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Man of Steel Zod Heat Vision Man of Steel Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Man of Steel review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers for Man of Steel without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Man of Steel special episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Man of Steel for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film, its ending and all its surprises!

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Man of Steel is now in theaters. It is 143 minutes long and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language.

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  1. My favourite thing about this movie is that there isn’t a single piece of kryptonite. Great movie, welcome back Superman.

    • I thought this movie was everything you could possibly want from a superman movie. All the actors played their parts perfectly in my opinion and the action sequences were pretty cool:)

    • This is just the beginning! I’m sure the writers have a few tricks up their metaphorical sleeve!

    • what makes you think there was no kryptonite?

      the kryptonian atmosphere is his kryptonite. they were fairly obvious in introducing the ‘new’ kryptonite into the movie. utopia casino was clearly in the movie too.

      • The kryptonian atmosphere has similar effects to Kryptonite, and yes you could say it was a metaphorical Kryptonite, but when people say there wasn’t any in Man of Steel they’re talking about the literal thing, the glowing green rocks.

        • well in the official prequel comic tie in to MoS, they clearly showcased all the different types of kryptonite’s as underground cave minerals in Krypton, so kryptonite is definitely there is this universe.

  2. Loved the film and the new interpretation…so glad they didn’t do the typical and show Superman flying around town saving people and stopping crimes, this was finally a much larger scale, that is what Superman is. I will always love the original films no matter what…

  3. This was a Very Good movie. Not great and here is my opinion why.

    1. The eggs with the infants in them reminded me of the Matrix

    2. When Jor-el was putting on his Armor to fight Zod. it reminded me of a scene when Stark was putting onhis armor.

    3. If Zod and his crew was genetically enhanced to fight and defend and scierntiest were bred to be smart, why did Zod take a buttkicking from Jor-El?

    4. Superman and Zod flying around fighting smashing and collapsing buildings remind me of Neo and Agent Smith in thier final fight.

    Overall, it was a good movie.

    How long did it take for them to rebuild metropolis, why wasnt superman the blame for the trillions of dollars in damage. How many people really know superman’s true identity.

    And did Superman give Lois that Superman 2 memory Loss kiss or was she blushing becasue she thought clark was attractive?

    • 1. My GF said the same thing. I agreed but I also acknowledge the concept of babies grown artificially predates The Matrix and Man of Steel by decades. Let’s not pick on everything that has a general relation to other things. We’d be here all day.

      2. Remind me of that, and every other film/comic/book where a character puts on a suit or dons equipment. Doesn’t mean that’s a problem.

      3. Jor-El, believing in choice and not being a proponent of predestination, would have actively sought out other areas of interest besides being a scientist.

      4. The fights between Neo and Agent Smith reminded me of Superman vs. any superpowered villain in any of the comics and films every since I first became a comics nerd. For that matter the Matrix fights reminded me of a lot of other superhero fights besides Superman’s.

      I gather from your post that you don’t like when one thing reminds you of another. For me that’s just an interesting note to make in my head, it doesn’t really make me think less of it.

      Ma Kent, and Lois Lane know Clark Kent is Superman. Lois was giving a knowing smile, because she knew it was Kal-El. I didn’t catch a blush in there but maybe I missed it.

    • Dude- do some research. If you look in the Superman Encyclopedia all of this stuff is in there. The writers of the Matrix could have borrowed it from it’s lexicon. Remeber nothing is new under the sun, by now we have seen a lot due to movies, internet and so on. I wouldn’t ruin my experiences or anyone elses by say this reminds me of this and so on. Try to watch every movie as it’s own experience and you will enjoy it better, I promise. At the heart it’s just a comic book movie and anything to push the genre forward (which I believe it does) is great for us geeks. We are living in a fantastic era right now. Just try to enjoy it instead of analizing stuff to death.

  4. For the films narrative scope, I really like the direction taken and the tweaks on the origins, especially the Krypton elements and the Lois/govt elements. Very up-to-date and refreshing. Actually had no cringe worthy moments, though there were no pimps or deadbeat dad moments to lend towards such. I could easy return to this version in a sequel, though, for the damages done, where do they go next . . hopefully nothing revolving around real estate and Luthor.

  5. I think Zack snyder should have slowed down the pace of some of the scenes, like he Did with 300, like seriously those fight scenes need to really be enjoyed, I know we are dealing with aliens with supersonic speed, but then I think that would have really worked for a lot of us out there,

    Anyway the movie is still the best for now, thumbs up!

