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Man of Steel Zod Heat Vision Man of Steel Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Man of Steel review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers for Man of Steel without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Man of Steel special episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Man of Steel for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film, its ending and all its surprises!

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Man of Steel is now in theaters. It is 143 minutes long and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language.

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  1. The female soldier that thinks supes is hot, yeah her last name was Ferris… Anyone see an airport nearby?

    • i did ;) kinda makes we wanna think that one of the pilots might have had the name Jordan

    • I liked seeing the Lex Corp building while the satillite is falling from the sky. It has a red Lex and blue Corp, only one in the area with colored sign. Plus the truck that says lex corp. Then the satellite has the Wayne W with the word enterprises under it. Pretty cool. There were a bunch of smallville references as well which was cool for fans of the TV series.

  2. Why you spam blockin’ me Word Press?

    Ok, I’m not a Superman fan nor did I find the movie as ‘thrilling’ as I hoped it’d be.
    But lets do two things, first forget the Nolan Batman movies, this doesn’t compare, nor should it. It wasn’t made to one up them nor compete with them, it is separate. Second let’s admit the origin needed to be done, and never before has it been done so well, never before have I watched superman and thought “what if he’s not strong enough, yet?” or “How can he possibly beat Zod??” That made the movie for me. I related with him, if only slightly, I felt his pain at watching his father die, at killing the last of his people with his two hands, I rode the ride with him.
    It was emotional and strong, and not without flaws.
    The main one, Supes Gives Lois the Control Key, and no one notices it? ever? even when (according to lines) she was mentally probed as well? REALLY? in fact, if they could probe Supes, why even bring her on board the ship? or lock her in a room that had a Kryptonian USB port, ect. such an oversight would never have come from the Zod they tried to portray.
    anyway I’ll be seeing MoS2 and I’ll be hoping for the best.

    They’ve got a high bar, I expect them to raise it.

    Seeing as Supes DNA is all the DNA of Krypton or whatever, I foresee Bizarro and/or Superboy in the future. Bring ‘em on.

    • Lois was brought onto the ship as insurance to keep Superman from trying anything.

    • they didnt notice it in the mind probe because she didnt KNOW WHAT IT WAS.. the rooms ALL have a “USB port” just like all our rooms have electricity sockets.. it wasnt a cell.. it was a storage closet, as far as they know humans have NO means of even understanding let alone ACCESSING theyre advanced tech. why would simply securing the primitive human in a locked room be a security oversight?

      jesus.. there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out of place with this film logic wise.. say what you want but you cant fault it there

  3. I wonder if that vial of Supermans blood got sucked into the portal…

    • I thought the same thing. They left a few potential avenues for upcoming films. Genral Zod sheds his armor, perhaps this is what Lex Luthor uses to design his super suit

  4. Im glad im not the only one who loved how badass FAORA was.
    It actually worked in the films favour that she had so little character development because she would have owned the movie and blown Zod and Superman out the water.

    • She was pretty much a white hot fräulein!! Gorgeous, deadly and stole the show.

      • You guys are kidding about the fighting, right?
        Faora fights humans like she is human. Superman can throw Zod half a mile away and Faora can throw a man 20ft. I must have missed something there for anyone to be highly praising this action / storytelling.

        • Jon – you did miss something extremely obvious, Faroa was not benefiting from the sun due to the suit she wore. Superman and Zod both were. Surprised anyone would miss that.

  5. The fights in this film are so good. Action was better than avengers.

    • The action was so good as you describe because you’d never see Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow & Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye take a (death dealing) direct punch to the face from an actual superhuman superhero, hero or villian. Key point is action figures threat of vunerability/death in their case. That’s one of the few kudos I can give the film is that FAORA-Ul was taking humans behind the woodshed, sort of speak. Where as Black Widow & Hawkeye either ducked out of harms way or used pure human agility to side-step in coming ‘alien’ onslaught. Clark and company beat the living snot out of each other. Albiet, we knew it would all end in a draw. For instance, the moment that up’d the ‘big-boy anty’ for me over Avengers was with Faora. Faora took a direct hit from a scud missile. Incapacitated. Then came back later in the movie to kick arse some more. And repeat attempts to ask Colonel Hardy on a date.

      • the respect/attraction between the two was palpable.. you can tell he normally doesnt hold the average woman in high regard.. &here he is face to face with THE SEXOEST MOST BADDASS SUB-COMMANDER of em all!!

        what a way to go out

      • the respect/attraction between the two was palpable.. you can tell he normally doesnt hold the average woman in high regard.. &here he is face to face with THE *SEXIEST MOST BADDASS SUB-COMMANDER of em all!!

        what a way to go out

  6. Have to say that Superman has been redeemed (and this is coming from somebody who actually enjoyed Superman Returns). It definitely has Nolan’s fingerprints all over, but this being a movie about what is essentially a man with God-like powers, the action is definitely turned up to 11. Also, have to give Kevin Costner huge kudos for his portrayal of Jonathan Kent. He is without a doubt the emotional core and heart of this movie. He’s what anchors Kal-El/Clark to Earth.

    Overall, it’s hard to argue with the quality of the movie. Love th fight scenes. The storytelling was spot on and very well paced, especialy in inserting the moments meant to make an emotional impact. They didn’t feel forced. With that said, the film does have some weaknesses, but not enough to take away from the overall enjoyment of it. Here are the three that really stand out for me.

    First: It’s pretty much an open secret in Smallville who Clark is and what he’s capable of. Given that, it really bothered me that Clark didn’t do anything to prevent Jonathan’s death, or that Jonathan prevented him from doing anything. . For something like that, I prefer Richard Donner’s approach, where Jonathan died of natural causes and showed Clark that even he has limits.

    Second: I felt like a lot of the characters outside of the main plot were rather unnecessary. Like Perry et al. Either they needed to be fleshed out more so we could care about them, or leave them out entirely. I think the movie could have benefited from a more compact number of characters.

