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Man of Steel Zod Heat Vision Man of Steel Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Man of Steel review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers for Man of Steel without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Man of Steel special episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Man of Steel for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film, its ending and all its surprises!

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Man of Steel is now in theaters. It is 143 minutes long and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language.

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  1. people come onnnnnnnnnnnn collateral damage comes as a price being a rookie to saving the world…..shnder said he is a rookie and we know rookies dont give a damn they go head first! mos 2 will have better collateral control trust me so give supes some slack and stop pretending batman hasnt done the same running over cop cars etc. lmao

  2. one more thing villians for the next film…i perfer braniac alone…with lex aiding him…and to end the trifecta fuse the two together and destroy s*** man i want to see montains crumble,earthquakes,fights underwater….but stay out of space lmao pleasssssse

  3. Anybody know why the Air Force men and women were wearing ACU (ARMY Combat Uniform)? A mistake or blatant disregard?

    • Except Captain Farris at the end.

    • It was disregard. They looked military so accuracy didn’t matter. Just like no explanation why the only suit in a 20K year old space ship happen to have Kal-El’s family crest on it. Sloppy.

      • The suit was the traditional house of El suit, everyone wore it. The people on that ship were going to wear it and that’s why it was there, not because of a sloppy script.

        • Wasn’t the suit there in the same way Jor-El was…from the Kryptonian ‘Thumb Drive’ shaped like the S. I’m sure it could have fabricated the suit

      • No – the suit with the ‘El ‘ crest in the crashed ship is a piece of story continuity. Check out the prequel comic for that particular tidbit.

      • Didnt you hear Jor-El say that he DESIGNED that ship and it was HIS. That’s why it landed there 20,000 years ago. In another words he knew that his home world was doomed and pretty much him and his wife were going to go to that planet and start fresh so he more and likely designed that suit for himself not Kal-El. So with that said after he died and all his memories went into the key of the ship that got Kal-El to Earth it happened that his son was now supposed to don the suit. So there is your answer. That wasn’t sloppy. It was perfect.

        • what movie were you watching he didnt design it OR say he did.. he wasnt even born then &he didnt know about earth prior to findong out about instability in Kryptons core.. pay attention dude

          the suit is an old version of the original expansionis age El uniform before the great “recall” & isolationist period

        • Jor-El DESIGNED Zod’s “ship,” not the 20.000 years ship. I believe that’s according to the movie I’ve watched.

        • “So there is your answer.”

          Except that isn’t at all what was in the movie.

          The scout ship that landed 18,000 years ago was a House of El ship, yes. Jor-El didn’t design it, he designed the Black Zero prison ship Zod & friends were in.

          The scout ship was sent as part of Krypton’s colonizing program, it was not intended for Jor-El and Lara. Jor-El and Lara wasn’t even born when those ships were sent out. The suit also wasn’t meant for Jor-El, it was standard attire for the House of El colonists that were asleep the ship.

      • The ship obviously belonged to the House of EL. It doesn’t take a genius to solve that.

  4. The movie was simply fantastic and it’s brilliant to see its 113 million opening weekend. People may be divided but Man Of Steel achieved it’s primary target of giving us an epic Superman for the modern era.

    I will agree that the great spectacle and the pace was almost too much at times.

    The Johnathan Kent death scene despite the use of a tornado didn’t have the impact one would’ve thought. Especially since Clark really could’ve saved him. The 1978 version was far more subtle and emotional and heartbreaking as there is nothing that Clark can do.

    I think the military were too involved in the battle at the end. I realise that 40 mins plus all action alien invasion assault is now the morn for blockbusters, but I think Superman should’ve single handledly taken the enemies down. Also the worm, metal serpent thing that Supes was fighting was too confusing to watch and not really exciting. That bit should’ve been taken out.

    I think they did miss the world saving element of Superman, Could done with some scenes of him saving people just after his first flight. Replacing the some of the battle scenes would’ve made the movie flow a lot better.

    But some flaws aside it was still the best summer blockbuster this year, way superior to Iron Man 3 showing how much better it is when superheroes are taken seriously.

    I do think a big opportunity has been missed with no after credits scene. Man Of Steel was supposed to also at the very least hint the way forward for the Justice League. The fact that neither TDKR or MOS did this just shows that there is no clear cut plan to build up to the Justice League movie with solo character films.

    It’s even more apparent now that we will just get the Justice League movie straight away.

    • Its the best yet your whole post points out the flaws?

      How is it taken seriously say over The Avengers? Just because a movie has ‘one liners’ and brief acts of levity does not mean it is not serious.

