Official Image of Amy Adams in ‘Man of Steel’; Zack Snyder Talks Lois Lane

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Amy Adams Lois Lane Man of Steel1 Official Image of Amy Adams in Man of Steel; Zack Snyder Talks Lois Lane

For months, we’ve reported every detail about the inevitable face-off between Henry Cavill’s Superman and Michael Shannon’s General Zod in Man of Steel. We’ve analyzed Zod’s armor, speculated on events surrounding Superman’s “arrest,” as well as dissected the latest Man of Steel trailer frame by frame for clues.

However, one key element of the forthcoming Superman reboot has been kept surprisingly off the radar – Amy Adams’ portrayal of iconic love interest Lois Lane. Fortunately, in combination with a new Zack Snyder interview, where the director praises Adams for her Man of Steel performance, we’ve also got a first-look image of Lois Lane at The Daily Planet.

Anyone who has been following the Superman production knows this is not our first glimpse at the new Lois Lane – given that she appears in the full Man of Steel trailer (as pictured above). Yet, technically, this is the first “official” image of the character that Warner Bros. has made available (since casual shots of the actress on-set don’t give a very good indication of her final characterization).

Check out the official image of Amy Adams as Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane below (click to enlarge) courtesy of Desde Hollywood:

Lois Lane Man of Steel 570x362 Official Image of Amy Adams in Man of Steel; Zack Snyder Talks Lois Lane

Unfortunately, the black and white photo won’t help the on-going debate between fans who disagree about Snyder’s less-traditional auburn hair choice for Lois in Man of Steel. Long-time comic book readers (and movie lovers) typically picture Lois with black hair, though she has appeared with reddish-brown locks in certain storylines and character iterations (the Smallville TV show included). Like the choice of Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and possibly a female version of Jimmy Olsen, redubbed Jenny, we’re open to worthwhile changes for traditional characters if they ultimately result in a better film.

On that note, the image of Adams is encouraging and, given David S. Goyer’s claim that this Superman story is designed “as if it were real,” it’s only fitting that The Daily Planet’s most intrepid reporter is also carting around an iPad instead of pen and paper. Considering Lois is typically presented as impulsive and fast-talking, it makes sense that this iteration of the character would make smart use of the tools of the time – instead of a traditional pen and paper setup. This is a connected and fully-mobile Lois Lane – allowing for a lot of fun (and roguish) character moments.

Back in December Adams touched on her performance in an interview with Deadline. While the actress didn’t spill too many details, she did reference this “contemporary” version of the character:

“I grew up with Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, so I didn’t want to try and be that version. Zack (Snyder) said that he wanted to play for more realism. There’s definitely still banter (with Superman). She’s tough, modern, and more contemporary. There’s also a lot more action than I’ve seen in my career.”

Superman Lois Lane Man of Steel Official Image of Amy Adams in Man of Steel; Zack Snyder Talks Lois Lane

In addition to revealing a new shot of Henry Cavill as Superman, an Empire interview also challenges Snyder with clarifying the relationship between Clark and Lois in this storyline. The director refused to comment on whether or not the pair are full-on love interests in the film, claiming that answering that question would give “a bit of the DNA of the movie away,” but went on to assure fans that there’s still an interesting dynamic between the characters.

“Suffice to say, whether it is Superman or Kal-El or Clark Kent, we wanted to make him cooler. You’ll have to wait and see the why of it. Amy is everything you would hope for from Lois Lane.”

The size of Lois Lane’s role in the larger Man of Steel plot is still somewhat of a mystery. Given that Snyder’s film is an origin story that includes significant time on Krypton as well as a possible jumping off point for the Justice League movie, Warner Bros. has a lot of ground to cover. Adams remains tight-lipped on whether or not she’ll be back for any Man of Steel sequels but, unless the filmmakers pull a shocking twist and kill her off before the final climactic battle (read: very unlikely), it’s easy to imagine she’ll return to further develop the character in future installments.

That said, it’ll be interesting to see what Snyder means by a “cooler” Clark Kent – a comment that will undoubtedly ruffle a few fan feathers.


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Man of Steel is currently in post-production and will hit theaters on June 14, 2013.