    Yeah one more thing I’m seriously
    hoping they tone down the Dark and gritty part of the movie as well brighten up the suit or something in d sequel, since he would be working in the daily planet and also been a sign of Hope now to man you know’ that kinda stuff.
    I dont expect to see another a movie where he’d be fighting dark villians while still wearing a dark costume.

    • I wasn’t a fan of the movie, and that’s something I questioned. It seemed like a story and structure suited to Nolan, only they made Zack Snyder do it, in a Nolan imitation, instead of how he might have done it.

      I was hoping there would be a mix of super speed and super slow mo. No such luck, but to me the action was way to muddy. Could have used a touch of Snyder’s crystal clear action. I wonder why they made the choice they did.

  6. 4th time watching… This time in 3D IMAX… To my surprise, it was actually and definitely worth it, and I have to say that it keeps growing and growing on me. This would actually be my fave superhero movie of all time (for now). On my 2nd screening, I was able to completely leave all my expectation of this to become a Donner’s Superman like movie (well, since I alrdy knew what to expect :D ) and to be honest the movie becomes more and more enjoyable to watch. Really love it. The 3rd time I watch the movie, I don’t even find it to be dry serious anymore. And the 4th time, I was completely enjoy the movie, didn’t care abt the supposedly ‘plot holes’ anymore. That is how good MoS to me :D

    PS: I noticed that Carrie Ferris was called captain, but on the end titles, she was actually a major? What’s up with that? And up till now, I can’t find a clue as to why sometimes the yellow part of the S emblem becomes darker or even dark blue (to my eyes, at least)… I assume that it is a gauge or something to tell Kal-El / us, whether his power is full or empty (Yeah, it’s silly… ROFL )…

    • Angle of light

    • The background area of the S emblem is has several dark transparent layers to it, and underneath is a yellow layer. From certain angles and lighting it looks dark yellow, almost grey. In others it looks brighter yellow. Think of carbon fibre with several clear layers over it. Same effect.

  7. seen this movie 3 times fourth in a few mins…everybody should just see how great this movie is

    • Its good, not that Great

      • its npt great…its Epic get it right bro lol

  8. Honestly haven’t went through the comments, so forgive repetition. I thought the origin story part was spectacular, a work of art. Was not as enthusiastic once Gen. Zod & co. showed up. Overwhelming, and so much mass destruction of regular “human” areas. That Superman got choked up over one family getting zapped by Zod, when he probably took out thousands of people in the fight over the city? Hmmm. I am seriously hoping Mr. Nolan has an influence on this aspect, and it was all part of the “plan”, because they need to acknowledge all of that destruction. And a small example of that is the IHOP that his childhood friend manages (?)–all he did was look at him, though at the time, maybe that was all he could do, there are still big repercussions here. I am reserving my biggest thoughts until I see the sequel, assuming there will be one, so at this point, I’m saying half-genius. :)

    • How do u know they were thousands? I didn’t see anyone inside the buildings when they were fighting. The machine had already obliterated the area, and all that was left was empty buildings. Superman was already having his ass kicked by Faora did u expect him to stop and have a chat with his friend?

      As Synder has already indicated, the sequel will deal with repercussions. This is probably why Nolan was against it in the beginning. Nolan always takes it one picture at a time, while Synder was obviously planning for the sequel as well. This will be how Supes will get his no kill rule and all that.

  9. To me, our super hero loses some of his impressiveness when there are so many others around with super powers also. (Too many Kryptonites!) I like the story better when Superman is the only one around that can fly, take the bullets, etc. I also like him being around Metropolis mysteriously saving people, in hiding as Kent, etc. This rather than battles larger than wars and the earth (and a lot of innocent bystanders) being practically obliterated. .

    • So, u want a Lame ass superman that does the jobs that cops and firefighters do? Why do u think SR failed? No one wants a Lame ass superman.

      • plus one man

  10. Maybe there was no Kryptonite, but there was Krypton “atmospherics” that basically did the same thing.

    I was having a Superman Returns relapse to the Kryptonite island when he was trying to destroy the World Machine… I thought he was weakened?

    I liked the flashbacks, I thought it helped slowly build up how Clark learned to respect humanity and to accept his alien-ness.

    Decent movie, nice climactic fight scene except the very end, an untrained boyscout able to defeat a genetically bred warrior with a WWE move… bleh.