      Heck I have a very serious job but we have time in our lives to have fun on occasion.

      What did you like about the movie that out weighed the flaws you pointed out?

  5. So Zod wants to terraform earth…. Because he doesn’t like super powers?

    Supermans dad died saving a dog? ? They seriously couldn’t put a kid instead?

    Great movie. But I did get very bored with all the fight scenes. At the end I was like “come on, is it over yet?”

    • No –
      again, Zod wants to terraform earth to begin the new Krypton. That’s all he cares about. Protecting Krypton and her people is what he was bred to do. He says so several times.

    • 0I understand the idea that it’s only a dog Jonathan dies for, however, I think it is bigger than that. He died protecting Clark’s powers from being discovered.

      • Yes, but i agree with NiceGuy, Jhonathan kent’s death is so stupid, he deserved a more dignifying death than just saving a dog’s life, they wanted to make it dramatic but it looks so lame, and he was one of the characters i liked most in the movie. Zod’s excuse of terraforming earth, sounds lame too, but he came from a planet with a super-elitist society, being him one of the most extreme representation of that society, so it can be accepted that he want to rebuild Krypton only with Kryptonyans. OH! and i didn’t like the church part neither, like this new Pete Ross, i think that he looked so silly. The end let me thinking a lot, i don’t know if i liked it or not, it’s one of superman’s most strong values the one that he broke, but maybe he wont kill again from now on. Besides that, i really liked the movie and enjoyed a lot, in fact i’m going to see it again this week.

  6. Just got back from seeing the movie. Personally, I don’t think comparing the 1978 version of Superman with Man of Steel works in any way, shape or form. Each has its place, but I think Man of Steel addresses an issue that should have occurred to everyone who read the comics way back when (and I go back to the 50′s personally when I say that). Superman is an alien. A good example of the problem shows up with Lois Lane is the ’78 version: “Oh, you’re from Krypton. How is that spelled?” Here’s the most world-shattering news she’s ever encountered, and she just wants to know how Krypton is spelled (and she didn’t miss the opportunity to get into his vital statistics). The biggest flaw I saw in Man of Steel was probably not a flaw in reality, but Jor-El chooses to preserve a failed system with the Codex? He’d already rejected it. Why save it? The best explanation I can think of falls back on why he didn’t try to save himself. “We’re part of a failed system.” He was so much a part of it he couldn’t let it go, just as Zod was programmed to do what he did. Overall, I enjoyed the heck out of this one (just as I did the 78 version back in 78).

    • Maybe Jor-El knew the codex would make Kal-El tougher than usual

    • Jor-El also lashes out at Zod when Zod implies that they should choose which bloodlines would be allowed to continue on a saved/new Krypton. So, I don’t think he’s rejecting the codex system completely; it ostensibly contains those same bloodlines, and even “choosing” none of them would be akin to Zod’s approach… I think he was more inspired by the idea of freeing the individual people within those bloodlines to choose the direction of their life – as opposed to it being pre-planned.

    • I agree. It’s about time they seriously addressed the ‘Alien in the room.’

    • he didnt preserve the failed system.. the systems flaws were in its rigid execution &lack of choice involved..

      what Jor El did was different…he actually imbued his son with the gentic potential of his entire species.. THINK about that for a minute.

      when/if Kal El gains the ability &inclination to continue the Kryptonian race.. it will be his choice &his blood/genetic material will be more than rich enough to carry out the task.

  7. I wish Hanz Zimmer would do a soundtrack for Marvel one time, i just could only just dream.

    • Only for Spiderman. Why? I will leave you to guess…

  8. This is a well written, balanced review.
    I have made it public of my excitement over the film after watching the film in the advanced screening of the world premier and after watching the film again midnight premier in IMAX 3D I must say that while my issues in the film are still present, I enjoyed it even more the second time!

    I personally believe Man of Steel is the type of film that benefits from multiple viewings. The more I think about the film, the more I like it. I think that while the film has received an aggregate mixed reviews, over time people in general well like the film more.

    Man of Steel is not without issues and I can definitely agree with the more reasonable negative reviews in terms of some of the technical aspect of the film or execution of some of the stories idea that should have played out in a more cohesive, effective way. However, I feel that some of these issues only prevent the film from being better than actually harming the film greatly as what some critics make it seem.

    Pa Kent was right- the world is not ready for this Superman. In time, I firmly believe that people would accept the film which, while not perfect, finally brought Superman in a bigger way that embraces the character’s essence and mythology.

    Man of Steel is not the Superman film we needed, but the one we deserved.