Sources: DesdeHollywood, Empire [via CBM] and Deadline

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  1. Amy Adams is all win in my book. She’ll be a great Lois Lane. It really doesn’t matter that she isn’t a Brunette, 5’10″ or about 23 (As many fanboys have been moaning about.)

    She’ll do great.

  2. I think this basically confirms that Superman does have his Clark Kent alter ego in the movie, right?

    • Yeah. But this time he’s not gonna be such a cartoon character. I’m pretty sure in the comics before the Donner film, he was just a regular guy. It seemed to be a decision in the movie to make him really sappy, which was good in a way, because it showed they were trying to make his character what kept people from putting two and two together and getting Superman.

      • Well, nothing to date has been said or indicated that Clark will be a reporter with the Daily Planet in this film (we haven’t even seen him in glasses).

        • Not true, in the comic con trailer they show Clark walking in the Daily Planet and putting on his glasses as he enters the elevator.

  3. I’m so hopeful for this movie. The trailers were awesome and everything. But something tells me Zack Snyder is tricking us all massively and he’ll do something stupid like make Clark not wear glasses and part his hair the same way as Supes, thus removing every obstacle in Lois’ way of finding out that Clark is Superman. Of which there are SO many of course

    • Well snyder didnt write it, so lack of glasses and lois lane obstacles wouldnt be his fault. Plus glasses is just stupid, the only good thing about green lantern was the girl saying “what did you think covering up your cheekbones would not make me notice you?”

      • Yeah exactly.

        That’s been my biggest gripe with Superman as a character, the fact that all he has to do is have his hair a certain way and wear glasses and nobody realises who he really is.

        It was one of the most illogical things about it yet people complain if people recognise him as Clark.

        I guess that’s one of many reasons I’ve always preferred Batman.

        • Got to wear a mask to protect the ones you love.

        • Actually I thought I had read (I think in the Byrne run) that the glasses were made of some type of glass/crystal from Krypton.

          Case in point when people first look at someone they look in their eyes. The glasses had an effect on what you saw or to better explain HOW you saw him..

          • Indeed, I think Smallville explained it perfectly. The idea behind the glasses and ‘Clark Kent’s’ mannerisms was to make him noticeable, but forgettable. ‘Superman’ on the other hand, is meant to be both noticeable and memorable.

    • Yeah, sometimes I like to put on a pair of glasses and part my hair differently, and walk a little different. The effect is astonishing! I can deal with people I’ve known for years and they think I’m an entirely different person. Sometimes they’ll ask where “I” am. I usually just make up some excuse like, “Oh, you know him, he probably decided to go grocery shopping or something.” I’ve been doing this for years. Nobody, and I mean nobody has ever figured out that it’s me.

      So anybody who would question whether Clark’s diguise would work, I’m here to tell you, “question no more.” It works!

      • I believe that. There was a girl I knew that had only seen me kinda dressed up. And I came by one day after I had been at the beach all day, wearing t-shirt and baggy shorts. I stood next to her for 20 minutes and she didn’t recognise until I told her who I was.

  4. she’s really hot! another good reason to watch the movie hah :)

    • +1.5 million and counting. Very hot and amazing actress

  5. It goes without saying that Amy Adams is gorgeous and brimming with talent and should make a daring and different Lois Lane. She, along with the script and Snyder’s direction, will make a formidable Lois.

    But this brings me back to Clark Kent. Not only his relationship to Lois but everyone else.

    As much as I liked the old Chris Reeve Superman movies, the goofy and bumbling Clark Kent got a bit stale. It was great seeing Reeve doing it because only he could do it authentically.

    Chris Reeve’s inspiration for Clark Kent came from Cary Grant. It was a great ruse to make Clark goofy and inept because it created a huge difference between Kent and Supes. Who would have thought they were one and the same?

    So, now that we know that THIS Superman will be treated with the utmost “realism” and seriousness one has to wonder – how will Snyder and Cavill approach the Clark/Superman dynamic?

    What’s gonna keep the people of Metropolis (and the world in general) from connecting the dots?

    Superman is unique in that he does NOT wear a mask. And if you’re gonna deal with Superman in a realistic manner, Clark wearing a pair of eye glasses isn’t gonna cut it.

    • I say he just isnt clark at all once he gets his costume. But thats just me.

      • At this point who knows?

        I have a strong feeling that Lois will know Supes and Clark are the same man. Perhaps from the very beginning.

