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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode ninety-six of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw and special guest Andrew Dyce as we review Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel as well as discuss the movie’s connection to a Justice League shared universe.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 96 - ‘Man of Steel’

We review Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel as well as discuss the movie’s connection to a Justice League shared universe.

[0:00] Review: Man of Steel (read our full written review)

[55:55] Man of Steel SPOILERS conversation (check out our full spoilers discussion)

[2:26:39] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Andrew Dyce.



Next Week’s Review: World War Z

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (The Purge opening): Sal reports a tie! Both Tyler A and Chris A scored 12 points – and each picked the same tiebreaker.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Monsters University – 3,800
  • World War Z – 3,500

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • The Bling Ring – 500+

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  1. Intro of the year award goes to Kofi Outlaw.

  2. I agree with you on his. Man of Steel was so good. I also think its better than Avengers.

    • Here’s the thing: They didn’t outright call it better than the Avengers, they said the action is better, which it absolutely is.

      There are elements in the Avengers however, which simply can never be touched. The solo movies leading to the team up, the iconic comic characters appearing in the same shot together at the same time, Captain America vs Loki, Iron Man vs. Thor, Thor vs Hulk, the most properly done HULK SMASH to date… in these nerdgasmic regards the Avengers is now and always will be in a class of it’s own.

      • Agree. Avengers is probably the best ‘comic book movie’ made so far (in my opinion). Pretty clear WB and DC’s best are doing something very different.

      • For the record, Man of Steel is nowhere near as good as The Avengers for me. Closer to Iron Man 3 though.

        • Iron Man 3 = worst of the lot.
          Loved RDJ. The rest? Forgettable.

        • @ Rob

          I have to agree, although I can a Justice League movie, if done properly, giving Avengers a fight for best overall CBM.

          I would love to see a properly written and directed Justice League movie, but who wouldn’t?

      • Avengers is awesome.. but The Dark Knight is the best CBM for me. I feel like Marvel’s approach is more widely accepted therefore they have more live-action hits than WB/DC, but WB/DC is going for a more deep and complex way of approaching superheroes which is more difficult to bring to the big screen, but when they do succeed , for me, it outshines Marvel. But like I said, Marvel has been knocking them out of the park for the most part. Now that WB/DC has set the tone for their universe they’ll need to work twice as hard as Marvel to churn out hits like The Dark Knight.

    • Man Of Steel was better than The Avengers. Yes.

      • Well, I would expect you to say that.

      • I’m still conflicted about what is better than what.

        I look at this now as a rule of 3:

        TDK Avengers Man Of Steel

        Each one of those films offers something extra special that the other 2 don’t.

        I can argue why each one of those 3 films I listed is better than the next.

        So right now for me the “best comic book ever” is an argument between those three movies.

        Honorable Mentions: X2, Iron Man, Sin City, Scott Pilgrim vs The World

        • I very much agree.
          Personally my top 5 picks as best superhero films is as follows:

          1) The Dark Knight
          2) Batman Begins
          3) Iron Man
          4) Man of Steel
          5) The Avengers

          Honorable Mentions: X2: X-Men United, Spider-Man 2, The Incredibles

          I know the last one doesn’t really count ;) My list is subject to change frequently except the top 3.
          Such as sometimes I think Spider-man 2 deserves The Avengers spot.

  3. “Man Of Steel” sucked. Kofi you’ve lost your damn mind.

    • Only because YOU say so.

      • @ Kofi

        I was disappointed in your slanted review MoS, it was very misleading and there is no way this is a four star movie. You overlooked a LOT of flaws, problems and mistakes in this film to give it four stars. Perhaps you were giving it the score you thought others wanted you to give, or to pump up readers, I don’t know, but four is too many.

        Rob Keyes should do the superhero movie reviews. He’s more balanced and has a better take on them.

        • It’s still his opinion, every reviewer has his own opinion…I don’t see anything bad about it…Not every review will be similar to yours. Get over it!

          • Well said.

        • You are absolutely incredible Stark.

          Absolutely incredible.

        • @ Stark

          I’m officially hitting you with a death ray each and every time I can.

          For you to claim that you want all CBMs to do well, then to chastise a review for a movie THAT YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN YET, gives you away as being completely full of S***.

          • @ Dr. M

            Easy on those death rays doctor!!!!

            We just got back from seeing it Dr. I took my little niece and nephew. They were bugging me to take them so we went.

            Why else would I write that? How else could I write that??
            I didn’t agree with his review, so?

            Why so hostile?


            I’ll take the ” you’re incredible Stark” though!! That was nice.


            • That’s pretty suspect Tony. Not 3 hours ago you were commenting on how you would see WW Z before you would see MoS.

              And unless you have been commenting on this site while you were at the movie, I am once again calling Bulls*t on you sir.

              If you wanna be pro Marvel, that’s great. Marvel is awesome and I will support just about anything Marvel related that deserves support.

              Just don’t take this “I’m unbiased” approach, because clearly… you are not.

                • Tony, babe…

                  What you’ve done to tick me off should be quite clear:

                  You constantly defend the idea that you are pro “comic book movie.”

                  …yet, I’m on Screenrant (and frankly, any site that has people discussing geeky comic stuff) daily and anytime the subject comes up it’s apparent that you hype one (Marvel) and slam the other (DC).

                  Honestly, WB deserves it. They allowed Green Lantern and Superman Returns to happen. But I have yet to see any words of support for said company…

                  To reiterate: that’s all well and good. My problem is the constant insisting that you aren’t biased.

                  My dear Mr. Stark, you are biased… and you should be… and that’s okay.

                    • Yikes, that was emotional.

                      What does Han Solo say to Luke?

                      “Must’a hit her pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that, huh kid?”

                    • Lol

                      This post is hilarious!

                      Get’em Stark!

