New ‘Man of Steel’ Image: Superman and Lois Lane Strike an Iconic Pose

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Man of Steel Total Film Superman Lois Lane New Man of Steel Image: Superman and Lois Lane Strike an Iconic Pose

Warner Bros. has been keeping us on a slow drip-feed of teasers for this summer’s release of Man of Steel – directed by Zack Snyder. Despite the somewhat sombre tone of the promotional material released so far, we’ve had assurance from lead actor Henry Cavill that the film will be “realistic” but not “dark”.

At the point, it’s unclear how large a role Amy Adams’ Lois Lane will play in this latest reboot of the franchise. Canonically, Lois and Clark do not meet until they are both reporters working at The Daily Planet, and so the chances of her making an appearance before the halfway mark in an origin story are relatively slim. Adams featured only marginally in the full-length trailer for Man of Steel and didn’t appear at all in the two original teasers (though admittedly those mainly focused on Clark’s parallel career paths as a fisherman and bearded hitch-hiker). Still, judging by a new image of the super-love interests, she could feature more prominently than some might be expecting.

We’ve already seen one official image of Lois Lane in her non-nonsense reporter’s outfit, and now Total Film has revealed their Man of Steel-themed cover to promote their latest issue. Whereas most of the material released so far has focused almost exclusively on the Man of Steel himself, this image evokes the Lane-Kent dynamic that has only been hinted at so far.

Check it out below (click to enlarge):

Man of Steel Movie Superman Lois Lane 570x733 New Man of Steel Image: Superman and Lois Lane Strike an Iconic Pose

Total Film is not the only magazine to unveil an exclusive cover; this month’s copy of Empire also showcased Henry Cavill in the revamped Superman costume. Cavill is a relative newcomer, best known, prior to his Man of Steel casting, for his roles in Stardust and TV series The Tudors. Amy Adams is a more familiar face, and recently received her fourth Academy Award nomination for her role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master.

The cover – from the identical stance of the two characters to the accompanying “It’s time for a change” slogan – bears more resemblance to a presidential campaign poster than a promotional teaser for Man of Steel‘s romantic storyline. It’s definitely a striking image, and having Lois positioned forward of Clark and mimicking his traditional chin-up, shoulders-back posture is far preferable to seeing her wilting in his arms like the artwork for a romance novel.

Man of Steel will be out in theaters June 13th, but Warner Bros. already seems confident in potential for a large box office take if the rumors of a planned sequel are anything to go by. Amy Adams has remained tight-lipped on the subject of whether she’ll appear in any future Man of Steel movies, leaving a large question mark as to what her fate might be in this summer’s release.

Man of Steel hits theaters in 2D and 3D on June 13, 2013.

Source: Total Film

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  1. He sure looks the part.

    • I miss the trunks, but I can live with that – it’s not a deal breaker. I’ve worn superhero costumes and, to put it delicately, there’s a very good reason for the trunks! But they’ve worked around that well for this outfit.

      • The reason for the trunks back in the 1930s was the prevalence of “muscle men” at the circus and carnivals who wore trunks over their tights. Superman’s creators wanted to visually convey a sense of strength. These days, with no muscle-men in trunks, the trunks on Superman are not only out of date and not relatable, but they looked sorta goofy in a way.

  2. I want another trailer!!!!

    • Me too!

    • Moi aussi

  3. Reckon this movie will be a $800 mil+ success for warner.

    • 1 Billion World-wide… Superman appeals to all ages and this movie is looking pretty good so far.

      • absolutely !

  4. Looks great. I still miss the yellow/gold on the shield, but tht’s my only very minor gripe.

    • Its still yellow. the colors are a bit muted though. I heard in the movie the colors will be a bit brighter. Hopefully.

      • I know, but in all the pics so far it never really looks yellow. It’s like they keep messing with the colour tint in photoshop and make everything blue.

    • Dont worry about the lack of colours, mark my words……….

      The most epic scene in the movie will be about the suit. Zack and co hasn’t forgotten that this is Superman:)

  5. Ill second that 1 billion but just barely

  6. I still think they could have done better regarding the costume but damn, “Superman and his girlfriend” was the very first thing flashed in my mind once I saw the picture.

  7. where’s superman other hand (wink wink)

  8. Im glad they got rid of the “red undies” since they’re trying to “ground it into reality”

  9. I think this movie will be fantastic

  10. I wonder how well cavill can move in that suit.

  11. The suit looks more “plastic-y” here than it does in the trailer…

  12. Looks cool but I swear the lack of red undies or more color kind of makes his outfit look like space jammies.

    • Isnt that what thry are? Lol alien space suit compression gear.

      • No. I think you’ll find it is a Kryptonian Onesie. They were ahead of their time in Krypton, and now in 2013 they are still bang-on-trend.


  13. This is going to be epic. Ever since the last abomination they made I’ve been dying to see superman brought back to life.