  11. What if……Am I the only one who thinks in some sort of time loopy thingy that the codex skull at the beginning of the movie is Kal-El?? where else would the kryptonians get their full genome from one body part??

    • I was fascinated with the genetic codex being part of a skull. Interested in the backstory.

  12. I saw this yesterday and I enjoyed it but was slightly disappointed. I was the same with Batman Begins though and that grew on me over time. Like lots of people are saying… it felt a little rushed.

    I was happy with the idea of no Kent with glasses but that actually happened. Also it happened very quickly didn’t it. I don’t think there was to much action. It was there when it needed to be there but it was very in your face. The constant crashing though buildings was over the top. I understand they were using that to show how powerful they were. Fair enough I guess.

    The part where he was playing with his cape as a child. He knew about the suit when he was a kid? or Jonathan Kent did? Wasn’t a fan of the consciousness of Jor-el on the ship. Very star wars with the Jedi sprits. The learning to fly part. That was a bit odd. Im assuming Jor-el told him to fly? only heard him to test his powers.

    I suppose I was hoping for a bit of a cliff hanger ending maybe or a hint at the next villain. Obviously there was the Lex Corp part so maybe that was it. I enjoyed the flash back scenes though and thought the humour was quite good.

    Just hoping for a great sequel. It needs a lex version on a par with Heath Ledger’s Joker.

    Overall I enjoyed it. Been waiting a long time to see it and although I was slightly disappointed It think it will grow on me. Good to have Superman back

    • When Johnathan Kent sees him wearing the cape it wasn’t that Clark knew about the suit… Use your imagination.

      The dog was also in that scene. He was playing with the dog. Not playing Superman.

      When Johnathan was looking at him he knew that he would amount to the greatness he knew he had. He knew he’d become someone the world would look up to.

      That’s what that scene depicted.

      I agree that Lex Luthor needs to be this films Joker. But still Lex Luthor.

      • oh right. Strange to have him with a cape on still

        • Many heroes, both mythological and real, have been imagined and portrayed (and, more to the point, likely actually wore) capes of varying sizes and colors down through the ages. Thus, an imaginative little boy running around in the yard having adventures would not even think twice about finding a sheet/towel/etc. Of red or purple or blue or yellow and using it as a cape…even if he didn’t know about “Superman”.

          • Agreed. It’s pretty obvious.

  13. Now that a sequel is almost inevitable i think there are a few things WB needs to figure out first before proceeding further.

    1) Figure out how Marvel gets away with altering the characters: Thor’s entire story on earth was altered. Tony stark in the movie is very different from the Tony stark in the movies. I think the trick here is that Marvel just promises a fun movie experience. People don’t care about plot holes and character alterations when they r having fun. WB on the other hand promoted MOS almost as if it was the second coming of Christ. Keep it fun WB. Now that the origin story is done, have a more relaxed,less mopy, fun Superman in the sequel.

    2) Marketing: Marvel has a great marketing department, that picks the right release dates, and markets the movies like crazy. Ask the Chinese. The chinese audience butts must be chapped from all the butt-kissing. Learn to pick a good date WB. It’s only the 2nd week and u have to compete for family audiences(MU) and action-movie audiences(World war Z). Not a good call. Also, it’s releasing in most countries this week, and in some next month, and in August in Japan. R u kidding me? August?! Everyone will have watched it online by then. Get a good marketing department.

    3) Someone to oversee everything: If u want to build a DC universe and eventually do a JL film, get someone like Kevin Fiege who is going to oversee everything. You need to plan for the future, not just on a film by film basis. If u don’t trust your characters, neither will the Audience. Get WW, Flash, and GL movies off the ground. I hope eventually we can have a DC, Marvel team up some day.

    okay. Rant over.

  14. I didn’t like the end and the “fight” scene over new york. What? ALL people in the city evacuated (how? and how long did it take?) Nobody died and the only ones left where the staff of daily planet and a few random people scattered over town (saw 50-100 people during the final fight scene, in N.Y. Remember 9/11? 2 towers fell and over 3000 people died, in this movie more then 7 tall buildings where smashed to rubble and nobody died? jetplanes and spaceaircrafts,the atmospheremachine crashed within the city and still the only thing that happened where loss of billions of dollars (buhu ;( What a silly movie. I give it a 3 out of 10.