                    • @ Dr. M.


                      You thought that was emotional? What are you, a chick?

                      No doctor, no emotion, just facts. 

                      Pure straight facts, to which you obviously have no answer.

                      Out smarted again, eh doctor?


                      Nice avatar!

                    • Forget to change your email in haste Tony?

                    • LOL!!

                      Ah, no. Dale is my little nephew, he got a hold of my phone. My bad.

                      He also thinks you’re an idiot, btw, and he’s only 14.

                      Would you like to see his birth certificate doctor?

                      You can’t win doc. Good try though, keep reaching, keep trying. Defintatly’ an A’ for effort!!


        • Stark –

          Kofi isn’t the only person out there that thought Man of Steel was 4/5 and he certainly didn’t give that score to the film because he was trying to appeal to what other people would want it to be. I would have scored the film the same.

          Fact is, the film is divisive with a lot of people falling on both sides of the fence. It may have been disappointing to some but it was also very entertaining to others. Since reviews are subjective – it’s no surprise that Kofi is representative of one side of that split. You presumably represent the other ;)

          • I feel like you guys gave this movie a big pass in a lot of areas. u mentioned the flaws but you just glossed over while while you completely roasted other movies for doing the exact same thing (see IM3)

            • Flaws were minimal in MOS.
              Flaws were fatal in IM3.

            • Deezy – I already replied to your similar comment below ;) I don’t think there’s a uniform opinion on any movie. All of the examples mentioned, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and even Dark Knight Rises were all pretty divisive movies – so I feel like we did our job if we touched on the things that troubled us. But I’m not going to direct the crew to pour-over a movie that most of us liked.

              Iron Man 3 was a 3.5/5 on the site – so it makes sense we would have given that film a harder time.

              Plus, when we set out to do the podcast, we focus on interesting topics to cover over hammering specific likes and dislikes, that means that sometimes we’re going to come across easier/harder than we did other times. It’s the basic DNA of our podcast – so it will vary.

              • I see your point, but i guess it just comes across as a bit hypocritical sometimes when you nitpick one movie to death but give the others free passes for the same thing.

                • I don’t think that’s hypocritical – especially if we thought MoS was, overall, a better movie ;)

                  That said, I can understand why it’d be frustrating to listen to – in the cases where you don’t agree.

          • I was wondering how you would have rated it, Ben. Thanks.

          • @ Ben Kendrick

            Fair enough. I see where you’re coming from.

            • Cool. I respect your opinion – even if we disagree on this one.

              • @ Ben Kendrick


          • And me, I’m in the middle.

            • @ Rob

              I tend to side more with you. It wasn’t great, but wasn’t Green Lantern. It was just so/so.
              I’m sure the next one will be better if they learn from this one.

        • @Stark

          Yet you like Iron Man 3 which was pretty weak and had plenty of flaws.
          And no, I am not talking about the twist. I am referring to the film.
          In my opinion.

          It is all subjective.

          • @ the Archer

            You’re right it is subjective. Trust me, IM 3 was far from perfect in my eyes, and had many things I didn’t like. The twist was no big deal to me, but the others problems with it were much bigger IMO.

            • Other problems… such as? A lot of talking… without saying anything. Specifics man… SPECIFICS!

              • @ Ranger

                If you’re talking specifics about IM3 that I didn’t like, there were several.
                Blowing up the suits at the end.
                The way it ended. It seemed like a wrap up or closing of RDJ as Tony Stark/Iron Man.
                A fire breathing Killian.
                The buddy cop aspect of Tony and Rhodes. Felt to Leathal Weapon like to me.
                Recharging the suit with a car battery. I still don’t get that one.
                No explanation for Shield not being around.
                The after credit scene, while it was fun, I thought would have been better served to lead to another movie.

                These are just off the top of my head. Overall, I loved the movie and RDJ, but I was expecting more.

            • I understand.
              It is just we all have different opinions and evidence that supports our opinions of what “works”.

              But filmmaking is an art. There is no real right answer.
              Green Lantern tried the Marvel method but frankly it did not work. But Man of Steel is different from Green Lantern, Batman and Robin, Catwoman etc, where it is not almost universally panned.

              Marvel most successful films to date- Iron Man and The Avengers- actually had a more grounded, a little bit more serious tone, and more character development in comparison to its lesser properties. Lesser in terms of unanimous review and overall financial success.

              Both sides have winners and losers. It is all about execution and offering the best character story ever.

              Then, on top of that when people enter a film with preconceived notions of what the film should be, then there is controversy. Iron Man 3 had a similar controversy to Man of Steel about being divided.

              Critics now have an idea what and how this genre should be. Should it try to do more than the genre promises? Should it be a decent popcorn flick that recognizes its own self-silliness? Or should it be the middle.

              Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 are divided because essentially both are in the middle.

              I personally did not like Iron Man 3 that much. Entertained I was due to Robert Downey Junior and witty lines, but things fell cut short to me. It was meh.
              While not perfect I liked Man of Steel.
              While not a balanced film, the film does manage to convey deeper themes than what is initially seen.

              You ask why DC/WB has not been more successful?
              The answer is they have not made decent films from time to time.
              Same as why most Marvel films are daring to do something beyond the formula they have been riding on until their successful gimmick The Avengers.
              They now want to be a little darker, have something else to say but all in the conventions of the genre.
              They now have to swim or sink.

              So we could continue debating the issue, and who is right, who is wrong, the reviews got it right or wrong.

              Objectively, Marvel is ahead in terms of initiating and playing in the sand box. But DC has made risks, some resulting in failure, and some causing much debates across the board.

              If Man of Steel was as bad, as another film there would be no arguing the point. People like it. People do not. Over time, when the film sinks in, we will decide if the film is good, great, meh, or not.