  14. Where are his red underpants? Where is the s-curl on his forehead? This is not Superman- this is an impostor.

  15. Saw this image earlier. Not going to lie, I thought it was a really bad photoshop image. Yikes!

    • It doesn’t look fake, but it looks sort of dorky (him not her). It’s like the suit doesn’t fit with the “classic pose” they were going for.

  16. $500 million Domestic and around 1 billion including internationally.

    • I hope it does that well, but I wouldn’t bet on it being that high. Superman Returns didn’t even make it’s production costs back domestically. Batman Begins made around the same amount as Superman Returns (domestically again). TDK made just a little over $500 million domestically. And TDKR made almost a $100 million less than TDK. I’d say it’ll make Iron Man type money…around the $300 million mark domestically.

      • But lets face it, Superman Returns was utter gash.

        • I don’t think so… it was definitely a curveball, but a ballsy one… Don’t get me wrong, I want to see a Superman “action” film as much as anyone, but I dug what Singer tried to do, even if he missed the mark a smidge…

          • I enjoyed Superman Returns, but it was seriously lacking in the coolest part about Superman, the battles & the great, inventive ways he uses his powers to smash the enemy into submission. That, and the costume was way too weird for me.

        • If you mean “gash” as in the British slang, then I salute you for slipping that vulgarity in there. (^-^)

          • Thanks. But then I *am* British.
            Nah gash is a bit unfair. As you say Singer had a decent crack at it, but the story wasn’t up to much…

            ‘Oh look Superman, I’ve got some Kryptonite’
            ‘Gaaahh, you’re so clever Lex, damn I feel weak…. But wait, I’ve found some extra strength from somewhere!’
            Superman wins.

            I hope they’ve come up with something different.

    • It’s probably the art dept messing with the highlights/exposure etc… in photoshop. Just look at his feet. He doesn’t look like he’s connected to the floor in a realistic way.

  17. I like the imagine but it seems his arms look small for Superman. It could just be the angle though or the way it is formatted to fit on the cover. Amy Adams looks like a spectacular Lois Lane! She looks the part and I am sure she would own the part. Henry Cavill,I have only seen him in the Immortals….(…)- I honestly cannot remember but I at least remember not hating him at all. It may have just been the overall film. So hopefully he knocks out of the park-we need him to.

    The suit is something to consider. I like they are going for a more alien cloth look which make sense since it comes from the blankets that was wrapped around him when he sent to Earth. The lack of red underwear- a lot of people been saying he should lose it because it looks ridiculous but now there are some that want it back because it doesn’t seem like Superman. While I agree it takes time to get used to it, this is mostly due to having been exposed to Superman since his inception in that way. Everyone has a preconceived notion how Superman should look.

    • Do you know if this new version will still use “his suit made from alien blanket”? This rather looks like a purpose built alien space suit. Could have come with him as a child, kinda his families official clothing type deal. I’ll be honest havent read any of the new 52 stuff so font know whats been redone.

      • It’s the same as Russell Crowe’s Jor-El and Micheal Shannon’s Zod wear under there dress suits/battle suits. It’s like the base suit that a Star Wars Stormtrooper wears, only Superman doesn’t wear the armour.

        • Cool, yeah makes much more sense.

      • Have not read the books but I am guessing it is what Motoko said- its a family suit. Basically its still the cloth that is brought with him but now added importance. I think they would do a nice job at explaining it just like they explained the suit in Batman Begins.

  18. HAHAHA!!! Nice Popeye arms!!

  19. Is superman’s suit ribbed for her pleasure? Lol what the fudge. Hmm kidding aside, see if they could have done textures like this for Capt America’s modern day suit, it would have been so much better (kinda channel the scale-mail look from the comics).

    • It kinda looks like silk-screened cahin-mail pattern up close.

      • *sigh* “Chain-mail”

        • It diff for supes but I do like the added textures on it. Less spandexy feel.

  20. Will it beat The Dark Knight? Can it come closer to the quality of The Dark Knight rather than The Dark Knight Rises (which I own)? We’ll see. I thought the animated series for Superman was perfect. Also is it just me, or does the new Lois Lane not look like a Lois Lane. The animated series’ Lois Lane was perfect, hell even Superman Returns’ Lois Lane comes closer to the animated series version. But idk I’d have to see her as Lois Lane. But overall based on a looks perspective she looks more like Lana Lang.

  21. He looks the part. Amy Adams doesn’t look so much like Lois, but she is a good actress so I figure she’ll do just fine. I’m very excited to see this movie…my most anticipated of 2013!

  22. Man that pic looks cheeeezie! But can’t wait for the movie!

  23. I love Amy Adams!

    • +1

  24. So.. Clark Kent won’t wear glasses in this one ?
    That’s a bummer, I thought this movie would make all us “four eyes” sexy

  25. this looks so cool!!!

  26. Cheezy picture. I’m not a fan of the suit, or Amy Adams as Lois Lane, but I can live with ALL of that if they just give me a good Suprman movie and a good story. Like I’ve said all along, I want this movie to do well, but I am just not convinced its going to be all that good.

    • @Stark

      What’s wrong with Amy Adams as Lois Lane? I like Amy Adams in anything…