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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode ninety-six of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw and special guest Andrew Dyce as we review Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel as well as discuss the movie’s connection to a Justice League shared universe.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 96 – ‘Man of Steel’

We review Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel as well as discuss the movie’s connection to a Justice League shared universe.

[0:00] Review: Man of Steel (read our full written review)

[55:55] Man of Steel SPOILERS conversation (check out our full spoilers discussion)

[2:26:39] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Andrew Dyce.

Next Week’s Review: World War Z

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  1. I think expectations is what really makes or break a movie for a movie watcher. I enjoyed it but I think I went in there with more expectations on the story than the action in terms of what I wanted in my Superman movie. The action was way more than what I expected it exceeded my expectations in terms of the scope & Kofi’s statement that it is greatest superhero action movie isn’t too big a leap.

    In terms of story it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but it still managed to work for me I think it was the Andrew Dyce reaction of WOW I really have to think about it & ultimately I felt that while some plot points were flawed, it stil managed to deliver a Superman movie we needed. I think what this film ultimately does is introduces you to the possibility of where Superman can go as a character & develop his rules/stances for things like a reason why he doesn’t kill or get involved in certain things when it comes to politics.

    I would like to see Lex&/or Brianiac in the next film. In some way I would like to see Superman tackle issues like the Wars going on overseas and have Lex as a Billionaire pretending to do good but behind the scenes he’s behind a lot of the problems around the world. Brainiac as a physical & mental threat than make himself into an army of Terminator or a manipulator of technology depending on which version you do. Metallo as a secondary villain could be cool but it be difficult to do without a major villain pulling the strings and could kind of lead to Cyborg with this idea that you can combine man with Machine. Doomsday can be done if you do Doomsday like Superman: Doomsday animated film where Lex is ultimately the one who sets free this beast that’s been dormant for thousands of years that weakens Superman to the point where if when Lex dons a Mech suit you feel like he has a shot against Supes.

    • Glad to know I wasn’t alone ;). In all honesty, I left the theatre disappointed because I wanted the movie to be everything I hoped it would, and it wasn’t. Not worse, just surprising.

      In hindsight, a Superman movie that was exactly what I thought it would be is kind of pointless – i could have just imagined it and gotten the same sensation. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were what I always knew Batman *could* be on film, but this isn’t Batman: it’s Superman.

      If any superhero should surprise, and divide people, get them animated, angry, excited and overjoyed, it’s him.

      • *tears*


        *removes spectacle*

        *dries eye*

        … so true.

      • This is what should’ve been said in front of the American flag shot from SM3!

      • But I’d like to know, did you in any way like the superman returns if you didn’t, please could you tell me why?. ..

        And how exactly would you have wanted the man of steel to be, I’d really appreciate a feedback.

    • But I’d like to know, did you in any way like the superman returns if you didn’t, please could you tell me why?. ..

      And how exactly would you have wanted the man of steel to be, I’d really appreciate a feedback.

      • If you want my thoughts on “Supermam Returns”, I don’t consider it to be that great of a movie. Average and slightly good, but not great. Felt too much like it was a bunch of people pretending they were Christopher Reeve and the gang, which I feel resulted in Brandon Routh being a very quiet and creepy Superman.

  2. Any bets that Krypton will be rebuilt by next movie?

    • Not Krypton, I meant the parts Superman, Zod, & Faora wrecked.

  3. I wanna see that Aquaman post Kofi, time for WB to quell the Aquaman haters!

    • The New 52 re-launch of Aquaman – “The Trench” – is awesome. An unwilling future king of Atlantis? I’d watch that movie regardless of who it was based on. But that would need a big budget to do it right – put the cards on the table WB, and see how it all plays out.

      • Agreed. The setting alone would be a breath of fresh air and translating the New 52 incarnation of Aquaman into film would make people reexamine their initial impressions of the King of the Seas.

      • The New 52 re-launch of Aquaman just
        might bring Aquaman to the big screen.