              • Stark    15 minutes ago
                @ the Archer

                Great post!
                I agree. You are correct, the debate is pointless and won’t change anything. As I said to somebody else earlier, I do come across biased at times, you’re right, but don’t mistake my dislike of WB’s methods for a dislike of DC, or as favoritism toward Marvel. I will admit, it is hard to tell sometimes.

                Personally, I prefer lighter funnier things by nature, so I prefer Marvel’s tone better. I can appreciate the approach DC is taking to some degree, my only point is, that approach isn’t as widely accepted among general audiences/critics as the lighter approach is.

                Again, great post.

        • So WHY don’t YOU list all the flaw and mistakes you saw instead of cutting down another’s review… or, is it just easier being a lazy couch-critic, attention-seeking internet troll?

        • Haha, Stark. I don’t do reviews on SR, barely have time to get any done myself on GR. And me just doing one genre might be a little biased.

          Kofi’s got a good analytic and observant mind which makes him one of the best for film reviews.

          • @ Rob

            That’s too bad, I enjoy your work.

    • @ Thunder Lips

      As to your declaration: “Man Of Steel sucked’

      Yes, Man Of Steel sucked. As in suckled the breast of greatness.

  4. Damn straight.

  5. Lmao Kofi is too funny.

  6. Man..u guys are taking it so easy on this film. You guys completely trashed IM3 for like 2 hrs and you gloss over the many problems with this film that critics killed it for

    • I gave ‘Iron Man 3′ a pretty favorable review (3.5/5) but I think ‘Man of Steel’ was a better film – with less weird things to pick-on (i.e. fire breathing).

      That said, most of us really enjoyed Man of Steel – whereas several of the podcast team were pretty bothered by Iron Man 3. Of course, we also trashed ‘Dark Knight Rises’ which we still get angry e-mails about.

      • Being a Superman fan and while I loved MOS(best fight scenes I’ve ever scene in a cbm imo), I find the most of the gripes brought up during the podcast are legit but fortunately didn’t break the film. I’m really excited about where they go in the sequel.

        And why are people complaining about IM3′s review, doesn’t 3.5/5 = very good on SR?

        Love your underground podcast!!

    • I tried to bring some light to the issues I had, but some of the guys found reasons to love them, lol.

      I have a lot of issues with this film and it’s a step down from IM3 – and you guys know I didn’t love that one either.

      • One of the many differences between MoS and IM3, is IM3 doesn’t get better with multiple viewings…

        MoS does.

        • Yes, This is the test that separates the best from the worst.

  7. Watch the Matrix trilogy instead. ;)

    • I’d rather play Russian roulette.

  8. Yep, action was much better and more epic than Avengers’ one…definitely.

  9. This podcast would be so much better without the reviewers saying “like” once, let alone twice, in every sentence.

    • Kiddp –

      We certainly strive to improve the listener experience on the podcast as we go – so thanks for the feedback. That said, our podcast has always been designed to be a casual conversation. I’d never want our guys to pay extra attention to casual interjections if it’s going to disrupt their comfort in being spontaneous or following a train of thought.

      • How do you guys do this? Over the internet, conference call, or do you meet up?

        • All done over Skype/network conference calls. Non-internet guests call in from landlines.

          We’ve tried out other network call services but Skype is the easiest to organize.

          • Interesting. Good to know. It works well.

  10. oh and “kind of”

  11. I have been waiting for this podcast.

  12. I’ll give my review. Granted I don’t know why I’m posting it here, I should probably post it on a forum I visit, but whatever I like Screen Rant the most so here it goes.

    I will start off by saying that I have no connection to Superman in no ways at all. I also have no loyalty to Marvel or DC, as I enjoy both. With that said, I’m just giving an unbiased review based on what I did and didn’t like.

    1. I liked the fast pace and how the movie immediately kicked into the story. More films need to start off in this manner, instead of stalling and waiting for the plot to kick in.

    2. The first flashback scene with Pa Kent was powerful, and gives great reasons as to why Clark shouldn’t have used his skills, and I agree with him in every way.

    3. I sort of sympathized with Zod. I’m paraphrasing but one of his last quotes was “I only exist to protext Krypton. That is the sole purpose for which I was born. And every action I take, no matter how violent, how cruel is for the greater good of my people. And now I have no people…”. It is hard to not feel for Zod and understand why he was doing what he did. Rather than just make him a terrorist, they made us, well at least me, feel for him and his actions.

    4. Faora was bad ass. Nothing else needs to be said.

    5. Perhaps the most epic moment of the film was when Superman’s first flight after his first talk with Jor El. That for me, was more powerful than the final battle between Supes and Zod.

    Cons (What I didn’t like)
    1. Pa Kent’s death was weak. In the comics, I believe he dies of a heart attack, and from that Superman learns that he can’t save everyone. How he died in the film was not strong at all to me.

    2. The forced interactions between Superman & Lois. General Zod has no reason to bring Lois aboard the ship other than the film-makers reason to give some more interaction between Clark & Lois to start off a relationship between the two.

    3. The fight scenes with Superman was repetitive. Superman would fly towards someone and push them back, the villain would punch Superman far away, Superman would fly back to the villain, engage in some hand to hand combat, and the cycle would repeat.

    4. Perhaps the worst line in the entire movie. “What are you smiling about Captain?” “Nothing sir, I just think he’s kinda hot. After a bunch of deaths, and a gagillion dollars of destruction, why would the filmmakers feel as if they should have included a terrible line like that.

    1. How did Superman not notice Lois on the ship?
    2. How did Lois get a command key to the ship?
    2. How did Superman come to finding the Fortress Of Solitude?
    3. Why was Superman’s suit different from the rest of Kryptonian armor? And why was it aboard that particular ship?
    4. When he first battles Zod, he fly’s towards him and causes an insane amount of destruction. I know Zod attacked his mother, but come on, if you want the U.S to trust you, that’s not the way to go.