      • @Trey, I’m wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. However, then why are Lois, Perry, and possibly Jimmy/Jenny in the movie? If there is no “Clark” who works at the daily planet, I’d doubt they’d be as important characters as they seem to be.

        Maybe they’ll pull an Iron Man, and have him reveal his identity at the end.

        • Good point

      • Yeah, this makes more sense to me. I remember how in Smallville they emphasised how ‘Clark Kent’ was the alter ego and Superman was his ‘real’ identity, in that he created the Clark Kent persona to hide himself. And obviously we can’t have Clark be bungling and clumsy at the early portion, esp since we know it’s an origin, so… would make sense for him to only put on the personality later in the story.

  6. The more I hear about this movie, the more concerned I am becoming about it. Of course I will be there opening weekend, but the plot, the suit change and Amy Adams as Lois are giving me pause (not to take away from Adams’ ability as an actress). I am still hoping that this movie is awesome and blows me away, but I am having my doubts.

  7. clark is the alter ego. kal is superman. that is who he is. the glasses transforms kal into clark. I liked the bumbling clark with the slick hair. the confident clark in s:tas was good too. kal’s mask is/are(?) his glasses and clark.

    • No, he is Clark. Superman is the alter ego.

    • It’s kinda more complicated then that. Remember, Superman was raised as Clark Kent. Really that is who he is. He’s the same person when he’s Clark and Kal El. However, people usually say that his true self is “Superman” , whilst Clark is his mask.

      This isn,t really accurate either. He wears two masks. The Clark the rest of the world sees, Superman: the persona he also has to show the world. Meanwhile, underneath he is mix of Clark/Kal El. Raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent on earth and secondary education, guidance and raising by Jor El and Lara in the fortress of solitude by the remnants of a dead family and culture.

      It’s hard really to decide if Clark is a human with god-like powers or completely alien. I prefer to think of him as Human despite him being physically alien.

  8. Nothing will top the very hot and very sexy erica durance but I am willing to give Amy a chance she looks cute plus you be very surprised on how changing you’re body language and clothes change people’s perception of you B

    • In other words: Your taste in entertainment stops at Television.

      Like the small crowd of peeps who never get out and know nothing about Film and would have preferred Tom Welling as Superman. lol

      • Smallville was one of the greatest shows of the noughties and actually sustained interest in the character during that period.

        Acknowledging the shows achievements doesn’t limit anyone’s knowledge of film and television. Smallville provided more spectacle in it’s season finales than Superman Returns could manage with a $200 million budget.

        Man of Steel will also find it a challenge to provide the same compelling excitement that Smallville managed for ten years.

        • Smallville really started going down hill after the 4th season. I rewatched the entire series all at once and it was almost sad to see the quality drop more and more as the show continued. I admit that Superman Returns didn’t really bring a compelling story, but that’s because they tried to make a serious continuation of the campy 70s/80s films. Smallville brought a new idea that interested a lot of people. I’m not saying that Smallville wasn’t good, but I’m saying that it wasn’t great. It was okay.

      • Woah man, why the need to diss his ‘taste in entertainment’ just for expressing an opinion? I get what you mean about the Smallville fanboys only pulling for Tom Welling as Supes and so on, but all he said was that Erica Durance was his favourite Lois, he didn’t say “I’ll never watch Amy Adams argh!!!”

        Personally, I think Durance was a great Lois too, and maybe it’s because it was television, but I think she had time to develop the character nicely.

        I look forward to see what Amy Adams does, but I think it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of playing Lois simplistically, i.e. as just the ‘intrepid reporter’. If she wants to do the character well, she’ll have to be able to do more than just fast-talk and ask questions.

    • I can admit that Durance pulled off an awesome Lois. She actually reminded me a lot of the animated series’ Lois. But when it comes to a movie that shares the same characters as a tv show even thought they are completely different worlds, it would be confusing to a lot of the audience to have one or two actors from the TV shows playing the same parts in the movie. The movie is not a continuation of the show, thus all the actors need to be different to avoid confusing those who are less aware of the separation of the two worlds.

      • Exactly. Well said.

