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Man of Steel Zod Heat Vision Man of Steel Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Man of Steel review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers for Man of Steel without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Man of Steel special episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Man of Steel for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film, its ending and all its surprises!

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Man of Steel is now in theaters. It is 143 minutes long and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language.

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  1. 8/10

    I can’t wait for this

  2. I had such a huge problem with the first half’s time jumping and location jumping. It was a complete mess. To me it is obvious this script is more Goyer heavy which isn’t good in my opinion and the narrative as a whole is just all too quick with no buildup of him becoming Superman. He just finds himself in that ship all of a sudden? Batman Begins at least had story and took the time to tell an involved story this was basically 30 minutes of setup that should have taken longer, than a 2 hour fight scene. I did enjoy it though and I’m not meaning to troll I genuinely had problems with this movie, similar to the problems I had with Amazing Spiderman last year. I hope round 2 is an improvement as far as story pace goes.

    • Dude you have right to your opinion. You are not trolling. I liked the film, but as I said in another post, I like the first Superman film 1978 better, because it has a stronger storyline to me. MOS just had to many flashbacks and then it was like, hey I’m Superman, I’m going to fly now, lol. It was a great movie, but man, I think they could have explained his past much better. And yes, we all know Superman’s past, but this is a reboot, so they should have gotten that right.

      • I agree. It was “choppy” and “bumpy” of a story line. All of a sudden, here is the suit, your cape, now fly!! Your superman!! Little foreplay, then boom!! Climax, your superman!! It seemed to move too fast. Special effects were excellent.

        Loved it anyway, and could not believe how fast the 2 1/2 hours went by…

        • Haven’t seen it, but it seems to me that Goyer’s script could have benefited from a few rewrites. Superman 1978 went through several drafts from the original Mario Puzo treatment to the final version.

          Hopefully if there are sequels Warner Bros will get someone like Jonathan Nolan to write the script with Goyer only providing the story.

        • Yoou guys are crazy!!and YES you are entitled to your opinions and I do understand your points!
          I think this movie was GREAT 9/10 I was praying it would not take an hour and a half for him to become superman, HE IS SUPERMAN! I think Snyder did a great job directing this movie and I thought that the flashbacks told the story without having to live through half of the movie by watching some awkward kid trying to figure out what he is!
          The beginning did jump around a bit (Choppy) was a good word for it!
          But I LOVED the way 99% of it was put together!
          My biggest complaint is I feel they might have went TOO BIG for a first movie, I mean there was more action than the Avengers! What the hell can they do for a 2nd movie? or even a teamup? Shoot they DESTROYED Metropolis, THIS WAS A WORLD ENDING THREAT! how many world ending threats can they do? I know they CAN do it again but wont it get old? it wont feel new, or even threatening! I just hope this movie makes MONEY so DC can finally FINALLY get moving on with their Shared Universe!

          • Yea no hour and a half to see him become Superman and only see a CGI version of him from a distance 😀

          • If you can’t go Big go Deep.
            –Josh Whedon

        • lol…”Disco shirts”

        • The difference with the 78 version.

          There was a lapse of a few years from Clark Leaving home, and then becoming Superman.

          • I truly believe the only thing that gets in the way of this film being great is the narrative structure. Man of Steel could have benefited immensely from a more linear narrative. They should have cut from the ship descending over Kansas to Clark as a child, then followed his struggles with who he is and what he is capable of as he grew up, culminating with the death of his father, then cut to the fishing ship and progress from there to his eventual discovery of the Kryptonian vessel. Yes, we would have had to wait longer to see him in action, but when we finally did, it would have had a lot more impact. Other than that, I have some minor quibbles, but overall, I think it’s a very good film.

            • The jumping around is one of my favorite things, I would have hated to sit through all the kid scenes first.

              • agreed Luther!

              • +1

              • yes I agree as well and the cool thing they did was (at least it seemed to me) that whenever Kal-El faced some sort of trial, it would flashback to a similar point in the past where Jonathan imparted some wise words or Clark learned a valuable lesson and that helped him persevere in the present

                • Reminds me of Kung Fu. Yes, Grasshopper…yesssss.

