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Man of Steel director Zack Snyder believes in Superman so much that he recently compared the character to Jesus, claiming that the superheroes from the DC universe are “literally Biblical.” Believing in Superman to a religious degree may not be a bad thing for a man tasked with rebooting the character for the big screen, but with an angry General and his minions on the way to Earth to find Superman, the hero may need a bit of a helping hand if he hopes to emerge victorious from Man of Steel‘s battles.

As a thank-you to the members of the National Guard who make an appearance in Man of Steel, Snyder offered to take some time out from the regular filming schedule to shoot some “Soldier of Steel” commercials for the National Guard, which tie into the overarching themes of Man of Steel and will be shown before screenings nationwide. A behind-the-scenes video, which features some new footage from the main film as well as from both the commercials and the main film, was published by the National Guard ahead of Man of Steel‘s summer release and can be viewed below.

In the video, Snyder goes into details about how he feels that Superman isn’t just a defender of Earth, but a representation of American spirit specifically – one who obtained his moral compass from his childhood growing up in rural Smallville with Jonathan and Martha Kent. He expresses a feeling that the National Guard, and the soldiers he met during filming, are also an important symbol of that same patriotic spirit.

Superman arrested by National Guard New Man of Steel Calendar Images, National Guard & UK TV Spots

Snyder describes the National Guard as sharing some of the basic principles of Superman, such as helping those weaker than oneself, always striving to be better, and being the right man in the right place with the right skill sets. Of course, it helps if the man’s skill sets include invincibility, flying and heat vision. Even so, it’s strange to see so many parallels made between Superman and the National Guard, since so far the trailers have demonstrated that they don’t get along very well at first.

Most likely, the impending threat of General Zod and Black Zero will be what ultimately unite Earth’s original superhero with the authorities. As the creepy viral marketing campaign for Man of Steel has shown, Zod considers the citizens of Earth to be a barrier standing between him and the son of Jor-El, and apparently has no qualms about smashing his way through ordinary humans in order to find his target.

Depending on how much you enjoy Man of Steel if you decide to see it this summer, you may want to celebrate the film by coordinating your 2014 activities on the Man of Steel calendar that was unveiled over at Superman Homepage. This general film calendar shows number of new stills, including a young General Zod in chains and a teenaged Clark Kent having a heart-to-heart conversation with his human father.


Man of Steel calendar front cover 570x522 New Man of Steel Calendar Images, National Guard & UK TV Spots

Man of Steel calendar back cover 570x522 New Man of Steel Calendar Images, National Guard & UK TV Spots

Man of Steel calendar January 558x1024 New Man of Steel Calendar Images, National Guard & UK TV Spots

If your main interest in the movie is the man in the cape, there is also a Henry Cavill-specific calendar, showing Man of Steel‘s star both in and out of his official Krypton uniform. The three main guises that we’ve seen Cavill in so far are his down-to-earth Smallville clothing, his rough “bearded wanderer” outfits, and of course the full Superman costume.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill calendar front page 570x657 New Man of Steel Calendar Images, National Guard & UK TV Spots

Man of Steel Henry Cavill calendar January 570x657 New Man of Steel Calendar Images, National Guard & UK TV Spots

Man of Steel Henry Cavill calendar back cover 570x657 New Man of Steel Calendar Images, National Guard & UK TV Spots

Though the Cavill calendar features the actor wearing a range of different costumes, so far we haven’t seen Clark in a suit or anything that would indicate a job at the Daily Planet, though there was a Daily Planet set used for the film. In a voiceover for the third trailer, Lois Lane speaks about Clark as though he is an enigma that she is investigating for a story, apparently following an incident where he uses his powers to rescue a group of people from a fire and emerge unscathed. Therefore, while the Daily Planet will definitely be making an appearance in Man of Steel as part of Lois’ story, there’s been no indication yet that Clark will begin his journalism career in this film.

Both of the calendars pictures above will be published by Day Dream and available from the Superman Homepage online store later this year. The main calendar will retail at $13.49, and the Henry Cavill calendar at $15.29.


Man of Steel is out in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: National Guard and Superman Homepage (via Collider)

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  1. This post gives me the opportunity to say that Snyder’s “Man Of Steel” trailer, all by itself, blows the whole “Superman Returns” flick to smithereens.

    • I know. Zod’s heat vision looks intense.
      And I guess that fighter jet pilot hasn’t seen the Avengers yet :)

  2. I cannot wait to get the “Man of Steel” calendar at the end of this year.

  3. This is getting better and better with every new piece they relase!!

  4. Wow! His junk is really out there. The curves are clearly visible :D

    • Ehhhh…errr…huuuhhh… well, I don’t think that’s what Snyder and Cavill were going for. But whatever floats your boat.

      MAN OF STEEL, baby…. only 5 weeks from today.

      • Just noticing. The could have easily photoshoped it out. It is a calendar after all. But who knows, maybe it’s there on purpose :D

        • LOL. OK, man.

          But the way that little smiley of yours is grinning… I’m thinking you’re REALLY gonna love MOS.

          OR, perhaps you could just wait till the porn/XXX parody comes out.

          Up, up and away……………

          • He’s gonna be Apollo to my Midnighter <3

            • Family site folks, FAMILY SITE ;)

          • lmaoooo

    • Heh, if you wanna see junk, watch Snyder’s Watchmen.

      • You sit on a throne of LIES!

      • Obviously you LIKE watching “junk” as you call it, since you have a feeble opinion of it.

