Superman Toy Promos Out ‘Man of Steel’ Movie Spoilers: Zod’s ‘Black Zero’ Revealed

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Man of Steel Movie Spoilers Superman Toy Promos Out Man of Steel Movie Spoilers: Zods Black Zero Revealed

Now that Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has come to a close, fans of DC Comics are scrutinizing every small detail of Warner Bros.’ next high-profile comic adaptation, Man of Steel, to see if Zack Snyder will deliver a worthy Superman movie – as well as successfully kickoff a DC shared movie universe. Nolan’s approach to Batman, as a grounded crime drama, helped bring in movie fans who might have otherwise been turned off by masked vigilantes and caped crusading; however, Superman, an alien being who can fly and shoot focused heat waves out of his eyeballs, is a little trickier to adapt.

Despite unparalleled enthusiasm for the character, Superman’s big and small screen adventures are dotted in a mishmash of enjoyable, campy, and downright problematic adaptations – resulting in a lot of anxiety about how Snyder will approach the character. The Man of Steel teaser hinted at another grounded take on the property but, if new “official” commercial spoilers are to be believed, the director is also set to deliver plenty of over-the-top trouble for Superman to manage.

It goes without saying that the rest of this article will contain potential SPOILERS for Zack Snyder’s Superman film, Man of Steel. If you are attempting to avoid Man of Steel story details, we advise you to turn away now.



The reported story spoilers come in the form of two new Superman toy commercials that feature Zod, a robotic army, and a Black Zero spaceship. While the toy spots do contain shots of Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, they are official internal promos (pause either video in the first second and you’ll see the production info) and directly reference Superman’s next return in Man of Steel. These are internal promos, not TV spots, and none of the promoted toys are available until 2013.

You can check out both commercials (via Bleeding Cool) below:

The first promo doesn’t give any new info but the second one may have outed a couple major plot spoilers – a robotic army and Zod’s Black Zero. We previously heard speculation about Black Zero in leaked titles for upcoming Man of Steel LEGO playsets. At the time, we mentioned that several Black Zero references appear in Superman comic book history: A space saboteur, a Kryptonian military force commanded by Ursa (a.k.a. Faora, who will appear in Man of Steel), and an intelligent computer virus, among others. The commercial directly references Black Zero as Zod’s spaceship – though, it appears as though there’s more to Black Zero than simply transporting Zod (and/or his robotic army). Zod is shown “plugged” into the vehicle at the end of the spot – adding fuel to speculation that Black Zero could also be related to Michael Shannon’s rumored CGI armor.

It’s unclear whether the robot army depicted in the promo will actually be included in the final film – or merely serve as faceless enemies for the toy line. However, tied to the Faora/Black Zero connection, it’s looking more and more like Snyder intends to deliver a full-on Kryptonian invasion, relying on a variation of the Ursa-led military force, with Black Zero robotic minions overseeing the assault (and providing plenty of generic bad guys for Superman to dispatch). The Avengers utilized a similar tactic, with the Chitauri army, allowing the superhero team to kill-off hundreds of bad guys in a variety of cool set-pieces – without distracting from the core Loki super villain story.

Black Zero Man of Steel Superman Toy Promos Out Man of Steel Movie Spoilers: Zods Black Zero Revealed

Similarly, a generic army of dangerous robots will allow Superman to showcase all of his cool superpowers without ruthlessly tearing through humanoid Kryptonian invaders. Automatons would be a smart variation, given that traditional Kryptonian Black Zero operatives would a) complicate things by acquiring the same powers as Superman and b) occupy a moral grey area (merely following Zod’s orders) -  where as nobody bats an eye when hundreds of synthetic robots meet their end.

As a result, when it’s time for this new, edgier, Superman to bring actual pain, it’ll likely be face to face with an established super villain, Zod (likely buffed with Black Zero armor), in a more intimate one-on-one battle.


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Man of Steel will be arriving in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Interesting.

  2. I’m not the biggest Superman fan but I am really confident Zack Snyder can pull this off. I mean this is the guy who made 300 and Watchmen. I though Sucker Punch was good as well. But I think Man of Steel will be a success and hopefully lead into more films. I want Hawkman and Aquaman and Flash and a better Green Lantern movie.

    • Dawn of the Dead remake was one of the few remakes I actually admire.

  3. If there is a Flash film, I hope they chose Barry, and go with say, a few of the Rouges, maybe even Gorilla Grodd?

    • Thats probably the toughest concept about a Flash movie is the villains. Captain Cold is too much like Mr Freeze and the rest of his foes just sound campy. Weather Wizard, Fiddler, Golden Glider, Mirror Master and even Gorilla Grodd. I suppose Reverse Flash could work but who knows. And I would vote Barry Allen for the film even though I love Wally West.