    Third: I loved the action sequences, and the fight scenes were arguably the best I’ve seen of any super hero film. However, I was kind of bothered by the rather cavalier attitude towards casualties and collateral damage by Superman. I can understand Zod not really caring. Afterall, for him, humnans are just pests. But for Superman to not really make an effort to stop, or at the very least minimize, casualties goes against the grain of what Superman is. It may just be that he doesn’t understand the consequences of his power, and he may have to deal with the fallout in future installments.

    Overall though, this ranks right up there with the best of them, and I would recommend it for anyone. I can’t wait to see it again!

    • Even my 12 year old had a problem with the lack of regard for casualties. Once again, sloppy story-telling.

      • I would say it had more to do with this being an origin story and Superman only having time to react to Zod. At the point if realizing Zod would keep killing humans and seeing it for himself, he did what he had to to protect them. Not sloppy at all.

    • having your ass uncontrollably slapped around a city by a crazed revenge obsessed super alien whos been a warrior every day of his life
      &being cavalier towards human life arent exactly the same thing are they?

      and they were fighting in a GRAVEYARD.. created by The Black Zeros gravity drill.. sure a few buildings were still standing but there were no direct mass casualties from the FIGHT itselfaside from a few injuries ala falling debris from the impact before the train station scene..

      i think this whole “Supermans Disregard for others” is a b******* bandwagon started by some marvel hack &jumped on by ppl yearning to find flaws in an otherwise 9.5 movie… IMO

  7. I really do feel like the strongest scene in this film is John Kent telling Clark not to save him. That really hits home, I haven’t seen something that sad since “Casino Royale”. And the same circumstances were there: no matter how much Clark or James loved John or Vesper, they had to realize there was nothing they could do to save them. Definitely for entirely different reasons, but still. Insanely powerful.

    Also, I haven’t seen a death that surprising since I saw “The Golden Compass” in theaters for my first and only time. I am referring to Zod. In TGC, there is a scene where 2 polar bears are in a fight and one of the bears hits the other so hard in the lower jaw that it flies clean off and kills the bear. It surprised me because it was a very sudden and shocking death. That is how I felt when Zod gets his neck snapped; by Superman. I was still taking in the fact that he got his neck snapped, but then I thought, “…he got his neck snapped by SUPERMAN.” That is no ordinary twist of the neck and I was surprised his head didn’t come clean off.

    • That scene was incredible, with Pa Kent holding up his hand. I really haven’t gotten emotion like that with any other comic book movie to date. You really do feel every second of that scene.
      I agree with every word here, and +1 for that out of no where golden compass reference. That polar bear fight is quite awesome. Quite the brutal looking thing when you consider you are watching a movie with kids that have talking animal companions.

    • It didn’t seem to me that Superman HAD to kill Zod just then. He had him in a powerful headlock. Why didn’t he just fly them both straight up and out of the building? He’s made that move any number of times in the comics.

      The reason why not was so that Zack Snyder could get Superman to kill someone. Zack Snyder has to go for the low brow touch any chance he gets and so he saw a chance to shock the audience there and he took it.

      • This is an inexperience superman. Maybe from now on in a similar predicament, he will choose to fly up. After all, he was devastated by that decision, and will live knowing he killed Zod.

      • You have to consider that this is an inexperience Superman. Maybe from now on in a similar predicament, he will choose to fly up. After all, he was devastated by that decision, and will live on knowing he killed Zod.

      • You have to consider that this is an inexperience Superman. Maybe from now on in a similar predicament, he will choose to fly up. After all, he was devastated by that decision.

      • actually i dont think it was that at all, i think they just wanted to stay on suit with the comics, because in the comics the only perseon superman ever killed was zod and it haunted him for the rest of his life. because he felt so guilty for killing another person.

      • Thats exactly what is saw to my friend when we both saw the movie, i was like he could of just took him in space and sent him to the black hole if he wanted , just for shock a aww value

    • Where was Clark’s super speed? He could have saved Jonathon and just appear like a streak to the crowd. He could do it in Smallville. Since this movie ripped stuff from that show, why not the super speed?

  8. Really didn’t like this superman movie. Felt bored.

    1. Superman does not kill people.

    2. Lois Lane’s character was just so wrong. I blame the writers. Lois played too big of a role in saving the world. To be honest, I feel like she should have a recording device on her since she’s really in reporting this news.

    3. Too much action/fight scenes that became boring. Seriously superman was fighting half the time when he could have used his powers. (Watched it in ultra avx and overall terrible sound effects; I just kept hearing glass shatter)

    4. PRODUCT PLACEMENT. MY GOSH. Mostly Sears……it was so tacky…I mean if you’re going to have product placements, don’t have it covering half the screen.

    Overall, this movie was a major disappointment for me. I waited years to see this movie. My favorite will still be the first superman movie with Christopher reeves.

    But for people who just love action movies, they’ll love it. I just felt it was really lacking the essence of Superman.

    I would rant on but I think I covered the gist of just how terrible this movie was…

    • I agree with 4, but it didn’t bug me that much.

      1.) Superman is not entirely sure of what he can do YET. He was extremely emotional and upset that he wasn’t sure what to do, he BEGGED Zod not to harm those people. And when Zod’s neck was snapped, Supes was extremely upset. He didn’t want to kill him. He jus didn’t know what else to do at that point.

      2.) Just adding more importance to characters.

      3.) Again, Superman is unsure of what he is capable of for now. Flying and strength was enough, with heat vision only being used when necessary.

      • They did a phenomenal job of re-writing the character and not making too many huge changes i.e. Krypton, killing Zod etc. Anytime writers try to bring the same exact character to the screen they fail and the die hards are up in the air. They did the right thing and did it well. I can’t wait to see what they do next. They very discretely left multiple avenues open….Great job!!!

      • @Ultimate Are you sure he wasn’t because of what he did to zod and the fact Zod killed the family?

      • Superman does kill! In fact he killed Zod in the comics back in the 1980′s in a story by John Byrne. It’s a big boy’s world now, and Superman’s grown up. You should too!