    Man of Steel finally embraces a serious take of the character from the comic books and animated series, and shreds away the sillier concept of the character. I feel most may not like the film, on a superficial level, because this incarnation of Superman is not necessarily the one people know and recognized. People are not always willing to changes and new direction.

    The acting is phenomenal.
    The score is powerful.
    The action sequences were spectacular and exciting, the quieter moments are heartfelt and emotional.
    The action and scale in the film is massive and relentless.

    The film could have played out more the trials of Kal-El becoming a beacon of hope and the aftermath of the biggest destruction and collateral damage seen on film. Some of the pacing and editing has definite hiccups in places. The character development is subtle and expressed through action or expression with the side character commenting on the actual thematic journey of Superman.

    The film has a great mix of thematic elements, grounded character exploration, and comic book mayhem. Superman is still a beacon of hope in a modern context. The film is the Superman that not everyone expected, whether they wanted something closer to Donner or preconceived notions of what the film should have been, but despite a need “polishing up”, Man of Steel brings to life a true interpretation Superman that is fresh, timely, and exciting.

    I would like to go into a more details and have been wanting to post my thoughts earlier, but this is good for now.

    Man of Steel is the best and true Superman to date and a step into the right direction for WB/DC.
    4.5 out of 5
    9 out 10

    • Archer,
      I second everything you said. It is sad that most if not all of the critics out there don’t ‘get’ this Superman. But, as you alluded to, the critics comparing MOS to the Reeve/Superman franchise are the proverbial apples and oranges.

      I would like to point out that this is the best version I have ever seen of Lois on the big screen. I was very skeptical of the casting of Amy when I first heard the news but with in ten minutes of her on screen I was sold. Teri has a special place in my heart as THE Lois but Erica has given here a run for her money. But I have to admit there is a chance that in the MOS2 Amy might when out.

      I also still have my issues, but I’m going to go see it again to really look at some of the harder scenes with the surprise induced cringing…

    • Here Here

  9. No idea why people keep saying, “Not as good as the Avengers.” Of course it’s not, IT’S AN ORIGIN STORY! Was Iron Man 1 as good as the Avengers? God no. Was Thor 1 as good as the Avengers? Definitely not. The Avengers was so good because of the ANTICIPATION! You were slowly drawn in by the individual movies and then BOOM! Avengers explodes in your face with awesomeness. Man of Steel was so incredibly phenomenal, but when Justice League comes out, THAT’S what needs to be compared to Avengers. Man of Steel should be compared to Thor and Captain America and Iron Man, not an epic film including ALL THE MAJOR MARVEL SUPERHEROES.

    By the way, Man of Steel blows all origin stories out of the water, so so so amazing.

    • Of course Iron Man 1 wasn’t as good as Avengers:

      Iron Man 1 is FAR GREATER than Avengers, and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t agree with me there.

      • IM1 was pretty good but come on…..The big lebowski was the villain…not a good casting choice on that one.

    • This film gushed with epic-ness, and I’m sure now that DC is aiming for all their superhero movies to do the same, as opposed to their more comic booky counterparts in Marvel. Honestly, it is hard to pick between each approach, but comparing Man of Steel to THE BEST origin of the MCU, Iron Man, IMO, Man of Steel was better. Maybe because I preferred the epic tone, but it all comes down to taste.

      I can’t wait to see Darkseid on the big screen anyways!

  10. Ive watched MOS once allready and plan to go see it again, even with its sloppy script it was still an enjoyable film to watch. Out of 10 i would give it a 7. Dont read too much into RT reviews, go and see it for yourself.

  11. I enjoyed the movie, but, was I watching, The matrix revolutions, transformers and superman. There is a lot of good with this movie. BUT, I agree it was closer to the superman we wanted but not quite the one that I thought we were going to get. Superman, and Henry Cavill were perfect, the rest of the script is suspect

  12. if the oxygen on earth is rich and gives superman his strength and what not, how can he fly in space?

    • It’s not oxygen that gives the fuel for Superman’s powers; it’s the sun.

      And Clark has been on Earth for so long that his body adjusted to the atmosphere. Ma Kent even says when he arrived as a baby, he had a REALLY tough time breathing (floating in space, no atmosphere to adjust to, not enough time spent on Krypton). Zod’s ship was set for Kryptonian atmosphere and Clark’s body was settling itself into that pressure.

    • Our sun gives superman his power not the oxygen, jor-el mentioned that our sun is younger and smaller giving kal-el his super human power

      • Did you even watch the movie? Jor-El mentioned the Sun, and the atmosphere, as well as the gravity of Earth giving his son power. Also when Superman is on Zod’s ship, they weaken him by pumping Kryptonian atmosphere into the room, and they said “oh yeah the sun’s energy is also blocked inside this ship.”