  4. I’m with Rob on this one. It felt like such a messy film. I’ll probably have to see it again though.

    But on another note, did anyone notice the dildo space pods in the beginning that Zod and his men got transported in after being frozen? I couldn’t believe how much they looked exactly like giant dildos.

    • It fits for being pain in the ass villains

    • I couldn’t believe these guys didn’t mention the dildo pods.

  5. Nolans Batman universe had gritty realism combined with superb character development. You were actually supposed to believe that Batman could exist in the real world. The Marvel universe is riddled with over-the-top action sequences, average character development, and campy dialogue. It’s an action movie, but not very far from comedy. This is what we have seen over the last couple of years from comic book adaptations, some have been more successful than others. MOS doesn’t quite fit in with any of these, so I think I can understand why this has really divided the critics. They were expecting the realism and character dev of Nolans Batverse and the comedic senses of the Marvelverse. I personally think they were quite generous with IM3, because I was really getting bored towards the middle of the movie and not to mention all of RDJs one liners. Overall MOS was great and I plan on seeing it again.

    • yeah, no bias here at all..

      • No more or no less than anyone else.

        • Face it, if you don’t love MOS and want to marry it, you are “biased.” End of discussion.

          (Actually I agree with what you said. I didn’t like the movie personally. For one thing, I think the “realism” route is an invitation to over-scrutinize the movie’s internal logic. DK movies had plenty of hokey dialoge, but they manage to move along without calling too much attention to it. I watch those movies again and again and that is something that I notice and admire. I think Marvel has the better approach for that reason).

  6. Rotten tomatoes can blow me, you guys rule. Loved this ep and loved this movie.

    I can see brainiac hunting down supes for his codex due to his rarity or lex luthor using it to make a clone labeled BZR-0(bizarro) and gaining his tech and suit from zods leftovers. Plus metallo and the parasite can show up in either, perhaps products of lex. I want lex to be a force in the shadows who antagonizes while publicly being friendly to supes whilst picking up pieces of other enemies and studying to use against supes later.

    Then later doomsday attacks sent by darkseid.

    Also I want a new batman too and he would be the uniter of the league, not fully trusting but knowing they are needed powerful assets he should monitor and be near.

    • I think it should be done the way New 52 did it: all of them coming together by coincidence against a world threat.

      As for who unites them to become the Justice League, I would say Martian Manhunter.

      • I didnt really like the new 52 meeting, and feel it would be too similar to avengers. Also I dont see how batman would be moved out of gotham if there is a national threat but I could see him investigating superman and other beings but only acting to bring them together under a global crisis such as starro or darkseid, He would bring the other four(flash/aquaman/wonderwoman/supes) because he would need them in his plan and he cant do it alone(he will have already tried like he always does), perhaps being saved by superman after being attacked by the threat and thats how they meet.


        Maybe supes working with the government acts as an envoy and with government info/discovery of other heroes, he seeks them out and asks them to join, perhaps after hearing of the rumors of a bat man, an amzaon, a fish king or a man faster than him.

        So many good ways to go about it, I dont want them just pushed together by a threat.

        • After putting some thought into it, I agree.

          I do hope that they do go the Tim Burton-ish route with the new Batman, have a very small origin background or just piece it all together during the film. It’s amazing how effective that movie remained without spending an entire movie set on the origin.

          • Not tim burton(shudders), preferably the arkham games style which is general batman with both realism and comic

        • I agree with you that they shouldn’t go with some global threat bringing all of them together.

          Instead, I think they could go in a more cerebral direction. Lex could be the villain that Superman cannot fight because Lex can fight in a way that Superman cannot win with just brute force. They could have Batman investigating into the aftermath and meeting with Superman to show him all the things Lex and others have been doing.

          Superman and Batman could have a duel between their respective ideologies on how they fight. Superman would not really like Batman’s sneakiness and Batman’s willingness to fight dirty.