      • That and Johnathan’s death was the post powerful moments in the film for me. I felt for Superman and Zod in that scene; because Zod wasn’t bad. How can a person be bad if that is the way they was designed ? But it was a shocking death because of the way it was executed. In Superman 2, Superman did kill Zod after crushing his hand and tossing him onto the wall where he slid down into that pit of ice….and remember…Superman did it with a smile on his face.

        But in Man of Steel…it’s so much more powerful because of the way it’s executed. I mean…Superman could’ve flown away with Zod…or prehaps use his Superbreath to freeze Zod’s heat vision. I don’t know.

        That was a very tough scene, because it’s so realistic; because it happens in reality everyday….people are face with with choices on the spur of the moment and sometimes unexpected things happen.

        I think Superman killing Zod was hands down the best scene I’ve seen in a film so far this year

    • Fio obvious your not a real superman fan, If you was. You would know all those prior movies were cartoons. Except the Reeves movies. It was the a BEST movie yet. If you was really intuned to superman, you would know this is the New 52 version of superman. ln This movie they hit every aspect of supermans origin. It’s a fresh start for a modernized DC movie. All the other superman movies lacked action,and fights scenes. This one definitely knocked it out the park.

      • agreed!!! @ supa

    • Fio obvious your not a real superman fan, If you was. You would know all those prior movies were cartoons. Except the Reeves movies. It was the a BEST movie yet. If you was really intuned to superman, you would know this is the New 52 version of superman. ln This movie they hit every aspect of supermans origin. It’s a fresh start for a modernized DC movie. All the other superman movies lacked action,and fights scenes. This one definitely knocked it out the park.

      • The main thing that spoiled me for any future superhero movies is that we KNOW there are other superheros on Earth…if you wanna get specific 52. I’m screaming for Batman & Cyborg under my breath when Zod and gang globally broadcast doom & destruction. Especially when Clark gets double teamed by Zod’s cronies down Main Street Smallville. You mean to tell me that there’s a threat to the entire Earth, and there can’t be an audible suggestion on CNN playing on TV in the background of a fight scene something like, “…Wonder Woman evacuates Themyscira.” or “…there’s unrest in Atlantis” or “…Metropolis’ twin city Gotham and its ‘Hero’ are eager to help”. Might I add, we’re not only ‘Not Alone’ in the universe. But why must Superman have to be in epic battles on this scale without an Easter-Egg or two. And no, a mere glimps of a Wayne-Enterprise logo on a satellite does not count.

        • I noticed one of the soldiers mentioned something like Project or Operation “Trident”. Nod to Aquaman, perhaps?

          • Srsly? When?

        • No offense, and I may have misread your post, however the “New 52” are in reference to weeks in the year not a given amount of Superheroes on Earth. There are FAR more than 52 and I would start listing them however that wouldn’t be the point.

          CAN’T WAIT to see this movie and even though I am more of a GL fan and after seeing how horribly that movie fell short I will welcome a new take of Superman. I never cared much for the “Boy Scout” even though at every turn each Superhero ends up being one in some manner or another. The Superman in the 80’s did in fact kill Zod which was changed later to him being trapped in the “Phantom Zone” which was used in the Reeves movie.

    • Superman does not kill people? He certainly tries not to kill but has killed before in the comics, and actually Zod and his companions. Ok he didnt kill in the way in the movie but he still instigated the death check out The Adventures Of Superman #444 and Superman #21 and 22

    • Fio, may I say something to you….please. Your Opinion is your opinion. It makes you absolutely unique. That being said, this movie being compared to 1978 (and I was setting in the movie theater just out of college in ’78 excited about Superman…and left the movie happy) is completely out of context. What I mean is the intelligence of the audience is moved on from 36 years ago. The sophistication demanded of a movie maker is amplified tremendously. My point is, what was good for 78 is not so for 2013. This film had to work on so many levels and just the presentation of Krypton and the attention to detail there is worth ending the comparison between the 2 movies right there. This was an effort to make Superman relative to the audience of the movie industry again….and it smoked all movies before it! Ok so everyone character wise, didn’t get developed to the satisfaction of ever critic. But Clark and Kal-el for us to connect fully with Superman did. That was 100%, IMO, successful and the goal is attained. The story is haunting us right now. So to say that this movie is “terrible” compared to Superman 1978 is at best disingenuous and at worst speaks of an unwillingness to move on in a contemporary culture (which is a kind way to say you have allow yourself to say in the past). About 70% of us would say that this movie was flat out, straight-up… “amazing”!!! Worth seeing again and again!

      • It was compared to 1978!

      • To clarify, In terms of favourite superman movie, I’d liked the 1978 the best. I wasn’t so much comparing the two together. I could be biased since I do prefer old classic movies than most movies in the theaters now. I’m not saying that I can’t move on…I just prefer a different genre. If I were to like old school music than radio music nowadays, it wouldn’t mean that I’m unwilling to move into a contemporary culture. I realized calling the movie “terrible” may have been too extreme so I do take that back. And I apologize if I offended somebody by calling the movie terrible. I did have a few good laughs in the movie. I will just say this: wasn’t my favourite movie this year.

    • 1. You apparently didn’t understand the sequence when he killed Zod at the end, it was done flawlessly, you’re right he isn’t a killer, which is what made the moment when he had to finally end Zod’s life so god damn thrilling yet heartbreaking at the same time. Just because he was fighting all those people earlier, including Zod prior to the scene i mentioned, doesn’t mean his intent was to kill, it was to simply neutralize them, however that may be.