        So yeah, in Man of Steel the atmosphere plays a part in Superman’s powers.

    • Our sun gives superman his power not the oxygen, his father mentioned that our sun is younger and smaller giving super man his super human power

  13. Superman killing??? Shocking stuff for any Superman. Does it fit with the “realistic” sensibilities of this production? Probably, but collateral damage is one thing, openly killing an individual even when there appeared to be no other choice (which is debatable) is another. Will any sequel be willing to explore the consequences of a Superman who has directly killed someone?

    • I think you will see any future MOS appearances dealing with that very issue front and center.

      Two things: Kal/Clark has spent his entire life up to this point struggling to “keep his cool” at the advice of Pa Kent. For many good reasons. So you could say, under the circumstances he faced at that moment, he just couldn’t hold himself back any longer and a lifetime of frustration “came to a head.”
      Pa didn’t want Clark to reveal his powers to save him from the tornado. But with Zod he wasn’t under that secrecy restriction and more importantly he could not bear to see people die he was capable of saving. Can any of us imagine the inner conflict Kal was feeling at that moment? Add to this the fact that we were seeing what a real-life Superman might do in a real-world situation. Were there other options? Perhaps, but maybe we were seeing what living under human influences for 33 years, both good and bad, can do to someone. Superman, the quintessential alien, showed us his human side. That he had feelings for others, love, respect and fear. In the end he was scared and perhaps a bit desperate. He did what he felt he had to do in that split second.

      Second: Lesson learned. I think this act will be the catalyst for Superman to forever more do whatever he can not to deliberately cause death for anyone, good or bad. Kal is glad he saved innocent lives but the fact he killed Zod to do it will weigh heavy on his heart and mind. So much of Pa’s advice is now coming to full realization in his mind.

      All this can be a good thing for MOS 2 if they touch on it just enough to let the audience know it is a factor. But the key is don’t dwell on it. And then NEVER bring it up again in anything else.

      • Hard to believe there was much of an inner conflict over killing Zod, when zod and supes just spent about 25 minutes destroying downtown metropolis and killing who knows how many hundreds or thousands of innocent people.

        • The key thing is that this wasn’t collateral damage, this wasn’t accidental, this wasn’t manslaughter. This was murder: he deliberately chose to kill a sentient being. That has more of an impact on a person, morally speaking, than accidentally causing deaths. Also, those other deaths would not have happened had Zod not chosen to pick a bone with Superman. Blaming Superman for those deaths is ridiculous, even if he was to blame. How many people do you think died in Dark Knight Rises because Bane had an issue with Batman? The same with the Dark Knight and Joker. Technically, the hero is to blame in all of these cases (i.e. without the hero, they wouldn’t have happened), but he didn’t pick that fight. He just couldn’t walk away. In one of DC’s Authority storylines, there is an interesting remark: we saved more people than we killed, and that has to be good enough. They actually reflect on the damage they cause, and decide (as we all should) that it was better than it would otherwise have been.

          • I’ve seen it twice, and Superman didn’t have a choice. If he didn’t end it there, he would’ve had to eventually. Zod wasn’t going to stop. He said so. Supes begged him to stop and he didn’t comply.
            If someone breaks into your home, and you shoot that person in the leg or arm, and that person keeps coming…you go for the head. End of story. Superman did GREAT here.

          • thats not murder. thats justifiable homicide, killing someone who is about to kill many others. I, and most normal people, would have no problem killing Zod under those circumstances. But i would by sick in my soul if i caused the death of hundreds of innocent humans by knocking down buildings in a fight with Zod. that is why Superman’s crying out in whatever emotion after killing zod seemed so ridiculous.

          • It was not murder,it was a justifiable killing of a tyrant bent on genocide and directly threatening the lives of a family.

            If you kill a person who threatens the lives of your family,its not murder.If a cop kills
            a suspect who pulls a gun on him,its not murder,if a soldier kills an enemy in war,its not murder.

            All the above examples are protected forms of justifiable homocide that have been held up in case law.

        • how do you KNOW he killed thousands of ppl? i didnt SEE anyone killed in their fight? i saw a bunch killed when the Black Zero engaged the gravity drill.. but none when they were battling.. my assumption being the city had mostly been evacuated as soon as the ship showed up & was left with mostly skeleton population (reporters, stragglers etc)

          initiate some common sense he tried to control the fight asmuch as he could he wasnt running around crushing ppl intentionally.. their battleground was prettymuch the graveyard already created by the ship

          • I think it unrealistic that only a few were killed by the battle. It is certainly true that Zod’s ship killed many when the terraforming began and not many could have evacuated that quickly afterwards. With entire buildings falling and multitudes of other debris raining down many surely died.