          In the end, they could both grow to accept and respect each others’ ways since they’re all fighting the same fight, the good fight. And both of them bring something different to the table to fight the good fight. So this could be the thing that could lead them to form the team.

          They have different approaches and different strengths. They are all on the same side. This allows any potential Justice League movie to emphasize and accentuate the different strengths of the characters and how they all bring something essential but different.

          Basically, they can fight the good fight better if they have different approaches and combine their strengths into one unified effort, the Justice League.

          Superman – his physical powers and good public image
          Batman – his intellect, money, tech, and detective skills
          Wonder Woman – physical powers and her idealistic Amazonian ideology/morality
          Aquaman – his powers, mankind’s little knowledge of the sea and its depths, and ecological concerns
          Flash – speed, public image, and charisma
          Green Lantern – ring and power of will, scope of Earth being a small part of the Universe, the connections and scope of the Green Lantern Corps

          I don’t know much about most of them except Batman and Superman so naturally, I’d prefer a Batman/Superman team-up first.

  7. MOS was great. The DC future looks bright. I’m glad the DC universe has gravity. As much as I have enjoyed the Marvel characters. I’m glad DC is not trying to pander to the fans and create a comedy tour. I like the diversity. I think There is plenty of room for both lighter and darker tone stories so everybody should just chill and enjoy the fact we have the technology to bring these characters to life. There’s no need to troll or hate.

    Wish List-
    1. Man of Steel 2 (Villain Braniac & Luthor introduction)
    2. Superman/Batman (Villain Luthor & Metallo with Bruce Wayne/Batman introduction)
    3. Justice League!

  8. I am kinda hoping that in MOS2 Lex is positioned as a good guy. In plenty of Superman stories Lex started out as a stand-up guy. And to me he has always been a pretty gray-area villain vs an all out evil like the Joker. Goyer I think mentioned how Lex was more of a Bill Gates type character rather than Gene Heckman 2 dimensional villain. Seeing Superman and Lex sort of team up to take down Brainiac would be pretty interesting and then towards the end have Lex and Supes differ over how to use power or something like that sort of hinting at a future conflict.

    It’d be awesome if they could weave Bruce Wayne into it as well. Maybe not Batman, save that for a World’s Finest so not to give everything away. Maybe he could advise Lex, a fellow billionaire, not to involve himself with Superman or something.

    • I like

    • I’d be down.

      • Easy for you to say. You’re already down on Man OF Steel 😀 (joke)

    • Seriously, excellent idea Christine.

  9. Basically I think DC has come to finally become what I’ve always wanted them to be since I was three, theve actually set themselves apart.

    So for any one who needs some Dark gritty action superhero thriller you know its DC, AND if its Something in the line of comedy mixed with some action I can always go to marvel either way I love both Marvel and DC,

    I’m guessing this is why Green lantern didn’t work it was trying to look like a Marvel movie.

  10. I enjoyed the film a lot. I understand a lot of people didn’t get what they were expecting but as Kofi said in the podcast the Donner vision is completely outdated. We don’t live in a “gee-wiz”, “it’s a bird, it’s a plane” type of world and I’m glad they pulled superman out of that world and put him in one I can relate to. The destruction towards the end was pretty crazy and yes they could’ve dialed it back just a bit but I’d rather too much action than not enough.

    • Plenty of the criticisms people and critics have for the film have nothing to do with the Donner films. Last I checked, there are almost a hundred negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Clearly, people have legitimate problems with the film beyond it not being like a film from 30-something years ago.

      • You’re right. And I’m not saying there are no criticisms to be had it’s far from a perfect film but I’m not talking about technical criticisms, plot holes, erratic editing, long running time etc (those are fair). But when people say things like “this is not superman” or “superman would never…” they’re certainly referring to a specific vision of superman. It’s unlikely they’re referring to the comics because 1.) comics because the comics have hundreds of incarnations/depictions/versions of superman and 2.) This movie is more faithful in content to moderin depictions of superman dating back to the 90s. The donner films (including “returns”) have established a model for superman in the minds of many people for the last 30 years and a lot of people can’t seem to get over that.