      2. Lois’s Lane character was absolutely fantastic, and how ANYONE could see it different boggles my mind, i was SO overjoyed they didn’t make her this stereotypical damsel in distress like all the previous Superman flicks, and i also enjoyed the far more subtle relationship building between her and Superman, than the ridiculously over the top love story that was also in previous films. They let them develop together, and by the end you understood their bond, it just felt so much more organic and natural, and not forced. Too big a role? I mean outside of relating some information, and helping somewhat (though not really) in dropping the bomb to cause the black hole what did she do? Her role made sense, and also helped create character depth and more understanding why her and Superman gravitated towards one another. (an Innate urge to help people, no matter the cost)

      3. Fighting too much? Yeah maybe but again you missed such a crucial part of the film with Zod, how he is completely unaware of his abilities and still learning them, he wasn’t bred to do so, and taught how to hone his senses and abilities like Zod was. This was a major point of their fight sequence, that apparently went over your head. Sound affects were awful? You’re joking right? I won’t dignify that with a real response, too stupid no offense.

      4. I have to be honest, i saw one ford symbol the entire movie, maybe i focus too much on characters, and camera angles, and the story because i was so dawn in, but either way, who cares?

      Honestly i usually take everyone’s reviews with a grain of salt, but none of your points really made any sense, i completely understand certain people’s perspective especially with superhero films because people hold on so dearly to the past films they loved, and essentially expect something to be exactly the same just better, they say they don’t but in the end that’s what they want, and instead just make up rather void reasons as to why they were disappointed.

      Someone else mentioned it in the review portion of this film, and i had the same experience, the people in my theater, (IMAX in NYC) so a huge audience, virtually every single person including myself, stood up and gave it a round of applause because it was fantastic. Sorry you missed out an an amazing experience.

      • So you have someone in a sleeper hold but you you snap their neck instead of the usual of depriving them of oxygen/blood flow and making them pass out. He knows military tactics but not wrestling?

        • Did you miss the part where Zod said he would NEVER stop killing people? Superman did what he had to do, that’s what a real hero does: make the hard decisions and protect people. Superman made the decision that real life heroes like cops and soldiers make every single day: take the life of a bad person to save innocent civilians.

          Welcome to the big boys world!

        • Jon – you did watch this movie right?? Did you miss the part where Clark was underwater or swam to an oil rig?? Last time I checked, not much oxygen underwater right?? So how the f*** would a sleeper hold work? It might have done in say 10 hours!! That family would have been dead, the vision was getting closer and closer. It seems every gripe you have with this movie is poorly write em and executed, go back to the avengers comment page.

        • Jon – you did watch this movie right?? Did you miss the part where Clark was underwater or swam to an oil rig?? Last time I checked, not much oxygen underwater right?? So how the f*** would a sleeper hold work? It might have done in say 10 hours!! That family would have been dead, the vision was getting closer and closer. It seems every gripe you have with this movie is poorly written and executed, go back to the avengers comment page.

    • I agree with you Fio. Too much action gets numbing especially if both sides are so evenly matched that they’re not really damaging each other. The special effects were video-game level and clunkily animated – like animated cartoons, you don’t really feel the weight of objects and the physics feels all wrong. I wish they had spent more time on character development rather than all the special effects. Both fathers were too preachy and their dialogue became eye-rollingly bad. I have only walked out of one movie in my life and I was surprised at my urge to walk out of this one.

      • It’s interesting when you punch someone who is incredibly dense in structure with a super punch and that person flies 20ft and puts a 1 ft deep dent in a car. Seriously, hitting a deer at 55mph does more damage to a car. No one but me has a problem with this?

        • Jon – you have an ability to pick small holes that don’t exist. Stopping a 2 ton car with a dear at 55 miles an hour is VERY different to stopping a 14 stone man with a 2 ton car – just ask Isaac Newton.

    • 1 pointless and false. superman has killed in EVERY single incarnation of his portrayal including your much loved Superman 2.. &even the soapfest that was smallville.

      2 there was nothin “wrong” with Lanes character.. infact THIS is the best portrayal of a lois lane EVER.. &i include comics in that (except maybe Earth One)&seeing as you have no specifics to back the point up…

      3 toomany action fight scenes? looooooollll ok. cool story.

      4. you mustve been bored because the ONLY PP i saw was sears in the smallville fight. im not saying there were more.. but i didnt notice any let alone groan at any blatant ones.

      Numero 5 and my personal review of your review and you.. concludes that you either have no taste whatsoever or.. you have no understanding of the essence/concept of superman
      &obviously fell asleep half way through the movie whilst wondering why you wernt watching twilight or something

  9. Batman killed Harvey Dent to save a family!

    • Was an accident, no accident in snapping a neck. But Zod deserved it, he killed Jor-El and was the bad guy

  10. In the scene where Superman and General Zod fight on the building that is under construction, was that the LexCorp building? All I saw was the LexCorp sign then they were there. I was wondering because I thought of this: if that was a LexCorp building, then General Zod took off all his armor and just kind of left it there. Now who would be pretty much the only person smart enough to rebuild/modify alien battle armor? LEX LUTHOR. My guess is he somehow finds this armor and modifies it to his Kryptonite suit, then again I could just he overthinking

    • You, mr dargon_master have hit the nail right on the head with that one! Lex will use the suit to make supes his b**** for a bit. Hope the next one is more an intellectual battle which lex often wins. Like The Dark Knight, Joker planned everything up to the last moments, I hope lex is the proper genius and not the bumbling comedian that Gene Hackman played. Batman’s nemesis Joker was bats second film, it’s got to be Luthor up next.

      • While the suit is otherworldly tough it does not give you super powers. So how exactly does it give him an advantage over Supes?

        • Jon – you are making this sooooooo easy, the suit re-creates the atmosphere of Krypton, you do the math

        • I’m not sure if Kryptonite exists in this continuity (I’m sure it will down the road). Lex is intelligent enough he could probably figure it out and even modify it with say a kryptonite battery. Just for teh lulz I made this side-by-side picture of Zod’s armor and Lex’s kryptonite armor.


        • are you serious..? it enhances strength reflexes &acclimates the wearer to WHATEVER PLANETARY GRAVITY/ATMOSPHERE IS RADIATION PROTECTED &MANAGED TO STANDUP TO A FULL ENRAGED SUPERMAN BEATDOWN? idunno about you but im buying on ASAP

          TAKE MY MONEY LEX!!