    To conclude it I can say that I do have somewhat of a connection to Superman now. This film is what Superman Returns should have been, and while it does have a few flaws, it’s a great origin story. 4 / 5 for me.

    • I thought they brought Lois to look at her memories to figure out where Clark hid the codex? Didn’t she mention to Clark that they looked inside her mind?

      • How would they even know that she made contact with him?

        • I’m assuming that it’d be the same way they figured out about earth’s languages, atmosphere, how to take over the tv and phone waves, where to meet the military to pick up Clark etc. they just watched and investigated. Your nitpicks are legit and there are some definite plotholes. Kind of like how they automatically speak English on Krypton lol The script had a LOT of logistical and technical storytelling issues. I guess for me all those story gaps was the price they payed for spending time tackling more complex themes and action sequences.

          • Ehh I guess that can be said. And I don’t believe it was TOO much action, they just give the things they were trying to do much depth. I actually have more nitpicks, I just didn’t want the review to be too long.

          • “Kind of like how they automatically speak English on Krypton”

            Because it’s easier (and better) to just have them speaking in our language than to force us to read subtitles when we should be watching what’s happening. It’s a basic device in films. Just assume they ARE speaking Kryptonian not English.

        • The guy on the news said that lois lane made contact with him. Id assume zod is smart enough to keep an eye on what people were saying

          • I can’t really buy that.

    • That’s interesting that you have a connection to the character now – if that’s the case, WB and Snyder accomplished one major hurdle in launching Justice League and rebooting Superman.

      • Oh definitely. This is what should’ve happened in 2006 or whenever Returns came out. Definitely kick starts their universe. If I had my way, I’d do a sequel, followed by a World’s Finest film, then go into Justice League. Either way, WB succeeded with this movie.

        • @ Tay: I’m with you on the pros, those stuck with me as well. I also felt the Lois romantic subplot was unnecessary – just as unnecessary as those tend to be in most superhero films (Batman Begins). I do think the Pa Kent scene referred to, while the comics one makes sense, was a new way of teaching a different lesson which I felt fit with the film’s message beautifully.

          I think the only difference between Supes’ suit and the rest of the Kryptonians, including Jor-El’s, was the colour of the crest. They even all wore capes on Krypton.

          • I can get with the way Pa Ken died, I just think that the one I mentioned would’ve been more effective. But I guess the way it played out in the movie works as well, and is a modern take on it. As far as the Lois relationship thing, they definitely just threw her into situations to make the relationship more believable just because everyone knows she’s Clarks love interest. Oh okay, yeah I was kind of confused on if that was Jor El’s ship, and if that suit was specifically for Superman, or if everyone had one just like it.

            • Just a theory here but, I think color schemes for the uniforms are a nuance of Kryptonian culture. Zod and his people wore black demonstrating that they were military. The council wore green/gold. Jor-El wore blue/red demonstrating he’s a scientist. The ship that Kal found his uniform in was an space exploration (science) vessel so that’s why it was different color than Zod’s and his people’s. If this is what they were going for it’s a pretty cool idea.

              • That’s cool and sounds believable,but some things are better explained in the movie, rather than for us to figure out.

              • @naledge: I like your reasoning there. I didn’t really need to explained point for point or completely, but your explanation seems to be enough for it to make sense.

    • I actually like the Clark/Lois relationship. Let’s just put it this way,for a CB movie it could have been A LOT worse (looking at you Thor).

      I’ve always been a big Lois Lane fan. As a girl, I idolized her more than superman. She is a strong female character that can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Superman, Lex Luthor, and Batman and she doesn’t even have superpowers or wealth to back her up.

      I was really worried that Amy Adams would make Lois annoying or a damsel in distress, but I was very happy to see her hold her own and even when given some questionable lines, Amy pulled them off in classic badass Lane-style. Was the kiss necessary? Probably not. But the way they both trembled and sort of took in this shared connection, ngl made me gush!

      Here’s a little quote from writer Michael Hartney and Mark Waid (the writer of Birthright and Kingdom Come) about Lois that really explains why she is so necessary to the Superman mythology and therefore a necessary component in this new origin story.

      “Lois Lane, more than anything else, is the Metropolitan representative of the beliefs Clark Kent was raised with. As corrupt as the big, bad city can be, Lois shows Clark that Ma and Pa Kent weren’t wrong and that there are humans who fight a never-ending battle for what they think is right. Lois doesn’t constantly put herself in harm’s way because she knows Superman will save her; she does it because she’s willing to die for the truth.”

      “Lois is and always has been a critical part of the mythos of Superman. It’s through her eyes that we see the Man of Steel’s power to win over even the most cynical and skeptical Metropolitans, as she’s absolutely the first one ready to blow the whistle on this new ‘Superman’ if he isn’t what he claims to be. Moreover, she’s the fulcrum of the great love-triangle-between-two-people — Superman wants to win her heart as Clark, not as a demigod in a cape, because it will feel more ‘real’ to him then, more sincere.”

      Sorry for the long response. I just had to defend my favorite fictional character.

    • My responses…

      1. I don’t get your statement at all. You’re saying the exact opposite of what I’m seeing. Pa Kent dying from a heart attack is a momentous death, it does show Kal-El that he can’t save everyone, but Jonathan Kent dying in a tornado, forcing Clark to choose between revealing himself or letting him die, is enormously more impactful because there’s an actual choice there. There’s no choice in someone dying from a heart attack. It’s also a VERY strong moment, very strong imagery, so I don’t know how you can see it wasn’t.

      2. Zod brought Lois on board because he knew she probably had knowledge of where the codex might be hidden. Zod probed both Lois’ and Kal-El’s mind, his end goal was finding the codex.

      3. Yes the fights were repetitive but that’s the gist of Superman fights anyway. It would be tough to vary away from that.