  9. Listen, this is a different take on Superman, which I think is necessary. He, and all his supporting characters, have been played out to death over the years. A complete reboot is essential. I have heard a lot of people complain about the suit (which in my opinion is ridiculous, the complaints, that is) and about the supporting characters. Who says everything has to be true to the comics? The different take is what makes this movie so appealing to me. My biggest concern is how Wonder Woman will fit into the Justice League that Cavil will head up. If DC and WB were smart, they would pay Bale whatever amount was necessary to reprise his role as the longest tenured superhero to gather the Justice League together. Him figuring out who Superman was, would finally secure his spot as the “worlds greatest detective” right off the bat (no pun intended), and you could easily do this in post-credits scenes in the upcoming Superman movie. Then make a movie for Wonder Woman’s origins. In my opinion it should be very similar to the animated Wonder Woman movie of 2009, however, instead of Steve stopping the atomic bomb, Superman shows up to (I mean, if a war broke out in D.C. between Amazons and Gods, pretty sure Superman would show up). That way, Wonder Woman still saves the earth from Ares and Supes doesn’t get all the credit. Great tie in. But that will never happen. A fan can dream.

    • As huge of a Superman fan I am I agree Batman must form / put together the Justice League. Not that I don’t like Bats because I love him but Superman to me is the be all / end all when it comes to superheroes & for me to say Bats needs to run the JL show is saying something. However, Batman is the main man when it comes to making money & when you’re talking big budget movies nothing is more important than money.

      Somehow JL needs to start with Bats tracking all the league members & also discovering a threat to earth to bring them together. The fact Batman has all the money, smarts & tech in the world will sell him as the leader. Plus his popularity brings instant credibility to the other characters as well.

      So why in my heart Superman is the leader if the choice is mine and if WB is smart they will make Batman the leader / focal point of the JL.

      • Superman is the face of the JL. Batman is the leader.

  10. I’m happy about Amy Adams in MOS. She’s great. I’m happy about all of it , Snyder, Cavill, the look and feel, all good EXCEPT for Goyer writing the script. Has he ever written a love relationship properly in any movie? Ever written good dialog at all?

    No. Never. Not on his own.

    Er……Have to wait and see……. wait and see.

    • I can understand your doubts about Goyer but just keep in mind the STORY of MOS was conceived by both Christopher Nolan and Goyer, just like all three of the Nolan Batman flicks.

      Also, Snyder has had some of his own writers come in and revise and polish the script further.

      • Even so, the relationships in a lot of Nolan movies are seriously lacking.

        • Yep.

          For Goyer dialog watch Jumper from 2008.


          • Well, in all honesty, Hayden Christensen can make any dialogue sound pretty bad ;)

        • I thought bruce rachel relationship was rather good

          • And the bruce alfred relationship was perfect.

  11. I have always found it odd that Superman could hide his secret identity with glasses and a different hair style. But after watching Reeve’s version of Superman I realized that when he was Clark he was also really goofy, clumsy, and acted like a coward almost. That was also part of his secret identity. No one would believe that someone like Clark could be the Man of Steel.

    • Until they looked at his face and realised he was Superman.

      • +1

    • I liked Clark in All Star Superman. He was downright ridiculous, that even Lex Luthor expressed his liking of Clark because he was everything that Superman wasn’t.

  12. Yeah, I still don’t understand the criticisms about the suit at all.

    As for Amy Adams, I still think she’ll become “the” Lois for a generation.

    • +100

  13. While I’m not a huge fan of Amy Adams she is strong enough an actress to get the job done. Plus she has a fan base of her own & can easily see her win over us doubters as Lois. What scares me about her is all the gossip / rumors that she is not signed on beyond this movie. If it does well which I think it will what does that mean? I really don’t want to see a part II with a new Lois Lane.

  14. Amy Adams is a good actress. And I understand about the hair color (I also wish they would’ve kept the original color), but I hope that her acting skills make us forget all about the questions or opinions we all have about her.

  15. I just hope to God she signs on for sequals and JL Universe. I need continuity. Katie Holmes not returning in TDK is the only thing that messed up Nolan’s Batman Universe. I hate when actors don’t return.

    • Granted maggie is a better actress neither are superb imo.

  16. I enjoyed Adams’ performance in “The Fighter”. I have high hopes for her portrayal of Lois Lane in the movie.

    I feel like her hair color is completely irrelevant.