      • The people on rotten tomatoes are rotten, I say its only fair if they make it so you can rate their reviews and rotten reviews by rotten critics will no longer count.

  11. I just want to Say Thanks to Kofi OUTLAW for being the Voice of the people he hit the nail on the head for this movie review I was SO tired of all the Neg press on this movie trying to Compare it to the Richard Donar films and people saying the movie was too long I had a coworker of mine that watched the midnight show and came to work the next day telling me how he hated the movie then talking to him that Monday his gripes were so small oh I didn’t like the fact they compared him to god or the decision to do flash backs to tell his origin story HE ACTUALY SAID SUPERMAN RETURNS WAS A BETTER FILM SUPERMAN RETURNS!!!!! I’m starting to think that people think it’s the cool thing now to bash big superhero films because everybody wants to be movie Hipsters now but it just makes me sick to my stomach this was such a great film and I Dislike superman as a charter most of the time but this film changed my mind 3 months ago I would say Hulk beats Superman every time in a fight but after that Dragon ball Z inspired fight with Zod I’m willing to consider the fact that superman is a badass to be feared.

    • While the movie was great, Kofi was a bit over the top with praise.

      • I also called out the stupidest plot point in the movie. Give me my due.

  12. 1 – Monsters University
    2 – Man of Steel
    3 – World War Z
    4 – This Is The End
    5 – Now You See Me
    10 – Epic

  13. Movie action and destruction parts way to long. After a few minutes it’s just the same thing over and over it gets boring. Another thing how could zod & company have same powers as superman when they had so much garb on they couldn’t get exposed to the sun. Which is where supermans powers came from. Right? Then there’s the stupid ending to zod and supermans fight. He puts an army ranger move on zod and breaks he’s neck. I thought zod was as strong as superman which meant no simple bone breaking. Nothing broke during fight. At least in Avengers, Fast&Furious and other action films the action parts are short and don’t get boring.

    • Avengers action scene was quiet long and it was better due to 6 characters dealing with enemy in different way and yes many were bored by Ironman flying and shooting (his action was also repetitive).I would say MOS fight sequence was more intense while Avenger was more enjoyable.

    • Also don’t u think entire Ironman vs thor was stupid. Thor puts a dent on helmet by a headbutt and squashes suit with his fingers but when hitting from Mjolnir no effect on ironman, only falling here and there, the suit should have been destroyed.

  14. I can’t remember how much you guys talked about the killing of Zod in the podcast, but I know a lot of people are enraged by it. Here’s where I stand: If Superman had let the family die or found some absurd way to talk Zod down from killing them, then his no killing rule would go unexplained. There is no reason yet for him to have that rule. (except for it being in the Bible, I guess, but that’s getting technical). There was a clear threat to a family, and in his rookie fight he did the only thing he could think of in that moment. And because of his obvisouly emotional reaction afterward, I can see this instance becoming the cornerstone of the rule in later films.

    • Completely agree. He needs to be forced to kill once to realize why he can’t. Frankly, this film proved he isn’t prepared to be the hero the world will need him to be – how could he? If he was by default, that diminishes the character entirely.

      Now that Metropolis is rubble, and he was forced to kill, hopefully he’ll think twice about prevention, looking out for collateral damage, never letting situations get to the point that he has to take a life.

      From that perspective – character development over more than one film – I have zero problems with it.

  15. Kofi, trust me, knowing the technical term for “shaky cam” and understanding why it is used has absolutely no bearing on whether one likes it or not. You don’t like Dutch Angles, as I heard multiple times on the podcast, does that mean you don’t understand why they are being used? I think not. There really is no need to be condescending and downright pretentious like that, just because some people can’t stand a certain (overused and overdone) cinematic techniques. 😉

    • True. Labelling it doesn’t = it being good. It was very problematic and distracting for me.