      • Flash is a hard sell anyway in my view cause his power is pretty much just running really fast. I think most guys would agree that being super fast isn’t at the top of their agenda when it comes to superpowers.

        The others could be pretty cool but a costumed Usain Bolt in today’s generation would have to be extremely well written to work out.

        • Aquaman: But I, AQUAMAN, would be a hit amongst the sea critters with my movie!
          Spiderman: Fish do not have money to buy tickets.
          Superman: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! The only reason we keep Aquaman around is when we need a scapegoat!
          Martian Manhunter: Remember when Batman broke that window in LexCo when we were playing baseball and we blamed him?
          Flash: Why do we even keep him around?
          Aquaman: You guys are so mean! I am telling!
          Deadpool: Telling?… You are seriously gonna tell? Who? The guy reading this?
          Batman: Who? What are you talking about?
          Deadpool: Nevermind.
          Iron Man: Give the guy a break, he might be a degenerate, but he is kinda funny sometimes.
          Aquaman: Thank you Iron Man.
          Nick Fury: Aquaman, you are as useless as my eye patch, it’s not like I can see any better with it on.
          Aquaman: (sob)
          Captain America: I was like you once, soldier. Until I got my chance to have powers, one day, your chance might come to. (pats Aquaman’s back)
          Aquaman: I already have powers, I talk to fish and can breathe underwater.
          (Everyone looks at Aquaman, expecting that he is saving the best power for last)
          Nick Fury: Thats it?
          Deadpool: Can I kill this guy yet?
          Wonder Woman: Wanna draw straws for it?

          • Haha!

            That’s one of those youtube videos like “Rorschach & Deadpool” or such using the action figures isn’t it?

            If not, reminds me of those.

            • @ Dazz – I just made that up in a few short minutes. Maybe I should make one of those skits?

              The only thing that is hard when doing these conversations with all those characters is knowing what they would say, like Deadpool breaking the fourth wall. But making fun of Aquaman is easier then going to the bathroom after eating Taco Bell ;)

          • Deadpool: Telling?… You are seriously gonna tell? Who? The guy reading this?
            Batman: Who? What are you talking about?
            Deadpool: Nevermind.

            ahahaha funniest thing ever.

            • @ Dylan – Thanks.

              @ Dazz – It is not a youtube thing like that, kinda sounds like it would be, but I swear that I made that up in a few short minutes. I just think of a few characters and have them all make fun of Aquaman, once you do that, all you have to do is think of what those characters would say. Like Deadpool breaking the fourth wall. Or the thing I wrote yesturday it really is easy to make fun of Aquaman, and its fun :)

            • I agree.

          • That was genius AQUAMAN!!!


        • New 52 Flash will work. Even WW or Aquaman from the New 52 versions would make awesome movies.

          • And that’s what WB is going for. Man of Steel is based of the new 52 Superman…

      • Have you ever noticed all of Flash’s rogues use alliteration in their names

    • I want the Flash (Barry Allen) against the Reverse-Flash, Professor Zoom. Now that would be a great evenly-matched fight for sure!

  4. My first thought was “Meh”… but I think it’ll probably be better than the last one.

    Superman isn’t my favorite, but I will give it a chance if it’s on par with most comic book movies nowadays.

  5. Are those toy promos a joke?


      They aren’t TV ads or meant for public consumption. They are temporary demos to showcase the products to other internal departments, suppliers, collaborating companies, etc.

      • Yeah I got that but come on they are still pretty horrendous toys, a mini stretch Armstrong and a catapult thing?! Really? That’s the best Mattell could come up with?

        • i absolutely agree, awful toys!

  6. [Removed by Moderator]

    • Dammit, I fell for it :(

      • Good thing you put up a flag.. I almost clicked on the darn link. Did you get Rick Roll’d? :)

        • Cool Story Bro!

  7. Zod’s Black Zero spaceship, likely Kryptonian invasion — me likely.
    Those are cooler Superman toys than I had. I want a Flight Speeder.

    Yes, I just might by one :D

  8. Here’s to Man of Steel. Hopefully this brings us Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman films– which, contrary to popular belief, can be done.

  9. I am still not sold on the reboot. I like that they will concentrate on superman’s strengths and actually have him fight on screen. But they plan to make it realistic and stand alone and not include anything super natural. So we still won’t see Darkseid, brainaic, parasite or Doomsday anytime soon in the movies. I not excited for Chris Nolan to have anything to do with the movie. I definitely don’t want him to touch any more DC movies.
    We need the DC characters: Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, Flash, Aquaman etc.