          • Yeah, Man of Steel’s Clark leaving home and being a drifter for a few years before becoming Superman was nothing at all like the ’78 Superman’s Clark leaving home before becoming Superman… oh wait, yes it is!

            They were both gone for years.

        • Yes, Beware, storyline wise Superman (1978) blows away Man of Steel. I only mentioned Superman (1978) was better, not Superman II, III and IV. I would say Man of Steel storyline edges Superman II and blows away Superman III, IV and Superman Returns. Now there is no doubt, Man of Steel blows away all previous Superman films in terms of action, but Superman (1978), IMHO gets the nod in storyline. I do not care, if the Superman (1978) is outdated, that freaking storyline rocks!!!

          Oh, and BTW, there are some extra scenes at then end of Superman II, that showed Zod and his buddies, along with Lex Luthor taken to jail by the police. So Superman did not kill Zod in Superman II.

          As far as Superman killing Zod in Man of Steel, I had no problem with that. Zod was trying to kill a family and Superman did what he had to do to save that family. You can tell Superman did not want to do it, by letting out a huge cry after he killed Zod. Also, this in no way makes Superman dark either. He just had to do, what he had to do and fans of the film, should not be upset about that, so I agree with you on that; folks need to let that issue go.

        • I thought the whole jumping scene was paying tribute to the original Superman comic where he could only jump. 1978 Superman was better but I had no problem with the flashbacks.

          • I think he is referring to the time jumping flash back scenes and not the initial scene where Superman is learning to fly.

      • come on dude iam not attacking you guy only super man in older time which has depthfull stuper man 2 and superman 1 it was more like watching the most adorable max Fischer cartoon Lois a adorable damsel in distress who always puts herself in danger expecting supes to come to her rescue and he will even turn the world back a few seconds for her that’s like watching Lois and clarke and the old luthor is more lika a comedian(i wont call him a joker cause it will insult ledger or Nicholson) and a trickster ok the trickster part is good his bimbo and his clown assistant

      • Christopher Reeve did not fly in Superman the Movie until he got the suit in the Fortress of Solitude, and then he just glided away without even practicing. I love the 1978 Superman and it’s the blueprint for modern day superhero films, but it had it’s flaws too, my biggest nitpick with the ’78 Superman is Lois Lane (Margot Kidder was great btw) but the character always had to be a smart reporter–yet too dumb to figure out who Superman was, at least until Superman II–but then Superman made her forget with a… wait for it… kiss!

        I will always revere the 1978 Superman and Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, and Richard Donner for their contributions. But I also have made room for Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Zack Snyder!

    • @ Scotty

      I respect your opinion. But for me it is great. He is not like Batman, He spent more then 10 year to find who he is? He looking for every alien trace. When He get trace about ship he go there And find his identity.

    • @Scotty

      I agree. The pacing and editing was really forced and awkward. It totally took me out of the movie and distracted me from the really heavy character moments. Although it did pick up in the second half, I am really struggling to wrap my brain around some of the choices they made in terms of dialogue and plot development. I think it’s more Goyer’s fault than Snyder’s. To me, it felt like Goyer just copied some superman comic book dialogue and slapped it into the film. This imo is not a good thing.

      I honestly hope that they replace Goyer as writer for MOS2. While I think he gets the character I don’t think he is the best at translating Supes to the big screen.

      Everything other than the dialogue and editing I didn’t have a problem with.

      • When he was in the water and thought back at that classroom scene, the dialogue was weird and forced but I think he was imagining it… Not the scene but the dialogue….

    • You expressed the same concerns I had with the film. Yes, it was jumpy, but my biggest problem was the lack of build up. He just finds the suit and puts it on. And the best thing about comic book movies, IMO, is the big reveal of the hero to the public. It is usually done by by the superhero saving citizens from some sort of disaster. in this film it was literally just superman floating above the army, and the human response to seeing superman (the most badass superhero of all time, with nearly infinite powers): “OK, we’re impressed” spoken sarcastically. The appearance of superman is met with sarcasm are you kidding me.

      • But overall I enjoyed the movie. Just a few gripes.