            Superman cannot be held accountable for that simply because he was attempting to stop the destruction as best he could. Not trying to beat a dead horse here but remember this is supposed to be a more realistic take on the character and his universe. Bad things are going to happen. Even Superman can’t be everywhere at once to save every individual from every calamity.

            This is the Superman movie I have been waiting 50 years for. Sure it has a few flaws but I am so glad that this version has been made. I am one of those who think comic book heroes need to be done seriously to work as a live action film. There are many examples now that prove it, at least to me.

            That doesn’t mean a little humor can’t be injected. I have very much enjoyed the Marvel movies and most have been done well. I thought Ironman 3 dropped the ball a bit, however. Only Tony’s snarkiness saved the day. But that only goes so far. I thought Green Lantern was ok…a little more entertaining than most give it credit for. But I do think it tried to be a little too cute overall. I hate comic based films that get campy and cheesy and try to be overly humorous and light-hearted.

            This may sound a bit strange but I want to see comic characters taken seriously in film even though the premise is outrageous.
            I don’t want to see comic book storytelling done live action. If I want “comic book” entertainment, I’ll read a comic book or watch an animated film both of which I enjoy immensely.

            For me Man of Steel has set a new bar for comic action done live action. I think Henry Cavill is and will be a great Superman. I like this version of Lois Lane too and I think Amy Adams did a fine job. I loved the fact that she was not the typical damsel-in -distress figure because of her “spunkiness” and all that rot. She came across as a real person that was trying to do her job seriously. And as a woman who finds herself genuinely captivated by this extraordinary mystery man. Yes she has a couple of goofy lines but they are easily overlooked.

            The supporting cast was phenomenal. Costner and Crowe both rocked but I was kind of partial to Costner’s Pa Kent. Diane Lane is a lovely lady but frankly she really wasn’t given that much to do. She does have one of the top ten quotes though..”Nice suit, son.”

            Hans Zimmer’s score is awesome. Period. It is so right for this story. I had posted on another thread here about how much I liked the music that played with the third trailer. I thought it was thrilling but didn’t think it was the main theme. Turns out I was wrong. Essentially it is Superman’s new theme in my opinion and was used to awesome effect as the final scenes with Clark showing up at The Daily Planet fades out and the title card fades in. I know most of you will think I’m king of the geeks for saying this but I literally had goosebumps up my spine when that happened.

            By the way, I thought the final two lines Lois and Clark exchange at the end was the perfect way to end the movie. Great double meaning IMO.

            My only major nitpick with the film is the fact that Superman gets handed his butt in every fight. Of course he prevails in the end but he sure had many cans of whup-ass opened up on him. I suppose we have to take this as his learning curve in becoming the Man of Steel. That said, MOS 2 better not have any more learning curve. Superman needs to win some of the skirmishes doesn’t he?

            One last request for MOS 2-infinity. Please no Lex Luthor! Please! It was so nice not to hear his name or see his face in this film. Yes I saw LexCorp written on the side of a truck. I know he is out there and will probably be in the nest movie. Ugh.

            Sorry this ran so long.

  14. I give this movie a 4 out of 5. I had a great time and will see it again!Only had a few issues:

    1 Final fight, while epic, seemed a bit too long. I did wounder if they were trying to knock down all the skyscrapers before it was over.

    2 Why did Zod make Lois come with Clark? If there was a reason I missed it.

    3 How did the doctor know how to activate the device that sends Zod’s army back to the phantom zone?

    4 (this could work for Superman 2 as well) Zod escapes death by being imprisoned? Would have been a stronger sentence if he were left on Krypton.

    Other than that I loved this movie. I put it behind the Dark Knight and Avengers, and ahead of Batman Begins and Iron Man. And with the great start at the box office it should inspire WB to get the JL started.

    • Quick answers to a couple of your questions:

      2. He knew she had been on the alien vessel and thought she might also have info on the Codex.

      3. He simply noticed that the mechanism was out of alignment.

      • Your explanation for #2 doesn’t really make sense- the alien vessel Lois and Clark were on in the beginning was a very old scout ship that had nothing to do with the codex, Clark was interested in it primarily to learn more about where he came from, which he did. The codex was on the ship Clark was sent to Earth in (or so they thought before figuring out Clark himself was the codex) therefore Lois would have no idea about it. This was yet another plot hole in the film and a prime example of how sloppy the writing was….I agree that there was not a reason for her to be there.