      4. The line was meant to bring some common humanity back into the story: after all this crazy stuff happened, we’re still people and she’s still a woman in spite of the military uniform. A lot of people didn’t like her line because they didn’t latch onto the thematic undertone but those that did, liked it.

      1. The scout ship when they were both checking it out? Specify what you mean…
      2. honestly I don’t remember because I only saw the film once so far. But like a lot of questions people seem to be having, I think it was explained but you missed it.
      3. It was actually the same type of suit Jor-El had on under his robes, just different colors. It was standard equipment for all the colony ships that were sent out thousands of years ago. That scout ship on Earth was from House of El so it had the House of El crest on it.
      4. Most of the time Superman has to just focus on kicking Zod’s hiney, he’s one person amongst all those buildings and other stuff. If he spent all his time trying to preserve buildings he definitely wouldn’t be able to be on Zod’s butt.

  13. “The best superhero action movie ever”

    Too true, Kofi. This movie is in that class by itself.

    • Whaaaaat

      • Thaaaaat :D

  14. Since it’s release I’ve seen Man of Steel 3 times. Each time I took away something different. First time I watched it, ngl, I was pretty disappointed. The script was cringeworthy and I cursed Goyer and Nolan as I walked out of the theater, everything else though was spot on. I did not like Batman Begins so that’s probably why I had so many issues with MOS’s script. Second time, because I knew what was coming, I was able to overlook the flaws with pacing and script and just enjoy the movie, and let me tell you, I LOVED IT TEN TIMES BETTER! The action, like Kofi said, is something we have never seen on film. The over-the-shoulder shots alone make this superhero movie the best in terms of action. It was mind blowingly awesome and I never once complained that there was too much action because that’s honestly what I expected going in to a superman movie done right. Each actor perfectly embodied there character and I totally bought Cavill as Supes.

    This movie is no Dark Knight or Avengers, but I seriously have to debate if I liked it more than the first Iron Man. In many ways it’s the exact opposite of that movie. MOS definitely took on heavier themes and some of the character moments were heart wrenchingly good. But the pacing took me out of the movie wayyy too many times. Iron Man flowed so well, it never missed a beat. But didn’t even scratch the surface of the types of issues that MOS did and I think we can all agree that the action in MOS is way better. hmmmm. Gonna have to think on this one. If MOS should be compared to any movie, it should be Iron Man since both launched (will launch) their respective universes.

    • Marvel & DC films shouldn’t be compared at all. They share no similarities so why should they be compared?

      • I guess what I meant was how well each set up the tone of the universe. Not so much to each other, but which did it better for their franchise.

        • Yeah, I assumed this is what you meant – especially in light of Kofi saying MoS was the best superhero movie in a long time (maybe ever).

          They’re definitely different universes with different tone and themes but, since they’re all movies, it’s interesting to juxtapose the successes and shortcomings both brands face.

          • @Christine: I came from the exact same point as you; the second viewing let me know what the film would be, and I came to enjoy its smaller points and structure a LOT more.

            • I’m glad we didn’t let the first viewing’s flaws get us down. Thinking about it, and having seen it 3 times already, I can honestly say that there are still so many issues and nuances that I’m STILL digesting. Death, religion, race, patriotism, … there are just so many themes at play and they all work very well together.

              The scenes with Jonathan and young Clark touch upon not only what it means to be an outsider but the complex relationship of father and son and how the responsibility of choice balances with Jor-el’s message of destiny.

              The Clark and Lois connection represents so much more than a “romantic subplot” but Lois as the symbol of humanity and how she accepts Clark, even risking her life and the fate of her planet by placing trust in him. And even though “it didn’t make much difference”, it did to him.

              Could the pacing have been better? yes. And there were plenty of lines that made me gag, but tbh a lot of those lines had my theaters’ audience in stitches (he’s kinda hot), so to each her own I guess.

              There were plenty of scenes that had me chuckling. Like Kofi said, Snyder played up the irony of Superman and it fit the tone very well. I can understand why people might think it’s too dark, cause a lot of the humor is quite subtle, but very smartly placed imo.

              This movie definitely deserves a second viewing and to anyone who was disappointed the first time I recommend giving it another chance. I can’t really get upset with anyone who didn’t like the movie cause, hey that’s how I felt the first time (gave it a 5.5/10 when I left the theater) after seeing it again I was a much more happy camper (7.5/10). And I’ll probably see it again next week with my dad since I think I’ve only fully grasped 1/3 of the emotional depth of the movie. This one’s going to stick :)

  15. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I can understand why some hardcore fans wouldn’t like it but for me, this was just epic. Yeah, it had problems, I thought the transitions between flashback to present were not as good as Batman Begins. I wasn’t crazy about Amy Adams Lois Lane, but I agree with Kofi, the cast was effing fantastic. I wasn’t crazy about what happened to Zod either, I get it, I understand it but still. But man, Michael Shannon and Benedict Cumberbatch are on my top performances of the year for sure. The action was phenomenal! I was losing it. I absolutely love Faora and want to see more super powered women do stuff like that. People might hate me, but I want Zack Snyder to direct like every DC movie for now on. I think his visual style and action work so well with this type of movie. Especially characters like Wonder Woman or Aquaman or Hawkman. That’d be like Man of Steel and 300 combined.

    • It seems like Snyder has definitely set the tone for the other DC characters – especially considering how much time he spent developing the approach of this film with Nolan and WB. With all the nods and Easter Eggs in it, I assume they really were looking at this one as the jumping-off point.

  16. I agree with Kofi – This is the Superman movie I always wanted… plain and simple.

  17. What about Lois Lane knowing Clark Kent is Superman before he begins at the Daily Planet? I thought that was a HUGE point to this film.
    1) Pointing out Lois as a Crack reporter, tracking Clark down.
    2) The “Clark Kent” Character has to be basically re-written in the next films.