        • No. After the battle in Kansas when he walked out and the military lowered their weapons was the moment he became the hero.

          • Yeah it was. That little scene is what sold me on Cavill. THAT was Superman.

          • That wasn’t the line, and it wasn’t spoken sarcastically:

            the line was ” OK, you have our attention ” and there wasn’t a hit of sarcasm.

          • agreed

          • Absolutely!

        • @General

          Was a good movie.

          Just some of it we have seen before.

          When did the F-35 Become the defacto jet to get torn apart once a year?

          Hell, even Bruce Willis destroyed one.

      • That was the point. This Superman is more grounded as a character. Everyone’s not going to immediately love him. It’s a darker story, hes an alien. If you remember shortly after that scene they shoot at him as well as the others. They would have killed all of them if they could’ve. He had to prove to them he was really on their side for them to begin to accept him “this man is not our enemy”

      • All I want to know.

        Has anyone ever seen a Super powered person…Jump onto an F-35 and almost word for word say “Oh S–T!”

        Last Year Hulk runs towards a F-35 and jumps on it and tears it apart.

        Man of Steel…Same thing…Destruction of a Major City? Yeah, saw that last year too.

        Anything Original? Nope

        Good Movie? Yes.


        • Actually only a portion of the city was destroyed. A

        • The funny thing is that when a nearly indestructible person comes hurtling at your aluminum plane it should basically pass right through it instead of landing on the nose and denting it slightly. So much for realism.

      • Yeah, sarcasm has no place in today’s society–what with how serious we all are and such (sarcasm)!

        BTW: the line was not: “OK, we’re impressed,” it was “Okay, you have our attention”! Big difference, and also no sarcasm in the true statement. Epic FAIL on this supposed point of your’s!

    • Comparing Superman to Batman is always an unusual comparison. Therefore, comparing how their story is being told would be as unusual. Not a bad point, however.

    • @Scotty…obviously you missed the scene prior that had Lois lane catching him on film walking up the hillside to the ship…next time take your piss before the movie

    • flashback cutting is a very effective technique, used in many films. Some people won’t like it but it works fantastic for other viewers.

  3. In this instance, I believe that movie critics are simply tired of action films. They see every single one that comes out. Perhaps that is why they seem to think that Man of Steel is not up to snuff. I saw the film tonight, and it’s a doozy. Superman is truly god like in this film, and Zack Snyder makes you feel it. Sure, the movie has its flaws. But some reviews would have you think this is empty and loud. It’s not. Fused with scope and featuring the greatest battle scenes ever put to celluloid, Man of Steel is the finest modern comic book film, exceeded only by the 1978 original.

    Marvel should feel a threat from Superman, as the film makes The Avengers seem like Powerpuff Girls, and Wolverine, Iron Man and their respective films are put to shame. It’s ridiculous this film is at 59%. Superman Returns gets 76%, and it’s a mere shadow of a movie in comparison. Go see this film. As I watched, I imagined The Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman swirling in the mix and it gave me chills. Snyder is the ideal director for Justice League and the DCU. To see that team on an epic scale such as this would be truly awesome.

    Man of Steel is fantastic. It’s a success and your attendance will ensure the continuation of this. Prove the critics wrong and shower your dollars on this worthy picture. Lex and Bruce have some plans for you.

    • The thing is, I don’t really think a lot of the critics are wrong. I wanted to like the film and I did like parts of it but overall I just don’t think it’s a great start to some DC Cinematic Universe. Personally, I don’t think Marvel has anything to fear at this point. The sequel has potential but I’m still not sold on Snyder and Goyer, unfortunately.

      • This is a DC vs Marvel battle? Why can’t we have both?
        Every film (especially comic book movies) have plot holes you could drive a truck through. Check out Cinema Sins “Everything Wrong With” on Youtube and pick a movie.

        And just because you’re not sold this doesn’t mean this movie isn’t going to make bank. Which then creates sequels and a DC universe.

        I hate Transformers and that damn thing will not die!