  15. People think it’s choppy and fast. It’s because they just watched too much action in the trailers and everybody will just wait for when the scene from the trailer will come. It is actually a really great movie.

  16. Finally compiled a review for MOS:

    “You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.”

    It’s been quite a long time since we last saw Superman. 7 years since Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”, the somewhat sequel to “Superman II” starring Brandon Routh as Superman. It was…okay, I guess. It wasn’t a very epic return, I should say.

    Fast forward to the present: Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, a reboot of the Superman franchise starring Henry Cavill as the world’s very first superhero (Google it, I dare you). This is pretty much the only chance Warner Brothers has to launch a DC Comics film universe AND a Justice League movie. 

    So does this film save WB’s chances with DC?

    This movie is very much like Superman: it does that and so much more. “Man of Steel”, in my honest opinion, goes down as one of the best comic book movies in history. 

    Yes, it is better than “Iron Man 3″ and “The Avengers”. Which basically says DC is about to give Marvel a run for their money if they don’t sit down and do a good job with “Thor: The Dark World” (at least, that’s how I see it if the next DC movie turns out to be just as good as MOS).

    “Man of Steel” is about Kal-El, the last son of the dying planet Krypton. In hopes of letting their child decide his own destiny, Kal’s parents send him off far across space to Earth so that he can live amongst them as one. 

    Prior to Kal’s departure, a hard-headed Kryptonian called General Zod demands the high council to give him the highest power on the planet in order for him to claim the codex, an ancient artifact that holds the former souls and power of past Kryptonians. It is powerful enough to create an entirely new Krypton in order for them to survive, but only at the cost of wiping an entirely different planet to extinction by changing everything about it (yeah, that’s a mouthful). 

    Without consent, Kal’s father steals the codex and drains it’s energy into Kal himself, making him more powerful than any other Kryptonian and making Krypton die even faster. Zod is arrested and locked away in the Phantom Zone, a prison designed to hold the most powerful beings in the universe.

    Krypton only had Zod serve for a long period of time and by the time of his release, the planet no longer existed to stop him from furthering a new Krypton. 

    However, Zod needs the codex in order to do that, and only one thing contains all of it’s power: Superman, the Man of Steel. Or Clark Kent/Kal-El, whichever you prefer (The name Superman doesn’t show up very often). 

    The plot itself is very well-handled, but there are some noticeably weak spots that jump out every once in a while that make you question things, but nothing too big for your brain to comprehend.

    Let’s start to break things down.

    Henry Cavill is the perfect Superman hands down. He has the look, charisma, voice, and body for the role. Cavill brings a very emotional and “human” side to Superman, a side uncertain of who he is destined to be on Earth and if he should let someone die for the greater good of himself or others. Something that we can finally relate to in this nearly invincible character and paving the way for new fans instead of always falling back on relating to Batman (who is my favorite hero, but I digress).

    Michael Shannon walks the line between hero and villain as General Zod. You understand why he does these things: he was raised to protect Krypton by any means. Very much like dying for your own country, and that is where Zod and Superman come to a brief understanding. It’s also refreshing not to see a villain given the Hannibal Lecter/Harry Houdini/trapped-in-a-glass-box-without-any-possible-way-to-escape schtick (ex. Joker, Loki, Silva, John Harrison, etc.), to be able to give the villain freedom in order to fully understand him.

    The supporting characters are strong for the most part. The 20 minute scene on Krypton was enough time to show the importance of Russell Crowe as Jor-El as well as pre-recorded holograms left for his son later in the film. 

    Amy Adams is questionable as Lois Lane and there wasn’t enough going on with her character for me to even show praise or criticism. Sorry folks, that’s just how it is.

    Kevin Costner shines as Jonathan Kent, Kal’s father on Earth. While he is about as much screen time than Crowe, Costner adds so much more to some of the most powerful scenes I have ever seen in a comic book movie. 

    I will say “Man of Steel” has action you haven’t seen since The Matrix Trilogy. It is THAT GOOD and is not afraid to hold back by any means. The sound can be quite jarring at times, but you come to the realization of where you are and what you are watching: Superman. It’s going to be really destructive. I recommend not taking anyone who has sensitive hearing because the action can come across as a tad obnoxious when it doesn’t let up and you have to wait half an hour so that your ears can rest. Not a huge issue, but it slightly bugged me.