    After I see Man of Steel and its sequel, I judge the new franchise. I thin DC will fail it it doesn’t get solo movies to go along Justice League movie. We may never see Justice League or Batman/Superman movie due to Christopher Nolan and WB big wigs which is sad.

    • Realism meaning, what if he was in OUR world now as it is. They said that recently in interviews. It can’t be realism as they did in Nolan’s batman movies else Supes would have no powers. Yes there is a chance you can see his other Super powered foes but with real world effects eg. If Darkseid invades cities might be destroyed etc.

      • Doomsday could work in a sequel to man of steel. Brainiac could work also as long as they play up the advance alien science experiment angles of both characters. Metallo would also be good to see maybe in attition to another villan. And where’s Lex Luthor because we all know he’s gonna show up as a villain sooner than later. Question is is Lex gonna use his power armor or is he just gonna be his usual intelegent manipulative self.

  10. I assume (and hope) everything we saw in these promos is VERY loosely connected to Man of Steel. Similar to all of Batman’s gadgets for TDKR toy line, which had nothing to do with the film.

  11. No really………….. Are you kidding me……… when will we see the real Toys. When did action figures and toys become so gaypher as my 9 year old boy would say. He watched this toy line with me and could not believe how bad these toys sucked. When did superman need some sort of craptation to help him fly they can’t be serious about releasing these toys & what about the other one with the stretch-armstorg like arms, when did Mr. Fantastic become Superman? Is this phase six of the Marvel / DC crossover are we going to have a Amalgram comic book movie that morphs The fantastistic Four with the Justice league…………… How far are we gonna take this. These toys need to be banned and burned and destroyed so no child should have to play with them. It is embarrassing that Mattel has gone this route give us toys like we grew up on real action figures for real boys not toys made for girls.

    • You realize that they (like ALL movie toy marketers) are just showing an initial toy release that has nothing to do with the Movie Masters action figure line or various other toys, models, costuming pieces, props, etc. that Mattel will likely release, right? This type of stuff will come out to showcase the appeal to younger kids (who will, hopefully, bug their parents to get them and see the film). As weeks pass and the film arrives and shows, more toys will be released…many will be goofy, weird, or just plain bad; many will be fantastically cool “must-haves” and collectibles.

      I do not say any of this because I am ANY sort of marketing expert; I say this because this has happened endless times before for lines from Transformers to G.I. Joe to Masters of the Universe…to the Nolan Batman trilogy. The first toys out of the gate are quite often bizarre or horrid, followed by amazingly brilliant toys.

      Would I buy the stretchy Superman toys, myself? Nah…they seemed silly TO ME. I can see where some younger kids and some collectors/completists WOULD want them.

      Keith…you, of course, know your son very well. You were watching these vids with him…I’ll bet you were bad-mouthing the products and laughing/pointing/angrily gesticulating/whatever. Your son saw this. Maybe, that influenced his reaction. Maybe, not. Maybe, when one of his friends brags about having gotten some early bird MOS release and how cool it is (whether one of these or something altogether different and surprising, since we cannot judge the toyline(s) based purely on these teases) and shows it to your son, he will forget his previous complaints and BEG you to get him the same thing. Maybe, he’ll stick to his guns. Children are NOTHING if not mercurial in their beliefs and wants…

      Likely (based on previous Mattel film lines), there will be other things coming out before, along with,and/ or immediately after the aforementioned stretchy toys…which,BTW, are at least trying to give the current generation of kids a play feature they may not be familiar with but might enjoy…maybe.

      I expect a nine year-old to react passionately about a toy preview…NOT an adult. We really have NO idea about the toys that will come out…Chill.

      • Hello Archaeon, I take it as an insult that you would think I would do what you said above and influence my child that way. He is a very smart and at 9 is already an expert in toys old and knew. I sat there and did not say a word and was quite and let him watch the clips and then when he was finished IO asked him what did he think – all those words were his alone no influence what so ever from me and no proding. Give Kids some credit they can think on thier own with out an Adults thoughts.

        • Keith…

          I’m sorry you saw it as insulting since that was NOT my intent. I merely offered a possible scenario based on the fact that children, in fact, ARE quite observant and smart and often pick up on things we ourselves do not realize about our reactions (both verbal AND physical)…and respond to those things. THIS I know from personal experience, as does anyone who raises and/or deals with kids in any capacity. Again, I find your last statement curious since I was actually saying the same thing you were about children.