    • True but with people going to see the movie its at 82%

  4. The tone of Marvel movies feels like a comic book, while D.C. (at least Nolan’s approach) always tries to ground their movies in real-life. For the Nolanverse Batman, he treated his films more like crime/gangster movies than a superhero film (with the exception of Dark Knight Rises which was more of a war movie). For Man of Steel, it again didn’t feel like a superhero film but that of an alien invasion story. I’m guessing that this alien invasion feel of Man of Steel is what turned off most critics and hardcore fanboys.

    In other words, I think that Man of Steel is more of a Clark Kent/Kal El movie than “Superman.”

    • Real life is laser beam eyes as opposed to a suit you build from tech (iron man or batman)? LOL
      I guess real life is based on context.

      • OMG Pop just shot through my nose reading that line!

      • looool…

        Anyway I think the word he meant to use there is ‘reality’ as in, what if a guy who could shoot lasers from his eyes came to earth… what would that look like. And boy did they succeed.

    • I believe that is why they chose to title the movie “Man of Steel” instead of Superman. Just because he put the suit on doesn’t mean he’s fully experience at his powers or responsibilities. The majority of people/critics are just sour about the fact that its not the campy style Superman of ages old that has been embedded into our eyes. Change is sometimes good. Adapt to it.

  5. Flaws included I did like the film. What I didn’t like was how quickly the earthlings believed in him. Lois shouldn’t have been in the Fortress of Solitude that easily,didn’t make sense to me. After hearing Zod’s case,he had a very valid point. And at the ultimate conclusion,I felt that Superman and his father were totally wrong. Good movie over all,I was emotionally invested in it the entire way through it. Again after hearing Zod’s case,he had a strong point!

    • How did he have a point? I don’t want to wait a month for my physiology to acclimatize to my new god like powers so I’m going to commit genocide on the human race. Yeah…. right.

      • His point is to protect Krypton, even recreate it if necessary. For some reason people say they can see his point because he was “programmed” for this which makes it ok. Relatively speaking.

      • BOOYAH!!! +1

    • Earthling Don’t trust him. Only army officer and people at situation trust him. Only because he is there last hope against Zod. They mention at end even after saving the day Government don’t trust him.

    • Agree with your comment about not liking how people just accepted superman.

      • They didnt accept him, they shot at him up until the final fight scene, and tried to track him at the end. The only began to trust him cause they had no choice

      • What movie did you watch? People accepting Superman? When they continue to look at him in fear? When they order to open fire on ALL targets? At the end of the movie when Superman destroys a drone, tells the army to knock it off, and the army responds : we don’t trust you?

        LOL. Yeah, Superman was just accepted.

        @ General McFluffernutter:

        those kids that threw rocks at you every morning were not your friends…

      • Who’s to say they have outside of those few who were directly involved. There’s really no evidence that the general populace has accepted him. Let’s face it. The attack on Metropolis was a mass casualty event, and I’m pretty sure the final fight between Zod and Kal added even more to the total. Given the Fox News mentality we live in, there will be a significant part of the human population who will see Superman as threat who should be eliminated. And that may be the point. It may be part of the plan that in future films, we’ll see how Superman deals with the fallout of the near destruction of Metropolis. It may also be how Lex Luthor is introduced. Remember, the current imagining of him in the comics is of somebody who views Superman as a threat to mankind, not a megalomaniac.

    • The way it came about I don’t believe that was the Fortress of Solitude!

      • Agreed. The colony ship we all thought would be his fortress of solitude got pretty beat up. I wonder if he salvaged it enough to take it somewhere else, or if there’s another ship on earth, or maybe kryptonian tech built him a home…

  6. The only problem to me is too many flashback, its makes a mess from scene to scene.

    • I think I enjoyed the flashbacks. Maybe I’m used to watching Arrow.

      It helped move the story along and keep us in the action. It takes waaaaaaaaaay to long to tell his origin story and then finally become Superman in a linear fashion. (see Donner films).

