New ‘Man of Steel’ Details: General Zod, Smallville & Sequel Potential

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General Zod battles Superman New Man of Steel Details: General Zod, Smallville & Sequel Potential

The June issue of Empire Magazine is out this Thursday, April 25th, and contains a substantial feature on Man of Steel (check out the excellent cover images). To tease some of the content that will be available, Empire Online has been posting snippets from the interviews in the feature, including Michael Shannon discussing his take on General Zod, and director Zack Snyder talking about creating a small-town superhero and whether or not he’s planning a sequel to Man of Steel.

In previous interviews, Shannon has expounded his belief that Zod isn’t a villain in the traditional sense of the word, instead emphasizing the fact that he is a military man who is carrying out his duties in the way he feels is necessary for the protection of his people.

When asked by Empire to compare his own interpretation of the character with that of Terence Stamp in Richard Donner’s 1978 movie, Superman (along with Superman II), Shannon reiterates his earlier statements about making the character more ambiguous:

“Nothing we do in this film will make people forget Terence Stamp, but that wasn’t really what we were going for. As much as I love what Terence Stamp did in that movie, it was kind of opaque. It was impossible to have any empathy with him. It was pure malice. We wanted to break down that wall a little bit, so the audience might think, ‘Yeah, I know what he’s going through.’ It’s not better or worse, it’s just different.

“The key for me is his name’s not Villain Zod, or Monster Zod, it’s General Zod… he takes [his job] seriously. I’m not saying he’s a nice guy, Mr. Green Jeans, but he doesn’t exist just to be mean and give Superman a hard time.”

It will be good to see a comic book villain given a slightly more complex and sympathetic portrayal – though it’s a tricky thing for an actor to pull off when they find themselves in the designated antagonist role. Probably one of the better examples from recent memory is Tom Hiddleston in Thor and The Avengers, whose dilemma of being caught between two worlds will potentially allow for his character to be redeemed in Thor: The Dark World. Having said that, it’s difficult to sympathize with Zod when he’s sending us incredibly creepy glitched-out demands for the return of Kal-El.

Superman and Zod covers for Empire New Man of Steel Details: General Zod, Smallville & Sequel Potential

Since Man of Steel is an origin story, a certain portion of the plot will inevitably be spent in the very literally-named town of Smallville. But despite the humble nature of Clark Kent’s home, it will nonetheless play host to the first major conflict of the movie, also very literally named “The Battle of Smallville.” The location used to stage the Smallville scenes was Plano, Illinois – a small city outside of Aurora. According to Snyder, the mayor of the town even gets a cameo in the movie, perhaps to make up for the heavy fictional destruction that will be inflicted upon it:

“It’s a Western face-off. [Zod and Faora and the rest of the Kryptonian invasion] care very little for Smallville’s iconographic status. We’re being really hard on the town: this battle needed to be dangerous.”

He might be enthusiastic about staging the fight, but Snyder was comparably coy when asked to talk about the possibility of a sequel to Man of Steel, which, if the rumors are to be believed, is already in development at Warner Bros. with David S. Goyer returning to write the screenplay. Considering the fact that Man of Steel needs to earn enough at the box office to cover its $200 million production budget, plus the additional cost of marketing, before it becomes profitable, it’s doubtful that a sequel will be officially confirmed until the numbers are in. From the way that Snyder describes Man of Steel, it sounds like he made it a stand-alone story with sequel potential.

“We didn’t design the movie like Batman [i.e. as a trilogy] but I don’t think anybody would say you design a Superman movie as a one-off.”

If you can’t wait until Man of Steel‘s release to find out what the future holds for Superman, check out our trailer breakdown for a closer look at what’s been revealed about the plot and characters so far, as well as the rumors concerning the introduction another Superman foe - who might well take centre stage if the movie gets a sequel.


Man of Steel is out in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: Empire Online (General Zod, Smallville, sequels)

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  14. Why do they have to always mention Zack Synder? He has yet to direct one good movie, i’m very interested to see how Zod will play out, in the trailer he failed to look intimidating, all he did was whine. hopefully he will be a bad ass like he is supposed to be

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  16. After 10 seasons of Smallville on TV I think yet another Superman origin is a bit much.

    • @ Smallville

      That’s one of my gripes about MOS. Everyone knows about Superman’s origin well enough as they do Batman’s. So Synder’s version is alittle different from Donnor’s film’s, big deal right?

  17. “[Zod and Faora and the rest of the Kryptonian invasion] care very little for Smallville’s iconographic status.”

    If, and I say if, Snyder is saying Smallville has iconographic status on
    Earth by the time of this Smallville battle, then Superman has by then
    established himself as Superman and is indeed accepted by the people.

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  20. It will be very interesting to see what happens when/if Man of Steel is a major hit. Does WB strike while the Superman iron is hot and move forward on a sequel or do they try to do a shared universe thing?