    Hans Zimmer, who previously teamed with Christopher Nolan (former Batman director, MOS producer) as the composer for The Dark Knight Trilogy score, returns to score “Man of Steel” and it is POWERFUL. Granted, nothing may never be more iconic than the John Williams score, but that’s what I love about this: it doesn’t try to be John Williams. It does it’s job by setting the mood with great harmony and destruction when needed.

    The effects are fantastic, and to anyone who says the CGI is way over-used: we don’t live in the 70′s where we constantly have to string up the actor so that it looks like he’s flying. It’s Superman and he is a character who needs effects that can’t be triggered by a normal man. That’s why he’s called SUPERman.

    All I can say is, Zack Snyder has impressed me again. It started with “300″, then “Watchmen”, and now here we are with “Man of Steel” (surprisingly without any slo-mo shots!). Snyder has outdone himself as I went into this movie not being too fond of Superman at all and walked out wanting to know so much more. That’s how it’s done and that’s how it SHOULD be done to prove films like this deserve more recognition than they get.

    “Man of Steel”

    By the way: don’t bother sitting through the credits. This isn’t Marvel ;)

  17. Why did Zod want Lois aboard his ship?? Can someone explain it to me?

    • to read her mind like they did with clark, thats how the found where clarks mother lived. i guess they couldnt get that info from clark.

    • See I thought Lois was a ‘hostage’ to keep Kal-El in line. They saw that he was surrendering to save the humans but once he was away there was nothing to keep him from doing something rash.

      They specifically chose Lois because she was not only on the ship but the Human, Kal had spent the most time with since the ship.

      • Agreed, I was thinking the same thing too. Zod realized that Kal-El was somehow chooses to protect humans. I was expecting Kal-El to do something troubling too on the ship and when they asked Lois to be with him, I know Zod took her to make sure Kal-El wont make any trouble.

  18. @Ultimate ACW: 007 Reloaded
    I’ll accept that. I just wanted to hear an explanation. It would have been much easier for jor el to say the sun gives you strength. Theoretically Superman doesnt need to eat food, he’s basically a plant shine the suns rays and give him some water I guess and he’s stronger.

    • I thought the same, he´s basically a plant.

  19. @Ian

    I think superman killing zod could play into the narrative of a justice league movie. The fact that he killed could make batman suspicious of what hes cpable of. I think that’ll be a good conflict for the two of them.

  20. i know the next villian for mos…Everybody remeber when kal-el went to that krypton post who has been there for “20,000″ years? and he goes into that chamber with the skulls in the pods HOWEVER there is one pod thats empty? at first i thought it was a useless scene but after watching this movie 3 times the third time slapped me in the face We are looking either at brainiac or possible super girl…i pray not supergirl “boring” but by golly this movie will excel higher in mos2! seeing it today again it deserve its 1billion

  21. I think that Snyder went a little too over the board with the Jesus imagery, subtletly is not one of his strenghts apparently.

    • One thing that’s been bugging me a little bit:-

      If Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) was in the Arctic spacecraft from 18,000 years ago, wouldn’t that mean she’s not Superman’s direct first cousin? I thought Jor-El and Zor-El were brothers…

    • Nothing wrong with that imagery of Jesus…since it’s man made. Didn’t bother be in the slightest. They could’ve been a mural of Bin laden behind him, and it wouldn’t have bothered me. Would’ve made me chuckle.

      • facepalm

      • The Jesus imagery is apt. If you question religious belief, people tend to go ballistic. Now you can get the same effect by questioning the movie MOS.

  22. My 2 cents, S must kill Zod, because Zod threaten him to do so by going to melt the human.

    • @Johnny: I’m just wondering whether Supes could have put a sleep hold on Zod to knock him out and then thrown him in some deep Arctic hole to freeze him in indefinitely. I know this is an uncertain fate, since Zod could be revived or thawed out in time, but still, it’s an alternative.

  23. Anyone notice that there was no kryptonite, or mentioning of kryptonite?

    • Yes, I think it was a deliberate move on the filmmakers’ part not to include Kryponite in this film, as they felt it was overused in previous movies.

      I have no doubt it will make an appearance in the sequel(s).

  24. So some mixed reactions for the movie! As for me I have been waiting in anticipation for this movie and it delivered on a grand scale, as I watched the original superman as a small boy it took my imagination to another place it was inspiring…… And in my head as I started to watch this movie was remove all thoughts of Christopher reeves superman.

    Henry was fantastic, he played the part to perfection , Crowe stood out the whole cast was superb.

    So the movie … I loved every minute the story the epic battles, it didn’t hit me til the day after I watched i suddenly thought I couldn’t belive how he finished zod off, I was toying with the idea is this right or wrong for superman I know hard comic fans will probably be fuming but in the end as just a superman movie lover I thought why not it gives him an edge it was something he had to do zod would not of stopped, not forgetting this is superman who has just learnt to fly and just taken up his role as earths saviour, so for me it was a stroke of genius by the directors.

