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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode ninety-six of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw and special guest Andrew Dyce as we review Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel as well as discuss the movie’s connection to a Justice League shared universe.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 96 - ‘Man of Steel’

We review Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel as well as discuss the movie’s connection to a Justice League shared universe.

[0:00] Review: Man of Steel (read our full written review)

[55:55] Man of Steel SPOILERS conversation (check out our full spoilers discussion)

[2:26:39] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw – with special guest Andrew Dyce.



Next Week’s Review: World War Z

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (The Purge opening): Sal reports a tie! Both Tyler A and Chris A scored 12 points – and each picked the same tiebreaker.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Monsters University – 3,800
  • World War Z – 3,500

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • The Bling Ring – 500+

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  1. When Kofi is speaking about the stylistic French camera technique, he says something to the effect of: “I understand that everyone has their own opinions about this but…” My mind wants to fill in “-but you are all wrong.” Also, Kofi, you came off awfully harsh on Rob. Ease up a bit, lad!

    • Yeah he does that a lot. “I’m just speaking objectively. It just so happens to fit my opinion and invalidates everyone else’s.”

  2. 1.Man Of Steel
    2. Monsters University
    3.world war z
    4. This is the end
    5. The purge
    10. Star Trek

  3. 1. MoS
    2. World War Z
    3. Monsters university
    4. This is the end
    5. Now you see me
    10. Star Trek

  4. It’s all opinion, you have yours, she hers, him his and me mine, so personally, in your world that opine is king/queen but isn’t ruling over someone elses and that’s fine, no need to have it be fighting words or such. I really like Man of Steel, and get different things from it than other CB movies already released. I believe it won’t be hard stitching Batman to Superman with the tones set, . . though on a League movie, this world shaking events always have me saving, so where were you guys when Metropolis or Gotham or Star City was being pummeled and the news couldn’t be avoided that things were dire . . . your costumes were in the wash?

  5. 1-Man of Steel
    Monsters University
    World War Z
    This is the End
    Now u See Me
    10-Star Trek ID

  6. I enjoyed the movie, but let’s get a new score composer. Keep the new theme song but get a new composer for everything else please.

  7. While Supes was probably inadvertantly responsible for man civillian deaths, so was the military. The fight in Smallville and even in the Metropolis showdown, those planes fired amongst civillians in order to kill the Kryptonians. Just sayin.

  8. Box office battle

    1 monster university
    2 man of steel
    3 world war z
    4. Now you see me
    5 fast 6
    10 Star Trek into darkness

    • Why the hell is Monster University on the list and how could it possibly be better than any of those other films??? Why don’t you guys just add that awful Fast and Furious crap?

      Gimme a break!

  9. What if……Am I the only one who thinks in some sort of time loopy thingy that the codex skull at the beginning of the movie is Kal-El?? where else would the kryptonians get their full genome from one body part??

  10. haha I love anthony’s opening thought…”Henry Cavill is a sexy man….that has boobs that can compete with any woman’s”…..spot on analysis of the movie by anthony ocasio

  11. I saw “Man of Steel” this past Friday and I LOVED it. I think the film is the best Superman film to date. In terms of action alone, I think the film is better than The Dark Knight trilogy and The Avengers combined.

    In terms of story, I think the film was served by the flash back sequences (ala Batman Begins) instead of the standard origin story. I think it would have gotten boring if they did the standard origin story dealing with his entire childhood, plus it would have taken away from the over story. The opening scene on Krypton was fantastic. My only problem was what Kofi touched on regarding Clark having to go to a separate ship to find out the truth when he could have possibly found out upon inspecting the ship he came to Earth in. It was a great film.

    Mr. Glass


    Faora was awesome in the film, especially her scene in Smallville against Superman and the soldiers. I hope we see more of her in future installments.

  12. Come on guys, this movie is oppressively boring. It is one of the worst superhero movies I’ve seen.

    • Agree!

  13. Since I just now listened to this episode, I’m hoping somebody already corrected the “plot hole” about Clark finding the scout ship when he already had the rocket he arrived in. But just in case, here goes.

    Kal-El was always meant to find the scout ship, and it’s one of the reasons Lara chose Earth as his destination. She knew the ship was there because it was one of the “outpost” vessels sent out by her ancestors… specifically, sent by the House of El.

    When Jor-El’s avatar is explaining Keypton’s history to Kal, the explores pictured are shown next to a flag with the “S” symbol prominently displayed on it. Not only does this implicitly imply that Kal’s family line was directly involved in Krypton’s outward exploration, but when you couple that with Jor-El leading Kal directly to The Suit, it’s all unmistakenly intentional.

    • Yeah, it’s weird how supposed movie buffs and comics buffs on the podcast can’t catch on to things that happen right in front of them in the film

  14. 1st episode I’ve listened to and the wide spread positivity on this movie scares me. Still listened through it, you got to listen to others’ points of view Especially if their TOTALLY against yours.

    I felt the movie didn’t earn and develop the layers you guys pointed out.

    Plus I could feel the fear of Kofi’s rath in the panel from pointing out problems.

  15. @ScreenRant Underground Podcast 96 I wish I could remember the name of which one of you spoke so well about the death and ideals of Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel. Listening to you talk about it, I couldn`t help but recall John chapter 7 and how in MOS young Kal-EL is akin to Jesus brothers who said in verse 3-4

    “You ought to leave here (Smallville) and go to Judea, (Metropolis) so that your disciples (superheroes) may see the miracles you do.No one who wants to be a public figure (Superman) acts in secret.Since you are doing these things, show yourself to the world.”

    I got to tell you, its been awhile since I`ve read these scriptures, but I got chills while writing this! I see now what Zack Synder meant when he said the story of Superman is Biblical. There are elements of Volume 1 Superman: Earth One and even that of J.J Abrams Superman: Flyby Script in MOS. But at its core MOS is truly based on John chapter 7:3-6 This is the BEST paralell to life of Jesus that I`ve ever seen Superman have. Its pretty cool actually :D Unlike that scene with Henry Cavill sitting in a church with an image of Jesus behind him LOL.

    In MOS however, Kal-El’s adoptive father is the Jesus of John 7:6 “The right time for me has not yet come; for you any time is right.” This is what he keeps telling his son. Like prepping a politician before a debate or preparing someone with that star factor on how to interact with the media and paparrazi. As good as MOS was they really missed out on an great opportunity here that I hope Zack Synder and Co are brave enough to tackle in the sequel.

    People would not just be afraid of what someone as powerful as Kal-El might do. Seeing a Numinous life form like Superman would move many to worship him as a Living God! Look at how some of us already react to other people being able to do certain things better than ourselves. Whether its sports, music, art or etc. Our race has deified other humans in the past and to a certain extent still do so today. Even John Lennon reached the point where it seemed to him that his group The Beatles were more praised and loved than God. Can you blame him for this, given how so many people treated them? Beetle Mania and all. From The Beetles to Michael Jackson and beyond. Mega Pop Stars are often treated (by everyday people) as if they just came down from Mt Olympus or something.

    I could so see Pa Kent say to his son Clark: You will be feared and admired. Some may even come to worship you. And how do you deal with that? Are you ready for that? Because there`s no putting the Genie back in the bottle here. Once you make your “First Appearance” the world will be changed… Clark. What do you say to people who see you as God in the flesh?”

    Excellent Podcast guys :)

    • +100

      Very well said.