    If the general public responds well to Man of Steel, that will only increase the demand for a sequel and Lex Luthor. WB might go that way since Superman is a big enough character to carry a film franchise on his own.

    • Whatever WB decide on, on their own they don’t have a clue how to go about it and generally spend a long time commissioning scripts and directors only to cancel it in the end. See David Goyer’s Flash, Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman, George Miller’s Justice League, Akiva Goldsman’s Doom Patrol, Neil Gaiman’s Death movie, Peter Segal’s Shazam and Guillermo Del Toro’s Deadman in the long list of dead DC Comics adaptations.

      Unless Zack Snyder can personally direct all of the above(A Man of Steel trilogy itself would be daunting enough for him) Warner Bros seriously needs to get a central leadership in place to oversee future DC projects. And a hell of a lot of filmmaking talent that actually knows and cares about the comics they are adapting.

      Start by floating a ‘DC Films’ label. And dump morons like Jon Peters and Jeff Robinov and get guys like Joel Silver, Michael Uslan, Lauren Schuler Donner, Avi Arad, Thomas Tull and Gregory Noveck as executive producers driving the projects.

  21. Well if you read reviews on they all but confirm what the troll said. And also if it wasn’t true then why would screenrant feel the need to delete his post? Yeah that’s a red flag right here smh

  22. I think even with the costume changes this movie will be epic. A Superman 300 lol. I just wish the yellow shield on the cape would make a come back.. It bugs the crap outta me.

  23. The troll killed it but I saw the midnight opening last night here in NZ and it was a pretty good movie. Solid 7/10.

    Part 1 is still the best one

    • Same. Saw it in Wellington, great film in many aspects. I agree that Iron Man 1 is still the best. RDJ was great, some of his best work.

      • I’m in Auckland. I spoke to a handful of ppl after the movie and they agreed.

        That post credit scene was a nice touch though

  24. I did not like previous Superman movies. This one, however, looks like it has potential, so I am looking forward to it. if they do a sequel, I hope Brainiac is the villain. In the meantime, I would like to see the sequel to Green Lantern, with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan again (just get a better script and dump the cornball humor and bedroom scenes–we don’t need any of that). There is a perfect set-up with Sinestro against Hal for #2, and despite mouthy critics all jumping on a bandwagon and giving GL#1 a bad rap it did not deserve, there is tremendous potential for a sequel and franchise here, especially if they are truly thinking JLA. With the possible exception of Superman, Green Lantern is actually the most powerful hero in the JLA. Also, let’s get a Flash flick rolling, with Professor Zoom (The Reverse Flash) as the villain.

  25. Snyder doesn’t have a good track record. This film was rushed into production in order for WB to keep the rights. The Zod costume that’s entirely computer generated just reminds me of how bad Green Lantern was. Superman Returns didn’t help either.

    Are hey using Imageworks again? They’re horrible!

    • I’ve got my worries about the costume, but the promo pic that appeared on the recent Empire magazine cover looks good. Let’s hope it was CGI’ed with Iron Man as a reference and not Green Lantern.

  26. As I’ve said before I’d be quite surprised if MoS isn’t everything most of us has hoped for. We’ve been mislead bye trailers and early reviews before but IMO it seems like all systems are go and Superman will take his spot among the top of the cinema heap.
    I can understand the confusion about who to proceed afterwards though.
    Does WB/DC play it safe and go with a MoS sequel?
    Do they go all in and proceed with TJL?
    There’s positive and negative sides to both questions…
    I’ve said all along (as have others) that they should lock down Zack Snyder and keep him in house. Whatever route they take Mr. Snyder has seemed to crafted a very unique style and tone that might get lost with to many other cooks in the kitchen so I really think it’s crucial to keep him involved and with the release of MoS right around the corner and Comic-Con soon after I think we are just on the cusp of great news for us fans.
    End of rant that I hope made sense… ;)

  27. All I will say is that most comments underly the growing dilemma that the Internet brings in finding out about movies, but taking away any sense of awe or suprise that that 1st viewing brings. Can one imagine how spoiled those Star Wars fans would’ve been if the internet had existed circa 1980..

    Back to the relevant subject matter…

    Smallville was without doubt one of the greatest television shows of the noughties. A true landmark series for sure.

    I don’t think a ‘sympathetic’ Zod is necessiraly the right fit. We need a cinematic. pro-actively heroic Superman against a truly villainous, evil force. We can have an emphatic, compelling, scene stealing Zod yes, but we don’t really want to be feeling sorry for him do we?

  28. MoS – General Zod is the main villain, Luthor Corp is introduced
    MoS2 – Braniac is the main villain. Clark Kent faces Luthor as a rival for Lois Lanes affections
    MoS3 – Darkseid is the main villain and sends Doomsday to kill Superman. Luthor reveals Clarks true identity to the world. Superman is killed by Doomsday only to come back to life and defeat Doomsday. Darkseid retreats.
    Justice League; Darkseid is the main villain – using an army to attack Earth

  29. Superman sucks General Zod’s dick