      • @TheLostWinchester: I think (not putting words in anyone’s mouth) that Kofi was speaking to casual moviegoers who say “why was the camera shaky, that was a mistake, distracting, wrong, and poorly made.” Which, I have heard from a few people since seeing it.

        Kofi was saying that’s cinema verite, it’s an approach, a style, and done for a reason. One of the main reasons is to put the audience into the scene, more like being there firsthand and less like watching a stage play like in the early days of film.

        To say you don’t like that style of filmmaking is one thing, but people who claim that it’s sloppy, misguided, or wrong – that’s who Kofi was explaining the reasoning to.

  16. *tears*


    *removes spectacle*

    *dries eye*

  17. LOL
    Movie action and destruction parts way to long. After a few minutes it’s just the same thing over and over it gets boring. Another thing how could zod & company have same powers as superman when they had so much garb on they couldn’t get exposed to the sun. Which is where supermans powers came from.

  18. WIth regards to Nolan/Bale’s Batman fitting in this world: I can definitely understand people who think he can’t fit here. My only concern is that, for me, in order for the dynamic between Batman and Superman to work in the best possible way, Batman needs to exist before Superman reveals himself. If WB wants to introduce a new Batman, thats fine, but he needs to have been around and existed as Batman before the events of MoS. Otherwise it will kind of muddy Bruce Wayne’s motivation for becoming Batman. Does this make sense?

    I think the relationship works the best between both characters and will be the most interesting if Batman has already been doing his thing. I think it’s still possible to make that be the case, there will just be some questions that would need to be answered for it to work.

  19. another great podcast!! loved man of steel and i liked the new take on it. Especially Lois lane. I liked how they made her find out about Clark early on and i did like Amy Adams performance. Loved the action i dont think ive seen as much action in any other super hero movies maybe avengers. Cant wait till man of steel 2!!

    • I agree. I don’t need to see any more goofy hiding from Lois stuff. There’s no reason at all for him to be entirely hidden in secrecy. Iron Man it up, Kal-El.

      • I am definitely looking forward to a new take on that, especially after seeing Spider-Man do the reboot so close to the previous version. Lois knowing = automatically a different story.

  20. 1 – Monsters University
    2 – Man of Steel
    3 – World War Z
    4 – This Is The End
    5 – EPIC
    10 – Now You See Me
    I loved it but i had my issues, one of them was the ending. And no offence to Hans Zimmer, he is one of the greatest composers, but i felt it wasnt as iconic as John Williams score, as i was watching the film i found myself humming John Williams iconic score…Break out cameo was the ” Wayne Enterprise” Satellite, lol

    • I agree on the score. Didn’t stand out to me, nor was much of it memorable.

      • So it’s not as iconic as the score that has been attached to the character for the last 35 years huh?

        YOU DON’T SAY

      • I loved the score. A great sonic canvas for the film.

      • The score was perfect for me.
        Especially, when he first flew.

        • ^^ this

  21. I read the comments before hand and was thinking it might be a total love fest. I would give it 4/5 stars too. I think the action could have been better than Avengers if it was shorter. A great start though!

    Also, I know they will go in a different direction, but I wish they would consider Michael Rosenbaum for Lex.

    Another great podcast!

  22. Well, i felt like the Williams score made it know that Superman was here, the Zimmer score felt like it was lost in the back ground noise, and kinda boring..

  23. Solo movies would be great, but time is an issue. If WB knocks out MoS2, and a few other movies, you are looking well into 2017 before you see a Justice League movie. Of course, that depends entirely on how much money WB is going to throw money at these movies to get made.

    Team-up movies are a easy cash grab. WB is missing out on that money that Marvel is eating up with the Avengers and potentially the GoTG. The new 52 Justice League is tailor-made for an live-action adaption with some minor tweaks to the storyline and such. A JL movie would also be a good judge to see what characters the audience really enjoyed to have their own stand alone movie.