  11. the zod armor perdictions have me excited cause the whole movie i was like daaaamn that looks like lex luthormpowersuit (justice league cartoon,injustice gods among us, etc.) ppl claim this movie was bad boo hoo you just paid WB and its on the way to make a billion baby. people who havent seen hear its good some hear bad…and guess what THEY STILL GO SEE IT. to me this movie made me cry and im not scared to share this im a man with emotions.to whom reads my comment go see this movie take your kids they will love this . stop comparing this movie to a 1978 flick this is 2013 tech. changes dont expect a 2013 superman stick to a 1978 superman. also last thing dont compare MOS to dark knight these two are so difrent in sooooo many ways.

  12. Gosh, i wanted to love this movie. In 1978 I was 13 years old, and loved Superman! Man of Steel had higher production values, not tongue in cheek, great action scenes, and yet, i felt “meh”, especially during the interminable fights scenes between Zod and Superman near the end.
    By the way, Supes screams in agony after killing Zod, i thought, ok, he doesn’t want to kill, and he doesn’t want to kill and be alone on earth as the only Kryptonian. But, if it was just about the killing, how many people were killed as zod, superman, and the other kryptonions were being flung through the middle of buildings, causing the buildings to come crashing down? Maybe, it is hard for someone 47 years old to like these movies (but I did love the first Iron Man from just a couple of years ago).

    • I think it comes down to saving who he can without having his hands tied. Superman had the power to keep Zod from killing those innocents, but he begged Zod to come to reason. He had no choice at that last second; and he wasn’t about to witness something like his father’s death happen again. In time, he will learn to find other ways.

      • I remember Christopher Reeve flying away from the public to fight Zod and protect the public. This movie could have done that and been more in line with Superman’s comic persona but it wanted Snyder action and spectacle thereby lowering Superman in the DC cannon IMO.

        • Yeah, but that was after fighting Zod, Ursula, and Non in the streets of Metropolis, destroying a city bus, cement truck, buildings, sewers, AND a Coca Cola sign. Just because the cartoony Superman II didn’t show a bunch of dead people doesn’t mean that didn’t happen!

        • P.S. The comic Superman killed Zod! So, Man of Steel is pretty much “in line with Superman’s comic persona”!

        • Clark hasn’t even had the experience of being Superman. He’s finding his way into this world. Reeve is not a good example because that Superman had experience and didn’t have any pressure in fighting him without killing.

        • Here you are!! Jon – in superman II, Zod is hell bent on killing superman – the son of his jailer – he will kneel before Zod. So, flying away (after half of metropolis was vandalised) was going to see Zod, Non and Ursa follow as that was the mission. Superman could have flown off in MoS, Zod would have been staying to terraform in peace.

        • he tried that by going towards the LEXCORP condtruction site..which ended in Zod showing what a badass soldier he was and bitchslapping into grand metro station.. i swear EVERYONES jumpin on this MarkWaid inspired “why didnt he cry everytime he hit a building” bandwagon..

    • I think over analyzing like that, is so overdone nowadays, and people always scream “plot hole plot hole” but, and i’ve said this a thousand times on this website among others, people expect tv shows and movies to follow this extremely scientific process, that every single thing must line up or “PLOT HOLE!”. Real life follows nowhere near that much exact science, so why would we expect that in a movie? Your point made perfect sense I’m not doubting that, but

      A) Again that’s a tremendous over analysis
      B) What choice did he have, he tried to reason with him, after he initiated his attack he had to fight back to try to neutralize him in order to preserve the rest of the planet’s life.
      C) No matter how many people might of died from their fights, they weren’t literally because of his own hands, Zod’s was, which again is what made the moment so powerful.

      • @Joe Definitely! People want every little thing explained.

        • Yes, like how eyes become deadly laser beams. I guess that needs no explanation.
          You start out flying by jumping and practicing (reasonable, real world based, trajectories involved, etc…)… later you can mysteriously levitate with no explanation.

          • How else is someone supposed to fly, other than to manipulate gravity? I guess that was too hard to figure out, huh?

            Also, you went to see a Superman movie. Superman can fly, and levitate, and has heat vision. Did you not know this?

      • I still think Unbreakable is the best superhero movie of the last 20 years. I cared about all the characters in that movie. Man of Steel, unfortunately reminded me of Ang Lee’s Hulk in places, where we were supposed to care about Bruce Banner based on the flashbacks, and maybe we would have but for the cartoony Hulk cgi. Man of Steel had better and more “realistic” special effects, but, it was hard to worry about Superman.

        • Agreed on Unbreakable!

          • Seriously Jon – if your a Marvel fanboy why watch the movie at all if you hate it even before you watched it. Makes me laugh you trying to bring real world physics into heat vision and flight when I’m sure avengers is your favourite movie. How about a man turning into a big green monster, or maybe Thor – a flying god from another realm? This is a COMIC book movie, it’s not real life….. Get it?

  13. It’s strange that the best part and the worst part in the movie for me was the action. It had always been difficult to imagine or portray a proper Superman flight and fight and this was done incredibly well in parts. But the whole Metropolis destruction was too much and too repetitive by the end. And in midst of it Perry and others trying to save themselves had no emotional impact because as an audience one would not be sure about why we should care for them. Unlike Pa Kent’s death that almost choked me up.
    Overall a brilliant movie that sets up things nicely for what can be potentially an epic sequel!!

  14. I loved it…..especially Lois Olsen.oops..I mean Jimmy Lane….now if only somebody can pull off Flash …or reboot Green Lantern….then we’ll be on our way

  15. I loved this movie!! Superman is back!! The cast was awesome!!! I am anxiously awaiting Man of Steel…. Lex Luthor and Brainiac would be great!!