  7. I thought this was just ok. It had great fight scenes and Henry did a great job as superman but I felt the tone was inconsistent and the story somewhat generic. What I mean is in the first half, the film is more akin to the dark knight where it focuses more on clark kent than superman, building character. The second half, however, switches into an avengers/transformers type movie where there’s an explosion every second. I have to admit that for a guy dedicated to helping out citizens, (and Zod predicted this) he certainly destroys a lot of buildings, killing citizens. I don’t mind of spectacle or all character study but this felt like watching 2 films. Also, like The Amazing Spiderman, the origin they told here is not much different than the original superman film. Overall, it has it moments but is just ok. Better than superman returns but not the superman film i have been waiting for.

  8. This movie had the EXACT same structure as Batman Begins. I’m not sure why one gets a pass for introducing Batman’s origin that way, but this film gets faulted for it.

    And yes – this IS the best superhero action ever put to film. Hands down.

    • I agree with you’re rating. Though I’m curious, what made you stop at 4/5?

    • Yes, the structures are very similar, but Batman Begins’ transitions between the past and present worked better. They were more coherent, provided more impact, and didn’t feel abrupt unlike Man of Steel’s.

      I’ve commented in your review about this, but to me, Man of Steel, while good, fails at becoming something truly special.

    • I agree 100% Kofi!
      NO CBM has this kind of action, NONE! Im a Marvel slappy! but I love the CBM’s and this one was GREAT, I can only hope it does amazing at the theatres so we get a MOS2 or a DC shared universe, But the way ppl are talking Im AMAZED! This movie was NON STOP ACTION for 2.5 hours, If the DC movies are all like this I WILL SURLY BECOME A DC FANBOY.

      I want Marvel and DC to have their shared universes, I do have my favorites but until last night Marvelo was top dog, but MOS was simply put the best CBM EVER

  9. So, this movie didnt really have any twists. The story was pretty straightforward and predictable, but somehow, that was a good thing. I guess after Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness, I’ve grown a bit tired of plot twists.

    • It didn’t have to have any twists because it was so fast paced.

  10. Man of Steel? More like Man of Drama. Too many dramaticized moments, and like they said, annoying flashbacks with no consistencies at all. And the fight scenes bore me. My sister even fell asleep on the last fight with Zod, while I’m feeling like it’s a torture and wondering when is it gonna end. Sorry DC, Marvel has the better movie universe.

    • You have your own opinion…but it is wrong!

      • No it isn’t, it’s an opinion, therefore nether right nor wrong as it’s from the specific point of the person expressing it.

        • Your opinion on this matter is wrong. JK

          • Seconded. Opinions can also be wrong.

  11. 1978’s Superman is great movie of it’s time. I respect it. But if we compare it to today’s movies it is nothing. For me that movie is package of flaws. So don’t compare it with man of steel.

  12. Well! SUPERMAN was exactly what I was hoping for. The best entertainment a movie could offer of its genre. The trailers for the movie were just a spec of what this film was about. No spoilers here you will have to see it for yourself. It is not even close to Ironman,Batman,Spiderman films. The characters are not in-short but practical and to the point in this film. The action is non-stop through the entire film, taking your eyes off it just for a second ! and you will wish you hadn’t. You will truly Believe Superman is alive and just as human and alien as someone could be! I think the film speaks for itself. I recommend this film for any audience who would watch a movie for entertainment, because thats what this was through and through!

  13. Im in Australia, so have to wait another two weeks, i need to know, should i wait to the end of the credits?

    • no

    • No.

      • DC doesn’t do end of credits scenes. That seems to be a primarily Marvel (and Disney, to an extent) thing

  14. I’d like to address one particular issue that MOST critics negatively point out: that Clark (and the movie itself) is just too brooding and serious. But then I realized, by the final minute of the movie, that THAT was actually the point of the story. His journey prior to that final moment could not afford him to be happy or hefty moments of levity.

    However, as he walks into the Daily Planet office, gets acquainted with its staff and gets “formally” introduced to Lois, just before the screen cuts to black, he gives THE BIGGEST SMILE he’s ever shown in the entire film:

    He’s finally found his place and purpose. Now he can be happy. The sequel’s story arch could (presumably) finally afford him to be happy. And we should be too. The familiar elements of the Superman mythology have been completed (well, they’ll get to Luthor and kryptonite eventually). And for me, the (mostly) brooding tone was actually the biggest storytelling factor in the film. THAT WAS THE POINT. But that ONE BIG SMILE Clark gave to Lois before the credits rolled in was an indication that Superman (as a character) is now fully-formed.