    • We should have talked more about this point. I really liked that actually. It’ll keep them from having to make him quite as cartoony and bumbling. In a modern film, it might have been a bit of a stretch to have him under her uber-journalist nose the whole time.

      • We could have discussed that, but in all honesty, I have NO idea how Snyder and Goyer will deal with that. I could speculate, but that’s one way of making it clear they’re not beholden to anything.

        Awesome way of ending the film, too.

    • I really enjoyed this point!
      Totally changes the dynamic of that relationship which while funny if handled right never made any sense.
      It made Lois seem capable and efficient all on her own as well as her devotion to the truth. Hell, she went under Perry White’s authority to get the truth out there, no matter how crazy it may have sounded.

      The Clark Kent character seems to no longer be the bumbling fool before. I think only Christopher Reeves got us to believe it and entertain us.

      However George Reeve portrayed a more confident Clark Kent. The animated series also demonstrated a Clark (and a Superman) that was more assertive and serious.

      I am interested in this direction and very favorable to it.

      P.S Are all comic book based film’s slowly getting rid of the secret identity concept? Seems like it.

  18. I really liked the film. I wish however someone would buy the camera dude a steady cam, (barf barf). I puke when I’m “bounced” around for over 2 hours for no reason. I wish these folks running the camera would stop shaking me silly

    I think I read this story line of superman in a book 30 years ago called The Moat in Gods Eye. I bet Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle will be pissed if they see this film.

    • I liked a lot of the cinematography (especially the Tree of Life-like shots) but agree that this film jostled the audience around a bit too much. Seems to be a pretty common complaint – especially coupled with 3D.

      • Ben, they ripped off the Moat in Gods Eye plot line. Do you agree

      • I never considered the 3D aspect coupled with the break neck approach at story telling with the back and forth. I suddenly have another perspective at the large number of complaints.

        First of all, unless you’re James Cameron… stay away from the 3D.

        And second, couple distracting 3D with a movie that jumps around and covers A LOT… hmmmm….

        … yeah I’m really starting to get a healthy chunk of the critism now.

        The movie is much, MUCH better the second time… but who the hell wants to hear they have to pay for a movie twice in order to enjoy it?

      • There are two artistic shots like that in the film. Much of the static shots were weak and sometimes annoying for me, like stand out annoying, which is something I shouldn’t be even thinking about when watching.

      • I have seen the film both times in 3D.
        The first was regular 3D for the premier which bothered me a bit.
        The midnight premier with IMAX 3D was better.

        I think the 3D added in much scenes like Krypton, Superman’s first flight and the final fight with Zod. Dialogue scenes sometimes moved around quite a bit that in 3D it felt weird.

        However I think this film is greatly benefited by IMAX. Really made me feel being in that world.

    • I think since much of this film was handheld
      and then converted to 3D, the 3D would
      necessarily tend to get a little muddled.
      That is reason enough to avoid the 3D.

  19. I feel like people want to dislike this movie so much that they say anyone who did like it is overlooking its problems and going to easy on it. When really there is a lot of aspects worth enjoying, if you dont like it then thats fine but there is no need to bash people who did

    • Yeah, that’s where I’m at with it. I acknowledge there are problems (and that some of those problems will be major hangups for certain viewers) but think it’s a pretty ambitious and successful film.

      • @Trey: Well said. No film is perfect, and even if some were deemed to be, some audiences won’t enjoy them. It’s all subjective, and whether the flaws ruin the successes for each person. Considering that Kofi, Ben and I would have all scored the film a 4, there were certainly issues, but more to like than despise.

        And when some of the ‘flaws’ and ‘mistakes’ mentioned by some critics were clear choices made by Nolan, Goyer and Snyder – choices they committed to and carried out – then it’s all a matter of opinion.

  20. I am still trying to figure out how a genetically bred scientist can beat a genetically bred warrior in hand to hand combat???

    But I love this movie. As an action fan the fit scenes were awesome. Exactly what you would expect from someone superfast and superstrong. Fiona was the best.

    • Cause he is gladiator…. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!

      • LOL good point, good point

      • Notice Jor-El’s mortal wound was similar to Maximus’.

      • I was totally thinking “That is the Russel Crowe I remember from Gladiator!” while watching him in this film.

    • Because:



      • FANBOYSIM DOES NOT WAIT FOR YOU TO BE READY! Fanboyism is not considerate, or fair!

        And make no mistake: in this article, you are facing fanboyism


        • …and you are a fanboy… just… not of DC…

          … so tell me …

          what are you a fanboy of?

          • This sub-thread is incredible.

            “If you commit yourself to a publisher…you become more than just a fan… you become something else entirely…”

            “What’s that…?”

            “….’fanboy,’ Mr. Wayne….”

            • HA!

            • “You’re in defense, little man. And I, am, THE TROLL KING!”
              “You’re not the devil; you’re just mad, bro.”

              • When I return to Screenrant, I will do what it takes to stop trolls like this… but I will not become a fanboy.

                • Is it wrong that I am enjoying this way to much :D

  21. One more point of logic. If Zod was bred to protect the Kryptonians at any cost and Supes was the last Kryptonian and the holder of the codex, shouldn’t Zod have sought to protect Supes???

    • The codex within superman woukd allow zod to rebuild the society. The codex is the code for all types of kripyonians

    • He inquired as much, when he asked -

      “Does Kal-El need to be alive in order to extract the Codex?”

      • True. He also seemed to not want to kill him from the beginning. Only when he proved he would choose humanity over Krpyton did he seem intent on killing him.

        • That is what I really like about the ending.

          General Zod did not want kill Kal-El but rather just have Kal-El be patriotic, choose his kind, and rebuild Krypton as his father should have.