  24. I have to gush.

    I’ve seen the film 3 times now, the last time being in 3D. It’s really impressive how everything comes together. It’s clear that a lot of time and care was spent on creating the world Superman inhabits, and the world he comes from. I may be in the minority of people who consider Watchmen to be Snyder’s greatest film, but I do feel the man is not being given his due for Man of Steel, and there are definitely things on display in MOS that are among Snyder’s finest work. I too was bugging out over the little details (i.e. rain drops filling a bucket with clothes pins, or dew forming on the camera lens as a ship departs Krypton in the film’s prologue) The bigger more essential elements of the movie struck a chord with me too. I loved the way Lois was developed by showing her at work, whether she was doing journalistic work searching for Kal El, or trading lines with Jor El’s consciousness. Jor El’s inclusion in the movie was great. Nolan, Goyer, or Snyder found a way to justify Russell Crowe’s inclusion in the movie by making him crucial to both Kal’s development as a character and the action, and in turn Crowe elevated the material.

    Man of Steel is definitely the most epic superhero film I’ve ever seen, and I do feel that it earned its scope. That is to say, I think the quality of the direction and the way everything fits together in this movie warrants going as big as it does. I’m glad the movie is doing as well (fiscally) as it is, and I’m very excited to see where they go from here.

    EDIT: Before I go, I wanted to bring up something that you guys spoke about in the spoilers section. The priest definitely did “bat an eye” at Kal’s admission of who he was. He (the priest) took a pretty audible and visible gulp when Kal says, “I’m [the guy]”. Everyone was pretty freaked out about the spacecraft and Zod’s first contact. The priest even had the radio going with some talk radio coverage when Kal walked in. So the way I took it, is that he’s on high alert, this hulking specimen walks in and says “[I’m an alien],” and that gulp is a temporary slip in composure from a man who’s trying to keep his cool about the whole thing and help a guy who might be a nut, or an extra terrestrial.

  25. I agree with the dude who said that the avengers looked very “TV” because I felt like it was not cinematic at all since the first trailer given that he is originally a tv director, and avengers could’ve been much better if it had it’s own style. In my opinion the direction of the movie added an unwanted simplicity to the movie that added to the already existant in the plot.

  26. This is the best movie podcast, and I love the Camaraderie between the cast, you guys are Awesome. My one gripe with the show is occasionally Kofi tends to come off as a bully towards the rest of the cast if they’re of a different opinion from his own.

    In today’s episode where he subliminally poops on Rob for not liking the use of shaky cam in the film. Listen back to the episode where he and Ben are debating whether or not audiences should consume House of Cards in one shot or spread out.

    It was especially evident in the Iron Man 3 episode when he erupted towards his cast mates for enjoying the relationship between Stark and the kid in Iron Man 3. I generally do like Kofi’s opinions, and I think he adds some flavor to the show, however it bothers me when he tries to put people down for having a particular opinion.

    It’s one thing to have a strong opinion but you don’t have to force your
    agenda down everyone’s throat. Your excuse for everyone not liking M.O.S is cuz they’re tied to the Donner version, not true, many of us disliked
    M.O.S. because it fails on so many levels in terms of narrative structure
    and character development.

    p.s. Be nicer to Rob Keyes

  27. Are seriously saying Iron Man 3 is better than Man of Steel? I laughed out loud when I read that. This is a great Superman Movie. I mean come on! The criticism of the Nolan’s Batman movies was “the action scenes sucked” The criticism of Superman Returns was “not enough action, superman fought an island, he didn’t have a worthy opponent to use all of his powers” This movie solved both complaints with flying colors in my opinion. Now I’m hearing “too much action” What did you want? Make up your mind. I LOVED Thor but its “small town battle scene” is not even in the same league as the Smallville battle. Come on, this is a comic book movie not The Godfather, it is supposed to be über action!!!

  28. I thought the priest was supposed to be one of the childhood bullies, now grown-up, from one of the flashbacks.