    • Do you wait til the end of the credits?

      • Yes. But only beacuse it’s A LOT EASIER to traverse the aisles and exit the theatre after most people have cleared out. (And no, there’s no post-credits scene)

        • Thanks Mate!

          • you’re welcom…wait! you still haven’t seen the film? you sure you wanna get spoiled on the details of the film?

            • Yeah im someone who cant help themselves, ive been anticipating this movie since it was first announced. I never really listen to critics. I loved Green Lantern! I can understand the drawbacks and complaints! Im a DC tragic. The film isnt released here in Australia til the 27th!,

              • Another person who liked Green Lantern?! I really wish they would make a sequel to it with the rise of the Yellow Lantern corps!

                • The only idsue i found with green lantern was how paralax was handled

                  • Big cloud = Not Scary

                    • GL being situated on earth… I just hoped the they adapted the animated GL movie “first flight” where sinestro was conflicted and went straight for the yellow ring

                • I enjoyed it too! Wish we could see the sequel with the Sinistro Corps!

    • Yea, those critics are expecting comic book movies to be fun and entertaining, like Iron Man. Superman isn’t like that at all, he’s actually a serious character. They missed the point entirely.

    • Also Lois Lane’s final line in the film, after “meeting” Clark Kent was a brilliant line: “Welcome to the Planet”, which has two meanings! One for each person she’s addressing, for Clark, it’s like, “Welcome to the job,” but for Superman, the alien, it’s a formal, “Welcome to Earth”. Great line!

    • “However, as he walks into the Daily Planet office, gets acquainted with its staff and gets “formally” introduced to Lois”

      I thought the Daily Planet had been destroyed in the wake when the upper-part of Zod’s ship hit Metropolis with that terraforming beam. Guess they evacuated it as a precautionnary manner when they actually didn’t need to…?

  15. I think the problem with the flashbacks is that they threw the film’s narrative and pacing off. In Batman Begins this was not the case. Probably because it had fewer of them. The entire first half of Man of Steel felt ‘off’. Great Supes-punching-stuff though. Finally glad his heat vision was utilized. One particular thing I enjoyed was how he ended Zod. No one in the theater saw that coming.

    • I feel the flashbacks were well transitioned. I just felt the krypton editing and other scenes were cut funny. Its my only complaint

      • I agree. Krypton’s destruction is way too fast to be as dramatic as the director intended

    • I yelled YEEEES when he snapped Zod’s neck that WAS the best ending to zod there could have been!!

      • I just felt bad for Superman

  16. Better than the original Superman movie no cheese in this one. I guess some people like corny Superman movies. And Jor-El wasn’t wearing a Rolex!

    • Did Brando actually wear a Rolex? LOL

  17. When I said Zod had a point,I was referring to his place in his society. May not make sense for humans but he isn’t human. His sole job was to protect his people at all costs. He wasn’t a merciless villain,he did have a purpose. That’s what I liked about him. And he didn’t like or stand for anyone that stood in the way of the preservation of his people. Just like a general in the army,give orders and make sure they r carried out at all costs. He felt that there were decisions that contradicted to survival of his people. That’s where the disconnect was between him Jor El and superman. As i stated to some extent he had a point.

    • I actually found the scene where Zod pleaded with Clark not to destroy the Kryptonian scout ship to be at his most sympathetic. I don’t know if you noticed but there was an iconic “reversal” in Clark and Zod’s usual (pop culture) mythos…right before their epic brawl throughout Metropolis, ZOD WAS ACTUALLY THE ONE KNEELING BEFORE CLARK as he made his speech about how Clark practically killed his soul.

      • It was deep very deep. Zod just wanted his people to live,who wouldn’t want that. In my humble opinion superman and his father were wrong based on the morals of their home planet. I left the theater siding with Zod’s argument.