  17. Amy Adams is a fine actress no doubt about it, but Lois Lane she is not. Erica Durance was a fantastic Lois Lane and the right version for Smallville’s interpretation, but I’ll admit it would be ill advised to have had cast her as the movie version as well.

  18. I, like many others here, have been wondering how they’ll resolve the whole “Superman puts on glasses, and suddenly nobody can tell his secret identity.” That was always something that bothered me throughout the original Superman movies, as well as Returns. It is possibly the most unrealistic part of that whole series, and the Superman mythos in general, and it completely took me out of the films.

    I understand that “Clark” was bumbling, clumsy, and nervous, and he slouched and had a higher-pitched voice than his Kryptonian alter-ego, but still, come on. Not only do they look exactly the same, but the fact that nobody ever sees them together is odd, especially when Superman interacts with Lois and Jimmy so much. And the fact that they arrived in Metropolis at the same time, disappeared at the same time. It’s essentially the same thing with Batman, only he actually wears a complete costume with a mask.

    So, seeing that this movie is going to be a more realistic take on the Man of Steel, (whether you like it or not, that’s what everybody involved in the project has said, and it’s what the trailers so far seem to convey), how the **** are they going to get around the secret identity?

    My thoughts:

    1) They’ll essentially do what they’ve been doing. Have him wear glasses, act differently, and pray that nobody notices. Maybe Supes won’t interact so much with Lois and Jimmy/Jenny, so it won’t seem so odd that Clark is never with Superman, but who knows.

    2) They’ll use the beard (maybe along with glasses and personality) as the disguise. Maybe Superman has some super beard-growing ability and can instantly change from having a beard to not having a beard. This too doesn’t do such a great job of masking them, but for some people, it can have a significant impact on your appearance.

    3) Lois, Perry, Jimmy/Jenny (all of Clark’s close friends/colleagues) will know that Superman and Clark are the same. Whether he tells them or they figure it out on their own. Seeing that Clark is a regular schmo, it’s not crazy that the normal person won’t think he’s Superman, because the normal person doesn’t know him. But his close friends certainly do. So maybe they know about his “secret” identity.

    4) Everyone finds out that Superman/Clark are the same. Maybe they’ll do it Iron Man style where he reveals himself as being Superman.

    5) There is no Clark. That persona essentially dies when he goes the Fortress of Solitude, learns who he is, and becomes Superman. But if so, why are Lois, Perry, and Jimmy/Jenny such important characters (seemingly)?

    6) Other

    What do you guys think? I’d probably lean most towards 3, maybe 5 as well.

    Either way, I’m super excited for this movie. (No pun intended)

    • Haha super beard growing.

      • Hey, you never know. When those Kryptonians come to Earth, there are some pretty wacky results.

        And to come to think of it, I’ve seen pictures of Zod with his goatee, and some without. Coincidence???

    • Not really Clark Kent has always been who he is Superman was his disguise.

      • Indeed.
        Bruce Wayne is Batman
        Superman is Clark Kent

    • Or they could make him into some internet reporter who barely ever interacts with others face-to-face, but when he does he disguises himself as a dishelved, awkward slob (not very believable I’ll grant).

      But yeah, they can’t use Clark the same way in a realistic leaning movie.

  19. I think this movie will be brilliant it’s good to hear that ther will be massive and extremes amounts of action and a cooler sperman because the ranchise has always needed that I think. I think Admas will make a great Lois to me Durance was the best Lois so who knows maybe she’ll be better. Can’t wait for this justice league on the other hand is a different story

    • Wow. Forgetting the “u” in his name changes everything. Good to know.

  20. In the comics Superman had the identy of Clark for one good reason. Becoming him alowed Superman to put his feet up,relax,hang out with his friends. The few times he tried to be Superman 24/7 he couldn’t relax everyone expected him to save everyone in danger. He has said many times he can’t save everyone and he would drive himself crazy trying.

    • Superman IS Clark Kent.
      He created the disguise of Superman so that he could still live his life. Not the other way around. He has always been Clark. Superman is the false face.

  21. I thought she was cute in Catch Me If You Can. Especially with the braces.

  22. “As if it were real…” (sarcastic voice.) David S. Goyer can go kcuf himself.

    • Why do you say that?

  23. She looks great. Really talented to. Can’t wait to see it