        The Watchmen had a long struggle before Zack Snyder agreed to turn it into a film. Was the source material easy to work with? Hell no. That’s why so many film makers before him couldn’t tackle it.

        And Zack’s “Watchmen” holds up. It’s controversial, sure. But that controversy goes back to the original source itself.

        Snyder takes risks and for that he’s the better film maker. It was a risk taking on MOS especially after the utter failure that was “Superman Returns.” One could only imagine the pressure on his back.He took on that risk and from what has already been revealed, it seems he has won.

        Maybe you would have preferred a giant squid? If so, no wonder you like checking out a persons’s “junk.”


        • Whoa! That’s NOT what I meant.

          I was referring to “junk”, not calling Watchmen junk. I actually liked the film.

          I was responding to Mike’s original post. A friend of mine made a similar comment to Mike’s when he saw Watchmen.

          Don’t shoot the messenger! Heh.

          • Your original post was extremely misleading lol

            • Yeah, I should’ve put the “junk” in quotes, LOL.

          • @chetc

            Sorry, brother. Sincerely. But as ACW007, your first post did appear to be quite misleading, to say the least.

            You’ve cleared up what you originally meant, and I get it! Thanks for that. And for being cool about it.


      • That, or the Spartacus series from Starz. Great series with eye-candy in nearly every episode.

      • Watchmen is for people with brains.

        • HOORAY THIS COMMENT!!!!!!!!

    • ”Every man has a junk.”

      *Fokrates :P

  5. They need to start pushing this advertising. I keep telling people about the new Superman movie and they have no idea it’s even on the horizon. When I mention “Man of Steel”, the don’t even associate it with Superman.

    I’m just a little worried that it won’t reach it’s potential if the marketing isn’t right. Marvel completely saturate everything with marketing, so it’s no wonder everything they make does well. This last year or two, I’ve seen too many good films fail due to bad or lack of marketing, while godawful films with forceful advertising do great.

    • Clearly those people would not be interested in Superman anyway. Their loss.

    • I agree, although word of mouth can be a powerful thing.

    • I think the MOS advertising will kick up. Don’t forget we’re only 1 week past IM3 being released here in the US. I expect to see more coverage for MOS begin before Memorial Day. Plus IM3 was so disappointingly awful the buzz will be completely dead for that movie by Memorial Day.

    • Agreed. I hate Marvel and love DC. Despite the fact that their movies hit box office records but it doesn’t mean a thing to me. What I care about is the story, narration, the flow, elements and stuff. Not how much green paper it generates. If MOS doesn’t generate much, I strongly believe that it will become anpther cult movie rather than a so called disappointment.

  6. I respect Snyder and I do look forward to this movie, but the whole thing with the army (or whatever the heck those soldiers were) video is tacky and pointless. Just make a movie man. Forget the silly and useless statements.

  7. 5 weeks away now, just 5 weeks, And I think that’s the best Superman suit I’ve ever seen, Cavill looks perfect as him..

  8. The Intensity in Supermans face as he uses all his might to fly himself and the woman of his dreams to safety, admist impossible odds and perils IS F$%KING PRICELESS!!!!


  9. I love Snyder’s comparison of Superman to the bible, it’s so true. Superman has always been the “Jesus” of the comics, I’m glad we get to see a little bit of that on film “You will give the people of earth an ideal to strive toward. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders”. That right there could just as easily be something spoken to Jesus from God when you think about it, I love it :)

  10. Oh my does this look good! Do you folks realize how epic this movie is going to be???

    This is going to be the first time Superman has actually done battle on the screen! The first time we are going to see his powers from a realistic point of view. The king of Superheroes has NEVER had this before!

    I can’t wait and think this is going to be a movie that rates right up there with TDK, Avengers, Spiderman.

  11. There are times that I prefer him in his rural farm dude clothes or in his assumably firefighter panths and boots.

  12. I have a feeling this will be one of the all time great movies

  13. UGH…. They just HAD to do the “Superman is Jesus!” pose again…

    Look, we get it, the stories are similar. You don’t have to cram it in our faces.

    And plenty of us aren’t Christian too.

    • What does you not being christian have to do with whether the metaphor works? Sounds a little like you’re being one of the knee-jerk reactionaries instead of just doing whatever you want. I don’t poop my pants every time someone says “godlike” or whatever.

      • Agree let’s keep religion & politics away from CMB discussions. Lets focus on MOS like many I agree It looks so promising & finally getting the Superman story we been waiting for!

  14. Being Catholic I agree also, Leave the Jesus comparisons out of it thanks.

  15. I like the fact that they are not showing too much in these trailers ! MOS will be a hit im sure.

  16. I am from India. In my country most of people not preferred hollywood movies. I am in minority.
    so I don’t have any idea how much buzz it create in other people who are not following MOS from months or years.

    I am so much excited about MOS. But I want to know,

    is it’s tv spots or other promotions work for other people?
    Is it attracting enough people or create enough buzz in other big markets like USA, Canada,UK, Mexico etc.?

    • There is a buzz here in the states… absolutely. Gonna be a big one. This one looks like a “repay” flick. I saw the Dark Knight 9 times in the theater. I don’t plan on breaking that record, but I’m guessing if this movie does bank it will be from people seeing it more than once.

  17. Has no one noticed jorel in the foreground when he makes that christ like pose in space whats that about?

  18. Would someone either tell Superman about the Dry cleaner or give him some lacquer thinner to clean off that horribly dingy blue outfit???!

  19. I m looking forward to seeing this movie I hope it lives up to the hype!

  20. wow! can’t wait to see this movie.