        • I also loved Clark’s hesitation in destroying the scout ship. Like for a moment he really took Zod’s pleading into consideration. But then, with Jor-El’s explanation to him of how Krypton met its demise, his sad, hesitant response “Krypton had its chance” just showed just how bad Clark has been forced into a corner into making that decision. What’s he gonna do? Let Zod terraform Earth and let humans (who had absolutely nothing to do with Krypton’s fate”) die?

          I tell folks who are reading this thread, critics point out that there’s not enough depth to the film, but the fact that we are filling this discussion forum with such insight on the details of scenes just shows how wrong the critics are.

          • If the critics actually knew as much as they think they do, they’d be out making movies instead of just sitting back and criticizing them!

  18. I sat and waited till the last credit rolled…and nothing. Booo! That might have taken the movie from good to great D.C.

  19. 9/10

    This movie is fantastic and when Superman kills Zod, OH MY GAWD!!!!!! It was literally jaw dropping, did not at all expect it. The beginning felt a bit jumbled. Insane, non-stop action. My biggest gripe with the movie is the way Jonathon Kent died…why wouldn’t you send your invincible, alien son to get the dog..?

    • I totally agree with your reaction to Supes killing Zod. Thought that was a great way to end an epic battle. You could really feel the weight of his decision to snap Zod’s neck and how it will shape him in the future.


    • It’s because Pa Kent wanted his super son to protect Ma Kent.

    • Because Jonathan Kent KNEW the World was not Ready for that. I actually enjoyed the scenes between Clark and Jonathan. Cavill and Adams had ZERO Chemisty in my opinion, I would re-cast Lois in the Next Movie but that is really my only Major gripe about the movie, That and Superman Killing Zod, but as I think about That, Maybe it’s the driving force behind Superman to vow Never to Kill Again. I did catch the Wayne Enterprises Logo though, I wonder if Bruce will send Clark the Bill? 😀

      • On a reporter’s salary?

  20. Was rhere a cameo by any super hero in the DC universe?

    • Nope. Only several easter eggs about Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne.

      • Yeah they reused the Wayne Enterprises logo from TDK series. Wonder if that means anything.

        • Zack Snyder said it doesn’t.

      • They did show the chamber was open that Kara was in though!

    • What about the Guardian.

  21. How did the ship with supes dad get to earth?

    • It was a Kryptonian scout ship that landed on earth many, many years ago during the height of Krytonian’s space explorations. Jor-el’s “consciousness” was simply uploaded into it when Clark used the Kryptonian key. You think of it like the most advanced form of hologram that was uploaded by the most advanced (and badass-looking) USB. Come to think of it, I want one.

      • Was that scout ship supergirls? Atleast i believe the prequel comic that was able to be downloaded with my ticket there was a scout ship that crashed in the artic via kara. And there was the open pod

    • read the comic prequel…kara sor-el was commanding the ship

      • Thats what i thought, do you believe the open pod in the ship means she is living
        as well?

        • for thousands of years? probably her descendants…

          • Well wouldnt the pod be a kind of cryogenic sleep? It could have recently been activated for all i know. Idk how kryptonian tech works lol

            • She left the ship right after it landed.

        • She probably left and got frozen.

    • glad you also were also able to notice the significance of that “smile” at the end…also, something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Faora…or maybe I’m just in denial of her demise…but she’s just too hardcore, too awesome (and HOT) not to come back. That’s what she said.

    • Jor El says a line that is the first, of many, jokes in the movie. When Lara shows him Earth as baby Kal El’s destination, he sees a simulation of a human body and brain and says of us Earthlings, “Seems like an intelligent race.” Then again, perhaps this was “too subtle” for the critics.

  22. I would like to add one more perspective, in observational reading of this post. I read everyone’s opinions, or critical views of films that I might think have potential of being a entertaining movie on SCREERANT.

    I find only in reading them, there are only views of observation in a “film critics” standpoint. I don’t think I have ever read a review that did not have the aspect of a Entertainment Critic in mind. In my opinion based on what I have been learned in the coming of films of this nature. This film was made with the intention of entertaining an audience who would enjoy seeing this movie.