    I really need to watch this movie again I will go on my own next time and leave the kids at home so I can fully focus on it and take it all in!

    Overall THANK YOU I love superman and you have made my year just hurry up with MOS 2.

  25. So some mixed reactions for the movie! As for me I have been waiting in anticipation for this movie and it delivered on a grand scale, as I watched the original superman as a small boy it took my imagination to another place it was inspiring…… And in my head as I started to watch this movie was remove all thoughts of Christopher reeves superman.

    Henry was fantastic, he played the part to perfection , Crowe stood out the whole cast was superb.

    So the movie … I loved every minute the story the epic battles, it didn’t hit me til the day after I watched i suddenly thought I couldn’t belive how he finished zod off, I was toying with the idea is this right or wrong for superman I know hard comic fans will probably be fuming but in the end as just a superman movie lover I thought why not it gives him an edge it was something he had to do zod would not of stopped, not forgetting this is superman who has just learnt to fly and just taken up his role as earths saviour, so for me it was a stroke of genius by the directors.

    I really need to watch this movie again I will go on my own next time and leave the kids at home so I can fully focus on it and take it all in!

    Overall THANK YOU I love superman and you have made my year just hurry up with MOS 2.

  26. Did anybody knows what happened to Dr. Emil Hamilton? Did he trapped to the Phantom Zone?

  27. yea they all got stuck in there prob died because of the atmosphere….or killed/jumped by the villians

  28. Ok where to start….

    Henry Cavill IS superman. They got that right. Think his acting needs some work though.
    Fishburne as Perry White, Adams as Lois, Crowe as Jor-El all good performances. Actually Russell Crowe was awesome. Not a fan of Shannon so didn’t care much for Zod. I did like Faora though.
    The scene on Krypton was brief but good and visually stunning, especially Zod being exiled to the Phantom Zone and Krypton exploding.
    I guess I like that they didn’t spend too much time with Superman’s origin story since every man and his dog knows it already. I’m not sure i like how it was edited though. It did feel a bit strange how he decided to actually become a superhero. There didn’t seem to be much motivation behind it.
    Is it possible for a movie to have too much action? I think that might have been the case with this movie. Action wise, this film could easily have been mistaken for a Bay one, with countless explosions and destruction of property. Superman versus the Kryptonians was pretty good but sometimes hard to make out (again Bay-formers like and actually Nolan’s batman-esque) but I’m glad Superman was finally fighting hand to hand with his enemies and not just catching people and planes although there was some of that too. Faora beating the crap out of puny humans was awesome.
    The CGI was still a bit too cartoony at some points for my liking but if you compare the flying fight scenes to a similar movie, the Matrix Revolutions, it was miles better. The CGI for the spaceships and Kryptonian tech was well done though.
    I’m not sure if we have inferior 3D here in Jamaica but as with countless movies I’ve seen, the 3D was absolutely useless unless the aim of it was to give me a headache.
    While it was great to see buildings get torn apart just from the collisions between Zod and Superman like a small atomic bomb was going off, the entire destruction of Metropolis was maybe a bit over the top. I’d like to know who’s gonna pay to rebuild the city. I guess that’s where Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor come in.
    Oh, have to mention the eye-lasers which I thought looked fantastic.
    Some of the dialogue was a tad corny at times but not necessarily roll your eyes to the back of your head corny.
    The Zod death scene I suppose was kinda unexpected since Superman doesn’t kill but it had to be done.
    Almost forgot the score. Hans Zimmer delivered again as i knew he would and I’ll be playing the score in my car just like I do the TDKR one.
    Like most fans I suspect, I was hoping for a button scene with some link to batman or the justice league or even a future Superman enemy but its not a big deal.
    All in all, a pretty good movie and I’m looking forward to the sequel but my final judgment, like with most CBMs, will have to wait until I’ve watched it 17 more times on blu-ray.

  29. * The producers had to break the mold. That’s why Supes had to kill Zod. I would have set Faora instead and allow Zod to make a come back in another film.
    * Lois Lane was well portrayed. A resourceful woman with intelligence and wit not just a pretty face.
    * Mr. Cavill – a well done performance but let’s not forget that he had an array of excellent actors who backed him up. Hopefully the producers and the director will continue in that line.
    * Please no Luthor for the next film. We have seen too much of him. The character will not provide something new at least not for the next installment.
    * By and large, a well grounded story.