  16. I meant to say anxiously awaiting Man of Steel 2!!

  17. I didn’t read all of the comments, so if this came up, I apologize.

    1. The Kryptonians were having a problem with Earth’s atmosphere but they could breathe in space?

    2. Jonathan Kent looked like he was about 60 years old, but his tombstone had him at 47?

    3. Lois knew Kal-El was Clark Kent, but somehow she forgets at the end? Also, everyone and their dogs in Smallville knew about Clark and his powers. And you can’t tell me in a film trying to make itself more real, a pair of glasses is going to hide someone’s identity.

    Not a bad film, I just felt it was to dramatic at times. Cavill is definitely the best Superman I have seen so far.

    • I’m pretty sure Lois recognized Kal-El but was just playing along – it seemed there was a lot of winking between the two in that scene. Yeah- I noticed the Kryptonians breathing in space and Kal-El was even talking to his father after bashing open the side of the space ship.

    • Given point one, think of it like this. A. Superman can breath in 1. (initially struggles on) ship, 2. on Earth & 3. Sunlight gives his lungs superhuman strength in space (imagine a deep sea no-airtank diving veteran). B. Lois can breath on Earth only. C. Zod/cronies can breath in 1. (initially struggles on) Earth, 2. on ship & 3. Sunlight gives their lungs superhuman strength in space (imagine a deep sea no-airtank diving veteran.

    • 1. seriously? breathe in space.. i spose when i go for a swim im “breathing underwater” too right? lol

      2. watch the movie again read the birthdate/death date then COUNT the years. slowly.

      3.three smallvillites knew clark was “strange” lana pete ross &pete ross’s crazy bible thumping mom.. thats it.

      lois didnt forget anything.. she knows its him &thats the whole point at the end…. which you missed entirely..dude (facepalms)

      the only other ppl whove seen him upclose is the general &doc &colonel who are dead/missing.. i agree they shouldve done abit more with the hair given him a fringe.. but seriously.. nobody thought this the last 60yrs theyve been doing it?

      either way go see it again i get the feeling you missed ALOT of the film

  18. Is it just me or did they ruin the chance (story wise, from the comics) of ever having Brainiac as a villain!? This deeply saddens me.

  19. I just came from MOS and loved it! Up till now one of my favorite films of all time was Superman II. To me this topped it. I don’t understand all the bad reviews saying Amy Adams was wasted and hardly in it. She was in 3/4 of the film and dis an excellent job. But this wasn’t about Superman and Lois Lane. It was about him becoming Superman. Was it perfect? No. But it was an excellent start to a new series and easily allows for a Justice League. For al my doubts about the dark approach and lack of morality, I was very pleased with results,

    • Agreed.

      Also this was the absolute best portrayal of Lois Lane. She’s actually smart in this movie, i.e. she was smart enough to figure out that Superman and Clark Kent were one and the same. All the other portrayals of Lois Lane had her as a supposedly award winning news reporter–yet she could never figure out who Superman was! Yeah, that version is believable (sarcasm).

  20. I read an online critics review, which mentioned about clark kent getting a job in daily planet with a fake resume. Could it be that lois lane got him the job? She is not as useless or helpless as we think.
    Perhaps smallville superman, while actively fighting villians as a teenager, planned to be a reporter, but still miraculously remained annonymous in the strange noisy town of smallville. MoS superman, however seems do not even have email account to send a resume!!  And spend the rest of his younger years as a drifter, thats how he stayed hidden. And the only reason he remained within the americas, was because he did not fly, cant afford to fly, and had to keep close contacts with his earth mother. Thats how he got back so quickly, because mrs kent was able to call him up about a reporter snooping around asking questions. He did not intend to be a reporter, lois lane got him the job. And even mr white dont know any of it.

    wonder woman and diana prince, had different hairdo, and boobs sticking out and  great legs as distraction. superman and clark hairdo looks quite the same.  a pair of thick  glasses wont fool anyone, especially not lois lane, who basically the only person he gave interviews to…. and a colleague and close partner at work. 
    I enjoyed the movie. The flashback was okay. But I wished they kept it at the very beginning only, and not used it so much to anchor and move the story too much. I wished more time were spend on the other casts too. But 2 plus hour just to speed things up, would mean 4 hours for full character updates.
    Overall Reeves was much better than Cavill. But then, in MoS, everyone did not really have enough lines to show themselves too. And the only “Superman” I saw was the kid!!!

  21. There’s a new Superman in town, and he’s freakin awesome! Bravo Zack Snyder! Granted the pacing the first part of the film was a little off, but overall a fun movie. Can’t wait to see the next one. By the way, did anyone else notice when he visits the fortress we get a glimpse of a couple space capsules, one has a frozen corpse still inside, but the other is open and empty? Supergirl perhaps?

    • Yeah spotted that, who ever it is they’re getting on a bit age wise :)

  22. I had two quick questions. I thought the movie was pretty good but I felt some parts of the script were weird.

    1. Why would the council willingly agree to banish Zod and his army knowing that their planet may be destroyed therefore indirectly protecting him from certain death?

    2.Why was Zod so intent on terraforming earth when it was obvious that kryptonians could survive and even thrive on Earth without changing a thing?

    Once again I thought it was good but I think the pacing and parts of the script kept it from being great. But my hope is that now they can learn from this film and make the sequel a superman film that everyone can undeniably agree is the best.

    • Better yet, why does a civilization that obviously has awesome, readily available spaceship technology (even wormhole tech) not be able to save anyone, ANYONE. My god, spaceships are so common that Jor El has one in his house. Apparently worm hole tech is only used as a galactic garbage compactor for cons. And space explorers don’t have enough brains to park anywhere but the North Pole (and don’t have heaters). Zod adapts pretty easy to Earth… why not the early explorers as well?

      • Which was all tied to the core of krypton, no core no tech.

        • And before you state the obvious, the phantom zones power source was re routed and was also Independant of the core of krypton.