          Kal-El did not want to kill Zod but rather have Zod choose to rebuild Krypton probably another way and not destroy his home world in the process.

          Hence, the line “The only way this ends is if you die or I do” or something like that.

          I love the complexity that is shown through minimal lines and portrayed in action.

  22. Just because people didn’t like it doesn’t mean they were expecting another Reeves like Superman, they’re were just some flaws that this movie had that bothered people.

    • Exactly. Most people aren’t disliking because of other Superman movies, it’s because of what they saw on screen may not have been “great.” That’s the case for my friends and I anyway.

      • You mean most of the people who dislike the film.
        Not most people. Most people like this film.

        Cinemascore A-

    • No kidding. Thank you, Tay! Kofi is entitled to his opinion, but at this rate I think his next article should be titled “Anyone who doesn’t love MOS is a stinky stupid head!” That would be more consise and to the point.

    • While I enjoyed the film the first time, I was stuck thinking about it that it may not be entirely great. I started thinking of technical details that I did not like, the quality of scenes or entire film, and just some of the themes that I felt were not fully explored. But again I liked it so was ready to see it appear in midnight a few days later.

      When I finally saw the film again, I enjoyed it much more. Things I did not like were still there but were not as distracting. Some of the deeper material finally became more explicit to me. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

      Although, I can definitely agree to an extent the criticisms of the film and can understand why some may not like the film.

  23. This isn’t the film that alot of fanboys wanted, but it’s the Superman film that needed to made for 2013 and to launch the DCU on film.

    • I’ve learned that there are some fanboys out there who cannot be pleased… at all. And yes this the Superman we need to launch DC films.

    • Personally, the way I see it.

      Man of Steel is not the film we needed, but the one we deserve.

      • It’s the one we wanted. Even if we didn’t know we did.

  24. It was no masterpiece and certain scenes felt very rushed, but it was a kick ass movie and Cavil is an excellent Superman. Every negative review I’ve read about this movie all practically say the same things: It was too long, it’s no Batman Begins, Margot Kidder was better, and Christopher Reeves! Christopher Reeves! Christopher Reeves! Blah blah blah blah. Enough with the comparisons, that Superman was made 30 something years ago, it’s time for a new Superman. Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh tried to copy Reeves’ Superman universe and they failed miserably. At least Superman punches someone in this movie and doesn’t spend the majority of the movie flying around with Lois Lane or just plain flying around. Honestly though, Im sick to death of the critics who watch this type of movie and complain about the runtime, the acting, and the action sequences. It seems like every other critic now is some NYC snob who only praises arthouse films or films of their favorite directors no matter how ludicrous they are, cough, Killer Joe.

    • I absolutely agree. The majority of the critics seemed to be comparing it to previous movies, personal expectations of ‘how superman should be’, or to Snyders other movies they didn’t like.

      Instead they should have evaluated it in its own context and I think they would have rated it higher.

      To me there is no way in the world that the people who fund the movie industry (fans) should have that much higher approval rating of a film than the critics. That indicates their is a huge disconnect between the critics and the people who actually watch the films, which also means we need to question why professional critics even exist?

      • I don’t like the expectations point, personally, so I don’t read those types of reviews – most of them don’t do that thankfully.

        On the fan ratings. Keep in mind, the Resident Evil movies get Ah-mazing user scores. Only users who love go on to rate, right, and most of the time if they support something it’s 10/10 as opposed to an actual score they’d rate it? Casual moviegoers who think something is bad, meh, okay, decent, etc. generally don’t go to metacritic, IMDB or RT to score.

        • ^I agree.
          Not all negative reviews center on sheer expectation.
          Not all user review ratings are that all good either.

          I say read the actual ratings from critics under the tomato score of whatever its called. That gives better indication of average on the film. That and read the actual reviews themselves, pick out common threads.

          The best thing to do, besides actually watching the film, is to pick reviewers that you trust. Screenrant on a whole does it for me and these podcasts allow me to get a better idea from all of the contributors who have seen the film and have strong opinions on certain points and listening to them talk it out.

  25. I would say “Man of Steel” is the best superhero movie so far, but not the best movie of all time.

    I think this film takes a giant step towards combining superhero films with regular films, something I felt “Batman Begins” was going to carry on throughout the trilogy…and I look at “The Dark Knight” as a good movie, but a poor Batman film. Which is a big deal. So when I say I dislike “The Dark Knight”, it’s because nothing about it felt like the Batman I saw in BB, a Batman near perfection. Had these not been Batman characters, I would’ve been much more positive.

    MOS brings back that hope I had with BB back in 2005. I feel like there was a huge amount of passion put into this. I went in a non-Superman fan. I walked out wanting to know so much more. That is something I feel a movie should do: entertain someone to the point of wanting more. Look at things like “12 Angry Men”, “Psycho”, “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi”, “Casino Royale”, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, and even the last part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. I consider them spectactular films and they all have one thing in common: their quality left me wanting more.

    So for all of those in support of this movie, I salute you. We need films like this more often.

    • Are you kidding me? I know it is a matter of opinion but the Dark Knight is the greatest comic book movie of all time. Batman begins was a little bit slow and a set up movie for what was to come.

      TDK was grounded in a realism and a tension between a great protagonist and a great antagonist that was grounded fundamentally in a philosophical tension and difference. Plus Joker was played so well and pitch perfect as he pushed his concept of anarchy and believe in the fundamental decay of the human spirit in the face of stress and adversity, which ironically is what he provide by virtue of them needing a demigod in Dent fostering the lie that led to the Dark Knight Returns. It was masterful story telling.

      Man of Steel is my second favorite CB movie because of the raw action but it didn’t have the same compelling tension between the two primary characters. I think Lex vs Superman can if they go with him in the sequal in a similar fashion to some of the modern comics that focus on Lex the human humanist fundamentalist vs Superman the theocratic deity but we will see.