    I think before a opinion could be made on a movie like this one, would be to go see the film with the intention of being entertained by it, because thats why it was made. Theres always a chance you won’t be entertained by it or you may be just happy you got to see the film and enjoyed it! Thats the risk we all take when we by that ticket.

  23. Is gina cara no in the movie??

    • Uh, no.

    • what.

  24. Loved it. Rated it an 4/5. Great start to a new franchise with a fresh take on the Superman origin/mythos. I especially like the new twist on the Clark-Lois relationship.

    My biggest complaint is how the script fumbles the Pa Kent death scene. It’s an interesting reversal from the Donner film, where Clark was powerless to save his father. In this case, he actually CAN save him, but Pa Kent convinces him not to for the better good. A fine idea, but it’s not convincing enough– the fact that he goes back to save THE DOG is ludicrous (Not the baby in the car seat he saved moments earlier? Wouldn’t that have been more dramatically satisfying?). The thematic heft behind the scene made sense, but the actual construction of the sequence was nonsensical.

    Other than that, it’s really Goyer’s dialogue that bogs the film down. Get a new writer for the sequel, for sure.

    The action scenes are utterly spectacular, and this may be LITERALLY the largest-scale action scenes ever put on film. Seriously. Occasionally they may go on a bit too long, almost as if they’re overcompensating for the dryness of “Superman Returns” (As if to say, “You want fights? ALRIGHT! We’ll give you FIGHTS!”), but that’s not the worst problem to have. I’d rather have too much of a good thing than not enough.

    Overall: Solid movie. A real spectacle. Great sense of the character that works in a modern context.

    • Makes sense but people are very attached to there dog

      • look at videos of the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan a couple of years ago…the stories of people looking for their dogs was really heartbreaking, while dogs who are reunited with their masters despite the tsunami was a joy to behold.

    • As far as the dog goes… in the movie’s defense he would not have been able to save the baby without also saving himself thus he would not have died defeating the purpose of the scene. And the other part to your statement why save a dog…you are assuming he thought he was going to die. he might have actually gotten away with it if his foot were not trapped and then his foot broken making it impossible for him to get away.

      But I will say that 1) it seems obvious that Snyder wants to show spectacle and is in love with CGI. It was interesting the conversation that Clark had with pa Kent right before he dies about him not being his real parent – the emotional punch was completely lost so that we could see his dramatic death. The movie feels like Snyder just wanted to get the origin story out of the way and establish Superman as a hero and he was already looking forward to the next film where he can really let loose with the action. If you compare it to the Dark Knight trilogy …after the origin story (Batman Begins) we did not get anymore extensive flashbacks in the future films. Likewise in a future Superman movie it won’t be as choppy and Snyder can delve into an already established Superman.

    • I thought the script was well done. There were multiple clever, but subtle, jokes throughout. Also, if Jonathan had tried to save a baby, he wouldn’t have been able to simply open the door–when his foot was stuck–to let the baby run to safety. The baby would’ve been sucked into the tornado and then Jonathan would’ve been seen as a dick for doing that!

      I have dogs and I think I would’ve done the same thing for any of my dogs!

  25. One of my favorite lines from ZOD: (to Clark) “Where did you train? IN A FARM?”

  26. Was that an intense neck snap or what? I was like OH Crap!

    • Agreed. I don’t think anyone anywhere could have guessed Zod dying would have been that brutal and personal. Especially after all the flying and theatrics that had just ensued.

  27. First of all. I like the movie very much. It’s an eye candy with a lot of awesome special efects. Some of the scenes are reminiscence with Superman 1978 such as baby kal-el’s lift-off and Supes choking Zod from behind In which it’s a reminiscence of a scene from Superman II (but with very Different end result) The other thing that I enjoy is that almost all of the Easter eggs are confirmed, including the Wayne Satellite and Lexcorp tanker.

    The downside of this movie, I think, that it’s too much jumping back and forth between flashbacks and dream scenes. To some, it’ll be very confusing. Unlike Superman 1978 which storyline goes straight and left only a little room for flashbacks. Moreover, I think Jor-el has too much screen time, it’s often stealing Superman’s thunder. This movie should focus on Superman/kal-el.

    Overall the movie is great to watch I would rate it 8/10.

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