      • 20 thousand yrs prior the planet had an “Expansionist Era” much like our renaissance.. where they spread out across the stars to expand the empire as it were.. somewhere along the way something happened.. &the ruling society decided to look inward (i personally think they encountered Darksied)
        the expansion was halted all colonies were abandoned &the the houses of exploration were recalled.. (the few that didnt were out of reach ie: the ship found by ZOD &Kals crashlanded ancestor Kara El, antecendant to early earth myth/Olympians/Amazons?)
        thus began the “Isolationist era” cut off completely from space travel.. its not hard to see that aside from a few satellites &the rarely used offworld prison barge theyd since then scrapped all interstellar tech..

        Jor Els a rebel as you can guess &Kals ship was basically one of his mid distance probes outfitted with the Phantom Drive he’d cobbled together himself in his cool observatory/super lab/loveshack..

        hope that explains everything.

    • 1. The council did not believe the planet was in danger. They openly questioned Jor El’s warnings. So they thought they were safe.

      2. Zod was genetically engineered to protect Kryptonians. He doesn’t care about Earthlings and doesn’t want to share a planet with Earthlings–I think it was mentioned once or twice in the movie.

      • I also thought about that answer for #1 but the reason I feel that doesn’t hold is because Lara-El completely knew the truth (she agreed to send her son to space) and some of the council seemed shaken by what Jor-el said previously. But even if the council didn’t believe I’m just surprised Lara-el didn’t say anything against them sending Jor-el off especially when he’s threatening her son. Banishing them saved them completely from the destruction that soon occurred.

        I guess that works for #2 but that mode of thinking for his character seemed completely irrational. Your basically Gods on Earth so just take over and use the earthlings as your slaves or something instead of turning it into dirt and starting from scratch.

        But I can see what your saying, thanks for your thoughts man.

        • The wormhole is actually the phantom zone, a pocket dimension where kryptonians imprison their criminals. The destruction of krypton opened a rift in the dimension and freed zod and the other prisoners. So the council and lara-el had no way of knowing the destruction of the krypton would free them. In the first place the council did not believe in the planet’s destruction.

    • 1. watch the movie again &pay close attention. the council were idiots AND slaves to tradition..who also did not believe the planet was doomed despite the warnings of Jor El.. &the few with concerns didnt think it would be that soon.

      2. firstly its HOME.. he wants his home.. exactly how he remembers it.. he doesnt want some inferior planetoid with their weird gravity &weird air etc..

      secondly and more chilling &im surprised more ppl didnt grasp this.. its an effective away of massacreing an entire 6billion plus humanoid population without firing a single missile.. thats why asmuch as he used his whole “save MY PPL” speech to justify i didnt shed a tear at the twist.. coz he was basically willing to build a new civilisation on “the bones” of an old one

  23. Just saw MOS and I must say….this is definitely not your daddy’s Superman!
    The movie was awesome and I’m going to see it again Monday.
    Can’t wait for the sequel!

  24. Stop bitching

  25. Stop whining

  26. Just an idea for the sequel that ties into the comics.

    Now that Superman has been revealed to the world and become its protector, humans eventually start taking him for granted and calling on him for everything.

    Lex Luthor thinks that because of this Superman is inhibiting mankind’s natural progress and so sets out to destroy him (there might have to be more than that, as that motivation seems a little flimsy on its own).

    That could lead to things like the discovery of Kyrptonite and reverse engineering of Kryptonian tech.

    Just a thought.

    • beautiful plot my friend….and end the trilogy with brainiac!

    • not flimsy at all.. that can be his superficial reason.. grounded by the fact his throwdown completely destroyed his LexCorp building complex &before he showed up Alexander Luthor was the worlds main man of tommorrow (sequel title) think Bill Gates/Hawking/Slim Helu Times mag man of the yr 3yrs running philanthropist genius.. noble peace prize winner.. always talked about… till supes shows up &completely overshadows him

      nomatter how smart how rich how resourceful how charitable he is.. he’ll never be as big as Superman..

      there. thats ya script basis right there. have him (Alexander Luther ..) played straight as a “good guy” concerned with the safety of man &the possibility of other incursions..then have him slowly unravel toreveal a twisted hidden narcissistic psychosis that was always there JUST under the surface..
      but only something as catastrophic as supermans arrival &the abundance of love showed to him despite the aftermath of destruction he left that could make him doubt himself could bring it out his truly evil side

      itll take an NEXT LEVEL ACTOR to pull off the subtlety &depth needed to make us believe such a performance.. he’ll have to make us pity loathe &sypmathise him at the same time.

      luckily i have THE perfect actor for that in mind aswell..
      Damien Lewis (Homeland)

      would be perfect imo to play a multilayered character who can turn on a dime &still keep you with him.

  27. Saw the movie yesterday, it was awesome! At the end people in the theater actually got up and clapped. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Going to watch it again, in IMAX this time.

    I didn’t not find the ending as controversial as people claim. Didn’t superman kill Zod in superman II? What did u think happened when he pushed them into that abyss after taking away their powers? He killed all 3 kryptonian’s and did not even bat an eyelid in that movie. At least in this movie, u know that he was affected emotionally by what he had to do.

    Also, people complaining about why Superman didn’t just take the fight somewhere else like in Superman II. Zod wanted to destroy earth as revenge against superman. If superman had flown away, Zod would have just killed everyone in Metropolis. And why didn’t Superman save everyone? Because even superman cannot save everyone. He was too busy trying to neutralize the threat, and in case u didn’t notice Zod and his cronies were trying to wipe out the whole freakin human race.

    Looks like a sequel is guaranteed at this stage. We should hopefully hear more details at comic-con.

    • I agree with you there Jash. I think Zod left Superman no choice but to kill him, which really affected Superman emotionally. Zod was genetically programmed to protect the Kryptonian race at all costs, so co-habitation with the humans probably didn’t factor into his programming. f Zod had had free will to choose his path, he might have chosen differently.

      Also, in Superman II, Zod was focused solely on killing Superman, the son of the man who had banished them to the Phantom Zone. Destroying Metropolis wouldn’t have interested him, which is why Superman was able to take the fight elsewhere. Although… in MoS, Zod did need the codex from Superman’s cells.