          The bigger issue, however, is still the fact that he has an excuse to react with great emotion…that is what children do. YOU should not be frothing at the mouth about a sneak peak at some toys…

          • I am a big kid at heart – and yes you have caused an emotional reaction out of me because you did (although you say not) attacked my kid. What are you some Psych major? What gives you the right to Judge me and my Kid on the way we act, feel and respond to certain issues (in this case toys) apparantly you have issues knowing what children would or not play with, and what adults and kisds both find cool in the collectable market. If anything Mattel should hir my kid to tell them the truth about thier God Awful toy line of Superman they are coming out with and fie thier creative consultent and hire my son to better their products and bottom line profits.

            • Keith…

              Clearly, you are never going to understand that I was attacking neither you nor your child. I ws merely making two points about: 1.overreactions without enough information and 2.acting like an adult vs. acting like a child (when you’re an adult). Since arguing with is pointless, I’ll just apologize and move on…

              • Now your being ugly and nasty by calling me stupid for not understanding. You have some real issues my friend. I do understand more clearly then you think and I understand an insult and put down when I see them. Just because some one may not live up to your standards or life does not mean that you may belittle them and think lower of others, Don’t put yourself on such a high pedistal. You know, I know, my son knows, and the rest of the world knows who ever see’s the toy line that Mattel is presenting is a sad line and should not be released. Al Mattel has to lose is profits from not making a well made toy and making some crap that no one wants or will buy. Yes they may sell some but I guarentee theis toy line will sit on the toy shelves for a while with no sales and head straight to the clearance items is all I am saying.

                • Keith…

                  Seriously, is something wrong with you? I neither stated nor implied ANY sort of nastiness or insult. I did not claim ANY sort of superiority or excess of knowledge; I would NEVER judge a father-son relationship. READ what I actually wrote, understand that this is exactly what I meant, and…grow up.


                • BTW…

                  I read recently that Mattel actually posted a healthy profit; they seem to be doing okay in terms of knowing what will sell and what won’t. Why will you not simply wait and see more of and about the releases before shooting down EVERYTHING upcoming?

                  Just a suggestion for some patience…

                  • Well be honost with yourself if no one else. The fact is Crap sells. You are right. That is how a lot of company’s make thier money and a lot of people. I guess I am just jeolous that I can not sell crap like that and make a profit and have to settle for being unemployed and watching companies like mattel you are correct make crap toys to get mother’s and fathers who can not afford them to buy them, just so 10 minutes later they end up in a bucket never to be played with again. At least give the kids a good quality decent made looking toy – that years down the road a kid still will pick up and play with if best this are disposable toys and you know it also other wise you would not argue the point. I am struggling to buy my son good toys for christmas not that crap mattel is promoting and no father or mother should be subjected to inferior toys of superman for thier children to play with.

                    • Keith…

                      I have been nothing BUT honest in my comments and responses.

                      I DO, however, agree with you in one regard: Crap sells…it always will. There will always be people who happily buy whatever is put out on the market, and companies will continue to take advantage of that fact to make their profits. On a good note though, quality ALSO sells. You and your son may not like these first-revealed Mattel MOS products (for my part, I think they’re interesting, but I have no interest in owning them), but others might enjoy them. Nobody knows for sure right now. In any event, Mattel (just like Hasbro, Playmates, Bandai, or ANY toymaker) has had its share of stinkers. They likely will for MOS, as well. They, however, have produced MANY wonderful figures, et al, for the DCU. I see no reason they will not continue that trend with MOS.

                      THAT was my initial point.

    • BTW…Many adults DID grow up with Stretch Armstrong-type toys, so your last statement is curious indeed.

  12. I’m so exited this iconic character is back

  13. The exploders look a lot cooler, I’m a teenager and I want one lol. If I were Michael Shannon id feel bad that they made me look like that for an action figure

  14. I must say, I really dig that they based Zod’s look on his original comic book appearance (sans hair, mustache & beard). Looking forward to it. =)

    • Not that there’s anything wrong with facial hair, but he does have more of a militaristic look now.

  15. Here’s a website for you


    Enjoy it!

    • Now I look like a spammer. Vic, can you just delete these two posts. :)

  16. so, a stretch -superman toy. i thought this toys were dead since the 70s.

  17. I’m not such a big DC comics fan so can someone breifly explain the Black Zero concept to me and I guess any of the other stuff like that the article mentioned? (I do read alot of comics though so you don’t have to go into great detail, I can pick up on the concept from a general discription)