      • Sorry for the grammar.

      • I’m really in no mood to rant about TDK. As I said: had these not been Batman characters, I would’ve enjoyed a story like this a lot more. No, TDK is not a terrible film for what it is. But representing Batman? I find it to be almost insulting to the character.

        • If you were referring to TDKR, I would agree with you…

          … but AT LEAST in TDK we see some very clever elements that do suggest that Bruce Wayne is the World’s Greatest Detective.

          • Batman uses stealth and fear tactics before reverting to combat. It can create a psychological advantage.

            In TDK, I felt like this Batman didn’t care if he was a target with a bright red bullseye on his chest. It’s like he wanted someone to kill him (Joker looking for Harvey Dent at Bruce’s party, no one notices Batman standing a few feet away from Joker…no one bothers to attack him? It’s so out of character for Batman and Amy thug in general). I can also buy Bruce not saving Ra’s, but you’re telling me there is not one shuriken that can knock the gun out of Dent’s hand, so that there was no way he could’ve been tackled to his death? I also love that Batman’s non-killing rule = every car in his path nor a human being and therefore can be blown to bits. 2 kids in a car watched him destroy everything in his path in just one lane over. It’s such a careless act of rage that could’ve killed innocents.

            I can say more, but those are the prime issues I had

            • Wow

              *any thug
              *is not a human being

              • I will definitely give you that he became less “Batmany” as the trilogy progressed.

                It was like watching him mold from comic Batman into Nolan Batman. Some people think it was a good thing. Others, well…

                • Right.

                  And that’s the point I was trying to make: TDK is a smart film in general, but a poor representation of Batman in my eyes. I missed the one I saw in Begins because that was Batman to a T. I loved Heath Ledger’s performance, but not his Joker. It felt like someone took one little aspect out of The Killing Joke and gave it to Victor Zsasz in clown make-up. Zsasz is a great villain, but there is a reason villains are unique in their own way.

                  Even the ending felt sloppy. People believe Batman killed those people after everything he’s done…and no one suspects Joker or questions Ramirez about Harvey? Batman shouldn’t live by “die a hero, live long enough to become a villain”. Guess what, Bruce? You did let The Joker win by doing that. Nothing about that scene says Batman is a dark knight. He just wants to go home and mope over Rachel because apparently it’s not about doing it for his parents anymore.

        • Interesting take maybe we can discuss it another day because I felt quite the opposite, I felt he was grounded deeply in contemporary realism. I evaluate a movie by its internal logic, IE in a certain scenario no matter how fictitious would a character with certain characteristics act that way logically.

          To me TDK was a great example of this internal logic holding true. But if your gripe is with the actually characterization of the movie in relation to comic book canon I can see how you would feel that way.

          On the other hand, MOS hand certain pretty big failures in internal logic that I felt the director and writer used exclusively for plot devices. For example, why would the father go back for the dog, when Clark was younger, faster and invicible when the potential for discovery was so slight? That was used exclusively to reinforce the supposed internal struggle Clark had about being accepted as a stranger in a strange land and figuring out how to break through that tension, which was the overall theme of MOS.

          The reason I enjoyed the two movies about the same is that regardless of the superiority of TDK in both acting and storyline is I am an action junky and for the first time ever I felt the raw power of Superman was displayed on the big screen. To me this overcame any plot wholes or logical inconsistencies and was a breath of CB movie fresh air.

          • That last post was to Ultimate

  26. On the topic of Lara, I also really like how she was a central character. I noticed that the song they played when she is watching the destruction of Krypton is the same song they played when Clark is reaching for the sun. Her prescense is felt even after her death. It was one of the most touching scenes in the movie for me.

    • Very cool point, and that music is soul-crushing.

      • Wasn’t it? Man did Hans deliver.

    • I felt the same Christine. Her sadness.

  27. I’m with Rob on this one. MOS gets a 3.5 from me.

    Good action. Good FX. Good Acting. Story ok. Clunky script. Goyer has a tin ear for dialog. I’m not a fan of Batman Begins and I’m also not a fan of the Donner Superman films…… So I didn’t have a problem with expectations or with a new Superman direction.

    The Krypton stuff was excellent, IMO.

    I also agree with Kofi on the ending. The scene when he’s a little kid in Kansas with the cape and the dog should have been the end. At that point everyone pretty much knew who Superman was……. But then they tacked on the Clark Kent as a reporter for the Daily Planet bit, and it seemed like Lois knew his secret identity but everyone else had been memory wiped or something……. Kind of a reverse of the Donner Superman idea. Instead of Lois losing her memory by being kissed……. It’s the people Superman didn’t kiss in MOS who lost their memory of Superman’s secret identity. HA!

    • Watch it again.

      The first time I saw it, I also felt the script was clunky…

      … the second time though, I realize that it really isn’t clunky at all, and it takes a second viewing to realize that.

    • Watch it again.

      The first time I saw it, I also felt the script was clunky…

      … the second time though, I realize that it really isn’t clunky at all, and it takes a second viewing to realize that.

      • My wife who is neither an action buff or a comic book movie buff said it was one of her favorite movies and felt the plot made perfect sense. She said she was lost at points in relation to how the technology was supposed to be working but she loved how they developed the character from both the Krypton side and the Earth side and how it drove the characters behaviors.

  28. I also have an answer for Kofi on why Superman Returns got a 78 on Rotten Tomatoes and MOS only got a 56.

    It’s because the standard for superhero movies is much higher now.

    The bar has been raised by Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and the Marvel output.

    • you are correct

  29. Toyman for Man of Steel 2. Just kidding. I knew there wouldn’t be one to begin with but I stayed after the credits for the most disappointing nothing of all time. Felt so sad, but I love this movie.

    • Toyman!