      Speaking of Superman II, there is a deleted scene in which Zod and his cronies get picked up by the Arctic police, but not sure whether it could be considered canon.

      • Yes, Zod did indeed need the codex. But Superman destroyed everything didn’t he? Even if Zod got hold of the codex he wouldn’t have been able to do anything with it.

        No, deleted scenes do not count as canon.

  28. Man of Steel was good, maybe even really good, but it wasn’t great, and it should’ve been. For being the most hyped up and anticipated movie of the summer I was very disappointed…
    1. Something about the tone of the movie just felt off to me, I’ve read in many reviews and fan comments that the film could’ve benefited from a more chronological timeline and I completely agree. I don’t think the flashbacks were as effective as they could have been- some of them just felt out of place, if we’re going to spend 20 minutes on krypton we can spend another 20 min on Clark’s childhood and teenage years, especially since the two young actors were so great. Then maybe that would’ve created more build up to seeing Henry Cavill and him putting on the suit which was rather anti climactic in the film…
    2. I don’t understand the people saying that this Lois Lane wasn’t a damsel in distress considering Superman saves her 3 times throughout the film- the only thing she really does to help is tell Superman what Jor-El told her… I also quite frankly hated Amy Adams in the role. She’s a talented actress but she’s not Lois Lane. I think they could have found a younger, fresh faced, unknown who probably would’ve had more chemistry with Henry Cavill.
    3. The fight scenes were entertaining but excessive- I mean holy collateral damage in that final fight with superman and zod- we’re really supposed to believe all those buildings they knocked down were empty?? I mean you have two super aliens fighting, take them out to space, put them in the middle of the ocean for all I care but don’t level a city with a fist fight between two dudes. Unforgivable.
    4. I’m someone who actually liked how Zod died in the end, there really wasn’t another way to go- just my two cents!

    • 1. If they had spent more time showing his teenage years then people would have been complaining about it. We had 10yrs of Smallville, and i don’t think fans wanted to see more.
      2. I thought she did okay as Lois lane. Compared to the previous incarnations of Lois lane, i would have to say that she was far less of a damsel in distress. She did help save the world, so i think that should count for something.
      3. I don’t think u were supposed to think the buildings were empty. People died in this movie, and the filmmakers did not shy away from showing that. You have to remember that Superman was fighting Zod on Zod’s terms. Even if superman had tried to fight somewhere else Zod would have brought them back.
      4. Yes, i agree. There was nothing else he could do at that point. A more mature superman might have found an alternate solution, but this is a superman who is just learning, and he did what he had to do.

    • Jash – Yes, you’re right, Zod didn’t have anything to lose at that point. And I agree about deleted scenes not being canon – I just wish Donner had included it in his 2006 cut.

      Batgirl – I agree with you about the linear approach and the final Metropolis fight. It was just an orgy of mass destruction on a CGI level.

      One thing I was thinking – the Daily Planet building was destroyed in the final fight, no? So when Clark shows up in his glasses at the end, was it a different building or how did they rebuild Metropolis so fast?

      • I assume it’s been a few months after the fight that Clark joins the planet. As he bikes to the planet, u see that there is no rubble and all the buildings are fine. Also, his conversation with the general seems to imply that they have been trying to track him for some time. They could have just thrown in a line of dialogue mentioning how much time has passed though.

        • Haha, I loved that the US military are trying to track him and he just keeps bringing down the drones costing them millions of dollars.

          I’m looking forward to how they develop the Clark character. Will it be other people looking to uncover his identity while Lois tries to keep a lid on it (in a reversal of previous films)? Will the filmmakers go for a Dean Cain kind of Clark Kent (not really goofy), or will they go Chris Reeve or meet somewhere in the middle? In any case, will be interesting how they do it.

  29. Ah, finally…wasn’t sure when I’d get back to my keyboard. Yikes, some of these comments are so pathetic, they’re funny. Sheesh.

    Anyway, here we go…

    I loved the film and found it to be the best comic book superhero film made (although I WOULD tie it with “Watchmen”) to date. It had the brilliant acting, characterization (more on this in a bit), story, visuals, battles, “groundedness”, and explanatory structure/set-up I had been hoping for but had been worried about after all the early hate.

    Every person played his/her role beautifully. The two fathers were fantastic, but I also enjoyed the mothers AND Lois as a (finally) strong-willed, exceedingly determined journalist. I was impressed with the role she had in helping the military prepare the retaliatory strike on the Kryptonians…and for helping Clark make his choice to save the planet overtly instead of merely acting as a journeyman savior. I appreciated how her attitude changed from one of exposing the truth at all costs to one of protecting the truth, thus the greater good. GROWTH. Colonel Hardy and his soldiers also realized their mistake in their initial judgement of Kal-El and altered their opinions accordingly. GROWTH. Perry showed his uncompromising ethics and high standards but also showed his compassionate wisdom when dealing with a fiery Lois. Zod displayed his determination and singularity of purpose and his (admirable?) love of and loyalty to his people throughout the film, both in his actions and expressions AND in his every word. Clark/Kal, himself, showed his initial uncertainty and misery growing slowly into determination and surety of purpose as the film progressed…His expressiveness highlighted the eventual confidence that will inspire others…and the pure joy he felt knowing who he was/is. When events transpired that either he could not control (constant bullying in his youth, the tornado, the horrific attack(s) by the Kryptonians) and when he was forced to realize that his actions will always have especially heavy consequences (saving the kids on the bus, not saving his father when he could have, revealing himself to the military, giving himself up, killing Zod), his anguish and his evolution into the positive man seen at the film’s end were both made extremely clear. GROWTH.

    I already left two comments in the Review thread that included some of my other thoughts on the film, so I’ll close for the moment…no need to write a book on the subject…now.

    Needless to say (though I AM repeating it), I loved MOS and am happy such a wonderful film about Superman was released. I look forward to this generation’s Superman’s continuing adventures…

    • This… This… a BILLION TIMES….. THIS!!!