    • Poorly written but i get what you mean. And that’s why a sequel with Lec Luthor would be so perfect. Lex Luthor will be the one to blame superman for everything turning the people against him. He’ll pay for everything showing that he “cares” and hopefully it give Bruce Wayne a reason to visit Metropolis and help out as well keeping an eye on Superman… The ending (After Zods death!) wasn’t great but the movie in itself was a very great reboot to Superman.

  15. I think that after Superman kills Zod he realizes he shouldnt kill and in MoS 2 he makes No kill rule

  16. I’m probably the last man on the planet (well, on Screenrant) to watch Man of Steel and I think I can hear the crickets chirping on this thread. For some reason, I was unable to watch it while it was still trending. Well, let me put in my two cents just for the heck of it. Been a while. Pardon me if I didn’t read all 744 comments before writing this.

    Man of Steel was one of the few movies I’ve watched in recent times that left me perplexed at the end of the movie. Perplexed in the sense that for the life of me I didn’t know how I felt about the movie. Usually at the end of a film I know whether I like it or not but this was different. I couldn’t quite place it. I wasn’t elated at the end of the movie, neither was I depressed. I spent time trying to understand because it was a new feeling for me for a superhero movie.

    Well, here’s why:-
    THE UPS-
    1. Henry Cavill has made the character his own. I can one day see him epitomise Superman like Reeve did.
    2. The movie’s fight scenes were brilliant. So were Superman’s flight scenes.
    3. The movie was deeper than previous movies.

    1. Rusell Crowe probably was the deepest character in the film from his quality acting and the personality he put in it. The rest appeared rather two-dimensional to me, Kevin Costner (as usual), Diane Lane, even Fishburne… they added little more to the characters we have all grown up to know. Nothing different, nothing new. Lois Lane didn’t have the spunk that Margot Kidder or the Smallville version displayed. She lacked that audacious persona. There is only so much a script can do for you… the rest comes from convincing acting and proper casting. She was more of a Lana IMO.

    2. There was little or nothing of the mild-mannered, glasses-wearing Clark Kent. In the ‘Nolanesque’ fever, Snyder had left out the only character that could have lightened the mood with some humour of his own. Daily Planet is dull without Kent’s and Lois’ antics. The Clark Kent we saw at the end didn’t look bashful or goofy- in fact he looked like a very level-headed Kal El. Which makes it even more incomprehensible that journalists, who constantly peer at pictures and clips of Superman on a daily, would be thrown off the similarities between Clark Kent and Superman by mere spectacles. Heck, the hair-style wasn’t even changed.

    For me, every other part of this Man of Steel movie has been done before (perhaps that explains my lack of excitement), the key determinant was Clark Kent for me. The trailers gave me hope that we’d see a lot of him and hopefully an interesting Kent/Superman dichotomy-which is always amusing to watch. We lost that humour. Superman mustn’t be TDKR. Doesn’t have to be that grim.

    3. The final battle was apocalyptic. Very apocalyptic. Well done. Dunno if there can be anything that can top this on apocalyptic levels. From the level of destruction I’d say no less than 100,000 people lost their lives in Metropolis and many more in other states. But where was the US president? We never saw him. Decisions seemed to be made by the Pentagon or we hear of directives – but no president on the radar. Was that deliberate? Why? Surely with all the destruction and threatening ET broadcasts at least we should have seen deliberations in the White House..?

    4. Where’s the theme song? I didn’t hear it. If indeed it was played at various times in the movie- it passed unnoticed to me. I can’t even hum it. If you don’t leave the theatre humming a Superman tune (be it movie or cartoon) then there’s a problem.

    By and large, the movie was well done but lacked some life. Can’t quite explain it. Which is very frustrating to me because I hardly find myself in that situation. Maybe, the Superman origin has been over-done and I wanted something more… I dunno.

    I did notice some Saviour allusions- like Superman being 33years of age- which is traditionally believed to be the age Jesus went public with his ministry and was crucified. Also the church clip… I wonder whether these were deliberate to say something .

    • +1. I agree with what you wrote.

  17. Best Superman ever, even though I expected it to be A 5 star movie. I gave it 4 just because it didn’t blow my mind like 300 or Watchman. But so far the only movie Zack Snyder lost me on was Sucker Punch. Not as good as 300 but best Superman made to date. It felt more like a sci fi movie then Superhero movie. So since I love sci fi I did like this film a lot.