarians in the comic doesn’t mean Hawkman will be in JLA the movie.

    You can argue with me until the cows come back to farm- but keep this in mind. The Wolverine film is also coming. Silver Samurai is the foe Logan will face. The Wolverine film is set after X-Men Last Stand. Way, way back when the first X-Men came out, that film also had a prequel comic. In it, Logan/Wolverine faced off against Silver Samurai.
    Likewise, in Last Stand, everyone wanted to know what happened to Nightcrawler. His absence was given in the silly video game that took place between X2 and X3 Last Stand.

    For die-hard comics fans, this may be all well and good. To a general audience, however, it doesn’t mean the price of peas. The majority will not read the prequel comic. A few might read a novelization if there is one, but the only thing that should be ‘canon’ is what you see on screen. Not deleted scenes, scenes that can’t be filmed or wasn’t filmed.

    What you see onscreen is what you get. Period.

    I’m not saying that none of it should be used. Obviously some of it is. But my main point here is in regards to characters like Hawkman, Green Lantern and so on.

    By the way – if it turns out, yes, there is a Hawkman, Wonder Woman or The Flash or anyone else *mentioned or glimpsed in the movie* I’ll be just as stoked as you. But a comics tie-in won’t do it alone.

    • I TOTALLY AGREE! The film must stand on its own. All we know is that there was Superman Returns which WB wants to brush under the rug and an even worse Green Lantern film. Imagine that Green Lantern with this Superman… not too impressive. I’m going to have to pass remembering Sucker Punch. Zack is not that good a director, extremely limited.

  20. If kryptonian have been exploring planet for colonization for thousands of years then a couple question pop up:

    1) why didn’t they colonize/terraform planets curcling yellow suns and thus all become “super”?

    2) if Earth was known thousands of years ago, could Kryptonians have posed as Gods to humans and going so far as creating population of hybrids (themycira for example). Which could explain the technology used to conceal the island (eventhough the natives think it magic) and would form a basis for Wonder Woman’s powers (not sun dependent, powers simply a function of human/kryptonian hybridization). These kryptonian’s posing as gods could have been outlaws or a breakaway faction.

    Anyways, fun to speculate how everything could fit together.

    • I can dig it. I like your thoughts on this.

      The only thing I wouldn’t like is I wouldn’t want Wonder Woman or Themyscira to be based on alien/scifi stuff. I’d want gods and magic to exist in the DC Film Universe alongside aliens and technology. I want a Wonder Woman film where she has to take down Ares in combat at the climax, banishing him back to Olympus. (Besides Cheetah, Ares was her main antagonist).


    • That makes sense for WW origins lol

    • In a previous post I mention that The Universe Man Of Steel is based on was an alternate Universe were Kryptonians were responsible for the rise of Super Humans on Earth. The frist clue was The Fortress Of Solitude being a space craft, and the words Jor-El says in the trailer. In time you will help them accomplish wonders, they will rise behind you, they will stumble, they will fall, in time they will join you in the Sun. As you can see, WB and DC have laid down a fondation for an alternate Universe were Krytonians are responsible for heroes on Earth, now it’s up to us to accept it by making this movie a hit so they can start rolling out the other DC movies.

  21. I’ve seen people on a few comment threads ask about how Jor-El is able to talk to Kal-El if he’s dead. The obvious answer is “well it’s like the 1978 superman movie, it’s a hologram or computer or recorded message.” The idea of the Fortress of Solitude actually being a colony ship that’s thousands of years old throws a small wrench into that for some people, “how can there be messages from Jor-El if the ship was sent thousands of years ago?”

    Easy answer if you think about it: Jor-El knew about the dormant ship, he had its telemetry, that’s how he knew the conditions of earth, and he sent data in the form of an interactive hologram for his son to find when he was older.

    Many of you easily put this together already, I just wanted to write about Superman for no real reason than “I can’t wait for this movie to come out.”

    Thanks for reading in any case.

    • I was thinking it could even be a ridiculously advanced Kryptonian form of “Siri”…Jor-El’s voice and advice programmed to respond to any number of questions Kal-El might pose. “Superman Returns” (whatever you might think of the film, itself) presented this basic idea, expanding upon the “teacher” mode of Jor-El anticipating his son’s questions EVEN WHEN Led was the one asking…

      • I LOATHE auto-correct.

        Sigh…”Lex”, not “Led”.

  22. Remember this Supergirl is Argonian of Argo City separated from the Kryptonian civilization.

  23. I haven’t been this excited over a flick since I was a kid. I’m getting flashbacks of 4 year old me jumping off the sofa with a cape-towel fastened around my neck.

  24. The idea that Thanagarians will be mentioned/included early on here at some point seems pretty inspired, didn’t see that coming, but that’s extremely cool.

    Not sure I understand how it works that there might be tons of Kryptionians out ‘populating’ the universe though, it’s one thing for Kara and Superman and Zod and a handful of others to be the last remaining Kryptonians, seems to me one of the things that makes Superman work is that sense of him being alone, never quite fitting in, the last surviving Kryptonian. To have a bunch of them out there running around, I just can’t quite wrap my brain around that…

  25. Emily Blunt as Supergirl. There, I said it.

  26. I bought my tickets for MOStoday for opening night, Ive never done that b

  27. I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but we do see Kara leave the ship after it crashes, and before it becomes covered with layers and layers of ice.

    • Good point, I forgot about that. I’d only read through the comic once at that point. Also, in the painting on the tent wall, you can see the House of El symbol so they must have encountered Kara.

  28. Am i the only one who feels the trailer showing the skeleton heads that superman is covered in might be the dead on board kryptonians on kara’s ship.Moreover in the trailer as mentioned above zod is looking at dead skeleton bodies which could be those kryptonians. I have the feeling ZOD is probably not the villain and possibly has realised the most dangerous Kryptonian DEV-EM who fought kara might have escaped and thus he might have accidentally released a signal which has sent Zod and his army to earth to investigate. As mentioned Zod is a general and i am guessing with relising Dev – em may be on the loose seeks Supermans help but supes is probably unwilling which leads to them battling or so. Furthermore most of the cast keep stressing zod is not a villian and is just carrying his duties as a general. Which could be finding this notorious kryptonian villian.
    This is all a theory by the way not gospel.lool